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This just came to me like five seconds ago and I am just going with it. If you guys like it I will continue it, if not welp *shrugs* it is what it is.


<a href =""> I</a> sat in my fifth period listening to these boring history reports.

"Okay one more presentation frooom." He teacher said digging in a bowl full of popsicle sticks."Maxx."

The whole class groaned dreading spending their last five minutes watching this geek bore them. But me I looked forward to days like this. <a href="">Maxx Peterson </a>was so hot and that is an understatement.

I watched him as he slowly made his way to the front of the classroom. He started taking about the some current political issues I gave two f***s about while I admired his beautiful plump pink lips. We made eye contact as he spoke.

He started walking towards me and my eyes diverted to the bulge in his crotch area. I licked my lips at how he was always semi hard.

He stopped in front of me. "You y-y-you like th-this?" he grinded his d*** in front of me nervously. He acted as if he learned this from a porno and wasn't sure if he was doing it right. Who am I kidding he did learn this from a porno but I didn't mind at all.

My eyes traveled up his body. "Kiss Me.."
He leaned over and rested his hand on my thigh and placed his lips on mine.

I slide my tongue across his lips and they parted inviting me in. Our tongues danced together for awhile until I felt his big soft hands glide up under my dress lightly brushing over my center. A moan escaped my lips.

"Dionne!!" I jumped as I heard my name being called.

"Yes.." I answered.

"Are you okay back there?"

"Yeahh . " I moved around a bit. "It's just these hard chairs. Sorry." I said my eyes never leaving Maxx who stood there with his head down and messing with his belt buckle.

'My imagination is going to get me in trouble!'


Add Tomorrow ...
Imma try to give y'all a couple adds

Check Out: House Nurse and You vs. Them sissy

I hope very thing works out :(
The girls need to back back no offense
Cause I mean him & Vonnie made that child not them
Hopefully things get right before the baby comes
Run it sissy :)


Runnnnn :)

It's a month?? WOOOOOOW Drew went ghost for a month??! ugh!! He shouldve came back on his knees crying with the biggest diamond ring. he shouldve kissed her right there in mid sentence. And I know damn well Vonnie was feeling something soft for that man. From experience was on the edge of hating the child's father, to the core, but those little kicks and when he came around the baby can feel it too and recognized his voice. Sends a girl straight into his arms as if he was a new man. smh. Then he owes her foot massages, back massages, late night food pick ups. ALL THAT. lol.


wow everyone but me realised it was a month...
i think i was too busy feeling bad for him

see you ain't say it was a month. I thought it was a couple of weeks maybe. but yeah he can miss me with that "I miss you and I love you" s***.

Welcome to CBW!

Thanks for speaking up!
I like to give you guys good reads but I will try to speed it up :"


hey Girl I am tired of you yankin' my tail...I have been a
silent reader for over a month and you ain't runnin it fast enough...come on no PLEEEEAAASE RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

The way you wrote that has got me all sad for Drew
I just want to hold him right now
Poor boo boo
Run it

I didnt know its been a month...

But the kind of person I am... I would have listened..

Woah its beena month..! did i read that?? Hmmm.. Hell naw i wouldnt but this is the father of the baby she decided to keep. it wuda been different if she didnt keep it.

She NEEDS to speak with him regardless. People make mistakes and hes obviously a mess about what he did.

would yall wanna hear him out if he said the same s*** to you, moved away from you, and made no contact with anyone for damn near a month?

Agree's With Jazz..! hpmh

Aww s*** Drew done got caught by the popo. I'm just glad he ain't get into a car accident or something. The girls are acting super cold towards him. Can they lighten up so he can actually be in his child's life please.

Run it

I feel bad for Drew.. He know he f***ed up and she should at least here him out.

Everybody makes mistakes..

He was just shocked...Some s*** was said that shouldnt have been but drinking doesnt solve problems Drew..

*Ummm..LeLe... I think there is a story that you havent been commenting on* *cough,cough*

Awww he bouts go to get a DUI..!?

f***ing crazy Ass.!

Run It

No love?

"Not now fool." Dionne said shaking her head. "I just wanted to see where your head is. Like if you think we are ready for that."

Maxx looked at her." I want nothing more than to take you in that bathroom and tear that ass up but when YOU are ready than WE are ready. Don't feel like you have to rush into anything for whatever reasons. You know I respect you." Dionne smiled. Maxx leaned over and pecked her lips and got out the car.

As Maxx opened the door for Dionne and they walked in the Five Guys Maxx asked, "Why you bring that up? You having naughty dreams about me." He grabbed her from behind and placed sloppy kisses on her neck. Dee just giggled quietly.

"I don't know what you are talking about.." She said looking up at the menu.

"You always bring up a good conversation and then leave out all the good stuff. But that's alright because I know you do!" They ordered and headed back to the house.

As they pulled into the driveway so did Mike and Mona.

"Brah what you get me?" Mike asked as they walked towards the front door.

"This d***!" Everybody fell out in laughter as Maxx opened the door. None of them noticed the unknown car in the driveway.

"Don't worry baby I will order us some Carry-out." Mona said still laughing as they all headed towards the kitchen. They all stopped in their tracks when they saw Andrew and Joyce sitting at the kitchen table.

Drew looked up with sad eyes. Dee looked at him with disgust and rolled her eyes. Mona lunged at Drew and Mike caught her mid-air.

"Down girl." Mike said slapping her ass.

"f*** That! He wanna play my friend imma play <em> A-town Stomp On Drew Face." She said trying to break free of Mike hold. Miike shook his head and ran up the stairs.

"This ain't f***ing over b****!!!" She yelled from the top of the stairs.

"Dionne can I please talk to you?" Andrew asked. Dee laughed him out and walked off. Andrew looked at Maxx who was shaking his head.

"Sorry brah... You lost her." Maxx walked off in the same direction Dee did.

Andrew sat with his head in his hands crying. Joyce rubbed his back.

"You have to fix this Drew."

"How am I suppose to do that Mommie? Nobody will even talk to me.." Drew said choking onn tears.

"If you love her. Fight for her."

"I will go to her hosue now." Drew said getting up and grabbing his keys.

"No you won't.."

"Why not?" He asked confused.

"She got put out." She said walkind towards the house phone.

"What? Why?" Andrew asked.

"Her parents did not support her pregnanacy and wanting to keep it."

"Why didn't someone tell me this?" He asked.

"You was the one who left like a ghost in the night and was not answering any of our phone calls. So get mad at your damn self." She dialed her number.

"Imma call her over because she staying at Dionne's and you are not welcome in his home." Andrew plopped back in the chair metally kicking his own ass as his mom made the phone call.

"Okay, she will be here in a few. She is leaving work." Drew nodded and they sat at the table in silence until the doorbell rang. Drew hopped up and rushed to the door. When he opeend Veronica just looked at him.

Andrew smiled slightly at her and she just pushed past him.

"Ma you called me over!" Drew was hurt.

"So you just not going to speak?" He asked. She looked at him a chuckled. She headed over towards Joyce and sat next to her. "I guess so.."

"So what's up?" Vonnie asked Joyce

"Andrew would like to talk." She said.

"Oh no I'm fine. he made it very clear what he was about. Anyway. good news!!" Joyce looked at Drew with sad eyes but went back to her convo with Veronica.

"I found an apartment! It is a one bedroom and den. Kind of far but I can still get to school and work from there." Andrew sat back listening and staring at how beautiful her glow is. He wanted nothing more than to just kiss her but he knew not to over step her.

Vonnie rolled her eyes and look over at him. "Why the f*** are you still here?" She asked full of atittude. Andrew looked at the girl's heart her broke that turned cold towards him. He slowly got up and just walked away.

Mo and Dee were coming downstairs as he was leaving.

"Byee b****!" Mo said to him as he closed the door. Drew drove to the nearest liquor store. He breezed down the highway drinking a bottle of hennesy drowning his sorrows. He was unknowingly speeding and swerving through the streets.

He didn't even noticed the blinking red and blue lights behind him....

Run it.

run it

ok, I've read it now...
I'm not happy that Andrew can't be man enough to stick with
My girl V as she goes through this pregnancy.
He helped her to get pregnant,
He should still be with her through it
He has a responsibility now
Real responsibility
OTHER THAN sticking his manhood into Vonnie.
I'm happy Steve has come out of his nonsense world
and accepted Maxx
But Maxx need to know if he do anything wrong to Dee
Steve gon get his ass!
I thought it was Maxx who asked about the sex
I just realised it's lil Ms Virgin Freak
Lool that's funny
Please Maxx tell her she gotta wait a lil
Because you want to make it special.

ooow they bout to get it in!!
He bought to brreak her off on da side of five

Why? That would be too funny!

Lmaoooo !!! Dont do that

LMFAO she just out the blue.....wanna have sex XD imma text my bf that while we're havin dinner with his family XD

Run it sis :)

Not at 5 Guys.. Please Not there in day light. lol

Run it.! Poor Vonnie.. Drew aint right.


Wait Babies lol !!!