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This just came to me like five seconds ago and I am just going with it. If you guys like it I will continue it, if not welp *shrugs* it is what it is.


<a href =""> I</a> sat in my fifth period listening to these boring history reports.

"Okay one more presentation frooom." He teacher said digging in a bowl full of popsicle sticks."Maxx."

The whole class groaned dreading spending their last five minutes watching this geek bore them. But me I looked forward to days like this. <a href="">Maxx Peterson </a>was so hot and that is an understatement.

I watched him as he slowly made his way to the front of the classroom. He started taking about the some current political issues I gave two f***s about while I admired his beautiful plump pink lips. We made eye contact as he spoke.

He started walking towards me and my eyes diverted to the bulge in his crotch area. I licked my lips at how he was always semi hard.

He stopped in front of me. "You y-y-you like th-this?" he grinded his d*** in front of me nervously. He acted as if he learned this from a porno and wasn't sure if he was doing it right. Who am I kidding he did learn this from a porno but I didn't mind at all.

My eyes traveled up his body. "Kiss Me.."
He leaned over and rested his hand on my thigh and placed his lips on mine.

I slide my tongue across his lips and they parted inviting me in. Our tongues danced together for awhile until I felt his big soft hands glide up under my dress lightly brushing over my center. A moan escaped my lips.

"Dionne!!" I jumped as I heard my name being called.

"Yes.." I answered.

"Are you okay back there?"

"Yeahh . " I moved around a bit. "It's just these hard chairs. Sorry." I said my eyes never leaving Maxx who stood there with his head down and messing with his belt buckle.

'My imagination is going to get me in trouble!'


soooooooooooooooooooo drew gets an ass whoopin while chase still gets off scott free and dee still being stubborn as a mule i see

i just need vonnie to spill the beans about the baby

Dee needs to get her life (Tamar Voice)

Nothin like a good ol ass whoppin.!

They all need one. s***. She tryna mack.

Lmao she beat him in front of everybody!! But Drew did too much smh
That joke Vonnie made was not funny. That would still be a sensitive subject considering the fact tht they tryna get back together.
Did Amber ever find out who the baby daddy was??

Run it

but Drew jus got an ass whooping!!!!


I'm still tryna kill Chase though

aww at her getting back with maxx
i swear it sems like she always has something to second about her relationship with him
i sure hope that baby aint maxx
oh dam Drew what u doing talking to ur momma like that! you i actually didnt see the spanking coming i thought they were spoiled to get beating
but mama had to teach him not to disrespect her like that
speaking of her i see her getting at T.I ;) she got game on her own
lol at Maxx he's like oh shyt what did i do?? as soon as he saw that belt
awww congrats on Vonnie and her baby
i'd like to see how this affects their last year of high school
When is she gonna tell him! how? detailed scene for that one please!!:)
runs :)

Run it

" Why did you run off?" Mo asked wiping her tears away.

"He called me fat when I'm carrying his child. He is such an a**hole. " Vonnie said as Dee came over hugging her.

"Does he know you are pregnant?" Vonnie shook her head no to answer Mona's question.

"Okay now stop working yourself up before you hurt me baby." Dee said.

"Your baby!?" Vonnie said.
"Yeaaaaahhhhh, all mines." Dee responded proudly.

"No your baby will be whatever drops out of Amber's body." Vonnie said laughing. Dee smiled wiped away she held her head down .

"I forgot all about that." Dee said just enough for Mo and Vonnie to hear. She walked back over to her area slowly.

"Now look what you did!" Mo huffed.

"I didn't know. I thought we could joke about it by now." Vonnie said sighing.

Dionne got to they boys and put on her cover up and hat.

"Where you going?" Maxc asked. She put her shsdes on.

"Just for a walk!"

"Can I join you?"

"I am fine alone." She said walking off. As she walked off Mo and Vonnie walked up.

"You feeling better? Whatever I said or did baby I'm sorry!" Drew said hugging her nuzzling his neck.

"It is fine." She replied giggled. "Now whats up with Dee?" Mo quickly spoke up.

"She just wants to chill alone. Not to excited about going home to certain issues." Everybody nodded thinking she was talking about Chase.

"Hey! Where is my damn mom and aunt?"

"I saw her with some guy and auntie was playing wingman with some ugly old dude." Drew pushed Vonnie in the sand.

"Where the hell is my momma?" Drew shouted distrubing some of the others on the beach. "Come on niggas" Mo got out of the way for Mike to get up and Maxx was to busy watching Dee sitting on the shore.

"You not going with them?" Vonnie asked laying out on the towel she fell on.

"Naw I'm good." He said his eyes never leaving Dionne.

"You know she worried about if things will change when we get back home." Mo said.

"For what? I'm the one who should be worried."

"She isn't the one with a possible baby on the way." Vonnie said.

"That baby ain't f***ing mines." Maxx said full of anger.

"You may be right and sure of that but she isn't." Vonnie replied. He huffed.

"Its always something!" He put his snapback over his eyes and walked towards Dee.

Mike and Drew walked through almost every bar and food stand. Until they came by a little sushi joint. Drew doubled back.

"What the hell is this Joyce Patterson?" Drew said pointing at <a href="">dude</a> she was all bunned up with.

"Boy dont show off, mommie is having a good time." She said waving off.

"Joyce we are leaving NOW." He yelled at her. She chuckled a bit and slowly turned her head to look directly at him and raised her eyebrow. Drew looked at her the same way.

"Anthony call me later okay!" She said sliding her card to him. Her and Lisa got up and followed the boys to their area.

"Pack this s***! I will be in the car. You got 15 minutes then yo ass is getting left." She said storming to the car.

Mo and Vonnie looked confused as Drew started packing up.

"Just go get Dee and Maxx while I try to calm her down." The girls nodded and did as was told.

Lisa hopped in the truck. "Joy calm down. Drew is just protecting his mom. Yeah he went over board a bit but you have to understand where he is coming from." Joy was shaking her head.

"No Lisa ! I have done everything for my boys I deserve some happiness of my own."

"Joy, they have been your happiness and adjusting for another man is something he may not be ready for." She just smacked her lips and waved her off.

Shortly after everybody climbed in and Joyce did 120 all the way home. She went straight in the house and moved some furniture in the living room. She pulled out her leather belt from bag. Everybody bought the stuff in and retreated to there room. She wet her belt.

"I am so happy I bout you! Everybody living room now!" They came out and sat down. Joyce came out with her belt and Drew eyes got wide. Maxx tensed up trying to figure out whate he did wrong tk get bite by <em>snake</em>.

"Drew up, pants and boxers down. Bend over the table." Maxx sighed of relief. "And you know better not to say a word." She said giving him one good lash on the bum.

"You want to show off I can to." She said giving him two lashes.

<strong> "MOMMA I'M SORRY!! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!!! PLEASE!!!"</strong> he pleaded receeiving many lashes back to back.

"I know it won't!" She said walking away as he cried in front of everybody.


Runnn iiitttt.!

Today was there last day in Florida and they all decided to go beach and just chill.

The boys had just came back from playing volleyball with a few old men.

"Where the girls go?" Mike asked. Drew shrugged.

"They always on disappearing acts." Maxx said sitting in a beach chair.

"Ayee there go Dionne!!" Drew said pointing out to the water. She was walking towards their area.

"Damn <a href="">she</a> looking good. I will be back." Maxx hopped up running towards her. Dionne saw him coming and broke out in a mad dash.

<strong> "DONT RUN FROM ME GIRL!!"</strong> He yelled picking up some speed. As they started running around <a href=" ">Veronica</a> and <a href=""> Mona</a> walked up behind Mike and Drew swinging their wet hair in they face. The girls laughed
as they guys wiped off their faces.

"That wasn't funny. I didn't know where that was coming from" Mike said.

"Shut yo scary ass up." Mo said sitting on his lap. Vonnie did the same.

"Damn bae you getting heavy." Drew said jokingly rubbing her legs. That statement made her storm away and Mo went following.

"What the hell I say?" Drew asked hella confused. Maxx and Dee walked over hand-in hand.

"What happened?" Dionne asked. Mike shurgged and pointed to Drew.

"Nothing, I said what I always say when she sit on my lap but now she ran off crying." Dionne smacked him in the back of the head.

"f***ing d***wad" She said running off.

"Young I am about to go off! What the hell is going on?" Drew said full of fustration.

"We just as lost as you brah!" Maxx said.

--More .. I am falling a sleep at my laptop .. smh


pls skip to the part where I kill Chase.
Thanks Lee Lee

Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt!!!!!

Knew it now all she need to do is tell Drew :)
Run it

This is LIVE.. the story is Live(popping, interesting, cracking etc,)

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RUN IT!!!!!!!!!

Thankies !!


2 dwn 7 to go. nd the mood swings jus gettin started
ima pray 4 that man

Aww 2 months That's lovely.

OOOMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE

Two WHOOLLLEEEE Months Boo...!

Dang I really ain't want her to be pregnant but I know they'll make great parents and they definetly have Joyce's support.

Run it

It was about 12 and of course the crew was hungry again. Joyce and Lisa were making sereval homemade pizzas.

They were all cuddled up watching Horrible Bosses when Vonnie shot up and sprinted to the bathroom. Dee and Mo shook their heads, while they boyd sat confused and the mom's giggled in the kitchen. Mo grabbed her purse and the keys off the table. Vonnie and Dee came out the bathroom.

"Ma we going to get her some stuff to settle her stomach." Lisa just raised her eyebrows and sent them on.

"Wait, baby do you want me to come with you?" Drew said coming up and grabbing her waist.

"Dont f***ing touch me." She said lowly somewhat growling. He quickly backed up and the girls rushed out the door.

"What is wrong with her?" Joyce looked at her son and took a big gulp of water.

"She got an upset tummy. All that disney fun catching up to her." She looked at Lisa who just shrugged. They knew but didn't want to pry just yet.

"If you say so, but she been acting off for few days. Always snapping on me and stuff."

"What if she preg brah?" Mike joked.

"Naww we aint ready for all that. Plus she still getting her period." He plopped on the couch just waiting for them to get back.

The girls pulled up to the Food Lion and got four different test, a gallon of juice, crackers and ginger ale to play it off. They hurried in the house and straight to the bathroom.

She pee'd on the first two and waited. Vonnie drank the entire gallon in that minute or two.

Mo and Dee picked up a different stick and read off the results.

"Positive .." Mo said.

"Negative .." Dee said. Vonnie looked saddened and confused.

"Just take the other two and we will know for sure maybe." So she did just that and they waited some more. As they waited.Drew knocked on the door.

"Baby you okay in there?"

"I am fine just tryna throw it all up."

"Okay I made you some soup. When you come out I will feed it to you."

"Thank you drew bear." She said giggling. The time was up for the other two and they both read positive.

Vonnie, Mona and Dee all sat around look at the test that is going to change her life for every. A smile crept on Dee's face.

"I'm going to be an auntie." Vonnie smiled shaking her head.

"I am not telling Drew until I know for sure and everything." They nodded.

"Okay, I can deal with that!" Mo said. "But make that appointment for when we get home tomorrow." She gave them a thumbs up and started gathering her mess.

"Mo text ma and Auntie." As soon as she said that her phone went off.

<em>Mama J</em>: <strong> So do we have a baby or what?</strong> They walked out the restroom.

<em>Yeah :) .. How did you know?</em> They went back to cuddling but vonnie threw her stuff away in the kitchen.

"I been knew, you about two months." Joyce whispered to her.

"Two whole months." Joyce and Lisa nodded. She walked back to Drew kind of spaced out.

"You okay?" He said rubbing her back has she laid her head in his lap. She nodded yes.

"You want your soup?" She shook her head no.

<em>'Two whole months'</em>

Okay good add good add. the boys no they gunna get in why they playing.

Von ass going threw pregnancy mood swings.. Do better

Thanks for the love !!!

Welcome New Reader :)

Eaaaahhhhhh this was so cute, run it!

Eaaaahhhhhh this was so cute, run it!

Just read the entire story.
Chase is a dumb c*** so can and probably will die a slow painful death due to his super amount of ratchetness
Steve will die the same death for allowing that piece of s*** to beat his daughter. SMH!

Mike is pussy but a cute pussy. lol him and mo is cute

The moms are od comfortable with the amount of sex they kids be having thats for sure, but im happy Lisa and Joyce got to be friends again.

Dee is an idiot for letting Chase beat her. Maxx is an idiot for f***ing with Amber and s*** lets face it, its probably his kid. I hope when they get back together they can fix it.

Amy being preggo is irrelevant so yeahhhhh :/

Drew and Vonnie are cute but Vonnie is DEF preggo with all symptoms she having and s***.

This story is so chill! Love it!

Run it shorty!

Run it!!!!




dang Vonnie!! smh. Drew is so clueless. I know MommaJ & Lisa know.

Omg lmbo!! Really tho, U didnt have to do Maxx like that! Got an 8yr old comforting him? smh. TOO FUNNY!!

Run It!!