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This just came to me like five seconds ago and I am just going with it. If you guys like it I will continue it, if not welp *shrugs* it is what it is.


<a href =""> I</a> sat in my fifth period listening to these boring history reports.

"Okay one more presentation frooom." He teacher said digging in a bowl full of popsicle sticks."Maxx."

The whole class groaned dreading spending their last five minutes watching this geek bore them. But me I looked forward to days like this. <a href="">Maxx Peterson </a>was so hot and that is an understatement.

I watched him as he slowly made his way to the front of the classroom. He started taking about the some current political issues I gave two f***s about while I admired his beautiful plump pink lips. We made eye contact as he spoke.

He started walking towards me and my eyes diverted to the bulge in his crotch area. I licked my lips at how he was always semi hard.

He stopped in front of me. "You y-y-you like th-this?" he grinded his d*** in front of me nervously. He acted as if he learned this from a porno and wasn't sure if he was doing it right. Who am I kidding he did learn this from a porno but I didn't mind at all.

My eyes traveled up his body. "Kiss Me.."
He leaned over and rested his hand on my thigh and placed his lips on mine.

I slide my tongue across his lips and they parted inviting me in. Our tongues danced together for awhile until I felt his big soft hands glide up under my dress lightly brushing over my center. A moan escaped my lips.

"Dionne!!" I jumped as I heard my name being called.

"Yes.." I answered.

"Are you okay back there?"

"Yeahh . " I moved around a bit. "It's just these hard chairs. Sorry." I said my eyes never leaving Maxx who stood there with his head down and messing with his belt buckle.

'My imagination is going to get me in trouble!'


Mmmmm what is with Vonnie and Drew smh I really hope she isn't pregnant. And Maxx and Di being all cute. I hope she really does break up with what's his face.

Run it


RUN IT!!!!!! :)


The crew was at Animal Kingdom waiting to get on the safari ride. They had hit up all the other parks and rides.

"Okay, guys after this one more ride, eat and then get ready for the parade and fireworks." Dionne said noticing how quickly it was getting dark.

"Yess Princess Dee." Drew said bowing in front of her. Everybody laughed. She smiled rolling her eyes.

"Ohh hush! It wasn't that funny!!" Mo leaned on her shoulder laughing.

"But it was." Vonnie moved up with the line.

"We tried to tell you that you was to big for that disney makeover." Joyce and Lisa giggled.

"And my babygirl heart was crashed when they made you a honorary princess." Joyce hollered.

"Right, walked out that place throwing a little tanturm. Haha, I tell you that was funny." Their turn came up on the ride and they loaded up on the truck.

They rode through looking at all the animals. Dionne waved at the elephants and they waved back. They past a lion and lioness laying on a rock together.

"Thats going to be us one day. Just laid back under the sunset." Maxx whispered in her ear. Dee blushed and put her head down. He lifted her head up. "What I tell you about that?" She looked in his eyes and leaned up to peck his lips quickly. "My girl!" They looked at the animals.

As they came to towards the end gun shots went off. Mike quickly ducked down to the ground.

"Boy get you ass up! Looking like a damn fool." He got up.

"I just was protecting my life." Joyce shook her head.

They headed over to the yetti. They stood in line making small talk about the parents look like they are five seconds away from strangle their kids.

A few minutes later their turn came up and they all buckled up. The ride was going smoothly until they got to the point where there was no more tracks. Mike and Mona happened to take the first seat.

"Awww ! s*** this is f***ing set up! Why disney so damn evil? Gun shots and now this!!" He screamed nuzzled in Mona's chest. Next thing he knows they are being snatched backwards.

As they get off the people around them are dying laughing at his antics.

"You are an embarassment brah?"
Drew said.

"Right , like baby it is just Disneyworld. It ain't that scary."

"Yall making fun of me how about that nigga Maxx on the twilight zone?" Dionne started dying laughing.

<strong>"Ahhhh !!! Mommmiiiiieeee , I want my mommmiieeeeee!!!"</strong> Everybody laughed at Dionne mocking him as they walked out Animal Kingdom.

"Damn baby you just going to put me out like that." He said still laughing at himself. Dee nodded.

"Whatever! That s*** made a nigga uncomfortable." Vonnie snickered.

"Right and that's why that eight year old came and checked on you." Lisa shook her head at them picking on him.

"But the best part is when she said <em> I was that scared when I was four</em> I almost pissed my pants when she said that." Vonnie continued.

"Okay leave my baby boy alone." Joyce said.

They got off the bus that took them back to MK.

"I think we all craving something different so just meet back here in front of the candy hall in 30. We got an hour before everything starts." Everybody nodded and went on getting lost in the crowd.

Maxx and Dionne got a large pizza, tray of fries, two corndogs, and a pitcher of sprite.

"Damn , we hungry!" Dee said eating her thrid slice of pizza. Maxx just nodded chewing on his food.

"I mean yeah ! We haven't forreal since Epcot." They finished up everything and went to get a funnel cake has they headed back to Main St..

Maxx helped her down to the curb and then sat behind her. He watched her eat the powdery covered goodness.

"Why are you staring?"

"I just like yo face." Dionne laughed.

"Ubber Creep."

"Whatever, I just like seeing this happy glow." He kissed her cheek.

The rest of the crew walked up with big lollipops or ice cream.

"When does this thing start? Im getting sleepy." Mo and Dee shot her funny looks but quickly wiped them away.

"uhh in ten." Just as she said the lights started to dim.

"Ma you want to sit down?" They shook their hands. They started individual convos until the parade started. When the fireworks started Dee sat up on Maxx shoulders and <a href="">watched</a> the show. Maxx slightly looked up at Dionne who was watching the fireworks I pure bliss.

Once done she slid off his shoulders and they headed to the car.

"Pool when we get home?" Mo asked the girls.

"Yeah, the hot tube is calling my name after all that walking and standing." Dee said.

"Can we join?" Drew asked.

"Hell No!!" Vonnie said.

"Fine be like that!!"

"Ohh I will!" Vonnie replied to Drew. He shook his head.

<em> What is up witg her attitude latele</em>

Run It

Lol. You just wrong! If u come back without a full add ONE MO TIME, Im just saying. lol.

Hush yo fuss ladies !!! Lol

Now you KNOW you just dead ass wrong for pulling that mess. Talking bout teaser!? tf! lol. It'll be funny if...... Naaaaw I wontlet the cat out the bag. lol.


Don't worry y'all I'm going to slap the mess out of Alicia for tht rinky dink teaser smh

Run it

Run It

Vonnie, Dee, and Mona sat in the bathroom looking at the stick that may or may not change her life forever....


Yeah Dee know its over with Chase :D
Run it

You have got to be kidding me...

Time to starting typing on Word..! auto save.

My whole add I typed is gone rewrite over the weekend maybe ... :(

Thankis for the love !!

Awwwww, Dee better quit that buddy mess and make Max her dude. Run it!

AWWWWWW! OMG! I have NEVER been to Disney. I WANNA GOOO!
Iwant a Disney proposal & wedding!


Awwwwwwww dee betta snatch him up

Run it

aww thas cute. old couple cum out the cut. iwonder wat d gonna do when they get back.
Both of em feelin the Love

Awwwww that was so cute. I hope vonnie not pregnant

Run it

Run it run it..!

Run it!!!!

Maxx pulled up to <a href="">Magic Kingdom</a> and Dionne sequaled.

"Mommie, are you going to ride all the rides with me and buy me mickey ice cream?" She asked with the biggest smile on her face.

"Of course I will sweetie!" Joyce shook her head.

"Auntie why is she so excited?" Vonnie asked.

"She has been this way since she was young about Disneyworld. This was even the first word she could say and spell."

"That is so random! My first words was <em>eat</em>." Maxx said.

"Sure was and you was eating me out of house and home when you learned it." Vonnie laughed.

"I am not surprised by that at all." Maxx pulled into a parking space.

"Okay, Shut up and get out of the car. We have a lot of Parks to visit in just one day people!!" She stood outside the car and put her shades on. Everybody was moving kind of slow.

"HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE!!! This is not a drill."

"Okay! I know you all excited and thangs but don't rush me little woman." Mike said. Dionne fanned him off and grabbed Maxx's hand.

"Are you excited?" Maxx kissed her forehead.

"Of course I am." She rested her head on his chest. <em> I think I know what I have to do when I get home.</em>

"We are ready Princess." They all walked to the ticket booth and got their hopper pass.

"Where to first? Since you are the Disney Guru." Mona asked. Everybody laughed lightly.

"Very funny Mo. A parade will be starting soon so I say find a good spot on Main Street and wait for it to start."

"Iight that is cool but first I have to go potty." Vonnie said doing a light potty dance.

"You went before we left the house!!" Dee said.

"I am aware of that but I also drank an enitre bottle of water in the car." Dee huffed.

"Ma take the guys and find a good spot. We be back." The girls went on to look for a bathroom.

"So why you pissing so much? I noticed you pee'd like four times this morning." Mo asked.

"I am not sure but it is getting on my last nerves." She said from inside the stall. Dee and Mo leaned up against the wall and looked at each other.

"Could you be preggers?" Vonnie laughed.

"Yeah we sex like bunnies but hell naww!!" She walked out shaking her head.

"I mean you never know Vonnie." She dried her hands then put sanitizer on.

"Trust I know." She fixed her bun. "Now let's blow this joint and enjoy the day." They walked through a few stores just to look and then headed back to the boys and moms.

"Maaaaxxxx!!" Dee yelled and everybody head snapped in her direction. Dionne sprinted towards him and he turned fully around with his arms open.

She jumped into them and he spun her around. As he was spinning her the music from Cinderella started. Dionne started to sing along.

<em>So this is love, Mmmmmm
So this is love
So this is what makes life divine
I'm all aglow, Mmmmmm
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine
My heart has wings, Mmmmmm
And I can fly
I'll touch ev'ry star in the sky
So this is the miracle that I've been dreaming of
So this is love</em>

"Awww I f***ing hate them! All that lovely dovey mushy gushy carp." Mike sighed was a foul face. The <a href="">old couple</a> next to them clapped when Maxx put her down.

"That is what my marriage proposal looked like when Bella here said yess. This is over 45th wedding anniversary." He spoke as his wife looked up at him with a twinkle in her eye.

"And I love him more and more each day." They all aww'd. "Young lady don't let this one get away." She smiled at Dionne and then focused on the parade. Maxx looked at Dionne and she winked at him grabbing his hand.

"Damn they look good for their age." Joyce said.

"That is what Dee and Maxx will look like." Lisa said as they watched Dionne make Maxx dance to <em>'Be Our Guest'</em>.

<em> So this is Love </em> Maxx thought as he watched Dionne dance with the candle guy.


Dee Irri af, I be wanting to just punch her ass. LOL

Tomorrow!! Skank you better run it tonight!!

Dee is on games. She need to chill with that buddy s*** smh

Run it

Sucha Tease...! lol Im Threw...

Run It..!

Dionne had just finished cooking breakfast for everyone. They had all been up and sat at the table for her to finish. Maxx was still asleep so she fixed him a plate.

"Maximus" Dione sang and he shifted in his bed. She sat his tray on her bed and walked over to Maxx. She lightly shook him. "I made you breakfast sweetie."

"I don't want Fruit Loops mommie." He said in a very childlike voice. Dee giggled.

"Good, because I made your favorite." She smacked his chest. "Now Get Up!!" He jumped.

"Why Dee?" He said sleepily as he sat up. She turned around tray in hand.

"I tried to be nice." She sat it in his lap. He snuck a quick kiss.

"Your breath smells like donkey ass." She laughed.

"Well that's cause I was eating your butt last night!!" He laughed even harder and she squealed in disgust.

"You always take it too far!!"

"Well don't start with me girl!!" She turned to walk away. "Eat with me."

"I have to shower first buddy!" He huffed.

"Back on that buddy s***, I see."

"Well yeah."


"I don't want to talk about that right now! Hurry and finish so we can be on our way out for DISNEYWORLD!!!!" She walked out and into the bathroom. She quickly readied herself and them made herself a bagel and heated up some sausages.

"All that breakfast you made and you just want that!!" Joyce exclaimed.

"Yes! Saving room for all the yummy food at the parks."


Tiny Bit. More Tomorrow :)

She better, smh ..!

lol she will come around.