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This just came to me like five seconds ago and I am just going with it. If you guys like it I will continue it, if not welp *shrugs* it is what it is.


<a href =""> I</a> sat in my fifth period listening to these boring history reports.

"Okay one more presentation frooom." He teacher said digging in a bowl full of popsicle sticks."Maxx."

The whole class groaned dreading spending their last five minutes watching this geek bore them. But me I looked forward to days like this. <a href="">Maxx Peterson </a>was so hot and that is an understatement.

I watched him as he slowly made his way to the front of the classroom. He started taking about the some current political issues I gave two f***s about while I admired his beautiful plump pink lips. We made eye contact as he spoke.

He started walking towards me and my eyes diverted to the bulge in his crotch area. I licked my lips at how he was always semi hard.

He stopped in front of me. "You y-y-you like th-this?" he grinded his d*** in front of me nervously. He acted as if he learned this from a porno and wasn't sure if he was doing it right. Who am I kidding he did learn this from a porno but I didn't mind at all.

My eyes traveled up his body. "Kiss Me.."
He leaned over and rested his hand on my thigh and placed his lips on mine.

I slide my tongue across his lips and they parted inviting me in. Our tongues danced together for awhile until I felt his big soft hands glide up under my dress lightly brushing over my center. A moan escaped my lips.

"Dionne!!" I jumped as I heard my name being called.

"Yes.." I answered.

"Are you okay back there?"

"Yeahh . " I moved around a bit. "It's just these hard chairs. Sorry." I said my eyes never leaving Maxx who stood there with his head down and messing with his belt buckle.

'My imagination is going to get me in trouble!'


Run it Run it Run it..!
Run it Run it Run it..!
Run it Run it Run it..!
Run it Run it Run it..!

Yeah Okay now im finished and caught up now i can speak.

Chase is A b****..
Maxx Keep trying
The Momma They Too Hood
Friends need to just flex on chase ass
The daddy is A b**** too, that just needs to except maxx.

Please give Dee the common sense she lacks. Before I lose it. Makes me wanna stop reading as dumb as she is.

Yesssss, finally Chase punk ass gets caught! RUN IT.

Ha dang. Cold world. Wait till Dionne finds out!!!!

Wow!!! This is about to go downhill. RUN IT!

the baby mama is amber!! i'm convinced. and they can both fall off a cliff

run it

Well hopefully this will wake he up out of her damn dream & make her realize he ain't no damn good! Chase is a d*** & needs to be put in his place.
Run it!

Chop his manhood off and feed It to himslimey snake freak!

Let's kill chase!!!
*Gets pitchfork*

This big ass lie bout 2 unfold nd Di father gonna get in trouble watch
run it

Maxx felt bad when he shoved Dionne off his lap and hopped in the front seat but he wants her to be all his. Dionnne sat there kind of hurt but closed the trunk and sat on the passenger side. Maxx drove off and didn't know what exactly to say to her about what he had done. He worked hard to get back to where they were at and he think this may have set them back.

"Dee I am sorry. I don't want you to think that I don't want you in that way because you know I can't keep my hands off you but I want to do it when I khow you are mines to keep." He waited for a response and never got it. Maxx looked over to see Dionne sleeping so peacefully.

"Well okay ..." He drove the hour or so home and gently picked her up out of the car and carried her inside. Maxx laid her in the bed taking her shoes off. He went back to get there food and things the bought on the boardwalk. When he came back she was up and undressing. He stood in the doorway watching her.

Dionne felt him peering at her backside.

"I wasn't asleep."

"So you let me just talk to myself." Dionne chuckled.

"Pretty much."


"I understand what you are saying, I am still going to see where me and Chase may go?" She climbed into bed and Maxx grabbed some shorts and slammed the door when leaving out.

Vonnie got up and went to the bathroom when she came back she saw Maxx laying on the couch.

"What happened?" He shook his head.

"I don't know what more I can do with her. We admit that we love each other but she STILL wants to be with that notherf***er. Am I doing something wrong?"

"Dionne is hard-headed and scared. She will not open up to you as easy as before because even though she loves you she fears you will hurt her again, far worse than before."

"But I am proving that I won't."

"A few nice things won't win her over."

"But Chase can."

"She cares for you more than him. She settles because the feelings aren't deep and she won't be hurt if it goes wrong."

Maxx shrugged. "I don't care anymore."

Vonnie heard Lisa phone ring. "Who the hell is calling ma at this time of night?"

"Who knows? It miht just be Steve lonely ass." They laughed.

"I knew that rat bastard was no good....WHAT YOU MEAN DON"T TELL HER!? .... You right I won't ruin this vacation but when we get back I will bust his s***." She hung up storming out the room.

"Whoa ... Why yall up?"

"Drama as always..."Maxx said.

"Well I got more for you."

"What's up?" Vonnie asked.

"Chase got someone pregnant.. Steve said her name was Amy or something like that."

"Damn, are we going to tell her?"

"Not yet Maxx. She is having to much fun. But when we get home I am laying his s*** bare." Vonnie laughed.

"I can't wait!! This will be epic."

I just had an empiphany....the baby momma gotta be Amber!!

Omggg runnn!!! Like right now. Lol

That ain't gone crush her! That's going to be the extra push she needs! RUN IT!!

it aint gonna crush her like he think it is! lol
run it babe

why is her dad so f**ked up in the head! if that was my daddy hearing that the boy would be dead
and the fact that he not telling her first thats shady -_- at least tell ur daughter!
i wanna know who the baby momma is !
anyways im glad dee and maxx making up

he was in there yelling on the phone like that was his house. smh and steve dumb he should kicked his ass for cheating on his daughter and he got a baby on the way. tisk tisk tisk

run it bestest

No Love ??

UH OH GET IT GET MAX WANT THE KITTY GIVE HIM A HEART ATTACK THROQ IT BACK & WATCH HIM GET IT XD Chase bout to be a daddy :O who'd have a baby by his heartless self!
Run it big sis :)

Smh that's crazy I bet dad feels like a douche
Chase still needs to die in my opinion
Dee stop being naive
Maxx you're wearing her down she's falling for you again

They sat in the trunk eating ice cream cones and watching the waves.

"Chase is such the typical date guy.." Dionne blurted out.

"What you mean?"

"All we ever do is movies. I enjoy parks, musuems, BEACHES, etc. It is getting so routined."

"Why are with him again?" He asked irritated.

"Maxx calm down. You and I still have some healing to do. Our time will come." She rubbed his thigh.

"Girl don't rub up on me like that." He joked being half serious. She continued.

"And if I do." He threw her ice cream in the side and hers too. He laid her back and hovered over her.

"You don't want me to get started." He kissed down her neck and lightly licked her cleveage. She shivered beneath him. He sat up.

"Don't ever start with me cause I will finish." He helped her up and winked at her. She crawled ontop of his lap.

"Well let's finish." They leaned in for a kiss as he ran his hands up her thighs under her dress. She slowly started grinding her hips as she felt Maxx grow beneath her. He kissed down to her neck and started sucking on it. He grabbed her boy shorts and ripped them off. Dionne softly moaned in his ear.


Steve had invited Chase over since their ladies were out of town. They were watching <em>Scarface</em>, eating pizza and drinking beer.

"You miss her yet?" Steve asked. Chase nodded and grinned.

"Yeah, I didn't think it would kick in so soon." They laughed.

"I feel you son. Lisa loud ass brings life to my house. Now it's dead. I miss her." Chase phone vibrated.

"It must be the lady!" Chase grabbed it and walked out of the den.

Steve sat around for a few minutes watching the movie until Chase started getting loud. He listened intently.

"Amy what the f*** are you talking about? I don't love this girl....So what I spend time with her family, you know I am doing this for us and our baby that's on the way.....Iight Iight Im on the way" Steve acted like he was in the movie.

"Sorry Steve but my dad wants me home for something." Steve nodded.

"Alright show yourelf out." Chase hurried out the house slamminG the door behind him.

<em> 'This is going to crush my princess.'</em>

Run it! Run it!

Baby, Dionne needs to let Chase gooooo >.<

More love??


awwwww hw sweet
im glad they back on realgud terms, think that was a much needed convo. im happy 4 the moment, now wat chase gna do if he find out????
run it

Jazz u know Chase deserves death though lol
Lee I need to hurt someone pls lemme murder him!!!!
I need a sweetheart like Marx in my life this minute.

Run it

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY they are finally half way on good terms :)
Run it

Yessssss praise god!!! Now let's get Chase up outa here

Run it

Maxx and Dionne's main courses had just been placed on the table. They blessed their food and dug in.

"So what is all this for?" Dionne asked. Maxx just shrugged. "I am forced to be here and now you don't speak." She slightly raised her voice.

"Calm down. I brought you on this date to get some s*** off my chest but I just can't get over your phone call. You love this dude now?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Maxx waved the waiter over to come over.

"Boxes please?" He handed him $100. "Keep the change."

"You don't love him. Not even a little bit." Dee rolled her eyes.

"And how are you so sure?"

"Because we still have a connection." Dee chuckled.

"Maxx I have moved past you and I. Chase started off rocky but he changed for me and I love him for that." He clenched his jaw.

"Damnit Dionne!" He banged on the table as the waiter boxed their food. "Stop lying to yourself! I am so sick of this. Yeah, I f***ed up. I get that but I realized where my heart was. Now you need to open your eyes and realize it to."

"Have a Good Evening." The waiter scurried away. Dionne stormed off running from the truth. Maxx grabbed the bag of food. He stopped and got her a slice of red velvet chessecake, knowing it was her favorite. He took a deep breath before walking to his car. He saw Dionne standing with her back to the building. He walked to the driver side and put the food in.

"Can you unlock all the doors please?" He walked to her side.

"I got you chessecake." He held it out. She smirked but quickly wiped it off.

"I hope you like it. Now open my damn door." He opened and put some whipped cream on his finger.

"You don't want to taste it." He stepped to her with his finger out. She was tempted but was still playing hardball.

"Cute but no." He rubbed it on her lips.

"Well I think you would like it." She went to lick it off her lips. "I got that baby." He leaned down and slowly ran his tongue across her lips and then gently pecked them a few times. Maxx rested his forehead on hers. "Now can we talk without all this anger and be real." He kissed her ear. "No more running." He whispered and licked her earlobe before walking back to the driver side.

"I will be on better behavior." Dionne said getting the car. Maxx smiled.

"Thank You. That's all I ask." Dionne rolled her eyes laughing.

"One of these days you won't be able to do that anymore." He laughed.

"You love me to much not to be phased by sexiness." He joked. Dionne sighed. "What's wrong?"

"Sometimes I wish I didn't love you so much because I wouldn't still hurt so bad." He pulled over on the side of the road and turned to look at her.

"Dionne I can't express it enough how sorry I am. I know you are tired of hearing it but I don't know what else to say. I love you so much and I realized that when you bought Chase to the dance, it crushed me to see you with another guy. I just wanted to take you and run. Run until my feet got tired just to whisper in your ear how much I love you and that you have become my world. I cry myself to sleep sometimes wishing I could hold you and run my fingers through your beautiful red hair. I look at myself in digust other times becausee I stooped so low and turned to the comfort of your friend when I just could have made things right if I had just answered the phone. Now you saying you love this clown..." He wiped his tears. Dionne was holding them back. "Just let me prove myself." He grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes.

Dionne looked down at thier hands and slowly let go of his. She grabbed his face and gave him a passion filled kiss.

"I love you too. Let's continue our night."