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Stevensons and Roses Romantic Comedy Story *Repost*

Since me and gigi story was some how removed off of here we are going to start again but were going to start from where we left off which was gi's post if your confused let me know and I will help you out in anyway :)

Thanks ladies
An add will be posted as soon as possible!

<a href="">Part one</a>


Oh the beautys of having a baby. It's there world were just living in it lol. Aww D.J.'s a good baby, but dang he could've slept long enough for his parents to get it in lol. Lord these fools arguing over what he wore to the hospital lmao. And what's up with Chris and Gi, what did she say to him this time, making him storm out the hospital like that? Oh boy. RUN IT!!!

Gabby’s Pov
While everyone was gone me and dj decided to do a little decorating. The family pictures arrived and only me and him have seen them so we unpacked them and sat them out. Just as I picked up one frame to see where I was going to put it dj got upset because he was getting sleepy. “okay lets go put you down for your nap.” I was able to put him down and get back downstairs to see derrick walking through the door “Hey baby” he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me.” I giggled and turned around and kissed him “Is she okay” “Yeah she’s good but I don’t think the guys are though.” “That’s what they get fighting like they have lost their gotdamn minds in my house I wouldn’t have minded if they took that s*** outside but in my kitchen no sir you will not.” “Calm down and let me calm you down.” He sat down and pulled me down on his lap and kissed on my neck and tried to pull my tank top down. “Baby the blinds are open our neighbors can see right through” but he kept kissing and leaving hickeys “So let’s give them a show.” I giggled and leant back and let his tongue do all the magic but just as things was getting good and he was on his way down dj started crying. “uggh isn’t parenthood just the bee knees?” I pulled my top back up and walked up the stairs with D behind me “Im going to take a cold shower.” He kissed me and walked into the bedroom, I felt a little bad for him but somehow in the back of my mind I knew that was going to happen, so I picked up dj put on his little sweatpant and hoodie combo. “You look so much like your daddy especially those eyebrows we have to fix those boo” I gave him a big kiss and rubbed the lipstick off his face before he threw a tantrum. We walked into the my bed room got ready and waited on D to stop being a princess and hurry the hell up so that I can see my sister. He finally comes downstairs looking like hes going to see president Obama; “The f*** nigga we just going to the hospital.” He looked down at what he was wearing and laughed “I have to keep up a image.” And with that statement we argued all the way to the hospital. We get there and the doctor tells us that she is okay and that she is in room 216, we take the elevator up to the second floor and as were walking to her room chris rushes out of the room right pass us he was red and he looked as if he had been crying. I hesitated as I walked in thinking lord knows what has went on in that room “Oh boy”…..

New Add coming tonight everybody!!

need runs everyone

Mike's ol punk ass need to gone somewhere. How he gone try to fight Chris cause Gi moved on with him. Ol' punk. Like Chris said you f*** up and the next man gone take over.Then they made her have issues with the babies. Thank goodness it wasnt labor though. Dumbasses. Oh I wonder what she's gone say to them? RUN IT!!!

@Nalanie Rose ok thanks ill be looking out for that link

dam mike he finally realizing what he had i mean i feel for him cuz that suppose to be his best friend... but what Chris said is completely true
all on Gi i sure hope she pick right...
cuz i know she was feeling bad that she was sleeping with chris ..
run it

GiGi’s POV

I woke up to loud knocking on my door. “Mmmm, Chris wake up.” I reached behind me to shake him. “Gi, can I talk to you?” I heard Mike’s door. I sighed, “Not now Mikey, I’m still sleep.” There was a pause. Did I just call this nigga Mikey? Damn, I’m slippin. “Okay, maybe later.” He spoke softly. I didn’t respond. He lingered there for a while and then walked away. “You gotta talk to him sooner or later.” Chris spoke in my ear. “Shut up.” I pulled his arm tighter around me and closed my eyes, going back to sleep.

“So let me hear this song that Fab wouldn’t shut up about last night.” I smiled at Chris as we sat at the island in the kitchen, eating the breakfast he made for us. “No! It’s not done yet.” He blushed. I giggled, “Come on Chris, what you got so far?” He smiled, biting his bottom lip, “Aiight aiight, here it go.” He played the beat on his phone and I could tell it was gonna be a hit already. “<em>Baby we don’t need a bed. No whoa. No master rooms, no need to set the mood. She like yeah, yeeeeeeah.</em> And that’s all I got.” He covered his face. “OMG, that was really good! Can I help you?” he looked at me, “What you talking bout Gi?” he imitated Gary Coleman. We both laughed, “No really, I can help you. I used to help Mike with his stuff when he’d get stuck. So what’s finishing a hook?” He looked at me and nodded, “Okay.” He played the beat and sung the first part again, I joined right in. “<em>One touch, one touch, she gon give me all the love.</em>” “<em>She’s ready, so ready. She’s ready, so I’m ready.</em>” He came in and then I finished it, “<em>Feel it coming on strong, it’s so heavy. She’s ready, I’m ready.</em>” We both smiled at each other, “Damn girl, that was good.” “Yeah, I know.” I joked. “Damn, can a nigga give you a compliment?” He laughed. “Of course you can hun.” I smiled at him while eating a strawberry. “You’re beautiful.” He gazed in my eyes. I blushed a little, “Thank you.” He leaned over close to me, “I love you.” He whispered. I smiled and kissed him.

Mike’s POV

I must be losing my muthafckn mind! Was I being blatantly disrespected? It was just too much. I come in, I hear him calling her ‘babe’ and kissing her leaving her room. Then she’s all on him at the party, she’s got her feet on his lap and he had the audacity to massage them. Then I knew I was just losing it when I think I heard them fckn last night after the party. I mean, did he have no respect?! Hell, did she?! I mean, she is still carrying my babies. Everything was just all fckd up, but I guess if I never would’ve fckd up then it wouldn’t even be like this. But still, nothing could calm me down when I heard him say he loved her. And then when she kissed him like she did. Like she used to kiss me? I just lost it. So, I attacked him.

“AHHHHHHH! D!!!! COME HELP!!!” I heard her scream as Chris and I were in a full out brawl. All I could see was red. This nigga was gonna die. Fck friends, fck bros, fck all that sh*t. This was a fight to the death if I had anything to say about it. All I could hear was her crying and screaming and telling us to stop, but I wasn’t hearing it. “D!!!!!” She screamed again. He then came tried to get us off each other. He managed to pull me away and I kicked Chris in the face as he was, “Fck nigga.” I looked over at Gi, who was crying uncontrollably on the other side of the kitchen. She was looking at me horrified. “What the fck is going on down here?” Gabby entered the kitchen. D was still holding me and I snatched away from him as Chris was getting off the floor. “Yo, cut the sh*t!” D pulled me back. “Let me go! I’m done with him.” I snatched away and walked over to Gi. “Get away from me!” she screamed and backed back. “I repeat, what the fck is going on?!” Gabby said louder. “These two dumb asses started fighting.” D said out of breath. “Great, now my sister’s upset. We need to calm her down before---” “AHHHHHHH MYYYYY GAAAAWWWWWDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!” Gi screamed and clenched her belly.

GiGi’s POV

I never felt this much pain before. I swear the babies were coming right now, a whole month ahead. I wasn’t even ready. My life was to sh*t and I’m sleeping with my baby’s father’s best friend. Who was i? I’m nobody’s mother. “Gi, baby.” Mike tried to comfort me. “DON’T…touch me. D, please help.” The tears were flowing nonstop and the pain just kept getting worse. D rushed over and picked me up, carrying me to the door. “I hope y’all muhfckas are happy!” I heard Gabby yell. D put me in the passenger side of the truck and ran around to the driver’s side. Both Chris and Mike were trying to get in the back. “NO! Don’t come, just stay here. The both of you.” I told them and then told D to drive. He got me to the hospital in record time and I was rushed off.

Chris’s POV

We were all in the living room waiting to hear word from D. I was worried sick about her, I couldn’t even focus. Gabby paced the floor while Mike and I sat on the couch with ice packs to our heads, watching her. She then stopped and stood in front of us, “Why the fck were y’all fighting in the first place?!” “This crazy nigga just attacked me out of nowhere!” I exclaimed. “Nowhere?! How bout you fckn my girl and supposed to be my boy for starters?!” Mike shot back. “Well somebody had to do it.” I responded and he lunged at me. “Stop! Stop it now! That’s why y’all muhfckas here while my little sister is in the fckn emergency room!” Gabby hit us both in the arm. “I just never took you for a snake my nigga.” Mike’s words cut deep. I sighed, “That was never my intentions. You can’t help who you love bro. The door was open so I took my opportunity.” I spoke from the heart and I could only hope that he could respect that. I looked over at him, and he was tearing up. “I love her man. I just love her so damn much.” He didn’t even try to stop the tears as they fell. “I love her too.” I said. “Yeah, but you not supposed to!” he looked me in the eye. I shrugged, “I couldn’t help it. It just happened. And I’m not sorry for it.” “Well, it needs to stop. She’s mine, she having my babies.” He exclaimed. “Just because she’s having your babies doesn’t make her anything more to you. Maybe you should’ve showed how much she meant to you when you had her. It’s not my fault you fckd up after everybody kept telling you not to. She even let you slide a few times, that just shows you how much she was willing to ride for you. You wasn’t seeing any of that sh*t. All you were thinking about was what you could get. You had the best woman you could have and you fckd it up over a nut. That’s the fckd up part yo. You ain’t realize a good thing until it was snatched away from you. I’m not stopping anything unless Gi wants to. If she decides that she wants to take you back, then I’ll respect that. But until then, I can’t make any promises.” I looked at him. “Damn.” Gabby said while sitting on the coffee table, looking at the both of us. Just then, D called my phone. “D, is she okay? What’s going on?” I asked as I sat up. “Yeah, she’s okay just a little stressed. She’s gotta stay overnight, to be monitored. But she’s asking for you guys. You and Mike.” He informed me. “Okay, we’ll be over there.” I hung up and stood, “She’s okay. She wants to see us.”

Oh my damn Gi and Chris were getting it in. LMAO at Gabby and Derrick hearing them smh. Gi and Chris would make a great couple in my opinion. Yes Mikes her babies daddy, but he can be just that, she doesnt have to be with him. And lets not forget Mr. Trey wanting her too, Gi got whores lmao. But really I want her with Chris she better make up her mind soon. Family photos turned out good, and lmao at Derrick asking Gabby when can they finally have sex lol. Horn dog. I hope them fools dont fight. RUN IT!!1

Im going to make a post and put the link on here well try to so you can just go back..

yes! so where is the older posts gonna be posted on??
and i agree with Gabby .... mike and Chris are gonna end up fighting if she dont pick and possibly lose a friendship
i feel like Gi is getting it in with everybody!
she playing with their emotions....
run it

Uh oh, RUN IT!!!!

Gabby's Pov

It’s the day before New Year’s Eve Derrick is home and is watching dj while I rest. But something is bothering me gi has been acting extremely strange ever since trey was here a couple days ago, so I decide to go in here room and bother her. I walk right in and notice that she is looking for outfits for one of her clients, so I lay across her bed and stared at her. "Yes" "nothing just wanted to come bother you since D is watching lil man" "Oooooh well what sup?" she looks up from some papers in her lap "What sup with you and breezy?" I noticed her smiling as soon as I mentioned her name so I instantly went into big sister mode. "Are yall an item" "No were just friends" "Rightttt" "I’m serious" she hit my arm which made me laugh at how that didn’t hurt one bit. "You can tell that to mama I know the truth." I got off her bed and started dancing "You love Breezy you love Breezy" she laughed and threw a pillow at me while telling me to get out. "Oh and to say that I don’t know things I know about you and trey to nigga you can’t hide nothing from me in my own house." With that I walked out her room while she thought over what I said.
I walk downstairs to see Derrick sitting on the couch watching TV while dj is over his shoulder looking around at everything once he seen me he starts to smile and squeal and drool. "Hey mama’s baby, you down here with daddy watching TV.”Nah I don’t think he like TV yet baby. "Of course he does you have to find something that is going to catch his attention" We hear the front door open so I get up to see who it was since only our parents and D mom has a key to our house and of course it was Chris "What are you doing here?" "I’m here for the party" he started dancing and acting silly so I walked up to him and hugged him, D came to say what sup and instantly their little bromance was back on they hugged did their little handshakes and some other s***, I shook my head and took dj upstairs to get him ready for our family photo shoot which was in a few hours.

Couple Hours Later
I’m dressed and ready to go and so is my baby. Now D on the other had is acting like a straight female and is taking forever to get ready "Babe will you come on please" "Alright here I come woman" he get downstairs and does a spin and walks out to the truck. "Where's Gi and Chris at?"; I looked up from my phone "They went to her doctor’s appointment" "Awe okay cool; so you ready to take some pictures boo" "Yeah I want to get this over with." He could tell that I was tired getting up almost every hour to pump. So he grabbed my hand and kissed it "Love you" "Yeah and what about you" we looked at each other and laughed. "Your silly babe" "I know but you love it". "I do why you think I married you Mr. Rose". We Finally make it to the studio we get into hair and makeup and start taking pictures, to my surprise dj loved the camera he posed on his dads shoulder and posed on his own it was just amazing. We thanked the photographer and did out interview and like that we were done. We walked out to the truck as he questioned me when will we be able to have sex again. “The doctor said 6 weeks tops babe don’t worry it’s worth the wait daddy trust me.” I leaned over and kissed him as he looked as if he was getting turned on “We can make a baby right now babe there aint nothing to it but to do it.” “No I want you to drive so that I can go home and take a bubble bath while you go do what you do” “I guess I’m going to be playing with myself then huh?” “Yes... Yes you are”…
Later on that Night
Me and D get a text from gi asking if we would want to go to dinner with her and Chris. "We could see them and catch up with Chris" I laid back on the couch and nodded my head yes; I went upstairs and got dress while D called his mom to come babysit I went upstairs to get ready so that we could meet them at the restaurant. He came up stairs to ask me if I would pick out his clothes I felt flattered that he would want me to since he usually asked gi to do it. We get ready and just as we are putting on our coats mama rose comes and tells us to have a good time and that everything was going to be fine. We thank her for watching the baby and like that we are out the door. We pull up to the restaurant get out and see Chris and gi are laughing and talking among themselves their she’s smiling at him and he is smiling at her. “See I told you something is going on there hey guys” we walk up to the table as they get up to greet us. We sit down and talk about random topics while our food is being made. “So how did your checkup go?” “It went good we learned a few new things what did you two do today?” “We had an interview with American Baby mag that went well, so how does it feel to be back in the house with gi.” I felt D kick me under the table so I grabbed his ring finger and twisted it. “It’s good I’m glad to be back I miss yall and I haven’t had my chance to bond with lil man so yeah its cool, And I have to tell yall something I invited mike to the party tomorrow.” I took a sip of my wine “You did what?” “I had to invite him yall know he was doing badly out there in LA he needs to be surrounded by people that he know the last thing I think he don’t need is to be out there alone.” I sat there and thought about what he was saying and took it into consideration that he was gi’s baby daddy “Okay fine but if he starts anything I’m coming after you.” Chris nodded his head; Dinner went by fast and we were soon heading back to the house and are in bed. Suddenly I am awoken by someone moaning and bumping into the wall, “The f*** is that” “It’s probably outside babe go back to sleep” “Okay your right” So I lay back down only to hear “Ahhh harder Chris”. I then get up grab my flashlight and walked down the hall. I put my ear up to the door and hear “mmmm f*** gi” I put my hand over my mouth and walk backwards only to bump into D. “What’s going on” “they’re in the f***ing” “No they not your hearing s***” “Put your ear up to the door and you will hear what I hear.” He hears moaning and screaming so he steps back and starts dancing while singing “That’s my dawg that’s my dawg”. I pushed him but ended up losing my balance and fell flat on my ass. “Come on before you wake them up” and with that he dragged me back to the room.
Later that day Me and D got up and went grocery shopping for the rest of the stuff for the party, As were going down every isle to see what we need I decided to say what has been on my mind since this morning “So were not going to talk about what we heard this morning like that’s just wrong.” D shook his head as he grabbed a bottle of liquor off the shelf “I wouldn’t say all that she was just getting her groove back bae and so what if Chris just so happened to be there to take care of that need.” “I don’t know it’s like she’s pregnant and even though I don’t like mike right now she should work things out with her for the sake of their children.” “Look I think that if she’s happy doing what she do then that’s on her now we don’t need to butt in to her life I support her on anything that she do and with you being her sister you should do the same babe, look I have to go pick up mike from the airport I’ll meet you back at home.” “Okay bye” Since he left me with that to think about I decided to get the rest of the food and head home. When I got home I asked Chris to get the bags and boxes out of my car while me and gi separated everything and started cooking, “I’m about to go get changed you got everything” “Gi nodded her head so I left out of the kitchen and went to take a shower and get ready for the party. A couple hours later I was ready and walking down the stairs when D walked in the door with mike behind him. Without hesitating he asked D where the bar was located. “Down in the basement” “aight cool” he walked past me without saying a word; usually I would say something but I decided to let it go and not say a word to him. I go to check on the food as everyone else gets ready and as I’m walking into the kitchen I see mike walking up the stairs to gi’s room but stops when he sees Chris kiss her and walk out of her room, I have to admit I felt a little bad for him so after I get the guest taken care of I will talk to him. Before I knew it people were coming in everyone from Wayne to trey and teyanna from there the list grew. “Hey mike can I talk to you for a minute” he put the bottle down and followed me to the steps. We talked about everything he apologized for how he acted towards me and told me how much he loved gi and wanted to make things work with her but he didn’t know how. “I think you should just talk to her and give her time to think about it mike that’s all you can really do right now.” “Aight gabby thank you.” I nodded my head and went to join the party. I walked back into the room and saw gi entertaining everyone on the plug in mic that we got for the party. “Before we get started with tonight’s fun I just want to say that I styled every muhfuka up in here” everyone laughed at her joke but Wayne decided to try and burst her bubble. “Naw lil mama not everybody.” “Wayne boo you need me in yo closet one time for the fun time” the room erupted in laughter as she put down the mic and walked up to me. “God my feet are killing me you take the stage while I go rest my feet.” “Okay go ahead” I grabbed the mic as I saw gi rest her feet on Chris lap as he rubbed them for her. In the back of my mind I think that gi has to make a decision soon or there is going to be a brawl…..

We have decided to repost the first part of the story so that everyone knows whats going on and new add coming tonight

i hate that i dont know what happened in the deleted stories! but dam they dated all the sexy ass dudes in the industry!
dam chris couldnt get it but trey was so forward...
run it!

Run it girls

Omg that was intense. Trey is just so forward lol I totally would have pounced him

Run it

Gabby missing Derrick. His ass better tell her when he's leaving next time. DJ so cute least Gis there to help.
Aww Gi was missing Chris well up until Treys freaky ass ate the box. Oh my Damn. ;) Saved by the skype lol. I wonder will she tell Gabby? And will she give Trey the chance to hit it? Damn Mikes a mess back in Cali didn't know he was doing all that while he was there. And then there's Chris they still cool but what she did with trey wow. Give a pimp even while she's preggo the niggas still want her. Run It.

GiGi’s POV

<strong><em>Can’t wait to see you.</em></strong> Trey’s message read. I smiled slightly and put DJ in his crib. I had to get to me and Daniel’s meeting. I told Gabby I had to go. After treating her for her smart remark, I walked out of the nursery and grabbed my bag. I walked down the stairs, which took forever because I was wearing heels and Chris wasn’t there to support me. Rolling my eyes, once finally reaching the bottom, I pulled up me and Chris’s thread and txtd him. <em><strong>You suck for not being here to help me down the stairs.</strong></em> I chuckled slightly and walked to the garage door in the kitchen, grabbing my keys off the hook. I read Chris’s reply as I got into the car, <em><strong>I miss you too ;)</strong></em> I smiled and out my phone in the cup holder in the middle. I hated how much he knew me. I hated how much I missed him. I sighed as the garage door was finally done lifting and pulled off.

“Damn Gi, you big as sh*t!” Daniel greeted me along with a hug. I hit him in the arm after he let me go, “That’s why we would’ve never worked.” He chuckled holding his hands up in surrender, “Fine. I’m sorry, but you know that was supposed to be my baby.” I rolled my eyes at his comment, “<em>Babies.</em>” He sat down behind his desk, “Yikes. Good luck with that!” I shook my head at him as I sat in one of the chairs available. “So this is it?” I asked looking around. He nodded and smiled while pulling out some papers, “Yup. Here’s the contract and all the other things you’ll need to look over.” He handed me a portfolio with the business plan we had worked on over the phone and emails and the contract. I leafed through the contract, “I’ll have to have my lawyers look it over before I sign.” He smiled, “Look at you, got lawyers and sh*t.” I giggled, “You should invest in some yourself.” He nodded, “Word, I will.” He got up, “Wanna see your office?” I smiled and nodded, “Sure.” I followed him around and got the whole tour as we came up with concepts as to what would be what, and what we’d put where. It was a breeze for me, because I had put together two boutiques and offices. After our meeting was over and we had talked for a while, I had to get back to the house to meet Trey. “Well, I’ll be seeing you soon.” I stated, getting up from my seat. “Oh, most definitely. Always good to see you Gi.” He smiled half lustfully. I nodded and gave him a quick hug before leaving.

I got home and nodded Trey’s burgundy Range in the driveway parked right in front of the steps. I backed my car in the garage and walked out, closing the door down on my way out. I decided to walk through the front door instead of the garage. It was closer to the stairs. “Hey y’all.” I greeted as I walked in to find Trey holding my nephew. It almost looked cute. “Hey.” She said in unison. “Look, he likes me.” Trey exclaimed with a big goofy smile. I chuckled and kissed my nephew on the top of his head, “Awww isn’t that so cute! But come on Trey, let me get you fitted for some stuff.” He nodded, “Okay, here I come.” I walked over to the stairs as he gave DJ to Gabby. He rushed over to me and picked up some baskets, “I got you these. For the babies, you know, since I couldn’t make the baby shower.” I smiled at him as I took them. One was blue and the other pink. They had hell sh*t in them, “Thanks Trey, I appreciate it.” He smiled bashfully, which was funny to me because that was so out of character for him. He helped me up the stairs and I placed the baskets in their nursery. He looked around, “This is really nice.” I smiled, “Yeah, Chris and Derrick did it all as gifts for the baby shower.” He looked at me and then back around the room, “Cool.” He looked as if he wanted to say more, or ask a question but he remained quiet. “Well, come on.” I stated while walking out of the room.

“So what’s good with you and Tyga though?” Trey asked as I helped him into a Tom Ford suit jacket. I shrugged while fixing it on him, “Nothing.” I put some pins in the sides so the tailor would know where to take it in at. “I’m just saying, first you guys were living together and all the blogs were talking about. I mean, like inseparable. Then you’re back out here, he’s out getting drunk off his ass and gotta be carried out of clubs. Then a couple days ago, you both are being spotted at a hotel downtown close to midnight. Like, what’s really good?” he took off the jacket and handed it to me. I had no idea what was going on with Mike. I stayed away from the media side. I only knew what people txtd me and told me, or asked me about. Nobody told me about him being carried out of clubs. “I just wanted to have the babies out here. He’s working on his album and stuff so he couldn’t come out here.” <em>Lord forgive me for lying to this man.</em> I thought as I handed him some jeans to try on. He looked at me funny, “Oh okay. I heard you guys were broken up. But I guess that makes sense.” He got out of his pants and I caught myself looking at his manhood in his boxer briefs. Biting my bottom lip, I was finally able to shift my eyes elsewhere. Trey chuckled a little, “I saw that.” I only smiled as I handed him a shirt to pair with the bottoms, “I forgot something, I’ll be right back.” I didn’t forget anything. I just had to get out of there before I tackled him and started to ride that snake sized penis of his. My gosh, had it been a long time! I hadn’t even realized it until I saw it. And it wasn’t even hard! <em>Help me, help me please!</em> I thought as I fanned myself. I took some deep breaths and regained my composure.

I walked back into the room, empty handed. He smirked, “You didn’t forget anything did you? Gi, if you want me to d*ck you down I’d be more than happy to.” I just stood there, with my mouth slightly opened. I had half a mind to take him up on his offer, but finally decided against it. “Nah, I’m good. Just needed some air.” I said as I sat on a stool to adjust the bottom of his pant legs. I got up and was about to grab him another outfit when he gently grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. “Trey---” I was silenced by his soft delicious lips. “Mmmmm.” I moaned in pleasure and he firmly gripped my ass. This was already going where it didn’t need to go, but I couldn’t stop it. Hell, who am I kidding? I didn’t wanna stop it. He laid me on the couch gently while never breaking our now intense kiss. He then serviced my neck with kisses and nibbling as his right hand snaked up my dress and effortlessly moved my panties to the side. His fingers met my small waterfall with ease. I bit my bottom lip hard as he played with my clit. Without warning, his fingers were replaced with a skilled tongue. My back arched as he pulled me to the edge of the couch as he took a knee on the floor. I swear I needed this, all of this. Sensations of pleasure ran through my body as he handled business. I tried my hardest not to make a sound, well scream. Because I was making every sound I possibly could. When I came, it was hard and very pleasurable.

Just as he reached for a condom out of his jeans on the couch, Gabby called my name from downstairs. We both looked to the door, “WHAT?!” I yelled. “CHRIS IS ON SKYPE! HE’S ASKING FOR YOU!” she screamed back. I smacked my lips. But maybe I was stopped for a reason. Trey breathed hard and rose from his knees, helping me up. “I’ll uh, I’ll get these tailored and shipped to you as soon as I can.” I stated fixing myself, watching him put on his regular clothes. He put a stick of gum in his mouth, “Sounds good.” He smiled and kissed my lips once more. “Um, thanks.” I spoke awkwardly. “Don’t worry about it. I could tell you needed it. Don’t hesitate to dial a nigga up if you need it again.” He smirked and walked out the guest room turned office. I followed him down the stairs and to the front door. I said goodbye and then went into the living room where Gabby sat with Chris on Skype. “Heyy, just the girl I need to see.” Chris smiled widely.

Gabby’S Pov
I was in a deep sleep and all I could hear was the faint noise of a baby crying. I reached over to where D was sleeping to tell him to get up and go get the baby. Only he wasn’t there. I sighed and got up to get my son and found my sister with him in her arms rocking him in the rocking chair. Not wanting to disturb them bonding I stood by the door and watch him look up at her while she talked to him. “Good Morning” I said softly “Hey” she spoke as she kissed his cheek. “You Okay” I asked her “Yeah I’m fine Chris left this morning”. “Ooooh okay you know he will be back though he always is, just tell him your cooking he will be on the first flight out here.” We laughed at the thought of him acting silly. “Yeah, so what happened after we left because we all know, the drama don’t start until someone leave.” Gi started to inform me on what happened and when she was done my mouth was to the floor. “Damn are you serious?” “Very” “Wow so is everyone good now or is there still some things to be resolved?” it took her a while to answer since she was texting someone that got her smiling “Nah everyone is good for now, But listen I have to go out for a while I’ll be back.” “Alright smiley” “Shut up Bye b****”.

4 Hours Later
I’m In the kitchen singing trying to get dj to smile, but it wasn’t working he was staring at me like I had 2 heads. As soon as I thought I was getting through to my son the doorbell rang making his little smile disappear. “You want to come see who’s at the door with mommy sweetie come on lets go see who it is, Here we come” I open the door to see trey standing there holding two baby gift baskets. “Hey trey” “Aye what sup ma” he side hugged me as I invited him in. “How you been?” “I’m good ma can’t complain how you doing ma and who is this little guy”. I smiled at him smiling which made me look down “Ummh I’ve been great never better but this is dj only a couple days old” “Awe s*** I didn’t know you were pregnant to I have to get you a gift ma I brought these for your sister.” “Oh okay ummm you can leave them here she should be back soon. “Oh aight so can I hold him” “Sure sit down let me go get his blanket just in case”. “Okay hey lil man” dj smiled up at him just as gi was walking through the door. “Hey yall” “Hey” me and trey said in unison and laughed. “Look he likes me”. “Awwwe isn’t that so cute but come on trey let me get you fitted for some stuff.” “Okay here I come” he handed dj back to me and followed gi while looking back at me and smiling. I tried to convince myself that he was just being nice and all but I had to shake the thought of trey out of my head once dj smiled at me. I looked at Dj and asked him if he wanted to Skype; daddy, he smiled and started drooling. As soon as I called he answered we talked laughed I told him about how mad I was that he left me this morning without telling me but he reassured me that he would be back in 2 days, so as were about to end the call trey comes downstairs and hugs me telling me that he is about to go and that he would see me around. As I walk back over to my computer I hear Derrick yelling “Who that is?” I rolled my eyes “God could you be any more hood baby?” “Alright let me rephrase that then baby I’m sorry who that was up in my house much better”. Gi spoke up behind me “That was trey derrick calm down” “Yeah baby have several seats please it aint that serious I love you and will see you when you get home bye mwah mwah mwah”. On that note I closed my computer and laughed at gi’s face as we walked in the kitchen as she talked about trey…..

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Omg I almost cried when Gma was talking. That's just so sad and I'm glad she got away. Chris still bothers me smh after all of that, he was finally growing on me and now he's throwing Gi back to mike.

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Well damn at was deep, they granny had a tough life huh, who knew and she resented there mom only because of who her dad was damn, Well Im glad she finally explained her reasoning behind the negative to them before it was too late. Wait till Gabby hears this.
And damn Chris really has grown up. He knows they have no future tigether but he encouraged her to go work it out with Mike, I disagree lol. I want her with Chris. Lol at him telling her he'd still fcuk her big ass haha. I wish Gi would've tried things with Chris I mean there super close already. She just didnt wanna try. I think she's scared of being hurt again. Now Chris is gone, and I want him there. RUN IT!!!

GiGi’s POV

After D and Gabby left to go home with DJ, I sat in the kitchen while mom loaded the dishwasher. “Mommy, what happened with you and grandma?” I asked as I ate a big slice of Nana’s sweet potato pie. “Giovanni Ann, do not start with that right now.” she spoke sternly while still loading the washer. “If not now, then when?” I looked up at her. She sighed and looked over at me, “She was a horrible mother to me. I could never understand why she treated me the way she did. But she loved Jackée, her baby girl, she used to call her. I just never knew how to make her happy, or proud of me.” “I was always proud of you baby.” Grandma spoke up as we both looked her way. “How come you never told me?” my mother answered a little choked up. Grandma wiped a tear that had fallen, “You just looked so much like your no good father. Every time I looked at you, I saw him.” Mom walked over to her, “Why would you put that burden on me? I didn’t even know my father.” So the plot thickens, I thought to myself as I cut another piece of pie.

“There’s a reason for that. But I don’t wanna talk about it.” Grandma looked like she was fighting back tears. “I deserve to know mama.” My mother grabbed her hand. “Your father was the man of my dreams. I put everything I had into that man. But after we got married and he lost his job at the factory, things just weren’t the same. He began to drink, and I didn’t really mind at all. But then he became a mean drunk. I used to be understanding, at last until he began to beat me.” She paused. “Mama.” Mother tried to comfort her. “Grandma it’s okay.” I became teary eyed. “No, I want to. Your father beat me like it was his job. I never seen a man so angry. I couldn’t go to anybody. I tried my mother and she made it seem like it was my fault. So I stayed hoping it’ll get better, but it never did. At least not until I found out I was pregnant with you. I told him that he would either let me leave or die, because I’d kill him dead if he laid another hand on me. So he let me go. Baby I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you the way I did. I hope that one day you can forgive me.” That was deep, I’m sure mother was speechless because I was. I don’t even know how I was gonna tell Gabby later. “I forgive you mama.” Mother said and hugged her.

Chris came in the kitchen, “You ready?” I wiped my tears, “Uh yeah, give me a minute.” After saying goodbyes, Chris and I were in my car and headed home. I leaned the passenger seat back a little and rubbed my belly, “Oh my goodness!” Chris glanced over at me, “What’s wrong drama queen?” I chuckled a little as we pulled into the driveway, “I’m big as sh*t!” He laughed as he killed the engine, “No you’re not.” I watched him as he got out, “Yes I am.” He came around and opened my door, “No you’re not. I’d do that muhfcka.” That comment threw me off, “What?” He fell into laughter, “You heard me Gi. I’d fck the sh*t out of you.” I had no words as I unlocked the door for us to go in. He helped me up the stairs and into my room. As I opened the door, I was greeted with his luggage. I had forgotten for a minute that he was leaving in the morning. “I still can’t believe you’re leaving me.” I hung my bag on the closet door. He kissed my cheek, “I have to.” He sat on the bed and took his shoes off. I unzipped my sweatshirt, “No you don’t. You can work anywhere.” He sighed and looked up at me, “What are we doing here Gi?” I thought about it and sighed myself, “I have no idea.” H took his shirt off, “That’s why I have to leave. I mean, you belong with Mike anyway.” I almost snapped my neck looking at him, “What?” he smirked, “Look, I know I give you hell about him but you guys belong together. I just wanted you to be able to heal and gain clarity about things before the babies got here. I also wanted him to have time to get his sh*t together. All of that can’t happen if I’m here.” I just shook my head, “I guess.” We got in bed and snuggled until we both fell asleep. In the morning, I took him to the airport and he left.

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I still feel so lost. I need to know whats gonna happen with EVERYONE

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Aww Derrick wants more kids how sweet. Lol and Gabby saying she'll think about it. D.J.s gone be spoiled rotten. So what's the deal with there mom and grandma? Why the hostility? Christmas went good aside from the situation with there mom and .ma. I can't wait till Gi has the twins tho. Run It.

whats the back story with ma and great ma?
aww welcome to the world lil dj
Chris and Gi... wassup
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Gabby's pov

After giving birth I was completely drained I fell asleep.

Hours and Hours later

I woke up to derrick holding our son and them talking; I automatically smiled because they looked so cute together. "Heyy" I said still half sleep, he looked over at me and smiled "Hey baby how you feeling?" "like I've been ran over" "Awe bae you want to hold little me" I laughed at how he was acting "yes hand me my son" "Alright buddy you ready to go to the pretty lady yes she’s your mommy I know man" "Hand him here". As he handed me my beautiful son I started to cry again "omg he looks like me" I said as I kissed his little face "Actually he looks more like me but who’s really looking at looks." "Say shush daddy me and mommy are bonding here." he laughed then sighed deep like he has been thinking "What’s wrong bae?" "I want more kids baby" "I don’t know D, how many?" "Just 4" "So three more" "exactly" "I'll think about it okay in the meanwhile let’s just enjoy the one that we have right now." D walked over to the bed and lay down next to me and wrapped his arms around me " you know we have to go over your parents later on tomorrow." "Yeah I know this should be fun…
The Next day
I’m out of that god awful hospital bed moving around and getting ready to go to my parents’ house late last night D gave me my Christmas gift which were a pair of chocolate diamond earrings with matching necklace and bracelet, to me he is the best husband in the history of husbands and I’m glad that I have him. Just then the nurse came in for us to do the first diaper change we were a little nervous but we got through it with ease. We got him dressed and as I got situated with lil man, D went downstairs to get the truck. Andrea came to get me and roll me downstairs she gave me and dj kisses and went back to work we loaded up the truck and got lil man in his car seat and were on our way to mom and dads for this part 2 Christmas party. “I love you wife” I smiled and grabbed his hand “Love you too husband” “Love you too baby”, Dj made a couple of small noises but stayed quiet the rest of the ride.
1 hour later
We pull up to the house and get dj out and walked up the door and opened it everyone shouted surprise and congrats which woke up dj and he started screaming. Gi walked over to me and hugged me and instantly took dj out of his carrier and held him up and talked to him. We greeted everyone and got comfortable I followed mama into the kitchen to get me something to drink and catch up on things. “So ma” “Yes baby” “Have you and grandma talked?” “No and we will never talk do you want some cake sweetie” “ummmm sure but why not?” “Because your mother is stubborn” we turned around to see grandma standing there “I just wanted to ask you Gabrielle if I could hold my great grandson” “sure” I grabbed my coffee and cake and walked slowly out to the living room so that they could talk, As I picked up dj from gi I handed him to grandma jen “I’m glad that I was around to meet this little handsome man”. Mom huffed and leant up against the wall so to stop a fight from starting gi announced that we should open gifts now; everyone agreed quickly. Mom and dad opened their gifts and they got a vacation getaway to the Bahamas, mom and dad hugged gi at the same time and kissed her face the trip included everything which is nice so that they don’t have to come out of pocket. then from me and D mom got mom a diamond locket heart with a picture of me,gi and laz. “omg this is gorgeous” mom hugged me and D and said that this Christmas was the best yet. Gi D some diamond cuff links, me some custom made louboutins, chris a gold rolex, and laz got some tailored button up. Then came my gifts I got chris some custom made backpacks, laz some weights, Dad some custom made ties, D some Rolex watches, and last but not least gi got a diamond charmbracelet from tiffanys with the sister charm that connects to mine. We thanked everyone for their gifts and partied until dj got sick of everyone which was at 11:46 pm….

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