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Im just posting the girls im pretty sure yall know the guys.


Run it XD

*pops popcorn and grabs tissue* I know it is about to get really real up in this piece!!!!!

*pops popcorn and grabs tissue* I know it is about to get really real up in this piece!!!!!

Damn had me crying. But I see it like this Trey got into that car accident for a reason. I mean what are the odds that the girl he cheated on Qui Qui with show up at the hospital, everything he did in the dark has to come to the light. He's gonna have to explain EVERYTHING!!! Tsk tsk but I do hope he's okay.
Run it <3 <3 <3

Run it!!


Chapter Thirteen: Hearing the news.


I sat on Hassan's bed awaiting for him to come back from getting my food. I had just got off the phone Kimmie and to my surprise she was with Kayla, knowing them their planning something. "Rie. Where you at" San asked walking up the stairs. I shook my head where else would i be.

"In your bed. Still" I said stretching as he walked through the door. I smiled at him juggling the food in his hands along with our drinks. "You need help" I said laughing slightly. He just stared at me for a moment before getting on his bed.

"Which one you want" he said sliding some food my way. I opened the bag to find Shrimp fried rice, with sweet and sour chicken. "I want this one. Thanks San" I said opening up the food and starting to eat. He was just staring at me.

I gave him the 'what the f***' look and he smiled. "Your so f***ing pretty" he said roughly kissing my cheek. I smiled im lucky i have him.


As we slept in the bed, Hassan's arm was wrapped around my waist making me feel completely safe, my phone went off.

::French Montana"Pop that"::

"Hello" I answered before clearing my throat. But no one responded i could only hear sobbing. "Hello" I asked again rising up from the bed.

"Marie. Come to the hospital. Trey was in a car accident" Quilla said breathing quickly. I looked over at San and quickly slaped his back. "Im on my way" i said hanging up.

I quickly hoped out of the bed and grabbing yogs pants and a jacket, but Hassan still was laying there sleep. "WAKE THE f*** UP" I shouted slaping the back of his head. He jumped up.

"What the hell Marie" he said rubbing his eyes. I didn't have time for this my friend was probably losing his life right now. "Babe, why are you crying" he asked getting up from the bed. I now realized i was crying.

"Tre–Trey is in the hospital, he was in an accident. We have to go" i said putting on my shoes as Hassan put on his sweats and last king hoodie, and Adidas.


We got to the hospital in less that ten minutes. The ride there was quite except for my sniffles and tears. I can't believe this would happen to him, not try.

As we walked through the door an overwhelming fear started taking over me, what is he's gone. "Umm what room is Tremaine Neverson in" San asked holding my hand. The nurse looked at him and flashed a smile. "204" she said and Hassan replied thanks before we walked away.

My tears was still visible as we walked out of the elevator. Hassan kept telling me to just calm down stop thinking the worse but I couldn't. My mind wouldn't let me.

We walked down a hall seeing everyone seated looking upset and sad. "Hey guys" I said as I stopped they all said hey. San did the same to them. I walked over to Taquilla who was standing in the corner rocking slightly. "Are you okay" I asked grabbing her hand. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and broke down. "He can't be gone Rie. He just can't. He just got signed to a record label. It's not his time" she cried as I held her. Everything she was saying was right. It wasn't his time.

My thoughts was shattered by a doctor walking up to us.



Chris need to get whatever is coming for him!! OMG what's going on?!?! Somebody got the HIV virus!!! :O Tram got a baby on the way oh snap!!! And Trigga pulled his trigga out and shot up in some hoe!!! And then he got in a wreck!!! OMG!!! I was know what's gonna happen next!! RUN IT GURL! RUN IT!

Yeah Tram prego xD
Oh god somebody got HIV O.O
Trey dead!!!!! :O
So many things going in right now run ir

1... who is HIV positive


I'm going to drown in tears now :(

What the snap, crackle, pop !!!???

Chris got something coming for that ass ! *mischievous grin*

O.o Who in the fudge stick got the bug!? Lawdy I'm not ready for this !!!

Tram gots a baby on the way!!! *does happy dance*

Not TreyBear !!!! *throws arms up* jesus please don't take him from us! I know he did wrong but he can learn and make it right!!!

Runn It Right Freaking Now Bre'Na !!!!

Run it

Damn Trey might be dead AND he cheated with a lil duck
Tram might be preggo
Somebody got a lethal combination(HIV) swimming in there damn body
Now Chris bout to get served
Smh when will they learn, when will these young couples learn xD

Chapter Twelve: Airing things out

No one's (Pov)

As Kimmie sat at the table at starbucks waiting for Kaila to so up she silently prayed to her self. Today will be the first day since their little altercation that the two have spoken.

Kimmie wasn't scared she was just nervous that Kaila actually agreed to meet her here. It was going on about 1:30 when the very pregnant Kaila walked and took the seat in front of Kimmie.

" here" Kaila spoke after she adjusted her self in her seat. Kaila didn't wanna be there at all, all she wanted was to be in her bed sleep. "Look I don't want you to think that I just took Chris or Maurice from you... I honestly did not know anything about you" Kimmie started and Kaila nodded her head for her to continue.

"I meet 'Chris' about seven months ago at a party...he told me he was single..and we got together. Now im here pregnant and telling his girlfriend for lord knows how long.. everything" Kimmie finished before taking a sip of her water. But Kaila was still silent taking everything in.

" on one condition.." She spoke calmly, kimmie nodded. "Help me get Chris back" Kaila said now smiling and so was Kimmie.

Getting him back wouldn't be so bad Kimmie thought as they shook hands.


He was sitting on the hospital bed waiting for the doctor to get back with his test results, today he went in just for a normal check up.

As the doctor walked in he noticed that He was shaking as if he was nervous. "Are you ok" the doctor asked placing the clip board down on the counter behind him, he nodded.

"Ok..your test results came back..your H.I.V positive" thoes words cut Him like a knife. Not only was he H.I.V positive he knew exactly where he got it from.


"C'mon" Tram yelled as Michael fliped through channels on the tv. All day the was just chilling in the living room watching movies, doing couple things.

"Alright" he said stoping on one of his fave movies The change up. Tram ignored her urge to reach for the remote and just relaxed in his arms. Today was an some what akward time for Tram seeing as how she's four days late on her period.

She still hasn't told Ty yet but hopefully he'll be happy.


"Trey baby..come back to bed" she said kissing down his neck. But Trey,moved. He can't belive what just happened. He cheated on the love of his life for the hoe of the night.

"Stop know this was a mistake" he said getting up from the bed and gathering his things and left. The ride from her house was quite only the voices in Trey's head telling him how wrong he was.

The thoughts flooded his head so quick he didn't notice he ran a red light. He went head on into traffic. His car flipped three times before landing in the middle of the street.

All you could see was glass and gas leaking from his car. Trey tried his best to escape the reck but it was no use. Trey was halfway out of the window when the car caught on fire and blew up.


Don't be mad at me!
Im working on lucky me now Boos!
I cried writing this!

oh snap my baby trigga trey got the deal!!! and im so glad alexa decided not to move, it probably would have been a big mistake if she did. and i wanna see whats gone happen with kalia and kimmie! it's going down!

YES YES YES YES.......I still think Kim is a hussy XD
Glad their staying
Happy trey got signed tremaineeeeeeeeee heyyyyyyyyyyyy
Run it

Woop woop moms and pops bouta move down
Trey got signed (proud of u boo)
deep breath K, u can do this!

Yayyyy !! Lexa staying. I am so happy for Trey!

Uhoh a sit down with kaila ... This will be interesting :/

Runn It Bre !!

Chapter Eleven: Moving mountains


"Oh hell naw" Tram said rising from my bed, and by the looks on their face they all felt the same. "Guys..c'mon..Laith and I wanna start a family and we wanna move...closer to my parents" I said looking at all of them.

I know they upset but they have to think we're all getting up there in age. " just gone leave us right" Kalia said looking at her stomach, then back at me. "It depends..if there a house where we wanna move..or if we can convince my mom and dad about moving out here" I said grabbing my laptop.

"Oh my god..idea..there's a house around the corner from me..its four bedroom..its better than this One bedroom yall living in" Tram said getting a big smile on her face.

Thats one down. "Ok what about my parents" I asked, and everyone got silent, I guess thinking. But I was still looking online at places for my parents to stay.

"Why..don't they stay in this house...nothings wrong with it and plus..they ain't got nobody else living with them..its just them" Marie said bitting the inside of her lip, abd honestly she's right. They really don't have much to move so it should be easy for them to get use to.

"Thank you guys" I said smiling widely. "Why" Kalia said sitting up. "Because you guys helped me get everything straight..i don't have to move" I said hugging them. I wanted to cry but I held it in, im just so happy now me and Laith can stay.


Im sitting in the offices at Island def jam, meeting up with some people today so we can finalize my deal. "Mr.Neverson..Mr.Carter is ready for you..right this way" the secretary said showing me to his office.

When I walked in Mr.Carter was sitting at his desk, he instructed me to have a seat. "So..Trey ive heard all your songs that you've recorded..and I must impressed" he said in a thick new york accent.

"Thanks Mr.Carter" I said running my hands over my face. " me Shawn" he said and I nodded. "So ill just need you to just sign right here" he said passing me a pen, and I signed it. "Welcome to Island def jam"


"Ok ma..yes..i know...i love you to..bye" my bestfriend/cousin Bre'Na said before she hug up her phone. "Your auntie annoying" she said laughing and so did I. Bre was the only girl I really talk to on a daily basis.

"Thats your mom..anyway me what am I gone do about my baby daddy" I said leaning on her shoulder. "Ok well you gota wait..prove its his, then tell his other baby mama that you had no idea about her" she said simply, and I nodded.

Mabye it is time to let Kalia know how it really happened.



Chris needs to get his balls tied
Go Trey!!! Well done sugar snaps!
Helloo... move outa state?
Say what?!

I know I haven't commented in a long time but damnnnnnn so much is going on! You got Kae packing her sh*t! You got Ty & Tram getting engaged! Trigga Trey getting a record deal! San and Rie getting it freaky! Laith & Lexa moving! And on top of that that chica Kimmie is preggo with Chris seedling! That sh*t crazee! Lol anyway please update soon ! I'm loving this! ;D I wonder what Kae is planning

All your questions gone get answered
Anymore runs

run it! :-)

Good thing she held her ground with chris.

Whoa ... Why out of state ???

Runnnnn it !:)

Chapter Ten: Can we get it together


I was sitting on my bed at my house with chris. And yes I said with Chris. Im only here to get the rest of my things, and leave.

I was just getting my necessary s***, nothing to big that I couldn't get it out. I grabed most of my clothes, all my pictures, and my baby stuff I already had gotten.

Right when I was about to leave Chris and Hassan came through the door. " so happy you back" Chris said hugging me, but I didn't even hug him back.

"Chris..let me go" I said holding back tears, not letting him no how much I really missed him. "I'll take thoes to your car Ka" San said taking my bags and leaving me and Chris to talk.

"Kalia..why you packing up bags" Chris said letting me go, and holding my face with his hands. It hurt me so bad to see him like this but I know this is nothing but a game to him he probly just mad cause he ain't got f***ing Kimmie.

" going to stay with my brother" I said holding my stomach, as a tear slid down my cheek. "So you just gone leave with my kids" Wait? Who the f*** told him I was pregnant with Kids. "Who told you" I said now looking at him.

"It don't matter Ka..what matters is that you leaving" he said looking at me his eyes glossy. "I can't do can come to they next doctor's appointment" I said walking out to my car. "By San" I said giving him a quick hug before getting in my Range and pulling off.


"Oh my god baby..are you serious" I asked Trey as we layed in his king size bed. "Yes..i got the record deal" he said smiling from ear to ear.

See Trey has been trying to get signed by a record label since he was Seventeen, he's been working hard ever since then. And now he's signed to Def jam's label Island records.

"Baby im so proud of you" I said kissing him all over his face, he smiled. I swear I love this man. "Bae..are we just gone lay in the bed all day" he asked putting his face on my neck. As much as I wanted to I know we couldn't.

"No..i got work in a" I said rising from the bed and walking to the bathroom. If I didn't need the money I damn show woulda quit just to stay with Trey.


After lastnight im not sure if I can go a day without seeing Hassan. Over the course of five years ive fallin in love with this man that means absolutely everything to me.

Ive never told him but every time im around him I feel like im falling for him again. Just thinking about him makes me smile.

Now im on my way to Alexa's house she said she needed help looking for something.

When I pulled up to Alexa's house I noticed that everyone was here, except for Quilla's she must be at work.

When I got out my truck I walked over to her porch to see Laith and Hassan talking. "Hey Laith" I said giving him a hug. "Hey San" I said pecking his lips. "When did this happen" Laith asked pointing at us, we both laughed.

"The other Night" I said as I walked in the house. When I walked in I heard everyone talking upstairs which ment they was in Lexa room.

"All my b****es love me" I said walking in the room doing my dougie, they all laughed. "Rie sit yo dumbass down" Tran said throwing a pillow at me, and I sat down.

"Sooo..whats up Lexa" I said laying in her bed. "Guys we wanna move..out of the state"



Awwww finally their together
Run it

The amount of drama in this one story
There should have been a caution label with it
I absolutely love this
Run it hunny!!!

Working on all of them now

Hehe !! He put that ass to bed ..

But he loves her !!! Awww !

Runn it bre :)

Chapter Nine: Are you the one?/Late night special!


"I think that..i really really like someone" I said laying back on San's bed, he layed back also. "What do you like about him" he asked staring at the ceiling. "Well..he's tall, light skin, big brown eyes, he's funny, has the most cutiest dimples in the world, and Blonde hair" I said now looking at him, and he had his mouth balled up.

"He sounds nice..he sounds like..Me" he said turning to look at me, with a smile on his face. "It is you" once those words left my mouth Hassan instantly attacked my lips. While we was kissing his tounge glided across my bottom lip asking for entry and I allowed. Are tounges massaged each others for about three minutes before I pulled away.

"Marie..i felt this way for so long" he said rubbing my cheek with his thumb, I smiled. "Me to" I said still smiling. It was always something about Hassan that always made me wonder could he be the one.

"Rie..let me to you..ive been waiting forever babe" he said in my ear, then he started kissing down my neck. "San..are you sure" I said looking at him, and he nodded. "Well at least lock your door" I said laughing, and he got up and did so.

When he came back he started removing my hoodie revealing my purple bra, and he started kissing down my neck, I let out a low moan.
He proceeded to take off my shorts and throwing them to the floor, he did the same thing with my thong.

After he took off my bra he instructed me to lay on my back, and I did so. I don't know why but it felt like this was my first time again, no one ever made me feel like this. Breaking me from my thoughts I felt Hassan's tounge enter me.

"Ahh..s***" I said as he added two fingers and started pumping in and out, I looked down and saw him smirking quickly before he continued.

He was going deep with his tounge massaging my walls as I rolled my hips againt his tounge. He added another finger and started pumping fast. "f*** bout to cum" I moaned out, and less than a minute later I came all over his fingers. And he licked everything up.


I can't believe im finally about to make love to Marie, the girl of my dreams. After she came I went to the dresser and pulled out a condom and removed my clothes.

After I put the condom on I saw Marie's eyes get big. "Damn" she said with a smirk on her face, and I laughed. "Ass up" I said slapping her thigh and she got into that position. I got behind her and entered slowly. "f***..Marie you tight as hell" I grunted as moved in and out of her.

Her moans and my grunts/moans are what filled the room, and boy did I love that sound.


"f*** bout to bust" I grunted as I rammed into Marie one more time before cuming.

"s***" she said wiping her forehead off. And I threw the condom away. "That was..amazing" she said laying on my chest as I got in bed. "Yeah..Marie..i love you..i always loved you" I said, but I didn't get a answer all I heard was soft snores.