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Im just posting the girls im pretty sure yall know the guys.


Everybody getting they freak on !! Mmm .. Nasties

Chris need to get his ass together like forreal. And control your girlfriend. She doing the most. Smh

Everybody having these deep conversations ...

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Karmas a b**** Chris but he better be therefor his babies.
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Chapter Eight: If yo girl only knew


"What the f*** Maurice" I yelled through my phones recever. He was over here telling me about how he had girlfriend, and me and him was a mistake.

"Look I already told you we wasn't official" he said with a slight chuckle. This nigga. "f*** know what..ok Chris or whatever the f*** you wanna be called..we done..but this f***ing child im carrying..yo f***ing gone take care of this f***ing child..or I bet yo d*** gone get cut the f*** off" I said hanging up the phone, and driving to my brothers' house.


When I pulled up he was sitting on his stairs. "Hey big brother" I said as I got out of the car, he instantly got a smile on his face. "What up Mimi..why you looking all..sad" he asked as I took a seat next to him. I didn't wanna tell him about Chris or whatever his name is because I know what my brother is capable of.

"Nothing..just sleepy" I said placing my head on his shoulder. "You a lie" he said laughing. I swear he could tell anything about me. "Laith Hakeem..i am not lien" I said more serious this time, and he nodded. Lets hope he believes that.


"Baby..wheres- oh hey Kim" I said stepping outside to find Kim and laith talking. I haven't seen her in quite a while. "Hey sis" she said rising up and kissing my cheek. "I hope you done cooking" Laith said as he walked in and Kimmie slaped him upside his head. Sibling love.


After everybody ate Kimmie said she'll be back over tomorrow so now it was just me and Laith laying on the couch, my feet was in his lap. "Bae..i wanna move" Laith said laying his head back on the couch.

When ever he's thinking hard he always say he's ready to move. "Whats wrong" I asked moving my feet from out of his lap, and sitting up.

"Its just..i was thinking..mabye we should get a bigger house..i mean we do wanna have kids..right" he said now looking at me. I couldn't help but have a smile on my face. He was actually thinking about kids. "Yeah you right..ill ask the girls to help me look" I said still smiling.
A family.


Damn I f***ed up. I don't have Ka or Kim. f***. I hope Ka come back home with my babies soon.


I was laying in my bed when I heard a knock at my door, I figured it was Chris. "Come in" I said still laying down looking at the ceiling.

"Hey San" a sweet soft voice said, and I knew exactly who it was. "Munchkin..who let you in" I said lifting up from the bed, when I saw I instantly smiled. She was wearing some black and grey booty shorts and a black last king hoodie. "f*** boy let me in" she said laughing.

I loved her laugh so much she didn't even realize. "So..whats up" I said patting my bed so she could sit down, and she did. "Im in..deep like with someone"


I can't believe im bout to tell him!


"Alright..ill meet you there" I said hanging up the phone. That b**** bout to pay.


I think ima just write to this and Lucky me
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OOOOOOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Everybody getting some loving tonight XD
Im so ready for kalias triplets!!!!
Yayyyyy im engaged
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Chapter Seven: Wedding bells


"What the f*** was that about" I said to Kalia as she sat back on the couch, Tram took a seat next to her. "That b**** lien..i know she f***ed Chris..with her lien ass..Chris said he f***ed a b**** named kimmie..thats that b**** name" she said starting to get hyped up again but Ty started calming her down..again.

This b**** is five going on six months pregnant and she wanna fight somebody. "Ok Ka listen you can't be fighting..with my god-babies inside you" Tram said rubbing Ka's stomach with her left hand. Wait?! "WHEN THE f*** DID YALL GET ENGAGED" I yelled pulling heFlr hand off of Ka's stomach, and this hoe started laughing. "Umm lastnight" she said smiling, and when I looked over at Ty he was smiling also.

"And im just now finding out" I asked looking at Ty, and for some reason he started laughing. I swear I knew something was different when I walked into this house. Tram all smiling and s***, Ty trying to be calm with us now. "So..are yall happy" Tram asked sitting on the couch next to me. "Oh course we happy for you and Chinese eyes" Kalia said slapping Ty's thigh. And we all laughed. "b**** you the same s*** he is" I said laughing. I swear I love them.


I was on my way to Trey's house when my phone started ringing *Your everything to me* Monica's voice boomed before I answered the phone. "Hello" I said stoping at the red light. "Hey baby" his deep voice said on the other end making me smile instantly.

"Hey Boo..what's up" I ask as I pulled off from the green light, and he started laughing. "Nothing just waiting on you to pull up" he said sounding sexy as ever. "Ok ill be there in ten" when I said that he repliyed ok before I hung up.

Me and Trey have been together ever since I was Fourteen and yes he is a little bit older than me five years to be exact. But I still love him nun the less. As I pulled up at his house I noticed him standing on the steps with his robe on.

"Whats with..this" I said as I stepped on to the porch, and pulling at his robe. He didn't answer he just picked me up and carryed me to his room. "Its..a..special day" he said trailing kisses down my neck. "Whats special" I asked holding back a moan. He didn't even answer he just proceeded to kiss and take off my clothes.


"So..what do you wanna eat tonight" I asked Mike as he sat at the island. He was sitting there thinking I swear he looked so cute im happy to call him my fiance.

"Umm I was thinking" he said getting up and walking towards me, and I nodded. "Mabye I..could eat..and you" he stoped before picking me up and placing me on the counter. "" he said smirking as he lifted up my t-shirt.

And ironicly I was only wearing that. Before I knew it his head was inbeded between my legs.


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Ctfuuu !! All due respect but Kaila better sit her dumbass down. Tf we look like two pregnant chicks fighting over a niggaa.

Smh, and I play second to no one so when I find out "Maurice "real name you can best believe I'm leaving his ass

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Chapter 6


"b**** you the b**** thats pregnat by my motherf***ing man" I said calm as I started to get up but Ty held me down. "I don't know who you talking about" Kimmie said sitting back on the couch.

"Chris b****..Chris mothaf***ing Brown" I said while Ty qas still holding me, and for sone reason that b**** started laughing. "My baby daddy name is Maurice brown..i dont know who you talking bout" sgw said grabbing her purse.

"Marie im bout to go..i dont think neither one of us wanna lise our children so ima leave" she said giving Marie a quick hug before leaving. Then Tram walked in "what the hell I missed" shw said sitting down.

"Marie ho ass bought the other b**** Chris got pregnat over here..that b**** lucky im pregnat or I woulda beat her ass" when I said that all of them started laughing. "b**** please" Tram said holding her stomach laughing.

That b**** Kimmie gone get it



Ohhhh No !!! Im the other girl ... Mmhmm !!! I gotta drop that niggaa . Smh I play second to no b**** .

But I hope she don't act all belligerent because her problem can't possibly be with me. I am not team homewrecker so I most definitely didnt know of her .

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Uh ohhhhhhhhhh it's about to be a what GIRL FIGHT!!!!!!!
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Chapter 5


"Aye man why the hell you and Marie acting all close and s*** all of a sudden" my twin brother Chris said as we played COD. For some reason him and Marie never liked each other.

"Umm because nigga I can..why the f*** you not hanging with kalia" I asked as I killed him and got the kill cam. See Chris and I was completly different, he was always playing hoes from left to right but me..i hate to admit it still a virgin.

"Man f*** her..she aint talking to me anyway cause I told her about Kimmie" he said throwing his stick beside him on the couch.

"Who the f*** is Kimmie" I asked pausing the game and looking at him with his hands on his face. See I told you this nigga got hoes left and right.

"Kimmie a girl I met about five months ago" he said rising from his seat and starting to pace around, what ever this nigga done did he must have really f***ed up.

"What you do" I asked leaning back with a smirk on my face.

"Kimmie..pregnat man..thats why Kalia not talking to me...and why the hell you didnt tell me she left with Tramica and them ghetto ass broads" he said stoping and looking at me, and I busted out laughing.

"Nigga you the one that was gone all night and didn't know she left so thats your fault" I said getting up from the couch.

"This nigga" I said loud enough for Chris to hear as I walked up the stairs, he got him self in this s*** he gota get out of it.


"Trust me they gone love you" I said to Kimmie as we walked up to Tram's porch. I figured since Kaila was laying up her looking all sad over chris she needs to make new friends hints Kimmie.

"Ok" she said uneased as I knocked on the door. About a minute later Tram came to the door with a big ass smile on her face.

"Hey Rie..Hi" she said sticking her hand out to shake Kimmie's.

"Hey" Kimmie said shaking it before we walked into the house. When we walked in all we saw was Kalia repeatedly slapping Ty upside the head.

I swear them two was always going at it even when she wasn't pregnat I always thought it was cute. "Umm hello guys" I said taking a seat on the couch and Kim followed.

"Hey b****..who you" Kalia said to then to Kim. It always killed me how she would just jump on people.

"Kimmie im a friend of Marie's" she said with,a slight smile.

"Wait a minute..whats your name again" Kaila said with anger in,her voice.

DAMN! What the f*** Kimmie do!

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Chapter 4: part 2


"Hey Hassan" I said opening the door <a href=""> he </a>>em< looked so good with his glasses. "Hey..Marie you look good" he said reffuring to my <a href=""> dress </a>>em< which made me blush slightly.

"Just let me grab my purse and we can go" I said before quickly grabbing my purse off of my table and walked out of the house. "What car we taking" San asked as we stood in the driveway. "We can take yours..its the manly thing to do" I said smiling as I walked to the passenger side of his car waiting for him to unlock the doors. "Ok..but don't be touching my s*** when you get in my car" he said smiling and winking at me as he unlocked the doors and we got in.

Its been awhile since I been I his car the last time I was in it was not on good terms lets just say there's a reason I don't like Chris. "Whats wrong with you" San asked I guess noticing the look on my face. "Nothing just thinking" I said not really wanting to tell him the whole truth. "Really" he asked backing out of the driveway. For some reason he always know when im not telling the truth. "Yes really" I said rolling my eyes then turning to look out the window. Hassan said something under his breath as he continued to drive down the road I just breshed it off and stayed looking out the window.


After church Hassan was talking to some girl while I sat in the car waiting for him to hurry up. I had to admit I was getting jelous but I didn't want him to see that, I couldn't. But this nigga moving slow and I gota be to work at 3 oclock so.. I beeped his horn. "What" he said coming to the passenger side with a hint of an attitued. "Umm I have need to tell yo' friend you'll talk to her later" I said holding back an annoyed tone. "Man alright" he said smacking his lips before he went and told her.


"Ima call you later Munchkin" he said he pulled up at my house. "Alright" I,said kissing his cheek and getting out the car. Hassan didn't pull off until he that I was all the way in the house, he always does that. As soon as I got upstairs to my room I striped out of my dress and went straight to the shower. About fifteen minutes later I was done and I put on my nurse outfit and when I looked at the clock it was 2:30 "s***" I said to myself because I might be late. After that I grabed everything I needed I rushed to my car.

When I got to work one of my close friends Kimmie was sitting at the desk poping on gum. "Hey girl" she said as I sat my bags behind the desk where she was sitting, and signing in. "Hey..when did you get here" I asked now walking behibd the desk to take a seat next,to her. "b****..i been here all day..i gotta work a double" she said sounding mad as hell, I couldn't help but laugh. She was always the one asking about over time but never liked working it. "Why you ask about over time but don't like doing it" I asked leaning back in my chair. "Cause..b****..i need the money" she said laughing. " need the money" I said and she was about to say something but she ran and picked up the trash can and threw up.

"Kimmie are you ok" I asked pulling her hair away from her face. "Yeah..its just..morning sickness" she said grabing her water a swishing it around in her mouth and of course spitting it out in,the trash can. "Morning sickness..b**** you pregnat" I asked in shock alittle. "Yeah just found out like two days ago" she said sitting back down. Damn everybody getting knocked the f*** up.

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Part 2 by 3:00

Chapter 4:


The whole time Me and Marie was talking I couldn't help but smile, its something about her that keeps me smiling I mean I always thought of her a one of my closes friends but lately ive been felling like we could be more. "So..what you been up to" I asked leaning back in my chair. "Nothing know work been helping Kalia out alot" she said smiling slightly.

I meet her when I was seventeen and I swear I been in love ever since "Oh where you work at" I asked drinking some of my water. "I forgot I didn't tell you..ima nurse monday through friday" she said fake smiling and tucking some hair behind her ear. "Dang ain't what you said you wasn't gone do" I said running my fingers over my blonde curls, and she nodded.

See about three years ago Marie had made a promise that she would never work at or near a hospital because of what happened to her mom. "I know but...i need the money and now that Kalia is pregnate with three little gine be spoiling them" she said laughing. Wait what.

"Three" I said I said rasing my eyebrow. "She didn't tell yall yet" she said reffuring to Me and Chris. And I nodded "well you know now" she said smiling again and licking her lips. Then all of a sudden Kalia came down the stairs.

"b**** you ain't got time to be caking up with this nigga when I need you" she said grabbing Marie's arm and pulling her from the chair. "I'll cone talk to you later San" she said as she was pulled up the steps and I sat there laughing


I was having a fun time just sitting there talking to Hassan Kalia ass had to mess it up "This b**** was down there Twin laughing, blushing and s***" she said once we reached her room. And everyone of them hoes was just smiling at me "I told you he liked you" Taquilla said pulling me on the bed, I hated the fact that she's right but hell im not gone lie im feeling him to.

"So what you gone do about Twin" Tram asked she said saying San's nick name. "Nothing...for now" I said simply and laying back on the bed, then I looked at Kalia's alarm clock and saw what time it was. "Damn..we been here all day" I said still looking at the clock and it said 8:50 we got here at 2:30.

"Yeah..Ka we bout to wanna come stay with me for alil bit" Tram asked as she got up from the bed. "Yeah..cause I can't really be here right now" she said walking to her big walk in closet. "Ok i'll be waiting in the car" I said grabbing my belongings and heading to my car.

When I got to the car I was just sitting there waiting for the rest of them, hopefully Kalia not bringing everything out here damn house. Right when I thought that Hassan came walking out the door with no shirt on "Aye I,thought we was gone talk before you left" he said bitting his lip slightly which made me laugh. "My bad San I didn't know it was getting this late" I said honestly feeling bad. "Cool.. Ima see you tomorrow..right?" he asked leaning on my car. " going to church right" I asked laughing cause I shoulds known his answer anyway. "If you go i'll go" he said sticking his pinky out for me to pinky promies, and I did.

"Al'right munchkin i'll see you tomorrow" he said kissing my forehead before walking back to the house. After he walked in everyone else walked out "Ok C'mon im ready to go" I said as they got in and made sure Kalia was safely in the car, then we left.


After I got home all I could think about was Hassan and akwardly enough I think he really does like me to. I had just got out the shower and now I was standing in front of my full body mirror looking at myself, I don't think im ugly but honestly if Hassan and Paul really do like me I can only think of a couple of reasons why.
1: I have huge hips, thighs,etc.
2: Im multi racial
And 3: I don't need a man to buy me things.
Hopefully none of these reasons are the reasons they like me hopefully they like me


This morning I was getting for church and Hassan told me that he'll meet ne at my house. I had to admit even though im twenty years old im proud of my home eventually im gone have a big family but now im cool staying by my self. As I put on<a href="">my</a>>em< black dress, by the time I was done Hassan rung my door bell.

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