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FATAL ATTRACTION: A song I don't think made Chris's new album but it should have! Check it out!

Heres the link to the video where Chris and Brian Cox along with other producers were working on a song for chris called "Fatal Atttraction". Now the voice you hear on the song ISN'T CHRIS it's one of the producers. It was a sample to show Chris and then I'm guessing Chris was going to record it over! The video is 15 minutes long so just skip over it until you see Chris in the studio!

Just scroll down till you see the video!


YO i hope that SONG is NOT 4 da situation CHRIS BROWN had with CIARA !!! WISHIN CB is OVER it !!!

yo Chris is such a freakin cutie =]=]
and the song sounds real hot

That's a real hot song, even with the producer's voice. I really like it. And thnxs for posting this video.