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Favorite chris brown video

All videos are my favorite to be honest cuz there all creative,fun and able to dance to and listen too. whats yours??? Please comment #TEAMBREEZY


umm...mine would have to be Sweet Love, because it's sexy and he just kind of oozes sex appeal.

Beautiful People, it's just so fun and relaxed and it doesn't he spent lots of money to put that together. It actually looked like he just pulled out his Iphone and recorded then dancing and riding around the city. It's a fun kick back video, and the song is also great. Makes fans and people in general feel good about themselves.

i would have to say my fave chris brown video would have to be don't wake up that doesnt mean that i dont like any of his other videos i just like that one the best at this time

I loved the yo video.. It had a greart vibe to it.. All the videos he has made in the past yrs are great.. just wish he would make the video to his song 2012....