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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


This stort is bomb! Its unlike any other. I like. Keep running!

i honestly didn't notice , i read too fast

Typo correction in my add:

<strong>Error:</strong> I would never choose you over him.

<strong>Correction:</strong> I would never choose him over you.

It changes the conversation n effect drastically. Can't believe I made that mistake smh.

she was being heartless tho . she could've just stated that he didn't ask her so she didn't know it went that far . let's just hope no one at school finds out the truth .


“I still can’t believe you made me come in even after you said I didn’t have to.” I rolled my eyes as I looked around the empty store.

My mother was counting the money from the register, “I still can’t believe how you <em>overslept</em>! You never do that, you’re usually responsible Giovanni.”

“Ma, chill aiight. I told you that Sofia and I went out and had some drinks. I didn’t expect to oversleep either. But being that I am usually responsible, you should’ve let me slide this one time.” I huffed as I folded some of the jeans that our customers had messed up.

She cut her eyes at me, “Don’t you start that with me Giovanni Ann Monroe!”

All I did was sigh and shake my head. Did she really have to say my whole name though? I checked my watch and realized that it was time to close. Right when I walked to the door to change the sign, I saw Brandon walking up. It was too late for me to run to the back and pretend like I had never been there. He had already spotted me and in my hurry I parked my car right in front instead of it’s usual spot around the corner.

“Mom, I’ll be right back.” I told her as I stepped out to meet him on the sidewalk.

He smiled wide and pulled me into a hug, “What’s up sweetheart.”

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked, forcing a smile.

He furrowed his brow, “What, I can’t surprise my girl at work?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, you said yo girl. Flag on the play.” I shook my head while looking down. Being his girl was the furthest thing I was from.

Now he really looked confused, “What?”

“I never clicked yes on those Terms of Agreement.” I stated.

He chuckled awkwardly, “Yo, you trippin.”

“I’m not though, that’s the thing.” I looked him dead in his eye.

He shrugged, “So what you saying though?”

“I’m saying that you need to chill out. We just be coolin it.” Everything I was saying was coming out wrong. I sounded so heartless and like I didn’t care. But I did care, I cared a lot. Maybe that’s why I was being so cold.

He scoffed, “You sound like a straight nigga yo. Shorty be wild.”

“Whatever man, I’m chill.” I looked aff down the street.

He gently grabbed my chin to make me look at him, “So you tellin me what I think you telling me?”

“What you thinking?” I asked.

He let me go and sighed, “That you not tryna be down for the cause with me.”

“I really like you Brandon. I just….” I trailed off unable to find the right words to say.

He studied my face, “It’s somebody else?”

How could he possibly know that? I didn’t give off any signs did I? I remained silent.

“Is it that nigga MJ? You telling me I beat his ass and you begged for me to come back just so you can be with <em>that</em> marshmallow ass nigga?” he stressed.

I got a little upset, “No! It’s not MJ. I would never choose you over him. I just don’t wanna be with you. I want us to be friends.”

“Friends?” he scoffed. “Wow.”

“Brandon d--”

He cut me off, “Save it Giovanni. We’ll be friends if that’s what you want. See you around buddy.” The look he gave me was piercing. He then turned around shaking his head as he got into his car.

I stood there as he sped off. I collected myself and then walked back into the shop. My mom wasn’t at the register anymore so I figured she was in back. “Can I go now?” I asked.

“Yeah sure. See you tomorrow, and on time.” She looked up from her computer.

I sighed, “Okay mom. Love you!”

“Love you too baby.” I heard her say as I walked out.

I dialed Michael’s number, not even sure of what to say.

“What’s up beautiful?” he answered after the third ring.

I couldn’t help my smile as I got into my car, “Have you eaten yet?”

“Earlier, why?” he asked.

I started my car, “Think I’ll take you up on that dinner.”

“Aiight, want me to pick you up?”

I shook my head, “No, I’m on my way. Give me 20 minutes.”

“Okay, I’ll be ready.” He responded.

I hung up and put my car in drive as I sped off, headed to Mr. Stevenson’s.

Chris put that cd on so he could get her in the mood...I'm happy she broke things off with Trey and she did it in a nice way

Writing my add as soon as I finish doing my hair!

bout damn time !! i knew it was based off sex anyways . but senor brown , mm mm mm . teacher or not , he's a freak (;


"SoSo you rarely wear you hair down or wear baggy ass clothes. What you hidin some hickeys?"

"Uhhh, no" I chewed on my bottom lip while focusing on the road.

"You fcked Mr. Brown didn't you?" she smirked.

A smile ran across my face. "And you fcked Mr. Stevenson."

"Why not yell my business out the car, why don't you?!"

"Man you ain't got no damn problems in your business! How the fck am I supposed to dodge Trey's ass! He want me to come over. Think of something to make me not be able to go, please."

"Hm,lemme think! Uh, btch my mind is busy, please wait on hold while I try to figure MY SHT out!"

I smacked my lips. "And what problems you got?"

"I'm late for work! Shad just gon' let you off the hook like always! My momma is not!"

"Man FCK Shad! I'm quittin that job. Can't deal with his ass no more. I already got an interview at the Chicago's best fashion magazine on Michigan tomorrow. So that's handled. Now all I gotta do is break up with Trey."

"Easy. Trey, we're over. BOOM!" Giovanni laughed. "For real, um...just tell him that you like being friends better."

"Thanks." I sighed.

We went on talking about our morning and made it back to our apartment and hurried upstairs. I called Trey back as soon as i got to my room. I hated to have to tell him over the phone and not in person, but these hickeys was not going away and I knew I'd be seeing Mr. Brown again tonight.

"YUUUP!" Trey answered.

"Hey," I giggled.

"What's up baby?"

"Um...I need to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"Okay, first off the only reason why i'm about to tell you over the phone is because I'm gonna be really busy this weekend. And it can't wait until Monday." I inhaled and then exhaled. "I think that we should stay friends..."


"Because Trey!" I slapped my thighs and paced back and forth. "I just...think that this relationship is based off of sex! We were f*** buddies, and...for a minute I thought we could take it a level higher, but I was wrong."

Trey scoffed. "'s like that?"

"It's how I feel. I'm sorry. You're a great guy and you treat me so good, but I don't think that this can be a serious relationship for us. It's based on sex. it's all we've ever done is have sex. We were f*** buddies, Trey."

"True. But I really like you, Sofia. I don't want us to end. We just got together! It's only been a week. Give it some time. Maybe we can work."

" be honest, I know that you love attention. I know that I was the only one that you were messing with and you were the only one that I was messing with. I know that you always want to hang and be around your partner, but I'm gonna be sooo busy with my work and school that I'll only have the time to say hello and goodbye, which is not what I want. I want to give you my all and I can't give you that, right now."

"You can try, Sofia."

"No, I can't Trey. Us as friends is the best choice."

"Fine... See you around."

"See you," I whispered and hung up.

Giovanni came knocking on my door. "LETS GO!"

"I'm not going to work!"

"iight then!"

I sat on the edge of my bed and lay down. I got a text from Mr. Brown: [ did you go to work still? ]

I smiled and sent one back [ no im at my dorm alone ]

[ can i come over ]

[ ]

[ um why not ]

[ bit thirsty much? ]

[ you wasnt sayin that when i was diving in ]

[ omg shut up! fine come pick me up tho i dont want trey poppin up on me ]

[ iight be there in 10 ]

[ k ]

I went to take a quick shower and then got some clothes ready. I still kept my hair down with a hoody on and some basketball shorts. Then I headed downstairs to wait in the lobby. Chris pulled up in his car and I walked out. He got out of his car and gave me a hug and a kiss.

"What the fck tho?" I smiled and walked around the hood with him on my heels.

"And still yo ass actin' like that punishment wasn't sht. Keep actin' up, baby doll."

I half-smiled as he opened the passenger door for me. "You a beast but you could never tame this muthafckn monsta," I patted over my shorts where my kitty was and got in the car.

Chris laughed and hurried around to the driver side. He hopped in and sped off. "Naughty ass."

"Nigga drive with yo freaky ass."

"I thought I could take us out to breakfast or something."

"What are we a couple now? Fck am I nigga hoppin? Just broke up with Trey and now i'm with yo ass."

"Good. You ain't want him no way, and stop denyin me," he licked his lips and focused on the road as he tried to put his seat belt on. "put that red disc in out of my glove compartment.

I did as I was told and then put my seatbelt on. Some old school music by Tyrese came on. "Aw hell nawl! Nigga you got the jams on deck!" I danced in my seat. "This what i'm talm bout."

Chris smiled and sung along. I didn't know what it was, but I felt right. Not even wrong that I dumped Trey like this. I didn't know if we could keep this new relationship on the low, but hell I was gonna try.

they better continue that shxt with chris and michael ! trey and brandon ain't shxt ! they need aome real men , like michael & chris . i think she just needs to break up with trey & keep it moving . its not like it could hurt him since they haven't been together long . run it . i wanna see what happens .

I can't wait to find out what all that was about

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

When I got off the phone with Chris, I stepped back into the room from the balcony. I looked at the chaos in my room, trying to piece together what happened last night. As I walked over to the bed, I hit my hip on the bed post. It was sore so I looked down and saw that there was a bruised bite mark there, also a couple hickies a little lower. I smirked and then looked at Giovanni in the bed. She was laying on her stomach with her head in the pillows and her blonde hair everywhere.

“Mmmmm…” she groaned as she shifted in the bed. She turned on her back revealing her beautiful naked body.

I definitely don’t remember seeing <em>that</em> last night. But I damn sure am glad that I’m seeing it now. I moved a little closer as she fluttered her eyes open.

“Good Morning beautiful.” I smiled while moving some hair out of her face.

She smiled and then opened her eyes completely. Then she popped up grabbing the sheet to cover her, “Oh sh*t! What time is it?” she hopped out of bed throwing our clothes even more out of place. I’m guessing trying to find her phone.

I found it laying on the floor right by my feet. I picked it up, “Your mom is calling.”

“Fck!” she grabbed the phone and ran into the bathroom.

I laughed and sat on the edge of the bed. I heard her trying to explain to her mom why she was late to work. Soon the talking ended and the shower started. I chuckled and got up, attempting to make the room more presentable.

Then the bathroom door opened and I turned around to see her flawless body in the door frame. “Yes?” I smirked, folding my hands over my chest. I was hoping that my erection wasn’t as noticeable as it felt.

“Pretty big shower in there…” she trailed off, not taking her eyes off of me.

I chuckled, “I know; big enough for two people.”

“We’re…two people…” she slowly strutted over to me.

I gripped her hips and pulled her to me, “That we are.”

“Judging by the room, we’re kinda dirty.” She pecked and then bit my bottom lip.

I loved that sh*t, Nicole could never do it right. “Very…very…very dirty.” I repeatedly pecked her lips.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “I don’t have to go into work today.”

I smirked at her response, “What about your boyfriend.”

“I don’t have one of those.” She dropped my boxers and fondled my now full erection.

I picked her up and proceeded to take her into the hot and steamy bathroom, “Just what I need to hear.”

After about an hour of not showering, we decided to do just that. Only because we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but it just felt so right. We got out of the shower and I grabbed my towel, wrapping it around my waist.

“Let me go grab you a towel.” I said about to walk out of the room.

She grabbed my hand to stop me, “For what?” she unwrapped my towel, “We can just dry off in the covers.”

“Oh yeah?” I kissed her.

She nodded and pushed me back on the bed, “Most definitely…” she picked up a new condom off the floor and expertly applied it to my d*ck. “Just relax daddy, let mama do all the work.”

I smirked as she climbed on top of me and slid on to me, pushing me further inside of her. She felt so good and I would curse every girl who I ever fckd with that claimed they pussy game was on point. Compared to her, they were bullsh*t.

Several rounds later, we laid in bed wrapped in each other’s arms. Not caring about anything but each other. This was how it was supposed to me, but why did she have to be my student.

“So what now?” she asked, breaking the silence.

I kissed the back of her hand, “What do you mean?”

She positioned her chin on my chest and looked up at me, tracing my tattoos with a smile, “You know, what happens next?”

“I don’t know. What do you want to happen next?” I asked, wanting to hear what she had to say before I made any decisions for the both of us.

She kissed my chest where my heart was, “I think we should continue this.”

“Continue?” I had wanted her to say exactly that. However, I knew the consequences and wasn’t sure if the actions outweighed them.

She nodded, “Yeah, I think we should give it a chance. See where things go. But that’s what I think, what about you?”

“I’d like that very much; I’m just thinking on how we’d make it through the quarter without anybody finding out. I’d lose my job and I’d never be able to work as a teacher, not anywhere credible at least. Not to mention what it’d do to you.” I thought out loud.

Her face fell, “I guess I didn’t really think about it like that.”

“Listen,” I sat up making her do so as well, “I’m willing to give this a chance just as much as you are. I just don’t want things to go badly because of it. If we can finish out this quarter smoothly, I’ll look for work elsewhere. Maybe DePaul or Columbia.”

She smiled brightly, “You’d do that…for me?”

“Yeah, because even though I haven’t known you for long it’s just something about you. Something that makes me want to believe that we can work.” I spoke truthfully while looking her dead in her beautiful green eyes.

She took me by surprise with a very passionate kiss. I laid her down, not daring to break it until we absolutely needed air.

“I’m so hungry.” She blurted out.

I laughed because I was too, “Wanna go out for dinner?”

“I was thinking about ordering in.” she smirked and attacked my lips again.

I broke the kiss and got out of the bed, “Let me go get the menus.” I tossed her phone to her off the floor because I noticed that it was ringing, “It’s probably Sofia.” I stated as I walked out of the room.

I went into the kitchen and looked into my drawers for the take out menus I knew I had. I had them for the times I didn’t feel like cooking, cuz Lord knows Nicole wasn’t gonna do it. I found them in the drawer under the microwave and walked back into my room. I walked in only to find Gi getting dressed in a hurry. She had on her outfit from last night and was grabbing her clutch.

“Okay, I’ll be right out bye.” She hung up and turned around to see me at the door.

I looked at her confused, “Where you going? I thought we were gonna order something to eat.”

“I really wish I could, but I have to go. Sofia is downstairs, I have to go. I had <em>soooo</em> much fun. But I really need to go.” She spoke in a hurry as she walked past me.

I followed her with my eyes, “Okay, um I guess I’ll see you soon?”

“Uhhh yeah, uhhh at school. I’ll see you then. Ummm, I <em>reeeeaallly</em> need to go.” She quickly pecked my lips and was out the door.

I watched her scurry down my porch steps and into the passenger side of the same Black Beamer they were in last night. Before she could close her door good, the car had sped off. I knew it had something to do with those boys who they’re always with at school. They were probably the same ones who were at their crib the other night when I saw them. All I could do was hope for the best and hope that she wouldn’t pull away after the night and day we just had. Shorty had me open. I had to call Chris.

I have a feeling Trey and Brandon well mainly Trey is going to find out about Sofia cheating on him :( but Sofia and Gi are too funny

s*** , if she won't say yes to chris i will ! she needs to dump trey , forreal . & why go see trey when she has hickies all over the place ? that would start some s*** . obviously it was good enough that he has scratches and she wasn't resisting . trey ain't nothin' but a name . chris is where it's at .

now to michael's point of view so i can she gio's reaction when she woke up . die hard ride or die for this story , so umm you gotta update for me (:

SoSo why you keep giving me LIFE like this?!?
Lmao add coming later tonight!

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

I woke up with a major headache,. I felt another body in the bed and looked over to see Sofia with her arm placed on my chest and leg a bit on my lower torso. "Sht," I closed my eyes and put my hand over them. My phone rang and I slipped out of bed to grab my phone out of my pant pocket that lay on the floor. I pulled some boxers on and hurried to the bathroom, closing the door behind me and put the phone to my ear. "Hello?"

"Yooo," Mike voice rung through the phone. "What the fck happened last night? I can't remember sht."

"Me either man. But I can just about guess from who's lying in my bed."

I stared at myself in the mirror to see hickey marks on my chest and neck. Then I turned around to find scratch marks on my back.

"Me too," Mike chuckled. "Mannn, well I'm cool with the sht. I just hope she don't wake up and be mad or sum sht."

"Mike we was all drunk. How she gon' be mad. They the ones who probably brought our asses home."

"Man...I don't know!"

"Well until you do, take a cold shower and drink some coffee. I think Sofia waking up."

"Yeah, Gi is, too. iight man," he hung up.

I walked out of the bathroom and got back in the bed. I watched as Sofia turned onto her back and opened her eyes. I set my phone on the nightstand and moved Sofia's hair out of her face. "Good morning," I smiled.

"Good morning," she said softly. "What time is it?"

"It's 'give me a kiss' time." I grinned.

"Uh no," Sofia smiles as sits up. "I don't think so."

"Why not?"

"Becauseee," she scoots out of the bed and searches for her clothes. "I have to go," she finds her phone. "Sht!" she mumbles. "I'm late for work. Fck," she goes into the bathroom. I soon her the shower running and then her talking on the phone to who I assumed to be Trey.

"Ugh," I rolled my eyes and got out of bed. I walked into the bathroom and took my boxers back off.

"What time?" Sofia asked as she looked at the hickeys on her neck in the mirror. "Sure I can come over," she smiles "No, it's not a problem. Right after I get off of work I will be there. Mm hm," she glances at me through the mirror. "Yeah, baby. Of course. Shut up," she giggled. "Nuh uh..."

I stood behind her and placed a kiss on her shoulder, wrapping my arms around her waist. "Don't go," I whispered.

Sofia pinned her phone between her ear and shoulder while trying to unwrap my hands. "Okay. Bye," she hangs up and sets her phone on the counter, turning around to face me. "No," she puts her finger in my face.

I grabbed her wrists and stared into her eyes. "Yes."

"Nooo," she groaned backing up to the shower door.

I stepped up to her, making us stand chest to chest and toe to toe. "Yes," I smiled as I leaned in to kiss her, but she turned her face away. I continued on to her neck, anyway. "Don't deny it, Sofia."

"I'm not denying anything," she moaned as I sucked on her neck. "Chris, stop," she placed her hands on my chest to push me away, but I only picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my torso.

I stepped into the shower and pinned her against the wall as I entered her. She tried to back out of the kiss, but I only tongued her down and thrusted faster making her moan louder and louder. I pulled out before I came.

"I have to go to workkk," Sofia groaned as I carried her to the bed. "CHRISSS! Why aren't you listening to me!"

I grabbed a condom out of my dresser drawer and laid Sofia on her back. "You're whining but you're not resisting," I said before tearing the condom wrapper open.

Sofia smirked and tried to get away, but I grabbed her thighs and leaned forward. "Why you violatin' me," she giggled.

I smiled as I entered her, stroking at a slow pace. "Admit that you want me." She shook her head no and I continued to torture her with pleasure and pain until she admitted it.

"Ahhh Chris," she mumbled as I hit it from the back, face down ass up. "FCKKK!"

I wasn't stopping until she gave me a muthafcking answer. I wonder if this is how it went last night. No, I refused to believe it was like this. We were drunk last night, especially me. I was probably more aggressive. Probably went a couple of rounds, too. I didn't care if she was late for work. But I was pretty positive that she didn't feel like going in anyway. So I was doing a favor and saved Sofia a trip to see her lame ass boyfriend who probably couldn't even put it down on her as half as good as me.

hell , I would need something stronger than wine to be around y'all . but they got attracted , so they gotta deal . chris & sofia are cute tho . i wanna see where they go . i'm excited . she should be with chris , not trey . & brandon askin' too many questions . don't ask me where i'm at if you're not mine . i would hope if it came down to it & michael asked gio out , she'd say yes to that relationship . i think he could deal with her .

I just love this story!

I read this before I get my work done for school! smh..

but that kiss OMG!! it was intense.

I was weak when Chris said they were gonna need something

stronger than wine lol !!

but they are crazy.

Run this shxt!!!

lawd jesus what the fck we done
got ourselves intooooooooo lmao


It was quiet in the car, besides the radio. My phone vibrated and I saw I had a txt from Sofia, probably about how sexy Mr. Brown was. I opened it and she was saying that we should go to N9NE, that nice ass restaurant.

“What’s up?” Mr. Stevenson spoke his first words.

I cleared my throat, “Oh um, Sofia sent a suggestion of where we should go.”

“Where?” he asked turning down the music.

I finally looked over at him, “That restaurant called N9NE. You heard of it?”

“Yeah, I took my ex there once.” He stared straight ahead.

I rolled my eyes and looked out the window, “Mmph.”

He chuckled, “What?”

“I don’t wanna go nowhere with you where you’ve taken other b*tches!” I joked, but he probably thought I was being serious.

He glanced at me, “Other b*tches? You forreal?”

I laughed hard, “Man hell naw! I’m not worried bout no other b*tches if you not.”

“I’m not.” He smiled at me as he stopped at a red light.

I smirked and turned to him, “Good, I’m better than them anyway.”

“Is that right?” he smiled while staring at me lustily.

I licked my lips, “You’ll just have to find out.”

“Find out huh?” he asked as he chuckled.

I looked away from him, “Green light.”

“What??” he asked still looking at me.

I laughed as a car honked, “It’s a green light fool! GO!”

“Aw damn.” He shook his head at himself as he pulled off swiftly.

I laughed too hard at him, throwing my head back in the seat.

He glanced at me and smiled, “Oh so that’s funny huh?”

“Most definitely.” I stopped laughing and smiled at him.

He stopped at another red light, “You have the most amazing smile, but I’m pretty sure you get that a lot.”

“I do…” I started, “But not from guys like you.” I finished.

He looked at me confused, “What do you mean guys like me? What kind of guy am I?”

“Just my type.” I bit my bottom lip as I leaned over and slid my left hand on his thigh.

He swallowed hard, “Oh…oh yeah?”

“Mmmhmm.” I whispered in his ear and then flicked his ear lobe with the tip of my tongue, “Green light.”

A little later, we had pulled up to the restaurant. I hadn’t said anything to him since and neither did he. He looked like he was a little nervous after I did what I did. I was only having fun, but maybe I shouldn’t play with him like that.

“Something wrong Professor?” I smirked.

He exhaled, “Yeah…”

“Oh?” I looked confused waiting on him to finish.

He looked at me and smirked, “My name is Michael. I’d much rather hear you call me that than Professor.”

I smiled back, “Okay…Michael.”

We got out and handed the keys to the valet, only to see Professor Brown and Sofia tonguing each other down. I could not believe my eyes. Not because he was our teacher, but because they kissed before we had a chance to. Fast asses!

When they stopped kissing, I just had to say something. “B*TCHHH! WHT THE <strong>FCK</strong> WAS THAT SH*T!? OOOH B*TCH! OOOH! MM!”

She didn’t say anything, I guess because she was still stunned. I just shook my head and locked arms with Michael as we walked into the restaurant with those two following.

They were moving slow, so we had to wait for them before heading to our table. Sofia hung her head as she walked over to me. She and I walked behind the guys as I nudged her.

“Giiiirl, that kiss was <em>everything</em>!” I excitedly whispered.

She smirked then it faded, “I’m a fckn cheater.”

I stifled my giggles, “B*tch you better get over it. I’d take Mr. Brown over Trey gay ass any day.”

“Trey is not gay!” she laughed. “And his name is Chris.”

I looked at her approvingly, “Well, his name is Michael.”

We laughed with each other as we reached the table.

“Your table. Your waiter shall be with you shortly.” The hostess stated and then walked away.

Both Michael and Chris pulled our chairs out for us to sit down. We did and they sat down across from us. This was going to be a very interesting dinner. My biggest concern was what we would do after dinner. All I knew was that I wanted to get some drinks in me.


Michael and Chris ordered some white wine that was exquisite. At least that’s what Mr. Stevenson’s ass said with his English teachin ass. All of a sudden, my phone rang at the table. Thinking it was my mother, I excused myself to a space by the bathroom where I answered it.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Aw, so you just be answering yo phone without seeing who it is first?” Brandon spoke.

All of a sudden my whole body got hot with shame. I had forgotten all about what he said earlier about calling me. And here I was, out with some other nigga. My teacher at that; a teacher that Brandon wasn’t too fond of.

I decided to just play it cool, “Hey hun, I’m kind of busy. Mind if I call you back when I get in?”

“Get in? Where you at?” he retorted quizzically.
Already he was starting to ask the questions that were not to my liking. I have not been a big fan of relationships and all the baggage that they had to offer. Questions were part of the carryon luggage.

I got defensive immediately, “Ummm in my skin nigga.”

“Damn, like that?” he chuckled but I knew he was only trying not to argue.

He knew just like I did that we were not together. We were only two people that liked each other.

“I just don’t like when dudes ask me that question and we’re not together. Sorry if I snapped on you.” I said as I looked over at Michael smiling at me from our table.

He sighed, “It’s cool, I understand. But just hit me when you get in. if it’s not too late, maybe I could swing by?”

“Maybe, we’ll see. Talk to you later love.” I hung up before he could respond and made my way over to the table just in time for the food. That’s when the real conversation started.

“Sooooo that kiss though…” I said while putting lemon on my lobster tail and cutting into my tender filet mignon at the same time.

Chris almost choked on his lobster mashed potatoes while Sofia hit my arm, while Michael just laughed.

“Aw so muhfckas bold enough to do it all out in public, but can’t talk about it?” I joked and shook my head.

Chris downed his glass of wine and Sofia looked at me, “Don’t be actin all innocent, ain’t no telling what you did in the car.”

Mike cleared his throat and patted his chest with his fist as if his steak had went down wrong.

I laughed, “Y’all niggas need to grow up. But you right Soso, ain’t no telling.” I winked at her.

Her eyes got big, “Oh my God! I knew it!”

We both laughed while Chris and Michael sat there looking uncomfortable.

“But aye b*tch calm down, cuz ain’t nothing even happen like you think it did.” I calmed down and joked.

She chuckled, “So what happened.”

“We ain’t swallow each other’s tongues!” I joked as we laughed.

Chris shook his head, “We’re gonna need something stronger than wine.”

That comment made us laugh even more. Michael looked at him like he was crazy, “Nigga, calm yo sweatin ass down. Plus, if they’re like this sober do you know what’ll happen if they get drunk?”

“Oh, we’re a handful.” I commented.

Sofia nodded, “And a half.” We high-fived and dug into our food.

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obsessed with this story . i made an acct just to reply to it , lol . chris got balls to just kiss her like that . she never said her & trey were official , she just led it on to be that way . he'll only be her teacher for a senester or two so it wouldn't hurt anything . trey just wants the booty anyways . she knows she enjoyed every minute of that kiss . you don't fool me , sofia . i know .

MJ is just weird . who goes into someone's house & gets mad when they find someone else there ? if you didn't officially claim her , she's free to do as she pleases . but Gio knows she wants Mr. Stevenson anyways . tattooes on a guy is sexy . regardless of if he's a teacher or not .

Run It (: my new obsession .


Chris glanced at me as I gripped the wheel with my right hand and sat with a gangsta lean, my left arm hanging out the window. From a side glance I saw him lick his lips.

"Where are we going," he asked.

"I was thinking since we're dressed so <em>lovely</em>," I smiled. "That we go to N9NE Steakhouse."

"Never heard of it," he nods. "Sounds expensive."

"Not really. But I will have you know that it is one of the best, <em>and</em> the President Barack Obama has been there. So it's the sht. Never been there either, but I've always wanted to go so why not go tonight." I shrug.

"Cool." he nods.

"Can I be honest, though," I half-smile.

"Always," he looks over at me.

"You's one beautiful mafcka," I grin.

Chris blushes and smiles brightly. "Aw man, word?"

"ANDDD you got a million dollar smile," I laugh. "Oh lord, sweet baby jesus, mother mary of god if you ain't the most beautiful creature on the planet! My teacher is a fckn greek god."

"Thank you." he stares at me. "You're beautiful, too. Wayyy more than me, though."

I blush too hard. "...thanks."

"Can I be honest?"


"I was secretly hoping that we'd go out on a date tonight."

"Mm hm!" I smirked. "I knew it!" I giggled.

Chris grinned. "Aye man, you make me feel a kind of way. Especially after we bumped into each other at the mall."

"Yeah...well, here's another opportunity." I smile, staring straight ahead. "And don't let Gigi and her gangsta-throwin-up-gang-signs-from-cali-wanna-be-a-thug-stealin'-tupac's-swag-havin'-ass intimidate you! I'm sure she'll be all up in Mr. Stevenson's face melting like a mafcka!"

"And you," he laughs.

I shrugged as I pulled up in front of the restaurant. "ionno."

"You won't be all over me, are you gon be frontin'?" he grabbed my chin and turned my face to look me in the eyes. "Baby doll," he asked, licking his lips.

GAH DAMN! My hand was on the door handle, but I was numb. I was lost in paradise staring into his eyes. They were hypnotizing. The moment was so intense that Chris leaned in to give me a kiss, but our lips barely touched only grazing each other as the valet opened my door.

"Miss," the valet says.

Chris smiles and pecks me on the lips and then gets out. I glared at him, chills running through my body. I think I needed to change my panties fckng round with him.

I took what I thought was the valet's hand and stepped out only to run into Chris' arms. "What the-" I say before getting cut off by a deep kiss. The valet stood behind the open door, looking down as Chris moaned and I slightly let out a soft moan, too.

Nigga was too turnt up to be hanging with me. Ugh! Fck! THIS NIGGA! He was on no bulls*** tonight.

I opened my eyes to stare at Chris as he moved his back, licking his lips. "Damn," I mumbled, putting my hand over my mouth feeling my lips as they were just blessed by his perfect pink ones.

"I been wanting to do that since I saw yo ass earlier," he smiles.

I stared at him as I squinted my eyes and slowly lick my lips, keeping the tip of my tongue in the left corner of my mouth, shocked that he really just did that.

Giovanni cleared her throat. "BTCHHH! WHT THE <strong>FCK</strong> WAS THAT SHT!? OOOH BTCH! OOOH! MM!" she shook her head and walked in with Mr. Stevenson.

Chris observed my face, looking for a smile or some sign of satisfaction. Oh there was satisfaction, just not on the outside, right now.

I looked down and removed his arm from around my waist. I walked onto the sidewalk with him on my heels, but before we went in he gently grabbed my arm. I turned around to face him.


"I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable," Chris closed his eyes and inhaled hard, opening his eyes back up. "And I know...that you have a boyfriend. I'm so sorry, Sofia. Please forgive me."

I look up at him, place my hand on his face, and walk into the restaurant as the valets took our cars. I was speechless.

My mind was screaming "NOOO! SOSO WHERE THE FCK WAS YO GUARDS AT! PUT YO FCKN GUARDS BACK UP HOE! WE CANT HAVE THIS SHT YOU CHEATING ASS BTCH! Does teacher ring a got damn bell? No? Okay, well then you might as well gon' head and call trey, tell his ass goodbye! Cause you know what the fck happens now? You know this sht! It won't be fcking easy, SoSo! How could you? The shameeee," echoed in my head.

My body was saying "Gahhh damn! Daddy let's go back to the crib RIGHT NAH! Fck Trey! Chris needa put it down, right now-now!" I snickered, shaking my head as Chris walked behind me. I then felt guilty for not stopping him, but as if I could if I even tried, anyway.

Giovanni and Mr. Stevenson were waiting on us. I looked down as Giovanni looked to see me coming. I knew I was getting an ear full from her after tonight if the plan didn't go even off course than it was heading already.

*pumps fists in air*

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<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

After I got off the phone with Chris I turned back to my closet. I honestly didn’t know what I was gonna wear myself. I never had these types of problems. I considered myself to be a stylish nigga and for me not to know what to wear was some fckd up sh*t.

“Damn..” I muttered to myself as I started moving s*** in my closet.

I then started to think, what would Giovanni like me in? After the question registered, I chuckled to myself while shaking my head, “Get a fckn grip Mike!”

I finally settled on some black straight leg jeans, a white Polo crew neck shirt, and a gray Armani sweater with the three black toggles on the neck. I slipped into my Christian Louboutin loafers, put on my gold watch and chain, sprayed some Unforgiveable cologne on, grabbed my wallet and keys, and was out.

I was running a little late, but I was hoping that I’d make it there before Giovanni and Sofia did. I had a feeling that they would make an entrance that I most certainly did not want to miss.

When I got there, I was able to park a little down the street. I saw Chris getting off the bus and laughed as I turned my car off. I got out, “Yo, you took the bus nigga? All these parking spaces!”

He looked around and laughed, “I ain’t feel like driving. Plus I knew yo lazy ass was gon drive anyway!”

I was about to say something but a car quickly swooped in the parking space in front of me.

“Yo that car fly.” Chris said, checking out the new 2012 Beamer that was black on black.

I nodded then hit his arm, “Yo, check the plates.”

“GI N SOFI.” He read outloud.

Just then, we heard the low humming of the bass subside and the engine cut off. The lights went out and the doors opened and almost simultaneously, they stepped out the car looking like visions of heaven.


I looked down at my leopard print push up bra, black mid-thigh band skirt, electric blue blazer, and leopard Jeffrey Campbell’s. I then looked back up at Sofia, “B*tch, I’m a stylist! I have to look good everywhere I go! Now come the hell on.”

She fell into laughter as she followed me out into the hallway and down to the car. “I don’t know why we didn’t take CTA.”

“Hell naw man. Not dressed like this, and by ourselves.” I said as I put on my baby pink YSL lipstick in the rearview mirror.

She shrugged, “Can we at least let the top down?”

“NO! I worked hard on these curls and I’ll be damned if I fck em up before anyone sees them!” I ranted as I found our Turn Up playlist on the shared iPod we kept in the car for the radio.

She chuckled, “Someone like Mr. Stevenson?”

“Shut the fck up.” I cut my eyes at her and turned the music up.

I drove with one hand while I used the other to beef it up with Sofia to Higher by G.O.O.D. Music off of Cruel Summer. I just loved how the beat banged in the whipperino and The Dream’s part.

“Nigga, there go a park right there!” Sofia pointed out at the last damn minute.

Me being the certified G that I am, I quickly swooped in perfectly. We both grabbed our clutches and applied more lipstick. I looked into my rearview and noticed two men standing on the sidewalk looking at the car.

“Yo, is that who I think it is?” I asked while still applying my lipstick.

Sofia rubbed her lips together, “Oh, it is!”

We both laughed and I turned the car off. “Ready?”

“B*tch, get yo butterflies having ass!” Sofia joked.

We laughed as we both got out. We both stepped onto the sidewalk and stood in front of both Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Brown.

“So, y’all just gonna stand there and stare or what?” I joked.

Sofia laughed, “Right, stuck on stupid nsh*t.”

We both laughed and moved past, because they had yet to say anything. It was just crazy because they were so thirsty to get us there.

“Wait!” Mr. Brown called after us.

We stopped and turned around and waited for him to continue.

“Yall look good as hell.” Mr. Stevenson blurted.

Sofia and I giggled as Mr. Brown hit his arm, “Aye nigga, that was hella inappropriate!”

“No its okay, only because it’s the truth.” I assured Mr. Brown.

Sofia locked her arm in mine, “Well, we’re about to go in. It already started. But you two should know that, since y’all invited us.” We started to walk towards the door to the art gallery again, but it was in vain.

“What’s the point in going if we’ve already missed some of it?” Mr. Brown asked.

Sofia and I turned back around, both displaying confused looks on our faces.

“Nigga, you were the one who invited us to this sh*t!” Sofia exclaimed.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh, “Man, well this outfit not bout to go to waste. I’m bout to go some damn where!” I pulled out my phone to see what was up with the parties or clubs tonight.

“We could all hang out somewhere.” Mr. Stevenson suggested.

“Ohhhh seeee….” Sofia and I spoke in unison.

Mr. Brown shrugged, “I say fck it, ditch.”

Me and Sofie looked at each other and both shrugged, “Fck it!”

I handed Sofia the keys to our car and she got in the driver’s seat and Mr. Brown hopped in the passenger seat as I hopped in Mr. Stevenson’s car. Mr. Stevenson pulled out and sped off with Sofia not far behind. What the hell are we doing right now?!

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