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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

I was walking out of Chris’s class when I saw Sofia and Giovanni coming down the hallway with Starbucks in their hand. I smiled, “Where’s my Starbucks?” I joked with them

They both giggled. “You can have mine.” Giovanni offered.

I smirked, “I was only kidding.”

“Oh, I know.” She retorted as she stopped right in front of me.

“I’m gonna go to class.” Sofia notified her.

She nodded and turned her attention me, “So, what are you doing on my side of school?”

“Your side?” I chuckled, she was cute. “I didn’t realize that you had a side.”

“Well now that you do, maybe you could take the necessary precautions next time.” She giggled.

I laughed, “Is that right?”

She nodded, “Oh, I ran into your girlfriend yesterday. Nicole?”

Hearing Nicole’s name brought me back to reality. I then looked up to see Chris standing in his doorway. I put my finger up to let him know that I would be done with her in a minute. He nodded and ducked back into his classroom. “Oh yeah, were you see her at?” I was curious.

“She was my waitress at Gino’s. She said that you talk about me.” She revealed and then smirked.

I nodded, “She told you that huh?” I didn’t know how to feel about that.

“Yeah, and I have to say that I’m flattered. Unless you make it a habit to talk about all your students.” She laughed.

I smiled, “Well, that’s something that you’ll never know. But just so you know, Nicole isn’t my girlfriend anymore.” I had no idea why I just told her that.

“Well I’m sorry to hear that. I should get going to class, don’t wanna miss too much. But um, I’ll see you in English.” She smiled and then turned to walk away.

“Okay Ms. Monroe.” I stated and I watched her walk. I snapped out of it after I noticed I was staring at her ass.

I glanced at my watch and noticed I was hella late for my class, “Fck!”

I hurried down the hall to my class where I barely focused. I was thinking about Giovanni so much that I ended up cutting class short. What is it about her?

I swear I love this story lol

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

I stood in my classroom at the podium leaning forward on and sketching in my drawing pad. It was 5 minutes before class when Sofia and Giovanni walks in.

"Sht," Giovanni stops right after she walks in. "We forgot to stop at Starbucks."

"Ugh," Sofia sighed, throwing her head back. "Well, let's go get it really quick before class starts. I'm thirsty too and Lord knows I need some coffee."

"Alright. Let's go." Giovanni stares at me. "We'll be right back."

I simply nodded and looked away as they walked out of class. I felt that tingling sensation through my body. This was irritating me. Last night when I was with my lady friend, we fcked, and all I could do was picture Sofia. I whispered her name, too, but my lady friend was so busy moaning and screaming my name she hadn't heard me. That made me smile.

"What yo ass smiling at," Mr. Stevenson walks in.

"Nothing," I stopped sketching and stood straight. "Just waiting on class to start."

"Me too. How was yesterday? I seen you called, Monday, but...I got caught up with some s***." he rubbed the back of his head.

"Yeah, I was just calling to talk about this lil situation I got going on, probably wouldn't understand."

"Yeah, yeah, me too. Anyways, good luck today. I know these kids I got in a few minute be tryna sleep in my class." he snickered. "I hit the lights on that ass and give em homework. Think i'm playin cause i'm cool and look good. Niggas please."

I laughed at this nigga. He was so crazy, but too cool. "Aye, i'm thinking about getting some new tats. You down to go?"

"Fa sho. Always down to get a tat. Just tell me when and I'll be there."

"Tonight. I got a lady friend who coming with me tho."

"That's cool," Mr. Stevenson shrugged. "But look, I'll holla at you later." he dapped me up as students started walking into my class.

"iight. See you then." I nodded as he walked out. A few seconds later Sofia walked in but I didn't see Giovanni. "Where's Ms. Monroe?" I walked over to my desk.

Sofia sipped on her Caramel Frappe and sat down. She put her drink down and smiled. "Talking to Mr. Stevenson."

I sat on the edge of my desk and bit down on my bottom lip so i wouldn't smile at this child. Who am I kidding she wasn't that much younger than me, but she was still my student. I needed to act professional and after yesterday, I needed to keep cool and calm. Stay collective as if i never saw her or it ever happened. I looked towards the door. It was 7:58. I walked to the door to see if any more students were coming before I closed the door because I was getting ready to put on presentation for the next project when I saw Giovanni giggling and talking to Mr. Stevenson. He put his hand up and I nodded knowing he wouldn't be long. I closed the door and waited a few more minutes. This nigga had class and he was talking to her. I shook my head and smiled as i pulled down the screen.

"You're happy this morning," Sofia says.

"I am. Should be happy every morning." I turned around and put my hands in my pocket. "Another day, another blessing."

"Yes," she nodded and glanced at me with a smile on her face. "So would you be mad if we started on the next project?"

"No, but you should be because I made changes to it."

"Great," she smiled and shrugged. "Cause I didn't feel like doing it yesterday. Fell asleep."

"Good," I stared at her. "Cause it would've been wrong." She smirked and I looked down with a quick smile on my face.

Then I turned my head towards the door to see another student besides Giovanni coming in. The hell were these two talking about? It was 8 o'clock. I was gonna wait until 8:15, but i felt like letting class out early today. Oh well, Giovanni could count on Sofia for notes and started the class without her.

Soso where's that add girl! lol


I don’t know why Mr. Stevenson came in the store but I was glad. After our email session last night, I was hooked. I was absolutely turned on by him, but I knew nothing could happen between us. Strangely enough tho, I was totally into Brandon. He was beautiful just like his cousin Trey. He eyes sparkled, just like Trey’s did. Damn those eyes! Just as Mr. Stevenson walked out, Brandon walked in.

“Brandon?” I was pleasantly surprised.

He hugged me, “Hope you don’t mind, but I know that you’re getting off soon. Wanna hang out?”

I smiled because I could tell he was nervous, “Just you and me?”

“Yeah, just you and me.” He smirked.

“Cool, let me just go let my mom know and we can leave, okay?” I kissed his cheek and went to the back where my mom was.

“Hey mommy, is it okay if I leave a few minutes early? I’ve taken care of everyone and since you love me, I was hoping that maybe…..” I looked at her hopeful.

My mom rolled her eyes, “Girl leave!”

We laughed and I hugged her and kissed her cheek, “Thank you mommy, love you bye!”

I grabbed my purse and pranced from the back to the front where Brandon was waiting for me. Secretly I wished that it was Mr. Stevenson. I looped my arm in his, “Ready?”

“Yeah.” He smiled his flawless smile and I melted. And no it wasn’t because of the hot ass Chicago sun.

We ended up all the way down Michigan at Gino’s East. I love, love, love their deep dish pizza. When we got there, we were seated immediately upstairs. The walls were riddled with proclamations of love, friendships, and some funny doodles. Luckily, there was some clean space over by our booth.

“All of this is ridiculously amazing!” Brandon expressed. He wasn’t from out here, so this was really his first time experiencing Chicago restaurants and things. I was the same way when I moved to Chicago 6 years ago with my mother and older sister. It was a big change from California.

I giggled and pulled out my silver art pen, “Glad to be an art student!” I handed it to him, “Wanna do the honors?”

Brandon smiled and took the pen. He wrote Beautiful Giovanni & Fly Brandon Was Here! Just as he was done writing it, our waitress walked up. “Hi, welcome to Gino’s! My name is Nicole and I’ll be your waitress today. May I start you off with anything, drinks maybe?” she smiled.

We both ordered and coke and she was gone. We quickly decided on pepperoni and I started drawing little designs around what he wrote. I was so into drawing that I didn’t even notice that he had grabbed my free hand.

Nicole sat down their drinks, “Awww, you two are so cute! And I see you’ve blessed our wa---…I’m sorry, your name is Giovanni?”

I looked up at her and smiled, “Yeah.”

She bit her bottom lip nervously, “Monroe?”

“Ummmm…yeah.” I had no idea how she knew that. I looked over at Brandon and he looked just as confused as me.

She nodded, “I’m sorry. You’re my boyfriend’s student. He talks about you.” She put her hair behind her hair like something was bothering her then plastered on a big fake smile. “So what can I get you two?”

We ordered a pepperoni deep dish pizza and an appetizer of mozzarella sticks. We had an amazing time laughing and getting to know each other. He loved the pizza like I knew he would. After we were done, he paid the bill and we headed to me and Sofia’s apartment. One thing led to another and we were on my bed making out in nothing but our underwear. I was loving it, but all I could think about was Mr. Stevenson and how better looking I was than his girlfriend. Also the fact that she said he talks about me and it had only been one day of classes.

Right when I thought things were about to get nasty, Sofia bursted through my door. “Gi, you won’t believe--”

I threw him off me and went to the door to push her out. Grabbing his shirt off the floor, I put it on and closed the door behind me. “What is it?” I asked out of breath.

She cracked a smile, “Was that Brandon? Ooooh Gi, what would MBJ say? Better yet, what would Professor Steve---”

“Shhhhhh!” I backed her into her room and closed the door. “I’m glad you stopped me anyway, I was having a serious daydream that he was Stevenson anyway. I don’t what it is, but that man…mmmph!” I laughed.

She laughed as well, “He is a cutie, but not like Brown.”

“I think their equally sexy in their own way.” I stated.

She nodded, “No argument, but listen!” She sat down and I did too. “I went out with Trey today, to the art gallery. And I kinda said that he was my boyfriend.”

“B*TCH WHAT?!” I exclaimed. I couldn’t understand how she always went from one extreme to the next with guys. Her and Trey had always been cool, and I knew they both liked each other…but jumping into a relationship was, I don’t know.

“Yes, but listen. We were kissing in the gallery and Mr. Brown snuck up on us. I would’ve stopped to say something, but I was feeling some type of way because he was with some lil baby ratchet.” She rolled her eyes.

I laughed, knowing that her story wasn’t over. “Then what happened?”

“Well, Trey invited me over to his place to…you know…chill.”

I rolled my eyes, “You mean to fck but who’s judging.”

She laughed, “Yeah, and we did. It was amazing except for one little thing…” She paused and I stayed quiet to see where she was going with this. “I imagined that it was Mr. Brown the whole time.” She hid her face behind her hands.

My eyes ballooned, “OMG! You didn’t say his name did you?”

She shook her head, “No, I didn’t say a name at all. I just screamed my way through it.” We both laughed and then she looked at me curiously, “So, how was <em>your</em> day?”

I laughed and told her everything. How Mr. Stevenson paid me a visit, how Brandon showed up and took me to eat, and even how our waitress Nicole was Mr. Stevenson’s girlfriend. And I most certainly didn’t forget to mention how much better I looked.

“Damn girl, we both had hella eventful days!” she fell back on her bed and I followed suit.

“I have to tell him to leave.” I laughed and got up going across the hall. “Ummm, Brandon I loved our date and I probably would’ve loved it even more but I think it’ll be wise if maybe you got dressed and…”
“Leave?” he finished.

I nodded, “Sorry.”

“It’s cool, I understand.” He kissed me and I liked to melted right in his arms. “I’ll call you.”

I gave him his shirt, walked him to the door, and locked it. I put on some sweats and a t-shirt and went back to Sofia’s room.

Sorry girls,
Being a lil lazy right now

them two profs are fallin for their students so hard
they bout to hit their heads on the floor without noticing

Sofia need to be careful
she either gon fall for Trey or end up screamin mr brown's name instead


Today was a slow and boring day. Giovanni was at work and I couldn't work a shift today because the store manager fcked up my schedule so some other girl was already working. I figured I'd just walk around downtown and go to my normal art spot at the J.J. Thompson Center where there was an art gallery.

I threw on a beanie hat with my hair down, a black tshirt, black jogging pants, and black and gold sneaks. I grabbed my black and gold bookbag, threw my sketchbook in there just in case I wanted to swing by the lake. When I was ready to leave out, someone called my phone.

"Hello?" I answered as I walked out the front door.

"Sup tho?" Tremaine asked.

"Really tho?" I smiled as I waited on the elevator. "I'm uh, going out."

"With GiGi?"

"No. Alone. Whassup with you?"

"Maybe I can join you."

"I'm going to an art gallery. Sure you wanna go?"

"Wherever you are, I'll be there."

"Okay then. I'll send you the address."

"iight. I'll get ready to go now."

"Cool. Bye," I hung up with butterflies in my stomach. After last night, I just didn't know what I should do. The double date went pretty good. I thought about Trey the whole way and when I got to the gallery, he was already there. "Damn. What you take, the train?"

He nodded as I walked up to him and then leaned in to give me a kiss and a hug. "Do you usually come here?" He grabbed my hand and we walked in.

"Yea," I nodded.

As we walked around I got into my regular zone, which is being in deep thought; however with Trey I had to snap out of it sometimes and explain to him what I was thinking or what I thought of the artwork. He'd do the same. We were there for about 20 minutes when someone caught my eye. I looked away and saw Mr. Brown with some Vietnamese looking chick.

"Sofie," Trey called.

"Huh?" I looked back at him.

"Come on," he pulled me to the next painting.

Out of nowhere I hugged Trey and dug my head in chest. "My stomach hurts," I mumbled and look up at him.

"Hm?" he asked and then pecked me on the lips.

"My stomach hurts."

"You hungry?"

I nod a little. "Yeah, I guess."

"Okay. Let's go get something to eat from the food court. We'll be back."

"K," I sigh and then kiss Trey. He made it into a more passionate kiss and we stood there for a few seconds going at it until Mr. Brown walked by clearing his throat. Trey pulled back and looked Mr. Brown up and down. "Let's go," I pulled Trey towards the exit. When we got out Trey and I laughed so hard.

"Damn! What you gonna say in class tomorrow?" Tremaine wrapped his arm around my waist.

I smirked. "I ain't gonna say sht! You're my boyfriend and it's not against the law to kiss in public."

"Yeah it's not," he whipped me around to face him. "What time GiGi get off of work?"

I smiled and walked backwards. "Why?"

He grabbed my hands. "Because..." he bit his bottom lip.

"Can I just get something to eat real quick?" I pouted.

"Yeah. But it better they better not take all day making your food or i'm swooping yo ass up and taking you back to the crib."

"Nuh uh! We're going back to the art gallery," I grinned.

"Fck that!" Trey walked behind me with his hands on my waist. "I'm taking you home."

"...My place is closer."

"If we take the train, which is already in the building, then my place is closer. And you talking about walking? Plus I don't have a roommate baby."

"Right, right." I grinned. Even though me and Giovanni had seperate rooms, hell I'd figure i'll be screaming this ngga name and that'd be some annoying sht. We made it down to the food court. "Goddamn!" I walked away from Trey. "Damn your eyes!" I laughed.

"What?!" he followed after me.

"They're fcking hypnotizing!"

He laughed, too. "Whatever man. You love em though."

"Mm hm," I stood in line.

We calmed down laughing. Trey stood behind me with his arms back around my waist. As much as I wanted to think Trey was making me want him, I knew it was Mr. Brown who turned me on. I just hope that Trey would continue to distract me.

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

I had stayed up half the night emailing Giovanni back and forth. It was mostly about computer class. She was thinking about dropping and taking it another quarter, but I was trying to convince her to keep it. I admired how she didn’t want to ruin her GPA, but I assured her that failing was not an option in my class. I woke up smiling, something I normally do on my days off. I showered, worked out at LA Fitness downtown, then headed down to the school. I had to be in the Learning Center for those who need help. But being that it was the first week of the quarter, the only people who came in were for testing. We normally let the student tutors take care of that.

While there, I decided to get together the lesson that I was going to teach in my computer class. I had been teaching English ever since I got hired so, I pretty much knew what I was going to go over. My computer class however, was new. I had just picked it up this quarter and hadn’t quite laid everything out yet. After a while, I found myself looking up Giovanni’s mother’s boutique. Then I found myself writing down the address. “What the fck am I doing?” I mumbled to myself. “Say something Mr. Stevenson?” the student tutor asked me. I shook my head and exited out of the webpage on my laptop. I started to txt Chris, but I left my phone at home. I looked at my watch and only had 30 more minutes left. They were the longest 30 minutes ever.

“Hi, welcome to La Mode how may I hel---; Mr. Stevenson?” Giovanni approached me with a confused look. I smirked, “Hello.” Hello? That was all I could say, was hello? “Ummmm, what are you doing here?” She asked while putting some clothes on a rack. I scratched the back of my head, “I don’t really know to be honest.” She giggled, I love her giggle. “Well, I’ll let you look around a bit and if you need anything just shout okay?” Before I could answer her, she had disappeared within the store. What was I even doing here? I looked around but had no idea what to look for. This store was so different from any store I had been in. I looked around for Giovanni and spotted her helping a lady pick out an outfit. Her smile was gorgeous and she knew her sh*t. Hell, she didn’t even need school. She had it all already. She then looked over at me and I quickly looked away, hoping that she didn’t notice me staring. My attempt was in vain because she walked right over to me. “Find anything?” She leaned on a rack. “Naw, not really. Guess I keep looking in all the wrong places.” I bit my bottom lip, definitely giving her the eye. “Hmmm, sounds like you’re talking about life more than you are about clothes.” She smirked. I shrugged, “Maybe. See you tomorrow Monroe.” I winked at her before leaving out. “Bye Mr. Stevenson!” I heard her yell.

run it

Run It Gigi

oooo Prof Brown going crazyyyyy over Sofia

Professor Brown

I jumped up out of my sleep, feeling like someone was touching me. Come to think about it, I had a wet dream about that student of mine - Sofia. "Ugh!" I hit myself in the head and rolled out of the bed and into the shower. I finished letting the hot water run over me and grabbed the towel, wrapping it around my waist. Then I made my way to my closet and threw on some basketball shorts. Today was surely slow. I didn't know what to do. I Tried to call Michael but he wasn't answering. So I went back to drawing on an empty canvas, freeing whatever was on my mind. Before I knew it, I'd drawn on a few canvases. Enough to bring to class. More than enough. I was so bored then that I decided to cook myself something to eat and log online to my blog and see if anybody had ordered some stuff. There wasn't any activity except for some new users. I noticed one newbie by the name of <strong>sosoclassic91</strong> and smiled knowing who it was. I clicked on her name to see what she was doing on my site. I found out she had bought some clothing material and looked at some articles, sharing it on twitter and facebook. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. She really was into my art. "Hm?" I thought biting my bottom lip. I rolled my eyes and got up away from my computer to go down to the gym and work out. Anything to get her off my mind. Hopefully Mike would call back later so we could talk or go to a bar or something and discuss these tempting students. It was too early for this s*** to be happening or these thoughts to be coming at me like crazy.

oh s***! I bet she's even more excited to see that e-mail than she was on that date with Brandon!
run it :)

these 2 girls are too stuck on their teachers
the guys that are tryna get at them don't stand a chance

Run it!

Run it!

ooooooo wat it say? bet he tryna meet up so he can explain ;)

Giovanni's POV

I rolled my eyes as MBJ talked, mostly about himself, while I was reading the syllabus for Stevenson's computer class. I could already tell that I was gonna have complications in his class. I knew computers, but coding and all that sh*t? Nope!

"You heard me Gi?" MBJ asked.

"Huh? Aw nah, I was reading the syllabus for our computer class. What you say?" I asked.

He sighed as if he was irritated, "I you wanna go to dinner?"

I wanted to say no but I mean, who could turn down a free dinner? "Uhhh sure if Sofia can come." I answered.

"What? No." he responded.

I shrugged, "Well okay." I hung up and saw I had a txt from Trey.

<em><strong>Hey Gi, do you think Sof likes me?</strong></em>

I smiled, "Awww he is so cute! But I still think he suspect."

I responded, <em><strong>Maybe. Call her and ask!</strong></em>

He replied right away, <em><strong>I did she didn't answer</strong></em>

I knew Sofia likes to take naps when she gets in from class so I went across the hall to her room. Sure enough she was fast asleep. I jumped on her bed, "Wake up hoe! Stop dreaming about Mr. Brown and call Trey back!"

She woke up grabbing my leg, making me fall on the bed next to her, "What is your problem?!"

I laughed hard, "Trey is cryin to me cuz you didn't answer his call!" I showed her my phone.

"Oh sh*t! I didn't even hear my phone!" she searched for it and saw it had fell behind her bed.

I laughed again, "Yo wild sleeping ass! But ask him to take us to dinner, MBJ said no. He just wants to get me alone though." I walked out of her room and back into mine.

I pulled out my MacBook Pro and signed into my email. "DO YOU THINK EMAILING MR. STEVENSON WOULD BE INAPPROPRIATE?!" I yelled over to Sofia.

She walked into my room on the phone, "Well why you need to email him?"

"I need to clarify some things with this computer class." I answered her.

She shrugged, "Email him then. Trey said he on his way and he bringing his cousin who supposed to be starting at our school." she rolled her eyes.

"Sooo they buying dinner?" I asked enthusiastically. I was super hungry and was ready to eat.

She laughed and nodded, "Yeah wit yo hungry hungry hippo ass!"

I laughed, "Tell Trey to send me a pic of his cousin." I focused back on the email that I was about to send Mr. Stevenson while she informed Trey of my request.

Sofia threw her phone on my bed as she sat next to me watching me type. "So what's the real reason you're sending this email?" she chuckled.

"I told yo punk ass already!" I exclaimed. "You should get dressed." I looked at her.

She pushed me, "Whatever b*tch!" she got up and was waking out.

I got a picture message from Trey, "Wait b*tch, he sent me the picture!" I waited for her to come back before I opened it.

"Daaaaammmmnnnnn!" we both exclaimed.

"I don't know buuuut this my new boo!" I joked.

She smacked her lips, "Whatever, that's yo new boo right there!" she pointed at my screen to the email I was sending Mr. Stevenson.

I bit my bottom lip, "Nope! But let's get dressed!"

I had sent the email and closed my laptop to get dressed. I had already took my shower when I got home so all I had to do was put on clothes and recurl my hair. I ended up putting on my black & white tribal print leggings, my high low loose Marilyn Monroe tank top, my black cardigan, and black combat boots. I curled my hair and tied a black bandana around my head like a bow.

I was touching up my eyeliner and mascara as Sofia came in looking fresh herself. She had on some cut off shorts, a black tank, and a hot pink blazer with her pink sandals.

"Yo extra cute ass!" I exclaimed putting on my pink lipstick.

She laughed, "Why thank you!" she smacked my ass, "You looking extra thick mama!"

I laughed while looking in my full length mirror, "Why yes, yes I do!"

There was a knock at the door revealing the boys. Trey's cousin looked even more fine in person. His name was Brandon Hines and was a perfect gentleman. We ate at Grand Luxe downtown. I would've settled for pizza but, this was good too. Even though Brandon was saying all the right things, I couldn't help but to think bout Mr. Stevenson and how I wished I was on a date with him instead.

On our way back home, I looked on my phone and had an email notification. It was from Mr. Stevenson.

smh these girls sumelse
run it

Trey think he slick!
Hey I would kiss haha
But damn Sof u got it bad girl

Run this!!!

Smh, @ Nicole.

Wet dreams about your own student, like dang yooo (:

I'm liking this story. Run it !!!


After class, Tremaine walked me to my car. He had his own. Before I opened the door he gave me a hug and tried to kiss me like he did earlier with his slick ass.

"Nuhn!" I pushed his face away. "Stop that sht right the fck now, booboo! Nuh uh," I giggled.

Tremaine pouted looking down on me and then sighed. "Fine. Let me just kiss your right..." he said he said leaning down to kiss me on the cheek. "there." he let go of me and stepped back, staring at me with them damn eyes that hypnotize me. "I'll call you later."

I nod. "Okay. Bye."

"Bye," he walks away.

I bit my bottom lip watching him. I really did want him to try and kiss me anyway, but hell...i'd rather someone else kiss me instead. I rolled my eyes at the thoughts in my mind.

I got back to GiGi's and I apartment. "I'm home btch!"

"Why I gotta be a btch tho?" GiGi asked standing in the kitchen.

"Cause I'm pissed!" I sighed and walked into the kitchen, leaning on the counter.

"Why? What happened at school?"

"Cause..." I smacked my lips. "Trey had kissed me this morning. But I ain't say sht cause I thought maybe he meant to kiss me on the cheek and i turned my face so he got me on the lips! But he did it on purpose because he tried to kiss me again when we were saying bye, but i pushed him away cause-"

"You was thinkin about MR. BROWN and when you think about someone when you're with someone else you push people away cause you're scared yo ass might slip up. Mm hm." she smirked. "Well damn BTCH yo ass need to focus!" she laughed waking out of the kitchen.

"I'm trying!" I stomped behind her. "What about you! Probably up in the kitchen dazing about how you want Mr. stevenson to throw you up on the counter and fck you like a naughty school girl!"

Giovanni didn't say a word. She just went to her room. "Girl, f*** outta here with that s***. I got my boo MBJ, hoe! So no thank you!"

"Like i'm really supposed to believe that."

"Like i'm really supposed to believe that you acting stupid with Trey. Stop fronting you know you want his sexy, gay lookin ass."

"He do not look gay!"

"But why you yellin tho?" she smirked. "Cause you know he is!"

"No he's not or else he wouldn't have kissed me!"

"Okay so then he bi!" she laughed. "Now btch bye! MBJ calling me." she waved me off.

"I don't wanna hang with you tonight anyway!" I stuck my tongue out at her and headed to my room.

"Yeah ok so when Trey don't call yo ass and me and MBJ about to go out, don't come runnin behind us asking to come along!" she yelled.

I pouted on the way to my room. I seriously had been thinking about that kiss Trey gave me all day, but then thoughts on Mr. Brown kept on pushing them out the way and fcking up my main focus which was try to think about what I should tell Trey. With this other sht on my mind, I didn't want to slip up and say my teacher's name. So I left it alone the 'more than friend's' relationship talk alone. Hopefully Trey would call tonight and not be mad. Until then, I was taking my ass to sleep.

Prof S' chick needs to get off that fake ass cloud 9 she living on
Who the hell she think she is?
Way to go Gi! You got prof lusting after u
Go get em!!

Run itttt

Prof S' chick needs to get off that fake ass cloud 9 she living on
Who the hell she think she is?
Way to go Gi! You got prof lusting after u
Go get em!!

Run itttt

We need an add!! Lol

haha she mad as
that man ssaid shee ruined m relaationship, ihad to thank her.lls
they relationship mustve been some s***
run it

my fav line >> Just saying gon get yo ass on CTA.
lmao prof stevenson don't play and smh his girl
was fckn up the mood anyway she can stay gone lol
i'll add later

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

On my way to pick up Nicole, all I could think about was Giovanni. Her perfect sun kissed skin, her perfect lips, her perfect blonde hair -I had to ask her if it was natural or not-, and I couldn't forget those perfect piercing green eyes. 

I was knocked out of my train of thought by Nicole getting in the car. "Hey." she rolled her eyes. "Late again." she folded her arms.

I gave her a side eye, "Well excuse the fck outta me! I do have a job where I interact with people. Plus it was the first day. Don't start this sh*t right now, <strong>don't</strong>!"

She breathed out, "I was just saying."

I glanced at her, "Just saying gon get yo ass on CTA." 

She pouted and looked out the window as I drove to our 2 flat in Hyde Park. Well it was mine since my name was on the lease and she just moved in 2 months ago. 2 months of hell. Ever since she moved in, I've grown to resent her. 

When we walked in she threw her purse on the couch and took her heels off, heading to the room. "What you cooking?" she asked while entering the bedroom.

I rolled my eyes as I followed her, "I was thinking that maybe you could cook." I knew it was a long shot but I didn't feel like cooking and I damn sure wasn't buying out.

"Mikey honestly, when have you ever seen me cook?" she chuckled as she got out of her work clothes. She was a hostess as Gino's East Pizzeria downtown on Superior.

I plopped on the bed, "Good point." I was fed up with her pampered princess bullsh*t. I watched her go into the bathroom connected to our room and heard her turn on the water for a shower.

I laid back and closed my eyes. My mind couldn't help but to wonder about Giovanni. It was so vivid. She had cooked this big dinner with all of my favorite foods. I knew this was definitely a dream. Somehow we skipped right to the bedroom. I lied on my back as she rode me nice & slow. This was the most pleasure I've ever gotten and it was in a dream. It was a damn shame but I enjoyed it as long as I could. Right when I was about to nut in my dream I called her name, "Giovanni." it slipped out as I opened my eyes to see a very upset Nicole on top of me. "Sh*t." 

She crawled off of me, "Who the fck is Giovanni?"

I sat up, "My student!"

"Your <em> student</em>?! You are so fckn disgusting! You're thinking about your fckn student while I'm fckn you?" she screamed as she got dressed.

I stood up putting on some sweats, "In my defense I was sleep and I didn't know th--"

"Oh so you were dreamin bout the b*tch?" she cut me off and gave me her full attention.

"She's not a b*tch she's..."

"Your student, I know. I'm not staying here tonight." she stated as she got an overnight bag together. 

Any good boyfriend would've stopped her from leaving. Put up a fight, prolonged the argument to make it right, make her stay. But then again, any good boyfriend wouldn't be dreaming about fckn one of his students. I guess I wasn't a good boyfriend. 

After she left, slamming the door, I went into the kitchen. Then I remembered that wasn't sh*t in there. I didn't really have much of an appetite anymore anyway. I ain't even know this girl and she was ruining my relationship. I had to thank her.

I knew that lusting after a student was wrong, but it was something about her. I wanted her, but knew I couldn't have her. As I showered I tried not to think of her. After, I put on some basketball shorts and laid in bed looking at the ceiling. I slowly drifted off to sleep trying to push Giovanni out of my thoughts.

Yea get that girl from NY
aye Sofia bout 2 b jealous as shyt, nd Gigi already said her stomach dropped when she heeard Stevenson had a gf
but ican see all 4 of the hookin up soon. ican feel it! lol
Run it

Damn Mr S got a girl
And Mr B got a backup plan chic

But they both got the hots for Sof and Gi
That's the way uh huh uh huh
They like it uh huh uh huh

Ruuuuuun iiiitttt