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Paper Trail

<strong>This Literary Work is Brought to You by Monroe & SoSo</strong>


<em>His life had always been an easy one. His cost of living had always been high and had never been denied. It wasn't until he lost it all that made him who he was today. His name is Clinton, at least for now. He had many names. Said he could never settle on one that suited him to his liking. With these many names came many masks, many stories, and many lies.</em>


Damn, this sick mf!

Poor lady! She`s gonna blame herself forever!

What if people do this in real life?


Run this !

Omg!*jumps up and down*
I love this already!*stops jumping and takes my seat again*
I really love this though!
Clinton aka Chris is bold as f*** though! *thinks*
But then again he also fine as f***!
Lol anyway Run it! And Run it fast!

Chapter 1

Clinton was getting ready for his last Save the Animals Benefit. 9 months of the charity bullsh*t was over tonight. He had been through it all before, several times at that. Clinton had it all down. The way he should smile, the things he should say had all been well versed. He was the perfect husband. 4th husband that is, sometimes the 5th. If you haven't guessed it by now, he's a con artist. He wittingly conned wealthy elder women out of all their riches. He made them love him, care for him, and most of all trust him.

Clinton was on the bed slipping on his black loafers when she entered the room putting on her earrings. "Clinton you have to hurry. I cannot be late." she stood over him as his mother would.

He rolled his eyes, "I'm going as fast as I can." he had much attitude in his voice.

She breathed heavily, "I wish you wouldn't act this way. Not tonight."

He stood up easily towering her, "I wouldn't if you weren't constantly pushing me." he stormed off to the walk in closet to get his suit jacket as he smirked.

"Clinton I don't know what you want from me." he stood in the middle of the spacious bedroom.

He walked out, scowl returning on his face, "How about a little trust! Why did you marry me if you couldn't trust me?" all the while he was laughing to himself. How easy it was to manipulate them.

She sighed and shook her head while slipping into her heels. "Let's just have a good time tonight, okay?"

He sighed, "Whatever, I'll be in the limo."

Clinton made sure that the entire ride there was silent. When they reached the event he turned into the ideal husband. He smiled and talked with her colleagues, got her champagne, and stayed at her side all night. She was loving every minute of it and Clinton knew this. He made sure that this did not last long as they returned to the house.

"Why is nothing ever enough with you?" Clinton stressed as their argument got more heated.

"Because you claim you love me but you flirt with my friends. Making me look like a fool!" she confessed.

He looked as if he was disgusted, "If you believe that I'd want your friends then you are a fool. I'm out!" he stormed out of the huge Texan mansion. 

He drove speedily out of the courtyard and on to the lonesome road. When he got out of eye range, he slowed down. He parked on the side of the road until the rain started to pour. He smiled at the almost blinding rain, "This is going better than planned." 

Clinton started the car and sped down the street until he reached a sharp turn. He sped up and jumped out the car just as it was going off the cliff.

Clinton stood up and went to where the car fell off. He watched it tumble down the rocky cliff and then burst into flames. He chuckled as he walked off to the place where he had hidden another car. He got in and sped off, not stopping until he crossed the border to New Mexico.

He paid in cash for a night in a roadside motel and slept. In the morning as he got dressed he watched the news and saw that he was dead. He chuckled at the screen as he entered her account number and transferred all her funds into his unmarked account. He shut the laptop and went to get dressed. He checked out and was on the road again. This time he was aiming high. He was on his way to California. Not as Clinton Peterson but as Christopher Brown.