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~*constance*~ uncommon love is always greater

i looked at him as he laid in the bed with tubes coming out his mouth and nose. i wanted to cry so much but i had to stay strong......for him.....for me....for our baby that was growing inside of me. i grab his hand, oh it was cold till the point you should hve pronouced him dead already. but in my heart i knew he would make it, he had to.

me: chris....bae it me constance, im being strong you like said.....but i dont know how i can do this. i dont know what i do if you left me. (crying) you have to fight this chris.....fight this for me(grabbing his hand and putting it on my stomach) for our baby......please. i know were different and i dont care, i love you and that it matter to me.

i kissed his lips and put my head on his chest for a min. let me wipe my face, if he saw me , he would probaly cussed me out. i didnt think this would happen, s***, nine months ago i didnt think i would fall in love with him at all.