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Welcoming Baby Kingston!

As you all know Chris and I were expecting, so here's our son's birth.

"Legacy!" <a href="">I</a> yelled. "I'm in the kitchen." He called back, I waddled my way to the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw <a href="">him</a> sitting at the kitchen table with some buffalo wings. "Did you really order some Buffalo Wild Wings and not tell me?" He turned and smiled at me while licking his fingers. "I was about to take them up to you, but I had to make sure they were just right for you." "Mhmm." I said waddling over to the table and stopping to reach over for a wing. Just as I was about to reach for a wing, a pain rushed through my stomach. I grabbed a hold of it, "Dany, are you alright?" Legacy asked wiping his fingers. I nodded, "Ew babe, did you just pee yourself?" He asked looking at the floor. I looked down to see the puddle of water I was standing in. I looked up at him with wide eyes. "It's time." He scooted back his chair and stood. "Oh God! Oh God! Okay, i'm gunna go grab all your things." He said running past me and forgetting that I was the pregnant one. I shook my head and grabbed a towel to clean up the little puddle. You could hear Legacy upstairs slamming and opening doors. I decided that while he was busy worrying, I would go take a quick shower.

I was standing in the bathroom combing out my hair when I heard Legacy calling for me. "Danyell!" "In the bathroom." I called back, he appeared before the bathroom door. "You're going into labor and you're standing here combing out your hair?" I sighed, "You need to calm down. Now go grab my duffle bag that's in the closet and i'll be waiting in the car." I said setting down my comb and shoving past him. I waddling to the car and sat in the passenger seat waiting on Legacy. A few seconds later he came out with my bag over his shoulder. He hopped in the driver's seat and started driving to the hospital. On our way there I could feel my contractions taking place.


<a href="">Mijo and I</a> were sitting in the livingroom rolling up some blunts for the smoke session we're about to have with the crew. I was rolling my blunt when my phone rang, I sighed and set the blunt down on the table and reached for my phone in my pocket. I looked at it, noticed it was an unknown number I shrugged it off and began on my blunt again. Just as I was about done, my phone rang again. I let out a heavy sigh and grabbed my phone to see the same number. "Hello?" I questioned, irritation clear in my voice. "Uh Chris, this is Legacy." I looked at my phone, the f***? Why was he calling me? "Chris it's Danyell----" before he could finish I cut him off. "What about Danyell, is she fine?" "Her water broke and now we're in the hospital." Oh man! My son was gunna be born. "Alright, i'm on my way." I said hanging up and slipping on my shoes. "Where you going nigga? We about to smoke." Mijo said about to light his blunt. "Nah man, Danyell is in labor. I need to go to the hospital." I said reaching for my keys. He put the blunt down, "snap man! I have to tell the crew, i'll be there later with Mama J and the crew." I nodded and dapped him up. The whole ride to the hospital I was going way past speed limit.

I finally pulled up to the hospital and parked practically running into the maternity ward. I ran up to the front desk tapping on it to get the attention of the nurse, she finally noticed me amd faced me. "May I help you?" I nodded, "what room is Danyell Mendoza in?" She typed her name into the computer. "Fifth floor, room 109." I nodded and thanked her, I ran down the hall to the elevator and continuously pushed the button to open the door. It finally opened and I walked in pressing the fifth floor. I waited impatiently as the number slowly went up. The elevator finally stopped and the doors opened, I sped walked down the hall looking for the room. When I finally found the room number I knocked on the door. A few seconds later Legacy appeared, he nodded and moved aside so I could walk in. I walked further into the room to see Danyell on her side grasping onto the bed as pain subsided on her face. She look ed over at me, "you really did dye your hair blue." She said more to herself. I nodded rubbing my hand over it. "You like?" I asked, "No, I liked it better when---OW!" She said clutching on tight to the side of the bed. Legacy and I both ran over to her. "Are you alright babe?" He asked rubbing her arm as I watched pain wash over her face once again. She nodded, "good, i'm gunna go grab something to drink and call your family, okay?" She nodded as he leaned down and pecked her lips. I followed him with my eyes as he made his way out the door. I took a seat in the recliner that Legacy once occupied. There was nothing but silence between her and I just the sounds of her heartbeat and the baby's.

After twenty minutes of silence I heard her call for me. "Chris, come here." I quickly stood up, whatever she needed, I was willing to get or do. "Can you help me to the bathroom?" I nodded and watched her push herself up into a sitting position. She took a deep breath and then grabbed onto my arm to pull herself up. I took slow steps as she slowly waddled beside me, I had my right arm wrapped around her waist as she held onto my left. I waited patiently outside the bathroom as she handled her business. When she finished I helped her back to the bed. "Thank you." She said getting comfortable once again. "No problem.' I said walking back to the recliner. We once again sat there in silence, I looked over to see her with her eyes closed. I slouched back in my seat as my eyes slowly started closing. Just as I was about to fall asleep Danyell yell out in pain. i jumped out of my seat and ran over to her side.


I was just resting my eyes when the worst pain shot through my body. I held onto my stomach as Chris rushed over to my side, "i'm gunna call the nurse, okay?" I nodded and watched hin call for the nurse. A few seconds later he came back in followed by a nurse. She walked in with a smile plastered on her face, as if me being in pain was a good thing. "Are the contractions getting worse?" She questioned checking all my monitors. "Well if they weren't you wouldn't be in here right now." I said rudely, in the corner I could hear Chris chuckling. "Okay, well you have dialated seven centimeters and from this point on you can now recieve the epidural to sooth the pain of the contractions. Do you want to recieve the epidural?" I nodded, she smiled. "I'll be right back with the doctor." I watched her walk out as a few seconds later she came back with the doctor. "How are you feeling Ms. Mendoza?" He questioned standing at the foot of my bed. "Just in a little pain." I said smiling, he smiled back. "Well that is child birth." He turned his attention to the left where Chris sat. "And you are?" He questioned. "Christopher Brown, the father of the baby." He said shaking Dr. Marten's hand. "Oh, good thing we cleared that up. For a moment I thought it was the other young man." He said making way to the sink to wash his hands. I looked over at Chris who's nose was flaring. "Alright Ms. Mendoza i'm going to need for you to sit up and slouch your back." "Why?" I asked sitting up. "Because the needle of the epidural is placed in the spine." My eyes widened, I was literally having second thoughts on this. I looked foward to see Chris reaching for my hands. He knew I hated needle, "it's gunna be fine." "On the count of three i'll be sticking the epidural in. One, two, three." I took a deep breath as I felt the needle sitting in my back. "Go ahead and get comfortable, the epidural should reduce the pain. I'll see you in a few hours." I nodded and watched the nurse and doctor walk out.

After fourty-five minutes of staring at the wall I turned on my side and faced the direction of Chris. I turned to see him texting away on his phone. "Who you texting?" I questioned, he glanced up at me then back at his phone. "My mom." "Mhm." I said shaking my head. "Why don't you believe me?" He said setting his phone into his pocket. "Because you're a liar." He shook his head and it became quiet again. "How did this happen?" He questioned staring at me. "It all happened when you decided to go to France and not tell me that Karreuche was with you. It also started when you took those picture with all those girls knowing I was at home." He ran his hand over his face. "I apologized for that s***, but what about you huh? You went and found comfort in not one, but two other guys." I shook my head. "I didn't go find comfort in Deangelo okay, he and I had saw eachother at the store and that was it. As for Legacy, you pushed me back into his arms." "How did we find ourselves in this position?" He asked with a serious face. "Partying, smoking, and drinking became a bigger importance than me. While you were out there doing all those things with plenty of females, I was home alone watching <em>OUR</A> child Chris! All of that it what broke us!" I said my voice cracking.


I looked at her and the hurt that was in her eyes. Tears were waiting to fall and that was killing me. I really did push her into the arms of another man, and I was really starting to regret it. I guess I was so caught up in trying to enjoy my last few months of being free that I was being ignorant to how Danyell was feeling. "Danyell I----" I was cut off by her clutching onto the railing of the hospital bed and screaming. "AH! OH MY GOD! Chris, get the --AH-- doctor. IT'S TIME!" I stood up and ran towards the door calling for the nurse and doctor. I ran over to her side and rubbed her arms. "Breath Dany, use the breathing exercises you learned." I said rubbing her ams up and down. The doctor and nurses finally came in dressed in scrubs. The nurse came over and and placed pillows behind her head as the doctor had her prop her legs up. "Okay Danyell, we have half a centimeter to go but your doing great. Chris go ahead and try to keep her calm, i'll be right back." I nodded and looked down at Dany who had pain all over her face. "Just breath baby." She nodded and inhaled and exhaled. The doctor walked back over, "alright she's ready." He slipped on his mask and his gloves and looked over at Danyell. "On the count of three push. One, two, three." She held on tightly to my hand as she pushed, I made a face at how hard she was squeezing my hand. She let out a breath and looked up at me. "I can't Chris." "You can. Just think about the outcome." I said kissing her forehead. "C'mon Danyell, we see the head. One, two, three." She pushed again, I watched as her face turned red. We kept up this motion for another fifteen minutes until the doctor said that the head was out. "All we need is another big push. One, two, three." She pushed and breathed in and out. "One last big one Danyell. One, two, three!" She pushed and next thing you know cries filled the room. I watched them hand my son to the nurse as she carried him to the corner. I looked down at Danyell who rested her head back, I kissed her forehead. "Good job." She smiled weakly as the nurse came over and laid our son on Danyell's chest. Tears filled her eyes as she kissed him repeatedly. "Hey baby." I watched her interact with him, the nurse came back and asked for him to go get him checked in. "I'm coming with." I said trailing behind her and my son.

I stood in the window watching them clean up my son. They stuck a diaper on him and stamped his foot, putting his little hospital bracelet on him. They dressed him some pajamas and beanie while wrapping him in the blanket. The nurse looked over at me and smiled.


I woke up from my nap to see Chris in the recliner singing to to our baby boy. "If you had my child. You would make my life complete. Just to have your eyes on a little me. That'd be mine forever." I smiled as he sang softly. "He's gorgeous." I said, he stopped singing and looked up at me. "Yeah, he really is. We created this Danyell." He said a tear falling down his cheek. "I wanna make us work for him." He said running his finger along our son's cheek. "C'mere." I said motioning for him to come with my finger. I leaned up and pecked his lips, "we have to take it a step at a time." He nodder and pecked my lips once more. Our peaceful atmosphere was soon interupted by everyone walking into the room. "Is that my grandson!?" Both my mother and Joyce shrieked at the same time. We nodded as our empty room soon became crowded. "So what did y'all name him?" Mijo questioned. I looked up at Chris, "you name him." He smiled and kissed my cheek. "Oh hell no Dany! You know Chris is gunna name him some crazy ass name!" Bree exclaimed. "Bree shut up!" Everyone in the room said. She crossed her arms over her chest. "Damn, can't nobody say anything anymore." She said under her breath. "So what is it man?" Ty asked. Chris smiled. "<a href="">Kingston Channing Brown</a>." "Aww." All the girls said in unison. Maybe now that baby Kingston is here, Chris will find himself again.


lol that was cute just like everyone said
i feel bad for legacy lol
i was just waiting for him to come in the hospital room
while chris and her were kissing
and he was f***ing around with cabbage patch kid?
ugh...i would have left his ass 2 dany!
he better get his mind right for the baby lol

Lol it was cute.....

Why is this so cute?

Aww Dany that was cute. But how she gone get with Chris and she still with Legacy technically. Aww Kingstons gorgeous too. That was soooo sweet.

Awww this was so f***ing beautiful.
And y'all b****es bet not EVER tell me to shutup again! f*** wrong with y'all hoes?

But Legacy was looking rough af. Is he okay? Lol. Do he need some money? We can raise some money for his ass. He looks like he struggling, but I found it so cute how he was panicking while Dany was calm af. Like she been through this before.

Dany big fat ass wanting to eat! Then that water broke! Ugh Chris smoking. Well was ABOUT to smoke. He know he's not happy. But he had to get himself together for what's next. I cannot believe that he was partying it up with OTHER b****es! Especially Kae ironboard body having ass; flat as f***. Smh. Chris you need that ass whooped! For real!

But I see the hurt in her eyes. It sucks because right now I'm going through the same thing with Tyga. To see someone take my man away from me like that... It hurts because I'm still in love with him. Ugh but I see Legacy is totally out of the picture now. The nigga just disappeared lol. Chris finally realized he hurt her. And I thought it was so cute when he was singing to Kingston! I'm so glad my nephew here!

This brought tears of joy to my eyes. It was so beautiful and I'm glad these two can work things out!!! Because these niggas was getting on my nerves being childish and shid!

Lol this was too cute..
I hope that you and chris have continued bliss :)