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(Bad) Religion.

Is beauty overrated? <a href=>I</a> stood in the mirror, taking off my necklace and turning my face, tracing the harsh edges in the bathroom mirror. I unzipped my dressed and let it drop to the floor, before I left the bathroom, and left it there. I walked down the hall to my room, wearing nothing more than my underwear. I crawled into my bed and lied looking up at the ceiling. There were tears.

<em>there always were...</em>


Why am I just now seeing this story?! OMG! It has/had so much potential! I'm loving it! RUN IT if you have time.

I love the entire vibe of this one. By far, one of my favorites, and it's not even that long. Kinda remind of Idle Wild a little.

Mara/Frenchie: I dig her. She can't help who she's feeling. If she and Harper connect, they just connect. As for Larry and Royce they can kick rocks. I can see why they'd be a little upset though. Not sure how I feel about her sleeping with a dude that was in a relationship tho. The fact that she couldn't tell him she loved him back in the beginning was enough for me to see that she wasn't about that life with Royce. He's just filling up a void somewhere in her life. Probably,because of the problems she's had with her mother & such.

Harper: Pretty cool dude. Don't see anything wrong with him...yet. We haven't really gotten to know him as a character yet, so I'll see whats up with him as it goes on. Seems like a OK guy, that vibes well with Mara.

Royce: Sir. Have several seats. He can't seriously think he could steadily cheat on HIS WIFE! Now that's just a h*e move. I sense jealousy from him.

Larry: The only reason I understand his hurt is because he gave Mara a shot when no one else did. In that sense, I can understand him wanting to at least know that she was dating/talking to Harper. She could have at least told him who Harper was. He didn't have to blow up on her like that though. He definitely could have approached the situation a lot better. As far as him and Mara being "done for a long time." Sir...really... I'm trying to figure out how the club would function without a lead singer.


RUN IT!!!! I love this one too!!

Wow, RUN IT!

run it

Awe Harper answer Mara are getting closer I likes it. He even wants to get Mara in the studio. Sweet,they seem to dig each other now. Royce is on some other ish. Dude your married now. Quit tryna come at Mara like everything the same. But that was kinda mean for Mara to put change him from being lead. Seems kinda spiteful. And they in some ol Romeo Juliet type sht. Larry trippin on Harper coming around now that he who Harper Is. Talking bout he dont want him in his club. Cause he works for the competition. So lame and immature. And now he's bad at Mara. So did he fire her? Or are they juast not gone be cool no more? Wow. Welcome back Carmen. Loved the add. RUN IT!!!

Ummm Larry and Royce can both go jump the f*** off a bridge and let Mara LIVE! s***....personally....I think Mara's gave sam's club enough of her's like he's trying to hold her back or something....I don't like it...and Royce....just wants everything his way...he wants a wife in sam and then wants the side s*** with mara....and now that she's getting some attention from someone else it's driving him crazy....OH f***ING WELL....go home to your wife.

Larry is an ass like its not that serious. I think Mara is doing the right thing trying to distant herself from Royce. She had a sexual relationship with him while he was engaged. She's trying to be respectful of not only his wife but his marriage *claps hands*

Run it

Idk Wtf is larry problem but he needs to calm down
&& I love harper for mara && not royce b/c he's a douchebag!!
RUN IT:)))

I'll be damned; poor Mara & Harper can't even be friends without countless people on their back. /:

Larry needs to stop being so insecure!
Why can't he let Harper watch them?
If he means no harm, then it shouldn't be a problem....
It seems that French is smitten with Harper...I like how they're taking it nice and slow. Royce needs to get over himself and accept the fact that he chose Sam. He should have chosen Mara, but he didn't; he has nobody to blame but himself!

Glad you're back, Express.

I love Harper and Mara. I don't know what Royce expected from Mara, but he had to know that was coming. I don't think she should've changed the band thing tho. She shoulda played it cool, but still distant. Plus Sara aint stupid and Royce knows that he shouldn't have married her!!! smh Larry going OD! Like really? Did he fire her???

Larry can kick rocks...
with no socks...
and flipflops on...

As for Royce, he needs to quit!

I love Harper and Mara!
this story reminds me of an old movie on GMC. I love it!


Idk why, but I get this vibe about Harper...Like not really a bad vibe, but it's something

Larry watched me closely from the bar, as he dried off the glasses. He noticed my different interaction with Royce, who was now married. <a href=>Royce</a> looked over at me, holding his horn.

"And what do you need from me tonight?" He asked.

I shook my head, "Just play, I'll have Joe lead tonight," I said, adjusting my mic.

Him and Joe exchanged glances before the rest of the band went to get some drinks. Royce stood up and walked towards me.

"French I always lead," He said.

"I just wanted to switch it up tonight, see what Joe can do," I said, looking over at him.

He searched my face, "Is something wrong? You've been distant since the wedding." He said.

"I'm supposed to be distant, Royce. You're married." I responded, leaving the mic.

Royce grabbed my hand and Larry leaned onto the bar, watching the scene unfold.

"Hey hey hey. Don't be like that. We're bandmates, but you're also my friend. Vows shouldn't come between that part of our relationship." He said.

Larry's phone vibrated from his pocket. He pressed send and put it to his ear.

"What's the word..." He said, looking around the club.

He'd received word from one of his guys that Harper was the singer over at Mosaic. After Harper came to a few of Mara's shows and he saw their growing relationship, he figured he'd do some investigating of his own... Find out what this guy was about. When he found out who he was, he ended the phone call... and tried to think of the best way to contain his anger. I went to the back of the club with Royce following. I went into my dressing room and he stood at the door.

"So is this how things are gonna be now?" He asked.

I looked over at him, "We just need some space between us, okay? For Sam..."

"Oh for Sam?" He asked. "Since when do you care about Sam?"

"Since she became your wife, Royce. Joe's the lead. I'll see you in an hour." I said, shutting the door and looking at myself in the mirror.

I took a deep breath and shut my eyes, before I heard a polite knock at the door.

"Royce-" I said opening the door, only to find Larry there with a stern look on his face.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Little's not allowed in my club no more. The f*** you think this is, inviting Mosaic niggas to MY club, Mara? You're out of control. Not only has he been here, you've been lying about who he is since day one! I can't even trust you no more." He said, shaking his head.

"You're taking this too far, Larry. He's a musician and he likes Morrow's. Why is that a problem?" I asked, genuinely confused.

"He's not welcome here. If I see him here, I'm kicking him the f*** out. Fair warning." He said, turning to leave.

He stopped and looked at me. "And as for you... We're done, for a long ass time." He said.

I took a deep breath and shut the door to my dressing room, letting the small space swell with my thoughts...and regrets.

Harper grabbed my hand, "Come on," He said, leading me down a dark alley and into the back of a building.

"Where are we going?" <a href=>I</a> asked, smiling and following him, holding his hand tightly.

We walked through a darkened hall and then upstairs. We were at an empty old theater. Harper let go of my hand and went running through the aisles, hopping onto one chair and then onto another. He stopped and looked at me, the way that he often did when an idea came to light.

"Have you ever recorded in a studio, Mara?" He asked.

I shook my head and walked up the steps, onto the stage. I took off my shoes and walked close to the edge, like I was tightroping.

"Larry's been saving up for me for a while... Said that he has some people that want to work with me," I said.

"How long is a while?" Harper asked, hopping off of the chair and walked down the aisle towards me.

I sat down on the stage and let my feet dangle. He stood in between my legs, looking up at me.

"...I stopped counting the days," I said softly, looking him in the eye.

Harper ran his hands up my legs and bit his lip, "You should record something with me."

"For fun?" I asked.

He nodded, "Sure. I just wanna see what we can do together," He said.

I looked up at the ceiling and smiled, "How'd you find this old place?" I asked.

"I used to come here when I was younger. This is where I discovered my love of music. My mom used to bring me here on Sundays... when the jazz players would cut up. And there was this vocalist... She used to set this fire inside me, one that I could never extinguish." He said.

I slid off of the stage and into <a href=>his</a> arms. He pecked my cheek and smiled.

"I think I've got a similar flame," I said softly.

"Where is it?" He asked.

I took his hand and put it over my heart. "Lost in here," I said.


#2- GLAD YOU'RE BACK GIRLIE!!!!, like you haven't been welcomed enough, but you're going to receive more <3 from me :D

#3- Already in LOVE with this story, you really know how to create a certain mood in your writing and you DEFINITELY know how to create just the right characters for every story; they are so relatable in every way!!

All I have to say now is, RUN IT RUN IT GIRLIE!!!


I think i missed you too much!!! lol

I'm beyond happy that you've started writing again! Love the start of this story btw :) I feel sorry for Mara because in some ways I feel like she doesn't have anyone by her side...Everyone seems to have some say in her life especially that aunt of hers, Royce needs to focus on his wife and just keep things between him and Mara strictly work/friend related

I Love This But I Want More.,From All Your Stories!!!
RUN IT:)))

Run IT!!! Carmen where you at?

I'm happy your back. I'm in love with every single one of your stories.


Run It Express !! Please :)

This situation with Royce is stupid!! I hate his fine ass. Yes you were missed!!!

Sorry I've been absent! Doesn't look like it was missed anyway lol. But I'll add later once I finish some work.

Carmen welcome back. I'm diggin this story just like all your other stories.

Mara- Seems like a sweeet girl but has alot of things to deal with in her life before she can truly be happy

Royce- Nice cat but I dont like that fact that he's engaged-well married now but was messing around with Mara and claiming he loves her. Kinda foul and his wife gotta realize its something more to his and Maras relationship...

Harper- I like him already cute, talented, hopefully single
and and aight dude. He seems to be interested in something about Mara. Maybe they can make good music together

Aunt Nora- She loves Mara obviously but she seems to be one of those give it to you straight tough love kinda persons. Kinda annoying tho.

Cicely- Seems like she wants to re-get to know Mara more but doesnt know where or how to get there. She's seems very strong headed and goal oriented.

Mara's mom- Needs to call her daughter sometime and see how she's doing dont put all the blame on Mara saying she doesnt call or care Phone works both ways and besides your her mamma. You always should make time for your kid. General or not...

I like this cant wait to read more and hopefully you find the insperation to continue Clouds over...., Move Love, and Collisions.

Hmmmm.. RUN IT !

Yay ur back! Lovin eveything about this. Keep it comin!


Royce got married after all....
He either realized that his feelings for Mara were purely lust or that he wasn't gonna keep fighting for something that she didn't want. Him not being there will definitely break her heart, though...
Larry will put two and two together about Harper, but just not right now.
I really feel like Mara needs someone to talk to; she's got a lot of issues in her life right now.
run it!!

Royce got married. She didn't go.
And here she is wanting a married man.