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If You Loved Me

As i sit a think back to the months earlier tears fall and i lay in my room finding myself missn my love but wat he must learn is i dnt judge him for his past nore now bt the things i heard was true and it hurt like hell yet he dnt see it that way and thats why he made Dont Judge Me.......By the way my name is Rissa

A month earlier:

I was in class wen my sis lexi called me yes im in college i gt make sumn out my self cant depened on no nigga bt anyway back to the problem at hand

rissa: lexi wats up sissy you no im at school rite now

lexi:sissy I need to really talk to you its about chris..........

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*Blushes* Chris is such a damn freak. But who can say no to that beautiful smile, eyes, and big d- Nevermind, I'll keep the rest to myself. Lol
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Update soon

just read the entire story so far and i love it, i like all the relationships keep it going
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Tyga prov

My baby was gn to lex house wasnt goin in to the lab today so im chilln wit the kids today til later wen they go wit my ma for the nite so i cn hav alone time wit my baby we needed a date nite so my ma made us one guess my ma no best cuz me n mica hav been goin at it lately n i hate to fight wit my bay

Flash back earlier in week:

Mica: ty wat the hell u barely spend time wit yo kids as is im tired of this s*** its one thing to neglect or relationship bt its another to do yo kids i dnt even care if u spend time wit me as lng as u maken shore u spendn sum wit them

Tyga: mica i dnt wnt to keep hearn the same s*** ova n ova i told u im workn to make sure they hav wat they need i already be tired cumn frm the lab i dnt wnt to cum here n hear that s***

Mica: i dnt f***n care bout u workn yo kids cum first there babys ty so u can kill that s***an as for u cumn here dnt cum take yo ass home den do rite by yo kids or sumone else will be glad to

Tyga: wat the hell u jus say mica huh aint no other nigga gn raise my kids ill be damn if they do trust n believe ima go to jail if u f*** wit another nigga u my wifey n only mines n them my kids dnt eva say no s*** to me like dat again

Mica:wateva tyga (start walkn off)

Tyga: i aint f***n plyn mica try me if u wnt

End flash

That nite my bay aint say nun to me s*** she wouldnt even let me touch her i gt mad that nite to cus i wnted her bad n she wouldnt let me hav nun n to top her ass aint wear nun to bed bt panty n bra n to make it worse she been doin it all week bt today im ptn my foot down she bout to stop neglectn me wit the loven she no i need her sweetness n bad

Chris prov

O i was on cloud 9 my bay pt it on me i cnt wait til she gt back frm her sis place i no us sexn like dis maken the possible for her to gt prego higher bt i cnt gt enuff of her damn(bites lip)


Chris: cnt wait to gt u back home i aint gn let u out for a week ;-)

Rissa: lol baby...i hav to go to work u no bt i cnt wait to be back n yo arms

Chris: lol u nt goin to work cll off baby please.....i promise wen u do go back u gn be the happiest there lol please bay please i need u baby the whole week

Rissa: lol chrissy i cnt me n mica hav bills do dis month so need to go to work every day i pose to

Chris: bay ill pay yal bills this month jus take off dis week for me please baby

Rissa: ugh ok chrissy pooh ill take off for u lol freak lol u gn hav me drained big head bt i love u pooh

Chris: aww yay thanks bay lol u already new i was a freak u like it anyway n so wat if ur gn to be drained ur all mines dis week so dat mean ima giv u wat eva u wnt u dnt hav to do nun n i love you to baby

Rissa: :-) :-*

Ima write soon u guys i aint for gt bout yall jus then had writers block dats all

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Oh my b, lol we so nasty!! Had me all types of sore. Ummm I will never be scared of CJ! Oh s***! Why did we have to show up right when they were about to f***? Mannn
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Rissa pov

I woke up the next morning sore as hell damn wat did me n chris do bt wat i do no is i woke up to no chris in bed wit me so i texted him bt before i could i gt a txt frm my sis lex she wnt me to cum chill wit her n the baby so i gt up to take a shower to find chris already in it so i striped

Rissa: mind if i join

Chris: (smriks) nt at all baby u ready for another round (kiss neck)or u scared of daddy d*** did i make u fill good last nite baby did i pt it down like u wnt

Rissa: (blush) baby im sore n we cnt i gt to go to my sis place we can do another round later n no im not scared of daddy d*** lol now can u wash my back big head

Chris: ok bae come lata on u betta be ready

Rissa: (sneaky grin) o i will chrissy pooh

Lex pov

I called all the girls today and asked if they could cum ova i aint seen them n a while do i wanted to hang My phone starts ringn n its trey telln me he at the door i hope he aint on that crazy s*** today

Lex: hi trey how....

Trey pov

So i missed lex after i left the lab i jus wnt home cus figured she aint wnt to talk to me seens she hadn't clled of txted me i woke up the next day wit her n my bby girl on my mind i new my bby girl was at my ma house so i wnt to lex to talk then i was gn go see my baby girl bt wen i gt there i couldnt help myself i needed to kiss her so i did

Lex: damn (bits lip) trey wat that was for

Trey: im srry bae for the way i was actn i love u

Lex: i love you too bae

Trey: (starts to leave)

Lex: baby wait wer u goin (pouts)

Trey: bae why u poutn n i was gn go gt baby girl n chill wit her n my mom for the day my mom told me u was havn yo girls day today

Lex: u cnt jus cum here kiss me like dat n make me hot n jus leave i aint had nun n a month and i wnt it bae is you gn ply or u gn giv me sum trey trey

Trey: (smirks) cum here u freak i been missn u to bt us nt maken love i ur fault i would hav been d***ed u down if u would hav jus asked lol

Lex:( hit plyfully) lol trey forreal bae im horny can i hav sum

Trey: yes u (kiss) cn hav......

Door bell

Lex: f*** (pouts) i wnt sum trey trey who is it

F/v: its me lex

Trey: lol looks like i should be goin (kiss lips) bae im see u lata i promise cus i miss my my sexy lady (bits lip) i wnt u so bad

Lex: ok n dnt be late lol

Trey: lol i wnt bae hey mica n rissa

Mica/rissa: hey trey

Shuts door

Mica: yal was doin the nasty or did it

Lex: lol no he came by to say he was srry

Rissa: umhm srry my ass lol

Lex: ugh yal irre wer bre at

Mica: she on her way

Rissa: n dnt be tryn to change the subject lol

i dont know what to say .. this story is too much for my mind to handle !
run it !

Writen wen i gt off

Ohhhh!! Mica was the girl Ty was out with. Why didn't I think of that? Damn, I feel so slow. Lol, oooooo Tram, Ty bout to put the mack down.
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Mica pov

So the kids is wit ty mom for the nite and ty had planed sumn for us bt wouldnt tel me wat im jus happy to be wit my hunny he the best he hav really changed for me n the kids they really love his yellow self and so do i he mean so much to me

Mica:(moans) bae no i cnt i gt to go gt the kids n i gt class n the morning so stop mikey lol

Ty: cum on big booty lol stay wit me tonite ill take u to school n the morning pick the kids up n wen its time for u to gt out pick u up n we can hav a day wit jus me u n the kids baby please(kiss neck) i havnt had u n a while n i miss the tast (find spot and tease it) cum on bae u no u wnt me jus as much as i want u

Mica: f*** (moans) ty babu why u always gt to do dis to me

Ty: wat im doin bae ( leads to the room) wat maken u fill good thats wat im here for ( kiss lips,neck, collar bone) (suck on neck and start taken her dress off) baby ur the most beautiful woman i eva seen (bits lip) I Love You Mica

Mica:( moans o ty baby) (blushs) awww baby thank you I Love You Too Mikey so much(kiss lips)

Ty pov

Wen i undressed my bae i thought i was n heaven she was so sexy she made me wnt to make love to her every day s*** thats how much i wnted her f***n around wit me we would hav more then jus twins rite now cus i always wnt my bae wen i see her touch her kiss her soft lips s*** she make me rock rite now wachn her giv me a lil lap dance i cnt take it nomo

Ty:bae i need to fill u rite now

Mica: (smirks)

Well damn I wonder who dis b**** is
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Umm....really Ty! I can't f***ing believe that s***. Man thats not cool, we not cool no more.
Lol, me and my bae are freaks!!
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Tyga pov

So my date goin good like i new it would i no chris wondern who im wit bt it aint his biz all he need to no is mica ok wit it i was really liken dis dress big booty was wearn lol lil do she no it was cumn off tonite (bites lip) s*** i wnt her to take it off now lol

Tyga: so is u havn a good time tonite

F/v: yea i really am i cnt believe im on a date wit you tyga

Tyga: lol wel tonite im nt tyga im mike so how bout we go to the club dance a lil then head to my place for a nite cap

F/v: (blushs) that all sounds nice bt i hav to gt up early so i cnt

Tyga: (gabs waist) baby cum on ok how about u cum to my place n in the morning ill take u home (bites lip) (kiss lips)

F/v: ........

Chris pov

Im headed to rissa place n im horny as hell my bae betta nt ply me tonite i knock in the door but no answer i open the door n there was candles lit wen i made it to the room she was layn there wit nun but a lace bra n thong set on n my mans cj spranged up my bae jus didnt no wat she do to me

Rissa: (smiles) hi crissy pooh how was yo day baby

Chris: (bites lip) it was ok but even betta now

Rissa: lol cum hear baby but before u do strip for me

Chris: rissa no cum on bae i aint seen u n 2days

Rissa: (smirks) please care bear u gn hav me all tonite n morning

Chris: ugh ok

Rissa pov

As chris striped for me i new i was gn hav a good time tonite I hadnt had my bae n months im up here maken him suffer bt also myself n the end

Who you goin with Tyra who you goin with!!!
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Ty that better be Mica youbtalking about! Chris quit being horny nigga! Lol, Trey yo late as. The longer you take the longer he has to wait!
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SChris pov

We in the lab waitn on trey to gt his ass here dis nigga been mia for a min and top it of rissa wnted to ply n nt give it up bt i gt sumn for her ass wen i gt to her house so dis nigga trey need to cum on damn

Chris: bro wer he at

Ty:man s*** idk bt he need to cum on s*** i gt a date

Chris: a date a date wit who

Ty: lol who eles that big booty girl

Chris: wat.....

Trey: wat up niggas wat yal up to

YOuTy: s*** messn around wit sum music nigga wat u been up to u been mia n s***

Trey: s*** nun being a family man eva seens lex had the baby i been wkt them at her place she wnt move back n wit me

Chris: s*** dawg she cautions u pt her ass out last time

Trey: man i no bt i aint mean it wen i said it n now she mad at me again cus i gt mad at her cus she aint givn it up n its a struggle nt to hav it dis lng

Ty: lol u sound like u n chris shoes lol i guess the sisters r alike lol

Chris: lol man shut up u wer we at to mica aint givn it up

Ty: lol man wateva bt look ima hit yal up lata i gta go

Trey: wer he going

Chris: o he gt a date damn.....

Chris thoughts

Damn i forgt to ask that nigga who he was talkn bout f***ed around n gt cut off by trey
Wen he came in n didnt think to ask that nigga tyga crazy he betta nt be messn around on mica

Update tomorrow

Run it:)

Lex pov

Ok it been a min seens i talked to my sis or the other girls i been so busy wit the bby n trey that i havnt had time for nun else also seens i started my job back trey is a good daddy i havnt moved back n wit him so its like he live wit me cus he there everyday all day bi dnt mind thats my boo

Trey: bae u off today

Lex: yes i am and im goin ova my sissys place

Trey: naw bae i wnted to spend time wit u

Lex: trey i aint seen my sis n a while so im goin

Trey: man f*** it alrite(walks out)·

Lex: wat the hell

Trey pov

Now i no blown up like that was wrong bt im horny as hell and aint had my bae n a month and its killn im driven around to clear my head wen txt me sayn meet them at the studio so dats wer im headed

Nooo!!! Run it!!!! Its so close to Chris and Ty gettin some. They probably mad as hell. Oh, my CJ turned into a rock! I got something for I'm jk, or am I?
Run it!!

Should i keep runing this or dump it

I wnt n chris had me sit on his lap i was wondern why at first then i felt it my bae was horny as hell he was hard as a rock n it made me hot bt i couldnt tel or show him that bt chris aint slow he no me n he new doin that was gn gt me wet he i was soaked

Chris: bae i wnt u (whispered)

Rissa: (sexy smirk) (whispers) i want you to baby but we can't

Chris: why not

Rissa: ( smiles) cus u at work bae

Chris: o thats all you had to say ah ty im out

Rissa: lol no chris finish ur job work before play im wit you alday we hav lata to hav sum fun

Chris: (pout) but bae im nt gn be focus i wnt you now

Rissa: (the look) chris...

Chris: ok (pout) (looks at ty) i guess im stayn mommy said i cnt go ply yet i gt to finish my work

Ty : lol nigga u silly as hell lol cum on lets hurry n finish cus i wnt to go ply wit my mommy to lol

Chris: lol bro lets cus i aint plyed wit my mommy n a min

Rissa: lol smh yal r to much i swear

Chis pov:

Its been months seen i had sum of my bae smh why she doin me like this s*** and its gtn harder to control my erge for her i dnt want to push it on her bt i need her so bad she pose to cum see me today i gt to gt it together before she cum or ima jump on her ass rite then n there lol she ply to much man

Tyga: bro u ok look like rissa gt yo mind gone lol

Chris: lol man she do damn i jus.....

Rissa: o i gt yo mind gone chris how far gone (sexy smirk)

Tyga: lol hey rissa

Rissa: hey ty u cumn ova today so yo girl cn gt off my nerves lol

Ty: lol yea i miss my babys

Rissa pov

Chris had been stareing at me the whole time i was talkn to ty he had that look n his eyes the one i new o so well he always gave me that look bt i neva gav in lol

Rissa: bae why u lookn at me like that (smiles)

Chris:cum here

Rissa pov

Ok mica ima try n update tonite wen i gt off work

Please run it