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If You Loved Me

As i sit a think back to the months earlier tears fall and i lay in my room finding myself missn my love but wat he must learn is i dnt judge him for his past nore now bt the things i heard was true and it hurt like hell yet he dnt see it that way and thats why he made Dont Judge Me.......By the way my name is Rissa

A month earlier:

I was in class wen my sis lexi called me yes im in college i gt make sumn out my self cant depened on no nigga bt anyway back to the problem at hand

rissa: lexi wats up sissy you no im at school rite now

lexi:sissy I need to really talk to you its about chris..........

(run or dump)


Should i keep runing it

Update today more runs pls

Oohhh s***!!! Ty gettin it. Aye make it nasty!! Chris, you mad bro? Haha, I'm not. But don't be mad at me forever.
Run it

girls update cumn tomorrow

update soon u guys srry i been sick

Hahaha Ty trynna be a freak nasty

Run it sis :)

(mica pov)

I woke up still in ty arms my baby must'v was tired cus he was still slp wen he normally be the one up and waken me wit sum sexual thangs bt im nt gn do that ima check on the twins then cook n hit the shower


Damn i woke up n my bae wasnt in bed wit me bt i herd the shower runing and decited to join her and hav sum fun to it wnt hurt (make it nasty make it nasty drop drop drop drop n make it nasty) lol the things ima do to her n that showher

mike:(grabs waist n kisses neck)

mica:bae no stop i gt to hurry then gt the kids ready n take to take there pics then meet up wit the girls im already be hind my time i had set

mike: cum on bae please

mica: no bae i promise wen i gt bk im all urs n the kids gn be at yo ma house

mike: ok bae o and i gt sumn planed for u tonite

(rissa pov)

Chris is back n he still kinda mad cus he still aint had nun n thats cus my lil friend visited this week bt he'll gt ova it he dnt see me cryn ova it

I'm glad things are back on good terms. Wouldn't want out babies seeing us argue :)
Run it sis

Awwwwww!!!! Finally they got their s*** together. I thought I was going to have to kill Ty. Please I don't give a f***, dude or not. We can square up foreal foreal.
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(ty pov)

the kids was slping so now it was time for me to make things rite wit mica and check on her. I knocked on her door and gt no answer so i walked in and she was layn there in a ball hugn her pillow with her back facen the door i could tell she was still cryn so i gt n bed wit her and held her

ty: bae im srry for yelln at u its jus u nt trustn me hurted to no that u really thought i would choose a hoe ova u and my kids it made me mad at u bt i calmed down

mica:ty baby im so so srry (snifs)ijus dnt wnt to gt hurt again and wen u didnt check on me n the kids nomo (facen him)i thought u walked on us(cryn)

ty: bae (whips her tears)bae stop cryn (hugs her tight)im nt leaven yal you n them kids is my life dnt for gt that bae them pics u saw was old the media n chy jus wnted to stur up sum stuff (kiss her lips softly) i love u bae go to slp im nt goin no wer im here

mica:i love u more ty mwauh ok u promise to stay

ty:(smiles)yes baby foreva

(mike(tyga) pov)

I made it to my bae place in 20 mins i missed her so much and my kids cnt beleave my lil man said dada i hope my bbys up wen i gt in the house cus i wnt to hold n kiss them n hug them and her there mom that is

knock knock

mica:who is it

ty: its me bae open up

mica: hey ty the kids in there room

ty: ok bt cum here giv me summ love i missed u

mica: i missed u to ty

ty: (kiss mica lips)bae u dnt no how lng i been waitn to do dat (bits lip)

mica: mike stop come on so we cn talk n u cn c the kids

ty: o so now its back to mike now lol smh

mica: yea it is until i no wats up me n u is on hold

ty: smdh why u cnt f***N belive me mica u no wat f*** it im dn let me go gt my kids then im out

mica: (crying and runs to her room pts her head in her pillow)


I no me sayn wat i said was wrong bt mica hav to learn to trust me i havnt did nun bt love her im let her cool off then go talk to her rite now im bout to spend sum time wit our kids

Run it!

And Yall read my new story With or Without you!

Tramicia, your so mean!! Ty, I believe you. Chyna need to kick rocks and suck somebody else d***. I guess you had to mention the Hoe. It is almost Christmas.
Run it

Awwww I'm being so rude to poor Ty lol He been working hard & I'm giving him a hard time.

Run it sis

(mica pov)

so me n mike(tyga)hav been on the rocks and wit him being on tour is maken him mad cus wit me being mad at him he havnt been seeing the twins i want skype him n i no thats wrong bt him cheatn is wrong to n this the price he pay bt im nt gn hurt my kids like that caylen said dada for the first time n ty missed it cus of me n i fill bad for it so today ima call him and set up a skype wit him jus for the kids

ring ring ring

ty: hello

mica: hey mike

ty: (look at phone) bby wats wrong baby i miss yall i wnt to see yall

mica: aint nun wrong mike look i clled cus caylen said dada n i didnt cll n tel u so i wnted to no if u could skype tomorrow so they cn see u n u see them

ty: no mica i dnt wnt to skype i wnt to cum see my babys

mica: how u gn do dat wen u on tour

ty: i came in last nite bae i tried clln u to tell u bt u wouldnt answer

mica: ty im.....

ty: bae its ok i jus wnt every thing between us to be back good i love u mica i wnt my family bae

mica: u wasnt think bout yo family wen u been f***n dat b****

ty: wat b**** bae cus i aint f***ed nobdy i havnt had sex seens the last time me n u messed around n that was months ago n i been on that tip i miss u mica im nt cheatn n i havnt cheated bae i promise

mica: then y i keep seeing pics of u wit that b**** chy n hearing s*** im nt slow ty i no u

ty: bae i promise please jus let me c u tonite so we cn talk n ill tel u y u see those pics

mica: ty.......

ty: please bae (bits lip)

mica: ok

Lmao Rissa & Chris cray & damn what I'm mad for? Must be my woman intuition XD he better not be wit Chyna or his ass is in hella trouble! >:/

Run it sissy :)

I left my booskie!! Awww, he's gonna be tweakin! Ty and Mica need to get it together. I'm serious!
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ok u guess mica and ty is up next run it

2 weeks later
(rissa pov)

im so happy im home i loved being wit my baby on tour bt i was home sick i hadnt seen my cusn sis or besti in months and my lil babys ikeem,caylen,takiyha i missed them so much i hope there home wen i gt there i no i mite hv to go gt ikeem bt it dnt matter

i pull up to me n mica place and i saw her car there seens tyga been on tour her n him been on the rocky side the last time i talked to her i wlked in the house

rissa: mica im home

mica: (screams and givs hug) omg iv missed u cuzn

rissa: lol i missed u and my two lil cuties wer they at i wnt to kiss all ova they lil faces

mica: i jus put them to bed so riss u gt wait till they wake frm there nap

rissa: awww ok so wats up wit u n ty

mica: aint s*** up wit us

rissa: mica stop dat wats goin on y u so mad at him he on tour girl

mica: cuz riss u jus dnt no ty is a sneaky bastered and i no the reason y he aint check on us is cuz he wit tht b****

rissa: is u sure bout that cuz he could be jus workn

mica: naw im sure bt enuf bout me n him wat bout u lookn like u glown please tel me u prego lol

rissa: ok im prego

mica: u forreal omg yes yes yes i cnt wait

rissa: lol i was jus plyn im nt so u gon keep waitn lol

mica: lol u ply to much so wats up wit u and chris

rissa: o we good i had fun wit my bae bt missed yal to much he mad at me now

mica: lol y

rissa: lol cuz i wnted to cum home and he wnted me to stay and i told him no so he wlked out our hotel room n i packed my things and left

mica: wait wit out telln him bye

rissa: yup i tryed to tel him he aint wnt to hear wat i had to say so wen he cum home in two weeks he gn still be mad at me cuz gt to sex him crazy before i left to make it all betta lol

mica: smh yal crazy n ewww tmi lol i aint need to no that last part ol nasty freaks lol

rissa: we aint no nasty freaks

mica: dnt lie rissa lol

rissa: lol ok i am lien bt we jus sum freaks a lil nasty lol man i cnt help that im freak wen it cums to him he jus so sexy i gt turned all the way on (bits lip)damn i miss his big head self already

mica: lol smh see u being nasty rite now lol

rissa: lol shut up i need to cll my bae

ring ring ring

chris: wat rissa

rissa: i see u still mad at me

chris: mad at u no rissa im pissed

rissa: y wen i aint do nun i missed my family i wnted to cum home u the one that wanted to be selfish n nt wanted me to go n stormed off n wen i tryed to see u befor i left u wnted to be a ass a bout it n tel mijo to tel me to f*** off he aint even hav to tel me i heard u so its yo fault u aint see me befor i left so u no wat f*** YOU CHRIS (click)

mica: Damn u jus wnt n on my nigga and u hung up on him lol u no yo ass gtn whooped wen he gt back lol

rissa: lol shut up mica lol dis him clln back

mica: answer the phone riss

rissa: no

mica: smh


mica: hello

chris: hey mica how u

mica: hey chris im good how u

chris: im ok bt yo cuzn pissed me off and im horny lol

mica: ewwww i did nt need to no that here she go

rissa: wat he say

mica: he said u pissed him off n that he horny lol

rissa: smh, chris wat im nt bout to argu wit u ok

chris: u hurt me bae i no i was being stubbrn and selfish im srry bt me nt seeing u befor u left realy hurt me i miss u and i wnt u im horny as hell rite now all cus u aint wnt to do it in the morning :-(

riss: lol chrissy pooh u nt pose to be wntn me rite now ur mad lol bt i miss u to baby

chris: naw dnt chrissy pooh me i am mad mad dat i couldnt pt it down befor u left now i gt to go two weeks wit out u

rissa: lol ok im srry to bae for nt givn u none in the morning bt i was tired if it helps u any im horny to (bites lip) i cnt wait to see u in two weeks

chris: me either bae so be ready

rissa: for wat

chris: "ima put it down u gn fall in love"lol

rissa: lol bt im already in love

mica: awww gt yal mushy asses off the phone lol

riss/chris: lol

chris: tel her i said shut up

rissa: lol mica chris said shut up

mica: lol no

rissa: lol wel bae im cll u wen i wake up frm my nap cus im tired

chris: ok i love you
rissa: i love you more

lol yal silly update soon yal jus hav to wait and see

You right he DID lay it down
But did he put on a condom?!???
Ooooooooo weeeeeee I smell PREGO in the air
Run it sis

My nigga laid it down!! Lol, real nigga all day and tomorrow!! I was thinking the same thing Bre.
Run it

Run it!
But my question is!
Did Keem wrap it up?

bre pov)

I woke up still in my bae arms the next day i gt up checked on our son he was stil slp jus like his daddy so i took ashower and started to make breakfast bt be for i did i wrote keem a lil poem to make him smile


" Can you fall a sleep between my thighs at nite and awake to me in the sunlite to find the source of your flame dats burning deep in your soul to ur sex he crave my attention to stitesfy his need of life". -short srry im ttired frm work

(bre pov)continued:

As i straddled my bae lap i felt him rise to his full length i could fill him wntn to be let free his sweet touch to my skin sent a chill up my back i hadnt felt like dis in a while my mind was so clouded i neva new keem fliped me and was maken his way down my bdy kissn every inch til he reached his prize he been wntn
he kissed my lips and to hear his fav sound my sweet soft moan

bre: keem (moan) stop teasn me bae

keem:(smirks) u wnt more bae u wnt me to please u

bre: yes keem now stop playn :-(

keem: :-) ok bae

(keem pov)

I loved teasn my bae before we made love cus she always gt mad wen i wait to hear her moan bt it was cute and sexy bt be for she could finish wat she was sayn i wnt in for my meal i licked and sucked her pussy til i felt her bout to cum and stoped and jus wen she gt mad and was about to scream at me i wnt in again and she sceamed my name my bae started to shake n i new she was there once again i wnted er to cum she needed to release bt she was holdn back on me

keem: bae cum for me i promise its gn fill good

bre:(moans)no keem it fill to good i cnt

keem: its gn fill even betta wen u cum bae cum for me

My boo couldnt take it no more a came for daddy and came hard she was shakn still frm my skills lol bt i wasnt dn wit her yet i licked every inch of her juices up by this time i was rock hard and ready as i wnt in i had to stop and control myself my bae was so warm and tight i was bout to explode befor i new it i was deep strokn her and she was moaning like crazy my bae was filln so good

keem: bae wat u doin

bre: its my turn (smirks)

Befor i could gt my words out she was on top riden me good as hell had me moaning and shakn a lil i was gtn to my point n she new it

bre: dnt cum keem wait for me bae im almost there

keem: bre i cnt ( awww s***) bae u fill so good damn im cumn

bre: me to (screams)

i couldnt wait no lnger i needed to let it out and i did soon after so did my bae and calapsed on top of me out of breath
dat was to good i wnted more bt it would hav to wait til morning i wraped us in the cover and fell to slp wit my bae in my arms

I'm so happy for Trey & Lexi! I'm gonna be an Aunty...AGAIN!!! XD this is the baby boom lol
All the guys going on tour
Keem bout to go half on a baby
Run it!

Oh s***!! Keem bout to put the mack down on Bre! Throw it back! Lol He wanna sex you, till fall fast asleep, in the bedroom! Lemme stop. Lol
Run it


being prego is very tireing im ready for baby to be here healthy and cute i love this lil person inside me everyone wnt to no wat im havn bt i hav yet to tel anyone cus i wnt ti to be a suprise my sis is gone be real happy wen i hav the bby trey so happy im havn his bby so it dnt even matter to him wat im havn lol my bae on the road now and im missn him sumn crazy bt that cums wit havn a bby n being engaged to Trey Songz


lex: so sis i hav sumn to tel n ask u

rissa: ok wats that

lex: will u be my maid of honor

rissa: wait wat lex omg (screams) awww sissy yes im so happy for u wen did he ask

lex: (smiles) before he went on tour i jus didnt giv him a answer til yesterday cus i needed to no tht he was forreal

rissa: omg im so happy for u im bout to be a aunt to a niece n my sissy gtn married

lex: rissa how did u no lol

rissa: lol cus i no my sis u tryed to be slick n hide the bby stuff bt i saw it

lex: lol ok promise nt to tel no one

rissa: lol ok bt u did tel trey didnt u

lex: no lol

rissa: lol sissy u gt to tel him

lex: i am today wen i tlk to him

rissa: ok wel i gt to go ill be home soon i cnt wait to c yal

lex: ok lata n we miss u lots

(keem pov)

My bae stay pushn me soon ima say f*** it and f*** the s*** out of her ima f*** her so good she gone be my girl she cnt be plyn wit a man n his d*** like dat really wen he horny as f*** and aint had nun in months now i gt out the shower n she layn ass naked in the bed under the covers didnt no til i pulled the covers back to gt in the bed smh she jus aint gn learn til i teach her

keem: bre pt sumn on bae please

bre: y u dnt like how i look

keem: bre i love the way u look bae to be honest rite now i want to f*** u silly bae i wnt to make love to u til the sun ccum up bt only wen u ready and i dnt think u is

bre: keem (looks dead in his eyes) im ready (climbs on top of him) (kiss)

keem: (moans) damn bae is u sure

bre: (shake head) yes now love me til the sun cum up

keem:(smiles) no prob baby

(bre prov)

I wanted keem so bad and my urges wasnt maken it no betta so i was gone gt sum frm my bae tonite i climbed on keem and kissed his soft sweet sexy lips and melted.......continue wen i gt off work srry girls

up date soon

Bre better give it up!!!! Teasing that man like that. Lol Keem stay strong my nigga!
Run it