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If You Loved Me

As i sit a think back to the months earlier tears fall and i lay in my room finding myself missn my love but wat he must learn is i dnt judge him for his past nore now bt the things i heard was true and it hurt like hell yet he dnt see it that way and thats why he made Dont Judge Me.......By the way my name is Rissa

A month earlier:

I was in class wen my sis lexi called me yes im in college i gt make sumn out my self cant depened on no nigga bt anyway back to the problem at hand

rissa: lexi wats up sissy you no im at school rite now

lexi:sissy I need to really talk to you its about chris..........

(run or dump)


Lmfai she know she wrong fr reason that man XD
Run it sis!

keem: ok bt i really need sum slp

bre: bt im nt ready to slp cn u please stay up wit me a lil longer

keem: ok ill stay up

bre: yay (grabs hand start walkn)

keem: bae wer we going

bre: (smirks) to my room silly

(keem thoughts): damn (bites lip) why she doin dis to me im tryn to keep my cool but she maken it hard i really wnt to tear up in that ass i wnt her bad its taken every thing in me nt to giv in to my urges my d*** is speakn loud and clear of wat it wnt its ben months seens i been in her n im missn her fill

keem: ok bae im meet u in there i need to gt in the shower

bre: (shaken her head) bae u cn take it in my room

keem: (bites lip) s*** ok

bre: (smirks)lol cum on silly ill gt u all u need


my bae was really pushn me i cnt take it i needed a cold shower fast i been being the good guy she loved and wanted and i plan to stay that way i cnt go with out her in my life again it was hard for me then and it would be hard for me now if she was to leave me

bre: bae wats taken u so lng cum on

keem: bae here i cum was (bites lip) (looks to the heavens) y me

bre: (smirks) u like wat u see

Awwwww they gettin all lovey run it sis :)

lol yal sill but up date prob wen i gt back in a min if not then tonite

Lol @Bre you know you wanna have sex with Keem, s*** I know! Lol jk I hope they have sex!
Run it

Run it!
Omg!Whats gone happen!
Hopefully no sex!


so keem gn stay ova and so far its good we are wachn tv chilln cuddlen enjoyn each other company him holdn me was maken me fill sum kind of way his touch always set me on fire my womanly parts was yarning for his attention i had to move before i jumped on him and noing he felt the same wasnt helpn one bit i felt every inch of him threw his bball shorts (bites lip)

bre: um keem im bout to go get sumn to drink would u like sumn

keem thoughts: yea you baby all nite lng for todays (bites lip)

keem: o um naw im good

bre: ok


my bae was killn me rite now i wnted her bad them shorts she had on was driven me crazy i was wood seens i steped in her place them shorts had her ass sitn rite i want to hit that tonite bt i no she aint down wit it and i no we hav to work on us bt i dnt no how lng i can go with out maken love to her the fill of her hav me spening fening for more each time i tast or fill her damn i need a cold ass shower f*** dis movie

keem: a bae um im bout to go take a shower then go lay down

bre: ok bt we aint finsh the movie doe

keem: i no bae bt i really need to go lay down

bre: ok wel can i gt a good nite kiss

keem: ok jus a lil one

bre: lol keem i dnt wnt a lil one i wnt a real one

I agree its good shed taking things slow instead of rushing cause she dont wanna rush right back into a heartbreak run it sis :)

Yes taking your time and not rushing will equal a healthy relationship, sometimes. Lol


ok its been sum weeks seens me n keem had our talk we nt back together bt we workn on it its hard bt im willing to work on it so we hav a date dis weekend and im nerves even doe he been cumn ova spendn time wit me n his son its kinda diff keem keep askn me if he can spend the nite wit me n bby keem bt i dnt think that would be good rite now

(txt msg)

keem: hey bae i miss u n lil man can i cum see yal to nite

bre: keem u no he go to slp at his bed time im nt bout to keep him up pass it u gn hav to see him tomorrow

keem: bae pleas let me cum tonite u dnt hav to keep him up and i wnt to c u to im missn u bae i jus wnt to hold u

bre: keem no u no i dnt wnt u stayn the nite we nt ready for that rite now we still workn on us lets nt mess dat up by complicaten things

keem: bae it nt i promise i wnt try nun, do nun ill even slp in our son room i jus wnt to stay the nite wit yal

bre: :-\

keem: please :-(

bre: (sighs) ok keem

keem: yes ok bae im on my way cnt wait to see u

bre: me either big head

keem: :-) I love you bae

bre: :-):-*


i couldnt tel keem i loved him even doe i do he has to learn he cnt always hav wat he wnt he has to no im forreal bout us taken it slow one step at a time

lol ok im back bout to start writn i gt to catch up on both my storys srry for the wait bt im on it

-Runs around house naked- IM SO HAPPY!!! I thought you dropped us for a second. But don't worry bout us go on take care of things child. Lmfao I sounded like somebody's grandma. Oh I need to stop smoking but my son isn't home and I'm lonely as hell. Oh God I need help, I'm venting on here like I got issues. Sorry! Aye act a fool OHHHOHHOHH!Why am I listening to Travis Porter. I need Jesus!
Run it boo!

tyga (pov)

I no me taken my space frm mica was wrong really now that we hav twins i love my babies n i love the woman that helped make them bt stressed i needed to breath a lil i havnt ceated on my bae she has no worrys im hers n hers only

tyga: hey bae

mica: tyga wer the f*** hav u been u do hav kids u no that need to c u

ty: bae i no im srry work hav had me nt being able to do nun n i needed sum time alone bt i promise bae i aint leave u n the kids yal my world i wnt to cum see yal today bae i miss yal

mica: u no wat ty i dnt care jus be here for yo kids dnt worry bout me cus im nt stupit yea u cn cum see yo kids today lata ty

ty: mica baby dnt be like dat wait bae im srry i havnt called you bt i promise bae i aint been wit no one havnt did nun i jus been workn and clearn my head dnt dis to us bae i wnt to be wit u

mica: wateva ty lata

ty:(smack teeth)man ok bae lata love you lots bae dnt forget that

mica: click........


being prego aint no joke this morning sickness been kickn my ass and my bae gn on tour so he cnt stooth me im missn him i cnt wait till he gt back i cnt wait til this part of my pregnacy is ova bt i love my baby already more than eva i cnt to see wat it is

rissa: beging on tour wit chris is wonderful bt i will have to leave him soon and thats the hard part cus i really dnt wnt to leave and i no he nt gn wnt me to either my bae gn throw a fit cus he nt gn beable to gt wat he wnt

srry ladies its short sumn came up bt dnt worry more cumn in a min

I know she don't wanna be separated from her man. And tyga wtf boy?!?!? I bet he with that chyna b**** again tsk tsk some niggas never learn.
Run it sis :)


I had a real good time wit chris last nite he showed my body the loven it needed frm him he gone be goin back on tour soon for two months so im not gone see him ima miss him like crazy s*** the d*** to idk if i cn go dat lng wit out him


s*** im still tired frm last nite my bae made sure i gt enuf of her good good to last me on the road for a while thing is it want cus ima miss her to much and doing the things she did last nite make me not even wnt to go she got a nigga addicted now all ima wnt after every show is her this s*** gone be hard all i want is her wit me on this tour ima see if she will cum wit me

chris: bae please say u will

rissa: say i will to wat chris

chris: that u'll cum wit me on tour idk if i can go on tour again for those many months wit out u again

rissa: awww baby i dnt think i can either ima miss u to much yea i'll go we gn be on break bt wen classes start back up ima hav to cum back

chris: :-( ok ill take that,I love you so much rissa baby

rissa: and i love you to chrissy pooh lol

chris: lol bae cum on now chrissy pooh no nt a nick name im liken lol

rissa: so wat only i cn cll u dat and u answer


the twins has been wearing me out but i love they lil selfs ty been gn on tour and its been hard for the pass few days he havnt been answern my clls or checked on the twins its pissn me off

Run it!

up date today

@Tramicia HELL YEAH!! We can start off on this flo end up on that bed! Lol
Run it

up date wen i gt off work

XD run it :D


i had been tryn to gt back on my bae good side seens earlyer wen i pt my self in a whole wit her she been upset wit me all day i love dat girl i love her mad face its the cutes lol bt damn im horny as hell n she aint maken it no betta wearn wat she wearn to bed damn man smh

chris: bae (rubn rissa leg)im srry for earlyer i didnt realy mean wat i was sayn (kiss neck)

rissa: chris bae cum on now im slpy stop i been for gave u bae

rissa (pov)

my bae was maken dis hard for me i wanted to jump him rite then but i needed my slp cus im wachn the twins tomorrow for mica n him rubn my leg n kissn my neck is maken it hard for me my bae jus dnt no im horny as hell damn

chris: bae cum here stop runing frm me bae i wnt u n my arms cum here rissa

rissa: chris im tryn to slp n you wnt let me so no

chris: ok ill stop cum here i gt sumn to tel u bae

rissa: ok wat

chris: bae im horny (bits lip)

rissa: i am to chris bt i hav to gt up wit the kids soon

chris: (smirks bit lip)bae ima help u go to slp (kiss lips)

rissa: (moans)

He really thought I would cheat on him, smh. Aww Lex is prego!!!!
Run it

Lol Chris a mess & lex girl you BETTA tell him he bout to be a daddy. Cause you don't know if he's ready are not, talk it out.
Run it!

chris (pov)

I had jus pulled up to my bae house couldnt wait to hold her so i gt to the door and a guy was walkn out and rissa stood there she wasnt even shooked that i caught her cheatn i was so pissed i needed to leave for i did sumn dat wouldnt hav been so nice

rissa: baby hey wats up

chris: wats up is y u gt niggas cum out yo crib

rissa: bae dats jus my homie n he was here for my home girl wait chris did u think i was cheatn on you

chris: bae no

rissa: yea u did chris smh


i wnt to the doc and they told me wat i already new yea im prego but i dnt think im ready doe this is to much for me and i hav to tel trey bt i cant cus he on tour and i cant gt in contact wit him

srry its short guys ima write more today wen i gt off

lol rissa u silly lol

At first I had a slow moment, like who is CJ? Then I caught on. Aww Keem and Bre are together!!!!!!!
Run it

That's the first step to recovery, forgiveness :)
Run it

Run it!
That chapter made me smile!


i been busy workn on my music all week and havnt seen my bae and im missn her like crazy and cj wantn sum attention frm his mommy lol i swear wen i gt her aln its on im work her cuss im missn her fill

chris: hey bae

rissa: o my god (scream ) bae wat you doin here

chris: we aint hav to record today

rissa: o ok bae i missed u so much giv me kiss

chris: bae i missed u to alot i need u (look sudectively at rissa)

rissa: (smile) no chris lol we cnt

chris: yea we cn bae cum on i miss yo tast

rissa: chris......(moans)


im miss bre sumn crazy even doe this time im spendn wit my son is the best i would love to be wit his mom to i love her so much it hurt to no she seeing sumone else i aint liken that s*** one bit i no wen she asked me to wach our son while she wnt on her date it was the rite thang to do bt as im sitn here wit my son waitn for his mommy to gt back i fill like fightn the dude she my lady and ima make that s*** none


i had fun wit my boo today bt its time to go home to my baby i no my lil man miss me cus im missn himas we pulled up to the house i was kinda worried bout my boo walkn me to the door cus it was sumn bout keem that aint sit wit me rite so i gav my boo a kiss and wnt in the house

keem: so u kissn niggas now

bre: keem dnt start wit me ok i had a good nite so far dnt f*** it up for me

keem: ok bre i aint gn f*** nun else up for u im out our son is slp u dnt hav to worry bout me eva again only contact we will hav is wen its dealn wit our son bye bre

bre (thoughts)

This not wat i wnted i love keem but he hurt me more than once its hard to trust him if we gt back together its nt gn be that easy to for give (sighs)

bre: keem stop wait

keem: why bre (he yelled)

bre: look keem dnt yell at me and our son is slp dnt wake him up i jus want to talk dats it

keem: ok wat bre

bre: (looks down) look keem i love you i do and i would like to work things out wit you bt its hard for me...

keem: (walks to bre grabs waist lift chin) to forgive me bae

bre: (shake head no) its nt that keem becus i forgive you its jus hard for me to trust you keem u hurt me bad nt only did u cheat on me u left me and ur son to be wit a b**** u didnt love how cn i trust that u wnt do that again

keem: i no bae and im very srry for that bt i promise neva to do dat again i dnt eva wnt to lose u n my son again that was the most painful thing eva(kiss her lips)

Girl dont worry you know Trey gon take care of you & if your unborn child :)