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If You Loved Me

As i sit a think back to the months earlier tears fall and i lay in my room finding myself missn my love but wat he must learn is i dnt judge him for his past nore now bt the things i heard was true and it hurt like hell yet he dnt see it that way and thats why he made Dont Judge Me.......By the way my name is Rissa

A month earlier:

I was in class wen my sis lexi called me yes im in college i gt make sumn out my self cant depened on no nigga bt anyway back to the problem at hand

rissa: lexi wats up sissy you no im at school rite now

lexi:sissy I need to really talk to you its about chris..........

(run or dump)


Run it!

lex (pov)

Iv been filln a different way lately jus being to my self like today im at how gn wash my hair n make me sum dinner and jus chill
i hav been sendn trey to vmail i no sooner than lata he gn pop up bt rite now i jus want to be to myself i no ima hav to call my sis n talk to her bout this



lex: hey sissy

rissa: lex omg wer u been sissy trey been blown my phone up lookn for you is you ok wats wrong

lex: rissa i aint been filln like my self i need you n the girls to cum ova for a while

rissa: ok im bout to call them

trey (pov)

damn wer is my bae i no i aint do nun to upset her im bout to go by her house n check on her cus im worried now this nt like her really wen its close to the time i hav to go on tour

lex: who is it

trey: bae open the door

lex: sighs hold on

trey: bae wats up wat did i do to make you nt wnt to be around me befor i go on tour

lex: im srry baby i jus been filln sick n nt wantn to be around no one bae we mit be parents sooner than we planed for i clled the girls to talk to them bout it and help me wit the test i was gn call you wen i font out if i was

trey: so you telln me you been dougn me cus u think u prego

lex: no baby i havnt been dougn u at all i jus been wntn to be to myself i didnt want you to see me how i been and i new if u was around me we would end up arguen cus I'v been being moody dats why i havnt answered the phone to no one

trey: bae cum here

lex: yes

trey: I love you

lex: i love you to bae can you stay wit me tonite

trey: yea qnything for you (kiss lips)

Little Trey and Little Lex would be fun, especially a Little Lex. Keem you better work it out boy!
Run it

Awwww Tre want babies ^-^ they baby gone be cute!
And Keem trynna fix his mistakes, I respect that
Run it sis :D


I was chilln at home wen my phone rang it was trey telln me he was at the door it was his free day so we gone spend sum time together i love that man even doe he gt on my nerves lol

trey:hey bae(kisses lips)

lex: wats up how was work yesterday

trey: it was ok bt could hav ben betta

lex: awww bae

trey: yea its betta now seens im wit you

lex: awww ur the sweets at times(wraps arms around trey neck)(pecks lips)

trey: bae i love you and i want my first kids by you

bre (pov)

its been a month seens me and keem hav wnt our own way and at first it was hard but as the days wnt on it gt easyer now for sum reason dude been tryn to get back in im nt gone lie he hav been doin good by his son he gts him every weekend and my baby gtn so big he the cuties baby even doe he look jus like his big head daddy dat get on my nerves i still love him he my world

bre: cum on I'keem lets gt u ready for daddy sweety daddy be here soon to gt you. you miss u daddy dnt you

keem: yea he do n his daddy missed him to bt his daddy misses his mommy to i wish she talk to me (grabs bre)

bre: let me go keem( tryn to gt away)

keem: no bae talk to me i no i messed up bt i needed time to clear my head n put things in order bae i wnt you i wnt to be wit you n my son i need the both of you wit me in my life i love you bre and im nt gone giv up on you or us as a family (lift bre chin and pecks lips) is our son ready to go wit daddy

bre: (shakn head yea )he ready. by I'keem i love you son mommy gn miss you (kisses lil keem)

keem: is mommy gn miss daddy as much as he gn miss her

bre: um yea ima miss u keem

Run it Teek!

Run it Teek!

Awwwww I love those names ^-^

lol srry guys i mixed up the bby names but yea mica u had twins heres the baby names

mica babys

girl: takiyah
boy: caylen

bre baby

boy: I'keem

srry guys bt update soon

Lol, Hell yea!!!

I know we gon WWF his ass!!! XD

Yayy!! Me and my booskie's back!! @Tramicia lol he'll come around if not imma beat his motherf***ing ass!!
Run it

Damn I had 2 babies :D lol
I'm so glad Rissa & Chris back on they grind. ^-^
I loe these couples & laith f*** you!!!
Run it sis :)))

months lata


its been sum weeks seens i realy been talkn to chris i been busy wit school n we aint been on good terms seens he put his hand n the wall and frm wat i hear my chrissy pooh aint been his self seens we aint been hangn together they say he want go no wer or he aint been eatn so im bout to check on him

at chris house

dawg gt up gt out the bed its been a week dawg cum on mijo said

chris: man leave me alone i dnt fill like getn up

mijo: chris man u gt to talk to her if she gt you like this man u cant keep goin like this wit out eatn


chris: man who dat now man mijo go open the door

mijo: smh

mijo: who is it

f/v: its me mijo open the door its cold

mijo: o ok girl hold on lol

f/v: mijo u ply to much(push mijo)i told u i was cold

mijo: lol im srry rissa bt im glad u here cus maybe now u cn try n gt him out of bed

rissa: ugh ok

chris: mijo who was that

rissa: its me bae now why is u still n bed n they told me you aint been eatn wats goin on chris

chris:=-0 baby o_0 bae wat u doin here dnt u gt class today

rissa: yes i hav class today bt i didnt go cus i was worryed bout you the guys clled me n told me wat was goin on they worryed to chris baby why u aint been eatn or getn out the bedchris is this all cus we aint been talkn like dat

chris: bae im good i dnt no why the guys clled u, u should be n class bae

rissa: bae answer me is this cus we aint been on talkn terms n dnt lie bae i cn tel u aint been good look at u i no why the guys was worried

chris: (looks down) yea bae i been missn u like crazy n u nt answern my calls n nt havn u n my arms jus broke me i love you rissa n the way u been pushn me i felt like you aint wnt me nomo n it hurtlike hell

rissa: bae i miss u to i jus been busy wit school dats all i love you to chrissy pooh i wasnt pushn u bae i was jus focus on school ima always wnt you bae, ok look im bout to go make u sumn to eat while im doin that u go take a shower put sumn on then we can spend the whole day together playn games wachn movies cuddlen

chris: awww baby(grabs waist n pecks lips)i would love that ur the best for me love you so is it jus gn be me n u or everybdy else

rissa: it cn be jus us or we cn cll the crew bt thang is bre n keem aint talkn he did sum s*** n now she aint tryn to talk to him he stay tryn to talk to her bt she aint havn it only time she say sumn to him is wen its bout his son and it gt him heated to he stay clln me like "rissa please talk to yo friend i love her i wnt to be a family" i try to talk to her bt it jus aint workn n i no she hurtn bae n i dnt no wat to do

chris: damn i aint no they was hav probs ima cll my homei if he good

mica (pov)

im home alone wit the baby rissa at chris taken care of him n ty workn im missn my bae doe bt im bout to lay here wit my baby i'keem n ply wit his silly self

mica: hello

tyga: hey bae wat you n my lil man doin

mica: missn daddy layn here bord

ty: awww bae im here ima unbore you

mica: aint you workn

ty: no we done for the day

Oh really Ty just fell asleep. OH KEEM BABY YOU HAD 9 f***ING MONTHS TO GET THAT s*** RIGHT, you got Bre f***ed up!! tHEN YOU GON f*** ONE OVER MY NEPHEW b**** that's yo ass right there.WARNING: b**** YOU ARE IN A DANGER ZONE, he just tried my nephew life with that one~
Run it

Ikr he dont want me to have to cut his ass & somebody gotta bail me out of jail for attempted murder up in this biotch!!!!!!!!

Ikr he dont want me to have to cut his ass & somebody gotta bail me out of jail for attempted murder up in this biotch!!!!!!!!

f*** keem with his lil hoe ass!
b**** i just layed there and had OUR son!
Now you f***ing telling some other bicth (in that order) got time!
f*** him!
With his light skinned ass!
Green eyes having ass nigga!
Run it Teek!

lol mica u crazy gn burn the house while he in it lol

LMFAO really Ty?!?! Just when I was bout to get some cud cud U wanna fall asleep XD
Keem u no u know BETTA! I doubt your gonna worry about yo son when u in another b**** bed.
I don't blame Bree for being calm, but if that was me....homie would've burned down with the damn house.
Run it :)

bre (pov)

Me and keem hav been good at least i thought we wer but i hav noticedd my bae been real distant seen our son I'keem been born he barely want to hold his son lately i need answers so cum to nite while we'r goin to hav a lil talk cus my baby wnt his daddy he cry for him sum times keem betta act like he no who i am n top plyn


I love my little girl so much she the sweetest lil baby she my everythang and her mom to even doe she gt on my nerves sum times thats my boo lol man i no she been doin alot lately seens our baby girl came and i havnt helped her much due tome workn wit chris on fan of a fan 2 so ima giv my bae a break and send her to the spa tomorrow she deserve it more than eva and ima take her on a date i havnt spent time wit her alone in a while its time i spoil my bae i already spoil my baby girl dats why my bae always mad st me lol cus my sweetie always want her daddy

tyga: bae who you on the phone wit

mica: dange nosie if u must no im on the phone wit bre

tyga: o tel her you gone cll her back cus yo man home lol

mica: lol no

bre: lol tel his ass to go lay down or go ply wit cayli u busy rite now he gt to wait to gt sum pussy lol

tyga: lol man shut up bre damn


mica: lol look bre ima hit you back tomorrow ima spend sum time wit ty while i can cus you no they gt to go soon again

bre: alrite girl o i for gt to ask is chris ok

mica: o girl yea he good his hand aint broke bt he was close to breakn it he sranged it real bad so he gt to keep it wraped

bre: o ok wel lata girl

mica: ok (click)

mica: ok ty wats up(looks ova at ty)


my bae must of been tired cus he zzzzzz'n like its no tomorrow lol i love that man bt i wish he will spend mo time wit me and the baby she be missn he daddy s*** i be missn her daddy to let me check on my baby girl before i go to slp


I walked in the house late as hell thinkn bre would be slp jus my luck her ass wasnt i didnt fill like explain wer i was at cus she was gone be mad bt i gt to face her so it mine as well be now

keem: hey bre wats up why u still up

bre:( looks crazy at him) um hey n nun i jus gt off the phone wit mica

keem: o ok wel im bout to gt n the shower n go to slp

bre: ok but we need to talk keem

keem: yea you rite bre

bre: look keem i dnt no wats been up wit you lately but you havnt spent no time wit yo son or even picked him up like i dnt care if you dnt spend time wit me but yo son is a baby n he need his dad rather u like it or nt ur a father now things hav changed n all this late nite s*** gt to stop you think i dnt no keem i see it s*** i fill it ur distant ur nt filln me rite so ima do u one betta n gt my on place i see ur tlkn to sum one else

keem: bre its nt like that look you dnt hav to move out u cn stay here ill go sum wer sweetie ima always fill u its jus i guess everything thats goin on jus got to me n seens you had our son u havnt had time for me n she hav bt i love you bre u and our son i wnt to be wit yall bt i jus need sum time to clear my head bae but i promise ima spend more time wit my lil man im srry if i hurt u bae jus giv me sum time

bre: (smirks) lol time keem rite you good doe boo bt aint no if to this wen i move on dnt be suprised cus i dnt gt time for ur games lol i wasnt there for you is u f***n kidding me lol smh bt you no wat i hope u hav fun wit yo lil b****

Nigga you got me all the way f***ed up!! I mean you can hang alone with yo OLD b****ES, but i can't hang with one of my niggas!! Really, Okay? Who punches the wall? That s*** is in movies, oohhhh you are really just ughhh!! I mad at him.
Run it

I know rigt Bre, I don't wanna go through that with my baby Tyga again.

Chris is irritating!
Foreal though!
This nigga problem broke his hand and s***!
I hope me a Keem not going through nothing!
Run it Teek!

Now Reading...! BRB

Lol damn Chris nigga u prolly broke to hand :O
They just need to talk it out
Run it!!! :)

chris (pov)

I havnt seen my bae in weeks i been workn bout also its cus of the things i no she hearded i dnt fill like arguen wit her so i been distant but as i think bout it my bae aint called me and im missn her i want to hold her and i aint had nun in sum weeks and im wantn it bad

txt msg

chris: hey bae i miss you

rissa: hi chris

chris:bae wats wrong i clled you yet u aint answer

rissa: ........................

chris; so thats wer we at now

rissa: chris dnt start wit me ok u brung dis on yoself

chris: bae im srry please i dnt want to argue i love you and i miss you baby can you come ova so i can see u please

rissa: naw you good anyway im chilln wit one of my friends frm school and im sure u chilln wit riri

chris: ( getn mad )man rissa who you got ova there dnt ply wit me

rissa: um im nt plyn and i told you sum one frm school s*** cll up riri or kae s*** you been doin that lately anyway thinkn u doin sumn wit out me noing lol smh lata chris


rissa: WHO THE f*** IS YOU YELLN AT LIKE THAT look chris i dnt care no mo lata (click)

chris (pov)

is you f***n kidding me man naw s*** aint bout to go done like that wat the f*** rissa thinkn naw i wnt no nigga along wit my girl wen im nt there man this girl gone make me hurt sumone man im bout to go ova there s*** i no i was wrong but i aint do nun wit them man (grabs keys)


ugh chris jus gt on my nerves wat the f*** he thought smh i dnt no if i can do dis he doin way to much and think he can jus get away wit the s*** i really want to slap the s*** out of his ass dnt try n play me cus yo ass gone gt played i no this that nigga at the door

chris: who the f*** u got in this house rissa

rissa: lol now you want to show up n act like my man smh (walks off go sit on the cuoch) anywways hello to u to chris how was yo weeks wit yo exs

chris:(looks at her wit anger)rissa dnt do dat s*** cus you no i aint do nun wit them so stop tripn yes i was wrong im srry bae i atmit that i should hav called you nt them i no you mad i would to if you did dat to me (grabs n slide her on his lap)baby i love you im wit you nt them and i promise neva to do that again and ima stay away frm them bae jus dnt be mad at me please (kiss neck)

rissa: chris u nt gtn off so easy hun so if you would excuse me im bout to hav one of my homies cum ova he want to hang wit me seens he been busy and aint seen me in a while

chris: rissa stop that s*** cus you pissn me off you nt being aln wit no nigga you gt me f***ed up

rissa: no chris you gt yoself f***ed up deal wit it

chris: (got real mad punched the wall) o s*** f***( fall screamn in pain)

rissa: =-o omg chris is you ok bae why did u do that yo hand mit be broke now smh f*** chris (tear)

chris: bae dnt cry ok im good (whip tear away)bae im srry i was jus so upset i didnt want to scare you cum here(hugs her,kiss)

rissa: (sniffs) u didnt scare me i jus dnt like u being hurt now i gt to take u to the hospital

chris: bae no you dnt im ok (whince in pain) f***

rissa: see u nt ok cum on big head (kiss his lips ) i love you chris now let me take care of u

chris ok bae and i love you to

Aww me and tram had are babies!
I know rissa betrayed be spoiling them cause I'm damn sho not doing it!
Lol jp!
But aww!
Lexi might as well be next!
Run it teek!

update wen i gt off work

@Tramicia girl please imma spoil her, but im aint doing s*** that has to do with s*** or piss, just letting yall know!