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If You Loved Me

As i sit a think back to the months earlier tears fall and i lay in my room finding myself missn my love but wat he must learn is i dnt judge him for his past nore now bt the things i heard was true and it hurt like hell yet he dnt see it that way and thats why he made Dont Judge Me.......By the way my name is Rissa

A month earlier:

I was in class wen my sis lexi called me yes im in college i gt make sumn out my self cant depened on no nigga bt anyway back to the problem at hand

rissa: lexi wats up sissy you no im at school rite now

lexi:sissy I need to really talk to you its about chris..........

(run or dump)


Lol Aunty Rissa :D now you know you gonna be helping change her diapers right?? XD
Ooooooo trey & Lexi being grown. Trey DEFINITELY trynna make a baby! Like R Kelly sung: girl you make me wanna get you pregnant, lay your body down and get you pregnant, girl you make me wanna get you pregnant lol run it :)

Awww, my babies here!!! Imma spoil them to death, until they get tired of me! Hell yeah, finally Lexi gave it up, s*** OMFG i couldn't go that long without my boo!
Run it

lex (pov)

trey really thought he was off the hook lol lil do dis nigga no he far frm it nt only is the b**** he came to the party wit is at his house he f***ed the hoe before he came here i aint stupit ugh he gt on my got damn nerves why did i fall in love wit a nigga that dnt giv a f*** smh now i gt to deal

lex: trey no ur drunk and we aint on good terms like that chill hunny we aint doin nun

trey: bae im nt drunk i jus want you so bad i missed you cum on stop plyn and giv me wats mines

lex: no trey you is drunk im nt plyn ur nt gtn nun and giv me yo keys. thank you. im nt bout to let you drive drunk so either u can go n the guess room or u cn stay rite here on the coch

trey: why i cnt lay wit you in yo bed

lex: ugh trey why you makn dis so difficult

trey: im nt jus please bae i jus wnt to be in yo arms wit you please i missed you while i was gon please

lex: ok trey u can but only to slp

3 months lata


My god kids are here and im loven there lil cute self since they hav been born i hav been wit them n there parents realy sens chris tyga n keem been real busy we aint been seen them like that and it was hard on the girls so me n lex been helpn them i hav been hearing roumers bout chris but i aint been given in but the lil s*** riri been sayn been pissn me off but i been chill as for trey and lex they still rocky but he stop talkn to ol girl and even asked lex to move back in wit him but she told him no so now he stay at her place sum times cus he think she mit be wit dis dude that live in her apt

rissa: giv me my pooh baby. hey g ma baby u been good for u mommy

mica: girl no she aint been good for her mommy i wish her daddy would spend sum time wit her

rissa: girl she nt bad and i no she a daddys girl n he dnt even spoil her smh but he gn start spendn time wit her soon

mica: girl yes he do spoil her to damn much den want to leave me wit her cryn cus she want him wen he leave i be wantn to slap him wen he do that

rissa: so i no you been stayn wit tyga seens she been born so is you moven wit him or u and my pooh baby gone stay wit me

mica: i love ty bt im nt ready to live wit him so ur stuck wit us lol dats why wer here baby gone slp at her home for the first time yay

rissa: lol yay i get to see yo lil cute face ever day lil ma. awwww look at her she jus laughn omg she is to cute maken me want a lil one

mica: lol yea gn head then i can spoil yo baby like you do mines lol

rissa: lol wateva

mica: lol so how bre been

rissa: she been good she pose to cum ova today so i can see my god son omg mica he is so cute he look jus like his daddy wit a hint of bre


me n trey are good but we aint there yet i love his big head self doe we havnt had sex seens the day he had wnt on tour wen he came back he tryed but i wasnt havn it so i no he lng ova do the way he be lookn at me i no wat he be thinkn s*** he will even start doin s*** to turn me on cus he fenning for me but hey he brung dis on his self

trey: bae cum here

lex: wat trey

trey:(grabs waist)bae i need u bad why u doin dis to me boo

lex: lol trey i aint doin nun to you

trey:yea and thats the prob bae i want to fill you i want to be in you (kiss neck) i want to tast u(kiss neck) i want to hear you moan my name bae (bits lip)

lex: trey stop (bites lip) we cant bae

trey: yea we can (whispers in ear) you no you want it jus as much as i do (bites lip)im giv it to you all weekend i missed yo loven

lex: lol trey no we cant bae nt rite now you no u gt to gt goin and so do i now cum on

trey: nope lex we aint goin no wer today (grabs wasit) (kiss lips, neck, down her body)

lex: bae (moans, bites lip)we......

trey: i want u bae can i hav you can i tast you... huh?...lex baby can i ( suck on breast)

lex: (moans)

trey: answer me bae can i tast you please i havnt had my treat in a lng time please

lex: o bae iiii....(moans)yea yea yea

trey: (kiss down to her body til he found his treat) yea wat bae tel me

lex: (moans) yes trey now stop teasn me (whimpers)(bites lip to hold back a loud moan)trey....

trey: (smirks) (kiss her second lips)bae....

trey (pov)

i missed my treat so ima go slow wit tastn her i want it to last i love the way she tast my tung was fening for her so i wnt in for my treat my first lick got me high and made me want more so i tasted her like it was my last meal and my bae was screamn my name wen she hit her climax she was so sweet and juicy my d*** was throbn for her my s*** was rock hard i had to fill her and fast my bae was in a daze frm the lickn i gav her i no i should hav put a rubber on but i couldnt wait no lnger i needed to be in her rite then my bae was so tight and wet she swoled my d*** and almost came i had to come down her pussy was to good my strokes was havn my baby scream and scrachn my back up

lex (pov)

I love trey d*** game cus he no how to work it had my ass screamn his name but i was my turn i jus couldnt gt that damn song out my head while we was havn sex so as the song plyn n my head i fliped his ass and i was on top i no yall thinkn wat song well the song go i want you on top i want u to find yo fav it spot wen you find it make yo body rock u got my heart and ima finsh wat you start that song was stuck in my head s*** it had me wild on my baby d*** had his ass moaning my name i think he was almost there cus next thing i no he fliped my ass and was deep stroken me frm the back my bae had my mind swirln s*** i was jus bout to cum he must hav new

trey: no bae (heavy breathn) dnt cum yet wait for me

lex: (moans) i cnt baby im there im bout to.........

trey: no bae hold it (pulls out)

lex: (whipers) no trey why you do dat i was rite there i was bout to cum

trey :(bites lip) i no bae but i promise(kiss neck) ima make u cum harder n lnger i want u to cum wit me

lex: (moans) ok

trey (pov)

my bae was mad at me i no she is but im maken her fill good s*** i was rite there bt i had to wait for my bae and she was close i felt her walls tightn on me and it made it even harder for me nt to bust in her rite then my bae sart screamn n i new it was her on the verge of climaxn

lex: (moans) trey im bout to cummmmm

trey: awww(moans) cum wit me bae jus let go(throw head back)f***

lex: screams trey name (culapse)

lex: sex wit you always is amazon bt this was mind blown

trey: i fill the same bae u put me to bed for real im slpy all i wnt to do is hold u and go to slp :-) (kisses lips)

lex: bae i told you we should hav waited now im late n you and our phones been goin off

trey: lol i told u we stayn in i catchn uup to do wit you(kiss)
stop whining and go to slp wit me

lex: lol u a freak bae bt ok let me call my job

ok guys srry for the wait bt im back now n a update is comen tonite

Update soon my internet is done rite now so i gt to do it off my phone

Iiiiiiii Knew it!
I knew it!
Run it Teek!

Uh oh it's bout to be on & poppin like popcorn XD
It's about to be onnnnnn, lol
I woulda left his ass out there too
Run it :)

I predicted that s***!! -runs around house clapping- THEY AIN'T BOUT THAT BET LIFE!! lol i'm stupid, Ohh she got that look up in her eyes, what they bout to do ain't no suprise HE ABOUT TO DIVE IN!! Lex hold yo breath yall about to get so wet swimming in yo body LET TREY DIVE IN!! lol i got it together.
Run it

lol srry rissa i had feel a slp but hear u go the up date


I was at my place chilln almost slp trey hadnt came yet and to be honest i aint care nomo cus im tired and need sum rest he hadnt called me or nun so im goin to slp my eyes closed and jus as fast they open frm the ringn of my door bell

lex:( slpy voice) who is it

trey: baby its me open the door its cold as hell out here

lex: ugh i should make yo ass stay out there ii told you i had to go to class n work tomorrow damn trey

trey: baby cum on please im freezn

lex: (opens door) y u dnt hav on a jacket sir

trey: cus i was in the car and i aint think i was gone be out side that lng

lex: smh ok trey wat you want to talk bout

trey:damn baby rite to it huh can i get warm n confe first lol

lex: hell no i was almost slp until u came ringn my door bell

trey:lol im srry bae i tryed to cum as soon as possible but sumn had came up but rite after i came here

lex: wateva now wats up

trey:( givs that look ) cum here

lex: trey dnt....


damn before i could get it out trey had me in his arms kissn me crazy and curesn my body i hadnt felt his hands in months and i missed them and his lips but i was still mad at him so he wasnt getn my goods tonite he can for get that s*** so i pulled away

lex: trey dnt ok we cant u wit sumone and......

trey: dnt say it lex cus if u had a man u wouldnt hav let me cum ova

lex: lol(gav that look if u only new)

trey: lex dnt ply wit me

lex: lol who said i was plyn i aint say nun

trey: man wateva

and as we sittn there in silence the radio was already on but i aint pay attention to it till his song came on <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> he love singn this to me and wen i looked up he was givn me that look i had to look away this jus couldnt be happn to me rite now lol


(smirks) my bae new wat was up she saw the look in my eyes (bites lip)o i was gone get her back tonite (walks to lex and grabs her wasit)

trey: bae look at me

lex: trey.....

trey: shhhhhhh (whispers in eye) bae look at me

lex: (bites lip)smh

trey:(smirks) (kiss neck and nibble on ear) (whispers in ear) bae i want you i need u ( start singn)do you no my love aint goin no were bae girl did u no ur so preciouse and rare i jus want to show my aprecation girl i got this craven for you

lex: (bits lip)trey stop we cant

trey: yea we can bae all u hav to do is let it happn

lex: trey i gt work and class in the morning i cant

trey: bae you want to jus like i do its been months i no u missn me like im missn you i no u want me i see it in yo eyes bae yo body talkn to me rite now i no u missn me u wet rite now aint u bae

lex: trey......

trey: bae cum on let me tast

I agree with y'all they ain't gone just talk mhmmmmmm Trey got something else in mind XD
They'll conversat alright..............after they done got freaky freak!!!
Run it :D

Run it!
Trey lil freak ass waiting to get her all alone!

lol im just saying! -Sit and wait on the add- Anyday now! I'm impatient lol

lol rissa u crazy but im bout to update now

Mhhmmm....Lex know damn well she ain't bout to just talk. Talkin leads to hugging, hugging leads to kissing, kissing leads to f***in and then there's just another babydaddy in the story!! lol
Run it

tyga (pov)

i cant beleave lex put them hands on that girl like that let me go see if she okay cus i saw blood this s*** not even funny my baby mica or bre dnt need to be around all this fightn

tyga: a trey she good dawg


kim: do i look f***n good my noise bleedn and my lip busted im ready to go trey

tyga: damn i came out here to see if yo ass was ok but f*** it b**** i hope u fill stupit tryn to cum wrong at lex like that he still want her dumb ass u jus a side chick a jump off deal wit it hoe

trey: ty dawg chill look im bout to take her home n be back

kim: o hell no trey u gone stay wit me you think its cool to be chilln wit yo ex while yo new girl is at home no sweet dnt think so

trey: well ty looks like we gone stay here for a lil so tel the girls to behav

lex: ill behav as lng as you keep her far away frm me n dnt say s*** to or about me


damn lex came out of no wer i thought round two was gn go down the way they was lookn but aint s*** pop off we wnt in the house for dinner it wnt ok nomo fights broke out jus alot of mean mugn trey wachn lex every move and her ass he prob was thinkn wen the next time he was gone hit it lol but also chris ass was ova there being kissy face wit rissa freak ass keem was chilln n bre was being bre lol

lex:ok guys it was fun being wit all yal but i hav to get home i gt work n school tomorrow

rissa: ok sissy love u nite ima cll u n the morning

mica and ty:bye lex

lex: bye u guys and mica ima c u tomorrow so we can go shopn for the baby

mica: ok

bre and keem: lata lex

lex: lata and that mean u to bre bby shoppn dnt for get and it was nice seeing you again trey and you to kim (smile)lol

chris: lol bye sis(wispers in ear) ur so wrong tho

trey: um lex ill walk u to yo car i need to talk to u

lex: ok but i hope yo girl dnt jump stupit

trey: man jus cum on

lex: ok wats up trey

trey: can i cum see you tonite

lex: no trey gd nite

trey:(pulls close by waist) cum on lex i jus want to talk

lex: we cn talk rite now trey

trey: no we cnt nt really bby please

lex:ugh ok trey but as soon as we done talkn u gt to go and all we gone do is talk nun more

trey: ok (givs a pek on the lips) txt me yo info ima cum wen i drop her off

lex: ok lata trey

trey: lata bae i love you

Lexi put the paws on her!! Lol
Run it

Im so stupid!
Run it Teek!

Lol she whooped ass!!! That what that girl get, think just cause she his date mean he gone be all over her. Smh please he ain't letting Lexi go.
Run it

lex (pov)

As i was talkn to my sis in walks trey wit a b**** on his arm a tear excapted but i whipped it away im not bout to let him see me cry so i walked pass him to the kichen as im passn him he gone try grabn my hand

trey: baby can i talk to you please

lex: naw you good yo girl look like she mad already cus you talkn to me

trey: man she aint my girl you is now stop actn stubbren and cum on so we can talk (grabs hand)

lex: ugh wat do you want trey u made it clear u moved on

trey: bby i want you (grabs lex wasit)i cant slp wit out u all i do is think of you baby u jus dnt no how heard its been not touchn you holdn you hearn yo sexy sweet voice maken love to you till we fall to slp im missn you like crazy i cant go wit out you nomo baby i need you more then you may no or think

lex: ( tears) (crying)

trey:baby i want to be wit you i need to be wit you ( whips lex face)baby stop cryn i no i messed up and im srry i will do any and every thing to show you im srry and how much i love you


kim: trey wat the hell u doin out here wit this b****

lex: who u calln a b**** i dnt no you but i sure wil beat that ass u dnt step to no one like that u dnt no me so chill yo ass out for real for i show you a b****

kim: wateva hoe trey answer me im yo f***n date y u out here wit her

lex: lol b**** i c i hav to teach u a lesson

trey: kim go back......

trey pov)

before i could gt the rest of wat i was gone say out my baby jumped on kim and start goin in on her face i neva saw my baby like this i needed help gtn her off that girl

rissa: damn lex put them hands on that girl lol what happn sissy

lex: she kept disrespectn me so she got wat was comen to her

mica: lex u whooped ass lol

bre: hell yea she did i was like damn lex gt that hoe gtt that hoe lol all i saw was her head flyn left to right lol i was like that b**** lex gtn her work outt on realy quick got to keep that figure rite lol

rissa: lol bre you would be the one to say sum s*** like that lol

lex: lol man yal wrong

If they on't get back together imma kill a random girl named Lexi and a random boy named Trey!! Your call!! No pressure......
Run it

Oh no! Why does she have to tell her?? Poor Lexi, I want her & Trey o be happy. Hope that dinner goes well run it.

week's lata

Lex (pov)

So the guys are back off tour and i havnt tryed to contact trey at all but he hav tryed wit me he stay tryn to gt wer i live now frm my sis and been blown my phone up s*** frm wat i heared he wnt up to my old job lookn for me im glad i i font a new job thats closer to my new place but i cant hide frm him foreva so my sis havn a dinner for the guys cus they back and she asked me to cum

rissa: hey sissy wats up

lex: nun jus ready to gt this ova wit

rissa: lol stop sissy be nice that boy is in love wit yo ass he cant get enuff of u he miss u so much have you talked to him

lex: i miss him to but i jus need sum space after wat happen

rissa: i no but dude is goin crazy wit out you in his life hun

lex: i no sissy i am to but jus need my time maybe we can work threw it tonite (looks up) or maybe not (a tear falls)

rissa: wats(jaw drop) hold on sissy..............

(jus a lil sumn srry guys i been real tired frm work and i hav to go get ready for work now but promise lata after work ima giv yal more)

Lol Bree wow!! Keem was bout to have a fit!
Run it

I was bout to say who is Keem being a creep creep a lil sneaky freaky with XD
Run it

Im silly!
Run it!


we was all at the club getn turnt up havn fun chris had told me bout wat wnt done wit trey and lex so wen i saw that nigga take shot after shot after shot i new he was hurtn he wasnt his self now that was earlyer so dis nigga was pass faded and pass turnt up
my phone start vibratn it was a txt but one frm a number i aint no

txt msg)

txt: hey baby i aint heard frm you in a min wats up wit that

keem: who dis

txt: o so you dnt gt my number in yo phone really so who you cheaten on me wit keem i thought you loved me

keem: um i think you hav the wrong number

txt: no i hav the rite number keem i havnt talked to you in days and no you dnt no me

keem: man who is dis dawg

txt: lol baby its me bre lol i chaged my numb i jus had to get you lol

keem: aww bae dnt be doin dat lol n y the new numb

bre:my phone gt stooln bt wat you been up to

keem: o ok bt nun workn but i miss you doe baby cnt wait to get home but how my lil one doin

bre:the baby is fin boo we missn you to

(jus a lil sumn for now cus didnt want to keep yall waitn no lnger up date lata wen i wake up)

Run it!?

up date soon

Ok Trey!
f***ing seriously though!
You lucky im pregnant!
Cause I swear I woulda been beating your ass!
He gone say "I didn't sleep with her buy something did happen"!
Boy you better pray to god Lex even think about taking you back bro!
*church voice*
Amem amen!
Run it Boo!