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If You Loved Me

As i sit a think back to the months earlier tears fall and i lay in my room finding myself missn my love but wat he must learn is i dnt judge him for his past nore now bt the things i heard was true and it hurt like hell yet he dnt see it that way and thats why he made Dont Judge Me.......By the way my name is Rissa

A month earlier:

I was in class wen my sis lexi called me yes im in college i gt make sumn out my self cant depened on no nigga bt anyway back to the problem at hand

rissa: lexi wats up sissy you no im at school rite now

lexi:sissy I need to really talk to you its about chris..........

(run or dump)


What happened Trey?!! I'm nosey as hell but i wanna know why the f*** you gon give up someone who been there for you then f*** with someone one who was there one night!! Tht s*** go hard imma use that one day. Anways
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Damn Tremaine wtf you doing ??
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trey (pov)

I wanted to lie to my bae so bad i new wat happn wit me and that girl frm my last concert was gone get back to her now i got to face the heat

trey: man bae i didnt f*** her but sumn did happn

lex: silence)

trey: hello bae please dnt do dat talk to me baby please

lex: (click)

trey:baby no

lex (pov)

I dnt want to hear nun try has to say rite now cus wat he jus said jus pissed me off is he f*** slow i no he f***ed that girl i dnt care if we was broke up for the moment he no i wasnt gone move on (start cryn)i cant beleave this while im up here being faithful he out wit another b**** smh i wish he stop calln me cuz the s*** getn on my nerves i need to call my sissy

call rissa)

rissa: hello

lex: (cryn) sissy i need you more then eva rite now

rissa: awww wats wrong sissy why you cryn

lex: ok before the guys went on tour me and trey got in to it real bad and he told me to get out his placeso while he been gone i moved out and got my own place so i havnt talked to trey until today wen he called me

rissa: ok so wats wrong

lex: the last concert they had trey had sumn goin on wit with a girl there i asked him bout it he said he aint f*** that girl but sumn did happn after he said that i hung up on him (start cryn)

rissa: omg sissy wer are you at rite now

lex:( cryn ) im at home

rissa; ok tel me wer you stay and im on my way

chris (pov)

I aint talk to my bae all day wonder wats up wit that ima call her in a min before we go to the club we was getn close to our last concert before we wnt back home i was tryn to talk to trey bout the s*** but he wasnt hearn me

chris: trey man wats up you aint lookn to good

trey: man i think i lost lex

chris: wat?????????........

OOOHH!! What add was that in. Trey never cheated. Lexi be assuming. JK, but really i hope Trey didn't cheat.
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Trey BETTA tell her whats going on
Lol these boys bout to get wasted like them white boys
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Trey BETTA tell her whats going on
Lol these boys bout to get wasted like them white boys
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chris (pov)

Me and the guys are on tour and it been goin good i been talkn to my bby and missn her like crazy this skype s*** not workn for me i need her in my arms i fill like flyn out to her then cum back in the mourning but i cant smh so my bae been teln me bout school and her friend frm school shawn i dnt like dude around my girl and i aint there im not stupit i no he want her but she dont see it she blinded by his charm but ima keep my cool for now if i find out he tryed sumn its not gone be nice so me and the guys goin to this club after our concert and dis nigga ty tryn to get hella bent

ty: you ready to get live dawg im bout to be turnt the f*** up

chris: man yuo already no how we get down, trey dawg you ready

trey; man you no i stay popn off

keem: man i aint drinkn s*** i got to be the driver sumbody got to be sober

The guys: lol

keem pov)

Damn i aint talk to my bae in like todays i been tryn to call her to check on her and the baby hope everthing ok let me call her and see wats up

keem: ring ring ring


keem:smiles) hey bae

bre: omg baby hi wats goin on why i aint heard frm you i miss you so much wen you cumn back home i dnt think i can go much lnger wit out you

keem: lol dang bae slow down no i called you the other day and gout no answer and i miss you to baby now hows my bby and we hav two more months before we cum back and i dnt think i can go any longer wit out you either ilove you

bre: o i was slp i been workn late and wen i get home ur child hav me slpy i love you to bae can we skype tonite and the baby is fine missn daddy doe

keem: yea we can but its gone be late and daddy missn yall


Trey (pov)

so me and my bae got in to it before i left on tour she moved out and got her own place i havnt talked to her since i asked rissa bout her she said she been being distant so i didnt no if she was ok or not miss that girl i love her so much even wen we fus and fight this s*** is driven me crazy not talkn to her every time i call her she want answer

trey: ring ring ring ring ring

m/v: hello

trey: (looks confused) can i speak to lexi

m/v: who dis

lexi: who told you to ansswer my phone giv it to me damn


trey: so you moved on that fast lex i thought we was in love wit each other wat the f*** lex who the f*** was that

lex: trey shut the hell up i do love yo big head ass aint nobdy move on so chill

trey: man who was that lex

lex: man why it anit gone matter me and you aint together i aint heard frm you in moonths and you told me to get out yo s*** now you want to cum calln me wat you want now trey huh cus you then already broke my heart o wat you think i dnt no

trey: man it matter to me now who the f*** was that lex (getn angry)

lex: my new boo


lexi: lol smh

lexi pov)

i dnt no wat the f*** trey thought you not bout to treat me the way you did and think ima jus crawl back lil do he no the guy that answered my phone was my bro he had helped me move my stuff and find a place of my own s*** i havnt talked to my sis in a while she gone be mad at me i sitn here and my phone ring

lex: hello wat do you want trey

trey: bae i want you im srry for everything i promise you im betta for you then he is please bae be wit me not him i miss you so much i need you lexi you hav my hart and every day i fill empty cus u not mines i love you and idc you gone always be my woman

lex: shocked)trey i......

trey: bae please jus you no wat cum here now bae please jus cum to me i need to hav you in my arms

lex:trey i cant im back home and you n wat evea state you n plus i got worki jus cant you hurt me trey you hurt me so bad i havnt even talk to my sis jus so you wouldnt no wer i was or how i was doin and i havnt talked to her also cuz i ben cryn my eyes out everynite cus i missed you and i didnt want her to see me like that i blocked every bdy out cus i was hurt

trey: bae im srry im so srry please forgive me and leave that guy you talkn to and if you not gone cum to me im cumn to you

lex: trey im not wit no bdy that wasnt my man that was my bro baby jus chill ok but you hav to tel me the true trey did you slp wit that girl............

Update wen i get home frm work

Aww we prego and sad!
I wish they could stay!
Run it Boo!

LMFAO Aunty Rissa XD

Oh no they leaving me to deal with all the pregos!! Emotion after emotion.
Run it!!

Awwww I know it's gonna be super hard for the girls especially since me & bre prego!!!!
But I know they are all gonna be there for each other.
Run it!! :)

5months later

rissa (pov)

the girls is now 5 and 6 months pregant and the guys was leaven us for sum months there goin on tour these next few months is goin to be lonely with out the guys here eveone has been doin good but them leaven like this is goin to test there faithfulness

rissa: bae do you hav to go ima miss you to much

chris: ima miss you to bae but i hav to go i cant let my fans down its not gone even fill like im gone that lng and you got the girls wit you till we get back

rissa: (pouts) so wat i want you baby

chris (pov)

i dnt want to leave my bae but i got to i go to work this part of my job i no part of why she dont want me to go is cus she think ima cheat

chris: bae i promise ima skype you and call you and txt you so you dnt hav to worry

rissa: (pouts)wateva (walks off)

chris: (shakes head)bae,bae cum here, ugh damnt rissa why you maken this so hard

tyga (pov)

My bae aint said nun to me all day i no she upset that im leaven for a few months but i got to go ima miss her and my baby girl i cant wait till she's born i cnat wait to hold her i bet she gone look jus like her mommy

ty: bae cum here wats up

mica: wat ty (said dryly)

ty: bae why you aint said nun to me all day its like you ignoren me

mica: i jus dnt fill like being bothered thats all

ty: bae im leaven n a few hours for a few months and you aint said s*** to me all day aint said ima miss you or i love you nun you want even look at me mica wat the f***

mica:(puts head down and starts cryn)

ty: bae( walks to her and hold her)bae wats wrong why you cryn bae please stop cryn im srry for wateva i did

mica: (sniffles but still cryn) its not you its ima miss you like crazy and im fat and im sceared you gone go on tour and get wit sum one eles

ty: awww bae stop cryn and stop thinkn like that bae i told you im not gone hurt you again i dnt want to lose you or my baby and ur not fat bae its jus baby wegiht thats all ur jus rite for me ur perfect and i love you now stop cryn and give me love

mica:(gives a kiss) omg this lil girl no wen her daddy is ner ugh she is really moven

ty: (smiles) thats daddy girl i love you poo kiss(mica belly)

mica: lol stop that ty

up date tomorrow to tired the worked me crazy at work

*peaks in post*
*leaves post*

I loved that add it was so sweet!!
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Run it!

Awwwwwww now everything's good between everybody.
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As we walk outside this nigga keem sittn on the steps outside i guess he needed sum air s*** if my bae waited as lng as bre did to tel me we was havn a bby i would be mad to so i get wer he cumn frm to avoid the drama he came out here to cool off

tyga: a man you good want to talk to us bout it cus bre in there cryn her eyes out so we came to check on you make sure our homei cool

keem: man how could she do that to me not tell me smh

tyga: man i get wer you cumn frm but you got to see it her way she was scared to tell you cus she aint no if you wanted kids

chris: yea man and she was scared of how you was gone act

trey: and you acted the way she thought you would dawg. you walkn out scares her which is why she in there cryn her eyes out cus she think you jus walked way frm her and the baby cus of her mistake

keem: but man yall dnt understand i been waitn for her to cum tel me she was prego for the lngst

chris: wait you new she was prego already so why you mad

keem: naw man i aint no she was prego thats why im mad i been tryn to get her prego cus i been wanted a baby by her man she my wifey i jus been waitn for that rite time to pop the ? but she keepn stuff frm me now it jus gets me to thinkn wat else she keepn frm me

tyga: look keem man i'v new bre for a while now and she good i hav sat here and wached her ex's hurt her time and time again and she get back up and go for love again but wen she met you sumn in her eyes told me that she may hav loved them guys but you was the one the one she feel for that girl in there rite now cryn cus she think you bout to leave her

trey: tell me this keem do you think if she aint love you and didnt care and was keepn s*** frm you she would keep the baby even if you was stayn in her life or leaven

keem: man i no im jus upset i missed sum of my baby grown its like eveybdy new but me and im pose to be the first

chris: dawg im srry to tell you this but you aint neva gone be the first to no lol the girls is then you second but for real doe you wasnt alone cus we aint even no so jus be happy she finally did tell you cus she could hav neva told you got a abortion and you wouldnt hav neva new

keem: i guess i need to go back in there and talk to her huh


the guys shake they head so i get up and head to the room my bae was in wen i walked threw the door and saw her my heart hurted a lil and before i could say sumn she came and jumped in my arms she was still cryn

rissa: im let yall hav yal moment ima be out there wit everybody

keem; ok thanks

I sat my bae onthe bed but she wouldnt let me go so i layed wit her i jua held her till she stop cryn then wen i looked down she was goin to slp but we needed to talk so

keem: bae cum on we need to talk dnt go to slp

bre: (pouts)

keem: cum on i no you slpy bae but we hav to then you can go to slp

bre:(pouts) ok keem you scared me wen you walked out i thought i lost the love of my life and the father of my child it hurted to see you walk out and not even look back(crys)

keem: bae stop cryn im not gone leave you i love you to much and would neva walk away frm my child you stuck wit me girl lol even before i new you was havn my baby you was stuck wit me

bre: lol i no jus i got scared and im srry i aint tell you bout the baby i didnt no how you would act seens i new u kinda didnt want kids now

keem: bae i wanted a baby frm you for the lngest i was hopen i would get you prego every time you did let me go with out aglove on

bre: keem (hit hime plyfully)you been tryn to get yo baby in me

keem: lol wat i aint do nun but make love to my baby so we can hav a baby lol

bre: so you not mad at me no more

keem: no i neva was mad i was jus a lil upset wit you jus dnt neva keep nun frm me ok

My bae must really be slpy cus she shook her head and fell rite to slp in my armsi waited a while before i got up and went out front wit everybdy

lex: is she ok now

keem: yea she sleepn now

mica: so you ok you happy you bout to be a daddy


Ikr now him and Tyga gone have to go thru them naggin, their mood swings, the complaining, & more XD this is gonna be interesting.

I finally caught up. I'm so happy that aint his baby, but Bree and Mica oh god!!I knew it too. But Keem need to take his ass back in that apartment and handle his buisness!!
Run it

Keem is bold!
Like really!
Nigga im pregnate with yo big head ass child and you upset!
Nigga please!
Run it Teek!

Oh lord so much is going on....they bout to be changing diapers in the middle of the night lol
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we all chilln and s*** its been a week seens every body new i was prego now bre still havnt told keem i told her ass he mite be mad if she dnt tell him soon now bre i startn to show see she a lil far lng then i am

keem: a bae cum her (bits)

bre: wats up hunny

keem:(wispers in her ear)you no yo ass getn fatter rite dat s*** sexy jus wachn you walk got my d*** on hard

bre: keem (hits him plyfully)

keem: lol wat im for real

bre: wel bae i hav sumn to tel you

keem: wat you prego

bre couldnt beleave wat he jus said and niether could i cus i was next to them so i was hearn every thing

bre:(looked shocked) yes bae i am and i was scared to tel you cus i aint no how you would take it

keem: wait i was jus plyn you forreal(looks mad)

bre: yes

keem: move bre (gets up walks out)

bre: bae wer you goin (start cryn)

keem :( slams the door)

bre: (go in rissa room and cry on her bed)

rissa: guys can yall go check on keem while we check on bre

ty: damn wat jus happn

mica: she finally told him she prego and he aint take it well

chris: wait wat

trey: bre prego to damn i aint no that she aint even lookn like she is

ty: damn lets go get this dude


the guys was on sum other s*** yesterday so we couldnt get bre a test so we decied today would be the day seens i only hav two classes in the morning bre work in the morning but gone be off around the same time ima be getn out of class lex work midnites this week and mica got class but she aint goin she said for sum reason my cuzn aint been being her self cus she neva missed class s*** ima make her ass take a test tobut im sure the guys aint gone miss wit us to day cus tyga and chris gone be in the studio allday workn rite along wit trey and as for keem he was off for today but he was gone be restn for the day

(txt msg)

bre: bff wer you at
rissa: on my way to the house why wats up
bre: o im at the house i went and got the test before i came ova
rissa: ok wer every body else at
bre: rite here waitn on you
rissa: ok look you gone head and take the test im almost there and if you hav another test give it to mica but dnt let her take it till we no if you is so they want get mixed
bre: ok but why
rissa: I think mica prego and jus aint sayn nun look im cumn up the stairs now hav lex open the door
bre: ok

Bre (pov)

mica prego no i dnt think she is if she was she would tell us rite unless she was scared like i was to say sumn and plus if she is that mean she got to deal wit the fact that ty mite hav anther baby to on the way s*** she hav been actn diff and been being slpy alot like i hav maybe she not idk

bre: lex openthe door for yo sis im bout to go take the test and mica here rissa told me to giv you one but dnt take it till she get here

wen i handed mica the test she looked scared and lex was shocked she couldnt even say nun lol i waited cus i wanted to see wat she was gone do

mica: bre i dnt need it .....

bre: but.......

micae: shsss bre i dnt need it cus i already no i am i went to the doc and they told me i was i aint tell yal cus i was scared and i aint no wat yall was gone say rissa i had a filln you kinda new cus you pay alot of attention to me for these pass few days to answer yall before yall ask no i havnt told ty and im not until he no the baby that cyha is havn is not his and im not gone tel him the baby aint his cus its nt my place to

lex: mica why was you scared to tell us we fam boo we gone here for you no matter wat we are happy your about to be a mommy wel i no i am i get spoil and keep the baby while your in school lol

rissa: yea mica we wasnt gone look at you no diff hun we got yo back no matter wat and dnt worry me and yo can still stay together unless you want to move in wit ty

bre: omg mica wer prego together yay now i dnt hav to go threw this alone lol (jumps up and down)

mic/lex/ris: lol you slow bre

mica: ok lol so wat now ima be shown soon and he gone get to wondering and that b**** stil tryn to talk to him she keep txtn him sayn wen you gone cum see us

lex: well mica you need to tel him no matter if he dnt no that the b**** lien sayn that babby his cum on


we hope in the car to go see the guys wen we got there and walked in wat i saw jus put me in rage but the girls had to stop me cus i didnt need to put myself and my baby in danger this b**** want to be all in my man face and he smilen and chessen like its ok

mica: so this wat we do now ty

ty: bae its not wat you think she jus came here to show me the baby thats all

mica: lol the b**** shown you a baby thats not even yours

ty: bae you dont no that

mica: ty i do no that cus the day she got that pic of the baby i was there the hoe aint see me but i sure did see and hear wat they told her

ty: wait why was you at the doc

chyna: b**** you follown me now you so dessped wat you think if my baby his he gone leave you is you scared i can take yo man wen i want

mica: hahahalol b**** you funny i wasnt follown yo dumb as i had a appointment of my own

ty: bae wats up

mica: ty (looks down at the ground)im....

chyna: spit it out b**** damn

ty: chyna shut the f*** up damn this aint got s*** to do wit you rite now. bae tell me wats up

mica: ty im pregnant (looks down)

ty:(smirks) i no bae i was jus waitn on you to tell me why you wait so long

mica: wait wat how did you no and idk i was scared

ty: bae the day you took the test i saw it at first i thought it was rissa test but then i payed attention to you and i new it was urs but bae dnt evea be scared to cum to me and tell me sumn like that

mica:( smiles)ok

ty: now to you chyna is that baby really mines and dnt lie

chyna:(puts head down) no its waynes

ty: smh bye chyna and dnt mess wit my lady nomo

chyna: but i love you ty

ty: but nun chyna bye get out

chyna:(walks out cryn)

Aww im scared of what keem gone say!
Chyna annoying!
b**** Ty don't want you!
Run it Teek!

bre: now that we are alone rissa i think im prego evea seens lex said sumn it then had me on edge im scared to go to the doc and find out and as for taken a test at home im scared cus i dnt want keem to find out if i am cus i dnt think he ready for kids (starts cryn)rissa wat am i goin to do im so confused rite now

rissa: omg bre cum here stop cryn its gone be ok every things goin to be fine stop cryn look wen dinner is done and served me you lex and mica can go get a test and you can take it here that way keem want no ok

bre: (sniffels and nods head) ok

rissa: cum on girl lets go eat

lex (pov)

Me and trey had been arguen lately ova dumb s*** and today on our way to my sis and cuz place wasnt nun diff he get on my nerves so much he do s*** to make me mad for sum reason he like it wen im mad cus he no he gone get make up sex but lil do he no he aint getn that s*** no time soon s*** and i dnt care if he be mad at me ignoren him is goin to be easy ignoren my cravens is gone be wats hard cus my bae was so f***n sexy really wit (ings in my head)No Clothes on lol for the rest of the ride i aint say nun to him

chyna (pov)

I went to the doc this morning and i cant beleave the date i was wit him dnt mach wit my due date i was so sure he was the baby daddy (crys)i want him to be not wayne im jus not gone tell him i miss him to im bout to txt him

(txt msg)

chyna: hey ty bae we miss you wen you gone cum see us
ty: hey b**** its nice to no that you missn my man but hoe quit txtn my man and i no that baby aint his b****
chyna: hahaha lmao off b**** you hopen this baby aint his but stop hopen cus this is his baby deal wit it b**** get ova it
ty: no Hoe you get ova that he dnt wnt you and that you was jus sumn to hit that nite but ima be the grown one bout this so if you would stop txtn my man thank you and GoodNite b****(smirks)

I cant beleave this b**** jus txt ty phone on sum wantn to see him type s*** this b**** got big balls cum monday morning first thing he getn his damn number changed cus this aint bout to keep goin on

Aww s***!
What I gota tell!
I bet im pregnant!
And Chris lil freak ass!
Run it Teek!