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If You Loved Me

As i sit a think back to the months earlier tears fall and i lay in my room finding myself missn my love but wat he must learn is i dnt judge him for his past nore now bt the things i heard was true and it hurt like hell yet he dnt see it that way and thats why he made Dont Judge Me.......By the way my name is Rissa

A month earlier:

I was in class wen my sis lexi called me yes im in college i gt make sumn out my self cant depened on no nigga bt anyway back to the problem at hand

rissa: lexi wats up sissy you no im at school rite now

lexi:sissy I need to really talk to you its about chris..........

(run or dump)



my bae think she slick tryn to to deprive me of her good loven lol lil do she no im realy gone cum back lata and mess wit her she can wach her lil cartoons for now lol but ima tease that ass lata and make her mad my bae be so cute wen she mad at me for lil things really wen she aint getn her way and thats wen i throw the charm on but until then im bout to sit back and wach sunday foot ball wit ty the girls pose to make dinner wonder wen they gone start

chris: ty wer you at man cum on the game bout to start man up there messn wit mica she still gone be in there nigga lol

ty: lol man shut up

mica: yea chris shut up cus you no you be doin the same thang to rissa prob more wit yo freak ass lol

chris: (smirks) man wateva wen dinner gone be done

rissa: lol yall crazy but in a min bae (sit on chris lap)

chris: o i guess i see sum one not wachn cartoons no mo lol you done boo so that mean you ready (smirks)

rissa: huh ready for wat

mica: ewww ur nasty see told you ur a freak lol let me go check the food for i see sumn i dnt want to lol smh

chris: lol shut up mica lol her ass aint no wat i was talkn bout she was lookn confused as hell lol

ty: a bae you want me to cum help you

rissa: naw you stay yo freak ass in here wit chris ima go help her i saw that look in yo eyes lol smh yal two are being to freaky today

chris: s*** you would to if yo woman wasnt given you nun(bits lip)
but um (looks rissa up n down bitn lip)cum here for a min doe

rissa: lol no let me gt out of here

mica (pov)

Me and rissa was cookn wen my phone wnt off it was a txt frm lex sayn she and trey was on there way then i got anther txt frm my friend he has really been helpful these last few days

rissa (pov)

I wonder who mica txt cus ty in the front wit chris and shee smilen a lil to much as im thinkn that i get a txt frm bre telln me her and keem was at the door so i go get itand as im walkn pass chris slaped me on the ass hard as hell

rissa: damn bae dat hurt stop dnt do that no mo

chris: (smirks)

rissa:(opens door)hey bre girl hey keem

bre:hey girl i got sum s*** to tel you

keem: sup rissa

rissa: wats goin on bre i been tryn to get in touch wit you for the pass few days hoe

bre: thats wat i gt to talk to you bout.....

Ok im back!
*reads post's*
What in the blue hell os wrong with you!
You got this b**** Chyna preggo!
And like the f*** you do that foe'
Run it Teek!

LMFAO Chris addicted XD
But it's good shearling him learn a lesson that way he know she serious
Uh oh what's going on Mica???? :O xD
Run it :)

It's okay!! Chris be feining tho!
Rub it


I had been sendn the whole day wit my bae i love him so much these pass few weeks hav been goin good for us he's been being a lil sweetheart but also a horn ball like he no being shirtless turns me on so he been walkn around with out one and bitn his lip the s*** was jus sexy n he new them was sum of the ways to get me to throw them pantys lol other than my spots but i had to stay strong if i wanted him to learn a lesson i felt bad for him doe cus it had been a month seens he got sum s*** but not for me lol i had him break me off sumn nice last nite

chris: bae cum here ( bits lip)

rissa: no and stop bitn yo lip and go put a shirt on

chris: nope no bring yo sexy ass here before you make me cum get you (smirks and bits lip)

rissa: no now stop it and let me wach my cartoons dang

chris: ok bae i got you lata then

(im slpy srry the adds been being short bt i been being tired frm work srry girls promise tomorrow will be longer adds)

srry for the small post im slpy as hell but run it ladys

mica (pov contiued)

I couldnt move and that was maken me mad to i was tryn to break lose but i cantwhile im getn mad dis nigga was up here kissn my neck on my spot tryn to calm me down

ty: baby you gone stop hitn me if i let you go

mica: no now let me f***n go

ty new wat he was doin the s*** was filln good doe and it was maken me weak i was so weak that i hadnt notice that he had let me go ugh i dnt like that he can make me be like this sum times
i had to stop him so i pushed him

mica:tyga no im mad at you and you may hav got a b**** prego so until we no if your not the baby daddy and i stop being mad you gets no me so you betta be hopen that aint yo baby

ty: yes baby but....

mica: but nun

after that i turned ova and took a nap sum s*** i hav been doin more and more its like im always tired s*** maybe its nun but as i was falln to slp i felt a arm wrap me tight and i unwraped it then tyga wispered in my ear sayn 'bby please jus let me hold you then tonite ill go home

Oooooooooooo more more it's bout to go down :)
Run it

Mica mad today!!
Run it

Mica( pov)

Before i new it my hand was connectn wit ty face that s*** jus had me heated and i couldnt do nun else then i start cryn again cus that was pose to be that had his first child jus thinkn bout it jus made me even madder so i start thrown blows at his ass i guess he gt tired of that cus next thing i new i was on the bed pinned down

More lata

CHYNA YO ASS CAN GET IT FROM ME IF YOU WANT IT!! Ion play that s*** you messin wit fam! Whew this hoe don't know what she gettin into im over here jumpin and clappin my hands SWEAR b**** I ALREADY DON'T LIKE YOU FOR TAKIN MY MAN DON'T TRY MICA ASS AGAIN!! OR WE GON HAVE A PROBLEM HOE!!! thts what you is a nasty ass dirty ass hoe! Mica right you shuoulda made the nigga wrap it up you irresponsible b**** f*** you thought this was you better ask some f***ing body we to grown!
Run it

That's all I can say, Tyga you so mothaf***ing STUPID mothaf***a!!!!
I hope she have more than one baby and make to ass suffer!!!!!!!!!!!! Lil b****............XD
Run it

ty (pov)

I was layn in my baby bed messed up i had a bad ass hangova wen my phone start ringn s*** i hurryed to get it cus my head was bangn it was a txt but it was a number that wasnt saved in my phone or i didnt no it

(txt msg)

u/p:hey bae i need to realy talk to you
ty:um who dis i think you got the wrong number
u/p:naw i got the rite numb this tyga rite
ty:yea who dis
u/p:bae its me chyna
ty: um chy ima need you to stop txtn n calln my phone my girl no bout wat happn between us and im tryn to work it out wit her wat we had was a one time thing thats it nun more

Jus as i sent the txt mica walked in and said hey to me i was jus about to say it back wen i got a txt

chy:well it looks like ima be around alot more lnger then her cus i wnt to the doc yesterday and im pregnant and im keeping it
ty:wait wat.........

damn jus as i read them words my heart broke and fell to tiny lil pices i was bout to lose my baby rite now if this was true and if it was mines i wanted to cry i guess my baby saw how my mood changed cus she came by me and sat down

mica: bae wats wrong

ty:(blows out a breath)bae please promise me you gone be wit me till the end and we no for sure

mica: ok bae but wats wrong you scaren me

ty: bae you no the girl i cheated on you wit

mica: ok yea wat bout her

ty: well she jus txted my phone sayn that she went to the doc and that she prego but bae im not sure that its mines cus im not the only one she slp wit

mica: silence....

Before i could finsh telln my bae she was cryn none stopall i could do was hold her in my arms and keep sayn im srry by this time my head ach was woser i had got anther txt but i aint bother to check it i held my bae all while she was cryn until she fell to slp in my arms and soon after i was in dream land wit her

I woke to 20txts and bae still in my arms slp so i pulled her closer to me she must of felt me cus she woke up and jus stared at me her eyes was blood shot red frm cryn i spoke lite and said i was sorry again wen i saw a tear roll down her cheek i whiped it way

ty: bae im srry for everything i wish this neva happn i dnt want to lose yo you forgive me

mica: (shakes head)

ty: everythings goin to be ok I Love You Mica more then you may think bae you my everything

As i spoke those words my bae cryed sum more and my phone start ringn it wasnt a txt sum one was calln i looked at my phone and shook my head my bae must of caught on and snached it frm me and answered it

(on the phone)

mica: who the f*** is this

other end: silence.......

mica: look hoe quit calln and txtn my man he dnt wnt you ok yea you prego yo fault and if its his he will surely take care of it but untile he no for sure dnt keep txtn or calln him he aint yo man wat you thought once he told me i was gone walk b**** please it aint gone be that easy for yo ass now if you will kindly get off this line thank you and bye (click)

calls back

chyna: first i aint no hoe or b**** so kill that s*** i dont no who you may think you talkn to but ill whoop yo ass....

mica: b**** YOU AINT GONE DO s*** wit yo scary ass and im nt bout to argue wit you im to grown for that s*** so good day HOE (click) (turns phone off)

looks at tyga.....................

Chris childish self XD
Lol damn Ty that hung ova
Run it :D

Awwies Mica gotta take care of her boo!!
Run it!!


I woke to a bangn ass head ach i couldnt even get up so i jus layed there as im lookn around i notice i aint in my room wer the f*** am i then i here rissa big mouth self but wer my bae at so i get my phone and txt her

ty:Bae wer you at
mica:im on my way home frm my classes i see sumone decied to wake up lol
ty:lolwateva bt bae i need you i cant get up i hav a bad ass head ach and anyways i want to hold you
mica:ok ty im bout to walkn in the door now and dnt think we gone be in bed alday
ty:ok love you baby
mica:love you to ty

mica (pov)

huh that boy is to spoiled he jus a big baby but i love his sexy self im so happy im done wit classes for the day so im finish my home work and chill for the day i wonder wat lexi wanted let me txt her

mica:wats up lex
lex:girl i tred to call you i was jus ceckn on you
mica:o ok i was in class bt yea im ok
lex:o ok wel lata babe im at work

rissa (pov)

I was wachn tv wen chris jus came and jumped on me lol he ply to much but thats my boo for you was wachn cartoons wen i heared mica cum in

chris: hey mica

mica: hey chris hey rissa

rissa: hey cuzn how was yo day

mica: it was goodbut let me go in here and take care of ty he got a f***n hangova and cant get up lol

rissa: lol smh ok

(jus a lil sumn to hold yall ova cus i gt to get ready for work)

update soon

aNigga betta be givin it up!! Im not ready for bed, sooooooooo i guess you gotta put me to sleep! :D!
Run it!!

Aww s*** Teek!
Run it!

New reader


mica (pov)

I woke up out my slp again but this time ty was knocked out but to be sure i was careful getn out of bed i walked in the kichen and saw rissa she still had on her goin out fit on so they must had jus got in

mica: hey rissa yall jus got back

rissa: o hey mica naw we been back but they jus not left i thought you was slp

mica: i was but i woke up i had to us the bathroom and im a lil hungry bt wat u still doin up i would hav thought you wouldv went to bed after they left

rissa: o n nun bout to make sum kool-aid and wach a lil tv then ima be off to bed s*** seens i aint got no classes tomrrow ima chill here all day or chill wit my bae and spend time wit him

mica: o ok well im bout to wach tv wit yo ass to den


a hour n a half had pass while we wachn tv we see chris and ty walked in and sat by use rubn they eyes like lil kids do lol

chris: bae why you aint cum to bed and wat yall doin up so late cum on cum to bed wit me

rissa: i wasnt slpy so me and mica start wachn tv

chris: o wel cum to bed wit me now(pout)i cant slp if you not in there wit me

I looked ova at mica and she jus bust out laughn s*** ty came out the room sat next to her ass and layed his head on her and fell to slp s*** why chris couldnt do the same s*** i aint want to go to bed yet ugh

rissa:ugh lol ok chris cum on,mica ima see you lata let me go to bed so he can go to slp

mica: lol ok girl im bout to go put this boy in bed to he then fell to slp on me,bae wake up cum on lets go bak to bed

ty: (slp walks back to the bed

trey (pov)

We was all chilln wen lexi called me and gav me that look i new wat she wanted wit her horny ass but i plyed like i didnt i new we would be leaven soon so i could put her to slp i mean im use to it now dnt gt me wrong she be putn it on me to damn jus thinkn bout her wet wet got me want her here and now damn my bae lookn real sexy n that lil ass dress (bits bottom lip)

trey: huh bae wats up

lexi:cum here i need to tell you sumn (giggels)(bits her lip)

trey: (smiles)

bree: o yall need to take yall ol horny ass home wit that freak s*** yall tryn to start lol

trey/lexi: lol shut up bree

lexi: we bout to leave dnt worry at least im bout to get sum(sticks tongue out)yo ol old ass gone be slp bout time keem get in frm work lol

bree: man shut up i been being real tired seen school start back and workn ( :-( )man u got me filln bad now cus i aint been given it up

lexi: lol naw b**** you sure you aint prego and aint sayn nun

bree: no hoe lol s*** you sure you aint how much you and trey f*** s*** i can say he keep yo ass very happy in that part lol

lexi: lol shut up

rissa: lol yall is crazy

lexi; ok im bout to go ima hit yall up tomorrow and make sure mica answer the phone ima call to check on her and wach her cus she will try and hurt that boy lol

rissa: lol alri bye sissy love you

bree: bye lex see ya

lexi: love yall too (walks out the apartment)

rissa (pov)

jus as i was bout to start talkn to bree her phone rung by this time chris had went to my room to wach tv s*** he prob was slp by now lol

bree: hello, o hey bae

keem: hey wer you at im at the house i thought you would be here by now

bree: o im srry hunny i didnt no you was getn off early so i came ova rissas and was chilln wit her

keem: (sound sad)o ok wel call me wen you on yo way

bree: awww bae stop soundn all sad lol im on my way now im bout to say bye to rissa so dnt go to slp

keem: im not s*** i got off early so i can spend time wit you

bree: ok big head ill see you in a min o and be naked wen i get there lol

keem: lol bae you crazy bye(clike)

s*** he thought i was playn but i was forreal lol s*** i wanted my man tonite tomorrow the next nite and any other nite a girl had to get hers lol but i cant leave my baby hangn so im help him get his to

bree; rissa im bout to go girl that was keem he home and want to spend time wit my seens he off early

rissa: ok jus let me no you made it home and call me tomorrow

bree: ok lata love you

rissa: love you too(close door)


will be up dateing today bout to drop my grams off at home then make the update

Somebody pregnant with a babyyyyyyyyyy XD
Trey betta prepare!!! XD
That's right mica make him sufferrrrr
Run it

Sorry I haven't been reveiwing in a while but im loving it!
Run it!

Oooohhhh!! Bree preggo....I think. Damn lexi is a freak!!
Run it.


while i was slpn i felt a boney ass arm wrap around me and pull me close lol thats wen i woke up and looked dead in ty eyes sumn told me to pull away frm his ass but i didnt i jus layed there and jus got pulled even more by his eyes and lips damn how much i love kissn those thangs he must new wat i was thinkn cuz before i could react he kissed me wit those soft juice lips of his and i was in a trance i was loven it to much to stop him but i new i wasnt gone let it go no farther so i broke it and smh ty new wat was up bt that aint stop him frm tryn to get sum s*** i new he was horny s*** this nigga was drunk and he jus woke up frm a good ass slp lol but he was gone suffer for cheatn on me 2months and 3weeks here he cum cus ima get mines lol and ima do every thing to tease his ass

ty: baby i want to talk but can we wait till tomorrow but i want to say that im sorry and i really do love you and i need you more than you no

mica: ok we can talk tomorrow but that dont mean you off the hook s*** you even spendn the nite dont mean that s***

ty: ok bae love you(kiss cheek)

mica: love you to big head now go back to slp ur drunk still


wen we got in the place was quit so we guessed mica snd ty was slp but now that im think bout slp bre beendoin that alot bt any we came in the house loud as hell the guys was crakn jokes and s*** bt as im lookn at trey he lookn to good make me want to jump him rite here and now lol yea we was a lil tipsy but hey i wnted my bae and now

lexi: um trey

trey: huh.....

(ima rite sum more in a min srry for the shortness jus wanted to giv yall a lil sumn)

She know she want Ty too, she gone rape his ass LMFAO XD

Awww!! Mica know she want Ty!! lol Bree funny!!
Run it