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If You Loved Me

As i sit a think back to the months earlier tears fall and i lay in my room finding myself missn my love but wat he must learn is i dnt judge him for his past nore now bt the things i heard was true and it hurt like hell yet he dnt see it that way and thats why he made Dont Judge Me.......By the way my name is Rissa

A month earlier:

I was in class wen my sis lexi called me yes im in college i gt make sumn out my self cant depened on no nigga bt anyway back to the problem at hand

rissa: lexi wats up sissy you no im at school rite now

lexi:sissy I need to really talk to you its about chris..........

(run or dump)


LMFAO Tyga drunk ass XD
Lol she jumpe on Trey like he was the last meal.
RUN IT!!!!!! :D

( back at the apartment)

lexi: mica everything is goin to be ok he made a big ass mistake and he gone try and fix let him surfer for a lil then workn on workn it out

mica: i no lex but i dont think i can trust him again and the b**** sayn she prego like i cant even deal if he if its his (start cryn sum mo)s*** i pose to be the first and the last and only one to hav his bby

bre: damn M she straight stole yo s*** lol bt for real doe i fill you cus if hakeem tryed that s*** ill be com but soon as he got close to me enuff i would go rite up side his mutha f***n head like o b**** you want to cheat and get a hoe prego ok and giv him hit after hit he wouldnt no wat hit him lol

mica: lol shut up bre it would take you to liten my mood up a lil but i no wat you talkn bout cuz im thinkn bout doin that s*** lol i guess me and you both crazy wen you push us

bre: lex and ris dont look at us like that yall no yall would do the f***n same s*** riss you was bout to whoop chris ass a few months ago yoself

rissa: lol shut up bre so wat if i was lol anyways wat yall want to do to clear our heads of the guys

mica: how bout we go out to eat then go shopn or we can go shopn first

bre: s*** sound like a plan to me my boo at work anyway so i aint worried bout him checkn wer im at

lexi: s*** i aint got a prob wit that


(door bell sound)I wonder who the hell is this im think to my self and wen i open the door and my bae and chris and a drunk ass ty was standn there

ty: (slurn)hey rissa wer my baby at

lexi: boy i aint rissa its lex wit yo f***ed up ass cum on drunk she in here you need to go lay down

ty: o s*** my bad lex yall look to much a like

lexi: wateva fool hey bae hey chris cum in yall

trey: hey bae this fool was bout to try n drive ova here like that thats why we wit his slow drunk ass cus we wasnt gone let him drive here his self

chris: hey lex

bre: o look wat we hav her girls lol a mica yo boo here and rissa yo baby here

rissa:(screams) omg (jumps on him)baby wat you doin here i thought you wasnt cumn till lata

chris: lol awww my bby missed me bt i was then ty came ova dis nigga drunk as hell tryed to drive hisself here so me n trey brung him

rissa: smh

trey:so weres mica so his ass can see her then take his ass to slp

mica: im rite here but wat yall bring him fo i dnt want to see him or talk to him

ty: (slurn and stagern to her)bby please can we jus talk i need you in my life

mica: wait is he drunk, why yall let him get drunk

trey/chris:we didnt

chris: his ass was drunk wen he got to my house so i took his keys frm him

mica: (screams) omg can yall heelp me gt him to my room so he can lay his ass down

bre: soooo i guess we not getn nun to eat no time soon

rissa: lol shut bre wit yo slow ass

mica: lol naw yall can gone head wit out me ima stay here wit this jakeass go out wit the guys will do it another day

lex: you sure girl

mica: yea see yal lata

whole group: alri lata

mica (pov)

as im intering my room i see this nigga layed the f*** out i wanted to jump on his ass rite there and whoop his ass but i wasnt even doe im mad at him was missn him i wached my big head boo slp he was so sexy rather he was slp or woke soon i was in dream land rite wit his ass

Oooooohhhhhh!! Ty bra you in trouble trouuble!! I hope that they will get it together.
Run it!!!

Tyga u f***ed up nigga it's gone take a lot to forgive up high yellow ass lol
Run it :)

rissa (pov)

as i was on the phone wit chris my sis and bff walked in we was pose to hav a girls day seens everyone been so busy and i hav notice mica havnt been being around and we live in the same damn apartment the s*** crazy cus ty even been calln me askn if i saw her or was she around me sumn is up wit my cuz and i need to no wat

lexi:hey sissy who was that on the phone yo new boo lol

rissa:(blushs)no i dnt hav a new boothat was my baby

lexi:(looks at bre)o so u n breezy back talkn wen was u gone tel use and wer is our damn cuzn she been being mia lately

Rissa:we jus got back on talkn terms lol n i dnt no wats been up wit her she been real distance s*** even her own man aint been seeing or talkn to her she been mia frm everybdy

jus as i said that mica walked in she looked like sumn was on her mind see thats one thing my cuzn couldnt do cus we was so close was keep sumn frm me cus i always new sumn was wrong but before i could say sumn to her my phone rung and wen it did i saw sumn in her eyes the girls saw it to so they took her to the room to talk to her

rissa: hello

m/v:hey rissa is yo cuzn there

rissa:ty dis you why yo number diff and wats up wit my cuzzn she aint been her self lately

tyga:(breaths deep)

rissa: ty jus tell me so i can try n fix this s***

tyga:ok look i got a new phone cus i broke my other one cus me n my baby got in to iti was mad so i threw it

rissa: ok wat yal get in to it bout

ty: she was online and saw sum pics she had already been hearn sum rumers but she aint let them gt to her well she couldnt take it wen she saw the pics so she asked me bout them we said sum things we both gone regret s*** i regreted it as soon as she hung up on me no she want aswer the phone my texts emails skype nun and its killn me i dnt like this her ignoren me s***

rissa: ok ty wat are the pics of


rissa: ty is you there wat is the pics of that she saw

ty: rissa please promise you want get mad

rissa: ty jus tel me

ty: there of me wit this other girl

rissa: so you cheated on my cuzn ty why wat hav she ever did for you to go and do that

ty: man i was drunk my baby neva did nun for me to do that i was so drunk i wasnt thinkn and i regret it evea happn i need to talk to my baby i need to make this rite i need her i dnt want to lose her

rissa: well tyga i dnt no wat to say all i can say is giv her sum time and that ill help you the best i can im try and get her to talk to you but you f***ed up bro jus pray that she take yo ass back

Ty: ok riss thanks(click)


ok so my baby gone to her sis place for a girls day i guess ima call up the guys see wat they got up for the day(phone ring)(ring) (ring) damn who dat

Trey:a wats up bro

chris: dawg we need yo help cum ova

Trey: i was jus bout to call you and see wat u had on the floo wats up wat happen

Chris: man ty got caught and i think its ova

Trey: wait wat he got wit wat

chris: man member the nite we wnt out and that nigga disapered well i found out why the next day to make the story short he cheated mica found out and naw she aint talkn to him and ova here goin crazy

trey: omg man here i cum

(back at chris house)

ty: man i no we done she dnt want to see me talk to me nun man i need her i made a big ass dumb mistake(drunk and cryn)

chris: ty dawg giv me that drink i think you had enuff

ty: naw man i need dis man u no wat im bout to go ova there i got to talk to her(slurn) a chris ima hit u lata dawg(opens door)

chris: naw dawg cant let u do that u not bout to drive and you f***ed up like this

m/v: yea go sit yo ass back down ty dawg

ty: man no i need my baby rite now i need to see her trey man

trey: alri cum on we bout to go ova there

ty: man dont be plyn(slurn)

trey im not now cum on dawg wit yo drunk ass chris man you cumn

chris: hell yea i was pose to go see my hunny today anyway

We wached this nigga tyga stager all the way to the car smh its a damn shame how drunk he is as soon as he get the he need to get his ass in the bed and slp that s*** off

Shawn.....BACK THE f*** UP!! I don't need no one tempting me. A thirtsty nigga thats that s*** i don't like! Awwies Chris miss me but yell at me again nigga i choke yo ass. I love it!
Run it <3

Haha Chris being alert xD he ain't want no other nigga replacing him lol
Run it :)


m/v:hey boo wat u up to

rissa: nun at home chilln bord wbu

m/v:o ok wel maybe i should cum unbore u then lol

rissa: lol wat i tel you i hav a man me nand you jus friends

m/v: yea ok but jus to let you no if he dont speed up and make it up to you ima be yo new man

rissa: wateva hold on sumone on my other line (click)

rissa: hello

chris: hey baby i miss you

rissa (pov)

i was shocked like a mutha fuka he actualy called omg i missed hearing his voice so much s*** i miss his touch the fill of him (pouts)man i jus miss my bae so much

chris: baby is u there rissa baby please tel me you not still not talkn to me baby i miss you

rissa: o im sorry chrissy pooh i was um in a days wats up wait bae let me um clear my line (click)

rissa: ima call you back my bae called me

m/v: ok rissa hit me up lata and tel chris i said wats up lol

rissa: shawn dont do that dont try n start s*** bye (click)

rissa:hello baby you still there

chris:yea im here bae who was that

rissa: a friend frm school

chris:boy or girl


chris:(chris screamed) so you talkn to other ppl wen you said we wasnt

rissa:1st quit screamn at me and 2nd im not talkn to him like that he jus my homei and my lab partner in class so chill damn (smacks lips)

chris: im sorry bae im jus goin crazy cus i aint seen you n a month i miss you boo can i cum ova please baby

rissa:chris (cut off)

chris:please please

rissa: bae ima call you back the girls jus came ova for a min

chris: ok bt can i tel me before you hang up

rissa: ok chris but ima call you n a min

chris: ok love you

rissa:love you too bae

rissa (pov)

(srry its short will write more wen i get out the shower)

Awwwww run it :) I'm glad things are back in order
Run it

Crap!! Ok i'll wait i guess...-sighs-

lol rissa u got to waitn n see but run it girls and if i have any silent readers please speak up and comment i want to no wat yall think

add comen soon but before i update need more runs

Am i goin wit somebody else plz tell me no! I wanna know! Awwies Chris made a song about me.

Run it!!

chris (pov)

To be honest i didnt no really wat to start wit wen it came to talkn to my boo cus i didnt no all wat she new or wat she thought but i saw the pain in her eyes so i did the only thing i new how to get my fillings out

rissa (pov)

wen chris start singn to me i didnt no if i wanted to slap the s*** out of him walk the f*** out or both but i jus sat there and lisened i hope he dont think this s*** gone get him the goods again

chris: You're hearing rumors about me and you can't stomach the thought Of someone touchin my body when you're so close to my heart but baby i promise i neva did nothing to kae or riri

rissa:well chris if you didnt why would sum one call my sister on sum dumb s*** then huh why can you tell me that

chris: I don't wanna go there we should never go there damn why you wanna go there

rissa: chris all i ask is that you tel me it all and be honest about it

Chris: ok bby but i dont want to lose you but I won't deny what they're sayin' Because most of it is true But it was all before I fell for you

As i looked at chris he broke me even more cus wat parts was true and wat eva was true wen did they accure i couldnt laugh to hold the pain i felt nomo the tears jus start rolln and with every tear it stung like hell chris tryed to hold me but i pushed him and start screamn at him

rissa: so wat the f*** part is true then if you aint cheat on me and wat the hell you mean before you fell for me

Chris:(sighs and whips down his face)bae i didnt do nun wit kae she jus been cumn ova to chill wit me n the guys we all still cool and friends wit her today jus happen to be a day she came and the guys wasnt here now as for riri....bae please tell me you want walk wen i tel you

rissa: smh chris jus tel me

chris:baby please jus promise me you want and that ull stay and talk it out wit me cus before we start talkin crazy Sayin some things we'll regret can we just slow it down Brace yourself, you're beautiful baby so please don't judge me and I won't judge you cause it could get ugly before it gets beautiful Please don't judge me and I won't judge you And if you love me Then let it be beautiful just let the past, just be the past

rissa: chris im not gone promise s*** all you need to no is im locked in this b**** till we done talkn so spill the s*** already damn

chris: ok rissa ima tel you, well wen we first start goin out me and riri was still friends then jus like we are now thing is i did kiss her and we was very close to haven sex but all i could think about was you and how i would hurt you and how much i wouldnt want to lose you thats the nite i new i fell for you

after he said those words we sat in silence which felt like a hour but wasnts all you could hear was my crys by this time chris had pulled me in to his arms and held me i wanted to push him away but i wanted to be there to i wanted to fill his touch so i stayed there til i got the strength to say sumn

Rissa: chris I love u so much and this gone be hard but i think all this that happn is for a reason and it tells me we need to take a break for a lil jus to find our self and so you can no if im who you want and wer you want to be

Chris:Baby no we need to work threw this if you love me then lets
just let the past, just be the past and focus on things that's
gonna make us laugh take me as who I am, not who I was I promise I'll be the one that you can trust so please don't judge me

Rissa: baby we jus need a lil time apart wen you no u'll cum back to me and wit no regrets ill take you back

Chris: smh (a single tear fell)so wat does dis mean we'r done we talk to who we want is that wat you want

Rissa: baby no we'r not done and no we dont gt to talk to other ppl dats not wat i want we jus gone separate for a lil we both need sum space

chris: ok rissa if this wat you want ill do it but i dont want to lose you

rissa: its wat i want and you not gone lose me (kisses his lips)

(flash back to present)

My phone ringed as the song chris made dont judge me went off i new it was for me as i looked at my phone my face lite up " hello,hey (smiles while on the phone)....

That boi Chris funny,Ohh i wanna bust him in his s*** right now, i do laugh when im really hurtin bad!! But im not cool even if he didnt cheat dont invite Kae ass over i swear imma beat her ass!! But i love my Chrissy-Pooh, but his ass gon have to work hard for this!!

Chris you better fix this and fix it now!!!!
Run it!

rissa (pov)

The things my sis said i couldnt beleive them i needed to no the truth as i drove wit anger and hurt in my eyes and heart i cryed cuz i didnt want it to be true how could it he would neva cheat on me i love him and i thought he loved please dnt let it be true cus if it is he will soon find out why you neva should f*** me ova

bre (pov)

I no my bff was hurtn she loved this dude to much not to be as we came in chris house we was ready to whoop kae ass but luck for her she wasnt there and i promise it was her ass that clled lex sayn all that s*** cus she still want chris i guess tyga got her out of there before we could get our hands on her lol girl jus dont no ty jus saved her muthaf***n life

mica: a i think rissa here yall

chris: sighs tel her im in my room

tyga: man you no u done rite you f***ed up she gone leave yo ass dawg be honest wit me please tell me you aint cheat on her

the look in chris eyes i new sumn was up either sumn almost happn and he stoped it or he was goin along wit it and then thought about it either way i needed to hear him say he aint cheat i dnt want them to be done he my bro n she like my sis i hope they work it out

chris: ty dawg i didnt cheat on her thats my love if i lose her i dont no wat ill do i got to make it rite

tyga: well talk to her and cum clean dude

rissa (pov)

as i walked in the house the looks i saw on the girls face told me sumn was up and i wanted to no wat then thats wen i saw ty and then i heard a knock at the door wen i open it there standn was trey and hakeem

trey/hakeem: hey rissa (gives her a hug)

rissa:hey guys cum in

rissa: ok one of yall betta start talkn and fast and wer the hell is chris dumb ass at

ty:well um rissa chris is in his room

rissa: ok wat else u aint telln me

bre: well gone head boy tell her cus its yo ass not ours lol

rissa: tell me wat wat more must i no

tyga: (sighs)ok look i got her to leave but before yall got here chris had kae here

rissa (pov)

I had to laugh to not cry wen he said that my heart sunk i cant look or talk to him rite now im bound to do sumn to that boy so ima jus leave but jus as i thought it wasnt gone be easy wen i tryed to walk out trey picked me up and took me to chris room kickn and screamn aand no one said a word they jus wached him even my on sis lol thats crazy i loved my bro inlaw but sum times he got on my nerves cus we it came to me he was always rite

Trey:rissa i did that for your on good talk to him you cant run frm this

rissa: trey i dont want to be here i dnt want to talk and im not running im simply walkn away frm this lol

trey: its not funny ur hurtn i see it i yo eyes only he can heal ur heat wit his answers ( shuts and lock the door)

Chris (pov)

i sat there and wached my baby and trey go back and forth before trey left i hurt my bby bad i got to fix this

( bout to get my hair did add more lata)

update tomorrow cant do it tonite im to slpy

Oh hell no!! Don't be a peacemaker now im finna f*** up chris and kae hoes these days mmmm smh need to teach her ass a lesson!!

Run it!!

Run it

Oh no we about to whoop they ass hell Tuga can get it to even tho he ain't do nothing XD

(rissa and mica appartment)

mica (pov)

As we pulled up to the appartment i see lexi has called rissa bff Bre now this girl was funny and silly as hell every time we hav a prob and we get together like this and its sumn bad or upseting she always find a way to lighten the mood but at the end of it all im always the peacemaker and s*** cus i dont like wen my friends or fam get in to it wit each other cus then that put me in the middle of the s*** and i hate it bt anyways the look on lexi face told me it all s*** jus got real

mica: hey lexi and bre (gives them a hug)wats up

lexi: hey hun wer my sis at

bre: wats up girl

Mica: o she in the car on the phone so lex wats goin on ris said you had sumn to tel her

Lexi: (puts her head down n sighs)(lifts her head)well this morning i got a call frm sumone sayn that she was wit chris now and to tell my b**** of a sister to back the f*** off and stop calln him then they said the reason she aint been getn no answers is cus he been f***n his ex's riri and kae then they hung up on me before i could say anything

lil did we no rissa was standn there the whole time and heard everything wen we realized she was there the look in her eyes could kill sumone were they stand then the tears started n she walked to the car and drove off wit no words we already new wer she was headed so we had to make it there befor her cus if not she was gone kill this boy

So i called ty and before i could tell lexi and bre they was already calln trey and hakeem s*** ty piked up on first ring

ty: hey baby i was jus think bout you how yo day and wat you doin

mica: hey bae ima tel u all that wen i see you rite now i need you to meet me at chris house

ty: um bae im already here wats goin on you sound like you rushn

Mica: bae wen rissa get there i need you to hold her down this is not a game ok she mit hurt chris if you dont

ty: wait you telln me rissa on her way here rite now

Mica: yes hunny now can you do wat i asked please

ty: um bae i dont think chris gone be the only one she hurt

mica: ty wat is you talkn bout

ty: well i jus got here not to long ago and wen i did i saw that kae was here i told chris the s*** was wrong but he aint listn he said they was jus friends nun more

mica: wat the f*** u mean kae is there so you telln me wat we no is true that he f***n cheated on rissa wit his ex's o hell naw i hope she beat his ass a lil den ill be the peacemaker

ty: bae wat u mean his ex's and no he aint cheat on rissa i no he would neva do that to rissa

mica: wateva we outside open the door cus rissa bout to be pulln up sooner then i thought

(didnt want to keep yall waitn so heres a lil sumn)

Hell yea imma beat that ass!!!! Chris better get her the hell out before i beat all they asses even Tyga for not kickin that b**** to the curve. I don't like that hoe!

Run it!!

Hahaha that's how you do t tell that nigga u got a man or just tell them your prego lol jk
Chris kno he wrong for what he doing Smdfsh he gone get he's
Run it! :)


Rissa (pov)

as i sit in class as the last few mins tic by my mind stayed on wat my sis had to tel me bout my bae she was scaren me wat eva it was i hope its not bad

Class let out and i meet up wit my cuzn mica i found her at a table yet as always a guy was tryn lol but as always she turn them down not only did she aready hav a man but she was the quiet one and thats wat drew the guys to want her lil did she no sum times she can be to quiet but my nigga ty is workn on getn her to losen up a lil o yea wen i say ty i mean tyga we met chris n tyga at the same time and we hit it off they was cool as hell who would have eva thought we would be the girlfiends of chris n tyga

Rissa: hey mica wat u up to i see u got niggas flockn lol

Mica: lol shut up girl i aint got nobody flockn i was tryn to finsh sum work wen that nigga came up to me sayn"hey ma can i sit here wit you and maybe get to no you a lil" im like sweety i dont think my man would like me getn to no u lol

now mica quiet but she can get a lil fiesty sumtimes if you push her to it

Rissa: lol mica you crazy so tell me why lexi calls me while im in class telln me she need to talk to me bout sumn that got to do wit chris

Mica: forreal "scruches up her face" i wonder wat its about

Rissa: yea me to dats why we need to head to the appartment she said she gone meet use there o hav you even talked to ty this week cus i aint talk to chris seens sunday

Mica: naw the last time i talked to him was like tuesday and he told me he wasnt gone beable to talk to me until friday which is today so i should be getn a call soon

Rissa: o ok well if you talk to him before i talk to chris tel him to hav chris call me

lil did i no the things my sis was gone tell me soon was gone make me want to beat chris the whole ride home it neva crossed my mind to turn the radio on if i would hav i would'v heard it and my sis wouldnt hav had to tel me nun

(Back at chris house)

yo chris wats up my dude wat you been up to u been mia for....

(tyga pov)

befor i could finsh wat i was gone say kae walks in wer we was at all happy go jolly smilen and s*** sayn "hey ty" all i could do was look at chris and smh wen she finally walked back out i had to say sumn rissa was my homegirl and fam her cuzn gone be my wifey

Ty: chris dude wat the f*** is you doin dawg you no rissa would whoop yo ass if she new kae was here s*** hav you even talked to her

chris: man its not even like that kae jus came ova to chill wit me for a lil thats all we not together nomo but we are still friends

Ty: smh man jus no i warned yo ass wen you get caught

chris: man ok but im not gone get caught

(sorry its short guys but i hav to go gt ready for work)


Run it!

need more runs before i update

Love that song
This is great so far run it :D