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chris brown im one of ur biqest fans nd i jus wnt to ask u dnt qet mad nd wop my asx lkee u did riri lmao but is it true wat everybody sayinq bout u havinq a gay lover on da down low im juss askinq <3


Hello Dear,
How are you today?i hope you are fine,well to me i am Ok
,my name is miss Prisca,i saw your lovely profile today and i really love it that is why
i am writing this message to you,please can you kindly write
and tell me more about yourself,
here is my email id


as soon as i receive from you
i will be happy to reply back with my picture,My special hobbies
includes reading literature
,swimming,watching movies and hanging out with good friends.Take care am happy to be your friend.
Miss Prisca,
please write me directly to my E-mail address above,