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Bad Girls Club Amsterdam

Episode 1- Intros

"b**** i'm not the won to f*** with, you don't know me"
"do it look i like i give a f*** about who you are" she said stepping in her face.
"you gonna do something, pop off b****" she said
"you want me to pop off b****" she said swing.

*4 Weeks Earlier*

<a href="">Bree</a>

"Amsterdam b****!!!!!" Bree called out."im boutta get High as a kite out here" she added.

<em>My name is Bree and im from Tennesse. Chicks love me like im hella lovable and cool to be around UNTIL you mess with my food or man, thats a no, no. People say im Bipolar and i truly believe i am one minute we could be laugh the next we scrapping that it. 2 type of chick i don't mess with are Sneaky hoes and scheming ass b****.</em>

"damn this house is big as hell" i said as the limo pulled up to the Bad Girls Club <a href="">Mansion</a>. I got out and walked in to the house luckily i was the first one here.

"let me get the good bed before these other b****es get here" i said as i rushed off to find the best room. Hopefully i don't room with no sneaky b****.

<a href="">Nani</a>

"Nani's in the house b****es!" i yelled as i walked into this huge as mansion.

<em>i'm nani and im from VA, two up two down you know what it is. I'm sweet as hell like i can be a b****es best friend....until you you f*** with me or my s***. I got hands don't let my sweet face fool you i'm known to f*** b****es up and i'll let you get the first hit to be nice but after that b**** its over</em>

"anybody here?" i yelled out as some girl came from down stairs.
"hey!!, im bree" she said as we hugged each other.
"i'm nani, are we the only ones here?" i asked.
"yeah so if you wanna get a good bed nows the time" she said.
"you right, i hope i don't room with no grimy ass b****" i said.
"thats how i feel" bree said as she walked me towards the room.
"where you sleeping, i feel like were gonna click" i asked.
"in here" she pointed.


"NY is about to take over Amsterdam"

<em>i got 3 rules and hopefully these b**** obey them, 1- Don't touch my s***, @-Don't touch my man, and 3-Don't talk s*** if you can't back it up. I'm funny as hell anybody who's around me is going to have a good time. I loyal ass b****, ride or die type chick. as long as you rocking with me i'm rocking with you</em>

"b****es!!" i called out as i walked into the house."am i the only one here?" i asked out loud as i got no reaction. I walked up the stairs and looked into the rooms to see two chicks talking.

"hey im Lexi" i said shaking their hands.
"i'm bree" one girl said.
"hey" i said to her as the other girl didn't speak at all."and you are?" i asked trying to speak to her.
"nani" she spoke dryly.

<em>i haven't been in this house for 10 minutes yet and i already know imma end up given this b**** a NY beat down</em>


"bad girls club get ready for the baddest bad girl"

<em>im candace and im from Orlando baby!. I'm a bad girl cause i love to drink, party and have a good time. Being a bad girl doesn't mean punching a b**** in her face. don;t get me wrong tho if i have to lay hands on someone i will but i try my best to avoid conflict.</em>

"CANDACE IS IN THE BUILDING" i yelled as i walked into the house.
"aye!!" some said coming in the room."i'm lexi" she said hugging me.
"hey, who else is here?" i asked her.
"two other girls, but the one named nani is a b****, just warning you" she said walking away.

<a href="<a href="">Joslin</a>

"f*** with me get f*** up, thats my motto"

<em>the name is Joslin and i'm from Georgia Hoe!. i'm nice when i first meet you just to see who you really are, if you cool we cool but if your not, them were not, obviously. i don't play games with chick and i don't do the talking if we got a problem imma pop off point blank end of story</em>

"queen B have arrived" i said as i walked into this huge house."hey im joslin" i said to the first girls i saw.
"i'm lexi" one of them spoke.
"i'm candace" the other said as two ther girls walked down.

"hey i'm joslin" i said shaking their hands.
"i'm nani" one of then said.
"joslin? like the hoe from love and hip hop?" the other girl asked laughing.

<em>*laughs* haters already, b**** are two much *laughs again*</em>


"don't touch my s*** i wont touch yours"

<em>im dany and im from Cali!!. Im a chill as chick, i get along with everybody until you press the wrong buttons. I'm athletic but i'm far from a tomboy. I speak my mind and if i got something to say to you i will say it to YOU. i'm not about the sneaky s***.</em>

"aye ladies" i called out as i walked into the house."damn am i the last one here?" i asked as i looked around.
"hell yeah we taking shot you need to catch up" one of the girls said.
"well then pour me a shot" i said laughing."im danyell by the way or just dany" i said.
"i'm bree"
"i'm lexi"
"i'm nani"
"i'm candace"
"i'm joslin" they said introducing themselves.


<em>This season on bad girls club: "that b**** better not even look my way or she leaving in a body bag" josline said, "YALL BTICHES WANNA TRY AND JUMP A b**** COME I"LL f*** ALL YALL UP!" Nani yelled, "i seriously feel like i'm going crazy, i'm about to stab a b**** nani" Bree spoke</em>

(please tell me i did a good job, lmao)



Dang I gotta read this when I get some free time.

Lol y'all crazy as hell
I'll have a add by 11 most likely
I gotta get back intouch with the cast and remember where I was headed with this.

Lol.. Oh... From my phone I couldnt tell that the word "it" was a hyperlink.

I BEEN found it. Check the other post. I gave her the link like umpteen hours ago.

Try again. You failed lol.

Found it!!!! Lol.

Smh. You knew WTF was gon happen. These hoes are so fake. That's all tf I got to say. Candace apologize... How is she flip flopping? Lol Smh... Immature ass b****es. Ayee! Is Candace gon beat Joslin ass? Cuz she need to!

Run it

Sooo my bed gotta go in the pool cause I was woman enough to apologize? Scandalous ass hoes.

These girls aint nothing but gibberish.
They cant stunt on us.
Throwing matresses in the pool is so cliche
Every b**** does it!
About damn time Candice apologizes
Oh so now Lexi switching team huh?
She tryna hang with some real b****es?
I guess its just joselin now!

run it

Lmaoooo I'm over my damn self! WTF?!

I'm sad that Lexi just done dissed my ass lmaooo Flip flopping hoes! I'ma miss my Lexi, but hell, I better leave that damn house with a BANG!!!

I'm having too much fun over here to be a b**** as usual lol

Run it

flip floppin nothing i'm wiping my hands clean of the bulls*** im here to hve fun party & bulls*** f*** it if i gotta throw hands with joslin next so be it just kno lexi is no weak b**** im going for blood

Episode 5

Flip Flop Avenue

"NANI!" candace called out.
"wassup?" nani asked walking down the steps.
"i wanna talk to you real quick" candace said as she walked off to the living room with nani following her.

"okay usualy i don't apologize to people but in this situation i feel like i should" she began."i told joslin and n lexi about what you and bree said and it sparked a f***ing war, i didn't think it would get that far" she explained.
"i expect your apology, but now you know those to b****es don't quit" nani said.

<em>Nani- i'm not to sure if i trust candace or not, but imma try to give her a chance</em>


"bree" nani whispered out to bre as she walked into their room."candace just apologized for snitching to joslin and lexi" she continued.
"really? what she say?" bree asked.
"something about she didn't think it would get this far, i think we should give her another chance, maybe we can drag her on our team" nani said.
"i'm down, but the b**** better not f*** up again.

<em>Lexi- so i walking minding my own business and these b****es talking about candace apologized to them and want to be their friend, flip flopping hoe</em>

"DANY!!" bree called out."wheres dany?" she asked nani.
"im right here" dany said walking in.
"were about to go eat dinner at Tungas, you wanna come?" bree asked.
"yeah im down, should i ask joslin and lexi?" dany asked as bree and nani looked at each other.
"sure why not, tell them were leaving a 9" bree said as dany walked out the room.

"lets pray for a stress free night" nani said.


"girls were going out to eat, yall wanna come?" dany asked lexi and joslin.
"where?" joslin asked.
"Tungas" dany answered.
"yeah we down" joslin answered for both of them.
"cool, we leaving at 9" dany said.
"me and lexi have something to do were gonna meet you guys there" joslin said.
"iight" dany said.


The girls got ready for their night out and Dany, candace, Bree and Nani left in the limo and headed to Tungas leaving JOslin and Lexi behind like they wanted.

<em>Joslin- Candace your a flip flopping b**** and for that guess where your bed is the mother f***ing pool</em>

"you got it?" lexi asked joslin as they slip candace's mattress down the steps.

"you ready?" joslin asks as she and lexi are about to through a bed in the pool.
"yuup" lexi responded.
"1...2..3" joslin said as they threw the mattress into the pool.
"well, i worked up an appetite, lets go eat" lexi said laughing as she linked arms with joslin and walked out the house.


"i got a bad feeling" dany said.
"about what?" candace asked
"that were gonna get back home and some s*** is gonna pop off" dany said.
"i hope not" bree said."cause im trynaan stay here to the end if i keep having to whoop a b****es ass im going home" bree said.
"i don't fight but if i have to best believe i'll f*** a b**** up" dany said

"hello ladies" lexi said as she and joslin walked up and joined the other girls."did you guys order?" lexi asked.
"no we were waiting for you guys" candace answered.

"where we going after this?" dany asked the group.
"yall wanna go to Lava? i hear its hot" nani said.
"sound cool, lets go there" lexi said.

The girls ate there food as they all engaged in conversation with each other, even the one who didn't like each other.

"come yall im tryna go party!" lexi said getting up as the rest of the girl followed. They gathered into the limo and headed to lava night club. When they pulled up, they out and like always were escorted to their BGC VIP section where they had bottles waiting. Everyone was having a good time, all except Joslin who sat on the couch and watched everyone else dance.

<em>Joslin- somebody please tell me why these b**** lexi is dancing with Bree, this b**** just bought herself a house on Flip Flop Avenue, lexi, lexi, lexi i thought you were my b****, i guess i thought wrong.</em>

<strong>Next Time On Bad Girls Club:</strong><em>"wheres my bed?" Candaces asks......"IT"S IN THE POOL!" Bree yelled out...."you threw my bed in the pool!?!" candace asks......."i had nothing to do with it" lexi says....."flip floping as hoes" joslin yells</em>

Shiiiid f*** who don't like me! And b**** i'm bad! Badder than you'll ever be! Come correct!

ANYWAY! Lol I'm tired of this Bree and Nani s***! I mean, damn, s*** gets old and Bree is getting old, dusty ass b****es........on to the next one, the b**** is in my rear view!

Run it

im like sooo over goin back & forth with bree & nani s*** why didnt we jump in that fight in the club i wanna throw some blows for real for real like wtf man smhh i guess i gotta settle for whoppin somebody ass in the house so whose it gonna be dont worry im lik Muhammad i'll take whoever u give me

Damn yall stay fighting Bree and joslin stay geeked. But I have a feeling that eventually joslin and lexie are gonna turn on Candace. Right now Joslin is my least favorite in the house. b**** you aint bad. you jump on the bandwagon of being a ratchet ass hoe too. throwing peoples s*** in the pool come on b**** how old are we. grow the f*** up and get off bree's d***.

Run it

i see Candace asx tried to puton for
Lexxii && Joslin lmfao
ths cuuuuteee lil boo tryying to fit in

Joslin .. .tsk tsk you aint gon be satisfied
till Bree havee yo asx in somebodyy ICU
YOU NOT REAL nor are you BAD . . .

its aLOT of talking gng on . . .
. . .i wanna see Joslin get tht head to'
up real quick likee
cause she need to be put on her asx so she
can shut her damn mouth

We just thuggin in the club
with my squad b*tch we deep
*waka flock voice*
took them girls heads off
Joslin i HOPE you were paying closee attention
cause thts what yo asx gon get if you keep
f*cking with us

lol ooooh CANT WAIT


Blah blah... Talk too much shid! These hoes run their mouths too much. This b**** acted like she REALLY did damage? I slapped you and we got pulled away lol. Stfu. Stop boosting your head up. Smh Candace I still don't like her. Luckily Dany saved that b**** from an asswhooping! And the b****es in the club though?! Really! You that thirsty for attention? That's why you got ya ass whooped! Blood all over our shirts and s***! Smh! WTF is gonna happen next? Will Dany snap? Lol.


sorry for the short chapter
i had more but it got deleted

Episode 4
-The People's Champ-

"you wanna talk? whats you wanna talk about?" Joslin said coming out of the confessional and getting in bree's face.
"you through my s*** in the pool?" bre asked her
"and what if i did?" Joslin asked as Bree slapped her in the face.

"oh you b****" joslin said as she changed as bree pushing her up against the wall.
"chiil, yall fight to dance much" dany said getting in between them before the security came.

<em>Dany- this s*** is tiring, we haven't even been here that long and i'm tried of hearing and seeing jolin and bree fight like give it up, what you fight all the damn time for? </em>

<em>Lexi- dany where the f*** you come from? like seriously? b****es wanna fight let them rock</em>

"this s*** aint over you ball headed hoe" bree yelled out.
"b**** keep talking s*** and i'll f*** your ass up like i did the first time" joslin yelled as security pushed her in the other room.
"b**** you wish you f***ed me up" bree said as she as well was being pushed away."get the f*** off me i can walk by myself" she said pulling her arm away from the security.

"you good?" nani asked bre.
"i'm gucci boo these weak ass b****es don't run s*** over here" bree said loud enough for joslin and lexi to hear.

<em>Joslin- that b**** lucky dany got in the middle, she got touched by an angel cause i was ready to f*** her up</em>

"we still going out tonight right?" lexi asked joslin.
"hell yeah, aint nobody stopping me from having fun" she said."where candace?" joslin asked.
"confessional" lexi said.

<em>Candace- i didn't do it, i just simply told joslin what was being said about her, don't talk s*** unless you ready to...*looks over and see's joslin and lexi walking in* don't talk s*** unless you ready to get your ass beat</em>
<em>Joslin- i knew there was a reason i like candace, this b**** got my back, these b****es to scared to sat s*** to my face.</em>
<em>Nani- they probably upstairs quite as little mice talking about us right now</em>

"dany why you get in the middle? i wanted to beat her ass" bree asked.
"i know you did" she said laughing."but that s*** is getting on my nerves" dany said.
"my bad but you already know what she did" bree said.
"i feel you, but for now, lets just keep calm and have fun tonight" she said pulling out her clothes to get ready for there night out at the club.

-Phone Room-

"tell me why i got in like 4 fights already?" joslin spoke on the phone with her friend."hahahahahaha im so f***ing bad" joslin says into the phone.
"i hope you f***ed that b**** up, you already know i did" joslin said looking up and watching nani walk back."this b**** got her little minion ease dropping on me" she added in.
"these b**** lame joslin" her friend spoke.
"you aint lying, but i'm bout to get ready for the club imma hit you up later" joslin said.
"iight" her friend said hanging up.

Once the girls were ready to go, they all left out the house and hopped in their limo. When they got to the club they were escorted to their VIP section and they started poppin bottles immediately. Everyone was having a good time with no drama but all good things come to and end.

"yall not bad, yall some dirty ass hoes" some random chicks said to the girls.
"b**** don't get hurt" Bree said getting up.
"what are you gonna do hoe?" the girl said as her group stepped towards bree and nani, dany and candace got up as well.

<em>Joslin- hell naw i'm not about to help these b****es, since i can't put my hands on Bree like i want to imma just sit back and watch bree get her ass whopped by someone else</em>

Once of the random girls through a drink at bree which cause her to grab the girl and punch her in the face. Once Bre started fight everyone else around them began fighting except Lexi and joslin.

"b****es wanna throw drinks, you aint evelyn b****" bree yelled.
"wanna be ass bad girl, you mad cause you aint here b****" nani yelled as the girls were pulled away from the fight and out the club.

"oh my god theres blood everywhere" dany said as she looked at the blood spots all over their clothes.

<em>Nani- My crew stay winning, mother f***ing people's champ</em>

"who would know s*** with get this crazy" candace said.

<strong>Next Time Of Bad Girls Club:</strong> <em>"i don't fight but if i have to best believe i'll f*** a b**** up" dany says.------"you ready?" joslin asks as she and lexi are about to through a bed in the pool</em>


finallyy lol



Lmfao y'all niggas crazy
But I got class
So imma hit y'all with a
Good long add when I get out

Really Tina? Really? Where tf you at?

A dog on the loose and we need to control it ASAP!

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And when and if she do b**** I'ma be standing right here ready for this one! Cause Ionn fear no b****, no hoe, no female on this earth cuz and that's some honesty for yo ass!

Run up and I'ma do some damage!

if yo asx dnt watch it
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cause you copied her word by muhfckn word


im donee wit yo asx at least Lexxi real enough
not to bite ppl sh*t

cant wait for her to turn on yo asx


Tina run this sh*t ! ! !

naaw boo, I don't even watch bball wives, what ever the f*** THAT is!

So what you talkin bout is damn near irrelevant! :)

Like I told yo lil leader, show me what that hit game like!

lmfaoo im sorry i never seen anyone turn boos b**** around like that cand call some one a poodle in the pound im stealing that s***

but yeah Tina you need to run this already

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