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Bad Girls Club Amsterdam

Episode 1- Intros

"b**** i'm not the won to f*** with, you don't know me"
"do it look i like i give a f*** about who you are" she said stepping in her face.
"you gonna do something, pop off b****" she said
"you want me to pop off b****" she said swing.

*4 Weeks Earlier*

<a href="">Bree</a>

"Amsterdam b****!!!!!" Bree called out."im boutta get High as a kite out here" she added.

<em>My name is Bree and im from Tennesse. Chicks love me like im hella lovable and cool to be around UNTIL you mess with my food or man, thats a no, no. People say im Bipolar and i truly believe i am one minute we could be laugh the next we scrapping that it. 2 type of chick i don't mess with are Sneaky hoes and scheming ass b****.</em>

"damn this house is big as hell" i said as the limo pulled up to the Bad Girls Club <a href="">Mansion</a>. I got out and walked in to the house luckily i was the first one here.

"let me get the good bed before these other b****es get here" i said as i rushed off to find the best room. Hopefully i don't room with no sneaky b****.

<a href="">Nani</a>

"Nani's in the house b****es!" i yelled as i walked into this huge as mansion.

<em>i'm nani and im from VA, two up two down you know what it is. I'm sweet as hell like i can be a b****es best friend....until you you f*** with me or my s***. I got hands don't let my sweet face fool you i'm known to f*** b****es up and i'll let you get the first hit to be nice but after that b**** its over</em>

"anybody here?" i yelled out as some girl came from down stairs.
"hey!!, im bree" she said as we hugged each other.
"i'm nani, are we the only ones here?" i asked.
"yeah so if you wanna get a good bed nows the time" she said.
"you right, i hope i don't room with no grimy ass b****" i said.
"thats how i feel" bree said as she walked me towards the room.
"where you sleeping, i feel like were gonna click" i asked.
"in here" she pointed.


"NY is about to take over Amsterdam"

<em>i got 3 rules and hopefully these b**** obey them, 1- Don't touch my s***, @-Don't touch my man, and 3-Don't talk s*** if you can't back it up. I'm funny as hell anybody who's around me is going to have a good time. I loyal ass b****, ride or die type chick. as long as you rocking with me i'm rocking with you</em>

"b****es!!" i called out as i walked into the house."am i the only one here?" i asked out loud as i got no reaction. I walked up the stairs and looked into the rooms to see two chicks talking.

"hey im Lexi" i said shaking their hands.
"i'm bree" one girl said.
"hey" i said to her as the other girl didn't speak at all."and you are?" i asked trying to speak to her.
"nani" she spoke dryly.

<em>i haven't been in this house for 10 minutes yet and i already know imma end up given this b**** a NY beat down</em>


"bad girls club get ready for the baddest bad girl"

<em>im candace and im from Orlando baby!. I'm a bad girl cause i love to drink, party and have a good time. Being a bad girl doesn't mean punching a b**** in her face. don;t get me wrong tho if i have to lay hands on someone i will but i try my best to avoid conflict.</em>

"CANDACE IS IN THE BUILDING" i yelled as i walked into the house.
"aye!!" some said coming in the room."i'm lexi" she said hugging me.
"hey, who else is here?" i asked her.
"two other girls, but the one named nani is a b****, just warning you" she said walking away.

<a href="<a href="">Joslin</a>

"f*** with me get f*** up, thats my motto"

<em>the name is Joslin and i'm from Georgia Hoe!. i'm nice when i first meet you just to see who you really are, if you cool we cool but if your not, them were not, obviously. i don't play games with chick and i don't do the talking if we got a problem imma pop off point blank end of story</em>

"queen B have arrived" i said as i walked into this huge house."hey im joslin" i said to the first girls i saw.
"i'm lexi" one of them spoke.
"i'm candace" the other said as two ther girls walked down.

"hey i'm joslin" i said shaking their hands.
"i'm nani" one of then said.
"joslin? like the hoe from love and hip hop?" the other girl asked laughing.

<em>*laughs* haters already, b**** are two much *laughs again*</em>


"don't touch my s*** i wont touch yours"

<em>im dany and im from Cali!!. Im a chill as chick, i get along with everybody until you press the wrong buttons. I'm athletic but i'm far from a tomboy. I speak my mind and if i got something to say to you i will say it to YOU. i'm not about the sneaky s***.</em>

"aye ladies" i called out as i walked into the house."damn am i the last one here?" i asked as i looked around.
"hell yeah we taking shot you need to catch up" one of the girls said.
"well then pour me a shot" i said laughing."im danyell by the way or just dany" i said.
"i'm bree"
"i'm lexi"
"i'm nani"
"i'm candace"
"i'm joslin" they said introducing themselves.


<em>This season on bad girls club: "that b**** better not even look my way or she leaving in a body bag" josline said, "YALL BTICHES WANNA TRY AND JUMP A b**** COME I"LL f*** ALL YALL UP!" Nani yelled, "i seriously feel like i'm going crazy, i'm about to stab a b**** nani" Bree spoke</em>

(please tell me i did a good job, lmao)


Blah blah blah f*** y'all hating ass lol.

That's why y'all b****es going home! Ain't rusty ain't never been dusty! Me and Lexi that baddest thangs in that b****! f*** all y'all lames looking for names that's hating on me and my girl Lexi lol!

And I better not be hiding from Bre! Hell no! Ima come Out and tap that ass of hers!

And I like this way better that the other one

Run it

oh bree stfu you know ya s*** aint real just cause you bought it dont mean its your hair b****
and nana you need to slow down on them mf drinks girl couldnt hang with me i babysit no one f*** outta here b****es got me messed up
its time for you hoes to go you getting the mf boot b****es bad girls only you raggedy ann ass b****es 200 dollar dress my ass b**** please lmfaooo

run this s*** i ready to throw the f*** down these b****es dont know me im crazy i'll go straight island on they b**** ass f*** ny i'll get the machete on you b****es and chop you down to size f*** w me if you want wanna talk about my hair b**** you just mad go have a mf seat hoe

I must of spilled sprite or something in Nani because I barely drink. I know how to have sober fun.

Well damn Nani, I said I was sorry s***. Aint nothing else I can say about that s***.

Giiiirl! Did you see Lexi pic?

This old beast b**** had the nerve to talk about MY hair when her s*** IS weave. And it's parched af by the way ho!

b**** get yo life before you try to talk s***!

Somebody blood about to be on my hands tonight! And it won't be mine! FYM!

It really sound like these busted, rotten, fish pussy having ass hoes hating hard on me! b**** it's MY hair whether I paid for it or NOT. Weak ass gossiping ass hoes! Then Joslin old bucket head ass whispering behind my back! b**** say that s*** to my face! I dare you too! Fake ass plotting ass b****es I tell ya! Lexi you old dusty ass, streets bathing ass b****! Probably take baths once a year or when it rains! Cuz you know you ain't got a home you f***ing bum! Candace stfu! b**** idk you and you ain't cool. I ain't ya damn girl. These some trifling hoes in this house. Nani drunk ass! That's my b**** though! She knows how to party lol. I like Dany too because she not with the drama and she know how to stay in her lane. But that Joslin b****, I'mma knock that ho OUT! Right along with her stupid ass tag-along Lexi. Fake b****es.



Theyy tryying to 'do' Bree
but her hair real dont be jealous cause
yall weave aint as silkyy && nicee as Bree's REAL hair
hating asses !

thats right Dany is right !
i KNOW how to partyy ! lol
im just a lil clumsyy !

&& b*tch spilled her drink
on myy dress
b*tch you payying to havee
it dry cleaned !

mmmm Lexxii && Jose keep following each other
i bet theyy gon be the first to turn on
each other smdh

it ALWAYS be likee tht lol

we gon see who get that asxbeat though

#ThuggieModee Shortyy !


RUNS ! @ ! @ !

(I decided to write it a different way, let me know which one you like. everything in Italics is the girls in the confessional)

Episode 2- Man down!!

<em>BAD GIRLS CLUB b****ES!!</em> the girls screamed in the confessional.

<em>Dany- first night in this house and we're about to party hard. yall about to see how dany does it></em>

The girls all walked out to the limo that waited to take them to Amsterdam's hottest night club.

"oh s***!" nani said as fell to the ground before getting into the limo.
"damn b**** you falling already?" bree asked laughing.
"don't judge me" nani said laughing."i fall somtimes thats just me" she added in.
"she did have like 5 more shots then we did" candace said laughing.
"true" bre agreed.

The driver began to drive off and it wasn't long before alliances quickly started to form.

"i know" joslin laughed with lexi.
"what? i wanna know?" candace said.
"we just talking about dollar store weaves" lexi said whispering.
"who?" candace asked.
"bree" lexi said laughing. Bree looked over at her already knowing she was talking s*** but decided to let it go.

<em>Joslin- im sorry bree but umm bad b****es don't wear cheap weaves your gonna have to try again</em>

<em>Bree- i see these b**** they aint slick and as for lexi, she following the wrong one cause joslin gon have her getting f***ed up</em>

"nani you good?" dany asked.
"b**** im vibing" she said as she danced to no music.
"what are you dancing to, theres no music?" bree asked laughing.
"it's playing in my head" she said as everybody but joslin and lexi laughed.

"bree where do you get your weave from, its cute" lexi asked randomly.
"what? this isn't weave" bree said laughing a little.
"no seriously, where is it from?" lexi asked again.
"it from my f***ing head" bree said clearly getting agitated.
"chill lexi she said it's hers" dany said.
"yeah she probable got the receipt to prove it" joslin whispered to lexi.

<em>Lexi- bree's ass know damn well she got that s*** from the Asian store around the corner from her house</em>

<em>Candace- bree cool and all but i don't think her hair is real ether, but um i aint say anything</em>

They pulled up outside of the club and got out one after the other. As they walked to their VIP section they popped bottles and began to take shots and sip from the drinks they made themselves. Everybody was dancing and having a good time when a drink was spilled on Nani.

"WHAT THE f***!?" nani screamed over the music.
"my bad i was dancing and i didn't see you" candace said.
"thsi dress cost 200 dollars" nani said trying to wipe herself clean.
"i said my bad nani" candace said.
"whatever its cool" nani said turning away.

<em>Candace- i said my bad like what else and i supposed to say, f*** it</em>

The girls continued to dance, drink and have a good time. Nani found her way up to the Dj booth and began to dance up there.

"MANDOWN!" dany yells as everyone turns to see nani on the floor. Nani makes her way over to the girls but not with out falling a few more times.
"you good?" bre asked her.
"im cool boo" nani said.

<em>Dany- nani nani nani, that girl knows how to party, falling all over the place, she's crazy as hell.</em>

<em>Lexi- im not babysitting no little girl who can't handle her liquor. if she can't hang, she needs to stay her ass home, simple.</em>

"lexi, aye! come here!" joslin called out as lexi walked over to her.
"wassup?" lexi asked.
"i'm ready for 2 new roommate, i don;t know about you but i ready to send some b****es home" joslin said.
"im down" lexi said.

<em>Joslin- okay i'll admit it im staring mad drama BUT yall gotta admit, this s*** is funny</em>

The girls headed back to the house after a few more hours of partying. Candace and Dany went straight to sleep as bree helped nani in the house, she was DONE. After a few minutes everyone in the house was sleep except lexi and joslin who were in the confessional cooking up a master plan.

<em>Joslin- lexi is my b****, she aint afraid to speak her mind we're gonna be cool as hell.</em>
<em>Lexi- me and joslin about to run this house, you just wait and see, we on a mission</em>

<strong>Next Time On Bad Girls Club:</strong> <em>"letting yall know now i'm not going anywhere" bree said.--- "BREE! BREE! your s*** is in the pool!" Nani yelled.----"JOSLIN! b****! I KNOW YOU IN HERE COME OUT I WANNA TALK!" Bree screamed</em>

(Small i know, yall get more later)


I know i'm late doing this but..

The Cast:

<a href="">Bree</a>

<a href="">Nani</a>

<a href="">Lexi</a>

<a href="">Joslin</a>

<a href="">Candace</a>

<a href="">Danyell</a>

The spam is gonna be a b**** if i type it in the story so here you go. Episode 2 coming in like 25 minutes.

Or if you wanna pick for me Tina that cool too.

<a href="">Her</a> thats who i choose











Ummm My Bad. I wanna beeee s*** idk. Lauren London I guess.

Maaaaaan y'all some haters!

f*** y'all lol

I wanna be Kiona Garcia!!!

Bree would be the first one to the house.
She'd be the one to scout out everything
first with her crazy ass.

Aww, look at Nana, so innocent, I cant wait
till she blows up on a ho! Lol
Why was she rude to Lexi tho?

Lexi would come to the house with rules in play.
She seems like the type to set the rules.
Oh snap! Drama already??

I see and alliance forming between Candice and Lexi already.
They look like the types to room together and be friends.

*eye roll* Why is Joslin walking in here like shes the s***?
b****, you're the s*** that will get flushed down the toilet!!

Then there's me, I'm always late as f*** -___-
Why? Why cant i get places on time.
Now im gunna get a sucky room and s***.

Run it


Naw we don't play that round here lol... You dumb b****es will DIE f***ing with THAT one.

i dont have patience i'm short tempered lemme calm down wooo saahhh wooo saaahhhhh *rubs temples* but really run this this is good i wanna kno who tryna jump b****es and why lmao

This bout to be hell up in this house for real!!

That bit Bree tho...........go home!

And Lexi and Nani!?

And somebody gettin jumped!!

Awwww man!!!


damn . . .whyy theyy gotta jump me

im innocent && shxt

damn i was a bxtch to Lexxii . . .idk whyy

Lexxii . . .ummm back up dang its the fist
dayy no fighting makee love && peacee NOT WAR !
Candacee eeeh . .. mmm i dnt knw about you yet . . .
*side eyee* im watching you lol
Joseline . . .umm you better call tht 'Queen' shxt dwn
you dnt run nada so you AINT no Queen !
Danyy . . .withcho LATEEASX




Lmao you did good........ that bum ass b*tch though Joslin... Ughh ho free yourself. And Lexi DON'T like Nani?? Oooh wee.... Flames will be ignited b*tches.


i gave a pic =/ but run it i see me and nani at getting along to well she better learn and learn motha f***ing quick before i smack that b**** lol but runnnnnnnn iiiittttttt

i made a picture error but i fixed it

some of yall didn't give me pic's, and im trying to figure out how im adding the guys in, they might just make cameos.