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My New Life

Tramicia's Pov:
I can't believe my mom is adopting some stupid little orphan. I'm not excatly mad at that I'm just mad that she didn't discuss this with me first like hello I live here too

Mom:Tramicia I'm going to go pick her up I'll be right back

Once she left I had to call my girls up

Marissa:Hey girl what's up?
Me:Can you believe what I just found out
Isabella:What's wrong?
Me:My mom is adopting some kid
Isabella:Wow congrts what's so wrong with that you're giving that person a real family to live with you're giving them a chance
Me:I know I just don't know what to do
Marissa:Well do you know who it is and how old they are
Me:Nope all I know is that its a girl
Marissa:Well just be nice to her let her know that she's not intruding or anyhting like that
Isabella:Yeah just give the girl a chance and be patient it might take her a while for her to warm up to you

I talked to them for a while longer until my mom came home

Me:Well I'll call the both of you later and update you on what's going on my mom just walked in
Girls:Good luck

I walked downstairs

Mom:Tramicia I want you to go introduce yourself while I go pick up some things for her she's in the room across from yours

She walked back out the door and I walked upstairs to see the girl upacking so I knocked on the open door and walked in as she looked back

Me:Hi I'm Tramicia I guess I'm your new sister
Girl:I'm Aaliyah. Youur mom told me you weren't expecting me at all
Me:I really wasn't
Aaliyah:Well don't worry though I'm not crazy or destructive or anything in that manner

She put some pictures on the night stand and I looked at them

Me:Is this your sister?
Aaliyah:No I don't have any brothers or sisters that my mom she died when I was 14 in a fire
Me:Wow you look almost like twins
Aaliyah:Yeah we used to get that a lot
Me:Do you miss her
Aaliyah:All the time there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her
Me:I'm sorry to hear that
Aaliyah:Its fine
Me:So do you have a boyfriend or anything
Me:Why not?
Aaliyah:I don't know I've never really been a social person
Me:So you're the quiet shy type
Aaliyah:Something like that
Me:Well me and two of my bestfriends are gonna get you out of that habbit

(I know its probably a little boring but I swear it will get better I'm just trying to introduce everyone and yes every character will get there own Point Of View after every post the POV will change)