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.Last King && Queen of Tyland' [Chap. 9]

Lexxi this it !

A New World Order . . . Deals are made, alliances are built and new worlds are formed.

What was once America is nothing more than a chapter in the history books. Now split into three worlds: Breezy Nation, Cole World, and <strong>Tyland</strong>

Passport and clearance is needed, no one gets in or out without at least the King knowing.

But King Ty and Queen Bree. . . they run a tight country. No nonsense type of couple. Their word is LAW . . . follow that or get kicked out and that would be on their good days.


i aint dng shxt else sooo
i suppose i will add to this later on todayy

no homo...aint heard that word since high school lol

these sneaky ass whores just can't deal with
fac they are still bum btches that don't mean
a damn thing are completely irrelevant. shame
i hope they all make it to they destinations


Kae is one sneaky ass b****!
Oh damn, Chris knows now!
Aint that some s***!
Im glad he has Ty's back tho.
He gon need it for sure.
I bet Bree heard the conversation.
She gon be pissed af!
We all know how Bree gets.

Run it

<strong>Chapter Nine</strong>
<em><strong>King Breezy</em></strong>

I sat on my jet alone with mu laptop in my lap. I was watching the security tape over and over from the house; I already knew that Kae and Sieko were capable of some grimy stuff but this was too much even for them. There was one thing I just didn't understand though, where the stripper from Ty's came into play. That's the part of all of this that confused and angered me. 

Quickly i sent an email to Pat's second in command, asking him to send the recordings from the wire taps i had. Specifically from the kitchen. Within five minutes I was listening intently to the conversations fast forwarding every now and then through meaningless ones.

Just as i was about to cut the recordings off, figuring the taps must've been off at the time of the conversation until i heard Chyna's voice. By the time the recording was over I sat was in shock; so much information about not only Kae and her sidekick but my nigga as well. 

Placing the laptop on the floor of the jet and I started to fumble around in his pocket to call my friend.

<em><strong>King Ty</em></strong>

Me and Bree had just gotten done packing and now heading to the jet. Once we were seated my phone started to vibrate in my pocket. But this time I'm able to answer it since Bree isn't in the mood for sex ever since she learned we were all in danger. 

Pulling my phone from my pocket I saw that it was Chris. "What's up?" "I'm just gon cut to the chase man. Is that stripper b**** from the club daughter yours?" I almost dropped my phone hearing that s***. I couldn't believe he found out, if he knew I know it would be a matter of time before Bree found out.

I moved the phone back a little from my mouth and looked over at Bree, who was biting her nails staring out the window. "Babe, I'll be right back." She nodded in response then I moved to the back of the jet where the bathroom is.

I made sure the door was locked then leaned onto the sink. "Ty man, yes or no." I ran my hand over my face trying to figure out how to answer, "Look, I f***ed Chyna like three times then she told me she was pregnant but I know she was f***ing other niggas." Chris took a few shaky breaths, "Could her lil girl be yours bruh?"

"There's a possibility her daughter is mine man." 

There was a long silence between the two of us. "Look we gon talk about this when you get here, I'm about to land." I nodded finally coming to terms with the subject. "Aight." 

"You stood by me when I f***ed up. I got ya back if s*** go down." 

No homo, but that s*** felt so good to hear him say.
"Appreciate you."

Putting my phone back in my pocket I ran some water over my face then turned to leave the bathroom. When I opened the door an unhappy Bree was standing on the other side.

Run it Nani!!

lol i got you Soso
he gon be 6'1

i hope everybody make it to a safe destination

:) okay nana but can you make him 6" tho lol

Run It <3

Bree and Ty are some nasties.
I caught that little role playing thing they had going on.
Dont think I didn't catch that.

Aw, look at Cole and Nani talking bout names
I love how hes all about having a girl.
Most dudes would want a boy.

Run it

sorryy its shorter than Bow Wow guys !

speaking of Soso . .. Shad isgon be yo man

<strong>Chapter Eight</strong>
<em>King Ty</em>

“Bae, chill out for a second,” I tried to move over so I could get my phone from my pocket but believe it or not Bree is strong as f***. “Bae, forreal my phone ringing, it might be important.” She stopped sucking on my neck and gave me the screw face, “If that s*** is important they’ll leave a voicemail but I’m sure nothing is as important as this.” She grabbed my hand and put it under her dress showing me she was wearing nothing up under it. A groan escaped through my lips as my fingers traveled up and down her wetness. “f*** that phone,” I spoke out loud turning over so that I was on top of her. “That’s what the f*** I’m saying, boo,” she giggled grabbing my phone from my pocket tossing it to the other side of the room. I wasted no time pulling her dress over her head as I tossed it to the side I set up on the side of the bed and removed my shoes. I felt her come behind me and slightly bite my neck, “I don’t think I told you to move.” She continued until I turned to face her, she wore a big grin in her face as she removed her bra tossing it at my face. “I’m sorry for being disobedient, King Ty. I won’t do it again.” Standing I removed all my clothes except for my boxers, “See you’ve been disobedient a lot lately and I just don’t think you saying sorry is enough anymore. The King thinks you need to be disciplined maybe then you’ll act right.” Me and Bree shared eye contact until she broke it by looking down, presumably at my d***.“ Get up and grab you ankles,” I ordered loudly. Excitedly she got assuming the position.

<em>King Cole</em>

Lying on Nani’s stomach made me realize how incredibly blessed and lucky I am to have her in my life. But also the lengths I would go to protect the people I loved. “Babe, what do you think about naming him after you?” I looked up at her with a smile, “ I don’t think a girl named Jermaine will be appealing to anyone.” She bursted into laughter and mushed my head, “That’s why I said ‘him’ and not her.” I laughed a little moving up to her face to kiss her lips, “Yeah, well I said what I said because I’m pretty sure this is a girl.” “How are you so sure, J?” I shrugged and glanced back down at her belly, “I just am. You think we should name her Esmeralda?” I watched as her eyes lit up; the small things that she does that makes me smile. “Baby, oh my gosh! I would love that! But wait are you sure?” “Yes, Ley, I’m so sure.” She pulled me into her arms squeezing tight until she felt my phone vibrate under her making her jump. I snatched it up laughing, “Hmm who put that there?”

I put the phone to my ear laughing and got up from the bed. “What’s up?” “Cole this Pat. You need to have your pilot fly you out to the uncharted area.” “You mean where Neverland is gon be?” “Yeah, yeah there.” “For what?” Pat took in several deep breaths and said something to the people around him. “Too much to talk about over the phone just know you, Nani and the other Kings and Queens are in trouble! Get there yesterday!” Pat had hung up leaving me staring at the phone confused. I felt Nani come up behind me and rub my shoulders. “Everything okay, babe?”

Run It

Lol yes ma'am Lexxii Pooh

lemme see if u can run it run it *cb voice*


ima try to add tomarr

oh hell no lemme kick they trifflin asses please
fake sneaky bitter ass b****es smhh just smhh
they was down with the whole thing and thought
they ass wasnt gonna get caught HELL NO not going to happen
smh xs infinity

run it

ooooooooooooh them sneaky btches!
i had a feelin they was connected to the
masked men, ugh stupid hoes.
and yeah rih navy handled that ass, take
them peasants to jail lol.

Run It


Hold the f***ing phone.
You're telling me that Kae, Chyna, and Seiko
are all part of what went down at the f***ing
Im ready for war.
These b****es aint nothing but f***ing whores!
Guppy ass looking b****es.

Seiko needs to learn her goddamn place.
Kae nor her run s***.
Especially not in Chris' kingdom.
Aye!! Shoutout to Rih for being there for my boo.
For sure shes getting an invite to the wedding.
s***, i'll give it to her personally.

Run this s*** asap

<strong>Chapter Seven (cont.)</strong>

<em>King Breezy</em>

Walking through the large glass door I could feel the negative energy trying to cover my body. But it repelled off of me, I was on a mission and nothing and no one could stop that. I didn’t see or hear them anywhere downstairs so I figured they must be in the bedroom Kae deemed ‘Sieko’s’ though I don’t ever remember giving either of them permission to give away rooms in my home. But that’s beside the point I need to find them and get this done.

I lifted my hand to knock on the door but quickly dropped it and turned the knob opening the door. The f*** was I about o do? Knock? In my own house, damn I’m slipping. Kae and Sieko were laying across the bed facing the TV away from me.

“Miss me?”

Kae jumped up and ran over to me to hug me but I outstretched my arm, palm up so her forehead ended up hitting it. Ultimately stopping her. “Nah, that won’t be necessary.” “Chris, what’s wrong with you?” I smiled removing my hand from her forehead, “Nothing. I’m just cleaning house to make room for other things.” “Oh. Like a garage sale?” Sieko turned and sat up on the bed now listening to our conversation. “If that’s how you wanna look at it. But I’m only getting rid of two things.” “Oj! Are you getting rid of those two ugly statue looking things downstairs? I hope so becase those things are an eye sore,” she turned and sat on the bed next to Sieko.

This is why I had to get rid of her. Those eye sores that she’s referring to are art sculptures me and Dany had done when we first starting dating. They were virtually my first art projects when I decided I wanted people to know the artistic side of me and here she was calling my s*** garbage. I opened my mouth to speak but a tap on my shoulder cut me off.

I turned in stared straight into her eyes. “You came quick,” I spoke with a smirk. “Lance said it was an emergency. I came as quick as I well we could.” “Well, I’m glad you’re here. I need yo—,” Sieko’s annoying voice cut me off, “Um Chris why the f*** is she here? She is not allowed here!” Turning back to face them with a smirk. “Says who?” “Says Kae. This is her house and she says what goes. She don’t want your ex b**** all in your house. Tell him, Kae.”

I turned my attention to Kae, staring in her eyes, “Yeah, tell me, <em>Kae</em>.” When she didn’t answer I heard Robyn laugh behind me making me chuckle slightly. “Yeah that’s what I thought. Sieko I’ll tell you like I told your friend this is MY house. And whoever I choose to let into MY house is MY choice! Not Kae’s and damn sure not yours.”

Sieko looked from me to Robyn who was still standing behind me. “b****, you are not welcome in this house. You need to leave and take your fleas with you!” “I would really watch the way you talk to meif I were you,” Robyn spoke calmly with a smile. “Or what? You can’t do anything to me.” “And why can’t I? I run the military and the police in this country and the others so I can do WHATEVER I want to.” Sieko opened her mouth but Robyn raised her hand walking to stand in front of Chris, “Please don’t think that because your friend here,” she paused and glanced at Kae quickly, “is Chris’ girlfriend for now that I will hesitate to take any action against you.” “Get out of my face.” “Or what? Huh?” Robyn smirked and walked back over to stand next to me.

“Chris, what’s going on?” Kae asked finally speaking up. “What’s going on? Hmm I told you I was cleaning house. Getting negative energy out of my house.” “What that means is you and your friend are OUT!” “What about us,” she plead weakly. “There is no us,” I stated pointing in between the both of us. “Why? What did I do? I’ve been nothing but good to you.” “Good? You’ve been <em>good</em> to me, Karruche? You call black mailing me into being with you, lying to me and stealing from me being GOOD to me?”

She walked closer to me and grabbed my hands but I snatched them away. “Please, Chris! Please!” “Please what? Please what, Kae! What you want me to do? I guess you want me to forget about all the s*** you did to me. But that s*** ain’t happenin!” “Chris, I never stole from you,” she whispered.i looked from Kae to Sieko who stood with wide eyes.

“Oh, you didn’t steal from me? Then why ever since I mentioned that Sieko been standing here bug eyed?” “Because she is in shock, Chris. She know I could never do that.” “You know what you’re right. YOU could never do that. But Y’ALL could. Y’all don’t have to take my word for it I got cameras ALL in this house, mama ain’t raise a dumbass sweetheart. Now you can both leave with Robyn’s officers quietly or they can take you forcibly. The choice is yours.”

“You—you’re pressing charges against us?” Sieko asked finally finding her voice. “Of course. I can’t let you both get away with stealing from the King.”

Three of Robyn’s officers entered the room putting wrist and ankle cuffs on the two of them then escorted them from the room. “I’ll call you when I get the paperwork on this.” “Aight, Ro. Can we do this as quick as possible?” She nodded and patted my shoulder, “Yeah of course.”

We both exited the room and I walked her to the door. She took one step out the door then turned back around to face me.



“Send me an invite to the wedding, best friend!”

I smiled proudly assuring her that I would then closing the door. I could finally enjoy my home without them f***ing banshees. Life is <strong>GOOD</strong>

“Excuse me, Chris. I think you need to come look at something.”

Turning I saw Pat, my head of security, standing on my left emerging from the living room. “What’s up?” “It’s a video.” “Of?” “Kae and Sieko.” I laughed and waved him off, “I just got rid ofthem so you don’t have to worry about that anymore.” “Chris, you need to come look at this. It’s not about them two, it’s about their company.”

Saying nothing more he turned and walked back to the living room and I followed. Once I was all the way in the room he pressed play and a video started to playback on the 92’ inch flat screen. Kae, Sieko and what looks like the stripper from the club in Tyland were sitting in my kitchen talking. “You bought me in here to see them talk to a stripper, Pat?” Pat shook his head and pointed at the screen, “No, keep watching and pay attention.”

They talked for a little while long when the back door in the kitchen opened and three masked men rushed in. Kae, Sieko and the stripper didn’t scream or look frightened in fact after a few seconds they started to laugh. The masked men removed their masks and instantly knew who they were.

“s***,” I cursed under my breath.

“I watched the cameras from every room they were in until they left. They took Kae’s driver and the girls took yours when they left.” I sat next to Pat staring at the faces on the screen. “Are they still in the country?” “No, your jet was chartered that night. Kae said that you wanted her to meet you in Cole World. The only problem is they were back here in less than an hour after that.” I ran my hand over my face soaking in all this information.

“What would you like me to do?” Pat asked placing his hand on my shoulder.

“Call J and Ty tell them to have their planes take them and Dany, Nani and Bree to the uncharted area. Make sure J takes Sofia with them, we’ll need her. After that you take Lance and get Lexi, then y’all take my plane and meet them in the uncharted area,” I spoke rubbing my temples.

“You aren’t coming?” He asked putting his phone to his ear.

“No, I have to make a stop before I go there. I’m gonna take my jet and meet y’all. But y’all need to leave now.”

Pat nodded and moved to another part of the room. I sat staring at them images on the screen before hoping up. Grabbing my keys off the hook I headed out on yet another mission.

cole better had recognized lol

ugh...i think kae and her friend are
up to something with they sneaky
asses smh

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Those niggas from the hotel escaped?
How the hell did that happen?
That place was on major lockdown!
Anyway, Im glad Cole came to his senses.
As long as he protects his wife and child,
nothing will ever go wrong.

Man, Kae is really pissing me off.
Like who tf she think she is?
This is Chris' is fault for staying with
her even tho he didnt want her.
He made her believe that she was queen.
He needs to solve this problem quick

Run it

<strong>Chapter Seven</strong>
<strong><em>King Cole</em></strong>

“Can I talk to my wife please?” Bree and Dany turned around rolling their eyes at me. “No, it’s your fault she’s in there. Go back and do whatever it is you were doing, we got her,” Bree stated harshly.

“Look, I know I was an ass I came to apologize to her,” I responded softly looking between the two of them.

“No,” Bree answered.

“How about we make a deal? If I can get in the bathroom will y’all let me talk to her alone?” “We’ve been trying to get her out of there for hours. But go ahead try your luck. We are not leaving this room until you get in though,” Dany reasoned pulling Bree away from the door with her. I smiled at them and grabbed the master key from my sock drawer.

After jiggling it a little bit the door unlocked and I opened it. “Ty and Chris waiting for y’all downstairs,” I said with a smile turning around to face them.

Getting up off the bed, they mumbled on the way out of our bedroom. After they were gone I went into to the bathroom and spotted Ley sitting in the tub. Her knees were to her chest, the closer I got to her the louder her sobs got. When I was close enough I put my hand on her back but she flinched and moved away.

“Baby, I know you’re upset but you don’t need to be sitting in this tub crying. Come lay down.”

She got up slowly and steeped then slowly began making her way into our bedroom. I placed my hand on the small of her back to make sure she was steady, she didn’t flinch away from me this time.

I climbed onto the bed next to her but she turned her back to me and scrunched up still sobbing. “Baby, I’m sorry. I’m so damn sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I just I just got mad because I thought we had all our bases covered.” She didn’t respond but I could still hear her cries. “I know you hate me but baby I’m sorry. I really am. Forgive me, please.”

Her body rocked back and forth slightly before she spoke, “If you want me to get rid of it just tell me. Tell me now before I get more attached than I already am.” I turned her towards me and pulled her into my chest holding her. I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her forehead, she started to push against my chest trying to get away. “Baby, stop. Stop. Just let me hold you. Please.” She fought a little more before she relaxed and collapsed into my tears.

“Baby, I would never ask you to kill our baby. Though we aren’t ready that’s still our baby. I love our baby and I love you. “

“But you said you didn’t want kids, period,” she challenged through her tears.

“I know what I said and we both know why I said that but you’re pregnant now. I won’t let any of those niggas lay a hand on you. I promise you that.” She pulled away a little so she could see his face, “So we’re keeping the baby?” “Yes, we’re going to keep her. I just have to find a way to keep you safe until we can find those bastards.” She laid her head back onto my chest and I lay there in deep thought.

It’s been years and we still can’t find those niggas. How they slipped out of that hotel that night I don’t know. But I’m gonna make it my business to find them before they find out about my baby.

<em><strong>King Breezy</em></strong>

My whole flight home was spent thinking. With so much s*** swimming around in my head the plane could’ve crashed and I wouldn’t have noticed. Here I am on my way to a home I’ve been sharing with someone I don’t love. I’ve been tolerating her and
I’m honestly physically tired of it. I know she’s been using me but being alone wasn’t something that I wanted. Our relationship started off of blackmail, then I actually thought I loved her but that went out the window quick and then I ended up staying with her because I couldn’t have Dany. Sad and stupid excuse but it’s the honest to God truth.

I’m sick of her and her best friend clouding the place I lay my head with their negative energy. All they do is lie, spend my money and steal from me. Getting rid of them will be step one of cleansing my life and getting my real Queen back. That’s probably the easiest step—or I’m hoping it will be.

“Would you like to make any stops before going home, Mr. Brown?” I looked up at my driver and laughed. He’s been driving for me since I became King and still won’t call me ‘Chris’ like I asked.

“Nah, I would like to go straight there. Did you have a break while I was gone, Lance?” He shook his head no but smiled, “No, didn’t get a chance to. Ms. Tran and her friend kept my busy. But that’s quite alright.” I remember distinctly telling her he was off until I returned but even if I hadn’t she has her own specific driver so why the hell was she using mine.

“Excuse me, Mr. Brown. We’re about five minutes from Breezy Manor, are you sure you have no stops to make?” He questioned glancing in the rearview mirror. “Yeah, I’m sure. But could you do me a favor?” “Anything you need, sir.” “After I get out, would you call Robyn and let her know I’m gonna need the navy.” We made eye contact and he raised his eyebrow then laughed. “About damn time sir.” “Yeah, you right,” I agreed laughing, “It’s been a long time coming.”

oooooooohhhhhhhhhh thats why he dont want kids
smhh and wat about those guys ?? they never caught them??
smhh just smhh poor nani bree & dany thats nothin pretty
to go through but run it

Yeah Obama know what's good
Right choice my nigga smart move
But damn them niggas dead wrong
Probably drake b**** ass lol jp
They wrong af for killing that lil girl
f*** no wonder j so damn angry
I'dhave the sex game on a tight watch

run it

yeeep Danyy

thts whyy he doesnt

Okay, so is this why J dont want kids?
I think this add right here, explains it all.
Damn, so Obama just gave privelages to Ty, Chris and J like that?
They must be some real niggas.
Who are these niggas that kidnapped us tho?
They obviously must know the guys in some way.
Poor little Esmeralda, she didnt deserve to end
her young life like that.
These guys are some f***ed up niggas.

Run it

<strong>Chapter Six</strong>


Chris, Tyga and Jermaine sat at a large rectangular table in the White House discussing how they would split the country with each other along with President Obama and V.P. Biden. After six months of paper work, deliberating and finalizing the nations and the switch they were finally done. The country belong to them to do with what they please as long as it didn’t violate anyone’s God given rights.

“Aight so we split it all except for the portion here,” Chris spoke pointing to an area on the map. “What should we do with it?” Tyga asked rubbing his chin. “Leave it open but allow no one into that specific section until we figure out what we want to do with it,” J answered standing straight up. “Yeah, that’s really all we can do,” Chris agreed. They all stood and looked across the table at the President, and V.P. “I hope that you three will ensure that I will not regret this decision nor will you cause harm to the states and keep them safe.” “Of course,” they murmured in unison. The two walked to the other side of the table to shake hands with them.

“Well, if you all excuse me and the girls have some packing to do,” Obama spoke excusing himself with Biden following behind him.

“So what are we going to do now?” Chris asked stuffing his hands in his pockets. “We can go check on the ladies then set up the press s*** so we can knock that s*** off the list,” Tyga answered pulling out his vibrating phone. “Speak of the Devil.” “Bree,” J and Chris joked. Tyga slid his finger across the screen and walked to the other end of the room to talk.

“How you and D?” “We good, she still hangin with that nigga Dom though,” he spoke with an unreadable expression. “Ah nigga don’t worry bout him. You know where her heart at and you know if she ain’t wanna be with you she wouldn’t.” “Yeah you right but I know that nigga be fillin her head up with s*** about me cause she be sending me pics asking me when I took them and where was she.” “How you know she doing that because of him,” J asked rubbing his head. “Cause all the pics that she asks me about she was either on the other side of me or a few feet away. And she always tells me about a fight they had because she chooses to be with me.” “That’s f***ed up.” “Yeah, it is. I know she put that nigga back in his place but still I don’t like that s***,” Chris spoke fixing his hat.

“Y’all we gotta go!” Tyga grabbed his jacket off the chair he was sitting in and ran past the two out of the room. “The f*** wrong with that nigga,” Chris asked laughing. “Bree, must’ve told him something good,” J laughed as they followed him out the room then building.

“Come the f*** on!” Tyga yelled from the back seat of their black SUV. “We coming nigga, s***!” Chris and J jogged the rest of the way to the truck. The truck pulled off before Chris had even closed the door. “Yo what the f***?” “Chris, not now.” “Nah man that f***in driver almost made me fall out the car!” “We got more important s*** to handle! Just let that s*** the f*** go!” Tyga was visibly irritated but so was Chris. “More important than me getting thrown out of the car and ran over?” “Yeah muhf***a! More important than yo ass!”

“Aight! Y’all calm down! s***!” J yelled to cut them off. They both sat back making the ride silent.

“Somebody got a key to the room the girls are in,” Tyga spoke quietly. “What,” J and Chris asked. “They got the key and they’re in the room with them threatening them.” “How you know?” “Whoever it was called me from Bree phone. Cops are already there but he threatening to hurt them. He got a little girl in there with them, too, at least she sounded little.” “Why?” “I dunno, Chris. He’s waiting on us to get there.” The ride became slient once more for different reason.

“You,” the masked man pointed his gun at Nani, “Get up!” “For what?” “Unless you want a bullet between your eyes I suggest you get up.” Nani looked at Bree, Dany and the small girl in Dany’s lap before getting up. He snatched her by her arm and yelled out the bedroom door, “Aye! Y’all get in here and watch these two!”

Two men that none of girls knew were there walked into the room. They were wearing masks as well. “Watch them while I take her to the other room,” he turned to Nani and pulled her out into the living area of the suite.

“You are everything that I remembered you being.” “What do you guys want from us?” Nani asked trying to hold in her tears. He moved around her until he was behind her, leaning forward he whispered in her ear, “Fear.” “Y’all have succeeded. Let us go now!” “Mmm feisty, I always liked that in my women,” he ran his finger down the side of her neck making her jump. “Don’t touch me.” “Me touching you should be the least of your worries, Nallely.” “Why are you guys doing this to us?” Tears clouded her vision and fell from her eyes.

“Because we have our own issues with your men. So wh—,” he was cut off by Nani.

“Why not take it up with them?”

Wrapping his hand around her jaw, he squeezed and lifted her off the ground till she was eye level with him, “Don’t interrupt me! The best way we get to them is through you three.”

He let her go and she fell to the floor rubbing her jaw and crying. “Get up! We going back into the room.” Grabbing her again by her arm he pushed her back onto the floor with the other girls.

“Since none of you has kids we had to bring someone to emphasize our point to your men.”

“What the f*** do this little ass girl have to do with us?” The second masked gunmen pointed his gun at Bree’s head, “Shut the f*** up! Nobody asked yo ass to speak!” “You lucky I didn’t have plans to get shot today, b****,” she muttered angry.

“We ain’t got much time left, bruh,” the third whispered. “Aight,” the masked man that handle Nani answered, “Get undressed.” “What,” Dany, Bree and Nani spoke instantaneously. “Take yo f***in clothes off. You too little girl you ain’t exempt!”

Jermaine, Ty and Chris jumped from the SUV before it had completely stopped and ran through the crowd outside of the hotel. “We can’t let you all through. This is police business please stay behind the barricades,” the uniform officer yelled at the three of them. “You like yo job? Then get the f*** out my way,” Ty growled pushing around the officer running towards the building with Chris and Jermaine following him.

Entering the lobby chief of police met them. “I’m Chief Bell. We have people all outside of the room, on every floor and every exit.” “That’s all good and s*** but why the f*** y’all ain’t went in there and got them out since y’all got all this f***ing man power outside where they are?” Chris asked visibly upset. “Sir, we tried to go in but we received notice from the ‘leader’ that if anyone beside you three went in they would kill everyone in the room,” Chief Bell answered apologetically.

“Who’s all in there with them?” Jermaine asked as they made their way to the service elevator. “There are three masked men, Danyell Mendoza, Breana Stevenson, Nallely Hollins and Esmeralda Santiago,” Chief Bell answered stepping onto the elevator looking through his notes.

“Who is Esmeralda?” Chris asked.

“Seven year old girl that was kidnapped out of her home early this morning by the three masked men.” “What does she have to do with any of this?” Ty questioned chewing in his thumb nail. “We aren’t sure about that yet. It would seem she became a spur of the moment kidnapping but that couldn’t be it.”

As the elevator came to a stop, a loud boom was heard in the hall. All four men rushed from the elevator as soon as the doors opened towards the girls’ room. Screams could be heard from inside the room. With shaky hands Chris pulled the copy of the key card he had and opened the door. Ty, Jermaine and Chris entered the room while Chief Bell waited to give his officers the green light.

The three masked men fled into the adjoining room leaving Nallely cradling Esmeralda in her arms screaming and crying, Bree crying hysterically and Dany in the corner screaming staring at Esmeralda; all still naked.

Immediately Jermaine, Ty and Chris notice the body in Nallely’s hands, blood is pouring out of the top of Esmeralda’s head and from her genital area then they notice that they are all nude. The grab blankets to cover them all and tend to them individually.

Carefully Jermaine takes Esmeralda’s dead body from Nallely’s arms and wraps her in a blanket gemtly placing her on the floor. He then wraps the other blanket around Nallely cradling her and rubbing her face telling her everything would be okay.

“What happened baby? Tell me what happened.” He begged softly.

“He raped her and then he shot her in front of us,” she spoke in a soft tone minutes later. She had a spaced out look on her face as she stared towards Esmeralda’s body.

“Who? And why bae?” Ty asked Bree as he wrapped his arms around her.

“I don’t know who they were, they killed her as a warning.” Bree answered with her face buried in his neck.

Chris chunked Danyell’s chin up slowly so he could look into her eyes, “Warning for what?”

“If you boys don’t do what they want they would kill everything you love, everything you create,” she paused looking momentarily around the room then back to Chris’ eyes, “Everything you live for.”

You cant be serious.
I wanna know the situation between J and Nani
that changed his mind on having kids.
Im glad he realized that he made a mistake
yelling at her like he lost his goddamn mind.
Kae and Seiko stealing from Chris!!!!
I woupd have never guessed.

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lmao chris and ty some damn fools
and J better talk to nani gah damn
a btch was gonna have to come fa
his head!
but good his ass calmed tf down
and chris needa talk to dany asap
and put that stupid hoe away asap
throw her ass to the sharks, chop
her head off, hang her anything BUT
put her in jail fck a damn jail cell
off with her head kill her ass
kae gotta go so she won't come back
and seiko too damn it
his scary ass smh

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