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.Last King && Queen of Tyland' [Chap. 9]

Lexxi this it !

A New World Order . . . Deals are made, alliances are built and new worlds are formed.

What was once America is nothing more than a chapter in the history books. Now split into three worlds: Breezy Nation, Cole World, and <strong>Tyland</strong>

Passport and clearance is needed, no one gets in or out without at least the King knowing.

But King Ty and Queen Bree. . . they run a tight country. No nonsense type of couple. Their word is LAW . . . follow that or get kicked out and that would be on their good days.


<strong>Chapter Five (cont.)</strong>

<em>King Ty</em>

Chris and I sat in the stools in the game room watching J throw darts—hitting the bulls eye every time. I looked over at Chris who was staring blankly at J and hit his arm. “What?” he whispered. “You say something.” “Why? So he can bite my f***in head off, nah no thank you nigga.” “Nigga stop being scary and say something to this nigga.” “Why the f*** yo ass can’t do it? You always try to make me do s***, its yo turn.” “I make you do it cause I’m the oldest.”

“Actually I’m the oldest and a lil F.Y.I. y’all niggas can’t whisper for s***,” J interrupted our whispered argument. We sat staring at him unsure of what to say. “Y’all ain’t gotta be scaed to talk to a nigga. I ain’t gon hit y’all or nothing.”

Chris shrugged at me and turned his attention back to J.

“What was all that upstairs?” He tossed the darts on the pool table next to him and walked over to us, “Some s*** I wish I didn’t do.” “Why it happen then?” I asked more out of my own curiosity. “She wasn’t supposed to get pregnant or at least until I changed my mind. We talked about this years ago a little bit before we got married. I shouldn’t have yelled at her but y’all gotta understand me and her had an agreement: No kids.” “But it’s not only her fault,” Chris interjected. “Yeah, I understand thatbut she had a part to hold up and she didn’t.”

“Did you at least look at the pill case and see exactly what days she missed?” “What I need to know that for?” He asked making eye contact with me. “You need to know that because the days she missed y’all might have been out all day doing business or something.” He nodded sitting in one of the lower chairs in the room. “J, man you can’t get mad at her and blow up on her like that, especially if you don’t know the details,” Chris added on. “Yeah, I know but I wasn’t really mad at her it was just the situation that made me so pissed.” “The baby?” “Yeah, Ty. The baby.”

J got up and walked over to the fridge that was in the kitchen area of the room. “Y’all want something?” “Yeah, pass me a water. Chris, what you want?” “Soda.” He walked back to us with our drinks sitting them on the island.

“Her having my baby use to be something I dreamed of when we were dating. I use to tell her all the time ‘other niggas always say they want a boy to look like them but nah I want a lil girl that look just like you’. A little me or a little her made no difference, as long as they came from her I was going to be the happiest man.” A smile covered his face and eyes lit up as he recalled the past and the only thing it did was confuse me even more.

“What changed man?” His smile disappeared hearing Chris’ question. “What happen? Y’all remember what happened at the last meeting before all this s*** became official?” “Oh s***. I forgot about that,” Chris mumbled. “I remember and that s*** was f***ed up but you can’t let that control you and my sister future.” “I know, I know but if not having kids means keeping her safe then that’s we gotta do. Point. Blank.”

Damn, he had me stuck. I couldn’t tell him that he was making the wrong choice because in essence this could easily turn out to be a lose-lose situation.

“You at least gon talk to her?”

“Yeah, Chris. I just need to calm down a little more. I don’t wanna yell at her like that again.” “Yeah, cause then her big brothers might have to kick yo pale ass.” I joked throwing my bottle top at his head. “Aye nigga! Watch yo damn mouth we all the same color only reason yo ass darker than me and Chris is cause yo ass got an ass of tats.”

Since I gotta talk to Ley, when you gon talk to Dany?” Chris choked on his soda, coughing loudly. I leaned to pat him on his back laughing. “You aight nigga? J got yo ass huh?” “Man f*** you Ty. But s*** I don’t know. After I make sure Kae is locked away.”

Me and J both started to laugh but stopped when they saw the serious expression on his face”Yo you serious nigga?” “As a heart attack.” “For what man?” “I think herandSieko been stealing s*** from me and I can’thave that s***.” “I tol yo ass not to f*** with her in the first place,” I added. “Nigga, you think you know everything. “ “I know I do,” I laughed c**kily.

Thanks ladies !


wow that od messed up i mean it takes two to make a baby f*** is on his biscuitt like for real for real smhh thats a damn shame yelling at her not gonna make it go away he betta not tell her to abortion thats wen ima have to kick some ass no ghee smhh he just need to cool his mf breaks before i cut em


run it thou :)

Cole is really on some f***ed up s***!
Like nigga, you need to quit yelling at Nani.
Obviously it takes two to create a child, not just one.
He just disgusts me right now.
I cant even explain how pissed off I am at him.
As for Nani, you cant be mad at Bree.
She told them for the sake of mine and her niece or nephew.
Obviously we wouldnt beable to live with ourselves knowing that
we ended a life that had no say.
She was speaking for the child.
To say if you take into consideration keeping it is another thing.
As for Cole, nigga why you aint want kids?????

Run it


cole need to calm the fck down
fo i put my foot up his ass lol
fa real like...why he don't want
no kids? nani is all alone some
times a baby would give her some
company. ugh...smh cole. i hope
nani comes back out she do not
need to be steadily stuck in there
crying but now i can see she gonna
be so stressed i hope she does
NOT abort this baby

Run It

<strong>Chapter Five</strong>
<em>Queen Bree</em>

“J? What are you doing back so early?”

My eyes shot over to Nani who looked confused at the extra people in the room. “Got a call that something was wrong so we came to check on you, bae.” “We should probably sit down,” I whispered to Ty, Chris and Dany. We sat on the sofa in the far left corner of the room. “I’m fine, J. Whoever called you,” she paused and shot a look at me and Dany, “was just over reacting. Seriously I’m fine.”

J ran his hands down her face then kissed her nose, “Baby, you look pale I know something is wrong with you.” “It’s nothing I’m just sleepy.” “You are as pale as me, Ley. Come on now you know I know when you lyin. Tell me what’s up.”

Before she could open her mouth Ty did, “Nani, Bree called me and told me you was real sick. We just wanted to make sure everything was alright with you.” All the eyes in the room were on me.

“See baby? Now tell me what’s going on? Did you eat something with cinnamon in it?” A small smile appeared on his face as he looked at Nani. But her eyes were on me; I know I went back on a promise but if I didn’t say anything she probably would have aborted the baby and never told J.

“You promised you weren’t going to say anything, Bree.” Her eyes read sadness and nervousness. “I know and I didn’t. I only told them you were sick, Nani.” That was true technically I hadn’t fully betrayed the promise—it was a weak defense but a defense nonetheless.

“You know you can tell me anything, Ley. We all fam here just spill it.” J rubbed her back and almost instantly she spilled the rest of her stomach contents into the trashcan next to the bed.

Dany ran to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later with a wet rag and handed it to J, who wiped her forehead and then her mouth. Dany walked back towards us slowly watching J and Nani.

The redness started at the tip of his ears then took over his whole face, “Nallely, what’s up?” Tears started to falls from her eyes and her body started to shake from the sobs trying to escape her mouth. “Talk to me. Tell me something.” She shook her head and started to rock slightly clutching her body, specifically her stomach.

“Bree, what’s going on?” Chris leaned in to hear my answer to what Ty had asked me. “Some s*** that she made happen,” Dany answered for me. “Did she ask you not to say anything?” I could hear Dany and Ty but my eyes were glued to Nani and J hoping for the best. “She made us promise not to tell you guys.”

Leaning over she pulled out what looked her birth control from the nightstand next to their bed. She opened it then shut it quickly. “Ley, what are you doing? Answer me, tell me what’s up.” She handed him the pill case and pulled her knees to her chest.

“Is she pregnant?” I heard Chris whisper to Dany followed by her shushing him.

J’s fingers rubbed over the packaged pills shaking his head, a low laugh escaped from his lips. But I doubt he found anything funny. “We talked about this, right?” She only nodded not taking her eyes off of him.

“So, how the f*** you forget to take this s***, Nallely?” “I don’t know, J. It was an accident.” “An accident, Ley? You remember to do all that other small s*** but foget the most important thing.” “J, I’m sorry. I really am.” “I guess when Bree told Ty you was sick that was her way of telling him you pregnant, right?” She didn’t speak she only nodded; J jumped from the bed with his fists balled in front of his face and slowly let them fall.

“Pregnant? I can’t f***in believe this. We talked and talked about this s*** but I guess you wasn’t f***in listening, Nallely!” He threw the pills on the bed towards her missing her by a few inches making her flinch.

Chris and Ty walked over to J trying to calm him down. “Nah, get the f*** off me! I got this! I gothis s*** man!” “You just need to go somewhere and chill man!” “Ty, man thanks for the help but this my wife I can handle this!” “He right, just come downstairs and cool off then come back and talk to her!” “Kill that s***, Chris. I don’t wanna hear that s***!”

Nani jumped out of the bed and ran to J grabbing his hands. “Bae, I really didn’t mean for this to happen. Please don’t be mad at me.” He snatched his hands away from her and pointed his finger in her face, “You don’t want me to be mad about how f***in stupid you was? Well f*** that cause I’m pissed! I knew I should’ve been on yo ass about them sh*ts” Me and Dany ran over to them to help Ty and Chris make him leave the room.

Dany pulled Nani over the bed and held her in her arms as she cried. “Don’t f***ing yell at her like that, Cole!” “Bree, forreal this ain’t got nothing to do with you. This between me and my wife, aight?” “No, not ‘aight’! Look at her, she’s upset enough so just cut that s*** out! If you didn’t want kids then oh f***ing well because she’s pregnant now, get the F*CK over it!”

His eyes went from mine to Nani before he sucked his teeth. Snatching his arms away from Ty and Chris he headed to the door, pushing some s*** off the dresser before he walked out.

“Go on and make sure he don’t hurt himself. We got her.” “Aight, me and Chris got him, he ain’t leaving the house.” I nodded and turned to look at Nani.

“Sweetie, its alright. He’s just in shock that’s all,” Dany assured her as she rubbed her back. “Yeah, he will come around I’m sure. He can never stay mad at you too long.” As soon as those words left my lips she was up and running to the bathroom. We got up to run behind her but she
had already closed and locked the door.

“Not a-f*cking-gin man!” Frustrated I kicked the shoe box next to the bathroom door.

@Soso aight girl
oooh you gon be in Colee World
you gon work with his government
second in command ! !

Uh uh!!!
You tellin me that this nigga Ty has a child with Chyna hoe ass?!?!?!?
Just wait until Bree find out.
He is on some f***ed up s***.
I am so mad at him right now.
Aw, look at J being all worried.
He is too cute for that.
I just hope he dont get mad when
he finds out Nani is preggo.
Chris and I are on some lover s***.
Im just too prideful to admit it.
Oh snap!
Nana, is wanting to know why J is here early.
*turns to look at Bree* girl you in big trouble

Run it

aw nah lawd jesus,
no ty don't! smh SHAME!
aughhh ty is something else man

...i'd like to stay in you
and cole's kingdom, if that
is possible but if not...then
i'll be the boldest btch to
ever step in tyland mwauhaha

ugh typos

@Soso i gotchu girl
where you wanna stayy at??

<strong>Chapter Four (cont.)</strong>

<em>King Ty</em>

“Swear this f***ing plane ain’t moving fast enough,” J cursed looking out the window. “We gon get there man, you just worried.” I could hear Chris assuring him; call me a bad brother but my mind was else where. I didn’t feel right about the way I left things with Chyna, I need to fix it because she one of those spiteful b****es like Kae. I know if push came to shove she would jump at the chance to tell Bree what happened and throw her lies in there along with it.


<strong>Yes King Ty</strong>

<strong>I’m sorry. You know I get impatient sometimes</strong>

<strong>Yeah. I know Ty</strong>


<strong>*King Ty. Lol</strong>

<strong>That’s what I thought. Lol. So we gud?</strong>

<strong>Always. Lol. Skylar has been asking about you.</strong>

I had to catch myself from cursing out loud, nobody knew and nobody else needed to know just yet. This reminded me why I hardly texted her she always brings this up and ends up arguing me down.

<strong>Oh forreal?</strong>

<strong>Yeah, forreal. So when are you gonna make time for her?</strong>

<strong>I’ll make time for her when you make time to bring her to my doctor and get her tested</strong>

<strong>I’m sick of going back and forth with you about her. Just let me know when you want me to bring her and I will.</strong>

<strong>Aight. I’ll come get y’all when I’m ready.</strong>

<strong>so you just not gon tell me when you coming King Ty?</strong>

<strong>Like I tol you when we first met: King Don’t Put s*** Past Anyone. Not even a 3 year old little girl.</strong>

After I turned my phone off, I joined Chris and J on the sofa at the middle of the plane. J was staring out the window with his hand over his mouth and Chris was tapping furiously on his iPhone. He glanced over at J before tossing his phone into my lap. I picked it up reading the words that were flashing across the screen.

<strong>Did Bree tell you what was wrong besides something was wrong with Nani?</strong>

I tossed his phone back and shook my head. Call me a liar but I figure telling them that she was sick or ‘really sick’ as Bree said it would make the trip there even longer than it already felt.

“We will be landing in about four minutes so please get into your seats and buckle up.”

We all moved slowly to our seat with an odd silence; me and Chris were trying to make sure J didn’t just hop off the plane as soon as he felt the wheels tap the strip and I’m sure J’s mind was on his wife.

“Just breathe bruh. It’s only about fifteen minutes between you and your wife.” Looking over at me he nodded then turned his attention to the window next to him.

“Good morning, King Cole, King Breezy and King Ty,” the British driver greeted us as we enter the black SUV. Hurriedly he ran to the driver seat and hopped in. “Where can I take you gentlemen?” “Take me home, please.” His voice was dry and shaky but what could we do for him besides try to assure him that she was alright.

“Y’all coming up? I’m sure the girls up there with her.” We mumbled a ‘yes’ and followed him up the stairs two at a time. J practically knocked the door down as he walked in.

“Kick do’ shawty would you try not to be so loud she just got to sleep,” Bree whispered loudly as she walked over to hug and kiss me. “Is she alright?” I whispered in her ear as I held onto her. “She is right now. But we should probably stay for a while.” “Aight.”

Dany stood next to the bed staring at Chris with a small smile on her face. These two hear are like Alvin and Britney from the chipmunks; she mad with him one second the next she act like she hadn’t seen him in years and Chris just loves the attention and try to shower her in his.

“What’s up Cinderella?” “Hey Breezy,” she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and squeezed. “I missed you girl.” “Missed you too. Hey Ty.” Releasing Bree and hugged Dany and kissed the top of her head. “You holdin up good?” “Yeah. It’s not me you should be worried about.”

Following her gaze I saw that shehad her eyes on Nani, who was now wide awake. Presumably from the noise we were making; the simplest noise could wake her. “J? What are you doing back so early?”

nana throw me in this muh
so i can be the maid that
whoop bree's ass lol jp jp

ummmmmm that btch Kae needa
get her ass whooped up and
down the country! how they
gon let her ass in! the fck!
and then chris lied to dany
oh he should've been scared!
smh chris...shame on him

aweeeeeeeeeeee damn damn damn!
that sht with dany had me legit
crying! poor dany

i know king cole not gon' get
on my queen's ass about her
being pregnant! he better be
happy that nana pregnant! or
i'll be raising all hell as the first
muthafcka to live in cole world
and work for my highness lol
...i hope j won't be mad

Run It <3 Cole World

Poor Nana :(
If J says something about her being preggo we're
gunna have some problems.
If you dont want kids, you dont have sex. Simple!
Why doesnt he want kids tho?
As for Bree, you better hope your big mouth doesn't
bring trouble.

Run it

What the f***? So Nani is basically pregnant. And Cole don't want it? Well sorry to tell you J but when you have sex, there are consequences. Why he don't want kids? Then I ran my mouth! I hope this s*** don't bite me in the ass! Oh but it will!

Run it

aight cool
i got you shortyy !

ummm i wanna be his little sister :)

lmao Ana has Treyy
his nation is NeverLand
i think it was idr lol

ill havee to ask Ana again

but aight Breezy Nation it is lol
you wanna be Chris lil sister oooor
somebodyy tht work with/for him??

Man who the hell took Trey -_- *folds arms and pouts*

i'll take Kevin Hart
i wanna live in breezy nation cause bree too damn mean i can't live in tyland b**** too damn bipolar

or do you just want to
livee in one of the nations

lol yeah youcan ..

who yo man??
&& J
are taken

tell me who you want && the namee of his

ooohhh can i be in this like a stylist or hairdresser or something with a gay assistant named peaches lmfaoo seriously thou can i huh huh huh huh can i can i can i can i can i can HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH HUH CAN I?!?!?!

<strong>Chapter Four</strong>
<em>Queen Bree</em>

“Nani! NANI! Open this f***ing door right the f*** <strong>NOW</strong>!” I banged on the downstairs bathroom with my fists. “Open the door, Nani!” I paused to see if she would open but she didn’t I could hear quiet sobs coming from inside. I raised my hand to bang on the dooragain but Dany grabbed my hand. “What?” “Wait,” she whispered taking a bobby pin fromout of her pocket. “Nani, are you okay?” <em>No Answer</em> “Sweetie, we’re coming in. Okay?”

After jiggling the pin around in the lock we both heard the lock <em>click</em> and Dany turn the knob opening the door slowly. Dany walked in first and I was right behind her; Nani was sitting in the tile floor against the tub with her head in her hands.

“What’s wrong?” She shook her head still not looking up at either of us. Dany and I looked at each other bewildered. We had no idea what had happened we were sitting in their theater laughing watching <em><strong>The Players Club</strong></em> and eating then she just ran from the room. And that’s how we got here.

“If you tell us what’s wrong we can help you,” Dany coerced softly. Still, she said nothing just shook her again. “If there was nothing wrong we wouldn’t be sitting on this cold ass tile. Come on, you can tell us.” “I can’t tell y’all. Just forget it and forget this happened.”

I slid closer to her and rubbed her back, “We can’t do that, Nani. Now come on and tell us what’s wrong,” I paused taking a deep breath, “Please.” “Oh lord, Nani, you have to tell us now. Bree just said please and she <strong>NEVER</strong> says please.” Dany said trying to lighten the mood and succeeded. Nani looked up and at me with a questioning look.

“What?” “I want to tell y’all but y’all gotta promise not to tell Ty or Chris because J doesn’t know. I don’t even know for sure. So y’all promise?” “Promise Nana,” Dany answered with a small smile. “What about you, Bree?” “Yeah, yeah, I promise.” “I might be pregnant,” she murmured softly. My eyes bucked from my head, “Um did I hear you correctly?” “Yes, Bree. Please don’t make me say it again.”

“Have you taken a test?” Dany asked concerned. Nani looked at the both of us and got off the floor walking over to a black plastic container. She picked it up and dumped it over on the floor.

It must have been ten or twenty pregnancy tests that came out of that container. Dany walked around them and got a few cleenexes flipping the tests over to see the results. She squatted so she could read them. I was stuck, seeing Nani in such low spirits was a first and all them damn tests on the floor had me shocked. Nani is always happy and bouncy its rare for her to be in a bad move.

“15 out of 15 positive. Nana, you are pregnant, I’m sure of it. The only way you aren’t is if <strong>ALL</strong> these tests are expired which I highly doubt.” Within a few seconds Nani was on the floor in tears clutching herself. Me and Dany rushed over to her to console her. “It’s alright sweetie, you and J are married this was supposed to happen now. Y’all been married for five years now this was expected of you too.” Dany reassured her. “Yeah, you know that boy love him some Nani. He will be ecstatic to hear that it’s a mini y’all on the way.” “No . . . he won’t,” she spoke in between sobs. “And why the hell not, Nani?” I asked slightly irritated.

“Because,” she paused to take a deep breath, “Because he doesn’t want kids. I forgot my birth control a few times and now he’s gonna be so pissed with me.” “Calm down, Nana. You’re upsetting yourself , come on let’s go lay down. Bree will get you some juice, alright?” She nodded and Dany helped her off the floor.

Once I was in the kitchen I called Ty. After a few rings he picked up. “What’s up baby? Y’all alright?” “Can’t really discuss this over the phone, bae. Y’all just need to get here now.” I heard him tell Chris and J to hush so he could hear, “Baby, you need us all there? Now?” “Yes, baby. All of you. Now,” I spoke as nicely as I could. “Aight boo, we coming. But just tell me if y’all are okay. I need to—no we need to know.” Taking a few deep breaths I tried to use those moments to figure out how to say this. “Nani is really sick. Could y’all hurry please?” “Aight baby. We’ll be there in a hour, hour and fifteen at the most.” “Alright, Ty. I love you.” “I love you, too.”

Grabbing her a bottle of juice I headed up the stairs hoping I made the right decision.

<strong>ChapterThree (cont.)</strong>
<em>King Ty</em>

We had been sitting in the VIP room of <em>The Palace</em>, a strip club I opened when I first became King, <em>interviewing</em> strippers for Chris' upcoming bachelor party for about 5 hours. To say we was exhausted was an understatement And I know we're jumping the gun because Dany doesn't know the whole truth and she hasn't said yes yet. But i got a gut feeling that eventually these stubborn ass niggas gon get married even if its three years from now.

"Ty man, where this last girl at? I'm ready to be out man." "She comin, Chris. I think she just finished her set give her a little bit." "Yeah well a little bit is three minutes then we out," J chimed in looking at his watch. "Why y'all so ready to leave? It ain't like we sneakin around." "Yeah, we not but you know we can't be in here too long or that's our ass. Well me and you anyway," J answered cutting his eye at Chris.

"Man f*** y'all. As soon as I cut Kae loose I'll be on a short ass leash just like y'all." He joked. "That's J ass on a short leash. I do what I want." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah, Chris. I do what the f*** I wanna do bruh." "Oh s***! There go Bee and she look pissed!" J yelled out and both him and Chris jumped from their spots looking scared. Jumping up to look behind me I saw no one standing there, instead of turning around I put up both my middle fingers. "Hardy. Har. Har muhf***as! That s*** ain't funny!"

"s***,its funny to me. What about you J?" "Hilarious." "Whatever man. Bree as is crazy as f*** though. Last week one of the maids was trying to fix my zipper before I went to my meeting she bout took both me and ol shawty head off." The memory of that day played over and my head as we shared a laugh. "Bree a piece of work man."

"s***, look at the time. Babygirl time is UP and we OUT! ell her next time we here maybe we can try this again." Chris spoke pulling his skully back on and J pulled his jacket on. I looked around a little before following them out. "s***, leggo then. She taking too long for me now."

As we were walking out the back door I heard heels quickly clacking behind me and my name being called. "Tyga! Tyga!"

We all stopped and turned in the direction of my name. "I thought all your people called you King Ty. Guess you slackin bruh," Chris snickered. "Shut the f*** up nigga. She think she special because I hired her personally. I only did it because I just happened to be here," I whispered quickly as she approached us.

"I'm sorry I was so long. There was a problem in the back room. I hope I'm not too late." "I guess us standing next to back door mean she on time," J whispered behind me. "Me and my niggas was actually leaving. You took too long sweetheart."

She made a sad face and pouted, "Damn! I really did try to make it up there but other stuff got in the way. You understand right?" Her hand rubbed up the tattoos on my arm as she smiled at me; politely I moved her hand. "Actually I don't understand, I have my own country. King Ty don't wait for nobody baby, everybody wait for me. Maybe next time we could try this again."

Again she grabbed my hand, "Ty, come on don't be so mean. It won't take too long we're just talking aren't we?" Jerking my hand away, I looked her straight in the eyes, "That don't matter if we talking or not I don't like my tme to be wasted. Let this be a lesson,<a href="">Chyna</a>. Next time be on time. And next time you address make sure its <strong>CORRECT</strong>. " I raised my eyebrow at her then turned to continue out the back door with Chris and J cracking up behind me.

"Damn Ty! You embarrassed her ass!" "I'm just doin my job, Chris! And plus her ass was getting too touchy and I like my life."

We all climbed in the car discussing the upcoming meeting we had with our other friend about his country but my mind started to drift back to the night I met Chyna.

<strong>Chapter Three</strong>
<em>Queen Bree</em>

"And why don't you have any maids again, Nani?" I asked her watching her pour a large bag of peach rings into a bow. "Because Bree it's only me and Jermaine here, I can clean up and cook for both of us." "Well, what about when you guys have guests?" She walked over and leaned on the counter next to me, "Jermaine had a building built for any business that he needs to handle because I don't want all of that s*** in my house. So the only other guests that we have are you guys and I have no porblem cleaning nor cooking for you guys." I mushed her hair before reaching into the bowl pulling out a few rings. "Pssh whatever. Its just me and Ty in that house and I'll be damned if I cook or clean up behind his dusty ass."

"Whatever, you just lazy heffa! you want something to drink though?" She looked back at me as she walked over to the fridge. "Yeah, gimmie some juice [b]NOW[/b]!" I snapped my fingers for emphasis. "Girl, you better be glad I semi like yo ass." She slammed the botle of juice down and front of me before opening her own.

"Tell me something, Bree." I swallowed a few gulps of my juice then answered her, "Yeah. What you wanna know?" "You still puttin fear in your maids' hearts?" "Oh b**** you know it. But I only put fear in them new b****es hearts. I can't have s*** go missing in my house," I paused shaking my head, "No ma'am pam, I can't have that s***." She laughed but stopped once Dany came trudging into the kitchen.

"Sooo who peed in your cereal?" Nani joked as Dany hopped up on the counter. "Nobody. I'm just thinking." "Penny for your thoughts," I added hitting her thigh. "I just I need a change of scene." "Oooh! I was just thinking we needed a vacay!" Nani exclaimed dancing around. I laughed until my eyes connected back with Dany's I could see the sadness in her eyes.

"What's wrong and start from the top." "First, I just don't understand why you always feel the need to bring up me and Chris' relationship." I sucked my teeth letting a small giggle escape my lips. "I don't bring it up to make you upset or make you mad. I bring it up because I never want you to go back to the female you used to be. You're a lot more stronger than you were back then befroe that whole ordeal. And I want you to understand not only what he did wrong but what you did wrong." Dany's eyes shot up and I could see the anger rising in them.

"What did I do wrong, Bree? Not reciting some rules to a grown ass man?" "No, see you don't even understand. Me and Nani do NOT recite [i]rules[/i], we make sure that they know and understand what kind of woman they have waiting for them to come home, we make sure that yes they have a good time but they keep that s*** respectful," I paused to catch my breath, "I know that he loved you and still does but he is still and will [b]ALWAYS[/b] be human! And do you know what that means? It means that he has flaws, that he [b]WILL[/b] make mistakes. [b]BUT[/b] the depth of the mistakes depended on how much he knows that you care for him and love him and want him to come back to YOU. I only do things like this because I care. If I ain't care I wouldn't open my mouth! So don't you dare try and play me like for a bulls***ter!"

Dany stared at me with sad eyes and I stared back with my eyebrow raised. "Dany, do you understand where Bree is coming from?" She nodded as she wiped away her tears that had fallen. "And Bree, do you see Dany's point?" I felt Nani's hand running through my hair, "Yeah, I understand but yall know I 'm not that good with this sentimental s***." "Trust me, we both know," Dany joked pushing her hair from her face.

"Alright, so now that that is over, what else is bothering you, D?"

"First off, Nani would you completely hate me if I left?" "You know you're always welcome here. I understand." She let out a hard sigh then looked over at me, "Bree, do you think Ty would mind if I came to stay with you guys?" I rolled my eyes sticking another peach ring in my mouth, "Chi, Ty don't run s*** but his damn mouth. I run that house so you can come stay with us." She hopped off he counter and hugged me but I pushed her off and held up my finger, "Under one condition though."

Dany's cheeks had started to turn red from smiling so hard, "What? Anything!"

"Tell me why you want to come to Tyland. What are you running from?"

Her smile dropped instantly and her gaze left my reaching the floor. Me and Nani watched her take a few breaths. She ruffled her hair a little then looked back up at us. "Me and Leg, we . . . I can't do this with him anymore." "Is he beating you?" Nani questioned becoming serious.

"No he's not. It's not him." She paused taking in air, looking off. "Legacy is more than anything any girl could ever ask for. He is the perfect boyfriend that every girl wishes for." "But?" I asked silently, knowing that there was but coming. "But . . . he's not perfect for me. I'm tired of trying and trying to force feelings to come out that aren't there. I thought that eventually I would be able to care about and love him like he does me but it never happened. And I know it never will. I just don't want to hurt him anymore, he knew that my feelings weren't there but he stayed and tried anyway." Nani rubbed her back as tears cascaded down her face.

"So," I rubbed my thumb over her hand looking into her face, "What are you saying?" "What I'm saying is," she flicked her hair from her face and hopped off the counter, "I'm saying that my heart belongs to and will always belong to <strong><em>CHRIS</em></strong>."

run it

Run it

<strong>Chapter Two (cont.)</strong>
<em>King Ty</em>

Chris and I sat outside the landing strip waiting for Jermaine's jet to land. The ride over here was too quiet for comfort. Usually when this nigga came around I had to force this nigga to shut up, look like I gotta make his duck ass talk.

"What's up wit you?" "What you mean, bruh? I'm straight." "Nigga I know you, yo ass always got a ass of stories to tell." He shrugged at me adjusting the skully on his head. "Nigga I'm not gon force you to tell me but yo ass is too f***in quiet."

I could see J's jet landing out the corner of my eye and Chris head towards the gate, I let out a hard sigh prepared for a long ass ride. . .AGAIN.
As soon as he stepped off the plane a smile crept on his face, "s***, its been awhile since I been here wit yall niggas." He dapped me and Chris as the driver put his bags in the SUV.

"What's wrong wit you, C?" Chris' face scrunched up making me burst into laughter but Jermaine stared confused. "What's funny?" Chris kissed his teeth and got into the back of the SUV. "Don't even worry bout that nigga, he got some s*** on his mind. Let's go though so we can hear this long ass story."

"Aight Chris, get that s*** off yo chest you can't be depressed and s*** when we get to the club." I wasn't trying to babysit him while we were out,true enough he my brother but when he get in these moods he's liable to f*** up everybody mood and night.

"Yall remember the night me and Dany broke up?" He asked looking from me to J. "Yeah man that's some s*** none of us will ever forget," J spoke in a low yet audible tone. I remember that s*** like it was yesterday a night that was supposed to be a celebration turned into a war.

[i]Ting! Ting! Clinking my fork against my glass I got everyone's attention so I could deliver my speech. "Coming up in the industry I don't think that any of us sitting around this table would have thought we would now be in control of our own country. But now that we made our goal and then some it can only get better from here." I paused to look around the table, "To J and Chris, yall my niggas, my brothers I wouldn't wanna share this experience with any other niggas. No homo." They all laughed holding their glasses up stilln "To Nallely and Danyell, yall my sisters and I know yall gon make some real ass queens and whoever don't like that s*** can take they ass to Canada." "You damn right, Ty. Breezy Nation ain't ready for Queen D." My heart started to beat faster when I laid eyes on my wife, Bree. "And last but not least, Breana. You always believed in me no matter what anyone said about me and always had my back. You don't take s*** from nobody and I love that. I love you and I'm more than happy to share my life and kingdom with you." She smiled at me wiping falling tears from her face, she didn't cry often but when she did I knew it was real. "I love you, too baby. And whoever don't like that s*** then its off with they head!"

"Damn Bree, you really know how to f*** up a moment," Dany spoke as Chris kissed her cheek repeatedly probably not paying attention to any of us. "b****, you first!" "Damn I was hoping Bree would make it a full day before she started the beheading."

I let everyone's voices fade out as I looked around the room trying to take in what happened. Not less than 5 hours ago Obama surrendered the country to us. Don't get me wrong we weren't tyrants but due to plates shifting causing America to shift and separate in large chunks Obama had no choice. What was once some joke we made up after we smoked 4 blunts was now coming true. Our dreams had come true and we were all happy. But just like any euphoria . . . you come down off that high eventually.

"Excuse me, King Ty, but you all have a guest. Should I send them in?" I nodded slowly bringing my glass to my lips then sitting it back down. The waiter disappeared then returned three minutes later with a nightmare.

The talking and laughing that once filled the room ceased and we all stared at the person in the doorway. I shoved my chair away from the table, walking quickly over to her. "You need to leave," I spoke through clenched teeth. "Nonsense, Michael. I am sure that we can all be adults and conduct ourselves with class. Well aside from Bree we all know she wouldn't know class if it bit her on her ass." "b**** who th-," I held my hand up to silence Bree. "You need to leave now! It wasn't an option it was an order. LEAVE NOW!" I roared.

Her eyes left mine and I knew exactly who she was looking at without even looking. "Can't speak, Chris?" I could hear a frustrated sigh leave his mouth. "Kae, what are you doing here?" "I just wanted to come congratulate you." Kae tried to walk past me but I roughly pushed her back. She stared me down but I didn't care I had to protect my sister and try to keep Chris' s*** from getting messy.

Two chairs pushed away from the table, Jermaine and Chris were standing next to me seconds later. Kae scoffed switching her weight from one side to the other.l, "Really Chris? You gon treat me like some groupie?" "Chris, get her outta here before she start running her mouth," J whispered over to him. "Kae, I will text you later.Don't do this s*** right now." Chris spoke in a low tone.

"Oh you don't wanna talk because your little ass girlfriend is here but you wanted to talk a few days ago after she wouldn't give you none then sent you off wit yo boys high and dry. You ain't give a f*** then."

"Chris . . what is she talking about? Did you f*** her?" Chris looked from Dany's face down to the floor. "Go ahead, Chris. Tell her how good you said my pussy was."

I couldn't let her make this s*** worse then she already had. "Come on, J we gotta get this b**** out." J threw her over his shoulder and I opened the door that lead outside. When J put her down, I wasted no time getting in her face, "Keep yo ass away from us! The next time I catch yo ass round us I'ma dead yo ass. You got thst s***?"

Without waiting for a response, me and J rushed back into the venue. The girls were gone and Chris sat on the floor with his hands around his knees crying.[/i]

"Yeah, well she still don't know the whole story." I couldn't believe this nigga, I know that they talked about that s*** but he still lying to her.

"Why you ain't told her man?" J asked rubbing on his head. "Scared." Me and J's eyes shot up staring at him. "Of what?" I questioned.

"That she won't marry me if I told her."

<strong>Chapter Two</strong>
<em>Queen Bree</em>

“What’s up Bree? It’s been a minute, I was starting to miss you.” Legacy pulled me into a hug, squeezing lightly. “I missed you, too, Leg.”

We stood in the doorway looking around, “So um you gon let me in or do I have to wait out here?” He laughed to himself and stepped aside to let me in.

“You been treating my sister right?”

He shoved his hands in his pockets, looking everywhere in the room except for at me. “You can go on up and see if she’s ready. You remember where her room is don’t you?” Legacy walked swiftly into the kitchen not waiting for my answer. "What the hell is wrong with this boy?” I asked out loud climbing the steps to her room.

Quietly I opened the door and saw her sitting at her vanity applying eye shadow. It had been so long, three years to be exact, since I was able to hang out all night with my girls and actually spend time with my little sister. Being a Queen is a great but I wouldn’t exactly wish this on my worst enemy. There is a long stretch of water separating all the countries, so visiting with one another became a chore in itself. Walking into the room, I shut the door loudly so Dany would know I was in the room.

A smile spread widely across her face as she ran over to hug me. “Oh my gosh, Bree! Its been so long!” She pulled away and I saw tears cascading down her face. Seeing that made my rough exterior deteriorate, there were only a handful of people who could make this happen and she was one of them. Using my thumbs I wiped away her tears while holding back my own. “I missed you, Bree. Skype is cool but seeing you in person is so much better!” “I missed you, too.”

Dany held a long gaze with me and then turned to slip into her shoes. “You ready to head to Nani’s?” I nodded slowly but the way Leg was acting popped back into my mind. “Um what’s with Leg? He was acting funny. I mean don’t get me wrong he was his normal clingy self but he seems off a bit.” She grabbed her purse and pulled me out of her bedroom. We jogged down the steps and went straight out the door.

“You not gon tell him you gone?” “He already knows I’m gone but I will text him if it’ll make you feel better.”

The ride to Nani and J’s was quiet and slightly uncomfortable. I knew this girl well enough to know she was hiding something and before I left here.

Once inside the gate, I spotted Jermaine and Nani standing outside talking. “I hope she told him the rules, cause I surely did with Ty.” Dany sucked her teeth and pushed my shoulder playfully, “Y’all need to let them niggas breathe they young of course they gon be wild as s*** when they go out.”

And this is how I can tell she’s the baby, but no matter that she of all people should know what happens without rules or at least a warning.

“I’m not even gonna say anything because I don’t wanna argue.” “Then don’t,” she sneered steeping out of the car with me behind her.

I caught up to her and stopped her, “But I will say this—remember what happen with Chris when you neglected to warn him.”

<strong>Chapter One (cont.)</strong>
<em>Queen Bree</em>

“Ty, what the f*** you mean you gotta go?” ‘Bree, come on baby. I promise to make it up to you. I have to help Chris out.” I watched his every move as he moved around our large room. “Why the f*** can’t y’all do it tomorrow? We already made plans tonight.” Ty approached me giving me puppy dog eyes. “Do not give me that face, Ty. NO! You are not going!”

“Baby,” he leaned down and kissed my lips lightly, “You know no matter if you get mad or not I’m gonna go. But I don’t want you to sit here pissed and take it out on the workers.” I pushed him back from me and walked to the other side of the room, “So what the f*** you want me to do, Ty? Sit around and twiddle my f***in thumbs because I’m not.”

Ty leaned up against the dresser as he watched me pace back and forth. “When the last time you and Nani chilled together? Or you saw your sister? Go see them baby and I’ll be here by the time you get back in the morning.” I laughed, eyeing him, “Whatever, I’ll go to see Nani and Dany but I won’t be here when you get back.” Grabbing my purse I walked out the bedroom ignoring him calling my name. racing down the steps and saw Chris leaning against the wall with a smirk.

“Before you say it, I’m sorry. I didn’t know y’all had something planned, Bree.” “Whatever,” I sneered, snapping my fingers for one of the maids.

“Yes, Queen Stevenson?” “Call the pilot and tell him to get his ass here now. I need to be in Cole World like an hour ago.”

I looked up from my phone to see her still standing there. “Um what you need f***ing instructions?” Trina shook her head rapidly but still stood there. “Then why the f*** are you still standing here?” I scoffed placing my hand on my hip. “I just wanted to know if you needed anything packed, Queen.” I patted her on her back and smiled, “Sweetie, do I need to tell you everything? Use your better judgment; I promise it won’t steer you wrong.”

She scurried away and I heard Chris burst into laughter.

“What the f*** is so funny, highlighter?” He pulled me into a hug swaying from side to side, “You, lil one. You all of five foot 3 but you carry the attitude of a seven foot giant.” Pushing him away and dusting my shirt off I gave him the stank face, “Boy you could learn a few things. I don’t take no s***, I got fear in these people heart. Bet they won’t get out of line.” “Damn, yo ass is a gangsta. I see why Ty gotta check in before he leave the house.”

I shook my head, placing my hand on his shoulder. “See when you’re in a real relationship, you care about what their partner thinks of what they plan to do.”

Chris’ eyebrows scrunched up, “Soooo, what you trying to say?” “Does she know that you’re here?” He moved his hand in a circular motion nodding, “And your point would be?” I groaned out loud grabbing his shoulders, “I’m saying that little Asian thing back at your palace and you ain’t in no damn relationship, Chris. f***!” He quickly smiled turning his hat backwards. “Oh well s*** why you ain’t say that from the beginning.”

A silence played out between us, it was like we were having a staring contest. "If you ask I’m sure I could find an answer for you, Chris,” I spoke softly.

“I don’t know if she told you or not but me and Dany been talking back to each other for a while,” I nodded wanting him to continue, “And I know she loves me but do you think she’s gotten over the uh . . . the other s***?”

In all honesty I knew that they were talking but I didn’t think that Dany was that serious. Hell, if I remember correctly she was still living with Legacy.

“Chris, if she’s talking to you then she’s over it. You know she wouldn’t let you back in if she wasn’t. Have faith in her, she’s young not dumb.” I patted his shoulder and felt a hand on my back.

“Yes, Ty?” “We about to head out, babe.” I nodded as
Chris walked out the door then turned to face Ty.

“You act like you got some damn sense while ou out with his ass.” Ty’s lips curled up into a smile then he licked his full pink lips, “Yes ma’am. I will. Where you gon be at?” “I’m going to see Nani and Dany, I’m sure they will be glad to keep me company.” Laughter echoed from his mouth before he captured my lips into a kiss. “I love you, my Queen.” “I love you too, my King. See you in a few days.”

Once I shut the door behind him evil thoughts crept into my head as I did up the steps. While I was waiting on that slow ass pilot to get here, I can f*** with the maids.

“Cait, where are you sweetie? I have something I need done!”

yay you posted it on here :)

aughhh! fck a king ty lol jp jp
bree is truly a queen
the way she treatin people round
this btch. smh but that peasant
should've been way more careful
seeing as bree likes to test

good thing chris has opened his
eyes and seen that kae don't
deserve that numba 1 spot like
dany. hah, i wonder how kae is
gonna take the bad/good news lol