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.Last King && Queen of Tyland' [Chap. 9]

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A New World Order . . . Deals are made, alliances are built and new worlds are formed.

What was once America is nothing more than a chapter in the history books. Now split into three worlds: Breezy Nation, Cole World, and <strong>Tyland</strong>

Passport and clearance is needed, no one gets in or out without at least the King knowing.

But King Ty and Queen Bree. . . they run a tight country. No nonsense type of couple. Their word is LAW . . . follow that or get kicked out and that would be on their good days.


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<strong>Chapter One</strong>
<strong>King Ty</strong>

“You have a visitor sir.” I looked away from my iPhone dead at my maid, Cait, at least that’s what I think it is. I never had time or cared enough to learn their names. As long as they know me and my wife’s name and respect is attached to it.

“Who is it?”

Cait always spoke with her head down careful not to look me in the face. Bree had made sure that everyone who worked for us knew I was off limits, which resulted in her ordering them never to look at either of us in the face.

“It is King Breezy, sir.” “Have him meet me in the living room on the second floor. Make sure you supply him with whatever he needs.” I watched her nod her head quickly as she turned and ran straight into Bree, who in turn knocked Cait to the ground.

“You should really watch where you’re going. You should just know when I’m coming into the room.”

A smile spread across my face watching Bree scare Cait. Cait couldn’t be more than twenty, her father was in debt to me but he fled the country leaving her as collateral. “Bree, stop scaring her. Go ahead and do what I said, Cait.”

Once the door closed Bree fell onto the bed laughing, “Did you see the look on her face? She looked like she was about to piss her f***in pants.” I smirked looking over my shoulder, “Yo ass so f***in mean!” “Whatever that’s why you love me, nigga. And that’s why I’m Queen and not some little peasant b****.” I nodded grabbing my shirt slipping it on, “Chris downstairs, that’s where I’ma be if you need any me baby.”

I turned in enough time to see her rolling her eyes, “He didn’t bring that b**** with him did he? Because I don’t feel like entertaining her wannabe ass.” “Nah, it’s just him, prolly came here to get away from her ass.”

I walked around the bed to her as she sat up on her knees. “You got plans tonight?” ‘I might why, what you trying to do?” Licking my lips, I ran my hand down the side of her face and put the other on the front of her shorts. “Does that give you a clue?”

Her eyebrow rose as she leaned closer to me, “King Ty, you wouldn’t be tryin to take advantage of him now would you?” I furrowed my eyebrows pecking her lips, “Nah I’ma good guy, I wouldn’t think of doing that. I’m only trying to show you new protocol.”

Bree ran her hands over the front of jeans and grabbed me with a smirk her eyes never leaving mine. “In that case I’m free the rest of the night.” “Aight bet. I’ll be back in a few hours. Can you handle yourself till then?” “I could try.” “Try real hard for me, baby.” I winked walking out the bedroom door closing it tightly behind me.

“Chris, my nigga where yo bright ass been at?” “Its hard runnin a country, you of all people should know that s***,” Chris laughed dapping me up. “I feel you, but I still make time to see my niggas and satisfy my Queen.” “Man, whatever nigga. I do all three, J too. Yo ass always coming up short.”

I raised my hands in defeat, “You got me but at least I don’t come up short where it matters.”

“Whatever helps yo ass sleep at night. But I had some s*** to tell you that I couldn’t share over the phone.”

“Wait a minute bruh,” I turned to face the two maids that were standing in the room who immediately looked to the floor,” Could you both excuse us for a few minutes. Lock the door on the way out and don’t come in until I say so.”

Once the door shut, Chris slid to the sofa and motioned for me to do the same. “I’m thinking about marriage.” His words played back over and over in my head until I felt as though i understood.

“I know I ain’t just hear you say that s***, bruh.” “Come on man, I think I should, she’s been waiting so long for me to get my s*** together so she could become a REAL queen and I want to do that for her.”

Laughs uncontrollably slipped from my mouth until it came out in a full out roar of laughter. “Nigg, I know yo ass is not about to get married.” Chris had a look of insult on his face so I had to clear my words up, “No, I don’t mean that s*** like what I’m saying is I know you, in a few days this will pass.” He opened his mouth to speak but I hd to cut him off, ‘And I know what you’re about to say, you love Karruche, that’s cool and all. BUT I know yo ass is not about to marry her, that girl is what twenty-three and got the body of a ten year old Asian BOY!” I doubled over in pain from laughing so hard; when I looked back up at Chris his face was red but a smirk crept onto his face.

“See, see I knew yo ass was bulls***ting.” “Nah, I’m getting married but it’s not to Kae, I plan on kicking her ass out when I get back, I’m gonna marry Dany.”

I choked on my spit hearing those words leave his mouth. “Y’all back together?” “Yeah, we’ve been talking for about a year and I’m ready. I don’t wanna be with anybody else but her.”

I stared straight at him and he stared back with a goofy ass grin, “And you sure about that? Because you know if you f*** up she gon kick yo ass.” “Aye! If you can handle Bree temperamental ass, I know that I can handle D. It’s time to man up and take what’s mine.” I nodded and patted him on the back before getting up, “That’s what’s up my nigga but you know what we gotta do now.”

Chris stood standing next to me, “What?”

“We gotta go find you some strippers for the bachelor party and I know just the one. Just let me go tell Bree and we can go.” I started to leave the room but Chris stopped me, “You think Nani would let J come out with us?” “s***, you can call and see but I’m sure her ass don’t mind as long as we keep that nigga outta trouble.”

Chris smacked his teeth walking out the door with me, “Hangin with us is trouble. You remember what happened to that nigga last time.” We broke out in laughter thinking of it.

Chris and I parted ways he headed downstairs and I went up to go talk to Bree. She gon be mad that I gotta break our date but I’ll make it up to her when I get back in the morning.