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All Back{Short Story}

All Back {Short story}

"C'mon baby you look fine" Chris said to Shapron as she tried on her short black dress. She wasn't feeling confident at seeing as how she was six months along with their child.

"I don't like this..i look completly fat...i mean look at my thighs" she said rubbing her right thighs. Even though Shapron and Chris been together since middle school she still has insecurity issues.

"Bae..don't make me say everything I love about you...i love your hips, your thighs, your smile, your personality, the way your eyes roll back when im hitting that spo-" Chris was cut off by Shap slapping the back of his head.

"Thats to much..but Thanks for all thoughs complaments" she said blushing and rubbing her stomach. Shapron is still in shock that she was actually pregnate with chris child.

Chris was the only guy she could really say that she was ever in love with. And now she was thankful they would have something bonding them for life.

As they sat there still looking at other dresses a man wearing all black barged into the store. "Umm excuse me where's the manager" he asked Chris in an uneased voice. Chris remembered that the mabeger went to the back room and told the man so.

Chris wasn't thinking about what he had just told the man but little did he know is that it would mess up his life.


Im back!
Yes took some time off!
I been silently reading alil bit!
Anyway I just thought of this and typed it up on my phone so...!
And I will try to give yall 3 chaps to all my stories tomorrow!