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.I Do'[Chap 14]

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

“Aye, Rocky said that nigga upstate ain’t got our money,” Zae announced entering the room. “What you mean he ain’t got it?” “Exactly what I said, Solo. Rock said he sent them lil niggas to collect and he ain’t got it” Solo looked over at Zae with a blank stare. “How many extensions we already gave that nigga?” “This the second one.” “Aight, when Zoe get back we gon pay that nigga a visit.” “Get down or lay down,” Zae yelled over hios shoulder as he exited the room.


Zae, Zoe, Rocky and Solo stood on the front porch of Raymond’s house waiting for someone to open the door. “Two more minutes and I’m breaking the door down.” “Chill out, Zoe. Just wait a lil bit you
know somebody is coming,” Solo assured.

<a href="">Zoe</a> is the oldest and the most impatient aka the muscle of the group most of the time. <a href="">Rocky</a> is the second oldest and the smartest whether its book or street smarts, most of the time he was the brain behind the plans. <a href="">Zae</a> is the third oldest and Zoe’s younger brother, Zae is the quiet one which usually means he’s planning making him the planner. And <a href="">Solo</a>, he is the baby of the group, the talker and most of the time the charmer which got him the honor of being the decoy in most of the plans. If one is missing in action nothing would happen, four or nothing at all.

The door swung open and there stood one of Raymond’s daughters. “Hi, can I help you?” she spoke well with a smile. Solo stepped forward and returned her smile, “Yes. Ah we’re here to speak eith your father. May we come in?” She eyed them all, who donned smiles that matched Solo’s then opened the door wider for them to come in.

Closing the door behind them she led them to the living room. “Have a seat in here, he should be down in a few minutes.” Taking their seats they noticed the pictures that covered the room, Rocky picked a specific picture up from the coffee table and leaned over to Zae. Zae stared at the picture then nodded and passed it to Rocky who repeated Zae’s actions then passed it to Solo who smiled.

“Excuse me?” Raymond’s daughter that had answered the door re-entered
the room with a smile. “Yes?” “These your sisters?” She nodded with an even bigger smile, “Yes, those are my older sisters.” “You are all very beautiful,” Solo complimented with a smile. “Thank you.” He noticed her red cheeks and took advantage.

“All these pictures of you all but I don’t see any of your mother. Why is that?” Her face darkened but she quickly recovered with a small smile, “She left us when I was 5 to be with another family. So we don’t hang pictures of her in the open.” “That’s a shame. So it’s just you girls and your dad, huh?” “Yeah that’s it.”

Solo started to ask another question but someone else speaking cut him off, “Cim, why are you giving our info out to people you don’t know?” They turned their attention to another one of Raymond’s daughters entering the room. “Because they’re friends of daddy and they seem nice. And it’s not like we don’t tell people anyway, Analis.” Analis and Cim stared at each other for a few seconds until Analis directed her attention to the four people in her house.

“Since Cim was too dense to ask. Who are you all?” Solo smirked at her, “My name is Solo, this right here is Rocky, over there is Zae and across from him is Zoe.” “Uh huh,” Analis stated dryly. “And you all’s names?” “Well, <em>Solo</em>, my name is <a href="">Analis</a> and this is my baby sister <a href="">Cimberly</a>.” Solo stuck out his hand for them to shake, which they did, and smiled. “Nice to meet you both. I thought there were four of you?” “There is,” Cim chimed in. “Where are the other two?” “Upstairs, I’ll go get them.” Excitedly she went upstairs yelling for her sisters leaving Analis with the guys.

“Excuse me, Analis but me and my friends here have other obligations to tend to so if you could go upstairs and let your father know it would be greatly appreciated.” “Uh huh. I’ll be back,” she eyed them individually before retreating to get her father.

Minutes later Cim returned with her other two sisters. “Solo, Zae, Zoe and Rocky these are my older sisters <a href="">Cairo</a> and <a href="">Giselle</a>. Giselle and Cairo this is Solo, Zae, Zoe and Rocky.” “Nice to meet you all,” Cairo greeted with a smile. “Ditto,” Giselle announced laughing making everyone else laugh. “How long have y’all know our daddy?” “Oh not very long. This is a new friendship.” Giselle’s eyebrow rose as a laugh escaped her lips.

“So, Cim here says that Solo is the mouth piece. Is that true?” “I’m not the mouth piece they just don’t enjoy talking as much as I do.” “Right,” Cairo nodded and stared over in Zoe’s direction. “Don’t I know you?” “Nah shawty. I don’t think you do.” Cairo nodded sitting on the arm of the sofa, “Yeah, I do. I think you went to my high school.” Zoe shook his head and opened his mouth to form a rebuttal but closed it when he noticed Raymond entering the room with Analis.

<a href="">Raymond</a> stood with his daughters behind him eyeing the men in the room. “If you ladies would excuse us, we’d like to speak with your father in private.” Feeling the tension in the air all their smiles were replaced with mugs and did not move. Slightly looking over his shoulder Raymond smiled small at his daughters, “Go ahead and go back upstairs. I got this.” Reluctantly they exited the room.

“I think we would all feel more comfortable taking this conversation into your office, Raymond.” Solo suggested and lead the way to Raymond’s office.

Raymond followed sandwiched between Solo and Zoe, Zae and Rocky. Rocky locked the door behind them once inside and took his seat next to Raymond.

“So, Rocky informed me that you didn’t have our money a couple days ago when we sent out workers to collect from you. Why is that?” “I just need more time, Solo. I’ll have the money to you but you gotta give me time.” Solo put his hands under his chin and smiled, “See the only problem with that is, we’ve already given you two extensions on our payment. What was the problem getting our money his time?” “I had it ready but Cim needed money for school and I couldn’t let her go without.” “So, you used our money, correct?” Raymond nodded. “And that seemed like the right idea to you? When we say we want our money we mean that s*** but then again you already knew that.” “Just give me a few more months and I’ll have the money I know I will,” Raymond pleaded. Solo looked around the room at his <em>brothers</em> and they nodded.

“You are in luck today, Raymond. We’re feeling rather nice today. You have three days to get at least half of our money.” They all, except Raymond, rose to exit the room leaving Raymond pondering if and how he was going to get the money.

Solo poked his head back into the office, “I know you’re not going to let us leave without a well-wishing, Raymond.”

Scrambling out of his chair he jogged out of the room to lead them to the front door. Opening it he wished them a blessed evening but Solo left him with parting words.

“Three days or we come back and take what you have that’s worth the

“I don’t own anything that expensive,” Raymond uttered weakily.

“You do, Raymond, you do. It’s a four piece set,” Solo yelled back before slamming the door and pulling off.


<strong><em>Chapter 14</em></strong>

“What are we going to do?” Giselle asked sitting at Indian style on the bed with Cim watching Cairo do her hair. “First we need to eat then clothes and we’ll go from there,” Cairo answered watching her sisters through the mirror. “How you feeling, Cimmie?” “I’m fine, Selle. My head is just banging still but I’ll be okay.” “We can’t let them find us,” Analis spoke coming out of the bathroom. “Don’t you think we know that, Lis? We don’t need a reminder.” “Giselle just shut up and stop talking to me! I am not in the mood for your theatrics.” “I swear to God if you weren’t my sister I’d punch your ass,” Giselle screamed getting off the bed pushing past Analis. “You so weak you wouldn’t try that s*** no matter if I’m your sister or not.” Giselle turned around and got into Analis’ face, “f*** you, Analis! All you do is try to bully people anyway you ain’t even all that tough!” Analis pushed her making her stumble back a little and in turn she reciprocated Analis’ actions. Immediately Cairo steppe din between them yelling for them to stop but they only yelled over her. “PLEASE! PLEASE! Just stop yelling! I can’t take it, it hurts! Stop it, we’re sisters we’re not supposed to argue.” They all stopped and turned to face Cim who was sitting on the bed with her knees to her chest crying. They all rushed over to her to comfort her. “I’m sorry, Cim I completely forgot. Its all this stress we’re under it’s making us edgy,” Giselle admitted rubbing her sister’s back. “Selle’s right, I love you guys and I know I shouldn’t have been yelling like that. She’s my sister and it affects us all especially you.” “Now that we’re all sane again we need to get ready to leave so we can get food and find some clothes,” Cairo announced getting off of the bed going back to the window. “Thank God we’ve had these clothes on for like three days,” Giselle complained laughing.

“I know your heart was in the right place, Court, but you shouldn’t have done that.” “What was I supposed to do, Zoe? Let you guys just ruin Cim’s life like that?” Courtney sat up against her headboard with her arms crossed staring at Zoe who was leaning up against her computer desk. “No but Court do you see the s*** we gotta do now?” “We have to find them and you know we don’t like that s*** so when we do find them that s*** won’t be nice. Did you even take into consideration the issues Cimberly has? You know what type of game we play we use s*** like that against them!” Courtney sighed frustrated letting tears fall. “Look, I know you thought what you were doing was right but it wasn’t, not this time. Your heart was in the right place but sometimes you gotta think with your brain and instead of feeling with your heart.” The two stood in silence for a few minutes till Zoe made his way to the door. “Just so you know we’re leaving out in a hour or so to go find them and we will have them by tomorrow night. When they get here stay away from them this time.” Without waiting for his response he shut the door tightly behind him.

Solo stood confused looking around his room when Rocky entered with Hayden behind him. “You got a guest man.” Without turning around to look he nodded, “Alright. Come in and shut the door behind you.” Hayden did as she was told and went over happily to Solo and kissed his cheek, “Hey baby! I just wanted to come see you before you went on your little hunt.” He stood quietly not listening to her but playing back yesterday’s events in his head when it hit him. “Hayden, yesterday when we got bak here you and Nicole were in the house sitting in the living room. Weren’t you?” She nodded unsure of here he was going with this. “Yeah, babe. We were waiting on you to get here.” “How did you get in here?” Taking a few steps away from him she tried to swallow the lump that started to form in her throat. “Ni-Nicole had a key. She got us in.” “Where did she get it from?” He asked now facing her. “She took it from Zoe. She told me she took it while he was sleep.” “While he was sleep when?” She fidgeted a little with the hem of her shirt; Solo clearing his throat made her jump. “Answer me, Hayden.” “She took it the night you bought those girls her.” “Is that your final answer, Hayden?” “Yes, that’s when she took t babe. I wouldn’t lie to you.” He shook his head taking a few steps closer to her, “You shouldn’t lie to me. Tell me this, how could Nicole have taken his key while he was sleeping if she left three hours before he went to sleep?” “I—i—,” Solo held up his hand up silencing her, “I my ass, Hayden. If Nicole took his key then how did he unlock the door when he got back last night? And if she took his key why is MY key missing?” There was a knock at the door interrupting them, “Aye, Zae said somebody just seen the girl on the bus so we heading out now. Let’s go,” Rocky spoke poking his head in the room. “Aight. I’m coming now,” Solo answered glancing up at him, “Back to you though. We’ll discuss this when I find the girls. Leave my key on the dresser and if you made copies that’s your ass.” Shakily, Hayden removed his house key from her jean pocket and sat it on the dresser before hurrying out of the room.

OMG PLEEEEEEASE Dont let this story die!!


lol its finee hun
i dnt mind clearing things up

smh. now I feel slow. lol.
you did explain it. idk what i was thinking.
[ slow moment ] my bad.

i prettyy much explained whyy Analis
was so angryy && definitivee of her sisters
it was bcus of their mother
Cim i mean .. .lol idk wht you want me to sayy abt
lol i thought had explained it

Run It !

I was saying after seeing why the guys are the way they are,
I just felt that there was more to Analis, with all her anger against their mom. And Cimberly because of her traumatic episodes. Sorry. lol.

OMG that would drive anybody crazy.

Analis & Cimberly??
ummmm . . . . wht you talking abt hunnyy??

the next two are gonna be Zae && Solo's
then ma go bck to how the adds beforee
these chapters just tell you whyy the
boyys aree the wayy theyy aree

I cant wait to see what Solo's story is!
And Analis & Cimberly's side also...

Run It !

Got me over here looking like a lil b****, crying and s***.
Im strong! whyyyyyyyyyy?! no mama nooooo!
you didnt have to do that!
*sits in a corner crying, rocking with my knees up to my chest*
[10mins later]
*wipes face, takes a DEEP breath*

Now I see why Zoe did what he did... Ross put that fear in him when he said <em>“Maybe next time you won’t stick your nose in business that don’t belong to you, lil nigga.”</em>

And this mf just tucked his gun in and left??! Where are the neighbors??! What happened to him and Zae? Now they're orphans?! :(

This is deep and rough. Love It!!


Thts so sad :(
run it

Dayumm Dayumm Dayummm *in my florida evans voice*

He just ... Because she just ... I mean zoe just ... *deep breath* I need to get it together ..

*five minutes later*

Okay, these little niggas had it rough. Smh

Losing his dad ... And then his mom THE SAME f***ING WAY. That messes you up forever and ever. But even before that coming home to your mom sprawled out woth a needle in her arm leaving you without love and care sucks. You just watching her die a.slow painful death.

That man Ross is dead wrong. Dead ass wrong. I hope he died a brutal ass death somewhere down the line.

Runnnnn Itt

<strong>Chapter Thirteen</strong>

Zoe dropped his brother and neighbor kid at the kid’s house; he was staying there for a school project which left only Zoe and his mom at home tonight. Entering the house Zoe searched the front of the house then walked to the back to check the rooms for his mother. He found her lying across the bed with a needle and half empty Jack Daniels bottle next to her. Quietly he walked over to the bed sitting the needle on the dresser then the liquor; from her closet he got an extra blanket then covered her with it.

As he was leaving the room he heard the front door open, he figured it was Zae to get something he needed so he approached the front of the house with a smile. His smile washed away when he saw it was the neighborhood dope man, Ross.

“Most people knock instead of just coming into somebody house, nigga.” Anger flashed across Zoe’s face as he stared Ross down.
“Pssh, lil nigga I ain’t the nigga to f*** with. Take a few hints from that pussy of a brother you got and go in your room and cry,” Ross responded taking it upon himself to make himself comfortable on the couch.

“Don’t talk about my brother. He’s only eight.” Zoe moved to the front of the couch still glaring at Ross with his hands balled into fists at his side. He didn’t like for people to talk about his brother which Ross picked up on a few years ago. “When I was eight, lil nigga, I wasn’t no b**** or a pussy. I bust at anybody that looked at me wrong,” Ross informed him then lit his blunt.

Zoe stood there mute, just staring at Ross. His mom had turned to heroin when his and Zae’s daddy died. Their father was trying to protect them from intruders and took a bullet right between the eyes. Ever since his mom started using he’s had to protect not only himself but his brother and at times even his mom from all these men that were coming in and out of their house.

Ross though, he was someone that never tried to fight Zoe or even hint at it. He always made his points by infuriating Zoe and telling him how he should hustle and be like him but as Zoe got older and Ross’ shots at his little brother got harsher he felt himself tipping over the edge of enough.

“What you starin at? You wanna hit or some s***?” Ross asked holding his blunt out to Zoe; he declined. “Aight well instead of standin there staring at my ass go get your moms. Let her know I’m here.” Zoe still didn’t move; Ross pulled his .9 from his waistband and pointed it at Zoe. “Maybe this’ll take some of the lead out ya f***in ass. Go get ya mama or I’ma put a bullet between ya eyes, lil nigga. And you know I’ll do it, too.”

Slowly Zoe backed away going to his mom’s room, when he opened the door his mom was sitting up finishing off the bottle of liquor that was sitting on the dresser.

“Ross out there,” Zoe mumbled looking down at the floor. “Why you didn’t come tell me sooner?” “He just got here ma. But you need to lay down and let that stuff out of your system. I’ll tell him to leave.” His mom stood slowly, bobbing around a few times before fully gaining her balance, “No! you just go to your room and let me handle my business.”

As she past him she pushed him forcefully almost making him fall onto the floor; quickly he recovered and went straight to his room. He left the door ajar just in case his mom needed him.

Before sitting on his bed he grabbed his dad’s picture off of his dresser; staring down at the picture he felt his eyes get blurry but refused to let a tear fall. He sat with his dad until the ambulance came, he tried so hard to keep him alive and alert but it didn’t work. He died five minutes before the ambulance arrived.

Arguing from the front of the house brought Zoe out of his zone; rushing to the front he saw Ross on top of his mom. Zoe sprinted towards them, knocking Ross off his mom and kicked him until Ross stopped trying to fight back. Once he was sure that Ross wasn’t getting up before he could get his mom up. Zoe helped his mom from the floor and started towards the door so he could get her some help but the sound of a gun c**k stopped him.

“For you to be thirteen, lil nigga, you got some strength on you.
Only bad thing about that is you got all that muscle with only a little bit of brains.” Slowly, Zoe along with his mom turned to face Ross and ended up staring down the barrel of his gun. “I always thought you knew not to cross the line with me but I see I was wrong. Tell me Alonzo why shouldn’t I blow your f***in brains out?”

Zoe sat his mom down gently on the floor then went back to staring down Ross. “My daddy died by the gun so I guess I will, too. I always wondered what heaven look like anyway.”

Laughter from Ross rang loudly through the small living room but abruptly stopped and he became serious once more. “Damn you got a lot more heart than most thirteen year old niggas I know. You remind me of myself, when I was yo age.”

Zoe took a few steps closer to the gun ignoring his mom’s whimpers and cries from behind him. “I’m nothing like you. Unlike you I protect my mom and my little brother. You don’t give a f*** about nobody but yourself. You don’t even check on your own mom, I do,” Zoe poked his chest for emphasis, “I respect women enough not to take advantage of them. You what twenty-eight and you still don’t know how to carry yourself. I understand why your mother acts like she doesn’t have a son because he turned into a b****.”

Before either of them had a chance to think about it, Ross had let off three rounds from his .9. Gurgling from behind Zoe helped him make the connection that it was not him that got shot it was his mother. He ran to her side to help but it was too late—she was gone. Two shots to the chest one between the eyes; her blood and brains were spattered on the walls around her. Zoe broke down into tears as he rocked his mother’s lifeless body in his arms. Ross stuck his gun back into the waistband of his jeans and walked towards the door.

“Maybe next time you won’t stick your nose in business that don’t belong to you, lil nigga.” Ross walked out of the house with no regret leaving Zoe with his dead mother.

I had to read it about 2 more times. I get it now.

Run It! (:

In Chapter Eleven the Party scene through Zoe's eyes was a flashback just the same in Chapter Ten when it was in Cairo's perspective

I like that we're getting into seeing the boys' side of things. Makes you understnd how and why they do what they do.

Run It!

Im so behind on commenting.. I really like this story.

Im a bit confused with that flashback between Cairo and Zoe...

I got a little lost after understanding their mom was in pain at the same time.

So did the party happen AFTER they ran away???

And if that's the case is Cairo gonna think Zoe set her up since he walked into the room and left her there??

Cant belive Rocky had it that bad :[

Run It!!


Thats terrible wat he did to rocky
Run it

so where myy cast at???

kinda dryy . . .

damn Rocky had it hard... How can he be so smart to be so dumb. SMH sad life to live man. Run it!

<strong>gaaaah && it should be ribs NOT lungs</strong>

<strong>not Social Studies Test i meant SCIENCE ! Ugh ! i need myy freaking edit button ugh </strong>

<strong>Chapter Twelve</strong>

“Rocky, how many times did I tell you? Get in your room and read that damn book!”

Rocky looked up from the television at his father with fear in his eyes. “I’m sorry, dad. But there’s no point of reading that, we’re not going back to it again.” His father delivered a hard punch to Rocky’s face knocking him out of the chair he was sitting in. “Did I ask you to tell me that? Or did I tell you to get in that f***in room and read that damn book?”

Ten year old Rocky held his face staring up at his six foot five father with fear in his eyes. He had just started at a new school three weeks ago; the principal at his old school suggested that he be skipped up to seventh grade because of his intelligence level.

Rocky had gotten back his test results from his first test in Social Studies and learned he had received an eighty nine; to any other parent or child this was actually a great grade but to Rocky’s father that was the equivalent of an ‘F’. Rocky tried many times to shed his intelligence so his father wouldn’t be so hard on him and treat him like he treated his older sister, who was damn near failing out of college, but his teachers knew of his potential and never let him deviate. His teachers never missed a chance to let his father know how smart he was.

Rocky spoke 6 languages not including English—Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese, Italian and French, he knew math all the way up to Calculus, he excelled in all sciences his favorite being Organic Chemistry and History he could recall almost any date or event in history within 30 seconds. It was no figure that some teachers in his new school did not particularly enjoy having such a genius in their class, specifically his Science teacher.

The first day he was in her class she was solving a chemistry problem to give the students an idea of what they would be dealing with once they got to high school. As she was doing the problem Rocky was itching to correct six mistakes he had spotted and she wasn’t even half way done; his brain got the best of him so he approached the board and asked his teacher if he could do the problem. After he had finished the problem he made a point to tell her what mistakes she mad and why she was wrong along with other mistakes she had made when they were covering hereditary traits in class the day before.

Needless to say she didn’t take kindly to a ten year old child correcting her so she took off points on his test for small things—if she hadn’t Rocky would have received a 105.

“Rocky! You don’t hear me talking to you?”

Rocky’s body shook as he stared up at his father with tears streaming down his face, “I—I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. I’ll go up there and read, sir.”

Stumbling he got up off the floor only to be roughly knocked back down by his father. “This is why you’ll never be anything and you’ll never know anything because you don’t f***ing listen to anything that I say! But I’ma show you how to listen!” Before Rocky could get away from his father’s range, his father landed a barrage of punches all over Rocky’s body paying close attention to Rocky’s ribs. Rocky screamed out for him to stop but his cries were unanswered. Once tired of using his fist Rocky’s father stood and dug his feet into Rocky’s side repeatedly; only stopping when he heard blood gurgling in Rocky’s mouth meaning that he couldn’t breathe and his lungs were probably bruised or broken for the fifth time in the last three months.

The next day Rocky sluggishly walked from class to class, making sure he didn’t put too much force on his bruised ribs. He had made it all day with minimal pain but now he sat in gym class.

His teachers knew that he wouldn’t be able to participate in any class activity for the next month or so, so he confined him to the bleachers. Badly he wanted to play basketball but he knew he couldn’t, instead he took this time to study for all his classes so he wouldn’t give his father a reason to beat him again.

“Hey, you’re that new kid ain’t you?”

Rocky looked up and saw a fellow seventh grader sitting next to him with a basketball in hand. “Yeah, I’m not that new but that’s me.” “Yeah, some girls in my class were talking about you. Said you were some kind of kid genius.” Rocky shook his head tired of hearing that ‘genius’ word but agreed anyway. “Yeah that’s me. But don’t call me genius, my name is Rocky.” The kid laughed and held his hand out to dap Rocky up, “Rocky though?” “Yeah, my dad’s name.” “Cool, I’m Alonzo but everybody call me Zoe.” “Nice to meet you.” “Likewise, so how’d you get so smart?”

Rocky wanted to tell him he retained this information by force and not by luck or choice; if he wasn’t as smart or ended up failing completely his dad will probably kill him but he figure that was too much for the first conversation. “I don’t know man my mom use to say my head was so big that all the information just stays floating in my head.” Zoe laughed loudly nodding along with Rocky. “Cool, cool. You pretty chill to be eight.” Rocky quickly did a double take at Zoe and made a screw face, “I’m not eight, I’m ten soon to be eleven in four months.” “My bad, Rock. I meant you chill for a ten and a half year old. But I’m not that much older than you I’m about to be thirteen, we can still be cool though.” Rocky nodded glad on the inside that he had made a friend, the other boys he had met thought him being a genius would make them look bad.

“I heard you fell off of a house and broke your ribs,” Zoe blurted out.

Rocky had heard so many stories about what had happened to him from so many different people all day—he was honestly sick of it. “No that’s not what happen, I was playing baseball with my cousins and one of them accidentally hit me with the bat.” Zoe nodded and started to get up when they called for Walkers and Car Riders, “Alright I holla at you tomorrow I gotta go wait at the elementary school for my brother and neighbor.”


<strong>alright cool
12-15 will be the boys && nothing else !

Happyy Reading lovies ! ! ! </strong>

I only have three words for the whole add.

f***. Ass. Niggas.

Runnnn It !
Yesss we finally gettin in the guys head

s***tt if they going into the ring with the bus driver and getting they s*** rocked by the combo uppercut!!!!!! LOL I'm tripping! Do what you do girl!

im thinking the next few chapters shld focus soley on the boys . . .