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.I Do'[Chap 14]

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

“Aye, Rocky said that nigga upstate ain’t got our money,” Zae announced entering the room. “What you mean he ain’t got it?” “Exactly what I said, Solo. Rock said he sent them lil niggas to collect and he ain’t got it” Solo looked over at Zae with a blank stare. “How many extensions we already gave that nigga?” “This the second one.” “Aight, when Zoe get back we gon pay that nigga a visit.” “Get down or lay down,” Zae yelled over hios shoulder as he exited the room.


Zae, Zoe, Rocky and Solo stood on the front porch of Raymond’s house waiting for someone to open the door. “Two more minutes and I’m breaking the door down.” “Chill out, Zoe. Just wait a lil bit you
know somebody is coming,” Solo assured.

<a href="">Zoe</a> is the oldest and the most impatient aka the muscle of the group most of the time. <a href="">Rocky</a> is the second oldest and the smartest whether its book or street smarts, most of the time he was the brain behind the plans. <a href="">Zae</a> is the third oldest and Zoe’s younger brother, Zae is the quiet one which usually means he’s planning making him the planner. And <a href="">Solo</a>, he is the baby of the group, the talker and most of the time the charmer which got him the honor of being the decoy in most of the plans. If one is missing in action nothing would happen, four or nothing at all.

The door swung open and there stood one of Raymond’s daughters. “Hi, can I help you?” she spoke well with a smile. Solo stepped forward and returned her smile, “Yes. Ah we’re here to speak eith your father. May we come in?” She eyed them all, who donned smiles that matched Solo’s then opened the door wider for them to come in.

Closing the door behind them she led them to the living room. “Have a seat in here, he should be down in a few minutes.” Taking their seats they noticed the pictures that covered the room, Rocky picked a specific picture up from the coffee table and leaned over to Zae. Zae stared at the picture then nodded and passed it to Rocky who repeated Zae’s actions then passed it to Solo who smiled.

“Excuse me?” Raymond’s daughter that had answered the door re-entered
the room with a smile. “Yes?” “These your sisters?” She nodded with an even bigger smile, “Yes, those are my older sisters.” “You are all very beautiful,” Solo complimented with a smile. “Thank you.” He noticed her red cheeks and took advantage.

“All these pictures of you all but I don’t see any of your mother. Why is that?” Her face darkened but she quickly recovered with a small smile, “She left us when I was 5 to be with another family. So we don’t hang pictures of her in the open.” “That’s a shame. So it’s just you girls and your dad, huh?” “Yeah that’s it.”

Solo started to ask another question but someone else speaking cut him off, “Cim, why are you giving our info out to people you don’t know?” They turned their attention to another one of Raymond’s daughters entering the room. “Because they’re friends of daddy and they seem nice. And it’s not like we don’t tell people anyway, Analis.” Analis and Cim stared at each other for a few seconds until Analis directed her attention to the four people in her house.

“Since Cim was too dense to ask. Who are you all?” Solo smirked at her, “My name is Solo, this right here is Rocky, over there is Zae and across from him is Zoe.” “Uh huh,” Analis stated dryly. “And you all’s names?” “Well, <em>Solo</em>, my name is <a href="">Analis</a> and this is my baby sister <a href="">Cimberly</a>.” Solo stuck out his hand for them to shake, which they did, and smiled. “Nice to meet you both. I thought there were four of you?” “There is,” Cim chimed in. “Where are the other two?” “Upstairs, I’ll go get them.” Excitedly she went upstairs yelling for her sisters leaving Analis with the guys.

“Excuse me, Analis but me and my friends here have other obligations to tend to so if you could go upstairs and let your father know it would be greatly appreciated.” “Uh huh. I’ll be back,” she eyed them individually before retreating to get her father.

Minutes later Cim returned with her other two sisters. “Solo, Zae, Zoe and Rocky these are my older sisters <a href="">Cairo</a> and <a href="">Giselle</a>. Giselle and Cairo this is Solo, Zae, Zoe and Rocky.” “Nice to meet you all,” Cairo greeted with a smile. “Ditto,” Giselle announced laughing making everyone else laugh. “How long have y’all know our daddy?” “Oh not very long. This is a new friendship.” Giselle’s eyebrow rose as a laugh escaped her lips.

“So, Cim here says that Solo is the mouth piece. Is that true?” “I’m not the mouth piece they just don’t enjoy talking as much as I do.” “Right,” Cairo nodded and stared over in Zoe’s direction. “Don’t I know you?” “Nah shawty. I don’t think you do.” Cairo nodded sitting on the arm of the sofa, “Yeah, I do. I think you went to my high school.” Zoe shook his head and opened his mouth to form a rebuttal but closed it when he noticed Raymond entering the room with Analis.

<a href="">Raymond</a> stood with his daughters behind him eyeing the men in the room. “If you ladies would excuse us, we’d like to speak with your father in private.” Feeling the tension in the air all their smiles were replaced with mugs and did not move. Slightly looking over his shoulder Raymond smiled small at his daughters, “Go ahead and go back upstairs. I got this.” Reluctantly they exited the room.

“I think we would all feel more comfortable taking this conversation into your office, Raymond.” Solo suggested and lead the way to Raymond’s office.

Raymond followed sandwiched between Solo and Zoe, Zae and Rocky. Rocky locked the door behind them once inside and took his seat next to Raymond.

“So, Rocky informed me that you didn’t have our money a couple days ago when we sent out workers to collect from you. Why is that?” “I just need more time, Solo. I’ll have the money to you but you gotta give me time.” Solo put his hands under his chin and smiled, “See the only problem with that is, we’ve already given you two extensions on our payment. What was the problem getting our money his time?” “I had it ready but Cim needed money for school and I couldn’t let her go without.” “So, you used our money, correct?” Raymond nodded. “And that seemed like the right idea to you? When we say we want our money we mean that s*** but then again you already knew that.” “Just give me a few more months and I’ll have the money I know I will,” Raymond pleaded. Solo looked around the room at his <em>brothers</em> and they nodded.

“You are in luck today, Raymond. We’re feeling rather nice today. You have three days to get at least half of our money.” They all, except Raymond, rose to exit the room leaving Raymond pondering if and how he was going to get the money.

Solo poked his head back into the office, “I know you’re not going to let us leave without a well-wishing, Raymond.”

Scrambling out of his chair he jogged out of the room to lead them to the front door. Opening it he wished them a blessed evening but Solo left him with parting words.

“Three days or we come back and take what you have that’s worth the

“I don’t own anything that expensive,” Raymond uttered weakily.

“You do, Raymond, you do. It’s a four piece set,” Solo yelled back before slamming the door and pulling off.



LeLe, Analis has Rouge powers [ Old school arton X-men type with the grey streak in her hair ] LOL!

This story is so good. It has many twists that you just don't expect.
I'm constantly wondering like are they gon start. giving a damn about these girls.
It's just really interesting to watch this all unfold.
I hope they don't physically harm them tho

its coool

its <strong>Analis</strong>

Okayy ! I am so in love like just loving it !! :)

Now for the story.

Ohhh they have a sissy . Maybe she will befriend the ladies.because she sure as hell need some new ones.

Dwindle Dee and Dwindle Dumb just need some backbone. Insecurity is such an ugly trait!! Like who allows a man to talk to them that way. s***, I will tell you who .. A damn fool

I feel so bad for babygirl ... But I think solo a little sweet on her.
Analsis got some x men mutant powers yall better f***ing recognize lol jk ... I think f***ed the spelling of her name , sorry

Runnnnn It !!!

@Dany he's not as tough as them
bcus he doesnt usually have to
reinforce stuff he's just the

I cant really conjure up words right now.
But uh, Solo has to be the most concerned.
The other guys are a tad bit tougher than him.
That nigga Rocky is like an encycolpedia. Lol
Where did all that info come from?
Ugh. I could care less for them girlfriends.
Like who knew they would have them.
Aww poor Cim.
I feel bad, she has to go through all
and her sisters cant even comfort her.
Poor baby.
Their sister seems real nice, which is totally
opposite from the guys.

Run it

Wow.! The personalities of the guys & girls are so... Im looking for a word, I cant think of one right now. But, Im intrested in seeing where this goes. CHALLENGING, that's it! smh. They're each other's challenge, girls against the guys. Im getting ahead of myself but, Im really looking forward to seeing how they start to interact or what developes if the girls dont make it back to their dad. And if they do, I wonder what will happen between them and they guys, Like protected by affiliation.

Solo seems concerned at times, and Rocy is very informative.

Nicole & Hayden. That's a twist I didnt expect.
THEY HAVE GIRLFRIENDS. Dumb ones, because I wouldnt stand for that mess.

AND they have a little sister? Hmmmmm...

So that's what was happening, Cim has episodes, poor thing :(

What in the world is wrong with Analis? It was funny. I could picture her sitting there, then giving Solo that look and staring back at the wall. smh.

I dont think they have much faith in Raymond getting their money to them.
Raymond seemed not to be too optimistic either, thinking he wont see his daughters again. How could he get into a <em>business</em> like this with those guys???!

Run It!

<strong>Chapter Five</strong>

Zoe, Zae, Solo and Rocky had just locked the girls downstairs in separate, sealed, sound proofed rooms and were now sitting in the living room watching sports center. All of the sister except Cim tried to fight but they weren’t any match for any of the guys. Everything they tried backfired and landed them in more uncomfortable positions and eventually gave up.

“That s*** with Cim was crazy. I expected but I didn’t expect for it to happen so soon. We hadn’t even locked her up and she had already started having an episode,” Zoe announced taking a sip from his soda.

“I figured she would. She has a nervous condition that’s triggered by loud noise, like loud music or arguing. The first time Analis lunged at Solo her brain was like a time bomb. If you guys noticed she was the only one who didn’t scream when they were running, I’m sure while they were down in the spot there was yelling so by the ime they all got back up to the kitchen she was ready to burst. So when Analis started with Solo once again BOMB her episode started.” Rocky spoke without turning away from the television but the other three were staring at him.

“Sometimes we hate yo ass, nigga,” Solo joked. “My bad for knowing s***. Where would y’all niggas be if I didn’t?” “Man that s*** ain’t the point, we ain’t ask for your expertise,” Zoe interjected. “Yeah, well I bet y’all wanna know more.” Solo sucked his teeth and smirked, “Yeah well whatever nigga. Just keep talking.”

“That’s what I thought,” Rocky joked, “People that have this type of nervous condition usually hear the loud noise echoing over and over in their head as well it actually happening around them so they try to block it out. And the way they do that is by covering their ears. When it starts to get too overwhelming they cry and spazz out but in Cimberly’s case she cries and her brain goes into overdrive causing a seizure. Solo not allowing her to cover her ears made her body go into panic mode which almost brought the seizure on.” Zoe and Solo sat listening to him intently.

The doorbell rang breaking their concentration, Zae hopped up, “I got it.” “Y’all expecting somebody,” Solo asked looking between Rocky and Zoe who shook their heads. Zae returned with three females. “<a href="">Courtney</a>, yo ass live here. Where the f*** yo key at,” Zoe asked getting up to hug her and the other two. “This big ass purse man. I ain’t feel like digging through it,”

Courtney answered pulling away from him then hugging Solo and Rocky. “I’m going upstairs to change.” “Aight, but when you finish come back downstairs we got something for you to do,” Zae yelled behind her.

“So, y’all don’t see us standing here?”

“Nah, we see you. But you came to our house, unannounced might I add,” Solo spat looking over at his and Zoe’s girlfriend. “We met up with Court at the mall and we came back here. We didn’t know you guys were gonna be here we came to kick it with her.” “Aight, <a href="">Hayden</a>,” Solo gestured for her to come to him and she did. She bent down and kissed his lips before standing back up.

“Hey Zoe.” “What’s up <a href="">Nicole</a>?” She walked over and kissed his lips then stood next to Hayden. “Were y’all busy?” Nicole asked seeing the serious expression on their faces. “Yeah, actually we were which is why we told both of you to announce yourselves,” Rocky answered not looking at them. “Well, if we had a key we wouldn’t technically be unannounced,” Nicole spat with much attitude.

“How the hell you figure either of y’all should have a key?” Solo questioned. “Court got a key so we think we should have one, too,” Hayden answered proudly. “You know why Courtney got a key, Hayden? Because she lives here. And even if her ass didn’t live her she’s my little sister theirs too.” Solo had started to turn red staring at Nicole and Hayden. “Sorry for even bringing it up,” Nicole mumbled. “Bring it up again and I won’t be as nice,” Solo answered lowly.

Nicole scoffed and looked at Zoe for protection. “Don’t look at me cause you bought that s*** on yourself. I told you about asking that dumbass question.” Nicole’s mouth dropped hearing Zoe’s words but she closed it quickly realizing he was right.

Courtney came bouncing back downstairs in a pair of sweats and a fitted t-shirt, “Alright, what’s up?”

Solo moved Nicole and Hayden out the way with his arm so he could see Courtney and smiled, “Got some stuff downstairs and we need you to go see if they need anything. Don’t let them out. If they need anything come let us know and we’ll go from there.” “Why won’t y’all go down there?” Courtney asked looking around the room at them. “Well, they’re not too happy with us right now,” Solo responded cheekily. Courtney turned on her heels and headed for the kitchen so she could get to the spot.

The guys turned their attention back to ESPN until they realized Nicole and Hayden were still standing there. “Why is Frik and Frak still standing here?” Zae asked looking at them from the corner of his eye.

Zoe turned to face them with his hand propped under his chin, “Frik and Frak, can we help you with something?” “What? Y’all just sent Courtney to do something we’re waiting for her to come back.” “Hayden, baby, who you talking to like that?” Solo was now standing next to her, staring down at her. “I—I was simply saying that we were waiting, Solo.” Solo stared at her clenching his jaw, “Maybe you both should join Courtney, your presence is no longer needed.” Hayden noticed the familiar cold, distant look in his eyes and grabbed Nicole’s hand rushing into the kitchen.

“And don’t be touching s***!”

Courtney flipped a switch on one of the switchboards by the staircase and began speaking. “Hello ladies!” She watched as the four sisters walked to their doors a peeped out of the small windows on them. “For right now you all can hear me and I can hear you all as well,” Courtney continued with a smile. “I’m Courtney. What are your names?” When none of them spoke she remembered what Solo had said about them not being happy. “Well, that’s fine you all don’t have to tell me right now. Um my brother sent me down to see if you all needed anything. Are you guys hungry, thirsty? Do any of you need meds for a headache or anything?” there was a long silence.

“Cimberly has her medicine in her purse. The pink one she’ll need in about an hour and the blue one she needs to take now. If you have Advil she’ll need one of those, too. Her head usually hurts after what happened,” Cairo responded staring at Courtney. “I’ll get those for her. Does anyone else need anything?”

“Could we talk to our dad?” Courtney walked over and stood in front of Giselle’s door peering in at her, “Um they don’t usually let people call out but I will try and see if they would make an exception.” “Yeah, well if they won’t let us all talk to him at least let Cim talk to him. It calms her down.” “Alright, what’s your name?” “I’m Giselle. The one that just spoke is Cairo. Cimberly is the one with the curly hair and the other one is Analis.”

Courtney nodded and turned to leave, “I’m gonna turn the sound off but I’ll be back I just need to go talk to them upstairs.”

Without waiting for their response she flipped the switch and started up the steps passing Nicole and Hayden on the way. When they kept walking she stopped to warn them, “Don’t badger them you guys they’re still upset. I think one of them is sick, too.” “Court, we are not gonna do anything to them we just wanna see what they look like,” Hayden responded. Courtney shook her head and continued back upstairs.

“Eww, Nicole com look at her,” Hayden pointed into Cimberly’s window. “What?” “Her face is all puffy. Look at her eyes.” “She look like she’s been crying, Hayden.” Hayden shrugged and Nicole walked over to the next window where Giselle was cringed and went to Analis’ window. Analis was sitting on the bed Indian style staring at the wall in front of her. “She looks crazy,” Nicole whispered. “Yeah, she does. Guess it’s a good thing their keeping her locked up she might spazz on us all,” Hayden joked. They both moved on to Cairo’s door, she sat in the corner fidgeting with her nails and crying softly. They stared at her silently both feeling bad for her she looked genuinely sad.

“Get away from the door!”

They both jumped and turned to see Solo. “Get back upstairs. I got business to handle.” He didn’t watch them walk up the steps he just waited until he heard three doors close before flipping the same switch Courtney had.

“Cimberly, do you need medicine?” “Yes, could you give it to her please,” Cairo spoke soft but loud enough for him to hear. “How often does she take them?” “The pink every 5 hours and the blue every 3 hours.”

Solo nodded, “Alright. I can make that happen. Courtney told me that you asked to speak with your father, Giselle.”

Giselle approached her window and stared sadly at him. “Look, we all don’t have to talk to him but Cim needs to. If you let her talk to him you won’t have to come down here every hour.” Solo moved closer to Giselle’s door, “Why would I come down every hour?” “She needs to be comforted until the noise stops in her head. No one was able to do that because you all have her separated. If no one comforts her the noise will continue and it will start to hurt her ears and they might bleed. Just please if you don’t let her talk to my dad could you just get someone to comfort her.” Solo nodded and walked over to Analis’ door.

“You alright?” She gave him the death stare and went back to staring at the wall.; Solo walked back down to Cim’s door since Analis wasn’t talking. He punched a code into the pad that was on the door opening it. He then unlocked the glass door that was behind it. “Come on,” he held his hand out to her. Cim looked from his hand to his face and slid back on the bed. “Cimberly, you need to take your meds come on out here. If you don’t take your meds your sisters are gonna worry about you.” “I’m not going anywhere with you,” she spoke through tears. His jaw clenched as he ran his hand over his head. “If I get Giselle to come with us will you come take your meds?” Cimberly nodded nd took his hand.

After letting Giselle out and restraining her the three of them made their way back to the kitchen.

<strong>again thanks for my readers who leave mefeedback to work with. it really does help when im doing new adds . . . so yeah thanks for that REAL feedack loves!</strong>

Okayy , I have silently been enjoying the start of this.

I thought they were pretty okayy at first. Just business men who ain't got time for games. Then they decided to take the girls, but because they all were so cool and stuff. I wasn't worried about they safety.

But now they some straight up a**holes who need a roundhouse kick to the damn face !!

And they daddy ... Mr. Raymond stop the crying and s***. *starts clapping with each word* GET OUT HERE AND MAKE THIS MONEY !!!!

Now them girls yall are certified asskicker ... *looks around* why yall not kicking ass !!
What is wrong with babygirl? :(

wow! i liiike this!

Run it!!

<strong>Chapter Four</strong>

The delivery man had just left, Zae decided it was time. Solo had gathered the girls in the kitchen along with Rocky and Zoe while Zae was keeping an eye on the delivery guy while he set up the new security television.

“Why do you guys have this big kitchen if none of you like to cook or like being in one?” “Because, Analis we do have family member that come by occasionally to cook for us,” Zoe explained.

They watched the girls wonder around the kitchen, Giselle and Cim were going back and forth between the two sub zero fridges they had while Cairo and Analis were looking over the stainless steel cookware that hung over the island.

Zae entered the kitchen with a small smile on his face, “TV is all set up and the delivery guy is gone y’all.”

Giselle and Cim groaned and walked back over to the island with everyone else. “I’m so not ready to go home and be poked, proded and measured by seamstress molly over her,” Giselle fake pouted.

“Well you girls are in luck,” Solo responded with a smirk. “Another delivery coming,” Cairo joked.

“Nope. Not quite,” Solo nodded his head to Zoe who closed the swinging kitchen door and stood in front of it. Seeing this made Analis become defensive, she moved her sisters behind her. “What are you
talking about?”

Zae and Rocky leaned against the wall watching the girls every move as was Zoe. Solo started laughing manically and removed his jacket. “See here’s the thing. You all aren’t leaving.”

Giselle started walking towards Zoe to get out the door laughing, “You real funny, come on take us home so we can get these measurements done and over with.” She reached for the door but was stopped by Solo’s voice and Zoe hand. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. We have a distinct distaste for chasing people.” Giselle walked backwards back over to her sisters eyeing Solo.

“What the f*** is going on?” “Such an ugly word from such a beautiful girl but, I’ll oblige anyway. Basically here’s the deal, daddy borrowed money from us, gave him two extensions both of which he failed to get us our money and his consequence was us taking you.”

They said nothing just looking at the four faces that they had become acquainted with almost friends in disbelief.

“This is when you guys are supposed to run,” Solo joked.

“You bastard!” Analis launched herself across the island at Solo who only took a few steps back laughing. Cairo and Giselle grabbed their sister and pulled her back to their side of the island.

“Hmm a lot of people say that about me. It just might be true.” The sisters were once again silent before running for the door that was to their surprise unlocked, Cairo was the last one inside the door and closed and locked it behind her.

“Did she really just lock the door like this isn’t our house,” Zoe asked chuckling to himself. “In time of distress people forget that they aren’t in their own element,” Rocky answered. “Which in all cases gets them caught,” Zae finished.

“Shhh,” Solo bought his finger up to his lips, ”Listen.” They could hear the girls’ footsteps getting further and further away.

“Do we have to go down there right now?” Zoe asked folding his arms across his chest. “No, not until we’re ready. But I'm sure they'll be back," Zae answered with a big accomplished smile.

“This way come on!” Analis yelled to her sister holding open another door for her sisters to run through.

“Wait! Wait!”

“What, Ro?” Analis asked out of breath.

“We can’t keep running and we don’t know where we’re going. And it’s getting dark the further we go in.” ‘We can use our phones,” Giselle chimed in. They all checked their pockets but they were empty. “Are you freakin’ kidding me right now,” Giselle groaned outward.

“What are we gonna do now,” Analis asked smugly. “We only have one choice. We have to go back up there.” “No, we’re not. And walk back into the arms of kidnappers! Hell no!” “Lis, we don’t have much of a choice now. It’s dark we don’t have flashlights or our phones. We’re stuck,” Giselle reasoned.

“This is what they wanted,” Cim whispered.

“Cimberly, what the hell are you whispering about?” Analis was clearly irritated with both the situation and her sisters. She carried that ‘never give up’ mentality as did her sisters—only difference it was within her all the time.

“They knew we would come down here. They wanted us to be trapped down here.”

Dropping their heads the sisters turned around to make their way back up to the kitchen with their captors.

“Raymond my man. How we doin?” Solo leaned against the counter looking around at his <em>brothers</em>. “What do you want?” “Is that any way to speak to the man who holds your daughters’ lives in their hands?” When Raymond didn’t respond Solo continued, “Well, I was calling to have a friendly chat with you but it sounds like you need some time to relax. Talk to you

Solo hung up just before the door opened revealing the sisters.

“So glad you all decided to come back,” he spoke with a smirk. “Let us go,” Analis spat staring at Solo in his eyes. “Or what? You’ll use what you all learned in self-defense and kick boxing on us?” “How did y’all know we took those classes?” Cairo asked pulling Analis back. “We know everything, sweetheart,” Solo responded with a proud smile. “Oh so it’s back to that now. You three lost your ability to talk again,” Giselle observed eyeing Zae who simply shrugged her off. “It’s just business, dear. Please no hard feelings.” “You’re trying to kidnap us, how the hell can we not have hard feelings?” “Let me correct you first, we’re not <em>trying</em> to kidnap you all. We <strong>are</strong> and we <strong>have</strong> kidnapped you all. Second, even if you do have hard feelings we’ll still survive.”

Solo looked over at a crying Cim who was being comforted by Cairo. He walked closer to her and Analis stepped in front of him. “Stay away from her.” Solo stared straight into her eyes with his eyebrow raised, “Move or be moved.” “You don’t scare me.” “One more chance. Move or be moved, Analis.” Standing for a few seconds she moved to the side not taking her eyes off of him. “Hey. Hey. What’s the matter, love?” He asked softly wiping away her tears with his thumb. “Don’t patronize her,” Cairo snapped lowly. “I’m only checking on her. There’s no patronizing in that.” “You said you know everything, you all know everything, so I know what you’re trying to do to her. Stop it.”

Solo waved her off and continued to stare at Cim with a small smile. “Are you alright, Cimberly?” Cim cried harder and tried to put her hands over her ears only to have Solo swat her hands away.

“Stop doing that to her,” Giselle demanded stepping in between Solo and her sisters. Solo smiled and backed away with hands raised. “Well, whenever she’s done with her episode I will continue. It is important that I have everyone’s undivided attention.”

“Could y’all leave us alone so we can get her together,” Analis
asked not turning to look at them.

“Come on now, Analis. I think you know we’re quite smarter than that. And besides she might go into a fit you know how she is so we’re here for help.” Analis turned and walked up to Solo, “Stop doing that! I won’t let you patronize my sister!” He placed his hands on her shoulders, “And do you really think you acting like this is helping the poor child any? Go,” he shooed her away with his hand, “Go be with your sisters they need you right now.”

Shaking her head she went back over to her sisters who were now on the floor around Cim. Cim was rocking back and forth with her knees to her chest and her hands over her ears.

“Kodak moment, gotta love them,” Zoe whispered making the others laugh.

These girls are mad wild.
Too bad, they dont know what's
coming for them.
They're really nice too.
I just hope the boys don't do
anything to hurt them.
I mean seriously what did they
do to be taken like that.
It was there daddy's fault.
But knowing Solo, he'll make up
some good ass lie to make them
believe that their daddy is a bad man.
Poor Raymond, I feel real bad for that
It sucks to know they're taking your
girls and they're the only thing you had left.

Run it

i will be reading this later...

this is too cool!
it makes me think of Takers mixed with ATL lol.

run it

Im liking this fareal.!!!
Poor Raymond, its sad losing all your
daughters because of one not well
throughout decision. I dont think
the sexy boys would do anything
to hurt the girls though. I think
they just wanna scare Raymond.

run it.!

<strong>Author's Note: If anyone is confused or feels like I'm moving too fast let me know and I'll try to clear it up and/or slow down whatever that doesn'tconflict with my original plot. And I know this is late but I got my inspiration from a film I watched in my Sociology class called, <em><strong>Opium Brides</em></strong>. <strong>Just wanted to throw that out there. :) Happy reading! And thank you for your comments and feedback loves!</strong>

<strong>Chapter Three</strong>

“Is it just me or was something odd about this morning?” “It’s just you, Lis,” Giselle joked as she and Cim veered off into their class. “I hope you fall off the stage!”

“That wasn’t very nice, Lis.”

“Sorry, mother Cairo,” Analis said in a drag laughing.

“Whatever, I’m just being honest.” “No you’re being our mother/sister.” Cairo and Analis sat down at a table outside of the hall where their classes were. “Sorry, I’m just so use to it. I’ve been doing it so long,” she answered sadly. “Its okay to miss her, Ro. We do, too.” “I know, Lis,” Cairo assured her with a smile, “Shouldn’t you be going to class. You know how you get when people sit in your seat.” Analis laughed jumping up from the table, “Ugh! You’re right! They see me sitting there every day then one day they just decide ‘Hey I’m going to sit in Analis’ spot’. Oh hell no! I’m going to get my seat.”

Cairo laughed and waved after her sister, “Meet you out front after your last class.” “You know it!” Cairo sat adding touches to her designs thinking of how strange her dad had been acting but shrugged it off.

Cairo is the eldest of the girls, twenty one and one semester away from graduating with a degree in Fashion Design. She was the mother and big sister, whenever she felt that their dad was slacking in punishing her younger sisters or didn’t catch some things that they did she would pick up and put her foot down. And in most cases it would cause confusion and rebellion but in this case it only made them all closer. Analis is next in line, twenty and a year away from getting her Music degree. She had the most attitude of the four but only when she felt threatened. Though she wasn’t the eldest if anything happen with any of her sisters she’d be the one there ready to beat whoever it was down; tall, short, fat, skinny it didn’t matter to Analis. Giselle is next in line, nineteen and two years away from finishing her degree in Dramatic Art. Labeled the joker, if there was ever an awkward moment or someone needed to get out of trouble they could count on her jokes to clear the room of negative energy. Then there is Cimberly, the baby sister, eighteen and three years away from her degree in Dance. She was the quiet, bubbly one. When their mother left she was five and between the ages of five and ten no one could get her to talk she would only smile and dance. But once she did start talking she could make anyone talk. No matter how sad, mad or anti-social they might’ve claimed to be after listening to her talk, seeing her dance or seeing her smile all they could do was smile and indulge.

Deciding that her designs had enough detail Cairo gathered her things and made her way to class. Before she went into her class she walked over to Analis’ class and stood in the window making a goofy face at her sister causing Analis to burst into laughter during her teacher’s lecture.

“What time did Giselle say they got out?” “I think they said at 11:45 am,” Zoe responded looking from his watch to the college students walking in front of the car. “When are they gonna figure it out?” Zae rubbed his hands together a few times, looked over at Rocky and shook his head. “They not gon figure it out. We gon tell them when we get them to the house.”

Zoe and Solo turned in their seats and looked back at Zae and Rocky who were looking out the windows.

“Then what,” Zoe asked waiting for one of them to continue.

“Then we put them in the spot,” Rocky answered.

“Wait, wait wasn’t that the part of the house we were gonna tell them in?”

Zae simply shook his head ‘no’ still not making eye contact which meant he was still processing his thoughts. Zoe and Solo already knew that they weren’t going to be hearing his voice for a while. He was always planning the two moves ahead.

“If we put them in the spot first, they’ll freak out and try to fight. They try to fight on the way in there we risk them getting loose. And me and Zae took our particular distaste for tracking people down. Best way to do it, tell them in a neutral zone.” “What neutral zone, do we have there, Rock?” Solo asked with his eyebrows raised.

“Kitchen,” he simply stated. “Zae took notice of how they acted in there and realized that’s the safest way to tell them being that there is only ONE real way out of our kitchen. And I’ve already got them pegged, they’ll go for the door they think we will forget about.”

“The door to the spot,” Zoe finished.

“Door to the spot,” Rocky repeated smiling.

Giselle and Cim rushed from their Communications class laughing loudly and talking heading over to the café to get drinks and snacks before they headed to the front of the building. “So, what do you think, Cim?” “What do I think about what,” she asked grabbing two pineapple orange juices joining her sister in line.

“I got you an apple strudel, that good?” Giselle asked holding it up. Cim nodded and continued to stare at her sister, “As you were saying.” “Oh yeah, oh yeah, what do you think about those guys?” “They’re nice. Glad they all decided to talk and not just Solo. It really freaked me out.” “Me too,” Giselle agreed doing a fake shudder. “But they are interesting,”
Giselle continued as they moved up to the counter, “Before daddy came into the room they were normal, holding conversations and stuff.” “Yeah, but then as soon as daddy came down they went back into business mode,” Cim finished sliding her card to pay for their stuff and they walked towards the front.

“Yeah, but maybe they just wok with daddy and its natural.” “Probably so. You should ask daddy when we get home.” “I’m always up for a challenge,” Giselle answered laughing.

Analis and Cairo approached them as they were standing in front of the door. “Hmm, looks like some people are waiting for us,” Analis whispered in a childlike way opening the door. “Pssh, somebody please tell this girl she ain’t Beyonce,” Giselle yelled as they made their way down the front steps of the building. “She gon be like Beyonce when she buss her ass in them heels walking like that,” Cairo added laughing. “And I thought you were the Drama major, Selle. Looks like someone is working on an Oscar,” Cim added.

“Aight, here’s the plan ladies. We gotta run by our house real quick and wait for a delivery. It won’t take more than an hour and then we’ll take y’all where y’all need to go. Sound good?” Rocky asked once they had pulled off, not really caring if they said yes or no. “That’s fine. We didn’t really have plans besides getting measured by Mama Ro over here,” Giselle joked poking Cairo in her dimple.

Raymond had pulled himself from the floor an hour earlier and got himself together. He now sat in his living room holding a picture of his daughters when they were small children as tears cascaded down his face. Losing his daughters was the last thing he wanted to happen, when he had made the deal for the money he didn’t know this would be the price of not paying it back. No specific consequence was specified now that he was thinking about it, all Solo said was ‘Consequences should not be your focus. Paying us back should be.’

Raymond had borrowed the money to pay for Cim’s upcoming transfer from the Institute of Fine Arts to Julliard. His job as an accountant was enough to pay the girls’ tuition but the added expense of the application fee, spot in the dance auditions to get in and ultimately her tuition for the next semester when she transferred was too much for on short notice that he wasn’t expecting. Not that he thought Cim wouldn’t get in because he knew she would; he just didn’t think it would be the first time around.

Staring at the picture a little longer he decided to make a call, pulling his Blackberry from his pocket he dialed a number that had become familiar to him. They picked up on the second ring.

“I called to tell you two things, Solo. One: I will get you all your money. I don’t know how long it will take but I will get it to you all.” “Hmm,” Solo snorted still laughing from something Giselle had said before Raymond called, “And what’s the second?” “Do not hurt or kill my daughters, any of you. Or y’all will deal with me.” Solo mocked then laughed at him, “Yeah, dude. Real tough. Ladies, your dad says hello!” Raymond can hear the phone move around, “Heeeeeey Daddddddy!” Hearing them speak tugged at his heart and tears pricked his eyes. “See ya ‘round, Ray.” Before he could say anything else Solo had hung up.

Squeezing the phone in his hands more tears poured from his eyes as the thought of not getting his daughters back for a while—or ever.

Wooooow I knew something was getting set up,
How they just picked who they matched with over breakfast
Then they take them away.
Poor Raymond..
What kind of business are these dudes into???
And do all 4 girls not know what daddy does???


Umm Dany back up off Zsae now. Okay?

Tsk tsk. I feel bad for raymond.

That is some f***ed up s***!
These guys are literally playing
these girls dirty.
They're totally making them believe
that they're nice and boom!
They're gunna take them.
Raymond brought this s*** upon himself tho.
I love Solo's assertiveness.
That s*** is sexy as f***.
Major turn on.
Zae's quietness is kinda sexy too.

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<strong>Chapter Two</strong>

<em>Two Days Later . . .</em>

Raymond sat in his office going staring at the computer screen. He had been borrowing money from his family and moving money from other accounts around and only had two hundred thousand dollars. He was three hundred thousand dollars short and he had no ideas on how to get it.

A knock on the door interrupted his train of thought, “Come in.”

Cairo entered with a plate of food and a glass of sweet tea. “You’ve been in here all day figured you might be hungry.” “Thanks, Ro. You can bring it over,” Raymond answered finally looking away from the screen and at his daughter. “What’s going on, daddy?” “Nothing that you need to worry your pretty little head about,” he assured her with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “Daddy, I’m not eight, I ‘m twenty one years old so you can’t tell me that to shut me up. Tell me what’s going on.”

Raymond started to eat and stared over at his daughter, “Where are your sisters?” “Lis is upstairs finishing her paper, Giselle is at her friend’s house practicing lines for their project and Cim called earlier and said that she was going to be practicing at the dance studio a little longer.” Raymond nodded as he took a drink, “You didn’t have anything to finish?” “No, I finished all my designs earlier today.” “You don’t want to get a jump start on sewing and whatever else you do,” Raymond ask laughing. “No not yet, daddy,” Cairo laughed and rolled her eyes. “Besides I wanted to make sure all of you had something to eat. Because all of you will work and work and work and forget to eat.”
Raymond stared at his daughter with a sad smile thinking of how much Cairo reminded him of his ex-wife. “What’s wrong, daddy?” “Nothing, nothing, well go make sure Lis eats and call your sisters and tell them to be back in an hour.”

Smiling Cairo started to exit the room. “Alright but you do understand that we’re in college now Institute of Fine Arts to be exact?” “I know that I have tuition bills that prove it. So what do you mean, Ro?” Raymond asked biting back a smile. “We’re kinda grown so if one or all of us is out late we’ll be fine those kick boxing and self-defense classes you made us take for all those years paid off.” “I know but I like knowing you all are safe in the house if you all aren’t together.” “Alright daddy. And I hope whatever is bothering you turns out okay,” she called over her shoulder before closing the door.

The phone ringing interrupted Raymond’s meal but he answered nonetheless. “Raymond speaking.” “I hope you have what we need tomorrow. We’ll be there at 9 am sharp.” “Can we talk about that time?” “No, that time is set in stone. Be there with what we need and if not,” Solo paused, “Well you know what happens then.” Raymond opened his mouth to speak but Solo had already hung up.

<em>The Next Morning . . .</em>

Cairo, Analis, Giselle and Cimberly were in the kitchen making breakfast, singing and dancing. This was their basic morning routine. “So when do we get to see your designs, Ro?” “Probably later today but only if you guys promise to model them for me,” Cairo answered eyeing all of her sisters. “I don’t know why you even ask us. You know you just gonna make us do it anyway,” Giselle answered rolling her eyes playfully. “Hmph, well yeah you’re right. You guys don’t have a choice so after class come straight home so I can re-do you guys’ measurements.”

The doorbell chime was heard clearly in the kitchen moments later. “What time is it?” Analis asked taking out and placing more sausage links and bacon into the frying pan. “Umm 8:45. Who comes to somebody’s house this freaking early,” Giselle complained as she cracked eggs. “I don’t know but whoever isn’t doing anything has to get the door,” Cairo announced stiring the grits. Cim looked up from her phone and sucked her teeth. “It’s not my fault I don’t have to stand over the stove to fix biscuits.” “Quit your complaining and get the door, Cim,” Analis spat. “I’m going, I’m going. Geez.”

Opening the door Cim saw Solo, Zoe, Zae and Rocky standing there with friendly smiles. “Good morning. You guys here to see my dad again?” “Yes we are, Cim.” “Well, come on in. Me and my sisters were fixing breakfast, would you all like some breakfast?” “We could eat,” Solo answered. “Under one condition though,” Cim said stopping them before they entered the kitchen. “And what’s that?” “You can’t be the only one at the table talking. It bothers us when the others don’t talk, makes us uncomfortable,” Cim answered shifting her weight. “I’m sure we could do that for such lovely ladies.” “Good well, come on into the kitchen.” Cim reclaimed her seat at the breakfast bar and the men filled the other seats around her.

“Good morning ladies,” Solo greeted. The singing and laughing stopped the sisters turned around and saw the company who had joined Cim. “Good morning,” Cairo greeted softly as she took the grits off the stove and moved them to the counter. “Hey y’all,” Giselle greeted as she scrambled the eggs. “Good morning,” Analis sung turning her isle off and placing the breakfast meat onto the counter next to the grits. “Beautiful voice.” “Thank you, Solo.”

As Giselle slid the eggs onto the plate Cim walked over and removed the biscuits from the oven.

“We have juice, tea and milk. Which would you all prefer?” Cairo asked moving towards the fridge. “What kind of juice is it?” Zoe asked. “We have orange, apple, grape, white grape, fruit, cranberry, cran-grape and cran-strawberry,” Cairo answered. Zoe’s eyes widened, “Damn, regular ole juice market, huh?” “We all just like different stuff that’s all,” she responded with a light giggle. “I’ll take orange then.”

“Y’all got chocolate milk?” Solo asked with a goofy grin. “We do but you have to ask, Lis.” Solo turned his attention to Analis, “May I please have some of your chocolate milk?” “Hmm, are you going to drink it all and NOT waste it like other people,” she asked pointing that question at Giselle who in turn rolled her eyes. “I’ll drink it all. Promise.” Analis cut her eye over at Cairo and nodded, “He can have some.”

Cairo laughed and looked toward Rocky and Zae, “And y’all?” “Apple juice sound real good to me,” Rocky answered rubbing his head. “How can you drink that crap,” Giselle asked making an ugly face. “There’s nothing wrong apple juice, Giselle.” “It really is. You and Cim are the only two fools that drink that crap. It is disgusting.”

Rocky laughed with Giselle and cut his eyes over to Cim who had approached the island with the plate of biscuits. “You like apple juice. My kind of girl,” Rocky joked winking at her.

Cairo had poured Zoe, Solo and Rocky’s drinks and placed them in front of them then nudged Giselle who went and stood in front of Zae. “Good morning Zae,” she greeted softly. “What’s up Giselle?” “Nothing. Um what you wanna drink?” He licked his lips and leaned up slightly, “Whatever you drinkin is fine.” “Well, Ro, orange juice it is,” Giselle announced happily.

There plates were half way gone when Raymond approached the kitchen. When he had came downstairs he thought that they were late but now he could see why he didn’t know they were there.

Seeing them act with his daughters caught him off guard, if this had been under different circumstances he wouldn’t mind them for his daughters but because they weren’t different he could only feel a pang of protectiveness.

“Good morning, fellas. Would you like to take this into my office?” “We’re all still eating, Pops,” Analis responded sticking a piece of sausage in her mouth. “Analis,” Raymond stated firmly in respond she rolled her eyes and put her eyes on her plate. “That’s quite alright, Analis,” Solo assured “I guess,” she responded dryly. “We all have classes to get ready for anyway,” Cairo chimed in shooing her sisters out of the kitchen in front of her. “After you,” Solo requested after the ladies were gone.

“So, I hope by that bass that I heard in your voice earlier you have our money.” Raymond leaned against his desk; legs crossed the ankle and gripped the sides. “I could say that but I would be lying. I have some money coming in later today and that should be enough.” “No, see apparently you weren’t listening to what I said to you last time I was here. You had three days, we would be back at 9 am end of story. Time’s up, give us our money or we take from you. Simple,” Solo demanded with a smile.

“Daddy, we’re leaving. See you later.”

All the heads whipped around to see Giselle standing with her head poked in the room. “Y’all go put them in the car,” Solo whispered. “Tell her we’re going to take them to class, NOW,” Solo whispered once again looking Raymond in his eyes. “Swee—,” he paused to clear his cracking voice, “Sweetie, they’re gonna take y’all, I have some work to do to you all’s cars. Alright?” “Alright, Daddy. Well y’all hurry up we like to be early,” Giselle joked leaving the room with Zoe, Zae and Rocky behind her.

Once they were gone Solo resumed his conversation, “It’s done. We’re keeping them.” “Until I can get the money?” Solo walked towards the door and shrugged, “Hmm we hadn’t decided yet. We’ll call you with more information. Maybe,” Solo added with a smirk.

“You can’t take my daughters,” Raymond argued weakly.

“Oh but we CAN and we ARE. Now if you don’t mind they like to be early, can’t keep them waiting; now can we?”

After Solo slammed the door, Raymond broke down into tears swearing and screaming not caring who heard. His daughters were all he had and now he had nothing.

aww raymond better get his stuff togeter before it gets real, cuz if they take the daughters....smh
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This reminds me of four brothers.
Gah, they are just a group of
Why did I have a feeling that Solo
would be the smooth talker.
Its probably because hes the pretty
boy of the group.
Oh snap! These niggas are planning
on taking his daughters.

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Solo sexy ass.
God...that man could have my soul with his sweet talking ass.
Anyways, I like this a lot.
It's hood but with a twist.
That's right up my alley.
I like it.
so keep it coming.
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