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L.I.F.E :What You Don't Get To See When The Camera Stops Rolling *New Story*

<em>This Season On L.I.F.E<em>

<strong>"I'm getting sick of all the lies after lies i'm telling you just don't know i think it's time to come clean"<strong>

<em>The camera will be following your favorite celebrities and their family 24/7<em>

<strong>"yeo its a party f*** you sitting over there looking all sad for shawty *takes off his shirt & throws it* ITS A MUTHA f***ING PARTY BOTTLES ON ME!!!"<strong>

<em>we're showing the good the bad the ups and downs<em>

<strong>"get that camera out my face *pushes camera away* i said get the s*** out my mother f***ing face b**** you hard of hearing *runs after camera man*"<strong>

<strong>"i say we handle this b**** she disrespected not only him and herself but you after everything you did for her"<strong>

<strong>"omg are you bleeding ...tell me you didn't do what i think you did"<strong>

<em>there is no censoring or editing we're giving it to you raw and real the people behind all the glam and bling bling<em>

<strong>"girl we going out tonight all of us we're going to live it the f*** up and turn this b**** out"<strong>

<strong>"i just want to leave get out of here im done with the industry all the fame the paparazzi i want it to me just you and me thats it"<strong>

<strong>"*crying*is she okay just tell me shes okay"<strong>

<em> this is L.I.F.E:What You Don't Get To See When The Camera Stops Rolling<em>


Hey what happened to this story?

adding tomorrow so run it


i think ima do one more add then put this story on hold for a week or two cause i need time to figure out my other story & this is taking up that time

Silence please tell them y i am the way i am. Millani do got her reasons y she dont mess wit saditty bitxhs. Run it

Oh hell naw! I never really understood why girl's stuck around after the first hit, like wtf? But alot of people say "because of love" I guess I'll just have to be in love ans experience that s***, because if a nigga lay a hand on me, oh please believe, SOMEBODY walkin' up out this motherf***er dead! And it AIN'T gone be ME!!! lol

But everyone seems cool, I still don't like Durk's b****! And I DON'T like Tyga's b****! Tyga is too damn nice to be treated like that! And they made me laugh when she was like "I'd break that s*** and DARE HER to buy a new one!" Lmaooo you ain't lyin! I would do the same thing!

I'd like to see how this goes. And who the f*** punches who?!

Run it

Tiff girl if we need to whoop's nothing but a word!!
I can already see the division in the house..

Run it!!!

ok wtf is wrong with me? lol if lance actin like that let the sequel be i killed him. lol run this tho

psssh !
Devin asx ugh she better be glad I aint
with her cause sh*t i would have BEEN put my
foot down with her asx

f*ck she think this is


how tf he gon makee her carryy all them damn
poor thing she was scared to let Chris help her
&& i peeped how he raised his voice at her
then gon tryy to cover it up

you aint slick


Sooooo Tiff sweetie Ima need yu to fight back and stop letting
Lance treat yu like that, GROW SOME BACKBONE
I can already see this is goin to be a dysfunctional house
All of the dudes seem to get along tho with the exception of Lance
Anyways RUN IT!!!!

<strong>*Door Opens*<strong>


<strong>Chris:*Yelling*"In the living room"<strong>

<strong>M/v:"come on"*walks to the living room*<strong>

<strong>F/v:*texting*"yeah yeah"*follows him*<strong>

<Strong>Chris:Wats good bro *gives him dap*<strong>

<strong>M/v:"chilling chilling"<strong>

<strong>Kimmie:"Tyga suga"*gives him a hug*<strong>

<strong>Tyga:"hey kimmie"*gives a hug*<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:"you can't say hi now tori"<strong>

<strong> <a href="">Tori</a>:*looks up from her phone*"oh hey"*goes back to texting*<strong>

<em>Kimmie:i swear i can't stand tori for nothing all that girl do is be on her damn phone if i was micheal i would have been broke her s*** and dare her to buy a new one<em>

<strong>Tyga:"so ya'll not gonna introduce me to everyone else here"<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:"This is my girl Daniella,That Durk and his girlfriend Millani,Thats Laith and his girl Marissa and that's Shannon and his wife Heather"<strong>

<strong>*everyone waves,gives hugs,or daps eachother*<strong>

<strong>Tyga:"so everyone got there rooms already?"<strong>

<strong>Shannon:yeah i got mines<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:"I found mines"*winks at Daniella*<strong>

<strong>Tyga:"Oh i guess that means i better go find mines before there nothing good left"<strong>

<strong>Laith:"yup yup"<Strong>

<strong>Tyga:*starts walking towards the stairs but turns back and looks at Tori*"you comming"<strong>

<strong>Tori:*looks up from her phone*"Huh?!?... yeah come on"*follows after him*<Strong>

<em>Daniella:Tyga is cool but Tori is a trip i can't i'd lose it dealing with someone whose into their phone like that *shakes her head*<em>

<strong>Kimmie:"I can't stand that girl" *rolls her eyes*<strong>

<strong>Millani:*smirks*"I like her"<strong>

<strong>Kimmie:*screws up her face and flips her the bird*<strong>

<strong>F/v:"hello hello"*Walks into the living room*<strong>

<strong>Marissa & Daniella:"<a href="">Sheeelllyyy!!!</a>" *gets up and hugs her*<Strong>

<strong>Shelly:"Hey boos"*hugs them back*<strong>

<strong>Marissa:"wait how you know her"<strong>

<strong>Daniella:*smiling*"i met shelly a couple months back in you know her?"<strong>

<strong>Marissa:"we grew up together"<strong>

<strong>Kimmie:"i guess i'm just invisible"*pouts*<strong>

<strong>Shelly:"kimmie pooh"*gives her a hug and kisses*<strong>

<em>Millani:*rolls her eyes and pretends to shoot her self with her fingers*<em>

<em>Heather:i guess shelly is cool i mean if the other girls can get along with her then so can i.only ones i'm not feeling to well is that Millani and Tori chicks *shakes her head*<em>

<strong>Laith:"Wheres my bro sean"<strong>

<strong>Shelly:"i didnt even see you over there latih but he comming he out there trying to carry all them bags i offered to help him but he said he got it"<strong>

<strong>*Big sean comes in panting and sweating*<strong>

<strong>Sean:"hey ...ya'll"<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:*laughs*"damn bro do you want some help"<strong>

<strong>Sean:"yes please"*grabs some bags and heads for the stairs*<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:*grabs the rest and follows him*<strong>

<strong>*cole comes in*<strong>

<strong>Cole:"wassup wassup"*puts his bags down*<strong>

<strong>Kimmie:"colllleeyyyy"*hugs him*<strong>

<em>Kimmie:before the rumors start me and jermaine are best friends been best friends since 3rd grade his the reason i met chris.<em>

<Strong>Cole:*gives her a hug back*"hey kimmie...sup chris"<strong>


<strong>kimmie:"wheres <a href="">devin</a>"<strong>

<strong>Devin:"right here"*gives kimmie a hug*<strong>

<strong>Kimmie:*fake laughs and pulls away*<strong>

<em>Kimmie:no i dont really like the girl she too weird for me always f***ing happy who the hell is always happy?!?!<em>

<strong>Devin:"so whose is everyone"*smiles widely*<strong>

<strong>Chris:*introduces everyone*<strong>

<strong>*Tyga,Tori,Tremaine,and Sean come back down stairs<strong>

<strong>Cole:"sup bro-skis"*gives sean tyga and tremaine dap*<strong>

<strong>Tyga:"you came just in time theres only two rooms left and only one of them looks decent and i say this only cause mines is the s***"<strong>

<strong>Sean:"couldn't be better then mines but your intittled to your opinion even if its wrong"*chuckles*<strong>

<strong>Cole:"well i guess thats my cue back babes *pecks devin's lips,grabs the bags and walks upstairs*<strong>

<strong>*Lance walks in*<strong>



<em>Heather:i heard about this dude he supposedly a women beater *shakes her head* ima watch my back around that one<em>

<strong>Lance:"are all the rooms taken"<strong>

<strong>Durk:"nah my man there should be one left"<strong>

<strong>Lance:*nods*"cool"*walks upstairs*<strong>

<strong>Daniella:*whispers*Wheres his wife<strong>

<strong>Shelly:*whispers back*"he probably chopped her up on his way here"<strong>

<strong>*they burst out laughing causing everyone to look at them*<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:"i wanna know whats so funny"<strong>


<strong>Daniella:"later babes"<strong>

<strong>*<a href=">Tiffany</a> walks in carrying all the bags*<strong>

<strong>Heather:"hey you need some help"<strong>

<strong>Tiffany:*looks up the stairs and shakes her head no*<strong>

<strong>Laith:"you sure"*raises his eyebrow*<strong>

<strong>Tiffany:*Nods yes*<strong>

<em>Millani:Oh hell this b**** is mute *smacks her self in the forehead*<em>

<strong>Chris:*grabs some of the bags* "come on let me help you i insist"<strong>

<strong>Tiffany:*backs away looking frighten shaking her head no*<strong>

<strong>Lance:*comes half way down the stairs*"is there a problem?"<strong>

<strong>Chris:*raises his eyebrow*"Nah...i just was telling her i inisit on helping her with the bags"<strong>

<strong>Kimmie:*under her breath*"something he should be doing his damn self"<strong>

<strong>Lance:*yelling a little bit*Well what the hell is wrong with you *goes back to talking normally* "if the man insists let him help come on"*grabs one little bag and walks back up the stairs*<strong>

<Strong>Tiffany:*puts her head down and follows*<strong>

<strong>Chris:*looks at everyone like "what the f***" and follows them*<strong>

<strong>NEXT TIME ON L.I.F.E:



"YOU f***ING b**** *THROWS A PUNCH*"<strong>

!!! run it !!!


adding tomorrow morning run it thou

This b**** with this nasty ass attitude tho!!!!! b**** get yo s*** together boo! Before somebody drop kick ya ass! I love the way Chris got her s*** straight off jump! Don't look at his girl any kind of way!

Run it

Ok that interview was INTENSE for me lol
sean and lil durk whats up with those two and his girl is RATCHETTT lol
but anyway I really like these characters glad yu gave me a part :)
OMG Milani is gonna get on EVERYBODY nerves I can already see it
on the plus side every bodies outfit was cute!! Girl Yu got my style
down to a tea I really would wear something like that



Omg Sorry I'm late dont write me out *goes to read posts*

why millani so ghetto n rude tho? lol i dnt even wanna know wat she'll say to me lol run it

Run it

That durk chick need to fix her attitude quick. I don't have any problems wiyh her yet becausr she aint met me. I like how chris took up for his woman. The guys seem to all be on the same page so far.


ok so far this good but i dnt like ol girl attitude she betta chill for one of them girls get to beatn on her ass lol wen you first meetn sumone you dnt cum off like that you askn for a ass whoopn smh run it

i see a damn asx whoooping in Millani
likee how tf you gon start with
EVERY femalee tht walk in the damn house

i likee how Daniella got her asx
lol she aint havee sh*t to sayy after tht

the guyss seem to get along though
which is always good. !

thts right boo
stand up for yo woman
tf she thought she was !

Laith . . nigga shut up
&& caarryy them damn bags

ummmmm where the woman beater at????


Lol yeah Millani they may go ape sh*t on you!! Pahahaha I kinda liked the Barbie heels O.o...everybody seems cool so far for the most part...

I think they gona jump me lol. Watch how i change up on them . Run it. Our room the best

<strong>Episode o02. First Impressions<strong>

Author's Note: POV will be written <em>like this<em>


what they are actually saying will be written <strong>like this<strong>

<em>Millani:Me and Durk were the 1st one to pull up to this bomb ass <a href="*/NinaMansion.png">place</a>.I'm telling you I'm so glad just to get away but let one of this snooty ass b****es try me....Ima go BANKHEAD on em.<em>

<strong>*walks inside*
Millani:"Ohh Babe its made nice in hurrr omg"<strong>

<em>Durk:I know what everyone thinking Millani can be a bit.......ghetto but I love her<em>

<strong>Durk:yeah babe its cool...come on lets go claim a room before everyone else get here<strong>

<strong>Millani:i already know which one i want *runs up the stairs*<strong>

<strong>Durk:*shakes his head and follows her*<strong>

<strong>Millani:see babe this one right hurr isnt it <a href="">pretty</a> <strong>

<strong>Durk:*smiles* hell yeah i can't front this is nice<strong>

<strong>F/v:Hello hello anyone else here?!?<strong>

<strong>Millani:*rolls her eyes* so much for a little time together<strong>

<strong>Durk:babe be nice come on lets go see who it is *grabs her hand and walks downstairs*<strong>

<strong>F/v:*walks up to durk and shakes his hand* hi i'm Marissa<strong>

<strong>Durk:Hi i'm durk and this is my girl friend Millani<strong>

<strong>Millani:*looks at marissa and rolls her eyes then waves*<strong>

<em>Marissa:O' i can tell already i'm have to break my foot off in this b**** ass she too damn rude.gonna have the nerve to stand there and roll them stank ass eyes at me while she got on some cheap looking <a href="">s***</a> <em>

<em>Millani:that b**** just look snooty so i axed that ass before she thought she had a chance.f*** ya'll thought this was<em>

<strong>M/v:damn you couldn't help me with the bags<strong>

<strong>Marissa:stop complaining you got it<strong>

<strong>M/v:*drops the bags at the foot of the stairs breathing heavy*<strong>

<strong>Marissa:and this is my boyfriend Laith<strong>

<strong>Laith:wassup *gives durk dap*<strong>

<strong>Laith:who is she *pointing to millani*<strong>

<strong>Durk:thats me,thats my girlfriend Millani<strong>

<strong>Millani:Hello *shakes laith's hand*<strong>

<strong>Marissa:*screws up her face*<strong>

<strong>Laith:well i'm go check out the rooms *picks up the bags and walks up the stairs*<strong>

<strong>Marissa:Pick something nice<strong>

<em>Door opens and in walks Kimmie and Chris<em>

<strong>Kimmie:Hello *waves*<strong>

<strong>Marissa & Durk:Hi<strong>


<strong>Chris:*rasies his eyebrow*Is there a problem<strong>

<strong>Millani:*rolls her eyes and walks away*<strong>

<em>Chris:I know but i don't let anyone disrespect my lady especially someone looking the way she do<em>

<strong>Durk:i'm sorry please excuse my girlfriend Millani,My name is Durk<strong>

<strong>Chris:I'm chris and this is my fiancee Kimmie<strong>

<strong>Marissa:I'm Marissa and my boyfriend Laith is upstairs at the moment trying to find a room<strong>

<strong>Chris:well i may as well go and join him*walks up the stairs*<strong>

<strong>Durk:*follows after chris*<strong>

<strong>Kimmie:O girl i like your <a href="">outfit</a> its cute<strong>

<strong>Marissa:thanks i like <a href="">yours</a> as well<strong>

<em>Kimmie: normally i don't complement other females but when someone looks good i have to BUT that other girl oh hell no i mean really ?!? she had shoes that said "barbie" *scoff* you cant be serious<em>


<em>Daniella:im nervous as hell walking into this house girls for some reason never really seem to like me<em>

<strong>Tremaine:you ready *holds out his hand*<strong>

<strong>Daniella:*nods yes &grabs his hands*<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:*opens the door* Hey hey hey<strong>

<strong>Kimmie:*turns around and gives him a hug*Hey trey<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:hey *hugs her back*<strong>

<strong>Chris,Laith,& Durk:*comes back down stairs*<strong>

<Strong>Chris:Whats good bro*gives trey dap*<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:Just chillin<strong>

<strong>Durk:Sup man i'm durk and thats my girl Millani<strong>

<strong>Marissa:and i'm marissa and thats laith<strong>

<strong>Tremaine:*nods to them all*Hey.This is my girl Daniella<strong>

<strong>Daniella:*waves & Smiles*<strong>

<strong>Chris:aww shucks so your the one who got this niggah to finally settle down<strong>

<strong>Daniella:*shrugs* i guess *smiles*<strong>

<em>Kimmie:i like daniella so far she seems like a sweet nice girl.<em>

<strong>Millani:wassup with your outfit *smirks*<strong>

<strong>Daniella:what do you mean *looks down at what she's <a href="">wearing*</a> <strong>

<strong>Millani:you look like your in mourning *laughs*<strong>

<strong>Durk:*shakes his head*<strong>

<strong>Daniella:*rolls her eyes*yeah n mourning for those shoes.s***s look like they on their last breath *walks away*<strong>

<strong>Marissa & Kimmie:*laughs*<strong>

<strong>Laith:why don't we all just go sit in the living room till everyone else shows up<strong>

<strong>marissa:did you get a nice room<strong>

<strong>Laith:yeah our <a href="">room</a> is good<strong>

<strong>Chris:i think <a href="">mines</a> is better*laughs*<strong>

<strong>Door opens and in walks Heather & Shannon<strong>

<strong>Shannon:hey i'm shannon and this is my wife Heather<strong>

<strong>Heather:Hi *smiles*<strong>

<em>Millani:omg if one more snooty ass b**** walk in this door i quit.<em>

<strong>Daniella:girl i am loving your <a href="">outfit</a> by the way i'm daniella<strong>


<strong>tremaine:we were just headed to the living room to sit and talk till everyone else showed up<strong>

<strong>Shannon:oh heather go head and follow them ima put our stuff down in a room<strong>


<strong>Tremaine:hold up man i still have yet to get a room my self <strong>

<strong>Shannon & Trey goes upstairs as everyone else goes into the living room<strong>


sorry but i am just straight tired of writing for the day i'll continue this tomorrow morning in the meantime run it...

I Can't wait

i think ima start on another add for tonight
bare with me im writing off the top of my dome piece

lol @ on the scrappy n erica comment..soo tru.

lance is not a woman beater i dnt play dat. lol but im on my phone so i wont comment long but run this

Omg im ghetto af lmao
I dont have to b famous but can i b darker. Not ugly dark but darker. If not im fine with who i am good adds tho run it

I'm on my phone so this is going to be short

I like everyone, everyone seems nice, lil Durk and his "girl" seem Like the Scrappy and Erica type lol and Tyga girl better watch her damn MOUTH towards him!!! Mean ass!!

Run it