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`Black Pyramid: The Kill. [Chap. 16]


They all sat in <a href="">his</a> living room having drinks and basically destroying his parents home. His name was Zamir and he really didn't have one ounce of care in the world right now. He and his friends were fresh out of high school. It was summer and they were bored. College didn't start 'til fall for them. They wanted to get all of their laziness out of the way so when college did come, they could study, and party all the time they wanted. Zamir had a great idea. "I'm bored as f*** and I know y'all are too. We should start our own group or movement... Like we can do big things and bad things.... But once you are in.... You CANNOT get out," Zamir stated with a dark grin. Everyone laughed and became excited. "Sounds... really bad. Yeah right," <a href="">She</a> teased. She continued, "Kinda sounds stupid." "Actually Bree... It kinda sounds fun," <a href="">She</a> interjected, while putting her hand on her thigh. Zamir smirked, "Thank you Nani. Bree is so damn judgmental. I have the perfect name for her. Anybody else think this sh*t is whack?" Zamir stood up and awaited everyone else response. He wasn't letting this idea slip away. It was too perfect to him and he every right to want to somehow take over the world as crazy as that sounds, but that was just Zamir being Zamir.

<a href="">He</a> chugged his beer and retorted, "The sh*t sounds kinda crazy but that's Zay for your ass. Sh*t. Let's take over the world! Why not!" "Sh*t... I'm in... We gon' be bored all gotdamn summer so might as well make this sh*t useful!" <a href="">She</a> butt in. "So Josh and Soso in.... Come on X. Don't let Bree control your life," Zamir remarked with a chuckle. <a href="">Xavier</a> instantly inhaled the smoke from his blunt and then blew right back into the air and twisted his face into disgust almost, "Bree ass DON'T run sh*t around here. So watch yo f*cking mouth nigga... I don't know where you getting your information from, but she don't run sh*t here. And sh*t sounds straight. We can throw a big ASS PARTY with plenty of B*TCHES!" Xavier continued puffing his blunt and made sure he looked at Bree as he spat his last words. Zamir laughed because he knew how to get Xavier out of his zone. Just tell him that his girlfriend Bree was controlling him and he would flip the f*ck out... If he didn't have that blunt on his mind, he would've said way more. This also pissed Bree off.

The night was soon approaching and he finally went around the room until everyone was in agreement. Zamir now spoke over everybody as if he was a teacher or lecturer, "Okay everybody... Now we all wonder who the hell we would be in our past lives. And if you hadn't, I'm going to announce to you all right now who I pictured you to be based on your personality. I'm talking about Egyptian gods and goddesses. I'm going to go around the room and give each and one of you names. This s*** will be very fun and X we can even do parties and all that s*** you saying. But think of this as a sisterhood and brotherhood. Everyone in this room is in <em>Black Pyramid</em> to stay. s***, think of us as the black illuminati." Zamir laughed and continued, while giving everyone the same amount of eye contact, "No one will EVER f*ck with our family. Now remember that. We will be so big that people will want to join but they do not know how powerful we will become. Summer WILL BE OURS! We will conquer every damn party, every function, every room, and etc. B*tches we our the <em> Black Pyramid</em>."

Bree rolled her eyes and laughed, "Nigga really? What's with all the dramatics?" "Well, I like everything to be dramatic... But let's start now. <a href="">Keria</a> you are Hathor, the mother of goddesses. You are the protectress of all women and basically the goddess of happiness and joy, music, dance, beauty, and etc." Keria smiled, "I love it already." Zamir laughed and winked at Keria, "Good." He then continued, "<a href="">Ana</a> you are Bast, the goddess of fire, the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, jokes, intuition, healing, and generosity. Now onto my baby and woman. <a href="">Dany</a> you are Nephthys, the 'Revealer.' You represent life and death, peace, darkness, protection, and dreams."

"Wait, why the f*ck I gotta be dark? I am NOT dark," Dany pouted, causing Zamir to laugh. "Baby, you'll see in a minute... Chill. Soso you are Neith, the 'Huntress' and goddess of war and hunt. You are the protectress of women and marriage and the mother of the gods. X you are Thoth, the 'Lord of Books and Learning and the judge of the gods. You also have two wives... Actually about three so this sh*t fits you perfectly. Bree your ass is Maat, the goddess of truth, right, justice, judgment, law, and reincarnation. And conveniently you are one of the wives of Thoth so the perfect match." Bree shook her head as Xavier laughed. "Nani you are Isis, the 'Supreme Egyptian Goddess.' You are goddess of motherhood, childbirth, fertility, initiation, success, womanhood, the arts, protection, and advice. Josh you are Ptah, the husband of Bast. You are also the 'Father of Beginnings.' You are the god of life, the arts, and miracles. I--" "How the hell do you know all of these things Zay?" Ana questioned.

"Exactly... Like what class was you in? Because I don't remember none of this sh*t in Mr. Cunningham class!" Bree exclaimed. "I do my research and I love Egyptian deities. It's very interesting," Zamir explained. "And who will you be?" Nani inquired, playing with her fingernails. Zamir smiled widely, "Seth, the god of the underworld. I am also the God of destruction and revenge. There is a lot more s*** y'all represent but y'all gotta research that information on your own to see what this group will represent as a whole... We are family... Oh and Dany, I am your husband so that's why I chose that for you baby. If there are any questions.... Please research on your own damn time!" Everyone continued drinking and eating as Zamir thought up of ways to get people on board... This was going to be the best summer... Or so everyone thought.


UHM that was some real truth or dare right chea!
ooooh bree and nanaaaaaaa! ya'll is some nasties!
Goddamn josh ate ana out was close to eating me
getting them damn skittles off of me! LAWD JEBUS
I couldn't handle it! Josh is too fckng much man
ionno how ana handle all of him! but whew bree
had to get that whip cream off of zay lucky ass
bish! everybody else got the good sht! even Nani
who got a three way kiss with rose and zay lol
eye es mod! but ha ha ha nani licked keria nsht
made her feel super uncomfortableeeee thas what
tf she get her weak pussy ass ain't wanna do sht!
but like i can fckn talk though...
bree gave x head? smh on x doubting that bree
don't know how to work that thang. he better quit
bree done learned from somebody! and she was giving
out lap dances...bree you better werk!
lmaooo keria thought...he was bouta ask bout his dihh
lol SHE KNOW SHE WANT IT! but knowin how zay is he be
making me feel uncomfortable too at times however since
its not me sht is too funny he play too got damn much
but i love that nigga even though he pushed my ass in
the pool! punk ass...
YAS get Rose Nani & Dany fck that btch UP please and
i hope you okay bree *snickers* but you tripping mean
that's God telling you that Rose gon' learn today!


nani don't even lol


And Bree what's my BP name???
I forgeted

Eyeing me like a b i t c h don't exist

Bree know she want me idk why she flexing
Must be scared my nigga X gon whoop her asx

Umm I hate Soso -__-
Why tf she had to pick Rose asx
Idk where her mf'in mouth been
And Zay nasty wierd asx ugh

Keria acting like she aint like it
Lol her and Bree putting on!

X was nervous af but it look like Bree did that s*** before lol
And why the hell Ana asx had to get all the way nude
Don't nobody wanna see that s*** lol
Umm Zay && Bree . . . Idk what to say
They just . . . , did the most lol

Zay better watch how he talk to round too
You can't get ya block knocked too nigga
*thuggie voice*

See Keria just need to stab his asx
Nah , . . . Just put lil tiny cuts on his asx
Then push him in some salty asx lemon water bet his asx leave her along after that

YES! Thank you Jebus!!.,
That b**** finally getting what she deserve
And if Zay and Bree get mad Idc I'm satisfied and happy with myself lol
I'm sure Dany is too

Buuuuuut . . . . WAIT !
That's b i t c h said we had ugly kneecaps !
Lmao,! No hoe my kneecaps are sexy!


I need to work on chapter 20 lol.

I'm not feeling the way Zay talk to Dany he bein extra disrespectful and I'm just waiting on his a** to cheat on her ause I feel it coming...Bree too f***ing friendly man Rose getting wtf her aggravating a** deserve cause she working my nerves too

Okay okay! This chapter had me weaker than a mother. Bree was seriously tryna get that pussy licked by Nani again. She know damn well she wanted a round two at that s***. This game of truth or dare was intense as f***! I dont even know where to start. I cant with Ana and Josh! They said it was like sticking a cucumber in a mouse hole. Haha, they some true freaks. Ana know she was a little jealous with Josh having to eat Soso's skittles. Lmao, Soso was enjoying that s***. You know damn well she was. Haha. Why is Keria being a little chicken tho? She know she like Nani licking her up. Haha. I was weak at Zay pointing at himself. Nigga sit down somewhere. They should have had all the guys pull out their d***s so she could have chose. Haha. Nani knows she kinda liked that kiss between her, Rose and Zay. she need to quit playing. Yay! Dany finally got some Xavier. Zay was doing the most with Bree, damn right I was gunna pour water. I mean that is my f***ing fiance. If i knew s*** was gunna go down like that I would have just f***ed Xavier. Josh just dived right into that pussy just like Bree did with Xavier. He was scared that she couldnt give neck. Haha. We were all just cheating on eachother tonight huh? That s*** seemed mad fun tho. Why did this nigga come in hella weird to Keria's room tho? Why you tryna let your little friend play peek a boo with Keria? She obviously dont want it. Zay do be making sexual puns towards Keria tho. He is just soo damn awkward and weird in a sexy ass way. Damn, Nani is gunna go in for sure. This s*** is gunna be raw. Zay better not jump in. I will hurt him if he does. Bree, thats what happens when you try to save triflingb****es like Rose.

Run it


Zay is my favorite character. X is 2nd. Then Josh.

her room *

ouch! That lip that lip lol damn

Man my sister had to literally tell me to quiet down cause i was laughing so much at this chapter!
It was funny as f***!
Everybody girl/man was just cheating like f*** lol
but its all good
im glad everyone had fun!

Dany was not having that s*** lol
cause I would have done the same thing cause that s*** with Bree and Zay did get a lil carried away
Almost had me thinking that they both couldn't wait to do that
Bree sucked X d*** for the first time
woah man lol *chris brown voice*

Keria went in on Rose
but nani actually getting what she finally wanted lol
It seems like the story is really really beginning now
and its a chapter away from being over
unless you do more *shrugs* who knows!

That truth or dare game overall was very entertaining
and funny as f***
I died at Zay pointing at himself trynna get Keria to say he had the biggest d***
That nigga there is so f***ing funny and weird!
Lol Josh is funny I like him n I didn't know he was trey songz at first so I like him frfr now lol
Him and Ana are funny
he ate the s*** out that skittle tho!
Soso was acting like Kevin Hart when he said the little girls be like "Ewwwwww" lol I know she didn't say dat but thats just what I pictured in my head lol.

I laughed at this nigga Zay say "Crawl to me and give me eye contact" lol I was like "WHAT?" lol lol he so extra and gotta be different lol
That s*** was funny!
X cool af I like him too SOOOOOOOOO glad he stopped dealing cause that wasnt a good look for him!
Did I compliment that red suit tho? WORK IT lol *went back a few chapters* lol anyway..

Nani & Keria had me looking like this O_O
lol hell YEA drink them mothaf***ing drinks lol
before that lol foreal lol
................ awkward lol
Glad it wasn't rose that b**** would have gotten knocked the f*** out! Real s***
and I would have quit foreal foreal like soso
Couldn't have paid me for that b**** to do nothing!
Lol at Keria eliminating herself when Zay GAVE HIMSELF A DARE #EXTRA lol he do the most lol he so funny!!

Oh Zay.... smh smh smh!
When I tell you that I was loud as f*** laughing my as off. I was literally "lmao" when he came into his room

1st off- this nigga sat on the bed with his legs wide open! That was a wtf moment. And didn't care about her sheets getting wet

2nd- he didn't even WAIT for her to open the door lol

3rd- these questions lol really?

4th- LMAO this nigga put his leg up LMAO LMAO LMAO to make sure his little friend was saying "hello" smh smh

5th- he said i just have "two" more questions but I THINK he asked 3 more im not sure but he just so difficult a normal person would have said "I just have a few more questions" this nigga said 2

I was just weak off this whole damn chapter! One of my favorites! It just had me all the way entertained and thats amazing to be entertained through writing!
I hope nani beats Rose ass and Zay will fall on his ass as well so he won't be able to stop it cause I know X will watch lmao
he don't give a f*** bout that b**** lol just like everyone else!

Zay is something else... i.m.h lol!
run it

Umm. Comment? Yes. Okay. Thanks.

*jumps arnd in circles*

Yay! Yay! Yay!

<em>Chapter Nineteen</em>

The group awaited Bree's answer. She broke the silence and laughed, "No. I tried it once so I'm content with that. It was fun though. She definitely made me forget X and my damn name! But nah. Now if she wanna eat me right now, I'm not gon' stop her." "Nigga, you wish. I'm not eating nothing," Nani laughed. Breana smacked her lips and giggled, "Anyway. Josh it's your turn. Truth or dare?" "I'mma play it safe like yo ass. So, truth," Josh chuckled and drunk his drink. 

"Have you ever came quick f*cking Ana?" Bree questioned. Ana spilled her drink, "Hmmm." Josh laughed, "I ain't gotta hide nothing. But yes. It was the first time we had sex. She was pretty tight and I hadn't had sex in about 6 months prior to that." "So her kitty tighter than an Asian virgin? I heard Asian people pussy be super tight," Bree joked. "It was like getting a cucumber into a mouse hole... But we made it happen," Ana informed. "A mouse hole?" Nani laughed. "Just think about how small a damn mouse hole is... Think about Tom and Jerry. Jerry's house was small as f*ck," Soso butted in. 

Bree laughed hysterically, "Y'all stupid." Dany shook her head, "Who's next?" "Let's just write everybody's name on a slip of paper and place it in a bag. And choose that way. If your name pops up twice or however many times, you have to go again," Zay suggested. "Good idea and after this, we not playing it safe. Y'all gotta do the dare no matter how sexual it is or crazy it may be. And if you choose Truth, I'mma ask you some personal ass questions and bold questions so either way, you gon' open the f*ck up tonight," Josh laughed as he ripped up paper and wrote everyone's name down. 

He folded the paper and then placed them into a paper bag. He shook them up twice and then picked one. He read it, "Keria. Truth or dare." "Truth of course," Keria laughed. "Alright. Out of us 3 niggas in here, who d*ck you think is the biggest?" Josh inquired. Keria laughed again, "Ummm... Really? I don't know." "Foul! She can't say she don't know! She gotta answer!" Rose shouted. "B*tch, shut yo pimple lip ass up. Who asked you?" Keria snapped suddenly. "Damnnnnn!" Nani teased and laughed. "Stay near the cross Keria. Stay near it," Bree laughed. 

"I'm trying to man... I really am," Keria shook her head. "Keke  don't be like that. I love you," Rosemarie puckered her lips. "Don't call me that sh*t. And how the f*ck you love me? You don't know me. You do that fake ass sh*t with Bree and Zay. Don't do that with me. Ugh, somebody else go before I say something bad," Keria rolled her eyes. "Hold ON nie! Slow yo role babe. Lil' K, you went too far. Bree is not in this. She don't do sh*t with me," Bree laughed, but was serious. "Am I lying? Fake ass friendship y'all got! Now YOU come on BABE. Be for real," Keria spat. "B*tch, lower your tone. I don't like it," Bree roared playfully. 

"B*tch, who you supposed to be? I'm not lowering SH*T," Keria spat louder. "Keep Zay name out yo mouth lil' girl!" Zay yelled to Keria. "Boy please. F*ck out of here. What the f*ck is a Zay? I don't even know what that is," Keria remarked. "This ho mouth running too wild Zay. I know how to shut this ho up," Bree playfully spat and got in Keria face. "Shut that mouth up then!" Zay ordered as he chuckled. "Get out my face Bree," Keria warned. 

"Whoop my ass and make me! How my breath smell ho? Fruity right? I know! I just got through eating some candy!" Keria wrapped her arms around Breana's neck and choked her playfully, "What's that sh*t you was talking?" "Choke me harder ho! I like it rough!" Bree laughed. Keria let go of Bree's neck and laughed, "Get the f*ck away from me." "Keria answer the question instead of turning Bree on," Ana intervened. "What question?" Keria asked. 

"Now she wanna play dumb! You heard exactly what the question was. Flexin' ass females these days," Zamir blabbed. "Dany, if you love your nigga, you better get him 'cuz I'mma knock his bright red ass out!" Keria growled. "Be my guest. Might join yo ass," Dany gave her permission. "Shut up! You ain't gon' do sh*t!" Zay barked. "How we get off subject?" Rose giggled.

Bree mushed her head, "Your stupid ass!" Rose pushed her, "Nah, it was you b*tch." "Anyway, Keria. Which one of us here do you think has the biggest d*ck?" Josh asked again. Zay mouthed to Keria and pointed to himself, "Me!" Keria rolled her eyes playfully and then responded, "Josh... I guess." "Good answer. It's true," Ana claimed. "TMI! Next person!" Nani spat. "X got some good ass d*ck too so I vote him. F*ck you mean!" Bree yelled. "Better let them know!" X chuckled. "Zay gets on my f*cking nerves but he got a mean ass long stroke," Dany spoke up. Zay smirked, "Damn right. That kitty be wetting up my whole stomach when I'm in it." "Ewwwww," Nani teased. 

"Don't hate," Dany replied. "Josh, ain't it's your turn? Truth or dare?" Keria inquired, changing the subject. "Dare," Josh answered. "I dare you to place any type of candy or food into Soso's lap and eat it off without using hands," Keria dared. "Keria, I'mma slap you. Thought you was my homie," Ana joked. Keria laughed, "Sorry Ana. Your man made the rules of the game, not me." "Oh Lord," Soso shook her head. "Give him something small as hell to eat," Bree laughed. "I got some candy. Here," Keria handed him some Skittles. 

"Really guys?" Ana questioned, causing Bree to laugh. "Aww Annie," Nani joked. "Suck it up Ana! Yo man gotta participate!" Dany spat. "Soso you better not enjoy it!" Ana pouted. "I won't Ana," Soso promised. "Babe, chill. It's gon' be alright," Josh cooed to Ana. He then grabbed the Skittles and poured them into Sofia's lap. Soso tried to think about something else as Josh ate the candy off her lap. She got nervous when some of the candy fell by her cooch. Joshua carefully ate the rest of the candy off her vagina, "All done. I lick the plate clean." "Get yo freaky, plate licking ass on somewhere nigga," Xavier joked. "Nigga, you just better hope I don't get dared to do anything to  yo gal," Josh joked back. 

"Don't die tonight Josh," Xavier threatened playfully. "Tell him again X!" Ana hollered. Joshua chuckled loudly, "Soso, it's yo turn to pick out the bag baby." Sofia shook the bag and read it, "Nani. Truth or dare?" "Dare," Nani responded. "Hmmm... I dare you to have a 3-way kiss with Rose and Zay for 30 seconds," Soso smirked with vengeance. "Hell Naw! Let me get Bree and Ana," Nani folded her arms. "Nope. You use to kissing them. Gotta kiss new people! So Zay and Rose it is!" Soso shouted. "No! Ugh!" Nani whined and kicked her legs. 

"What's wrong with kissing me?" Zay questioned. "You're weird!" Nani hollered. "Nani, stop being a damn baby! And just do it!" Bree gritted through her teeth. "The longer you take, the longer the kiss will be. If you don't kiss them in 10 seconds, I'mma add another 30 seconds onto the kiss," Soso announced. "Ughhh!" Nani whined again. Nani grabbed Zay and Rose. They all started to make out with each other for 30 seconds. Nallely thought it was the longest 30 seconds ever. 

She immediately went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She then gargled with mouthwash. After that, she came back into the living room. "My damn turn to pick!" Nani shook the bag. She then read a name, "....Rose. Ugh. Pick." "I choose dare," Rose smiled. "I dare you to go away forever and jump off a bridge," Nani sneered. Dany giggled loudly, "I second that." "As good as that sounds, it has to be a sex dare Nani," Josh laughed. Bree rolled her eyes at Nani, "Choose another f*cking dare!" "Hold on nigga. Watch where you rolling your eyes. But I dare you to pour honey or chocolate onto your stomach and let Soso lick it off!" Nani yelled. "Hell Naw! I quit!" Soso roared. "You can't quit Soso! That's bullsh*t!" Zay snapped. "Shiiit. Watch me," Soso asserted. "Man Naw! If I did it, you gotta do it!" Nallely verbalized. 

"Pshh... I quit. Like I said," Soso frowned. "Ugh! Quitter! Pick someone else Nani," Zay exclaimed. Nani shook the bag again and read a different name, "Bree. Truth or dare?" "Dare mane!" Bree laughed. "I dare you to choose a person and give them a lap dance in only your panties and bra. You can't choose X," Nani instructed. "Hell naw! Time out!" Xavier roared. "Time out my ass nigga," Nani laughed. "X hush. Can I pick Ana AND Josh?" Bree questioned. "If you want to. That's up to you," Nani stated. "Turn on some music!" Bree started shedding out of her clothes. 

Zay turned on some music. Bree slowly walked over to Josh and Ana, while laughing. "Sit close together so I can dance in both of your lap," She directed. Joshua and Anastasia sat as close as possible. Bree climbed onto both of their legs. She did a split, now placing her legs onto them. She popped to the beat of the music. "Whew! Free lap dance!" Ana shouted and grabbed onto Bree's hips. Josh smacked her ass as she danced onto them. Bree winded her hips and bounced her ass faster. 

"Song's over," Xavier cut the song off quickly. "Jealous ass nigga," Bree hopped off their laps. "You better act like you know who the f*ck I am slut," Xavier popped off. "Trick ass nigga!" Bree spat back. "Pick a name now Bree," Zay demanded. Bree shook the bag and read it, "Dany. Truth or dare?" "Dare," Dany replied. "I dare you to grab some ice, choose a person and kiss them until the ice melts in your mouths. Can't choose Zay," Bree dared. "I choose X then," Dany uttered. Dany grabbed a tray of ice cubes from the kitchen and placed the ice cube between their lips. They both made out with each other until the ice cube finally melted. Dany grabbed the bag and shook it up. She then read it, "Zay. Your turn. Truth or dare?" "Dare," Zay bit his lips. 

"Hmmm... I can't think of a dare. Sh*t!" Dany interjected, trying to think. "Well, I'll make up my own. Someone has to lick whip cream from my abs to my mouth. And then they must suck the whip cream out of my mouth," Zay suggested. "You can't choose Rose," Dany enforced. "Keria either sh*t," Keria eliminated his options. "Just for saying something, I should choose you. But I choose Bree since Dany chose X," Zay remarked. Bree got the whip cream from the kitchen and came back.

"Get on your knees and crawl to me. Make sure you give me eye contact," Zay guided her. "Really nigga?" Bree stared at him. "Yes," He answered. Bree rolled her eyes playfully and then got onto her knees and crawled to him as she stared at him intensely. Zamir sprayed the whip cream onto his abs and then on to his next. He then sprayed it on his lips and tongue. Bree continued crawling to him until she reached him. She now positioned herself onto her knees. 

"Look me into my eyes while you do it," He demanded. Breana stared into his eyes as she licked the whip cream off of his abs and then got up and traced her tongue up to his neck. She sucked on his neck for a minute. Next, she bit his chin and licked up to his lip. She flicked her tongue onto his lip and licked the whip cream off of it. Breana then kissed Zamir intensely and slurped the whip cream out of his mouth. He grabbed onto her ass firmly and smacked her cheeks roughly, making them sound off. She made out with him as he picked her up and slammed against the wall. They made out for a minute. After Zay had enough of the wall, he placed her on the table and kissed her deeper. Dany soon got up and went to the kitchen. She found an empty bucket under the kitchen sink. 

She filled it up with ice and water. She then came back and poured it on both of them, causing Bree to scream from the coldness of the ice. "The f*ck?" Zay spat at Dany. "Y'all little make-out session lasted longer than 30 seconds. Had to cut that sh*t short!" Dany yelled. "I was JUST about to yank Bree's weave out her damn head before you did that Dany," X chimed in. "You stupid b*tch! That sh*t was cold as f*ck!" Bree pushed Dany roughly. 

"That was the point b*tch!" Dany yelled. "F*ck!" Zay shook the water off him. Bree caught her breath and waited for her body to unthaw. Zamir shook the bag and chose a name, "Bree. Truth or dare?" "Dare," Bree responded. "I dare you to give someone in this room head... In front of all of us," Zay dared. "X of course," Bree stated as she crawled to X. "Wait... Bree," X called out. He was nervous because she never gave him head before and didn't want her to embarrass herself in front of everybody. 

"Wait nothing dad... Let me suck this d*ck," Bree cooed to him sexually. Breana pulled his d*ck out and went to work. "Go Bree!" Nani cheered her on. The maids walked in, but no one gave a f*ck. The maids soon scattered away, while the rest of the members watched. Breana slurped, deep-throated, and other tricks that blew Xavier away and had him push her head away plenty of times. He couldn't believe it. Bree continued until he splashed into her mouth. She swallowed all of it and smacked his d*ck onto her face, "Mmmm..." "You nasty b*tch you," Xavier bit his lip.

Bree laughed, "Yes sir." "Eww, you nasty," Rosemarie taunted. "Sh*t getting hot now," Josh laughed. "I'll be right back," Bree announced. She rushed to the bathroom and brushed her teeth twice. She then gargled with mouthwash and came back. "Bleached them lips too," Nani joked as she poured some mouthwash onto Bree lips and scrubbed them. Bree then shook the bag and pulled another name, "Nani... Truth or dare?" "Dare," She retorted. 

"I dare you to take some honey and or whatever substance and lick it off Keria's neck and cleavage," Bree laughed and dared. "No.... Bree yo ass think you slick," Keria instantly denied. "Girl please. You been too safe all night. Nani do your thang!" Breana spat. "Can I use apple juice?" Nani giggled, while asking. "Yes!" Zamir smiled. "Alrighty! Keria, don't be scared. I will not bite. I promise," Nani prepared to pour the juice on her. "Wait... I can't do this. Give her somebody else," Keria protested. "Keria take a shot or two. Or three and close your eyes," Bree instructed. Keria took four shots and closed her eyes tightly. Nani took Keria's shirt off and poured the apple juice onto Keria's neck. Next was her cleavage. Nani slurped the apple juice off of her neck. She then sucked her neck gently. After that, she licked and slurped the juice off her cleavage. And then nibbled on the top of her breasts. She was then finished, "See. That wasn't so bad." 

Keria opened her eyes, "It was just a little awkward." Nani shook the bag and read it, "Ana... Finally your turn. Truth or dare?" "Dare! I'mma big girl! I can do it!" Ana exclaimed. "Get completely naked and allow Josh to lick your favorite spot," Nani commanded. "In front of everybody?" Ana asked to make sure she understood. "Yes," Nani confirmed. Joshua was soon devouring Ana's pussy before you knew it. He made her cum twice and then wiped his mouth as Ana got dressed. "Let's play another game. Truth or dare got too wild," Soso insisted. 

"Alright. Everybody gather into a circle on the floor. Men make sure y'all spread out and make sure you don't end up sitting next to another man 'cuz that would be awkward during this game," Bree laughed. Everyone followed instructions and sat on the floor. Bree grabbed two lemons from the kitchen and sliced them into three thin, but thick slices. She then handed each male member one. "This is a little game I call <em>Don't Drop The Soap!</em> Men put the lemons in your mouth. You will pass it around with your mouth and mouth only. Whoever drops the lemons, will have to do a dare; no matter how extreme or stupid it is. It doesn't have to be freaky though. Now let's get started," Bree explained and sat down. 

By the end of the night, Rose had to run around the neighborhood naked with only socks on, Nani had to dance with ice in her panties until they melted, Bree had to lick peanut butter off of Zay's elbows, Zay had to strip for a homeless woman and try to kiss her, Keria had to go around knocking on people door and pretending to fall out when they answered. Everyone ultimately had fun until the early morning.

<em>Four Days Later</em>

Everyone was outside of the house chilling by the pool and dancing. Some were singing as well. Just having fun basically. Zamir got out of the pool, "Where's Keria?" "In her room," Bree answered, dancing next to Rose. "Why? Let me go see what's going on," Zay headed into the house and then went to her room. He knocked on the door and then burst into the room, alarming her. She was listening to her music and standing up singing before he interrupted. "Zay, you scared the f*ck out of me. What do you want?" Keria caught her breath. He sat on her bed with his legs wide open, revealing his d*ck print. 

The water dripped down his shirtless body and onto her sheets. She couldn't help, but stare at his body. "I been wanting to ask you this for a while... You want it?" He asked. "Want what?!" She asked with her eyes wide open. "This chain around my neck. I saw you eying it before," He pointed to the chain. "No," She felt relieved. She got worried because she thought for sure he meant something else. He screwed his face, "You looked scared. What you thought I  was talking about?" "Nothing. That's all you wanted?" She tried to rush him out of the room. 

"No. I wanna ask you two more questions." He got up and placed his leg on the bed, while standing up. His penis was almost bulging out of his swimming trunks. Keria turned her head away. She didn't want Dany to walk in and get the wrong idea. "Could you handle this pain?" He stared at her. Keria gulped, "Zay, you making me uncomfortable." "How? I'm talking about the tats on my legs. They weren't no joke when he filled them in," He stated. "I have a tat on my leg too," She muttered. "Oh. Let me see how pretty it is," He demanded. She just couldn't get past the way he worded things. It came off so sexual sometimes. Maybe she was thinking too much into this. She really wasn't sure. She showed him the tattoo and he smiled. "Musical notes huh? I love music too," He smiled widely. "Yeah. So you done now?" She questioned. 

"No. Why aren't you outside with the rest of us? We're by the pool. You should join us. Come on out here and have fun girl. And I apologize for making you uncomfortable. That's not my intentions. I just wish you weren't so afraid of me. You know? I'm a good guy. You ain't gotta be scared," He apologized and stated with sincerity. Keria nodded her head, "I'll be out in a minute." Zamir headed outside with the rest of the group. "Is Keria on her way out?" Bree questioned. "Yup," Zay replied. "Aughhhh!" Xavier bobbed his head to the music. 

"Why you hollering like that nigga?" Nani laughed at him. "This sh*t too good. Aughhhhhhhh! Long 'augh' for you niggas!" Xavier chuckled. Keria soon came out and danced to the music. "Find a victim. We about to push these muhf*ckas in the pool. They standing around and sh*t," Bree whispered to Zay. "Bet," He whispered back. Bree grabbed Keria, while Zay grabbed Soso. "What the f*ck you doing?! Put me down!" Soso demanded. "Put me down Bree!" Keria screamed. Bree laughed and jumped in the water with Keria on her back. 

Keria made sure to beat Bree's head in as she went into the water. Zay laughed and then jumped in the water, taking Soso with him. "B*tch!" Keria splashed Bree's face. Bree giggled, "You mad 'cuz I pushed yo ass in the water?" "Hell yeah!" Keria spat. Breana laughed again. Zay and Bree swam around in the water for a bit and then got out. Bree rapped to the song playing. Rose secretly untied her bikini top and ran when it fell. 

"You wide pussy, weak ass ho! I'm about to drown yo ass!" Bree yelled to her as she covered her breasts. "Bree, I'll do it," Nani got behind Rose and was preparing to push her. "Let's both do it," Dany retorted. Dany and Nani pushed Rose as hard as they could into the water. Rosemarie got out of the water, "You dumb ass, ugly knee caps having b*tches! I should burn you!" "That's it! Bree can't save yo ass ho!" Nani leaped over to Rose. Bree ran trying to get to them, "Nani NO!" Bree continued running until she slipped onto some water and hit her lip on the ground, busting it. 

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<em>Chapter Eighteen</em>

<em>A Couple Months Later...</em>

This past two months, things have become stressful and tense. On the bright side, Danyell and Nallely both celebrated their birthday in April and had a huge party. Zamir celebrated his birthday last month in May and had the biggest party of them all. It was of course over the top as usual. There was no other way for Zamir than to be unique.  The group as a whole found it funny that most of the group shared a birthday month together; Dany and Nani in April, Lexi and Soso in September, Ana and Rose in October, and Xavier and Joshua in November. The other 3 members, however, didn't. Breana's birthday passed in February, Zamir's passed in May, and Shakeria's was towards the end of June. 

They were the most interesting bunch of people when put together and this trip would show just that. Everyone needed a vacation badly. And just about everyone was fed up with life. The tension between Rose and the other BP members were at an all-time high. They just knew something big was going to happen. And neither one of them could wait. Sofia stood in front of her mirror for a moment and stared at herself. She adjusted her shorts that defined her curves amazingly. No one could deny that Soso had a nice body. Hunter just couldn't get enough of it. Speaking of Hunter, her and him have been going strong. Their relationship was still fresh, but she loved how much he was respected her space. 

He wasn't whiny or clingy like Aaron and she appreciated that. It was just something about him that drove Sofia crazy. The sex was amazing too! It had her scratching Hunter's back all the way up. He didn't mind of course. This isn't just about mind blowing sex though. So, let's cut to the chase. Soso did some last minute packing and waited for the limo Zay was sending to take the group to the airport. "Just came to say goodbye," Hunter walked up to her. "Thanks. I will see you later," Soso smiled. 

He grabbed her by her chin and kissed her softly and gazed into her eyes, "I love you..." Somehow Soso knew he would say that. She liked Hunter VERY much and was attracted to him, but she wasn't sure about loving him. So she just smiled softly and pecked his lips back. "Well, I guess I'm about to head to Miami soon... Wish you could come, but I know you can't," Soso expressed to him. 

"Yeah, but I'll call you every night before you go to bed just so I can be the last thing on your mind," He cooed. Soso giggled, "Your sweet, lame ass." "Ouch," Hunter grabbed his heart, pretending to be hurt. "Boy please..." "Have fun in Miami miss thing. I'll be waiting for you." Soso nodded and grabbed her things as she heard a knock on the door. She looked out the window to see the limo. "My ride here. Lock my door when you leave," Soso informed. She said her goodbyes to Hunter and then got into the empty limo  with her things and left.

"I can't find my green bikini X," Bree panicked to Xavier. "It's in your closet on the floor and change them shorts. You not wearing that," Xavier spat. Bree searched her closet and found the bikini and packed it in her suitcase. She stared at him, "What's wrong with what I have on?" "You selling pussy now?" He questioned, screwing his face at her. She rolled her eyes, "Nigga no." "That's what it look like. I can see your pussy print in them tight ass shorts. Let yo chocha breathe. Surprise you ain't caught an infection yet wearing sh*t like that. I don't want no other niggas seeing what's mine. Change now," He spat again, packing his things into his suitcase. 

"You know you over exaggerating. My print is going to show any damn way. I can't help that. And it's gon' be on display when I wear my bikini at the beach," She argued as she stood there with her hand on her hip. "You a lie. You won't need to go to a beach. Zay said the house we renting got a nice pool and jacuzzi so.... I don't think so baby," He smiled, being an ass and handing her some baggy, camouflage shorts. She snatched the shorts, "You doing the most." "And you wearing the less so hurry up and take that sh*t off before I do it," He roared. 

"You get on my nerves! Acting like you my damn daddy and stuff. I can wear what I want! If I wanna look like a ho, so what!" She shouted, while changing. "That's exactly what you looked like. Like you charge $10. A fancy ho nonetheless, but still a ho at the end of the day," He retorted. "$10? No sir... Why not $20? Or $100? If I'm gon' be a ho, I'mma be a classy, paid ho," She joked as she finished packing. "A classy ho? That's a contradiction. No such thing as a classy ho. And I would have said $15, but yo legs white as f*ck. Put some lotion on too. Damn bae you slipping," He stated. "I DID put lotion on. I'm just really light skinned," She debated. "Really light and almost white. And hold up... Is you growing a mustache?! " He examined her face carefully. Bree stared into the mirror and was embarrassed, "It's only 3 hairs." 

"3 hairs that I didn't notice until you applied that pink lipgloss. It made it noticeable. Hold on baby. Let me get my tweezers," He searched his suitcase and found his tweezers. "Nooo," She covered her mouth immediately. "You should have had this sh*t waxed," He removed her hand and plucked the hairs away. She winced in pain, "Oww! Stupid bastard!" "Like I said, shoulda got it waxed. You really slippin' today. Do I need to do a hair check? Did you at least wax your damn bikini line?" He asked jokingly. 

"Stop trying to be funny b*tch. You know I got a Brazilian wax a week ago. Ugh, when you moving out? You getting on my f*cking nerves for real," She rolled her eyes, now agitated. Xavier had been staying with Bree and Keria. It was only until he found himself an apartment. He actually been found one, but didn't tell Bree because he wanted an excuse to be near her longer. He liked waking up next to her and holding her. Oh and he stopped selling drugs. However, Bree only enjoyed him living with her for a week or so. It was cute to her at first, but now she just felt her privacy and space was invaded. 

She wanted her freedom back. Xavier just doing the most. And this is why she didn't really want to get married. It's all fun and sweet until somebody works your last nerve. "Watch yo damn mouth. And you a flip flopping ass female. Just a while ago you told me you didn't want me to ever leave and that you wanted to be together forever!" He exclaimed. "My nigga, that's called game. Nah, but on the real I did feel that way until you started showing your ass. Like, I feel like we smothering each other," She blabbed. "Oh my God. You are the WORST girlfriend ever! Ugh!" He dramatically interjected. 
Breana cackled loudly, "And you are the most ANNOYING boyfriend ever! Double ugh!" "Naw. You just met your match. That's all," He chatted. "Oh, whatever..." Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Keria. "Y'all ready? The limo outside for us," She gabbed. Keria had the most stressful week out of all the members. And you guessed it; it was due to Chandra. Keria found out that Chandra was indeed lying. She took her to a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with Histrionic Personality Disorder. It basically meant that Chandra lied to get attention. No matter how extreme. She only wanted attention from her mother so she lied about everything and didn't once feel bad. Keria wiped her hands off clean with her. She felt used and taken advantage of. And not to mention embarrassed. "Yeah," Xavier and Bree replied in unison, grabbing their things. Keria grabbed her stuff as well and headed out the door and got into the limo.

Anastasia stood in Joshua's kitchen having a few snacks. She couldn't wait to leave Cali so she could go to the sunshine state. She was so excited for summer. Ana couldn't wait to see all the beautiful people Miami bragged about having. She would be the judge of that. She just couldn't wait. For the past months, her and Josh have gotten into arguments. It was mostly the little stuff. Joshua's mother Erica was feeding Josh information about how Ana was too young for him. It got under Ana's skin and she was so close to snapping. She couldn't no longer take her disrespect. 

They been together for four years and she still think it's just lust? Or whatever she supposedly told Josh. In fact, she was TRYING to hook him up with an older woman saying he needed maturity. Josh was just as infuriated with his mother. This was the exact reason he didn't have a good relationship with her. She didn't know how to stay out of his love life. Despite what she believed, Joshua was happy with Ana. And no one was going to change his perception of her. Ana continued eating snacks, while Josh walked into the kitchen, "You pregnant? You been eating all day." 

"Pshhh, me have a kid? No way in hell. I'm not pregnant. I'm just nervous as hell about getting on that plane and plus I'm bored so why not eat?" She continued devouring snacks. "You getting a little thick though so I like that. I can grab that ass a little more now," He grinned, while wrapping his arms around her. "You act like you can't grip this?" Ana poked out her booty. "I can, but a little more wouldn't help," He teased, while biting down on his lip. "Buster please. Did you finish packing?" She looked at him.

"Yeah. I finished, but you should see what else I'm packing," He cooed flirtatiously in her ear. She rolled her eyes playfully and pushed him off her, "ANYWAY... Because I am NOT paying your nasty ass no attention." He chuckled, "You okay? You usually like my sex talk." "Yeah, well whatever, but I haven't forgot about how you allowed your co-worker to flirt with you right in front of me!" She folded her arms. "Ana, I'm sorry bae... She just was being friendly," He pleaded. 

"Yup! Meaning she was being too damn friendly and wanted some of JJ," Ana sassed. "JJ belongs to AP..." "Who the f*ck is AP?" Ana awaited his reply. "Ana's Pussy," He confirmed. Ana couldn't even stay mad at him. She rolled her eyes playfully, "Whatever." "For real girl. And only AP," He kissed her deeply. She kissed him back and then broke away when she heard someone knock on the door. Josh went to see who it was. "The limo here babe," He announced. He then went and loaded their things into the limo. He conversed with the rest of the BP members as he did so. Ana did the same and joined the group inside. Josh finished and locked his house doors. He then got in and left.

Nallely never found out who sent her that flower and creepy note. It still kind of pissed her off 'til this day. Fortunately, she learned to let it go. And not allow it to bother her for the rest of her life. Nani packed the things she had left and watched as Jasper started bringing her stuff to the front. Things were going good for them. Jasper proposed a month ago. They both decided that the wedding would be in a year. Nani wanted to get married in Hawaii where some of her family was located. 

It would be so perfect then. She already had it setup in her mind of how it was going to go. And she couldn't wait. Her and Jasper's relationship wasn't perfect, but they loved each other and that's what kept them together. Nani used to think that they'd never be together again after he cheated on her YEARS ago and lied about it. And it took time for Nani to trust him again. She glad that they got past the bullsh*t. Nallely wasn't in love because she wouldn't let herself fall that deep. 

She's been hurt too many times for that sh*t. All she knew was that she loved the hell out of him and their son. And she would do whatever to keep them happy. "Babe, call me as SOON as you land," Jasper instructed. "I will... TES!" Cervantes ran to his mother, "Yes?" "I'm about to leave for some days. I'll be back soon. Be a good boy okay?" She picked him up and uttered. "I miss you," He cooed. "I miss you too. I will be back okay?" "Okay!" He exclaimed. 

She planted kisses all over his face and hugged him tightly before putting him down. "Baby PLEASE have a safe trip," Jasper begged. Nani laughed a bit, "I will try Jasper. You said it about 100 times." "A nigga want you to be safe that's all," He conveyed. "Aight. I heard you..." Just then, there was a knock on the door. Jasper answered it and saw the limo. "Looks like it's time to go," He recited. "Bye mama!" Cervantes interjected. "Bye Tes! I love you so much... Ugh, I don't want to leave you. I hope you be okay." "He will be good. Don't worry," Jasper reassured. Nani started having second thoughts about it. "Baby... You always said you wanted a vacation... So go," Jasper encouraged. Nani nodded her head, "Okay." Jasper loaded Nani's things inside the limo and then kissed her, "I love you." "I love you too," She stated and climbed inside.

Zamir watched Dany finish packing and walked over to her and decided to give her a helping hand. "Zay, I hope this trip will be good," Danyell retorted. "It will be Dany. Don't worry about anything. We gonna have SO much fun! I can't wait!" Zamir shouted excitedly. "We'll see... That thing better not get on my nerves or I'mma kick her ass!" Dany growled. "Chill. Damn. What's up with all the damn tension? Be cool Danyell," Zamir replied. "Be cool my ass. You been spending so much time with her in the studio. It ain't like the b*tch Beyoncé or anything so why waste equipment?" Dany harshly popped off. 

"Envy is not a cute color on you baby," Zay shook his head. "Envious of what exactly? Definitely not that b*tch. I'm not envious of a damn thing. I'm just being honest," She sneered. "You are such a b*tch for no reason. Ugh! Like yo ass can sing? B*tch you barely good at whatever your talent supposed to be. Stop hating," He chuckled a bit while walking away from her. "Nigga, the f*ck I'm hating on? Please tell me!" Dany followed him. "You tell me Dany. Damn. Why do we keep having these arguments over other b*tches? Sh*t getting OLD man! Damn, we about to go on vacation. Let's enjoy it before we try to murder each other," Zay sighed. 

He was tired of talking about Rose. And was tired of listening. People were being petty for no reason. The doorbell rung loudly. Zay rushed to go get the door. It was the driver of the limo. "Mr. Brown, I'm ready whenever you are," The driver remarked. Zay nodded his head and went broadcasted to Dany, "The limo's here!" He and Dany started loading there things into the limo. When both of them were done, they got inside. Zay looked around, "Where's Lexi?" "She just got her job a month ago. She can't come," Breana disclosed. "I thought she was getting her hip replaced," Nani joked. "That's f*cked up," Soso added, laughing. "Y'all always teasing Lexi ass. If y'all feel that way about her, I just only can imagine what y'all say about me," Josh proclaimed. "Nothing bad... You young compared to Lexi," Bree laughed. "Isn't Josh like 2 years older than Lexi? So that make him a grandpa," <a href="">Rosemarie</a> joked. 

Everyone gave her a death stare except Bree and Zay. "I like your haircut Rosie," Zay smiled. <em> "Rosie?"</em> Dany mouthed to Nani. "Muhf*ckas just don't be catching hints Dany," Nani barked. "Me too. You look FIERCE!" Bree chimed in. "Aww thanks Zay Bae and Bree Boo," She cheesed. "Eww, I'm ready to get to the airport," Breana replied. "If you just sneezed and somebody called your phone and said 'Bless you' and hung up, what would you do?" Rose asked everyone. "What the f*ck?" Ana questioned agitatedly. Keria rolled her eyes hard and decided to place her earphones in and listen to music. 

"Exactly Ana. What the f*ck are you talking about? Shut the f*ck up man," Bree spat, while laughing. Xavier held his breath, but he wanted to say something so badly to Rose. He just placed his headphones on and blasted his music. Rose laughed loudly. "Weird as f*ck!" Zay chuckled. "Pot meets muthaf*cking kettle!" Bree shouted. The ride became silent after that as they pulled up to the airport. Everyone grabbed their things and made it inside. They made it just on time, but unfortunately the flight was delayed. "So... I just spoke with the woman and she said the flight is delayed," Zay informed. "So, when's the next one?" Keria asked. "At 1:00," He answered. Josh looked at his watch, "That's in four f*cking hours man."

It felt like torture to be around Rose for that long, everyone thought. "UGH! I should have brought my portable DVD player or something. Bored as f*ck!" Ana yelled. Nani felt like she was gonna go crazy waiting for that long. She took out her iPad and started typing a short story and named it: <strong>A Lifeless Rose.</strong> She started typing and when she got far, she showed Dany. Dany laughed, "Can I add something to it?" "Sure hun... Please do. Make it gruesome," Nani smiled, while handing the iPad to her. 

"Oh, I will!" Dany started typing. Bree was out of the loop. She didn't know what was going on. All the men and Keria were listening to music, while Bree and Rose were laughing at some of the people walking by. "She know she wrong for coming out looking like that," Bree criticized. "Hell yeah! Sorta like Xavier's face," She teased with her tongue out. "I will personally deliver an ass-whooping to you when it comes to THAT one. Watch yo mouth b*tch. You lucky he can't hear you 'Cuz if he say something to you, don't say sh*t to me! I'm not stopping sh*t!" Bree spat, warning her. "I'm just kidding b*tch. But he just--" 

Bree turned and faced her and leaned forward to her, "He what ho?" Rosemarie laughed, "Chill boo.... I'm only kidding. You getting serious? I hope not. I love youuuuuuu!" "I love me too. And yeah I know cuz let's not go there with yo soft ass boyfriend. Nigga softer than a pile of cotton. Eyebrows thicker than frozen peanut butter," Bree roared. Rose giggled like a wild hyena, "His eyebrows are sexy and he is NOT soft." "B*TCH please. He softer than a 90-year-old d*ck, while watching porn. F*ck outta here," Bree joked. 

As Bree and Rose were joking, Dany was finishing up her tidbit she added to Nani's story. "Y'all been typing for a minute now. What y'all typing?" Soso questioned, being nosy. "You real nosy my nigga, but here. Dany finish. You should add to it," Nani passed her the iPad. Sofia read it and snickered to herself. "Aight, I'm 'bout to add my part now," Soso announced and started typing. Bree gazed over at them to see Dany and Nani giggling and talking about Rose. Well, Rose really didn't know, but Bree knew. She caught every shade thrown. She didn't say a word. She just shook her head. Everyone waited until it was FINALLY time to board the plane. They went through every procedure and got onto the plane. FIVE HOURS LATER and they were landing. Zamir rented a limo and took everyone to the house they were renting. All eyes fell onto the <a href="">house</a>.

"Oh my God!" Bree shouted in awe. "It's beautiful isn't it? It comes with our own butler and maid," Zay cheesed. "Man... Damon really be coming through for us. This place is f*cking breath-taking! I say we arrived at the right time if you asked me," Josh admired the house and view. "Oh Gahhhhh! I wanna see the inside," Dany rushed to the door. "Hi, I'm your butler William. Allow me to get all of your bags. You guys can pick your rooms and get the rest of the tour from the maids," The butler informed. Everyone rushed into the house and stopped when they saw how big the <a href="">living room</a> was. "Hi, I'm Marjorie and this is Terèsa We will be your maids for your entire stay. Would you like a tour?" An overweight caucasian woman broadcasted, while introducing a petite, Hispanic woman. 

"Yes! We would love a tour! I'm tryna get naked in every room," Rosemarie joked. Zamir chuckled, "I think everyone will when they see the rest of the house." "I'm tryna f*ck in every room," Bree boldly remarked with a smirk. "YES! Read my mind!" Ana chimed in. Josh shook his head and laughed at them. "This is a big ASS living room for real," Soso chanted. "Hell yeah," X added. "We're ready Marjorie," Zay made known. Marjorie led them into another <a href="">room</a>. "This is the den and the entertainment room," Marjorie showcased. "I might end up lost, but this is nice," Keria communicated to the group. "Sh*t, me too," Bree agreed. Marjorie then took them to the <a href="">kitchen</a>. "Very simple, but it'll work," Zay grinned. After that she showed them the <a href="">first</a> bedroom. "I claim!" Rose smiled. "Chile boo. You can have it. This room doing the most anyway," Breana teased. "Don't be jealous!" Rose playfully growled. "Next room!" Dany shouted with irritation. Marjorie showed them the next <a href="">room</a>. "I'll claim this one since it has art on the walls," Sofia claimed. Next tour stop was this <a href="">room</a>. "I love it... Egyptian themed. This is our room," Zay cheesed to Dany. "It's cool I guess," Dany looked around the room. Everyone kept going 'til they got to another <a href="">bedroom</a>. "Oooh! Pink! I claim this one!" Nani yelled excitedly. "It's aight," Soso commented. "It's more than alright! It's cute!" Nani smiled. 

"We will now walk to the west side of the house where all the water is," Marjorie guided them to the other side of the house. "This is the bedroom by the ocean," Marjorie showed them the <a href="">room</a>. "This one is definitely ours!" Josh exclaimed. "This room gon' flood with my ocean. Oops, did I say that out loud?" Ana remarked. "Nasty ass!" Nani shook her head. The tour then continued. Marjorie exposed the next <a href="">room</a>, "This is an Egyptian themed room as well. There's a pool in front of the bed." "Ours! I can't swim, but this sh*t is so f*cking cool!" Bree jumped up and down. "Hell yeah! This is how Kings do! Auuugh! Dopest bedroom in the house!" Xavier exclaimed. "Good luck Bree with your clumsy ass. Don't fall in the water," Keria offered her luck. They then headed to the last <a href="">bedroom</a> which was now Keria's. "Ugh. Why I gotta have the scary room?" Keria pouted. "It is not scary," Joshua reassured. "Good luck Keria," Ana butted in. The tour continued until Marjorie showed them the <a href="">bar</a> and the <a href="">indoor pool and water slide</a>.

All the members got settled into their rooms and then headed into the living room. They all sat down and talked. No one wanted anything to do with Rose, but ignored her. "Bree told me not say nothing to you, but I'mma do it anyway. Xavier, you kinda look like a frog," Rosemarie joked. Bree shook her head because she knew it was coming. Xavier had a blunt sense of humor. He said what other people were thinking and was not afraid of going there with people. 

He shook his head and screwed his face at her, "B*tch you look like a scarecrow. You scared about 10 birds before we got here. Animal planet ass b*tch. You basic as f*ck with and without make up on. You shaped like two damn arrows; up and down. And you look ugly as f*ck with short hair. So, just stop it ho 'cuz I swear you met yo match." Bree spit spilled down her chin as she laughed hysterically, "I'm mad this nigga said she shaped like arrows." "My nigga yo hairline f*cked up though. And I bet yo d*ck small as f*ck," Rose laughed. 

"Ho you look like E.T. Lil' sister. Crater forehead ass b*tch. Yo mama HAD to have a c-section with yo rock head ass. Like you annoying and ugly and you a ho... I don't know why people hang with you. And b*tch you look like yo pussy smell like old mop water and cigarettes. And you got a herpes sore on yo lip. You having an outbreak b*tch? And you can ask ANY female I been with and I guarantee you my d*ck not little. Duh my hairline f*cked up, yo forehead ate it ho. I'm through with yo ass," Xavier spat and chuckled a bit. "Her forehead a muhf*cking skateboarding ramp. Airhead ass b*tch," Zamir chimed in, rubbing her forehead and then chuckling hysterically. 

Tears poured out Breana's eyes as she laughed, then fell on the floor and pretended to be dead. Xavier chuckled loudly, "Bro you stupid." "Help me get Bree off the floor," Zay grabbed Bree's arms. Joshua laughed and grabbed her legs. They placed her on the couch. "Built a house up on that head, that's a head-state," Bree mocked Big Sean's lyrics on Mercy, causing Zay to fall to the floor, laughing. Xavier snickered loudly, "Yo..." "This Nigga said her pussy smell like old mop water and cigarettes," Zamir went into a laughing uproar as his face turned red. Bree was on the floor laughing until her head started hurting. 

She started literally rolling on the floor. "Aye chill out. You about to make me swallow my gum," Xavier tried to contain his laughter. Rosemarie didn't say a word as she walked away. "Ooh. Yo friend mad," Nani laughed. "Friend or not, when somebody say some funny, I'mma laugh! I don't give no f*ck!" Bree laughed harder. "Hell yeah. That sh*t was funny as f*ck. Scoop bowl head ass," Zay joined in laughing. "She an alien mon! Alien!" Xavier got up and hollered. Bree snorted as she laughed. "Really Bree?" Dany snickered. "Lord, that made my night," Bree wiped the tears from her eyes. "Hell yeah. I'm done f*cking with Xavier stupid ass! But I need to go to Walmart. Leggo B," Zamir stated. "Aight," Breana grabbed her purse. Zamir grabbed the car keys that sat on the table.  "What you going to Walmart for?" Danyell questioned. "Groceries. You must need some tampons?" Zay asked.

"No, I don't need no damn tampons nigga. Don't make me kick you in your face!" Dany roared. "Sh*t, I'm just asking 'cuz you been acting like you on your period this whole month so...." "Nah. That's you. Pick up some for yourself," Dany flicked him off. "Aye man. Don't buy her no tampons. She might catch that Toxic Syndrome Sh*t. Buy her some pads," Xavier joked. "The one with the wings and leakage protection," Joshua added, chuckling. "The f*ck they need wings for? They can fly or some sh*t?" Zamir laughed. 

"Pshhh... Don't nobody want a flying, leaking, bloody pussy," Bree giggled. Zay laughed and covered her mouth, "You don't care what comes out your mouth. Let me kidnap you 'fore you say something else." "Really nigga? Please change the subject! I don't wanna talk about no periods! Laughing but serious!" Nani laughed. "We ain't texting Nani! Hush! Talking 'bout laughing but serious," Bree spat. "Ho, I say what I want!" Nani giggled. "Shut up B*TCH! Before I shake my titties in yo face!" Bree threatened. 

"Oh my God! Nooooooo!" Nani sarcastically responded. Bree ran over to her and shook her breasts in her face and laughed, "Yeah ho... Not so tough now." Nani giggled and squeezed them. Bree stopped, "I feel violated." "Don't shake yo tits in people face then," Xavier voiced. "Exactly X!" Nani remarked. "Bring back some to drink," Josh added. "Bring some loud back too!" X uttered. "Nigga, you don't need no weed," Bree yelled at him. "And you don't need the chips you going to buy. So, what's yo point?" Xavier retorted. "Some to drink like what?" "Just liquor," Ana confirmed. "Aight," Zamir walked to the door. Bree followed him. "Hold up, wait for me," Rose demanded as she followed them. The three amigos got into the car and drove off to Walmart. They got into the store and started dancing in the aisles as they shopped. They continued having fun in the store and got everything they needed and left. They then placed the groceries into the car and headed to the liquor store.

Rosemarie rolled the window down as Zay continuously drove. She quickly flashed the people walking by, "MIAMI B*TCHES!" Zay looked at her through the mirror and chuckled. Bree shook her head. "Come on Bree... It's night time. They can't really see your face. Show them the tits!" Rose suggested. "No," Bree disagreed. "I'll show mine if you show yours Bree. Just climb in the front and hold the wheel Rose," Zay laughed. "Deal, but you gotta show yo d*ck too," Bree laughed. 

Rosemarie climbed into the front seat and held onto the wheel. "1... 2... 3," Zay counted. On the count of three,  Bree and Zay both raised their shirts up, flashing the bystanders and sticking their heads out the window. "MIAMI!!!!!!" They yelled in unison while laughing. Zay then pulled his d*ck out and swung it out the window, "Say hello to my little friend b*tches!" Bree laughed loudly. They then pulled their shirts back down and pulled their clothes up. 

Rose now allowed Zay to take over the wheel again. "Whew. That was really fun," Rose claimed. "I got a rush. It was cool," Bree advertised. "Yay! I had fun slanging my d*ck. I shoulda been a stripper," Zay chuckled. "Eww," Rose teased. "You a fool," Bree shook her head. Zay pulled up to a liquor store and bought a bunch of liquor and placed it in the car. He then drove around Miami searching for some legit weed and nothing laced. He turned down plenty of dealers because he could tell when they were tryna sell him some bad weed. He finally found some after driving around for about 15 minutes. He bought some cigarillos and lighters and headed back to the house. They arrived out the house. They got out and carried the groceries into the kitchen. They placed them into the refrigerator and cabinets and then headed into the living room with the others. 

"I'm about to make pizza. I need everyone to write down on this paper what type of pizza they want," Zay stated, passing a sheet of paper and pen around. The members wrote down what they wanted and handed it back to him. Dany decided to help him cook. They both made the pizzas and placed two at a time in the ovens. They waited 'til all of them were finished cooking and passed slices to each member. By now, everyone was on the floor drinking and a few were smoking. "Let's play truth or dare. Sex edition," Ana suggested. 

"Uh... I think I'mma sit this one out," Keria laughed. "You ain't gotta do nothing freaky Keria! Play with us... That sounded so freaky... But play the game," Ana begged. "Okay," Keria decided to participate. "I ain't doing no freaky sh*t either. My man don't play that, but I'll play!" Soso promoted. "Booooo! My Nigga ain't here so I'm ready to play!" Nani taunted Soso and laughed. "You engaged. Chill out," Bree laughed. "I know... I'm not doing nothing too out there, but I'll play!" Nani reassured. "Aight... I'll go first," Bree stated. 

"Okay Bree. Truth or dare?" Joshua asked. "Truth," Breana answered. "Have you ever f*cked a girl? And if so, who and when?" Josh drunk his liquor. Bree took a quick shot and revealed, "Yes.... And Nani. It was about 4 years ago." "Whoa.... Wait a minute... How did y'all f*ck?" Xavier inquired, interested. "I had just broken up with X and I felt really sad. Nani invited me over to her dorm. I snuck some liquor in her room and we started drinking. Next thing I know, we were kissing. And after that, it went down," Bree informed. 

"Did y'all use a strap-on or did y'all eat each other 'til y'all came?" Josh smirked. "We want the details," Ana laughed. "Hell Naw we didn't use no strap-on!" Nani hollered. "I'm not telling y'all nothing else. I'm not giving no damn details. Next person," Bree rejected. "Bree we gon' have a long talk! You never told me this," Keria retorted. "I didn't tell nobody," Bree replied. "Did y'all scissor each other then? Who ate who first? How it taste?" Zamir bit his lip and interrogated. "Look at this nigga," Dany butted in, giving Zay a nasty look. "I can tell you THIS... Breana has never ate no b*tch pussy ever and will not eat it!" Bree shouted. 

"Oooh, so Nani ate it then!" Josh laughed. "Bree playing. Nani! My nigga! Give me the details," Xavier laughed. "Ain't no shame in my game, but if Bree don't want me to tell, then I won't," Nallely shrugged. "Since you being mean and sh*t, answer this. Nani, would you do it again?" Joshua asked out of curiosity. "Yeah," Nani answered truthfully. "Bree, if Nani wanted to have sex with you right now, would you let her?" Ana inquired.

Zay at the adoption place was a totally different zay then e have been seeing.. he wasnt that crazy weird boy he was actually nice and caring lol..glad that X finally got his wake up call but dang wish he aint have to kill nobody..just glad that he out the game now..this vacation is def what they should be very relaxing..well it would be if ROSE doesnt show up working everybodies nerves..i wonder where they goin? RUN IT

Lol... Ana not letting that sh*t go down.

But we will see where they are heading. I'm still typing.

Hmm, roses? For Nani? Sketchy if you ask me. Anyway, Rose on some other s***. She obviously aint that serious about BP if she couldnt find the time to put her baskets together sooner. I mean everyone else did it on time, why couldnt she? Awe, that moment that Zay had with the kids was touching. I'm glad that he spoke to them, now they can get a insight on what its like to be adopted from someone who was adopted. As for finding out the reason why he didnt visit his grandma is quite sad. Like Josh said. He should go and talk it out with her, get some closure. So Xavier really is still doing that dope dealing s*** huh? Thats such a shame. Ashley and Ace were trifling for that. Dumbass b****. Bree would have dropped her before she could even kill her. I cant believe Xavier just shot her like nothing tho. But i mean it was for the one he loved. I wonder how hes going to cover that up? Anybody catch Soso creeping on Josh? Ana wasnt having that tho. She deaded that quick. Im glad Keria is trying to find a way with dealing with hee situation. All she needs is all of our support. I wonder what trip this nigga Zay has planned?

Run it

Hmm, roses? For Nani? Sketchy if you ask me. Anyway, Rose on some other s***. She obviously aint that serious about BP if she couldnt find the time to put her baskets together sooner. I mean everyone else did it on time, why couldnt she? Awe, that moment that Zay had with the kids was touching. I'm glad that he spoke to them, now they can get a insight on what its like to be adopted from someone who was adopted. As for finding out the reason why he didnt visit his grandma is quite sad. Like Josh said. He should go and talk it out with her, get some closure. So Xavier really is still doing that dope dealing s*** huh? Thats such a shame. Ashley and Ace were trifling for that. Dumbass b****. Bree would have dropped her before she could even kill her. I cant believe Xavier just shot her like nothing tho. But i mean it was for the one he loved. I wonder how hes going to cover that up? Anybody catch Soso creeping on Josh? Ana wasnt having that tho. She deaded that quick. Im glad Keria is trying to find a way with dealing with hee situation. All she needs is all of our support. I wonder what trip this nigga Zay has planned?

Run it