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`Black Pyramid: The Kill. [Chap. 16]


They all sat in <a href="">his</a> living room having drinks and basically destroying his parents home. His name was Zamir and he really didn't have one ounce of care in the world right now. He and his friends were fresh out of high school. It was summer and they were bored. College didn't start 'til fall for them. They wanted to get all of their laziness out of the way so when college did come, they could study, and party all the time they wanted. Zamir had a great idea. "I'm bored as f*** and I know y'all are too. We should start our own group or movement... Like we can do big things and bad things.... But once you are in.... You CANNOT get out," Zamir stated with a dark grin. Everyone laughed and became excited. "Sounds... really bad. Yeah right," <a href="">She</a> teased. She continued, "Kinda sounds stupid." "Actually Bree... It kinda sounds fun," <a href="">She</a> interjected, while putting her hand on her thigh. Zamir smirked, "Thank you Nani. Bree is so damn judgmental. I have the perfect name for her. Anybody else think this sh*t is whack?" Zamir stood up and awaited everyone else response. He wasn't letting this idea slip away. It was too perfect to him and he every right to want to somehow take over the world as crazy as that sounds, but that was just Zamir being Zamir.

<a href="">He</a> chugged his beer and retorted, "The sh*t sounds kinda crazy but that's Zay for your ass. Sh*t. Let's take over the world! Why not!" "Sh*t... I'm in... We gon' be bored all gotdamn summer so might as well make this sh*t useful!" <a href="">She</a> butt in. "So Josh and Soso in.... Come on X. Don't let Bree control your life," Zamir remarked with a chuckle. <a href="">Xavier</a> instantly inhaled the smoke from his blunt and then blew right back into the air and twisted his face into disgust almost, "Bree ass DON'T run sh*t around here. So watch yo f*cking mouth nigga... I don't know where you getting your information from, but she don't run sh*t here. And sh*t sounds straight. We can throw a big ASS PARTY with plenty of B*TCHES!" Xavier continued puffing his blunt and made sure he looked at Bree as he spat his last words. Zamir laughed because he knew how to get Xavier out of his zone. Just tell him that his girlfriend Bree was controlling him and he would flip the f*ck out... If he didn't have that blunt on his mind, he would've said way more. This also pissed Bree off.

The night was soon approaching and he finally went around the room until everyone was in agreement. Zamir now spoke over everybody as if he was a teacher or lecturer, "Okay everybody... Now we all wonder who the hell we would be in our past lives. And if you hadn't, I'm going to announce to you all right now who I pictured you to be based on your personality. I'm talking about Egyptian gods and goddesses. I'm going to go around the room and give each and one of you names. This s*** will be very fun and X we can even do parties and all that s*** you saying. But think of this as a sisterhood and brotherhood. Everyone in this room is in <em>Black Pyramid</em> to stay. s***, think of us as the black illuminati." Zamir laughed and continued, while giving everyone the same amount of eye contact, "No one will EVER f*ck with our family. Now remember that. We will be so big that people will want to join but they do not know how powerful we will become. Summer WILL BE OURS! We will conquer every damn party, every function, every room, and etc. B*tches we our the <em> Black Pyramid</em>."

Bree rolled her eyes and laughed, "Nigga really? What's with all the dramatics?" "Well, I like everything to be dramatic... But let's start now. <a href="">Keria</a> you are Hathor, the mother of goddesses. You are the protectress of all women and basically the goddess of happiness and joy, music, dance, beauty, and etc." Keria smiled, "I love it already." Zamir laughed and winked at Keria, "Good." He then continued, "<a href="">Ana</a> you are Bast, the goddess of fire, the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, jokes, intuition, healing, and generosity. Now onto my baby and woman. <a href="">Dany</a> you are Nephthys, the 'Revealer.' You represent life and death, peace, darkness, protection, and dreams."

"Wait, why the f*ck I gotta be dark? I am NOT dark," Dany pouted, causing Zamir to laugh. "Baby, you'll see in a minute... Chill. Soso you are Neith, the 'Huntress' and goddess of war and hunt. You are the protectress of women and marriage and the mother of the gods. X you are Thoth, the 'Lord of Books and Learning and the judge of the gods. You also have two wives... Actually about three so this sh*t fits you perfectly. Bree your ass is Maat, the goddess of truth, right, justice, judgment, law, and reincarnation. And conveniently you are one of the wives of Thoth so the perfect match." Bree shook her head as Xavier laughed. "Nani you are Isis, the 'Supreme Egyptian Goddess.' You are goddess of motherhood, childbirth, fertility, initiation, success, womanhood, the arts, protection, and advice. Josh you are Ptah, the husband of Bast. You are also the 'Father of Beginnings.' You are the god of life, the arts, and miracles. I--" "How the hell do you know all of these things Zay?" Ana questioned.

"Exactly... Like what class was you in? Because I don't remember none of this sh*t in Mr. Cunningham class!" Bree exclaimed. "I do my research and I love Egyptian deities. It's very interesting," Zamir explained. "And who will you be?" Nani inquired, playing with her fingernails. Zamir smiled widely, "Seth, the god of the underworld. I am also the God of destruction and revenge. There is a lot more s*** y'all represent but y'all gotta research that information on your own to see what this group will represent as a whole... We are family... Oh and Dany, I am your husband so that's why I chose that for you baby. If there are any questions.... Please research on your own damn time!" Everyone continued drinking and eating as Zamir thought up of ways to get people on board... This was going to be the best summer... Or so everyone thought.


i get it from my nani :)

Nasty asx


yea boooyyyy

hm can't tell who tf is lying or telling
the truth with alyssa or chandra

smdh @ xavier thinkin bree was just
gon CHILL after that sht hell nall

i just hope keria figure
sumn out with her cousins
cause that sht is a mess

YAS LAWD! HALLELUJAH! set me free that bish ass nigga
if his ass wasn't stealin then he was doing sumn sneaky
Fck he thought this was, i aint got time for that bullsht
cause i found better

*flips hair and speeds off*


zay play tooooooo damn much

niggas back from the dead?
uh oh...

run it

Umm Nani... Obviously you care 'cuz you commented on us lol.

Ana... Lol. Just wait.... You'll see.

oh yea i forgot i was about to die
and me josh (*tear*) somebody hold
NO MORE SEX... thanks a lot zay

As long as I get to punch Rose ass before I die
IM GOODIE && idgaf what y'all were doing lol

We were NOT making babies lol... He just was tryna do a little something that I won't reveal lol.

tell tyga to stop trying to make babies
your trying to write !

Ugh. Became distracted. I'mma try to get it in soon & update.

L so.

Stop what??
It's my last dying wish!
See I told y'all hoes Zay was gon get us killed
*does ugly cry*


Stop it Nani lmao. Stop it.

Lmao @ both of you.

We will see who at that damn door soon lol.

Chandra kinda had a point.
Bree was getting beside herself
Like I get she was well thought she was helping . . , but she was too aggressive and doing too much.
It's Keria family not hers she needa chill.
There's three sides to every story in this case four.

I understand Bree is mad at X
And she should be but I mean I don't think he woud et anything happen to her.
That negro would take a bullet for her mean asx . . . Idk why lol jk
X still my nigga tho && possibly my fave guy lol

Damn that's right Keria
You tell him! Hmph!
But I think she gon have to go off again cause his asx STILL aint wanna
bck down. Smdh

Ana aint giving Josh nun???
That won't last long AT ALL!

Umm like where in all of the F U C K did that s h I t with Soso
come from?!??
Like what in my f u c k is going on??
I thought like that s*** was all good in the hood???
I'm so gah damn confused lol

Granny can get pregnant???
I thought her eggs was scrambled and sunny side up

Still don't like Rose . . . No comment.

Ummm who the F U C K did Zay asx kill????
Like what tf going on???
We gon dieeeeeeeeee!!!
Please just le me stick Rose in the face a few times before whoever it is kill us!


run it

Bree, be supportive of Xavier. You see the nigga is trying to do his best at making money. Like give him some time and he'll get a real job. Hopefully. Lol. Chandra Chandra, Chandra. I dont know whether to believe her or not. She seems like shes faking it! I mean Alyssa was crying because Chandra was saying that s***. I just wanna know the truth. Keria has a large weight over her shoulders. I am so weak at the little episode between Soso and Aaron. She called that nigga out and took his stuff. He a dumb nigga for that s*** anyway. Dumb niggas get no love and obviously b****es just want him for his money not his shortt self. Ana and Joshua are some freaks. Hands down. That award goes to them. Josh knows damn well he about to get some nookie. Haha. Lexi preggo again. Damn, grandma slow down. Haha, Zay had me weak with those comments tho. Rose just leave already. Zay need to cool it tho. Im not playing these games anymore. He need to leave Keria's ass alone.

Run it


where the f*** do i start ok hmm

i'm so confused with the who chandra thing like i want to
believe her since she is admitting to the fact of being in the
wrong but then again she has done so much to get attention
i wonder if this is another stunt or is she the one abusing her
sister or is her sister really trying to cover for her mom
idk i need to know and soon cause i feel it is tearing poor
keira apart and making bree close to killing her
fix this s***

i mean you know x my homie we both scorpios (wink) so i will
always have his back he aint mean for those people to come in
there like that it aint like he planned for it to happen bree
i mean i bet he has put you through some crazy s*** but you
know his lifestyle dont be mad at my bro from another ho f***
and make up naw f*** that dont f*** cause aint nobody else
getting any so you dont get any lol

the way soso did aaron is terrible i mean ass wrong i understand
you mad baby but damn giving up the soc to a thirsty ass
baby momma he better walk his ass down to the mcdonalds
and fill out an application cause she about to drain his ass not to mention the fact that soso
getting some of that bread too oh lordy lordy but hey i guess that
is what happens when yo f*** up better be glad she aint report
your ass to zay and have your ass in a book some where trapped
for life

me not give josh any of the goods great god what did he do like
that is some real s*** when i dont give it up that means he
f***ED UP ALL THE WAY like....?
i cant even put an example together
that is how big he f***ed up lol

poor lexi you will forever be called the granny but ayyee granny
an ol' g so i aint tripping off of you, you can hold your own
her damn goddess though ha either way the eternity or the preggy
fits perfectly lol man rose goddess she gon need that s*** cause
im two seconds from jumping on that ass, f*** you doing getting
naked in front of all the men this is twerk time not strip time
TWERK meaning find someone and shake ass if you dont have
someone pick a good ass section of air and do work... make me
have to kill her lord

wait who the f*** at the door and what does zay mean by i
thought i killed you oh lord today is the day that i die right
here mad at josh and without any good by d*** damn, what a f***ed
up way to leave the earth.

ayyee breee get your butt back in here and let me know who
knocking at the door?!


<em>Chapter Fifteen</em>

<em>A Week Later...</em>

It was Friday, the day that everyone would find out Rose and Lexi's goddess were. And this has been some long week, but let's share some of the things that's been happening with the Black Pyramid members. Keria and Justin date did go smoothly and quite well last week. They hit it off and have been texting and talking on the phone a lot since then. She knew not to get too attached to him however, being that she hadn't known him long enough and she still had to keep her guard up. That wasn't the only thing going on with Keria. After Chandra explained her situation about being abused by her mother and treated horribly, Keria went over to her aunt's house and of course she denied everything. And was shocked that Chandra would even say such a thing. Keria didn't know what to believe or what to think. She needed answers quickly so she asked if her little cousin Alyssa could stay with her for a brief visit. She had hoped she would get a little insight about what was happening between Chandra and their mother. 

Unfortunately, Alyssa continuously denied allegations of her mother abusing them. And when she viewed Alyssa's body, there were only a few markings on her body, but not as disturbing as Chandra's. So it left Shakeria confused. She sat in the living room across from <a href="">Alyssa</a> who was ready to go home and was no longer interested in spending time with her big cousin and big sister. She was tired. "What time you taking me home?" Alyssa questioned dryly. "Tonight. Maybe around 7," Keria answered. "Okay," She watched the television. Keria stared at her and wondered what to do. Things just weren't adding up. And she was going to get to the bottom of this soon. While Shakeria was trying to figure out how to do that, Breana was standing on Xavier's stairs traumatized. Someone had just broken in and pulled a gun out on X, but he scared them off by pulling out two guns and threatening to kill them. Bree was just in the midst of it all, standing there with only her bra and panties on. "Baby, I'm so sorry you had to see that and I'm sorry that you was in the middle of my sh*t. I promise it won't happen again," Xavier apologized. Bree sighed, "X... I'm just over this drug dealing bullsh*t. No matter how many f*cking times you apologize, I'm going to be thinking about how a nigga pulled a gun on me. Like, how the f*ck do I erase that image from my mind? He could have easily pulled the trigger and killed me!" "He wasn't going to shoot you--" "And how the f*ck do you know that? That's right... You DON'T. I'm tired and I'm ready to go home. I don't even care to hear your explanation," She growled and then headed upstairs to his room and got dressed. Xavier knew he f*cked up big time. He didn't even know what to say to her.

What could he possibly say to make it better? Nothing. Because in Bree's mind, no matter how many times he tried to explain, she wasn't trying to hear it. In the back of his mind, he knew that something could have went wrong but he thanked God that it didn't. He shook his head to himself and knew that he had to change his lifestyle, but when would he be ready for that big change? Bree swiftly came downstairs with her things, "I'm ready." He grabbed his keys and headed to his car. He opened her door and then closed it when she got in. Next, he got in and took off in silence. Breana looked out the window until Xavier pulled up to her house. She instantly hopped out of the car. "Bye to you too," Xavier softly said to her. Of course she didn't hear him as she unlocked the door and walked inside the house. Xavier sighed heavily as he sat there for a couple of minutes. 

He then drove off. Bree walked inside to see Keria sitting on the couch with who she was assuming was Keria's cousin. "Hey," Bree greeted, closing and locking the door behind her. "Hey, this is my little cousin Alyssa. Alyssa this is Breana, my friend. You remember her?" Aly looked at Bree and nodded, "Yeah, I remember." "You've gotten so big. I almost didn't recognize you. Where is Satan's spawn?--Oops. I mean your cousin," Bree questioned, sitting her things down. Keria sighed, "Chandra is upstairs..." "In WHO's room?" Bree eyes widened. "She's in the shower Bree. Chill. She didn't touch any of your things while you were away," Keria reassured. "I'm sure she wanted to though. She is so bad," Alyssa shook her head. Bree sat down across from her, "Keria told me about everything. Can I ask you a few questions about your mother if you don't mind?" "I have been questioned all day honestly. So I'm sure a few more wouldn't hurt," Aly dryly gave her permission. 

"Have your mama ever hit you too hard 'til the point you get bruised?" Breana inquired anxiously. "Bree, I already asked her these things. She's sticking to her story. She says no," Keria cut in, informing. "Let me see you in the kitchen Keria," Bree requested as she walked into the kitchen. Keria walked in and closed the door behind her, "What's up?" "Did you find any bruises on her body?" Bree asked. "I didn't find any bruises, but she does have a few scars on her arms and legs," She answered. "And she denied that her mother hit her right?" "Basically. I'm just stuck in a hard place now. What the f*ck do I do? If I report this to anyone to investigate, my cousins can get taken away and I might never see them again. And then on top of that, I don't want my aunt to get in trouble," Keria remarked, stressfully. "Then we must investigate this ourselves. Didn't you take a course on Psychology?" "Yeah, but it was the basics. And she has looked me in the eye and gave me contact every time she speaks. So I honestly don't know if she's just a good liar or maybe just telling the truth." Bree shook her head, "Most pathological liars are good at what they do so I'm not surprised." "However, Aly has yet to look me in my eye and she has paused and everything," Keria explained. "Wait, before we deem her a liar. Honestly, I believe she is just shy or just tired of being questioned."

"Before I make any type of decision, I just need to just let it play out a little more," Keria retorted, walking out of the kitchen. Bree followed her into the living room and examined the scars and markings on Alyssa's body. "Aly, how did you get those marks?" Bree interrogated. "Well, the ones on my legs are from the time I fell off my bike, the ones on my arms are from when I was wrestling with this boy name Demarcus at school. And I can't remember where I got the one on my back from," Aly remarked. "Liar! You know that's a lie Aly! Why won't you just tell the truth? Stop protecting mama!" Chandra hollered as she came downstairs. Bree made eye contact with her, "I believe her! Yo lying ass! I don't trust you. Period. And if you weren't Keria's family, you would have BEEN out of this house. You just be glad that I ain't got evidence! Count your damn blessings little girl!" 

"Bree, you can't even say anything like that. You don't know anything about what goes on in that house. Just like I don't so just chill. I know you don't like her but that's still my cousin," Keria spat. Chandra gasped and looked hurt, "You think I would lie about something so serious? Do you know that if I tell anyone at school about this, that I can end up in foster care? You think I want to hurt my own mother? How f*cking dare you talk to me like that? You don't even know me, yes I f*cked with your things. And yes, I flirted with your boyfriend Bree and I'm sorry but my mama did abuse me and she abused and brainwashed Aly as well." "You are a liar! Mama didn't do nothing to you! I hate you! You just wanna break up our family!" Alyssa suddenly cried. 

Chandra's eyes became glossy, "What about the time Kevin snuck into your room and played with your secret parts and mama didn't do anything but watch? You told me to never tell anyone Aly and I should have been a big sister Aly but--" "SHUT UP! And stop traumatizing your little sister! Ugh. You are pathetic," Bree ran over to Aly and wiped her tears and wrapped her arms around her. "Keria, tell her to stay in her lane! She don't even know me like that! And Aly tell the truth! It's okay. Mama won't be able to hurt us anymore," Chandra roared with tears streaming down her face. "Why do you keep lying?" Aly cried harder. Keria didn't know what to do. She was stressing out. Why did she have to deal with this? What solution would she have for this? She wanted to just run away from her problems and never look back. Unfortunately, she knew she couldn't. Bree was basically annoyed with Chandra. She rolled her eyes hard at her and grabbed Aly. She then grabbed her keys. "I'll take you home Aly," Bree offered. "Shakeria! Why the f*ck haven't you defended me? She whooped my ass! Had my head hurting and bust my nose but you did NOTHING! You allowed her to attack me. She hates me and don't believe a word I say. It's obvious she'll rather see me dead then believe a girl like me can become abused," Chandra broke down and headed to the kitchen. Bree quickly covered Aly's ears, "Dumb b*tch. Tired of her." "I'm tired of both of you! I'm tired of everything! Why did God give me so much to put on my shoulders? Bree you DO need to stay in your lane. You wouldn't like if I treated your family like you treat her. So chill," Keria sighed heavily. 

Bree screwed her face, "You damn right I wouldn't like that because my family didn't do sh*t to you. Chandra sit up here and just caused hell. Let's not forget. Your cousin NEEDS to stay in her damn lane and get the f*ck out of mine. She disrespected me FIRST and that's what caused the fight. I didn't just up and whoop her ass. She threw my sh*t and tried to hit me in the face. And I let her have it." "Okay Breana, I'm sorry that she did that. It's obvious that she's hurt so she's acting out for attention. You have no right to even interfere and say things like she's lying. You out of line and you know it. And I'm not allowing it anymore. Watch yourself. And I'm done with this conversation," Keria growled. Bree shook her head and laughed a little, "Watch myself? Okay. And I will definitely not interfere. You are on your own with her." "Really? You just being petty right now. So calm down and go smoke or something before you piss me off," Keria spat again. Bree felt herself steaming. She hid it, but she knew she was gonna explode if she didn't get out of that house. She wasn't mad at Keria, more so Chandra. As she was heading to the door, Chandra cried loudly from the kitchen. Keria rushed to the kitchen to see that Chandra had sliced her wrist. "No one loves me," Chandra wailed louder. Bree walked in and saw her. In her mind, she knew that Chandra did it ALL for attention. She just couldn't prove it yet. At that moment, Keria just broke down and prayed. Bree wanted to punch Chandra so bad but she knew it would only add more stress to Keria. So she got down on her knees and prayed with her making sure to ask God to relieve the stress from her friend...

As Bree and Keria prayed, Sofia started sketching things for one of her customers. This man had wanted a portrait dedicated to his mother. It included all of her favorite things. So Sofia wanted to make sure that she did an excellent job on it. "Baby... You been quiet all day. You good?" Aaron asked, walking into the room. "I thought you were heading over your friends house," She remarked, continuously sketching. "I was, but I ain't even feel like dealing with those niggas... For real Soso. What's wrong?" He sat down next to her. "Sh*t. Everything. I'm just tired. I will be out of your hair pretty soon. Need to get my own space. This sh*t ain't working," Soso spat, placing her tools away. Aaron twisted his face in confusion, "I don't understand." "Look, I just can't do this any damn more. Our relationship ain't what it used to be. I'm not happy and in fact, I got my eyes on somebody else I'm done with this," Soso broke up with him, leaving him dumbfounded. 

"Sofia, I give you everything you want. I f*ck you, I spoil you, I'm rich, I'm handsome as f*ck and I can have any b*tch I want, but I chose you. You understand that? So you breaking up with a nigga like me?!" Soso laughed and got up, "Dude, this relationship is dead. And go be with those b*tches you brag about if that's the case. You provided me with all those things and it's STILL not enough because you thought you could keep me with materialistic things and shallow thoughts. You aight nigga. You ain't all that though so don't let these hoes get to your head. I can do bad all by my damn self! I don't need your help. You short muthaf*cka. And you forgot to add dumb to that list you was calling out. Some b*tch came by today with a baby in her hand saying you the daddy. She look JUST like your ass too. I couldn't do sh*t but laugh. She said you been ducking her calls. I gave her ass your social security number and bank statement with all your info. And if you STILL think you more special than you are... I f*cked someone else. And he was much better. And he can reach the sink. Unlike yo ass. Oh and thank you for putting money in my bank account. I got enough to start my own business. Oh and thanks for putting some of your sh*t in my name. So that expensive ass car out front, technically belongs to me and I will be taking it," Soso laughed loudly at his expression and gathered her things. "YOU NEED ME! I DON'T NEED YOU!" Aaron yelled, enraged. "Actually, you need a damn lawyer 'cuz her ass gon' take you for EVERYTHING you have. Good luck," Sofia placed all her things in her brand new car and then watched him stare at her. "Sofia... I love you. Isn't that enough? Sorry about you finding out about my kid," He pleaded, staring in her eyes. "It really isn't... Bye Aaron," Sofia got into the car and drove off. She checked into a hotel and then drove off and headed to Zay and Dany's house for the Black Pyramid meeting. 

"Ana, you know I been wanting to hit yo spot all f***ing night. Why you teasing me?" Joshua asked as he sat down next to Ana. Ana laughed, "Because you pissed me off earlier! And now you gotta deal with the consequences! I might give you head later. I don't know yet. We'll see." Josh bit his lip, "I know I wanna eat you all up." "Mmmm, later," Ana moaned. Joshua smirked and watched as the rest of Black Pyramid walked into the house. "Greetings everyone. Welcome to this induction ceremony. This is where we will give our new members goddesses. Refreshments are being served on the table to my left. Eat as much as you want and drink as much as you'd like. I'm not stingy. Just don't waste sh*t! Anyway, let's get started," Zay smiled as he stood in front everyone. 

Xavier stared at Breana, "I been calling you..." "And I been ignoring you," Bree sassed. "Really? You gon' do me like that? I'm sorry bae. Damn, but this is my lifestyle at the moment. Can't you just be here for me?" He questioned sincerely.  Bree moved a seat down from him, "Shut up X. I ain't even in the mood for you." He sighed and didn't say a word as he continued gazing at her. "Hey skank," Rose greeted Bree and sat next to her. "Hey loose pussy, smelly, blue waffle whore!" Bree spat back. Rosemarie laughed loudly and pinched her nose, "You got me f*cked up. That's your wide pussy having ass." "B*tch, not even. Cut it out," Bree laughed. Nani quickly rolled her eyes, "Who the f*ck left the gate open?!" "Oops," Zay chuckled. "Goofy ass nigga," Rose giggled.

"Can y'all shut the f*ck up and start the ceremony? Geesh. I got an announcement to make!" Lexi roared. "Okay miss impatient... Make your announcement," Zay joked. Lexi stood up and cleared her throat, "Well... I'm pregnant and this time I'm hoping for a boy!" "Is it Kris baby?" Bree questioned. "Hell yeah. I ain't f*cked nobody else!" Lexi confirmed. "Oh God, another niece or nephew to baby-sit on my own because Bree won't watch them," Keria remarked. "I do watch Kai. She just too gotdamn grown. Lexi need to keep her damn legs closed," Bree spoke up. "Um excuse me b*tch. This is my 2nd child. My oldest and only daughter is 5 years old. So I definitely know how to use protection. So hush skank," Lexi mushed Bree head and sat down. 

Zay laughed, "Whoa girls. No need to fight. Congrats Lexi... I didn't know grandmas could get pregnant after a certain age." He then winked at Bree and laughed. Bree winked back and laughed loudly. "Nigga you not funny," Lexi rolled her eyes, causing Nani to laugh. "Grandma upset. Dentures too tight or something," Nani teased. "Aye. Don't get mad at me granny. You don't get wet no more, you get drops," Zay bumped Bree's shoulder repeatedly while laughing. "STOPPPPP it Zay!" Bree giggled. "Um.... You need to give us our name while you giggling with this slut," Rose joined in. "I'mma slap the sh*t out of all of y'all!" Lexi yelled.

"Aye but don't be mad for real. Bree told me to call you granny. We just joking," Zay laughed. "Bree gon' get bleach poured on her slutty ass," Lexi joked. "I dare you b****!" Bree spat. "Any damn way. Get to the names nigga!" Dany hollered. "Oh yeah... Rosemarie, your goddess is Sekhmet, the goddess of battle and war. You are very powerful. Not as powerful as your master though," Zay laughed. He continued, "Well Alexandra, I was going to make you Renpet, the mistress of eternity. But after you announced your pregnancy, you will be Meshkent, the goddess of childbirth and delivery." "Mistress of eternity sounds very appropriate," Nani laughed. "Basically meaning she gon' be a ho forever," Soso joked. 

"f*** you b****es!" Lexi spat, flipping everybody off. "A nigga hungry," Xavier got up and fixed himself a plate. "Eat then nigga!" Bree rolled her eyes. "Petty," He mumbled as he sat down. "You girls so silly. That is not what that means," Zay chuckled. "Ugh. I feel like twerking," Ana spoke out. "Random as f*** but you can twerk with me Ana Banana," Rose offered. "She good," Nani remarked. "Well, twerk then ladies. I'm about to turn on some music. Keria, did you leave your friend at home?" Zay asked. "What you talking about?" Keria questioned. "Your phone... You real quiet. You think you better than us huh? You too good to associate huh? You don't like twerking? Is the moon white or yellow? Huh? Does 2+2+2+2=8? Or does it equal two to you huh?" Zamir stared a hole into her. "Zay, if you don't get the f*** out of my face and leave me the f*** alone, I will strangle you. Okay? LEAVE ME THE f*** ALONE!!!" Keria shouted. "Why huh? You think I don't like being strangled? You don't know me! I'm a wild boy!" He shouted as Bree pulled him to the kitchen. 

"Nigga, she really isn't in the mood... So leave her alone like she demanded," Bree informed him. "I like f*cking with her though, but aight. I'll leave her alone for now," He laughed. Bree shook her head and walked out of the kitchen. "I want all the baddest b****es to get on the floor and twerk that ass! I'll pay your rent for two months! Cuz I'm about to make it tsunami on you!" Zay laughed as he set up his music equipment and turned some party music on. Everyone got up and started dancing. "Yes! I get to do my sh*t," Rose laughed and came out her shirt.

"Why this ho getting naked?" Nani asked Ana. Ana shook her head, "I don't know and don't care. She better stay over there with Bree, don't come over here with that sh*t. Tryna seduce people and sh*t." "Seduce with what? She ain't got no tits or ass!" Josh held her waist as she danced on him. "I see you Keria! Pop that ass girl!" Zay teased loudly. Keria tried her hardest not to laugh. She rolled her eyes playfully and continued dancing. "Dany, twerk that ass on this long ass d*** b****!" Zay shouted as he danced on her from behind. Dany stopped dancing and smacked him, "Chill yo ass out." "You chill b**** on this d*** as I cum!" He yelled, causing Bree to laugh loudly. He noticed her laughing and laughed loudly as well. Everything was working out smoothly until there was a loud bang on the door. Zay quickly answered it and anger filled him as he saw who was standing there. "The f*** you doing here? Thought I killed you!" Zay spat.


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<em>Chapter Fourteen</em>

Sofia stood in front of her house watching the police as Aaron tried his best to comfort her. "Baby, I know it isn't much to say but there is a reason for everything. And just be thankful that it wasn't worse," Aaron cooed. Soso knew he was right. It could very well be worse and she understood that. It still didn't stop her from shivering. At least she still had her clothing and bed. And at least she still had a roof over her head. That's all that mattered. Sofia nodded slowly, digesting all of Aaron's words, "I know Aaron. I know." "Well, Ms. Brooks we have gathered as much information as we could, which really isn't much. So we can't build a case. There weren't any fingerprints or any article of clothing left behind. We asked some of your neighbors and they seemed to not know anything either. All we can advise you to do is to be careful. There are plenty of break-ins that happen around this area each and every month. Protect what's rightfully yours and be attentive. And most importantly, be safe," The officer informed. "Thank you officer. She will most definitely be safe," Aaron replied. The officer nodded and then left with the rest of the policemen. Soso walked through her door and turned on the light switch to see the aftermath. "Man. I can't sleep here tonight. I'm still paranoid as all hell," Sofia retorted. "You can stay at my house. You know that babe. Everything will be fine... I promise," He kissed her cheek. Just then, Soso received a message from Nani: <strong>Didn't see you at Dany's. What happened?</strong> Soso quickly responded: <strong> My place got broken into so I had to go see if I had any s*** left man.</strong> Sofia then got into her car and followed Aaron to his house.

Nani was pulling up to her house when she received Soso's message. She replied rapidly: <strong>Damn why you ain't call us? You know I'm down for the ride.</strong>She shook her head and walked inside the house to see Jasper laying across the couch lazily. She rolled her eyes at him. She was still upset with him from the s*** he said to her about the BP party. In her eyes, he had no right to come at her that way when all she do is take care of Cervantes or work. "Babe, I know you brought a nigga some good to eat," He yawned, while sitting up. 

"I wish I would nigga. Better go over one of yo niggas house," She snapped, while her eyes traveled to the bills on the table. He let out a loud sigh, "Really Nani? We really doing that?" "What are you talking about 'babe'?" She batted her eyelashes, pretending she didn't understand his question. "You know what? Just forget it," He hissed. "Sure thing hun, but I'mma need you to get your ass off my couch laying like that. You're messing it up. And clean up after yourself. Damn. I'm having company over in a few and I really wish you would clean after you're done with s***. This ain't no damn trash bin. Gosh," She complained. "Company?" He questioned, ignoring her rant. "Yes. Company. They helping me pack. We are still moving aren't we? Where is C?" "He's in his room sound asleep," He announced. "Good," Nani stated, now walking into the kitchen and seeing a pile of dirty dishes. "Jasper! Why these dishes in this sink after I washed them yesterday? Lord be my wheel and guide me because I'm about to put a hurting on this nigga," She shouted and tried to calm down. He walked into the kitchen smirking. "The f*** is funny? Wipe that dumb ass look off yo face," Nallely roared. "Because I know why you acting like that," Jasper claimed and floated over to her. He kissed behind her ear. He knew just how to get her in the mood.

Nani hesitated at first, but allowed him to kiss and lick behind her ear. He then attacked her neck, while massaging her clit through her panties. She let out a soft moan, allowing him to go further and slip his fingers inside her. Nallely gasped, but held onto him as he penetrated her wet treasure with his thick, long fingers. "See you keep b****ing 'cuz you want this d***. I'mma give it you," He blew onto her ear, sending chills down her spine. He continued fingering her flower until her sweet nectar covered them. He then licked it off and kissed her passionately. It started to get hot as he took her shirt off of her. 

He then snatched her shorts off and sat on the counter. After that, he whipped his d*** out and inserted it inside her. She gripped his shoulders as he maneuvered his hips in circles, making sure to hit every one of her spots. Nani bit her lips to keep from moaning loud. He was only beginning and it felt so good to her. He placed her legs over his shoulders and kept his pace as he continued digging into her s***. Jasper then went faster at this moment and paid attention to her facial expressions. Her face said it all as he went deeper this time. "f***... You always been so tight Nani... You feel good," He cooed in her ear. "Mmm s***," Nani moaned lowly. "Mmm baby. Pussy so wet," He grunted in her ear, making her even wetter. 

He couldn't slow down now. He had to quicken his pace. He went harder than before and started grinding in and out of Nani, making her cum. Her first nut was out of the way. He was destined to make her cum at least twice before her friends arrived. He started beating it up,  causing Nallely to scratch his back wildly and speak in tongues. She was missing this spiritual d***. As Jasper and Nani were having a quickie, Dany and Zay were arguing. "I'm tired of you blatantly disrespecting me Zay. Like a lot of the s*** you do will not fly from now on! I'd be damned if I let you make me look like a submissive ass b**** and fool. I don't give a f*** about Rose so don't tell me how what I did was uncalled for. What that b**** did was uncalled for. She lucky I didn't smack the s*** out of her. Next time I see her, I'm letting her know too. I'm not the f***ing one. You b****es ain't seen Danyell lose her cool and don't wanna see it!" 

Dany roared at Zamir. Zamir sighed and walked halfway up the steps and then waited for Dany to walk upstairs. He then grabbed her and snatched her shorts and panties off in one tug. Dany didn't say a word as he flipped her upside down and started devouring her at the bottom of the steps. Danyell didn't even care about the blood rushing to her head. She held onto his legs and closed her eyes as he nibbled and sucked on her swollen clit. He smacked loudly and allowed his tongue to travel to her hole and jammed it inside and tongue-f***ed her. Dany could barely control herself as her body jerked and squirmed.

"Mmmmmmmm," He groaned as he continued f***ing her with his long tongue. Dany rolled her hips and started f***ing his tongue back. Her upward grinding met with his tongue and drove her crazy. He didn't mind her grinding all over his face and tongue. He loved it. He then allowed his tongue to dance over her clit and pinched it, making Dany let out a soft moan. He tugged and rubbed it as he now inserted his long fingers into her pussy. He fingered her, awaiting her explosion. "Mmmm baby, this kitty so f***ing wet. I love it," He cooed sexually. "Mmm Zay," Dany moaned softly.

Zamir tugged and played with her clit as he f***ed her with his fingers until she started squirting. He smirked and slurped her up. He then pulled her up and smeared her cum onto her lips and licked it off slowly. He then shoved his tongue into her mouth, allowing her to taste herself. They made out for a couple of minutes. He broke the kiss and stared into her eyes intensely, "That kitty was so sweet mommy. Can I make it purr even louder with my doggy?" Dany grabbed his hand and they both ran to their room and started having sex. Meanwhile, Nani was climaxing for the second time. 

Just as Jasper was cumming, the doorbell rung. Jasper filled Nani up with his cum. Nani caught her breath and hopped off the counter and ran to the bathroom and freshened up quickly. Jasper wiped his d*** off and went to the bathroom with her. "s***... s***," Nani cleaned herself as quickly as she could. The doorbell soon rung again. She then came out of the bathroom and looked for her shorts. She found them and got dressed into them. Next, she sprayed the entire kitchen and searched for her shirt. "Ugh, nigga where you throw my shirt?!" Nani asked, searching the kitchen for it. She gave up as the doorbell rung again. "I'm coming damn!" She now walked to the door to see Bree at the other side of it. "Ummm, I'll come back," Bree looked at her strangely.

"Nonsense... Come on in," Nani opened the door widely. "Okay, but it seems like I was interrupting something," Breana continued staring at her. "Naw, we were done by the time you arrived. Just can't find my shirt," Nani boldly announced, while laughing. "Oh my God... Eww," Bree laughed. "Anyway nigga, where Ana ass? Thought she was coming." "She coming alright... Just on Josh's d***. They nasty ass went somewhere to f***," Bree informed, while walking into the kitchen. Nani shook her head,  "They hot ass. And Soso texted me and said her apartment got broken into." 

"Damn.... Did they take anything?" She questioned, going through the cabinet. "I don't know man. I didn't even ask but I think they did cuz she said she was checking to see what's left," Nallely answered. Bree's eyes soon shifted to the floor to see Nani's panties. "You unsanitary ass muthaf***as! I am not eating s*** out this kitchen," Bree yelled, while walking out of the kitchen. Nani picked them up and then found her shirt and put it back on, "Yo overdramatic ass."

Just then she received a text from Soso: <strong>My bad. Aaron jus broke my damn back for the  entire week. But I ain't wanna worry yall I'm good doe.</strong> "Damn is everybody f***ing? Sneak just said Aaron just broke her damn back," Nani laughed. "Everybody f***ing except ME! I need some good d***!" Bree pouted, while getting up. "And I'm sure you'll get it nigga since you staying over X house for a week," Nani reassured. She replied back to Soso: <strong>Lol smh. Y'all NASTY asx!</strong> Soso replied: <strong>O:)</strong> Nani shook her head and responded: <strong>Angel my asx! Lol</strong> Soso then texted: <strong> lol iigh you got me g but I'm bout to nap right quick. TTYL.</strong> Nani sent one last text: <strong> See you later S. Dot</strong>. Jasper soon came into the living room, "Sup Bree." "Sup J," Bree responded. "s*** really. Babe, I'm about go cut my mom's yard. Be back later," He walked over to Nani and kissed her. 

"Aight," She responded. Jasper then left. "So... Why am I helping you pack again?" Bree asked, heading to her room. "Because we're moving into another house. I can't wait 'till you see it. We having a housewarming party and everybody invited instead of that annoying rat," Nani broadcasted, while following her. "Nani," Bree called out, while placing some of her things in a box. "I'm so serious. I don't want her there. Nobody likes her but you and Zay. Y'all can have y'all own little party but she won't be coming to this one," Nani enforced. 

"At one point of time Nallely, you have to put s*** aside. She's weird. I get it. She's too much at times but I like it. She hasn't hit a nerve yet. When she does, I'll put her in her place. So I'm inviting her anyway," Bree spat, placing more things into boxes. "Whoa... Wait a minute nigga. This my house. You can't invite the enemy to my s***," Nani spat back. Bree rolled her eyes, "Chile hush. You ain't even give the b**** a chance." "You right. I gave her chances... I could've been knocked her ass out," Nani hissed. 

"Whatever... I'm done talking about this..." "Why are you protecting her? Like why? It makes no sense to me. You just met her but you are protecting her against me," Nani desperately wanted to know. "You would never understand. So just drop it," Bree demanded. Nani sighed and helped her pack her things, "So...   Zay ass really showed out. Couldn't be me." "Me either s***. I wish X ass WOULD. That nigga would be picking his face off the floor 'cuz I'll slap the skin off his ass flirting with b****es. Not I," Breana chimed in. "Exactly. All I can do is shake my head." "For real s***!" Bree and Nani continued talking about what went down as they both finished packing. While they were doing that, Keria was walking into the house to see Chandra on her phone eating now & laters. "Where you get those?" Keria inquired.

"Out yo room," Chandra responded now hopping back into her conversation. "How many did you eat Chandra?" Keria asked, trying not to get mad. "3 or 4. Maybe 5. I ate yo cookies too. Some dude came over here and sent you some flowers," Chandra nonchalantly informed. Keria felt herself getting angry and then exploded. She grabbed Chandra by her throat and choked her, "STAY OUT MY s***! Do you understand? I don't wanna f***ing hurt you but I'm getting real close to doing that s*** little girl." 

Chandra struggled as she gasped for air. Keria then let go and shook her head because she wanted to do way more than what she did. She took a deep breath, "Who sent me flowers?" "Some nigga name Justin," Chandra caught her breath and walked upstairs. Keria found the card and the flowers from Justin and smiled. She found his number and texted him: <strong>That was really sweet of you.</strong> He then texted back: <strong>I'm glad you like them. Just wanted to make you smile.</strong> She slowly calmed down and replied: <strong>It did. But I dnt wanna be sweet talked to either. So come harder than that s*** </strong>. She sat down and smelled the flowers. They smelled really good. And they were her favorite color. She got up and placed them in a vase with water and sat them in the window. 

Justin responded: <strong>Dang. Okay lol. Let's have dinner tonight at 8. I'll pick you up. If that's cool?</strong> She replied: <strong>Okay. See u.</strong> Justin replied the same. Keria then went upstairs and looked for things to wear tonight. While Keria did that, Bree was walking through the door with Xavier. Chandra came downstairs and eyed X. Bree didn't say a word as she went upstairs and saw Keria rummaging her closet, "Ooh where you going?" "I got a date with Justin tonight," Keria replied. 

"Look at you! And I just finished helping Nani pack. I'm about to go pack my bag and bounce but anyway. Why Chandra so quiet?" "I choked her ass. She ate my s***. I wanted to choke her til she turned purple but I controlled myself," Keria retorted and laid clothes onto the bed. "Damn.... I'll be back. Let me get my bag," Bree remarked and went inside her room. As she was throwing her clothes into her bag, she noticed something was out of place. She looked closely and saw that her earrings were missing. She then checked and saw that her cookies were gone. "Keriaaaa... You borrowed my earrings? I can't find them." "No... I didn't touch them," Keria shouted from her room. She knew that Keria wouldn't touch her things without asking first but she just wanted to make sure. "Okay." She then headed downstairs to see Chandra sitting down flirting with X. "Um excuse me... He's taken. And did you touch my earrings and cookies?" Bree calmly asked.

Chandra rolled her eyes and then licked her lips at X standing at the door, not paying her any attention. "Damn, you tatted up. That's so sexy," Chandra flirted. Bree then walked on the other side of the table which was in front of the tv, "Excuse me... I asked you a question. Did you touch my chocolate chip cookies and leopard print earrings?" Bree questioned again. "Yes I did b****. What you gon' do? I ate yo cookies and I'm wearing yo earrings. f*** outta here you simple ass female. I run s*** and I do what the f*** I want WHEN I want. Keria can't save yo ass so swerve the f*** out my face," Chandra roared.

"Ummm little girl... I'm the one. I'm definitely the one. You drunk my cranberry juice and I didn't make a big deal out of it but now you are going into my room without my permission and touching my things that's a BIG problem that you don't want me to solve," Bree stared at her. Chandra barked, "b**** please. I drunk yo s***, ate yo s***, took yo s***, and I can take yo nigga too if I want him." "Aye lil' girl you ain't gon' take s***. You better chill the f*** out," Xavier butted in. 

"Can you take my earrings off please?" Bree begged as she felt her temper rising. "Fetch them," Chandra took the earrings off and threw them at Bree's face. That's when Bree lost control and jumped over the table and started jabbing Chandra into her face. Chandra fought back but was no match as Breana drug her around the living room, landing punches on her head and face. She then banged her head against the wall. Xavier ran over to the fight, trying to break it up. Keria rushed downstairs and saw them fighting, "Oh my God...." 

She helped Xavier break it up and then handled Chandra roughly. "KERIA! I love you and I know that's your cousin but that b**** can't live here! I'll kill her. That ho gotta ROLL. I tried being nice. She don't like that s*** for some reason. That b**** gotta LEAVE! Let me come back and she still here I'mma kill her!" Bree roared. Chandra held her bloody nose, "f*** both of you b****es!" "Girl... That's it. Get your s***. You not gon' make it in this house. You gotta go," Keria chimed in. "She f***ing hit me first Keria! And you taking her side. That's some bulls***. She fighting children and you okay with that?" Chandra tried to plead her case. "b**** I don't give no f***. You f***ing with the right one. I'll make a blood bank with yo blood. f*** you mean ho!" Bree shouted, preparing to hit her again. "Come on babe. Let's go," X pulled Bree back. Bree hurried up and grabbed her things and left with Xavier. 

"I don't want to hear s*** from you. I'm sorry. Matter fact, f*** that. I'm not sorry. You came in here tryna run s*** and cause trouble. You lost yo mind but that's okay I'm sure you found that muthaf***a today. You run up on a grown woman and you will get beat like one. Couldn't save you this time," Keria preached and shook her head. "I need some aspirin first. My head hurt," Chandra stated, walking upstairs. Keria couldn't help but seriously wonder what was wrong with Chandra. She didn't understand how she turned out the way that she did. It just didn't make sense to her. She couldn't do anything but shake her head. 

"You got 5 minutes to get your stuff," Keria informed. Keria grabbed her keys as the 5 minutes soon came and went. "Let's GO!" She hollered to her upstairs. Chandra still didn't budge. That's when she went upstairs to see her in the bathroom on the floor crying. "I should be the one crying. All this stress you caused me over the past few days Chandra. You have no manners!  You too damn grown and I'm tired of this s***. You have no reason to act the way you do. You have a loving mother who slave at work every damn day so you can have the s*** you want and need but you act like a damn hoodrat ass b**** and it breaks my heart because you won't make it with that attitude. ANYWHERE. You are almost 18. You are not a child anymore. I can't even treat you with respect because you don't show me any. You then ate me and Bree's stuff and even went in our damn room touching our s*** without our permission but you wanna pull the 'She's grown! I'm a child' card like you aren't grown your damn self. Yeah, she's four years older than you but you weren't thinking about that when you started with her. I just feel so bad for your mom. I would have a full head of gray hair right now if I was her. I'm gonna show you better than I can tell you. I'm nobody's b****. Get yo s*** and let's go now. I'm not gonna tell you again!" Keria growled, while walking back downstairs. 

Chandra joined her with her things, "I'm sorry... Please. I can't live with my mama. Please I'll do whatever. Just let me stay here." "Girl bye. Well you sure can't stay here!" "Please... You don't understand...." "What the f*** don't I understand?" Keria question agitatedly. Chandra gulped and then sighed as she raised her shirt up, revealing the bruises, "She's shooting up. Every time she gets high, she beats me or starves me if I don't do what she wants me to do. She got rid of me because I got tired of the abuse. I ran away to get away from her and she called the police. I really shouldn't be telling you this because I promised her I wouldn't say a word. I don't hate her. I just wished she'd g-get help." 

Keria became speechless, while examining the marks on her body and digested every word she said, "Does she beat Alyssa too?" Chandra nodded her head as tears welled up in her eyes, "I fight her back but Aly really can't. She only protects her. She still protects her after she beats her. She beat her bad one day but she covered it with make up so no one would see." Keria thought about her 7-year-old cousin Alyssa. "Why... Why didn't you tell anyone Chandra?" Keria asked in disbelief. "She's still my mother Keria. If I tell, Alyssa would hate me. I told her that I was gonna tell before and she wouldn't speak to me for a long time. She has this young boyfriend that's why she's doing all these drugs. You can't tell nobody Keria... Please don't tell." "Then what am I supposed to do? We gotta get your sister away before something happens!" "She's not gonna go. She loves her too much." "We gotta do something... But she didn't catch you in bed with a boy?" "Her boyfriend tried to rape me and she walked in on him. I was screaming. That's how she found out. She kicked me out and believed him." 


Short as f***ery lol but had to get this chapter out the way. So many mixed emotions about Chandra ass lol.

<em>Chapter Thirteen</em>

While most of the girls were getting to know Rose, the men were chatting with each other. "I don't know man. Rose is way out there," Josh commented. "Josh sugar coating it, the b**** crazy. Point blank and long as she keep her distance we'll be good," Xavier spoke up. Zamir shook his head laughing, "I love her already. You guys don't understand us unique people. You call us weird because you never met anyone like us before." "Yeah... We already got yo weird ass. Don't need another you in female form," Joshua gave him a look. "Exactly. Yo ass is enough. Look at her ass. All buddy buddy with the girls now. I don't want her corrupting my woman. She crazy enough. Don't need a new b**** making her crazier," X boldly stated. Zay chuckled, "Bree has a mind of her own and isn't that what we want, the girls to get along?" 

"I don't know but the look on Ana and Nani faces prove otherwise. They not feeling her either. Soso looks cordial, Dany looks friendly, Bree looks welcoming, Keria looks bored and confused, And Lexi looks... Well like Lexi," Josh observed. "The girls will be fine. I'm sure everything will be...." "Fine... Everything will be fine. Don't worry," Bree reassured to the rest of the girls. "Sorta like you Bree... Fine," Rose smirked. Nani eyed her, "Bree is. She don't need you complimenting her. That's what her man is for." Breana eyebrows rose slowly, "Girl... Hush. I know I look good." Rosemarie laughed, "Good 'cuz I just wanted to make you feel good." She then thumped Bree's nose. Bree thumped her eye, "b**** watch it..." "Ehh. Keep your hands to yourself," Nani hissed at Rose. 

"Ummm... the weather sure is nice today," Dany butted in, feeling the tension. "The weather is always nice. This is LA Dany," Keria added with a giggle. "Ehhh I'm not impressed. I'm ready for my Josh," Ana chimed in. "Yeah Keria... I know but it's a little more sunny than usual today," Dany replied. "I'm ready to thug out and eat! Let me call my boo," Soso joined the conversation. "Where y'all eating at? You know Aaron short ass can't reach the table," Lexi joked. "Jokes. Just like yo hover round couldn't get up the steps this morning. Leave my boo outta this ho," Soso joked. 

"Sneak, you know how grandmas be. Don't hold nothing against her. It's just second nature to her ass to be nosy. She just bitter though cuz her dentures too tight," Nani laughed. "That's alright Coco. I rock canes for fun so don't be ashamed," Rose added, chuckling. "Screw all of you whores! I'm only 23! That's not even old!" Lexi exclaimed. "Yeah, but it kinda is... Sorry," Bree laughed. "Aww... Kris likes it though. Right Lexi?" Ana retorted. "He LOVES it 'cuz we got a date tonight so in your face hoes! Bloop!" "Oooh! Grandma got her groove back!" Nani joked. "Y'all b****es not right. f***ing with Lexi like that," Dany added. "Dany don't worry. I'mma run they asses over if they keep f***ing with me," Lexi flipped her hair. 

"Something is up... Definitely. Y'all are way too calm. That spell book still is fresh on my mind," Ana spoke up. "Spell book? Sounds... Witchy. Mama always said that witches are the devil. I do not f*** with the craft known as witch," Rose playfully stated. "The ONLY calm person is Bree. Everybody else still shaken up about it," Keria remarked. "Spell book?" Dany questioned with confusion. Nani just stared at Rose for a moment and then shook her head. After that, she looked around the group. "Like I told Keria, you guys are overreacting. It's not that serious. It's gonna be fine," Bree reassured once again. "No the f*** it won't be! In fact, I wish you and Zay would stop saying that s***! It will NOT be fine. A spell book?! That I knew NOTHING about," Dany angrily retorted. 

Rose was just all confused. She didn't know what to do. "Looks like somebody got some explaining to do," She laughed and took out a cigarette. "Don't light that stinky s*** in here," Nani firmly demanded. The men soon came back over. "Is everything good? I heard loud tones. I don't like those," Zay smiled. "Nigga, wipe that grin off your damn face. We have s*** to talk about when we get home! Know THAT!" Dany hollered. Zay twisted his face in confusion, "What I do baby?""It's what you didn't do and what you tryna do!" Dany confirmed. Zay looked over at Xavier and he shrugged his shoulders. 

"Bae, I'm starving. Let's go out to eat or some," X looked at Bree. "You guys can come over and I'll cook. I promise not to burn it this time," Rose smiled. "I pass," Nani retorted. "Me too. I'm sure Josh got something to fill me up," Ana remarked. "Mmm. Now you just showing out," Josh licked his lips at Ana. "Ewww! Please kill the images in my head!" Lexi interjected. "I pass too. We don't know yo ass like that honey. Might be one of them b****es Lifetime be doing stories on. No thanks," Bree laughed. "Like.... Are we going to eat or what? A nigga stomach singing now and s***!" "Yeah... Y'all can come to our house. I'll whip something up," Dany offered. "Then it's settled! Let's be out!" Soso jumped up. 

"Let's hurry up and go y'all before Soso have a panic attack!" Dany yelled. Everyone quickly left the building and drove off in separate cars to Zay and Dany's home. "Why the f*** I'm just now finding out about some damn spell book?" Danyell asked as Zay drove. Zamir furrowed his eyebrows and then smacked his lips, "Because I didn't f***ing think it was important. That's why. This why you all mad at me for? I thought we were better than that." Dany rolled her eyes and looked out the window, "You thought wrong nigga. Why the f*** would you keep something like that away from me? And what's the deal with you and Keria? Don't think I haven't been catching on to s***, you want her don't you? Just let me know so I won't look like a f***ing fool."

"Want her? Dany, I'm not looking at Keria in that way. That is my friend and nothing more," He answered, while flaring his nose. "Then what's up with the way you talked to her? What's up with that 'daddy' s***? I be damn if you have other b****es calling you that s***!" Dany hollered loud enough for China to hear. "I overheard her talking to Bree after the party about how I made her feel uncomfortable so basically I been f***ing with her just for the simple fact that she talking to Bree about me. That's all there is to it." "Leave the damn girl alone Zay. Stop messing with her," Dany shook her head. 

"Alright Nephthys. Set will follow your orders for now," Zay smirked. "What I'mma do with your ass?" Dany shook her head again. "There's a lot I wanna do with you," Rose expressed to someone on the phone as she drove. "Really? Then why you fronting on a nigga Rose? Every time I wanna spend time with you, it's always about how your friends putting s*** in your head. I don't have time for that s***. I love you. I wished you'd see that by now man. What the f*** I gotta do?" The male voice questioned sincerely. "Be patient. That's all. But I'll call you back later. I'm busy right now," Rosemarie ended the call. She wondered how everything would go. She only wanted to be happy. Lately, she haven't been familiar with that emotion. 

"Lowkey, I think Zay want Keria," Ana broadcasted to Nani and Josh. "I don't know if Keria want him though... She always seems scared to be around him or in pain almost but that other female... Rose. Dany needs to watch her. I caught when she said she only liked redbones. I don't trust that b****," Nani explained. "Yeah, I know my cousin. He just f***ing with Keria but Rose, she rub me the wrong way. It's just something about her," Josh added. "Exactly... That b**** can't be trusted," Nani chimed in. "Trust me... I really do believe Zay up to something. That s*** he pulled in there today had me like, 'What?!' Like seriously," Keria informed Bree. 

"Ehh... He know you uncomfortable around him so he gon' keep f***ing with you. He don't like you being that way. He wants you to trust him," Bree chanted, focusing on the road. "Ehh my ass and I don't know man... Sometimes he be...." "Out of control! Out of f***ing control! That b**** better stay away from my house or that ho gon' catch a rude awakening! Think I'm playing if she want to! That's all I'mma say about that... Man she lucky I can't get to her right now," Xavier hollered into the phone receiver as he sped down the street. "I know bruh, but just calm down. Might need to let yo girl handle it." 

"Nah if Bree handle it, she'll kill that b****. And I don't want her getting involved but s***, I might kill the b**** too cuz only God knows what I'm capable of!" X shouted, while hitting the corner. "Aight... Don't worry about her. Just make sure you don't be riding around without that heat on you. Niggas be waiting for you to slip up." "I know. Better believe it," Xavier uttered. "I can't believe it! Aaron, I'm on my way to the scene. I'm just gon' have to let the rest of the BP members know. Did they take anything?" Soso asked Aaron over the phone. 

"Yeah. Your laptop, tv, iPod, and some of your jewelry. Baby don't worry about that though. I'm just so thankful that you weren't here when they did this s***!" Aaron cooed. Sofia couldn't do anything but sigh. Material things could be replaced but it was just the fact that someone would invade her privacy and the fact that they knew so much about her from that one incident. Yet, she knew nothing about them. It was a very creepy and paranoia feeling. Sofia sped to her house and couldn't shake these feelings. Everything was just happening so fast. 

Zamir and the rest of the group pulled up to him and Dany's house. Zamir parked the car and got out. He walked up to the front door and unlocked it. The house soon filled up with Black Pyramid. Dany headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch and Zay sat in the spacious living room with the rest of BP. "Ladies, we are gonna have so much fun! There will be plenty of surprises but they are all worth it," Zamir announced. "Where's Soso? She left the same time we did," Nani questioned. 

Zay shrugged, "I don't know. Do you know Keria?" Zay stared at Keria. Bree eyed him, "Zay..." "What Breana? I'm just asking. She MIGHT saw her leave," He continuously gazed at Keria. "Well she didn't! Bones! She rolled with me. So that theory is canceled," Bree stated. Keria just screwed her face and shook her head. "Got something you wanna say Shakeria? Huh? What's on yo mind girl? We all wanna know baby," He tried his hardest to stare a hole through her. "Yeah. Take a damn picture. They last longer," Keria snapped. "Nigga, go sit yo tall bag of bones looking ass down! Leave her alone," Bree threw a pillow at Zay. 

"Naw, please don't say anything Bree. I was gonna slap the yellow off his ass," Dany walked out of the kitchen. Zay smirked and giggled at Keria, "Fair enough. I'll just chill for now, but I'm far from done." He then directed his attention onto Dany, "Babe, I hope you whipping up some good ass tacos." "I am but you better be in here behaving or I'mma put my foot up your ass!" Dany hollered. He floated over to her and kissed her, "I'm being a good boy mommy." "Anyway.... Turn the tv on, roll a blunt, do something! I'm bored as f***," Xavier exclaimed. 

Ana did just that; turned the radio on. "So Rose... You smoke?" Bree asked. "Socially... I wanna preserve my voice. You know?" "Oh so you sing? Me too... Well a little. A lot of goddesses are influenced by music," Zamar cheesed. Rose nodded and giggled, "Yeah... I guess so highlighter." "Highlighter? Girl you so funny," Zay chuckled. "It wasn't that funny to me," Nani stated, while shrugging. "Right Nani... I heard better. The only thing funny is her damn accent. Sound like Ms. Cleo and s***," Xavier growled.

Rose giggled, "Shut up before I wipe my ass on you." Nani looked around confusedly, "Who she talking to?" Josh looked around as well, "I don't know." "Bahahaha," Lexi laughed loudly. "The f*** is so funny? And Dany hurry up and cook them damn tacos!" Bree shouted. "I am. Let me go check on them now. Damn," Dany walked back to the kitchen. Zay stared at everybody and then stared at Rose, "You got a man Rose?" "It's kind of complicated at the moment," She replied. "I'm sure I know why," Ana yawned. "And what reason would that be Anastasia?"

Zay glared at Ana. "Whoa nigga. You better chill with that death staring s*** at my woman. Go play the staring game with somebody else," Joshua barked playfully. "You can play it with me Zay," Bree got up and stared into his eyes. He stared back into her eyes intensely and then grabbed her hands, "You can't beat me. Never will." "You don't know what the f*** I'm capable of. Just know that much," Bree recited and gazed back into his eyes. "I won't blink. That's for damn sure," He stared harder than before. "I am the mother. Remember that. You can't conquer me. You have to go through me first," Bree joked as her eyes never left him. 

"And I will go through you. Trust me. You'll see how I find a way to knock you off balance. I hope you feel it. Do you feel it? Is it intense? How it feel? Can you take it? Take it. Take this s***," Zamir intensely gazed into her eyes. Bree suddenly blinked and laughed and then let go of his hands, "I'm done. This nigga STAY cheating." "I'm just good at what I do. It's a man's game. You won't win," Zay chuckled. "Let me try. If I win, you gotta let me paint your nails," Rose giggled. "Phone home Zay! Phone home! Pineapples! Pine-f***ing-apples!" Nani loudly requested.

Zay twisted his face into confusion, "What are you talking about Nallely?" "Excuse my confusionness but what does pineapples mean?" Rosemarie inquired. "Confusionness? Is that even a damn word? Team f*** a dictionary!" Bree laughed. "You didn't know Venus? Oh my God. I'm worried that you forgot your alien language. Been on earth TOO long," Rose gasped and giggled. By now, Nani was way past annoyed and so were Josh, Ana, and Xavier. "Pardon me, for forgetting my home language. I just disrespected the hell out my family," Bree joked. "Not you too... Hell the f*** no. Not on my watch," X hollered and pulled Bree away from Rose and sat her on his lap. 

"TACOS are NOW being served and set up in the dining room," Dany yelled from the dining room. Everyone got up and headed to the dining room. Everyone sat down at the table. "Who wants to help me pack my things when I get home?" Nani asked. "Nobody. f*** yo s***," Bree stated playfully. "I got food and snacks," Nallely bribed. "I'm in!" Bree yelled and started eating. "I'll do it too. Pass me the lemonade please," Rose grinned widely. Nani passed her the carton of lemonade. "I'll help too. But what kinda snacks you got?" Ana questioned and bit into her taco. 

"Juice, toaster strudels, cakes, cookies, peach rings, candy, chips, and oreos," Nani responded. "Damn. Make a Nigga have the munchies," Xavier added. "Party over Nani house!" Ana yelled excitedly. Rosemarie drunk out of the carton. "Wait... Wait. Did this ho really just drink out of the carton? I don't even want no more lemonade. You can have that s***," Nani sassed. Rose giggled, "Whaaat? What's wrong with my lips?" Zamir giggled, "It's okay Rose. We got plenty of cartons." Dany stared at the both of them and ate silently. "Seriously? What's wrong with them?" Rose laughed hysterically and got up and tried to kiss Nani's cheek. 

Nani pushed her away quickly, "Uh uhn. Don't know where yo lips been." Rose sat down and finished her taco. "Seriously, you might just got through swallowing yo boyfriend d*** for all we know," Bree joked. "Naaaah. I would have a white mustache if that happened," Rose flicked Bree's nose and laughed. Xavier glared at her and shook his head, "b**** you nasty." Bree pushed him playfully and whispered to him, "Chill out." Josh chuckled, "For real. Way out there." "Eww. White mustaches? I threw up a little," Lexi joked. Keria was so far gone from the conversation. She just couldn't wait to leave the house. Rose was just a little TOO much for her liking. 

Zamir chuckled, "Oooh. So you ain't afraid of snow?" "The f*** that mean?" Dany eyed him, while devouring her last bite. Zay sighed, "What the f*** it sound like?" "I'mma kidnap you Zay if you keep on," Rose giggled. "Rosemarie, Zamir is mine," Dany glared at her. "We can't share him like a couch?" Rose playfully asked. "No. Unless you wanna share a hospital bed with him," Danyell roared. "I wasn't aware he had a lost and found collar around his neck that said, 'Return to Dany when found'," Rose teased. "The day we became engaged. That's when. I don't share. Period," Dany growled. "Ugh! I'm not even horny anymore. Damn you Dany!" Rose shouted jokingly. "Not horny? How is that possible?" Ana fainted. Rose felt the tension in the room as everyone glared at her. "Whoa guys. I was just kidding. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously," Rose defended herself. 

Zamir shook his head, "See. That wasn't even called for Dany." Joshua quickly tended to Ana, "Baby... Baby? You okay?" Josh fanned Ana and she soon woke up. "I'm fine. I just heard her say that she wasn't horny anymore. How can you not be horny? She must be sick or something. Call a doctor," Ana got up. Rose giggled, "I'm fine Ana." Josh shook his head and slapped Ana's ass, "Silly girl. Had me worried." "Crazy asses," Bree shook her head. Rose flicked her nose, "Shut up before I kick yo ass." 

"Kick my MUTHAf***ING ass ho!" Bree yelled. Rose instantly hugged her, "No. You're my favorite." Bree flicked her eye, "Stop that s***." "OWW, you f***ing whore! That hurts!" Rose held her eye. Zamir chuckled and got up and got between them, "Can't have my goddesses fighting." "Shut up Zay!" Bree pushed him playfully. "I think I found my partner in crime Bree," Rose smiled, while looking at Breana. "And who would that be?" Nani asked. "b**** swerve Nani! Don't nobody like Bree's rude ass but X," Lexi laughed, adding her two cents. Nani laughed a little, "Lexi, Bree is MY best friend. She belongs to me. This ho tryna take my place. It's not happening." 

"There's enough room to share. That's my ace and my goon. We shoot unicorns together," Rose laughed. "Nah. There really isn't. That's my baby. I get all her time," Xavier kissed on Bree. Bree laughed and pushed him, "Nigga please." "I'll be your friend Nani," Zay cheesed. "Nigga...." Nani looked at him and laughed. "She's already your friend. Ass," Josh joked. "I'm sure nobody like her. I don't even like her and that's my sister," Lexi laughed. "I love her," Rose grinned. 

Nani eyed her, "You have a boyfriend right? Then go find comfort in him. You won't be finding that in Bree. Sit the f*** down somewhere! Dismissed!" Dany grabbed Zay and made out with him as the tension got thicker. "OOH, I like this game we playing," Rosemarie smirked. "Rose... Let me put this in plainer terms. I already got beef with you 'cuz you tryna take my spot. So knock it off before you go missing. Anything else you have to say?" Nani smiled wickedly and crossed her legs. Rose crossed her legs and mocked her, while staring at her, "Anything else you have to say?"

Bree glared at Nani and stared at her blankly. "Ummm," Keria retorted, not knowing what to say. "Bree, get your friend before my inner thuggie comes out," Nani laughed a little. "I'm getting her. Come on Rose," Bree pulled her. "Thank you Bree," Nani smiled. "No... I wanna molest Ana," Rose joked. "Nah. You can't molest Ana. You can molest Lexi though," Nani butted in. "The f***?" Lexi shook her head as she laughed. "I can do what I want," Rose replied. "No you CAN'T," Nani informed her.  Rose yawned and played with her phone. 

Bree played with Rose face and laughed. "Bree STOP that s***!" Nani demanded in a firm tone. "Nani, I ain't did nothing," Breana pleaded. Zamir and Dany continued to make out. "Take that s*** upstairs. This ain't a porno," Josh joked. "Did somebody say porno as in sex?" Ana asked. "Umm yeah... I did," Josh chuckled. Rose played in Bree's hair as Bree tugged her nose. Rose pinched her nose, "Bad girl." "I told you about that s***!" Bree flicked her eye. "Sorry. It's my favorite spot," Rose flicked her nose again. By this time, Bree and Rose were flicking each other's body parts back and forth until Rose slapped Bree's ass. At that moment, Nani was getting annoyed. Bree flicked Rose breasts hard, "The f***? Don't do that anymore." "You going to jail! You going to jail now!" Keria burst out, trying to lighten the mood and causing the room to fill with snickers.

However, it only worked for a millisecond because the tension was still thick in the air. "Stop flicking people!" Rose bit Bree's finger. "Rose! Stop that s***!" Nani reached her boiling point, causing Dany and Zay's make-out session to end. Rose just didn't understand what Nani's problem was. "Nani, you get jealous when I touch Bree. Not even nasty like, You get mad when I interact with Ana or Zay. You are very confused. Bree is my dog, the corn to my cob, the flat to my tire. Nothing less. Nothing more. Okay?" Rose confessed. "You haven't even known her enough nigga for her to be all of that. You just met her today!" Nani spat. "So... We don't know God, but we still love him so calm yo tits mane," Rose playfully raised her hand at Nani. "My tits are calm. They just don't like your kind," Nani barked. "Wait... Rose is being sarcastic... I think and Nani was just kidding Rose," Bree spoke up. "I knew you would understand," Rose curved her lips into a smile. 

"Whoa... Those tacos messing with y'all mood swings," Zay chuckled. Nani snatched Bree from the table and dragged her into the kitchen. "What Nani?!" "I don't like that smart mouth b****. She tried me! She really tried it!" Nani exclaimed. "Chill. She was only being sarcastic. It's not that serious!" Bree explained to her. "You taking up for her? I  just feel like she wasn't being sarcastic. I don't like that ho attitude," Nani folded her arms, being stubborn. Bree sighed and joined the others. "Well, it looks like it's our cue to bounce. Enough lifetime drama for the day," Keria joked, while getting up. "Right? I just about had enough of that s***," Bree shook her head. She just couldn't believe how Nani was acting. Little did she know, Nani felt the same about her. "Our next meeting is this Friday. It is then that Lexi and Rose's goddesses will be revealed. Come out and show your support! It will be at 6 pm at my house. Refreshments will be served. All members are required to come unless you have to work or another emergency. That means you too Keria. And you sure won't be allowed to get on that phone like you always do. At least pretend to be interested," Zay stared at her.

Keria just stared at him blankly and didn't say a word as she rolled her eyes. Zamir watched her, "Attitudes WILL be checked at the door." "Leave my friend alone please," Bree pushed him. "Tell your friend that I just be kidding. Don't have to be so serious," Zay stated. "I still find it strange that Soso didn't come though. What's up with that?" Dany asked. "I don't know. I'mma see what's up with that. I'mma text her later," Nani stated as she gathered her belongings. "Bree, come spend the night with yo king. Augh!" Xavier declared. Bree laughed, "Aight, I gotta go home and pack me a week worth of clothes." "A week? Ugh. You can't leave me alone with that demon Chandra! I'mma kill that girl and you better NOT say everything will be fine," Keria whined. "Okay... Then everything will be okay. Good luck bruh," Bree patted her back and laughed. "Anyway, I'm excited and can't wait 'til Friday!" Rose danced around excitedly. "Ehhh. It better be quick. I'm tryna get home and get some d*** by 7 on that day," Lexi remarked. "Too much information. Eww," Bree scrunched her nose. On that note, everyone said there byes and left. They knew it wouldn't be the same from this point on.

<em>Chapter Twelve</em>

Zamir took Tam into his room. He pulled out plenty of books about Egypt and then handed them to her. "What are these?" She questioned, really uninterested. "Well, depending on your reading level, I would assume they were Egyptian books but I guess you can't read huh?" He eyed her, while being a smart-ass. Tam smacked her lips, "Hell yeah I can read and why you give me these for? I told you I'm not interested in this." He leaned down to her level and spoke to her softly, but in a firm tone, "Look here little girl. I don't like your attitude. I don't like you honestly and I don't know you. Pop your damn gum and mouth again and you won't be able to swallow from this point on. This is my parents house. And I swear I'm a nice guy. It's just right now I'm not feeling you. Get your s*** together. You WILL be reading upon Egyptian history and matter of fact, I want you to write me an essay on why it's so important. Oh and find you an Egyptian Goddess to write about. So, I want two papers." He then stood up and straightened his posture. Tam laughed a bit, "You CANNOT be serious right now. Look, I don't know you. Don't give a f*** to know you but--" "Tam is it? Does it look like I play baby girl? Look into my eyes," He glared into her eyes intensely, not blinking once.  She quickly shook her head. He slowly curved his lips into a smile, "Good. I'll be back tomorrow to pick up my work." 

Tamara had no idea what being in this family would be like... Now she knew exactly what it would feel like. Zamir smirked to himself and left her to herself. He found his mother in the kitchen and quickly said his goodbyes, "Mom, I have to go. I will be seeing you later." "Okay baby. Where's Tam?" "Upstairs. I just found out she loves Egypt just as much as me! She went through my books and told me she wanted to learn everything about it. It warmed my heart. I love her already," He cooed, smiling. Vanessa's smile matched his, "That is so nice. You could be that perfect big brother to her." He kissed her cheek, "Absolutely. See you later. Love you." "Love you too," She kissed his back. Zamir strolled out of the house with a devious grin plastered on his face, "Let the games begin."

As Zamir was getting in his car, he received a call from Bree. He immediately answered it, "Sup Ma'at? Your king is speaking. What you need?" Bree smacked her lips, "Nigga, you are not my king and can you get out of character for just a day?" He sighed, "You ain't gotta get snappy. What can I help you with Bree? Is that better?" "Perfecto! But you trippin'! You got niggas weirded out. Especially with the spell book and then they saying you taking this s*** too seriously. Now I know BP is a serious organization on the account that we do community service and things of that nature, but sometimes you do the absolute most. It's--" He interrupted her by chuckling, "Oh so you girls HAVE been snooping around in my s***? If you wanted to see, should have just asked BREE. No need to sneak around. And they find it strange huh? Why them heifers didn't just come and speak to me? They had to send you? Bum ass b****es always got something to say. They can kiss this weird, strange, crazy ass. Tell them that for me since they don't wanna be around me anymore. I been this way since high school NOW it's a problem?! Tell me that Ma'at. Oops, Bree since all of a sudden I can't call you that anymore. You didn't care before but whatever. Y'all hoes getting too bold these days. Need to learn your place." "First of f***ing all, who the f*** you cussing at? Do I look or sound like Dany?" 

"You sound like her a little bit," He retorted, starting his engine. "Well, I'm not her. That's the point I'm tryna make. I don't know what the f*** you think or thought this was, but we not them type of friends. You better watch your words and tone my nigga. Because I swear you don't want these problems. I'm not your b****. Go talk to your b**** or the b**** that raised you that way, but don't talk to Breana that way EVER!" Bree shouted into the receiver. "You ain't gon' talk about my mama. I didn't even bring up yours." "I don't give a f***! You opened that window when you called me out my name. You can talk about my mama but I swear I got more s*** on yo mama so it don't matter. You losing your mind?" "I been lost that muthaf***a girl. Can you help me find it?" He commented, putting on his seatbelt. "Well, you sure can play scavenger hunt and find my foot up yo tall, skinny, crack-head looking ass. How about that? Don't test me b****. You KNOW I know what to say to hurt yo muthaf***in' feelings!" "I'm sorry Bree. We been knowing each other since we were kids. I--" 

"Nigga, I don't give a f*** if we came out our mama's pussy at the same time in the same room, you don't speak to me that way. Got me f***ed up and confused. I been taking up for you and you talk to me like that?" He sighed and spoke softly, "I'm sorry Breana. You are right. I was out of line." "NAW! Don't talk soft now. I don't give a f*** about you whispering but make sure you heard me! You not gon' ruin our friendships. Because I want to see all the BP members. I don't wanna have to be separated from everybody because of your ass!" She growled. He continued speaking in a low tone, "I'm an a**hole Bree. I know it. I'm sorry. It's just people love picking on me. I didn't even do anything to them." "This ain't high school, middle school or elementary school. You grown Zay. Act like it." "Okay Bree, before that little incident, I wanted you to inform everyone that we are having our very first new members initiation meeting this weekend. I need some flyers for it. I want you to make them if you up for it." "I'll get to them but if you want that trip to happen you better get it together!" Bree remarked. "I will Bree." "Get your s*** TOGETHER Zay!" Bree shouted and then hung up.

Zamir sighed and looked at the phone. He then placed it in his pocket. He thought about everything Breana said. He knew he had to get it together or he could risk not seeing the rest of the group for a long time because of his attitude. Zay didn't want the group to break up because of him so he knew that he had to fix everything or his plans for the organization would never follow through. He soon drove off. While Zamir was thinking, Danyell was planning their wedding. Her and Zamir was having their ceremony in the spring of next year. She wanted everything to be perfect. At times, she did question why she was marrying him. Well, because Zamir was not like any other boyfriend she had before. He was out there and different. She grew to love all of his wackiness. Honestly, she couldn't see herself with anyone else. Zay may have been a lot of things, but most importantly, he was the love of her life. And everyone else opinion didn't matter. Dany suddenly got a call from her father. She looked at the phone for a moment wondering why he would be calling especially since he was supposed to be working. She quickly answered, "What's up dad?" He cleared his throat, "A lot of things are up. Blame gravity but this isn't about science." Dany slightly rolled her eyes, "Then was it about smart ass?" "Excuse me? Danyell Nevaeh Mendoza, you're not too old to get your ass whooped," He warned her. "Dad, can you please tell me why you called? I thought you were at work," Dany questioned, while browsing the web for cake ideas. "I am. I just wanted to go over a few things with you. First thing, your mother is worried about you and this boy." "His name is Zamir and why is she worried? We have been serious since high school. Nothing has changed. I love him and nobody can take that away from me," Dany expressed with annoyance.

"That's wonderful that you love this boy but you are too young to be tied down like this. You are barely 21 years old Danyell. You should be enjoying your youth, not wasting it on some weird ass boy," He shared his disappointment. Now that got under Dany's skin. She sighed loudly, "He's NOT just some boy. He is the love of my life whether you and mom like it or not. I really couldn't care less. He has been nothing but respectful to the both of you and my only wishes are that you treat him in the same manner. How dare you tell me what I'm not ready for? I'm about to cut this conversation short. I have things to do so what else did you need to discuss?" He took a deep breath. 

He then continued, "Dany, we are only looking out for your best interest. I'm not trying to tell you what to do or what not to do. I just want you to make sure you know what you're doing." "I know what I'm doing dad." "Fine. Anyway, your mother and I are trying for another child. And we wanted your input on the situation," He dropped the biggest bomb. The line became silent for a few seconds. Dany then exclaimed, "WHAT?! Ewww! Why are you two still having sex? That's gross. Isn't it an age limit on that s***? Eww." "Watch your mouth and age doesn't doing anything but make it even better," He boasted. Dany pretended to throw up and then scrunched her face, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Eww dad. Just eww." "Besides being disgusted, what do you think about it?" He inquired calmly. "Why do you want another baby? Isn't me, Cameron, and Noah enough?" "All of you are grown and have lives. We just want another baby in the family. This is something we really want and we already have your brothers support so..." "So... You were hoping I'd join the bandwagon. I don't know about this... But if it's something you want to do... Then fine... By all means necessary... Do it. And no pun intended." He sighed a sigh of relief, "Thanks baby. Well, I better get back to work. Talk to you later. Love you." "Love you too. Bye," She cooed and then hung up. The fact that her parents were even thinking about having another baby just made her feel weird. Why would they wait NOW to try again? It just didn't make much sense to her but she couldn't help but think about Nani's situation. She remember Nani telling how awkward it was for her when her dad got her step mother pregnant. She could only imagine how strange it would feel. However, she really didn't have a choice. They were gonna do what they wanted anyway and there was nothing Dany could do about it. Dany continued to think and then shook her head.

While Dany was thinking, Keria was bailing her little cousin Chandra out of trouble once again. She grew absolutely tired of her bulls***. Chandra was only 17 but stayed in juvenile or in trouble. She didn't understand. Her aunt was a great mom. Yes she was a single mom, but she provided for Chandra and her siblings. There was no reason for her to act out this way. The last straw for Keria's aunt Melissa was today when she caught Chandra upstairs in the bed preparing to have sex with some random boy. Melissa confronted her about it and Chandra threatened to beat her ass and told her to stay out of her business. No one else wanted to deal with Chandra's wild behavior. Keria was the only solution, but even she was questioning was this really worth it. Keria sped home and unlocked her door, <a href="">Chandra</a> popped her gum and looked around, "Where I'm sleeping? And this neighborhood look dry as f***. Uh uh." "Who gives a f*** about that s*** Chandra? That's your problem but I'm not Melissa, I'll knock your young ass out. That's a promise. You're sleeping in my room with me until I clean out the guest room. Either that or the couch," Keria stated and carried her things into the house. Chandra rolled her eyes, "Save that s***. I'm only here 'cuz I ain't got nowhere else to go. You think I wanna stay with your prude ass? Think again b****. And I'm grown. I'll sleep where I want." Keria tried her best to keep her calm as she walked into the house. She wanted to lay hands on her badly. She just didn't want violence to be the answer for everything. Chandra switched into the kitchen and raided the fridge. She picked up some cranberry juice and chugged it. 

"That's Bree's stuff! Why the f*** are you touching s*** without asking first?! Damn. Now I gotta replace her s***. Lord please help me," Keria snatched the bottle out of her hand. "She'll be aight," Chandra responded nonchalantly. "BREE... Can you come downstairs for a minute?" Keria begged. Breana jogged downstairs into the kitchen, "Yeah?" "Chandra staying with us until she get her s*** together. Melissa kicked her out today," Keria informed. "Okay... Cool," Bree nodded. "I drunk your cranberry juice. You can buy another so don't trip over the little s***," Chandra added. "My cranberry juice?" Bree questioned. 

"Yeah. I'm sorry about that Bree. I'll buy you some more," Keria offered. "No. That's okay." "Good. I'm already bored. Damn, I smell weed. I want some," Chandra commented. "Well you won't be getting none of that s*** on my watch so," Keria reinforced. "Whateva," Chandra walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. Keria sighed, "I don't know what I'mma do with her ass. And I'm sorry again about your juice. I'm trying so hard not to choke this b****." Bree laughed, "Don't choke her. She will learn. That's for damn sure but anyway, I spoke to Zay today. He knows all about the damn spell book. He knows we saw it so we basically had a little argument but I set him straight and he promised to get his s*** together. Especially since we are having our first new member initiation meeting this weekend. I gotta make the flyers in a minute but everybody will be there and we will be getting along. Zamir is just weird but that's okay. Let's not allow him to ruin what BP is all about." "Fine but if I wake up under a spell, I'mma kick both of y'all ass."

"Girl hush. That s*** ain't gon' happen. Y'all too caught up in this s***. Not that serious. Let's just go to this meeting and have fun and welcome some new members. For real though. Everything will be fine," Bree reassured. "Everything will be when I set some ground rules for her and get through this meeting. And Zay IS weird. Hopefully he doesn't do anything else to make me uncomfortable, but knowing him, he probably will." "Don't think that way man. Let's just be positive about everything. Well try to. Anyway, I shall get to these flyers," Bree uttered and then walked upstairs to her room. Keria sighed and watched Bree walk upstairs and then spoke softly to herself, "Hope you right... I got a bad feeling about everything." Bree walked back into her room and got out her laptop. She instantly started to get the flyers together. She became excited about everything that Black Pyramid was becoming. It was a real organization now. Everything was falling into place. As she typed the flyers up, she started to think about Treven and his unexpected visit. She also started to think more and kore about how his exit was weird. Wicked games? It was the only thing she could think about. She could barely focus as she thought more and more about it. It got to the point where it started to block out the rest of her thoughts. "What the f*** does Wicked games mean?" She shook her head. She then got on YouTube and typed in his music channel that he created. It was of him singing songs he wrote. She looked through his recent uploads and found <em>Wicked Games</em>. It was a song. She pressed play and listened to his voice. <em>"I left my girl back home. I don't love her no more
And she'll never f***ing know that. These f***ing eyes that I'm staring at. Let me see that ass... Look at all this cash. And I emptied out my cards to her. Now I'm f***ing leaning on that... Bring your love baby I could bring my shame. Bring the drugs baby I could bring my pain... I got my heart right here. I got my scars right here... Bring the cups baby I could bring the drank. Bring your body baby I could bring you fame... And that's my motherf***ing words too. Just let me motherf***ing love you. Listen ma I'll give you all I got. Get me off of this
I need confidence in myself. Listen ma I'll give you all of me.
Give me all of it. I need all of it to myself. So tell me you love me. Only for tonight. Only for one night. Even though you don't love me. Just tell me you love me. I'll give you what I need.
I'll give you all of me. Even though you don't love me..."</em> Bree smiled and shot him a text: <strong>I got my heart right here. I got my scars right here...</strong> He texted back a few minutes later: <strong>Bring the cups baby. I could bring da drank. Bring Yo body baby I could bring u fame & that's my muhf***in words 2. Just let me muhf***in love u.</strong> Bree laughed and texted back: <strong> Fine. Only for 2nite. Even though I don't love u :P</strong> He replied: <strong>I like to watch u dance. Let me see u dance. For real... meet me at da old dance studio Sunday afternoon.</strong> Bree read the message and then texted back: <strong> I'm there</strong>. After that she finished listening to the song and then finished the flyers and printed them out. She couldn't wait to see what this would bring.

<em><strong>Saturday evening...</em></strong>

It was the day of the initiation meeting. Every Black Pyramid member agreed to attend and welcome any new members. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people who wanted to be in the group. There was about 100 people that showed up. But no one really brought anything that the rest were looking for. So after a couple of hours, the members got together and narrowed down the people and decided that they would use only two. Zamir got up and stood in front of everyone, "Thank all y'all for coming and showing your interest in this organization. We really appreciate it but there were only two spots left. We want this to maintain a close family so we couldn't choose no more than two. This isn't like college organizations. We are a close knit group and we wanna keep it that way so without further ado, Lexi Dockins and Rosemarie Sanders welcome to Black Pyramid." Everyone clapped as Zamir announced the members. The rest of the people disappeared as the BP group remained and talked amongst themselves. Lexi walked to the front, "Wow... I'm finally one of you losers. In your face Bree and Nani! Smuts!" Bree playfully rolled her eyes, "Now all the senior citizens are gonna join. Eww." Nani laughed and dapped her, "I know right. It's all granny's fault! Now we gonna have bingo nights and s***." "I love bingo," Ana chimed in. "Especially naked," Bree laughed. "Me too! Josh likes to make my body the bingo board and... Well you know the rest," Ana remarked. Bree high-fived her and giggled. The rest of the group shook their heads. "How the f*** did this turn into a sex conversation? You two are just freaky as f***," Dany added. "Just nasty. Eww," Lexi scrunched her nose. Keria played with her phone and shook her head. Zamir stared at her, "That phone more important than us Keria? We boring you that bad? You still think daddy Zay weird huh? Is Daddy weird Shakeria? Do he make you uncomfortable?" Keria looked up from her phone and screwed her face, "What?" He stared at her intensely. "I wish 'daddy' sit his tall, red ass down and shut up," Bree spat. "I agree but only mama can shut him up. Come sit next to mama daddy," Dany cooed. "Both of you muthaf***as are sick," Xavier shook his head. "I threw up in my mouth just a little. Eww!" Nani interjected. "Let dad and mom do they thang," Soso laughed. "For real. That s*** sickening. Ana are we that nasty?" Josh questioned with a chuckle. "Of course not... We nastier," Ana purred. "Okay... Okay. Enough of you two, let's allow Rosemarie to introduce herself," Zamir cut in.

<a href="">Rosemarie</a> stepped to the front and smiled, "Hey my earth name is Rosemarie but my alien friends from Mars call me Rose and you should too. I been on this planet for a couple of years. Us martians tend to travel a lot. I'm cooler than a tub full of ice and hotter than fish grease in the summer. I love making new friends. I love singing as well and entertaining you c***s. Can I call you c***s? Okay. Thanks. Black Pyramid, I'm ready to turn this place out! So if you down for a live porn show, let me know cuz I enjoy food porn and I got a habit of grabbing my invisible balls. They are big too. Pardon my drag queen tendencies. I was born a woman but have the persona of tranny. I can't wait to make memories with you guys and girls. I'm so ready!" Nani just gazed at her weirdly and then whispered to Bree, "She just did the damn most." Bree laughed, "I like her..." "I love you already Rose. Tell yo alien friends I said hi!" Zay cheesed. Rosemarie grinned, "Will do." "Hey. I'm Venus," Bree greeted her. "And I'm Juicee," Nani added. "I'm Cheyvonne," Keria chimed in. "Sneak G be the name," Soso stated. "I'm Anastasia but everyone calls me Ana..." Bree quickly shot a glare at her, "Damn Ana! Had to be different! You couldn't come up with a creative name?" "What? I happen to like Ana," Ana retorted. "Hey! Welcome to Black Pyramid! I'm Danyell but you can call me Dany," Dany smiled. "This friendly ass ho!" Lexi rolled her eyes playfully. "I can't help but to be nice. I'm not like you rude b****es," Dany sat in Zay's lap.

The rest of the group then introduced themselves. After that, everyone started to get to know Rose. Except the men. They were chatting in the corner. "So Rose... Do you like Egyptian things?" Nani questioned. Rose sat next to Bree and rubbed her thumbs, "That can be our secret greeting. From one Martian to another." "Cool! I f***s with Mars. That's where I was born," Bree joked. "You see that sexy ass man in there I was sitting by? That's my king so don't try anything or I'll duck tape you and tie you to a tree," Ana remarked. "Oh Ana, don't worry. Josh isn't my type. I like red bones," Rose smirked. "Excuse me... Do you enjoy Egyptian things?" Nani questioned Rose again. "Venus though? Where is Serena?" Keria inquired. "Nani is my Serena," Bree laughed. "That's right," Nani agreed. "I'm Coco... And I like writing and keeping my stray puppies in check aka these hoes right here," Lexi butted in. "Boring! Me and my man got better s*** to do," Keria interjected. "b**** what man? Yo vibrator? And stop hating," Bree joked. "Naw b****. I quit him a couple days ago," Keria laughed. "Whatever. And Rose, I wonder what Goddess you will be. I guess Zay will reveal all that later," Bree remarked. "Probably something crazy just like his ass," Soso shook her head. "Aye, leave my man alone. He just very passionate about this s***," Dany defended Zamir. "Passionate about being a psycho!" Lexi hollered. "b**** you can't call NOBODY psycho. Shut up," Bree yelled. "Mmm, I can just feel Josh inside me. I'm about to be back," Ana moaned slightly. "Ana if you leave, I'mma feed you dog food and call you Lassy," Rose playfully remarked. Keria just stared at her. Nani quickly pulled Bree to the side, "She just... I don't know. It's something about her that rub me the wrong way." "I actually like her. She's cool. I love weird people," Bree confessed. "Really? You really aren't very open to meeting new people or liking them. This is a first," Nani asked in disbelief. "I know right but I like her." "I don't know man... She may end up being annoying to me. Only so much I can take," Nani expressed. "Chill. She ain't did none yet. Just get to know her," Bree reassured her and then walked away. Nani watched Bree interact with Rosemarie and sighed. She knew for a fact that she would end up getting into a confrontation with Rose. Nani just couldn't put her finger on it. She joined the group and thought to herself quietly.


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