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`Black Pyramid: The Kill. [Chap. 16]


They all sat in <a href="">his</a> living room having drinks and basically destroying his parents home. His name was Zamir and he really didn't have one ounce of care in the world right now. He and his friends were fresh out of high school. It was summer and they were bored. College didn't start 'til fall for them. They wanted to get all of their laziness out of the way so when college did come, they could study, and party all the time they wanted. Zamir had a great idea. "I'm bored as f*** and I know y'all are too. We should start our own group or movement... Like we can do big things and bad things.... But once you are in.... You CANNOT get out," Zamir stated with a dark grin. Everyone laughed and became excited. "Sounds... really bad. Yeah right," <a href="">She</a> teased. She continued, "Kinda sounds stupid." "Actually Bree... It kinda sounds fun," <a href="">She</a> interjected, while putting her hand on her thigh. Zamir smirked, "Thank you Nani. Bree is so damn judgmental. I have the perfect name for her. Anybody else think this sh*t is whack?" Zamir stood up and awaited everyone else response. He wasn't letting this idea slip away. It was too perfect to him and he every right to want to somehow take over the world as crazy as that sounds, but that was just Zamir being Zamir.

<a href="">He</a> chugged his beer and retorted, "The sh*t sounds kinda crazy but that's Zay for your ass. Sh*t. Let's take over the world! Why not!" "Sh*t... I'm in... We gon' be bored all gotdamn summer so might as well make this sh*t useful!" <a href="">She</a> butt in. "So Josh and Soso in.... Come on X. Don't let Bree control your life," Zamir remarked with a chuckle. <a href="">Xavier</a> instantly inhaled the smoke from his blunt and then blew right back into the air and twisted his face into disgust almost, "Bree ass DON'T run sh*t around here. So watch yo f*cking mouth nigga... I don't know where you getting your information from, but she don't run sh*t here. And sh*t sounds straight. We can throw a big ASS PARTY with plenty of B*TCHES!" Xavier continued puffing his blunt and made sure he looked at Bree as he spat his last words. Zamir laughed because he knew how to get Xavier out of his zone. Just tell him that his girlfriend Bree was controlling him and he would flip the f*ck out... If he didn't have that blunt on his mind, he would've said way more. This also pissed Bree off.

The night was soon approaching and he finally went around the room until everyone was in agreement. Zamir now spoke over everybody as if he was a teacher or lecturer, "Okay everybody... Now we all wonder who the hell we would be in our past lives. And if you hadn't, I'm going to announce to you all right now who I pictured you to be based on your personality. I'm talking about Egyptian gods and goddesses. I'm going to go around the room and give each and one of you names. This s*** will be very fun and X we can even do parties and all that s*** you saying. But think of this as a sisterhood and brotherhood. Everyone in this room is in <em>Black Pyramid</em> to stay. s***, think of us as the black illuminati." Zamir laughed and continued, while giving everyone the same amount of eye contact, "No one will EVER f*ck with our family. Now remember that. We will be so big that people will want to join but they do not know how powerful we will become. Summer WILL BE OURS! We will conquer every damn party, every function, every room, and etc. B*tches we our the <em> Black Pyramid</em>."

Bree rolled her eyes and laughed, "Nigga really? What's with all the dramatics?" "Well, I like everything to be dramatic... But let's start now. <a href="">Keria</a> you are Hathor, the mother of goddesses. You are the protectress of all women and basically the goddess of happiness and joy, music, dance, beauty, and etc." Keria smiled, "I love it already." Zamir laughed and winked at Keria, "Good." He then continued, "<a href="">Ana</a> you are Bast, the goddess of fire, the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, jokes, intuition, healing, and generosity. Now onto my baby and woman. <a href="">Dany</a> you are Nephthys, the 'Revealer.' You represent life and death, peace, darkness, protection, and dreams."

"Wait, why the f*ck I gotta be dark? I am NOT dark," Dany pouted, causing Zamir to laugh. "Baby, you'll see in a minute... Chill. Soso you are Neith, the 'Huntress' and goddess of war and hunt. You are the protectress of women and marriage and the mother of the gods. X you are Thoth, the 'Lord of Books and Learning and the judge of the gods. You also have two wives... Actually about three so this sh*t fits you perfectly. Bree your ass is Maat, the goddess of truth, right, justice, judgment, law, and reincarnation. And conveniently you are one of the wives of Thoth so the perfect match." Bree shook her head as Xavier laughed. "Nani you are Isis, the 'Supreme Egyptian Goddess.' You are goddess of motherhood, childbirth, fertility, initiation, success, womanhood, the arts, protection, and advice. Josh you are Ptah, the husband of Bast. You are also the 'Father of Beginnings.' You are the god of life, the arts, and miracles. I--" "How the hell do you know all of these things Zay?" Ana questioned.

"Exactly... Like what class was you in? Because I don't remember none of this sh*t in Mr. Cunningham class!" Bree exclaimed. "I do my research and I love Egyptian deities. It's very interesting," Zamir explained. "And who will you be?" Nani inquired, playing with her fingernails. Zamir smiled widely, "Seth, the god of the underworld. I am also the God of destruction and revenge. There is a lot more s*** y'all represent but y'all gotta research that information on your own to see what this group will represent as a whole... We are family... Oh and Dany, I am your husband so that's why I chose that for you baby. If there are any questions.... Please research on your own damn time!" Everyone continued drinking and eating as Zamir thought up of ways to get people on board... This was going to be the best summer... Or so everyone thought.



nah fck tht lol

Nah sweetpea! Let's argue. #FYM lol

nah dnt get it twisted
i onlyy sayy tht bcus i dnt wanna arguee with
yo asx

&& uuum Zay isnt myy favee
i dnt havee a favee right now
buuut he is interesting though
little wierd asx muhfcka !

Keria was just joking.... But when I read it again, it does sound bad lol.

keria a b**** damn
def gave me a bad look bree...
*back to reading*

Hell yeah.... I know I'm in the right... Lol.

What's up with Zay ass?

Idk. He's my favorite character right now lol.... Just because he is so damn weird. Like you don't know what goes on in that head of his man.

w/e . . . . yeah he cheated truee enough
but . . . nvm

you right you got it

Nigga he CHEATED!!! Lol.


Okay he got head from a b****. I'm not mad about that because I sure wasn't gon' suck it lol.

It's the fact that if y'all wouldn't have told me, this Nigga would've went on acting like it didn't happen.

And that wasn't his first time cheating either. He told Josh the night of the party that he was cheating on her.

I have a reason to have my guard up. f*** getting hurt over his bulls***.

He the one cheated, not me.


Man it was so many errors in that s***! Smh.

*Worry, not wory

*Anastasia, not Anastastia

*It brings me to this question, not questioned

*Are ready or all ready not already

I think there are more but those where the ones I caught right away.

I was half sleep when I wrote most of this.

And to clear s*** up, it is <strong>NOT</strong> Bree's fault Xavier wanted to be a dumbass lol.

I haven't read this chapter yet but I SEE's my name in you peeps comments lol damn... wonder what the f*** I did lol

<strong>"B*tch I'mma watch yo ass around my future nigga. You be commenting on niggas looks TOO much... I'll beat yo ass," Bree eyed her</strong>
yeeeaahhhh i aint likee tht either lol
she was a lil too big on how good theyy
was looking lol

call me soft or w/e
but i feel bad for X . . .
Bree asx so fckng MEAN she dnt caree abt ppl
there is such thing as forgiving . . .
i just believe he dropped out bcus of Bree
he tried for a whilee && becamee too much bcus he
knw tht he need Bree in his lifee
*shruggs* oh well though if Bree wanna be a "hard" asx
&& act likee she dnt caree then go for it
becomee a wierd asx likee Zamir asx . . .

Awwweee Josh && Aneer still together !
thts cutee &hearts;
Josh must reallyy want Aner to movee in with him
if willing to compromisee && learn to be a diff wayy
22 . . .. 27 eeeh dnt bother me
as long as theyy lovee each other thts all tht matters

hmmmm theyy gng to see his moms
*throws hands up* whn tf we got cool !?
theyy FOREVER sexing smh lol

is that their thiiiing or something??
but anyywhoo .. .damn i likes the wayy this nigga gets down
he dnt hold bck shxt tryying to paralyzee her && junk
Get it Soso girl ! !

Sooo . . i see that we in fact ARE NOT
cool with his mother lol
who tf is she to judge Josh, Ana, wierd asx or Danyy ??
she has no room honeyy pls !

ummmm see see this is whyy . . .
wierd asx pls just stop talking !
Danyy are you SUREE you want to do this lol
this is just crazyy . ..
who tf asks havee you ever thought abt sleeping in a coffin
he scared me sayying tht shxt



How could I forget Soso?
Oh yeah, maybe because I had to cover my virgin eyes to read that. Lmao.
Anyways, Aaron got it it! Like damn!
Didn't know Soso like it rough.
I was kinda giggling tho when he took it too the counter.
Like aint that nigga shorter than the counter?
Lmao, jk, jk
On some real s***, he PUT. IT. DOWN!

Im gon put it down, you gon fall in love.

Oh hell no!
I got my eyes on Keria.
Matter of fact, we all should.
Like girl, if you were gunna get at Zay,
you should have tried to get at him in his big headed days like me.
I'm telling you, she even checking for Xavier.

Why is Xavier such a dumbass?!
This nigga really had full ride and he flushed
it all down the toilet for some simple ass dope.
Like are you serious?!
He could've done more for himself.
Gah, my ass would've finished school just because it
was free.
Like i'm so disappointed in him.
People over here in the struggle trying to get grants and scholarships
and this nigga let it go to waste like it was nothing.
Bree should go and whoop his ass for that.
Just saying.
If you really think about it, it is kinda Bree's fault why X
is doing what he does.
He obviously loved her.

Look at Ana and Josh taking that next step.
Do I think its too soon? No!
This will just prove if their love is strong.
Everyone knows when you move in with somebody
it's exactly how it's gunna be when you're married.
Why is his mama judging Ana about her age.
If his grandma is fine with it then so should she.
I hate people like that.
I mean I could see if she was ten years younger, but
she's not. She's only five right?

Anyway, I don't like his mama.
Dumb b**** tryna tell me and Zay we too young
to get married.
Gtfoh, you don't know our relationship.
Oh so Zay's mama died.
That s*** does kinda f*** you up.
Especially when you're really young.
Where his daddy at?
I truly believe the money that his adoptive parents have and
the death of his mother is why he kinda crazy.
If his grandma would have took him he could have been just fine.
Did this nigga really ask that?
Oh lord he gon kill her.
Can he atleast marry me before he goes to jail.
Like forreal, I'll wait for him.
But then again he will be in there for life so....
maybe he can get me preggo, so i'll have a child that
will remind me of him everyday.

Run it

ana's comment

ok honestly it pisses me off to know that x had all this money coming in for him to go to school for free from him being so damn smart and he is not taking any of that into consideration like i understand him having problems with his break up with bree and blah blah blah but he basically had his future made for him and he messing up over nothing im getting more and more mad at him

ayee keria lowkey peeping every ones man that s*** is funny better guard your dude keria on the move lol

move in with josh... oh lord idk i mean to have sex when ever i pleased yea that would be great but other than that i mean it might put some problems on us but then again that might make us stronger as a couple since we already love each other :) we are jut like so perfect ahhhh breath of mother f***ing fresh air envy us hoes lol jk

soso got broke the F U C K off im like damn i didnt know aaron (LIL bow wow) had it in him i was reading that s*** got finished with her part and had to read it again like gotdamn f*** if i was in her home i would have recorded that s*** and became more famous then Hugh Hefner i see bright things for them though hopefully this works out for them because with sex like that i would cry if they ass broke up lol

f*** meeting the moms that s*** is always the hardest part s*** and her ass was like blunt as f*** with zay business i knew i wasnt going to like her and what the f*** that b**** mean when she said NOT WHAT I IMAGINED b**** ok ok im cool with it though
but back on her talking s*** about zay how you just gon put business out like that how you know that s*** was supposed to be aired out and i thought zay mom was cool why her broke ass hating

she on my ass for being younger than josh f*** that kind of hurt my damn feelings b**** i love your son and we telling you this in your face and you breaking us down f*** im about to make a to go plate and bounce up out this damn house

plus her ass gon try and come at dany and zay to how she know what they feeling
to young...she not in they relationship

josh is seriously going to have to make up for this bum ass trip

........did zay ass really say HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO SLEEP IN A CUFFIN time to motherf***ing go his ass is the devil nope hell naw get me the f*** out of here
*throws greens at his ass*<<since they prayed over this s***
hell naw who would say some stuff like that with out being some what more than likely crazier than 7 dogs with 2 legs and a itch

f*** that i aint f***ing with his ass on a rainy day time to get the f*** out of this awkward ass situation...



<em>Chapter Eight</em>

<a href="|1">Bree</a> stood in the store shopping. She was looking for something to wear to the Black Pyramid party. She knew she would wear a costume but she wanted to kind of step it up a notch so she was gonna go see Soso later so she could help her add more details and design it for her. Maybe she'd just buy some fabric and let Sofia help her. But Bree wasn't alone, <a href="">Keria</a> was right next to her searching for her costume as well. "What Goddess am I again? My mind be every damn where," Keria questioned, searching through the costumes. "Hathor b*tch... It's ashame I know all about y'all sh*t but y'all act like y'all can't remember," Bree shook her head, joining her. "B*tch, you and Zay are the only ones that take this s*** too serious. That's why you know all about it. Y'all really think y'all gods and goddesses. Speaking of Zay, that Nigga looking too good nowadays. Damn he them grew up. Fine as hell... Can't believe him and Dany engaged. I'm slick jealous," Keria expressed. Bree laughed loudly, "Dany will soccer kick yo ass. Know that ho legs strong as f*ck. And Zay is very handsome but I don't look at him that way. I remember the lil' big head ass boy from middle school who used to be weird and annoying so hell nah I don't see him in that way." "Shiiiit I didn't know his ass but that nigga sexy. Dany can come get some. She ain't my damn friend. I'll drag her lil' ass. I'm just kidding," Keria laughed, joking.

Bree gave her the biggest side-eye, "Uh huh.... Sure b*tch." Keria pushed her playfully, "Don't do me like that man." "Anyway, I might get Soso to create me one from scratch!" Bree exclaimed, getting frustrated. "Since we on the subject of the damn party, X ass gon' be there. How you feel about that?" Keria asked. Bree knew that he would be there. It didn't really bother her. As long as he knew his place with her she would be all good. Bree answered, "I don't give a f*ck about the nigga being there. It doesn't bother me. But he bet not come at me any type of way or a bottle will be beside that b*tch head." Keria shook her head quickly, "You and him crazy. But I must admit he look good too. I saw him two days ago. He use to look like a damn lizard or some sh*t. Now he look like a sexy gecko. Got facial hair and sh*t." "B*tch I'mma watch yo ass around my future nigga. You be commenting on niggas looks TOO much... I'll beat yo ass," Bree eyed her and stated playfully. "B*tch I don't want him. The nigga sexy now. Can't help that. He can't do sh*t for me anyway. Heard his dumb ass selling drugs now. It's a shame. He dropped out of college to do that sh*t?" Keria commented, shaking her head once again. Bree just shook her head as well. Who knew X would do sh*t like that? She did. She knew X wouldn't stay out of trouble. 

"It doesn't surprise me as much, but it's just unbelievable how he is so damn smart that he is dumb. He out here selling dope and sh*t. It's like, 'Why Xavier?' when you had a promising future. The muhf*cka had a FULL ride to college Keria... A FULL ride!" Bree interjected.  "Didn't this nigga have like a million dollars in scholarships or close to it?" Keria inquired with disbelief. "YES! This nigga had a FULL ride to college. He didn't have to pay for SH*T. He had one scholarship where they were gonna pay his freshmen and sophomore year for him to play basketball. But basically this nigga had scholarships for his academics alone. He was one of the people that graduated with the most scholarships. Like how the f*ck you graduate number three of your class and drop out of college to sell dope? Like, that makes absolutely ZERO sense. I could see if he was slanging to put himself through college, but HE DIDN'T need to! Sh*t, I should be slanging. How many loans I then took out... I thought about going back to school for two more years to be licensed and become a dental hygienist, but baby I tell you that's too much money right now. I could slap the f*ck out of him," Bree expressed with so much disappointment. "If that's not a dumb ass nigga. Sh*t, I should be slanging too hell. But ever since y'all broke up, that nigga life went downhill. I'm just saying." Bree looked at her, "Nope. Don't put that on me. I'm tired of muhf*ckas putting that blame on me. I didn't make that nigga sell sh*t... I wouldn't even stay with him if he was selling that sh*t. He wanted to be dumb on his gotdamn own. Bree had sh*t to do with that."

"I hear you, but that sh*t is absolutely crazy. I'm still shocked though. Poor, dumb, ass X. I still say you should've knocked that nigga ass out. I would have. The police would've been the only people that could get me off his ass," Keria suggested, looking through the rack of clothes. Bree giggled a little, while shaking her head. "GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL," Bree laughed. Her and Keria both laughed in unison as they searched through the store. As Keria and Bree shopped, <a href="">Ana</a> and <a href="">Josh</a> were sitting at Joshua's house. Josh was now employed. He did go back to school and was working as a manager at a very expensive clothing store. He also was doing other legal things on the side to keep his money flowing. Ana was a paid intern at a huge magazine company. Things were going very smoothly in both of their lives and they were happy. The age thing soon caught up with them as well. Ana is 22 now and Josh is 27. The age differences didn't slow them down, but Ana's parents thought she was moving a little too fast at times with Josh. As they recently put it, Josh was at another stage in his life, while Ana was still discovering herself. Anastastia didn't like the judgment she received. It wasn't like she was marrying him right now. They were a strong couple that lasted four years. Ana survived through all the bullsh*t. Even through his ex Helen who purposely tried to break them up. Ana was not going for that sh*t and made sure Helen knew she wasn't the one to be f*cking with. Especially after Josh told her all about how Helen was a lowdown, trifling, rat as Ana says. Ana definitely made sure that s*** like that didn't happen again. She would be damned if another b*tch tried to take her place. She couldn't let that go down. "Baby, I've been thinking lately.... I don't want you living by yourself anymore. I want you living with me," Joshua announced, while glancing at her. Ana stared back at him, "Living with you? I don't know about that Josh. I mean I love being by you, but sometimes I love my space. And that's what I love about living by myself. If I ever wanted peace, I could just go to any room in my apartment and listen to soft music. I don't have to wory about nobody bothering me. You know?" 

He nodded his head, "I really do understand where you are coming from babe. I promise I really do get what you're saying, but at the same time, if you wanted space, I'd have no problem giving it to you. I wouldn't bother you. I like having space too so I would respect yours as well. This would be a very big step in our relationship. And if we could live together, then I know we can survive anything." Ana sucked her teeth and then shook her head, while sighing, "I don't know babe... You  like to leave sh*t around and forget to put things back. That would f*cking drive me crazy. I do not like disorganization at all. I would probably have to beat you upside your damn head. I will not clean after you like you are a child. That's not my job." "You're gonna have to do it anyway when you become my wife," Joshua remarked, looking at her. Ana stared at him blankly, causing him to laugh loudly. He grabbed her face and pecked her lips, "Ana, I'm kidding. I'll remember to pick up after myself. Anything else?" 

"Right now, that's all I can think of. I'm sure some more s*** will come to mind later." "Okay, now that you kinda set the ground rules. I will have to do the same for you. You love to stay in the damn bathroom and in the mirror. My only thing is you must wake up two hours earlier than I do because last time you spent the night, I had to be at work. You wasn't even going to work. You were getting ready to go see Soso or something. So I need you take care of that before I get up because it was just too much," Josh expressed. Ana smacked him upside the head with a pillow, "I ain't waking up no damn two hours early. You are out of your f*cking mind. See, this is why I said us living together is not a good idea. It would only hurt our relationship."

Josh gazed at her for a minute and retorted, "We'll reach an agreement somehow. We will compromise soon but right now. We should be getting ready for my mama and her husband. She wants us over for dinner." Ana looked at him and totally forgot that was tonight. She sighed, "Damn! I forgot that was tonight. I have to go home and change and get ready." "You look beautiful just the way you are right now. You don't need to change anything," He cooed, kissing her forehead. "Yeah, and don't you change that sexy ass face and body," Ana kissed him back, while massaging his lower back. He smirked and bit onto her bottom lip, "We got time." "Yes, we do," Ana smirked back, while coming out of her shirt. While the horny couple was preparing to have the best sex of their lives, <a href="">Soso</a> was getting ready to get into the pool of her boyfriend's. She walked out of his and made her way to the pool. She tested the water by sticking her toe in. It was warm. She didn't like it too warm or too cold. Just right. She slowly got in and enjoyed the sun. Things were going just about good for her. Her and her sister hadn't really talked that much anymore. 

It used to bother Sofia because at the end of the day, that's her sister and she would want to have the close bond they always had. Long as Soso got to see her niece, she really didn't care. Soso was an entrepreneur. She got paid for her drawings. She thought about one day taking her drawing a step further and painting, but she just decided she'll stick with illustrating through pencils and pens. Soon as she closed her eyes and got use to the water, she felt it move. Soso opened her eyes to see <a href="">him</a>. It was her boyfriend of a year, Aaron. She hit him a little, "What I tell you about sneaking up on me like that?" He laughed, "You scared babe? This not the first and won't be the last time I sneak up on yo ass, but damn you looking good in that bikini...." He licked his lips and made his way over to her. "Oh really?" Soso asked flirtatiously. "Yeah," He responded, planting several kisses onto her body. He then landed a kiss onto her lips. She kissed him back. It soon turned into an intense make-out session. Their tongues danced in each other's mouth as it got hot between them. Aaron was now untying Soso's top. Her breasts were free and nipples were hard as rocks. Aaron didn't hesitate to  put his tongue onto them. He flicked his short, thick tongue onto her breast. Soso closed her eyes and moaned softly. Aaron continued and switched breasts. His penis was at full attention the moment he saw Soso in her bikini. It was something about her. It was more than her body, but her personality as well. He was now pulling off her bikini bottoms. He made her get out of the water and sit on the edge of the pool. He looked at her pussy and licked his lips. "Dessert before dinner. Oh well," He cooed, rubbing her pussy as he faced her in the water. She looked down at him, "Eat..."

He slowly spread her pussy lips apart and saw that she was indeed wet. He took his index finger and felt her wetness. He then flicked his tongue on her erect clit. Soso moaned and threw her head back as he licked her the way she wanted. She couldn't complain at all. He slowed down and then attacked her clit once more and started sucking on it, while looking into her eyes. "Oohhhh," Soso moaned. He slurped and sucked onto her pussy and inserted two fingers. Aaron licked nibbled on her clit, while f*cking her tight hole with his fingers. This was driving Soso crazy. She couldn't stop squirming. He picked up his pace and went faster with his tongue and fingers. When he saw her legs shake, he knew she was about ready to cum so he substituted his fingers with his tongue. Soso f*cked his tongue back. She moaned loudly now as she came all over his tongue. He licked and slurped her clean. Aaron came up and kissed her passionately. She moaned in-between kisses. He pulled her into the water and took his d*** out of his swimming trunks and rubbed against Soso's clit. "Mmm," Soso let out a soft moan. He entered her and gave her long, slow, strokes as he pinched her breasts. 

After Soso responded the way he wanted her to, he quickened his pace and went a little faster and now hard. Soso bit his neck, causing him to groan and go deeper. The water splashed and turned him on more. He kept at it, digging into her even more. Soso's eyes rolled to the back of her head, "Yes baby... Just like that." "Just like this?" Aaron asked with a deep grunt as he was grinding in and out of Soso's flower. He had enough of the water so he pulled out and got out. "Let's go inside," He suggested. Sofia climbed out of the pool and walked inside his home. He placed her on the couch and rammed inside of her, making her mouth fly open. "Pussy so wet. Damn," He groaned, maneuvering his hips and d*ck well. Soso needed this d*ck badly. She ain't had it in a week. And it was more than what she could ask for. He put her legs over his shoulders and dug deeper. You could hear their bodies clapping against each other and Aaron loved that. You could also hear the couch springs loud and clear. The room spun around as Soso was receiving his hard strokes. He turned her around quickly and forced her to arch her back. She followed directions and he shoved his d*ck inside her pussy like a maniac. He was f*cking like he just had got out of jail and ain't had sex in years. 

"SH*T AARON!" Soso whimpered as she closed her eyes and bit the pillow. He played the drums on her ass cheeks as he went deeper. She could feel him inside her pelvis. He wrapped her hair around his fists and yanked it roughly, "I can't f*cking hear you slut." This was all so overwhelming to Soso but she didn't trip. Aaron didn't slow down one bit. He kept his pace and was sending her into pure, undeniable bliss. "FUUUCK!" Soso screamed out, unable to control her moans. He slapped her ass so much that her brown skin was turning red. He flipped her a little bit and started hitting it from the side. His hands rested on her breasts as he went faster than before. She just couldn't contain her moans. It's like Aaron delivering her so much pleasure she could hardly take it. It felt so good. He massaged her clit with his freehand, while he continuously beat that pussy up. He was grinding in and out getting real close to hitting her spot and making her orgasm. He knew it and Soso knew it too. He  was unstoppable as they both fell off the couch. Aaron didn't miss a beat. He kept going deeper 'til he couldn't go anymore. Soso screams were uncontrollable at this point. Luckily, Aaron didn't stay too close to anybody or else they would've been called the police and file a complaint on them. Aaron flipped her over and allowed her to ride. Sofia bucked her hips onto his d*ck. She threw her head back into ecstasy as he gripped her breasts, "Ride this f*cking d*ck!" Soso did just that and well. She started grinding on his d*ck. He held onto her hips and guided her further onto his d*ck. She was feeling herself about to cum. She continued riding him until she did cum onto his d*ck. 

Aaron wasn't done of course. He still had to get his nut. He picked her up and placed her on the kitchen counter and was hitting all those spots that Soso never knew she had. This nigga didn't know how heavenly he was making her feel. Okay, maybe he did. She gripped his shoulders and bit her lips. He was doing pleasurable damage; so much damage, another loud cry for help escaped from her lips. He kissed her with so much intensity . Soso kissed him back with just as much. "Beat this pussy upppppp!" She moaned into his ear and then blew on it. This got to Aaron. He went harder making her eyes pop out her head. Her body was almost numb as he pounded away. Soso didn't think she could handle it anymore. 

He acted like he didn't want her to be able to walk. And that was definitely the route he was going if he kept this up. All you could hear was the clapping of their bodies as Soso dug her nails into Aaron's back. Aaron placed one leg over his shoulder and was grinding rhythmically to her body. He bit and blew on her ear as he did so. It only sent chills down Sofia's spine. You seriously could hear Soso's moans echo off the walls as he as fast and hard as he could go. An hour later and  he was still torturing Soso's poor body. Her legs started to feel like noodles as she came again. Aaron kept going until he felt himself about to explode. A few more minutes later, he pulled out and came on her thighs. They both caught their breaths in unison. "Nigga, I swear you try to paralyze me," Soso remarked, lying her head against the wall. "I could have if I wanted to, but I need you to be able to help a nigga clean up and sh*t," He smirked, pecking her lips. She pushed him playfully and pecked him back. "Help me down. I can barely move and a b*tch hungry," Soso retorted. He chuckled and helped her get down. "Let's go shower and then I'll take you out to eat." Soso nodded and they both headed upstairs to his bathroom.

Hours later, Ana and Josh were heading out his house and into his car. Josh hopped into the driver's seat, while Ana was shotgun. Ana felt her nerves get the best of her. She never met Joshua's mom. She heard stories of her, but never got to meet her. She hoped things would run smoothly. She was already in good with his grandmother. Hopefully, his mother would be just as accepting. Josh wanted her to meet his mother just to show her that through all the obstacles and hardships, he found love. Ana was somebody he definitely wanted to settle down with when it came that time. He was deeply in love with her. Yes, he saw plenty of beautiful women his age but not one single woman caught his attention like Anastasia did. She was independent and he loved that most about her. She had her own and didn't need a handout. He knew she was nervous. He could sense that. He knew his woman like the back of his hand. "Babe, I know you nervous but it's gonna be fine. Don't worry about it. I'm happy with you so my mama can't do anything but respect it," Josh spoke in a soothing voice. This eased Ana's nerves a bit. She nodded her head and looked out the window. They grooved to the radio on the way until Josh was pulling up to his mother, Erica's home. 

He parked the car and got out. He then opened Ana's door and took her by the hand. He walked to the front door with Ana in tow with him. He kissed her forehead to calm the rest of her nervousness down and then rung the doorbell. A few minutes later, <a href="">She</a> opened the door. "Hello son," She greeted, while hugging him. "Hey," He stalely responded. He then introduced Ana, "This is my girlfriend Anastasia." She smiled, "Hi Ana... Wow. Not anything like I imagined, but you're beautiful. I'm Erica, Joshua's mother. Come in." "Thank you and nice to meet you," Ana replied, while stepping inside. Joshua followed behind her. Erica closed the door and then locked it. "Dinner is now ready," Erica directed them to the kitchen. Joshua and Ana sat next to each other. Josh looked directly at <a href="">him</a> sitting at the table. They locked eyes until he finally spoke, "What's up Josh." Josh gave him a head nod. "Fred, this is Ana, Josh's girlfriend. Ana, this is my husband Fred," Erica announced. "Hey Ana. How are you?" He redirected his attention to Ana. "Hey, I'm good and you?" Ana replied. "I'm good, just hungry. Babe, can we eat now? I'm starving," Fred uttered, eying the table full of food. "Yes. Let's pray over the food first," She stated, sitting down and bowing her head. They all bowed their heads as Erica lead the prayer, "God, we thank you for this wonderful night and food you blessed us with. We must give thanks to you for waking us up every day father because we know you didn't have to. Father we thank you for every meal you put on the table. God for giving us a place to lay our heads at night. And tonight we are just asking that you bless this food and our whole entire bodies. In your name we pray, amen." "Amen," They said in unison.

Joshua piled chicken, greens, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread onto his plate. Ana just decided on chicken, corn, and macaroni and cheese. Fred on the other hand, had a little of everything on his plate. Erica put only a sample of everything onto hers. Everyone started to dig in. You could hear everyone chew their food. That's how quiet it was. That was until Erica broke the silence, "So... Anastasia how did you meet Joshua?" Ana chewed her food throughly and then answered, "Through Zamir." "My nephew? Weird little ass Zamir?" Erica questioned, chowing on her chicken. "Yes, him mama," Josh added. "That boy ain't been the same since Zora died. I swear. And what's his adoptive mother name? Vanessa? Lord, one of the snobbiest person I have ever met. Think she better than everybody because her and her husband got money," Erica shook her head. "Baby, don't get yourself worked up over that woman. Damon is actually cool people," Fred interjected, while feasting on his food. "It always brought me to this questioned. When aunt Zora died, why didn't you take Zay?" Josh inquired, eating his food. Ana didn't even know Zamir was adopted so this was news to her. It kinda explained the reason he is the way he is. Erica swallowed her food and responded, "Because I couldn't take care of him at the moment. I barely had a roof over my head myself and then taking care of you was a lot as well. By the time, I got back on my feet, he was already taken by them. Your grandmother wanted to take him in, but it was too late by then. I haven't seen him in a long time. Why don't you tell him to come see me?" She never told this story to Josh. He was always out of the loop on things. It was kinda crazy. "I can always call him right now," Josua insisted. "Do that. I wanna see him and his lil' girlfriend. I know he has one. He was a mannish lil' boy." Joshua took out his cellphone and called Zamir. Zay picked up on the third ring, "Yo..." "My mama asking about you. She wanna see you right now," Josh spoke into the phone. "Aight... Text me the address and I'll be over with my baby," Zamir declared. "Aight. Bet," Josh hung up and then texted Zamir the address. About ten minutes later, the doorbell rung. Erica got up to get it. It was no surprise that it was Zamir and Dany.

They both greeted Erica and Fred. And then greeted Josh and Ana. They fixed their plates and sat down. "We were just talking about you Zay. How have you been?" Erica wasted no time asking. "I'm good Aunt Erica," Zamir spoke, while devouring his food. "That's good. You been visiting your grandma? She haven't seen you. She said she don't even remember what you look like anymore!" Erica eyed Zay. "I saw her six months ago. I just don't like seeing her like that... It's too much to bear," Zay said, swallowing his food. Dany chowed on her food as well. "Nigga, she just got out the hospital a month ago. She's doing much better. You need to go see her. Bring her some flowers, a Teddy bear, candy. Just bring her something. It wouldn't kill you to see about her. It's like I'm her only grandchild and it's sad," Josh butted in, shaking his head. 

Zay rolled his eyes, "I didn't know she was out nigga." "If you came around more often, you would," Josh spat. Ana and Dany eyed each other and then continued eating their food. "Enough. We're not going to fight in front of these beautiful young women. Anastasia, how old are you? And what do you do?" Erica intervened, and then grilled Ana. Ana answered instantly, "I'm 22. I work as a--" "Wait... What? How are old did you say?" Erica asked in disbelief. The table became quiet. Fred finished eating and kissed Erica. He then said his byes to everybody and then excused himself from the table. Ana cleared her throat, "22..." Ana knew something like this would happen. This is what she was afraid of. Zamir made it dramatic by adding sound effects. He cooed like a little boy, "Oooooh." Dany elbowed him, trying to get him to hush. "22?! I thought you were at least 24... I could deal with that, but 22? You're still a baby!" Erica exclaimed.

"She is not a baby. She is a grown woman. Last time I checked, over 18 is considered way over legal," Josh spat, taking one last bite and pushing his plate to the side. "Josh, this girl is still very much having fun and probably partying. You will be 28 next year. When you're ready to get married, she will not be. She still wants to experience life and she should because she is 22... I don't care how you paint it with sugar, she is still a little too young for you. You'll be 30 in two years and she'll be just hitting her mid twenties. Listen to how that sounds. 22 is far too young. It just is. I'm sorry to say it, but you're just asking for heartbreak," Erica stated with a disapproving stare. Josh didn't give a damn what she thought. He loved Ana and she loved him. That's all that mattered to him. Forget what anyone else had to say about it. "Erica, I love your son very much. I can't see myself with anyone, but him," Ana confessed. Joshua held her hand and then kissed her forehead. Erica shook her head, "Child please..." "We been together four years and ain't nothing gonna break us apart. The age difference isn't even that big. You over-exaggerating like usual," Josh growled. 

Erica didn't even pay him anymore attention. Her eyes adjusted to Dany's ring finger. The ring shone bright in her face. "Umm... Zamir is that an engagement ring on Danyell's finger?" She questioned. "Yes, we're engaged now," Zamir answered proudly. Erica had just about enough tonight. Her son was with someone five years younger and her nephew was engaged. "What's up with this foolery tonight? Danyell are you five years younger too?" Erica sassed. Josh shook his head. He didn't want to go off on his mother, but he felt it coming. "No, I'm 22 as well," Dany spoke up. "And trying to get married? What in the hell makes you think you already for marriage? I promise you are not. Y'all have no idea what for better or for worse means or for richer or poorer. Through sickness and health. You are still children!" "How the hell are you going to tell somebody what they are ready for? You don't know what they discussed with each other. This is why I had a hard time forgiving you. You call yourself a Christian but you're so damn hypocritical," Joshua roared, unable to control his anger any longer. Ana remained quiet. Dany couldn't say anything either at that moment but what she did know is that she didn't like Erica.  Erica gasped, "Joshua, I'm trying so hard not to embarrass you in front of company." "I'm a grown man. You can't embarrass me in front of sh*t," Joshua hollered, now getting up from the table. Ana caught the cue and got up as well. "Aunt Erica, have you ever wanted to sleep in a coffin?" Zamir asked Erica with an intense glare. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Zay. 

"i would have dog tied him to a tree and
beat him with a bag of frozen peas" <--- LMFAOO!! @ana

Dany and Zamir
zamir ass still crazy f*** that i dnt believe he changed especially the way he was tlkin to bree bout them being royal
and him and dany are engaged?!? TUH! do not have any babies them things will be the spawn of satan *grabs cross and holy water*

Ana and Josh
aawww thats so cute im glad everything worked out for them
and she got to meet his grandma
ana ride or die fr fr

aw snap she got her boo back and had a baby awww *tear*
now niggah want another one smhh clicnk clinck child
and her step mom or whoever that is was buggin tlkin
bout some damn sleepover TF?!? lol

soso got a boo aww s*** bow chicka wow wow get em

and you go keria dont let nobody stop ya dream girllll *finger snap*

bout damn time kris steped up to the plate f*** s*** smhh ppl say things outta anger all the time i told him she was his damn shame lol

and finally bree and x

that was sooooooooooooo sad and bree dead did go 730 on his ass but thats wat he get cheaters never prosper
but now bree got trust issue cus of wat he did
and x just on a down hill spiral smhh maybe they need each other
maybe they dont well he damn sure need bree but either way
hopefully they work it out

run it

Zay was scaring me for a minute, had me thinking he was tryna holla at Bree and s***. Damn, the way Bree and X ended wasnt how I expected it. I saw it differently, but then again it was all out of anger and s***. I knew it was going to be bad if she found out from others peoples mouth. But I mean what did that nigga expect, for her to never find out! You got me f***ed up! In my eyes he deserved that s***. I would've atleast expected him to chase after her and try to win her back or something. I guess I was wrong tho. Aw, look at Ana and Josh. They are so cute! Lmao at Ana tryna go strip and make some money for her man. That right there is love! Oh okay, I see Keria doing her thing. You get it girl. You do what you gotta do, even if the haters dont like it. Yay for Chris! Thank God that nigga is willing to step up to the plate. Kai needs a daddy forreal! Jasmine and Nani on good terms, thats good. She young af tho!!

Onto the four years later......

Look at Nani and her own little family, they are so cute! That s*** must've been love if her and Jasper back together. Oh snap! Zay and I are engaged! So that nigga doesn't just love my pussy, he actually loves me for me. We still on this Black Pyramid thing huh? Well atleast we doing good things with the group. I like that. Everyone is finding love and that is too cute! So Bree and X still aint back together huh? That s*** is crazy. He needs to grow up tho. I mean nigga couldve done more with himself than become a basic stereotype of society. You would think Zay wouldve been the nigga to be on the streets and s*** since he was the crazy one. Xavier just needs to find himself and grow up. Being money hungry is not a good look.

Run it

damn i feel bad as hell for bree
she had to find out right after she gave it to him
i would have dog tied him to a tree and
beat him with a bag of frozen peas

zay is strange as f*** like i really thought
he was trying to hit on
bree for a second there like what the f***


bree broke up with x awww i feel soooo bad for
my homie tigger
i mean he did her so bogish knowing what he had
then he f***ed it up but i honestly
think bree could have giving him a chance to
speak and see what they could do to work s*** out

awww *tear*

wait why the f*** is jasmine old/young ass trying to have a sleepover stupid b**** yall live together.. and we gon be
talking about fat d***s and gummies at our sleepovers
nani dont want to hear how her dad puts it down YUCK

RIDE OR DIE b****....WAIT idk about die but ill ride
im glad he finally opened up and told me something s***
now i wont be looking for him to pay all the time s***
we can cook in or share a glass of water lol'

damn poor x the only one to be a f***ing failure in life
but i saw that coming stupid ass let bree go and that was
the easiest thing in life to avoid so i knew college wasnt
going to happen hopefully he gets his s*** together

f*** yea me and josh still together the f*** why even question
that lol i own that d*** .. lol

nani and jasper back together duh she in love with that cole d***
i mena personality lol but if he cheat again i will moon
walk on his kidneys ... im not joking

that goes for kris to be he better step up for lexi or ima....
lets see oh i got it i will...hang him upside down and make him
look at blac chyna with out crying lol

hold up

dany and zay getting married
i aint coming to that s*** zay crazy ass gon spike
the damn punch bowl and or wedding cake and have everyone
up in that b**** doing thriller moves hell naw
im not going and they better not try and have kids or im
moving my ass to china


Yay we working it out ❤


And Soso is absolutely right. That Nigga need to grow tf up. That's his problem.

well gosh Soso
tell X how you reallyy feel

damn bree went tf off on that ass!
x know he deserved that sht anyway
he couldve waited, but nope! fck he
expect her to act after finding that
out. smh

im glad kris ass came to his fckn senses!
bout damn time he try to work sht out.

lmaoooooooo ana kray! she was gon' hustle
for her man! she a ride or die, fa real.
her and josh are perfect

ehh, jasmine...glad her and nani could
talk without any drama.

everybody livin' decent except X that nigga
need to get a grip on life and grow the fck
up and get a real job and act right then
maybe he can get the proper lovin' in his life
and not from them hoes he stay cheating on
with other hoes, nigga is a shame lol he had
a great person...fcked it all up. tisk, tisk

aughhh zamir and his egyptian themes
at least we all back together and helping
the community out and not jumping off of
bridges and sht lol

Run It

you listen to me
mayybe we can wrk through our issues

That's right nigga. I know yo ass lol.

And lmao Zay and Dany really do not need kids.

Chester the Cheetoh looking asx nigga
lmfao ctfu !

but anyywho
damn i knew it !
i fckng knew it !
myy asx was gonna be the onee to tell her
but she myy nigga though i dnt want her to hurt
well . . . ya knw

i didnt think she was gonna actuallyy break up with him &&
stayy broken up likee thts crazyy . .
but ik theyy gon cross paths again

is it bad tht i feel kinda bad for X
like Bree was his world
even though he fckd arnd on her
he loved && cared abt her
(ik tht shxt sounds mad dumb but still)
likee his lifee went into a downward spiral
i mean he dropped out of school && all
likee the onlyy good thing i see tht camee out was
him && his mom's relationship

i reallyy do feel bad for poor Chester

Bree had trust issues bcus of X
i understand tht . .
but she knw she miss him

Lexxii . . granma SIT DWN !
lol talking abt pouring bleach && shxt
she aint tryying to go to jail

Kris .. . now it makes sense
hell i wouldnt takee caree of a babyy if olee
shawtyy told me that the babyy wasnt myy babyy
idgaf if you was mad or not
likee thts somee shxt you just dnt do
ths tht ratchet girl shxt bruh

Jasmine . . pssh
this bxtch said she wanna havee sleepovers && shxt
b!tch we stay in the samee gah damn house !
im glad she spokee on it
tht i can respect im still watching her asx though
Awwwwweeee me && Jasper got bck together . .
he cheat on me again though ima end up
on CNN . . . !
no flex !
&&& oooh ik someonee named Cervantes mmm mmm mm
he is SOOOO finee ! lol

damn Bree likee you just wrotee myy lifeee storyy
. . you listen to me too much ! lol

im gladd tht Josh opened up
Ana ridee for her man lmao
thts reallyy nicee tht her && his gransz is
cool theyre all likee a lil familyy
i wonder where his triffling moms at though !

Zamir && Danyy . . .engaged??
theyy found their wayy bck to each other
which in myy opinion is lovee
<strong>if you lovee something let it go, if it comes back then you know</strong>

Zamir is a fckng WIERD ASX CHILD !
i swear he is lol

RUNS ! !

<em> Chapter Seven. </em>

"If X didn't drop you off, how'd you get over here?" Zamir questioned, blowing the smoke. Bree inhaled the smoke and blew it out her mouth, causing Zay to laugh. "Okay on a more serious note. I caught the bus and walked the rest of the way," Bree answered, preparing to text Nani back. "You caught the bus for me? I never had nobody do that for me before," He continued smoking, searching her eyes. "Yes Zamir. It's not as big as you make it. I know you never had to catch a bus in your life but I've had to maybe a few times. Muhf*ckas act like it's a burden to take people places so I learned to not depend on people." Bree replied to Nani: <strong>Auuuugh what's up nigga?</strong> Zamir faced her, "You right I'm stinking rich!" He laughed loudly and then got serious, "I think that was really sweet... And then you walked for me too... I love you for so much for that." Bree looked at him weirdly for a moment and burst into laughter, "Duuuude... Stop being so sentimental. I knew you would take me home. So no big worries." "Breana I said I love you. Say it back please," He said in a firm tone. "Yo. Where is Dany? You making me a lil' uncomfortable nigga," Bree scooted away from him. "No... I didn't mean it like that. X would kill my ass and Dany has been waiting to chop my d*ck off... I love you like a best friend. I have been knowing you since 8th grade. I'm sorry if you thought I was trying to come onto you. I'd never do that Ma'at," He smiled widely, while resting his elbow on the couch and staring into her eyes. Bree shook her head, "You are so weird Set... Really weird... I love you too."

Zamir finished smoking his blunt, "I know you do... And we're royalty... Remember that." Nani soon texted back: <strong> idk how to sayy dis shxt && I hopee it dnt blow up in my facee frfr but X cheating ! We saw him upstairs at da partyy gettin head frm sum bxtch. I'm sorryy for not tellin u sooner but I ain't wanna be da onee to break it to you.</strong> Breana read the message aloud by mistake and shook her head as her anger started to build up. Zay stared at her, "Sorry... I could've told you that." Bree sighed loudly. She was not only hurt, but angry, and felt betrayed. She couldn't even text Nani back right now because how mad she was. Her hands starting shaking as more messages came in from Ana, Keria, and even Soso reciting the same words Nani texted. It was crazy how all of them were telling her this after she lost her virginity to Xavier four days ago. "Great! Every f*cking body knew BUT Bree! Man I'm trying my hardest not to just snap. This sh*t blew my buzz. I gotta go home. X should be on his way to my house in an hour anyway. Ugh I could beat the sh*t out of him right now!" Bree yelled, inhaling and then exhaling. "Don't do that... I mean I'll bail you out but... Just don't," Zay retorted, grabbing his  keys. "Zay shut the hell up!" Bree spat walking out the house. Zamir followed her to his car. Bree got on the passenger side as he got in the driver's seat. So many emotions were running through her head as she wanted to bash his f*cking head for deceiving her.

Zamir sped to her house and dropped her off, "Byeeee. Good luck." "Something is seriously wrong with you," Bree shook her head as she got out of the car and shut the door. She rolled her eyes at the sight of Lexi's car. She walked inside to see Lexi feeding her niece, Kailynn. Lexi caught her anger and retorted, "Well good afternoon to you too skank." "Lexi, I'm not in the f*cking mood right now," Bree spat. "What happened?" Lexi inquired, now rocking Kailynn a little. "Nani and otha muhf***as told me X cheating. Like I'm so f*cking humiliated and pissed off I swear I wanna start knifing hoes eyes and body parts out right now!" Bree roared, pacing back and forth. "Mama bought some bleach... It's in the bathroom," Lexi added. "What the f*ck does that have to do with anything?!" "So you can use on his ass. Bleach that nigga whole body!" Lexi exclaimed. "I wonder if I add a little water will it hurt him less. I ain't tryna  really hurt him. Wait. What the f*ck am I saying? I'm not tryna go to jail over this nigga. Nigga out being a whoremonger and sh*t! Chester the Cheetah looking ass muthaf***a... Ole my hair line so far pushed back, I brush my hair with a toothbrush ass nigga. Ugghhh!" Bree hit the wall. 

Lexi placed Kailynn on the floor and laughed loudly. Bree glared at her, "What the f*ck is so funny?" "I'm sorry but I'm stealing that sh*t. Whoremonger. Reminds me of the time Dany called yo ass a Vlut--a virgin slut. You still a virgin right?" That's what made Bree madder. The fact that she lost it to him. Bree shook her head to stop from screaming. Lexi shook hers as well, "Bree..." "Lexi... I gave it to him because I f*cking thought he LOVED me! That's what the f*ck I thought! He never pressured me. This was all my idea and now I feel like sh*t. Like this just so overwhelming right now. I just wanna f*cking beat his ass!" "So you mean to tell me that you didn't see the signs? As women, we know when sh*t not right. You missed all that sh*t? You were blind and didn't want it to be true but life moves on. You got college next month. Focus on that. Niggas slow you down anyway," Lexi suggested.

"I hear you but that sh*t f*cking hurts. We basically grew up together. He was wild as f*ck his ninth grade and tenth grade year. Stayed getting into fights and trouble. He wasn't as wild in his junior year but he had his moments. He calmed down a lot senior year because I refused for him to miss our damn prom over stupid sh*t. We would've been together for four years next month. But I'm not putting up with the f*ckery. If he truly loved me, he would've waited. Point blank. I don't want to wild the f*ck out in front of Kai though so take her out of here," Bree expressed. Lexi grabbed Kailynn and carried her upstairs. Moments later, the doorbell rung. Bree opened it to see no one other than Xavier. He walked in noticing her anger, "What's wrong baby? I see Lexi here. She pissed you off or something?" Bree felt her hands shake as her anger build up more. She couldn't take it no more. She quickly slapped him with all of her strength. He instantly pushed her against the wall and stared into her eyes, "Breana, why the f*ck you slap me?" She pushed him off her roughly, "You f*cking cheating on me! That's why b*tch! You couldn't keep your d*ck in your pants?! Wait, obviously you can't.  F*ck you X. You ain't no damn prize nigga..." 

Xavier stood there silent. His worst fear was coming alive. Bree ran upstairs, throwing him all the Valentine's Day gifts he gave her over the years. He tried his hardest to speak but words couldn't come out. Him and Bree argued and fought most of the time, but they never broke up. "Look at yo dumb ass. You can't even f*cking talk! You know you wrong Xavier! After all the s*** I done for you?! My mama ain't never like yo ass but did I listen to her? Nope. Now I know better. I'm up sneaking you in so yo dumb ass can have somewhere to sleep! I'm fixing you food and letting you shower here and it's crazy because everybody knew BUT me! I f*cking hate you!" Bree spat, glaring at him.

Xavier remained quiet and then finally spoke, "You don't mean that." "YES the f*ck I do! I gave you my innocence! My f*cking innocence X! And now look what the f*ck happened. You played me. We're over b*tch ass Nigga in case you ain't noticed. Man get the f*ck out!" She exclaimed, shaking her head. She felt tears roll down her cheeks as all this was happening. This made Xavier feel even worse. "Please don't cry.... I'm sorry. I f***ed up baby... I f*cked up but I love you," He kissed her tears away and tried to hug her. She pushed him away, "GET OUT X! We are done! Adios! Oooh I should punch you in your face, break all yo damn teeth!" "Bree... I know I hurt you but I can fix all of this." "Yep, you sure can. By getting the f*ck out and away from me. Good luck finding another like me. But you know what. This is all a sign. We're both too young to be tied down anyway. I'm just done with all of this bullsh*t." 

Xavier looked at Bree longer not sure of what to say. His eyes dropped to the gifts on the floor. They then travelled to the pictures of them over the years in the mix of the gifts. He picked up the pictures and stared at her one more time before walking out the door. As he got into his car, he felt a warm tear while he looked at the photos. He got in and wiped the tear, "Yo what the f*ck is wrong with me?" Bree was right in his eyes. They both were young and feelings were too strong to be that young. Maybe this is what they needed. Xavier found him some weed and started to break it down as he drove off. He knew what he was gonna do all day; smoke. While X was about to get high, Keria was inside her room singing covers of Beyoncé songs. All Keria wanted to do was sing. If she could do that, she would be the happiest person in the world.

"Remember those walls I built? Well baby they're tumbling down. And didn't even put up a fight. They didn't even make a sound. I found a way to let you in but I never really had a doubt. Standing in the light of your halo, I got my angel now. It's like I've been awakened. Every rule I had you breakin'. It's the risk that I'm taking. I ain't never gonna shut you out! Everywhere I'm looking now, I'm surrounded by your embrace. Baby I can see your halo. You know you're my saving grace. You're everything I need and more. It's written all over your face. Baby, I can feel your halo.
Pray it won't fade away. I can feel your halo. I can see your halo. I can feel your halo. I can see your halo. Halo, ooh ooh," Keria sung into her webcam. She continued singing and then uploaded it to YouTube. People could be really harsh on the Internet. They called her all type of names, but she didn't let that stop her from wanting to sing. She didn't give a f*ck what people thought. She hummed to herself as she heard her door being opened. In walked, Kris. "Can we talk?" He asked, coming in. She shut down her laptop and faced him, "Sure."

He sat down in her computer chair and retorted, "Aight... It's like this... I spent some time thinking about what you said. It's been on my mind for a long time. It's just I don't know how to be a good father. And these girls mane... They lie a lot. Lexi told me that Kailynn wasn't mine while we were arguing one day and then the next day she told me that she said that to piss me off. She told me this nigga I'm basically enemies with was the dad so of course I ain't buy her s***. What I look like taking care of a kid that ain't mine? And now I'm the bad guy because I don't trust her? I do wanna be better than our sperm donor. But before I do that, I gotta get a blood test. That's the only thing stopping me from being in her life." "Wow... Kris why didn't you just say that to begin with? You gave all of us the perception that you knew she was yours but you just didn't wanna be a part of her life. Have you told Lexi?" Keria remarked in amazement. Kris sighed, "You never gave me a chance. You didn't even let me explain but I just told her a few minutes ago. We going to get that s*** done this weekend." "Good and what you gonna do if she is yours?" "Be in her life, be the best father I can be. I will make up for missing her first step and first word. It sucks 'cuz I can't get those moments back. But I'm going to be there," Kris answered. "I'm glad to hear that. You had me a little worried but I'm glad you're ready to accept full responsibility. Really happy to hear that," Keria smiled. Kris got up and rubbed her hair and messed it up a little, "Yeah, kid." Keria rolled her eyes playfully, "Come on now! Messing up my hair." He laughed and walked out the door. Keria shook her head and continued making covers.

Nani walked inside her house and saw a bouquet of flowers sitting on the table. She then saw <a href="">Jasmine</a> sitting on the couch. She assumed the roses were for her. Her dad probably had them sent to her. Jasmine looked Nani's way, "Hello Nani." "Jasmine," Nani answered and was about to head upstairs when Jasmine sighed and called after her, "Can we talk please?" Nallely turned around, "About what Jasmine? About me working? Is that the topic you're looking for? Because I could give a damn about talking." Jasmine got up, "I'm sorry for the way I came at you.  I shouldn't have announced it that way so I could see why you would feel a certain type of way. I promise it's not like that between us. I really wish we had  a nice bond. We could both share advice and everything since we are both young." "I get that but you gotta be careful how you speak to people. I'm not gon' bite  my damn tongue for nobody. If you want respect, you have to earn it. That's all I have to say. You come at me like that again, I'mma turn into thuggie on your ass and you don't want that. Trust me," Nani remarked, looking back into her eyes. Jasmine laughed, "Thuggie?" "Yes, thuggie," Nani replied seriously. "Alright.... Now we can share things with each other and have sleepovers! This is gonna be so fun," Jasmine yelled excitedly.  Nani rolled her eyes, "You are too old to be talking about sleep overs." While, Jasmine and Nani were bonding, Ana and Josh were doing some bonding of their own. 

Joshua was at Ana's house holding her when he thought of how it was the perfect opportunity to tell her about his situation. He faced her, "Ana... I have to tell you something." "What's wrong?" Ana asked with concern. Josh took deep breaths and then responded, "I lost my job weeks ago... I'm broke... My bills are not paid off and have about $90 in my bank account. I didn't tell you sooner because I was ashamed I guess and it was just so much going on with me. If you don't wanna see me again, I understand." Ana didn't respond. She got up and walked upstairs to her room. Josh sighed to himself, "Great... Josh. Just great." Ana came back down fully dressed in some high heels and a some tiny shorts with a belly shirt. Josh looked at her confusedly, "Ana what are you doing?" "I guess I'm gon' have to start stripping or selling lemonade or something 'cuz I'm not letting my man struggle right before my eyes," She remarked, heading for the door. 

He chuckled a little and grabbed her hand, "Baby, you do not have to do all that. I been searching for jobs. You ain't gotta sell nothing." "You sure?" Ana asked. Josh laughed loudly while nodding his head, "Yes. Girl come sit down." Ana sat on the couch and took her heels off, "Good 'cuz I can't walk in these damn shoes all day." Josh laughed some more and then became serious, "I thought you would be mad or something." "Why would I be mad? That's something you can't control. I'm not mad at all. Anything I can do?" "All I need you to do is pray for me. That's all. Look at you. Lord, this would've been real awkward if your parents walked in," Josh stated. "Yeah, but I'm grown so there's not much they can say to me but okay I will do that babe. Everything will work out," Ana announced. Josh smiled and pecked her lips. Ana pecked him back and they held hands. This was a lot easier than Josh thought. He finally got that weight off his chest.

<em>Four Years Later....</em>

It was four years later and everything changed between Black Pyramid. Zamir and Xavier later put their differences aside and re-patched their friendship. Ana and Josh were still together and going strong. Eventually Ana met his grandmother and she grew to love her just as much as Josh did. Xavier and his mother repaired their relationship a year later and X forgave her and they managed to work it out. Speaking of X, he and Bree never got back together or spoke to each other after the break up. Dany and Zamir lasted another year before they broke up and then got right back together a month later. They both graduated from the same college. Bree tried her hardest to let go of Xavier. So two years after they broke up, she found someone else named Treven. They were together for two years and broke up this year over trust issues. Her and Keria were room mates in college and room mates after as well. She worked as a dental assistant.

Nani did grow to love Jasmine and their bond was very strong. And Nani was very active in her little sister, Noelani's life as well. She was turning four in a few months and she was already trouble. Nani was a registered nurse now and had a family of her own. That's right. She later got pregnant with her son Cervantes who was two now. Her and Jasper reconnected and ended up with Cervantes. They had been together for two years.  Soso had met a guy name Aaron her junior year and they have been together since. Keria was still keeping her dream alive. She did singing gigs and local talent shows. Her brother Kris, found out that weekend that he was indeed Kailynn's father. He stepped up to the plate and has been doing a great job. Keria found it funny how her and Bree shared a niece and was putting Kai bad ass in check. She was five now and too grown. While Keria was doing the discipline, Bree was spoiling the hell out of her. Everything seemed to be going good and everyone hoped it would remain that way.

<a href="">Danyell</a> was sitting in her and Zamir's apartment, planning this big event for Black Pyramid. That's right. They were back and they represented more than just partying. They helped out the community by volunteering and helping the city. And whenever they threw a party, everyone wanted to get in. It was like they were their own big sorority and fraternity. <a href="">Zamir</a> thought about recruiting people to join soon. He sat beside Dany and watched as her ring glistened in his face. Zay and Dany were very much engaged now and though their parents thought they were too young, they didn't care. They still to this day had problems like all couples do but they managed to make it work this time. "Baby, what do you have in mind for the party? I know you want it to be like exclusive as f*ck so I need an idea," Dany tapped her lips, while looking at him. "Every f*cking thing MUST be Egyptian. The whole theme. People can wear costumes and sh*t and we'll base sh*t around that. We'll have contests and sh*t. I'm already renting out this hot ass club. Like it's going to be huge. We're gonna show them why BP does it the best. And then the after party will be at my parents guesthouse. And we gonna turn the f*ck up. Point. Blank. Period," Zamir explained with his hands. He then continued, "Make sure everyone bring sleeping bags or covers or whatever and something to change in for the night." Dany nodded, "Alright. I got you... So plenty of food right? Cuz I know I'mma be starving." "Hell yeah... And yo ass gon' make sure we have a lot of good sh*t. Wings, pizza, rotel, and nachos. You're the planner. I got faith in you babe," He cooed, kissing her lips. "Yeah Nigga. I'm sure you do," Dany kissed him back. Zay smiled and continued giving Dany ideas.

While Dany was planning, <a href="">Nani</a> was trying her best to put up things that her son wouldn't get to and hurt himself. However, <a href="">He</a> still was finding other things to play with. Like candles. "Mommy... Here," He walked over to her and dropped it. "Oops!" He yelled, while picking it up. "Let me get it... Your daddy gon' whoop you if he see it. He told you not to touch these," She stuck her hand out. Cervantes gave it to her and started to grab other things, "Yah yah yah." "Boy, what am I going to do with you?" Nani shook her head. Her father was not very supportive of Nani getting pregnant and he expressed that plenty of times. So much Nani became tired of hearing it. He would just have to get use to the idea of Nani being a mother now. It was a very challenging job. When Nallely found out she was pregnant, she wanted a girl but was more than happy that she received a boy. She loved her son and so did Jasper. They were living together and being the family Nani always wanted. Speaking of Jasper, <a href="">He</a> walked through the door with food. "I know you ain't feel like cooking so I bought you and bad ass something," He walked over and handed her the bag of food. He then pecked her lips, "How was your day?" "Thank you daddy and Busy... Especially tryna get your son to chill, but I'm good. I gotta go back to work at 11 tonight," Nani recited, opening the bag. "Hey daddy!" Cervantes ran over to Jasper. "What's up nigga? You not giving yo mama trouble are you? I brought you some chicken nuggets, apples, and chocolate milk," He stated while picking him up and sitting him on his lap. Cervantes danced excitedly and hounded Nani for his food. Nani shook her head laughing, "I know you hungry!" She handed him the food and he hopped off Jasper's lap and sat on the couch and dug in. "Damn do you feed him?" Jasper joked. "Yeah, but his ass act like he don't get fed when you come around. How was your day?" "It was cool... Been missing you mostly," He retorted, looking in her eyes. "I missed you too baby and I thank you so much for this food! I swear my ass is hungry!" Nani exclaimed, downing the burger and fries. Jasper laughed and watched. He then spoke in a serious tone, "Baby... I want another baby. This time it can be a girl." Nani almost choked on her food, "What?!"

<a href="">Xavier</a> was the only one of the group that didn't graduate from college. He dropped out and started dealing drugs. His life really wasn't the same. His mother knew and she tried talking sense him because Xavier was a very intelligent person. He just couldn't stay out of s***. He was so busy chasing females and so caught up on the money he was making from dealing, that he really didn't care about anything. He couldn't stay in relationships. Couldn't be faithful so he cheated and broke up with the females and kept it moving. Money came first now. That was all important to him. "Xavier, we need to talk." He turned around to see <a href="">Her</a>. "About what? The f*ck I tell you about coming over unannounced?" He asked with irritation. She rolled her eyes, "This all the f*ck you do is smoke, slang, and f*ck all these b*tches and lie to me about it. I'm getting tired of this sh*t." "Ashley gon' on with that sh*t. I don't wanna hear that today. I really don't give a f*ck to be honest. Get out of my face," He roared. She shook her head and walked out the door, "You ain't s*** I swear. I'll be over later when you ain't got an attitude." He dismissed her and ignored her as he counted his money. Things were gonna change soon and he couldn't wait to get everything he wanted.


Okay. I know I skipped college and all that s*** but I already got Red Stains and that s*** dealing with college and what not and I didn't feel like doing all that but I will do flashbacks so you won't be wondering how s*** happened the way it did. And I changed Nani's picture. Jasmine Sanders wasn't fitting her character. The rest of the group is coming next. Man it took me hours typing this s*** on this iPod! Ughhh! Lol

uhn uhn
i dont like Damon likee if you want
to havee a freaking relationship
with your son whyy tf wld you talk to him likee
tht && talk abt him likee tht

likee there was reallyy a bettter
wayy to go about tht
he just pisses me off likee okayy i understand
tht he shouldnt havee cursed at you
but wht do you expect if i hear somebody talk abt
me likee tht no matter who it is ima snap too

Vanessa . . . i likee her . .
she coo ppl . . .thts sad tht she couldnt havee
BUT she got her special babyy Zamir but hes a man now
tho she gotta let loosee a lil bit

Zamir is so f***ing weird man lol
ima need him to stop calling his mom
tht shxt just not cool
he too damn old for tht lol
&& oooh okayy so he didnt steal the necklacee
good good . . . && if theyy got a maid,
cook && etc whyy tf she snapping abt tht
ANNNNND how tf she gon snap after theyy had tht
lil heart to heart moment lmao
tht shxt dnt go together

Bree finallyy lost her virginity to her babooskiiee !
Cutee . .
but whts gon happen whn she realizee
tht hes a cheater && yeah . not gonna be prettyy
aaaaaat all !
Bree gon cut his asx up

i swear X && Bree aree so fckng bipolar all these
b-words && fck yous && alla tht lol
theyy too much man too too much

thts nicee tht Josh & X gon thug it out together
maybee help each other . ..

As for Josh . . . stayy tf awayy from Helen !
hell no !
you dnt need moneyy THT damn bad
well maybee you do but still nigga NO
stayy tf awayy from tht bxtch
she prollyy onlyy on tht slick shxt
&& if she do something with or tryy Josh
Ana gonna flip
&& look i dont havee moneyy to bail Ana && Bree
both out !
shxt onee of yall gon be sitting in there till
yall court datee ! lol

thts right soso !
you told her lol
but tf how her sister gon makee it seem likee
she onlyy ask Soso a handful of times to watch her
daughter && Soso is just likee 'no fck you i aint dng it'
smh she needa get her shxt together
but at least Soso spokee on how she felt !
good job !

i wonder whyy i told her to comee over . . .
*crosses fingers*
pls dnt let me be the onee to tell Bree
X gon kill myy asx !


aw hellllllllll no! Damon woulda got his ass fcked up! SMH, but Zamir is weird as fck lol. Every child not gonna be how you want them to be or expect them to be and being that Zamir is not their child, of course Damon is gonna act some type of hateful way towards Zamir. Vanessa can't have kids, so he shall be happy that they was able to adopt! And I get that Zamir is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different and strange, but they adopted him and the most important fact is to give him all the love they could've given him; seeing that Damon tells it how he sees it, and doesn't like Zamir worth a sht...he can have a damn seat and let Vanessa deal with everything; but damn even Zay be snapping on her! She tryna be nice to his ass and he wanna cop a damn attitude; this is where he need to be popped in his muhfckn mouth talkin to a person who take up for him and persuaded her husband to keep him instead of sending his ass back to an orphanage where they probably woulda sent his ass to an institution for them drawings he did back in grade school. Wanna be the most highest and sht; this ngga must be crazy! I get he got an obsession with Egyptians and sht but damn ngga he tryna rule the world and sht; not fckn happenin!

Bree and X's relationship is just....they some bi-polar muhfckas lol one minute they arguing the next minute they playing or all affectionate. i can't deal with these two! lmao but oooooooh snap X popped Bree's cherry! Bout damn time. Nigga been waitin a million years to get sum! now he finally got he better keep his dck in his pants! || Aughhhhhhhhhhhh my sister need to get her sht straight! fck she thought this was i got a life that needs to be lived, too. wanna chase nggas she better be gettin money from they ass so i can get my baby sitter's fee || hmmmmm i wonder what nana gotta tell bree || zayzay kraykray lol he stay drawing egyptian gods and bree up there with his ass smokin' blunts; zay ass need to be apologizing but seeing as he wont guess he won't be seein his crew no more cause that sht still WAS NOT cool at all || josh's ex need to keep it pushin cause he's taken. josh should have a sign that says 'i'm in a relationship and that means to back the fck up' lol. i hope he takes the job though cause he need the money and sittin up in a house with nothing on and barely makin it is not good or healthy; hopefully x don't slip and tell bree or EVERYBODY gon' know about josh lol but ana seem chill and would probably try to help josh out

Run It

Lmao Ana be knowing s***.

I didn't even see that damn cat til you mentioned it lol.