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`Black Pyramid: The Kill. [Chap. 16]


They all sat in <a href="">his</a> living room having drinks and basically destroying his parents home. His name was Zamir and he really didn't have one ounce of care in the world right now. He and his friends were fresh out of high school. It was summer and they were bored. College didn't start 'til fall for them. They wanted to get all of their laziness out of the way so when college did come, they could study, and party all the time they wanted. Zamir had a great idea. "I'm bored as f*** and I know y'all are too. We should start our own group or movement... Like we can do big things and bad things.... But once you are in.... You CANNOT get out," Zamir stated with a dark grin. Everyone laughed and became excited. "Sounds... really bad. Yeah right," <a href="">She</a> teased. She continued, "Kinda sounds stupid." "Actually Bree... It kinda sounds fun," <a href="">She</a> interjected, while putting her hand on her thigh. Zamir smirked, "Thank you Nani. Bree is so damn judgmental. I have the perfect name for her. Anybody else think this sh*t is whack?" Zamir stood up and awaited everyone else response. He wasn't letting this idea slip away. It was too perfect to him and he every right to want to somehow take over the world as crazy as that sounds, but that was just Zamir being Zamir.

<a href="">He</a> chugged his beer and retorted, "The sh*t sounds kinda crazy but that's Zay for your ass. Sh*t. Let's take over the world! Why not!" "Sh*t... I'm in... We gon' be bored all gotdamn summer so might as well make this sh*t useful!" <a href="">She</a> butt in. "So Josh and Soso in.... Come on X. Don't let Bree control your life," Zamir remarked with a chuckle. <a href="">Xavier</a> instantly inhaled the smoke from his blunt and then blew right back into the air and twisted his face into disgust almost, "Bree ass DON'T run sh*t around here. So watch yo f*cking mouth nigga... I don't know where you getting your information from, but she don't run sh*t here. And sh*t sounds straight. We can throw a big ASS PARTY with plenty of B*TCHES!" Xavier continued puffing his blunt and made sure he looked at Bree as he spat his last words. Zamir laughed because he knew how to get Xavier out of his zone. Just tell him that his girlfriend Bree was controlling him and he would flip the f*ck out... If he didn't have that blunt on his mind, he would've said way more. This also pissed Bree off.

The night was soon approaching and he finally went around the room until everyone was in agreement. Zamir now spoke over everybody as if he was a teacher or lecturer, "Okay everybody... Now we all wonder who the hell we would be in our past lives. And if you hadn't, I'm going to announce to you all right now who I pictured you to be based on your personality. I'm talking about Egyptian gods and goddesses. I'm going to go around the room and give each and one of you names. This s*** will be very fun and X we can even do parties and all that s*** you saying. But think of this as a sisterhood and brotherhood. Everyone in this room is in <em>Black Pyramid</em> to stay. s***, think of us as the black illuminati." Zamir laughed and continued, while giving everyone the same amount of eye contact, "No one will EVER f*ck with our family. Now remember that. We will be so big that people will want to join but they do not know how powerful we will become. Summer WILL BE OURS! We will conquer every damn party, every function, every room, and etc. B*tches we our the <em> Black Pyramid</em>."

Bree rolled her eyes and laughed, "Nigga really? What's with all the dramatics?" "Well, I like everything to be dramatic... But let's start now. <a href="">Keria</a> you are Hathor, the mother of goddesses. You are the protectress of all women and basically the goddess of happiness and joy, music, dance, beauty, and etc." Keria smiled, "I love it already." Zamir laughed and winked at Keria, "Good." He then continued, "<a href="">Ana</a> you are Bast, the goddess of fire, the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, jokes, intuition, healing, and generosity. Now onto my baby and woman. <a href="">Dany</a> you are Nephthys, the 'Revealer.' You represent life and death, peace, darkness, protection, and dreams."

"Wait, why the f*ck I gotta be dark? I am NOT dark," Dany pouted, causing Zamir to laugh. "Baby, you'll see in a minute... Chill. Soso you are Neith, the 'Huntress' and goddess of war and hunt. You are the protectress of women and marriage and the mother of the gods. X you are Thoth, the 'Lord of Books and Learning and the judge of the gods. You also have two wives... Actually about three so this sh*t fits you perfectly. Bree your ass is Maat, the goddess of truth, right, justice, judgment, law, and reincarnation. And conveniently you are one of the wives of Thoth so the perfect match." Bree shook her head as Xavier laughed. "Nani you are Isis, the 'Supreme Egyptian Goddess.' You are goddess of motherhood, childbirth, fertility, initiation, success, womanhood, the arts, protection, and advice. Josh you are Ptah, the husband of Bast. You are also the 'Father of Beginnings.' You are the god of life, the arts, and miracles. I--" "How the hell do you know all of these things Zay?" Ana questioned.

"Exactly... Like what class was you in? Because I don't remember none of this sh*t in Mr. Cunningham class!" Bree exclaimed. "I do my research and I love Egyptian deities. It's very interesting," Zamir explained. "And who will you be?" Nani inquired, playing with her fingernails. Zamir smiled widely, "Seth, the god of the underworld. I am also the God of destruction and revenge. There is a lot more s*** y'all represent but y'all gotta research that information on your own to see what this group will represent as a whole... We are family... Oh and Dany, I am your husband so that's why I chose that for you baby. If there are any questions.... Please research on your own damn time!" Everyone continued drinking and eating as Zamir thought up of ways to get people on board... This was going to be the best summer... Or so everyone thought.


Nani.... You were extremely mean to that girl. Rose is very playful. Not once was she ever serious.

She didn't become evil 'til the end lol. So cut it out.

Stand by my comments. Don't give a f*ck! FYM!

Now that's where you WRONG.

Bree would definitely mend things with Chandra! Chandra has a disorder so Bree is very understanding towards that.

At first, Bree didn't like Chandra because she was disrespectful as hell. You get back what you issue out! Point blank! Chandra was rude to Breana and Bree acted accordingly.

And I'mma keep it real. I don't care what Rose did, but Nani was bullying the girl.

Stand against bullies. So yeah, Bree did kinda take Rose side.


Watch ya mouth!

Nani aint no bully!
Ik what bullying is and I ain't bully that hoe!
All I was doing was protecting my friend
Same as Bree!

Trying to call me a bully that's some ole bulls***

fym lol

Thank you Ana! Lol.

Bree ass was fake
Trading ass
Her ass was stixking upbfor dat 5 head b****
And u idnt even know her ass but wanna catch attitudes with yo friends you knew before that weird b****.
So what you thibk she was only being herslf
Hell we were all ourselves. Fck rose!
b**** was over the top forget being friendly that b**** was too open to strangers and I wasn't about to grab that b**** hand and skip down the park with cotton candy in my hand like bree amd zay did
f*** that b****

No loyalty! Bree would stick up for rose before trying to mend things with chandra anyday
And excuse the typos I ait onmy pc nomore

I wont be a bully anymore I promise

Lmao... I don't fight fair either. But come on... You didn't have to jump in Ana! Lol.

Oh and Nani hit Rose first! Nani is a passive aggressive ass bully lol.

hell yea we were mean but she hit nani
I dont fight fair lol that goes for all
the ORIGINAL BP. y'all fight I fight
or hit with a bottle lmao

Nobody liked her, but Bree and Zay.

Lexi was neutral lol.

I do not follow the crowd. Just because my friends or people I'm cool with don't like someone, don't mean I gotta dislike them too. Sh*t, I have my own mind.

And don't lie! Y'all slick did bully Rose! Mean girls wanna be asses! Lol

I never liked that hoe

Where Dany at?! Lol I know she gon' be heated.

Anyway, the only person that may have been being fake was Rose. Noticed when Rose was doing all that "I love you" s***, Bree didn't say it back. She liked her because she was HERSELF and didn't change. Bree was not being fake. She is naturally friendly. On God lol.

Yes I'm glad you corrected yourself!
Aint s*** bad about Rose but . . . . Well nothing lol

I love Rih but I couldn't bring myself to like Rose
Even when I saw that was her lol

me josh and soso
we good we ain't have to deal with the bull

Pshhh... Swerve.

Breana was most definitely loyal. And didn't join the bandwagon. When muhf***as was hating Rose on the FIRST day, Bree was attracted to that. Rose was a bad b****!!!!! Well Rihanna is lol and that's probably why I'm bias.


Fake asx . . . , PHUCK UO FRIENDSHIP

i'll go deeper!

that time when Zay said something about the cell phone at someone dinner or party and Keria was on her way out the door and I think he said some s*** about leave her attitude & some other s*** that deserved a SLAP!

and how the hell you disrespected her cousin deserved a SLAP! lol

I said I WISH i could have slapped a couple

i.e. Zay for one
2 you! lol







What b*tches was going to get slapped in the house/group? @Keria

Bree is a very caring person so she was cool with Rose lol. She didn't care about how weird or annoying she was because Rose was entertaining! Lol


Lmao @ Keria.

I do agree that Zay did f*ck with Keria just for the hell out of it. He was just tryna get her out of her shell. She didn't really f*ck with the other members like that. She was to herself.

oh and bree and rose friendship was fake as f***! lol f*** rose! lol

Oh and I am sweet tho! so thanks for da comment @istayflybreezyweezyican'trememberyournamelolnottrynnabesmartimserious

b****es like taking my kindness for weakness tho! I wish i could have slapped a few myself!

keria aint act like no murderer when zay came around
he did the most and messed with her because HE KNEW he would get under her skin. What you call that BULLYING! lol f*** outta here
Keria ain't act like s*** but a mature person who wasn't down for any of the bulls***!

If black pyramid was a paid organization you best believe keria would have gotten her ass to work to get her check and go home! s*** lol

Lol I'm just very intrigued by weird ass people or different personalities. We all have a weird side. Maybe not as weird as Rose, but it's there if you find it lol.

Nani cut it out lol. The only problem I got with Rose is that she killed Keria when Keria didn't have sh*t to do with anything! So yeah, I'm upset about that and I wrote it lol.

No Rose was not just "Rose"
She was a thorn n my asx && I plucked that s*** lol

lol that's my song! I was singing that today actually and I'm so sorry I mixed it up lol and my bad *Bree

And I'm sorry for all the people confused.

It will all be explained lol.

Huh Nani?

Lol right Ana.