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Loveless Life

<cited>No one ever knew it was happening and I for damn sure wasnt gonna share it. I knew I had brought this upon myself so now I had to suffer the consequences that came with it. Staring down the barrel of the gun I just knew it was over for me and in a way I was at peace. This meant my storms will soon be over and all the suffering I have been enduring have finally come to an end. I closed my eyes and just waited for her to what was started so long ago.<cited>

Chapter 1
<a href="">I</a> never understood why the ones around me hated me some much. My own <a href="">mother (Tanya) </a> could barely stand the sight of me so any chance she got she was shipping to my <a href="">dad(Richard) </a> house and it was bad cuz his new wife <a href="">Trish</a> hated my gusts because she was jealous of the bond me and my father shared. Its kinda hard for me to deal with this shyt because im so tired of being treated like this.!

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*Tiara's POV*
we tried the lie detector approach but ofcourse trish refused and denied permission for trent to be given one so we decided to take it to court. the prosecutor warned us it will be hard to prove since there was no evidence just my word against his and trish's. that was until the investigator found the receipt from the repurchase of my outfit from the first time trent raped me. but what put the icing on the cake was when trent was being cross examined and under the pressure he confessed to everything. it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. finally I got what I have been wanting for a very long time. trent was sentenced to 13 years in prison without the possibility of parole and trish was sentenced to 6 years and when they get out they have to register as a sex offender. if it wasn't for my girls who were upset that I and Maurice, especially Maurice, I don't think I would have been able to make it through the trial.
on the day of their sentencing Tanya came to court. I really didn't have anything to say to her and didn't even want her there. as we walked are she came up to me.
"tiara can we please talk.?" she asked.
"about what Tanya.?"
"there is no us remember. you never wanted me so whats different now.?"
"please tiara."
"go on and talk to her baby." Maurice insisted.
"fine whatever." we walked to a bench and she sat down.
"have a seat please."
"I prefer to stand."
"ok fine."
"come on Tanya what is it.?" I asked ready to go.
"why didn't you ever tell me what was going on over there."
"why should I have.?"
"you told tram but no me. im your mother."
"how do you know I told tram.?"
"she called me a couple days ago and told me everything. tiara you should have told me."
"Tanya you have never cared about me what makes you think I would have told you anything.?"
"your right I didn't care and I know I should have."
"why am I so important to you now.?"
"your my child and I love you."
"you cant love something you never wanted remember.?"
"look," I said cutting her off. "I don't know and frankly don't care what made you want to be in my life all of a sudden but this is it for me. just like I told you before I done with you. you had all these years to be a mother to me and you never did. I am finally at a place in my life where im happy. I have a wonderful boyfriend who cares about me, friends who love me, and now a father who would do any and everything to keep me safe. I have no room in me left for a mother who deep down inside herself hates that she gave birth to me. so good bye Tanya and I hope each day of your life you remember the daughter you lost because of you selfishness." with that said I walked away. I know I might have sounded harsh towards her but nothing compared to all the cruel things she did to me. I love my mother but I cant trust her every again with my heart. if that makes me a bad person then so be it.

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Yeah you were an ass! Now you see but it's too late!
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lol he do that ass and he getting a divorce. Trish and trent gon be in jail looking stupid.
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*Richard's POV*
was I an idiot.? did my wife really allow her son to rape my daughter.? it cant be true. trish has cried to me countless nights because tiara didn't like her. those tears couldn't have been fake, could they.? walking around the hospital i finally looked over to trish and trent and noticed them in deep conversation. then it hit me. not once has she come over to here to see how i was holding up. i mean this is my damn daughter in the hospital. i walked up behind hind then just as trish was asking trent how he could be so stupid to admit that to maurice.
"what did trent admit to.?" i asked causing them to jump.
"oh baby i was just about to come over and check on you." trish said coming around the chair and hugging me.
"answer my question trish. what did trent admit to that was so dumb.?"
"oh that.? he um was just telling me he heard tiara in the bathroom talking to herself about taking her life but he didn't do anything."
"what were you thinking trent.? you could have prevented her attempt. why did you do that.?"
"im sorry pops i just didn't think she would go through with it. she was yelling that nobody loved her or believed in her anymore and she just wanted to go away. i assumed she meant run away to be with her sister because the she cut the shower on and it was quiet. i feel so horrible and im glad that maurice guy came and took over everything because i felt so useless." trent said crying hard.
"aw trent it is ok son we are gonna get through this. we are a family and hard times come but we will get through." i said hugging him.
after about ten minutes i decided to go on back there and see about tiara. i know she may not want to see me but i don't care im worried and i want to see her.
as i walked in the room i heard her laughing. i miss her laugh, i haven't heard it since she moved in with me.
"hey baby girl."
"what are you still doing here.?" she asked instantly losing her smile.
"come on tiara. I've been out there worried sick about you."
"yea sure you were. that's why you left me with trent."
"come on baby girl please stop it with this trent thing he was worried about you too. he heard you yelling about wanted to go away."
"i never did that." she said.
"in the bathroom before you turned the shower on."
"dad i never said anything."
"so he just made all that up.?"
"come on tiara why would he do that.?"
"sir he didn't even know she was committing suicide when i got there. he said she was just taking a shower. i told him she called me and was coughing on the phone and he said she was eating." maurice spoke up saying.
"but he just said he admitted that to you that he knew she was doing this and didn't try to stop her."
"no he admitted to me that he had been raping her and that's why i came over there and told you tiara was not coming back to your house."
"im not.?" tiara asked him surprised.
"yes my mom gave us the ok for you to move in when you leave the hospital."
"im so happy.!" she said hugging him.
“baby girl your really gonna move in with them.? you barely know these people.”
“i know as much about them as you know about me.”
“tiara I know everything about you. please don’t do this. i love you and i need you there.”
“you don’t love me enough to believe me. how do you expect me to remain in your house and look at the people who were causing me hurt and pain.?”
“but tiara please don’t leave me baby girl. i will do anything just don’t leave.”
“yes anything.”
“make them take a lie detector test and i will stay.”
“how can i do that.”
“all tiara has to do is file the report and you being the parent and husband can request one to be done.” maurice added .
“so dad what is it gonna be.? me being there with you and we do this or i can go and you will never find out the truth.?”
“lets do it tiara.” I agreed.
i really hope this isnt gonna be for nothing. if tiara has been telling the truth I would be beyond upset and hurt and if tiara has been lying to me imma be pissed and imma pack her ass up myself to move in with maurice because clearly this family means nothing to her. we made the call and tiara filed the report and as I walked to the waiting room I saw trish and trent being handcuffed and dragged out. and as I got closer I heard trish say ‘that little bytch is gonna pay’ and right then I knew I have been a fool all this time. my baby wasnt lying and look where it had to go before I found out the truth. how could I have been so blind.? i will be meeting with a divorce attorney first thing monday morning. thank goodness I made that bytch sign a prenup.!

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I'm so freakin happy for her
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no she doesn't know

i cant believe even then her pops still dont believe her!
ugh and trent the hell ? really u gonna still claim her after she tried to kill her self because of u??
get out of here and what could u possibly do to maurice family? u should be scared of him.
im so glad hes moms agreed
and as for her mom i wanna believe her but actions speak louder
the mom doesnt know that she gets raped by trent right?
run it

aight gurl

ohhh lol....well since your reading...check out concrete angel and tell me what you think

i been reading, just been quiet hehe

@toya well hello missy.!!!
idk I actually just noticed that too lol

Richard is an idiot
Part of me wants to believe Tanya
Trent is just a downright dirty piece of work
Trish needs to go play in the sand...
Why most of your characters names start with T?! lol
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Damn run it

*Tiara's POV*
"Maurice i cant believe you of all people saved me." i said to him as he crawled in bed beside me.
"ofcourse i did tiara and i always will."
"you dont understand though, i was hoping no one did. now look at me im really gonna have to find someway out of this. i dont want to be called a liar again but then again i want people to know the truth about why i did what i did. trent and trish needs to pay for what they did to me and now my dad needs to as well."
"i know your mad at your dad for not believing you baby girl but seeking revenge on him because you decided to do something to yourself is not gonna make anything better."
"maurice i didnt do this because of any of them. i did this for me. i want peace and i want to be able to feel nothing."
"so you were ready to give up on life just like that.?"
"maurice you just dont understand what i been through. i am 17 years old and one of the only two people that has ever told me or showed me they loved me told me he doesnt believe me over his new family. i dont know what else to do." i said finally completely breaking down into tears.
"listen here tiara i understand."
"how can you understand maurice you have a loving family your mom adores you. you cant possibly know how it feels to live your whole life with a mom who never wanted you or be ridiculed day in and day out about it. i've always tried to do everything i can to please her but nothing has ever worked." just then my mom walked in from behind the curtain.
"oh tiara i am sooo sorry sweetie."
"no your not. you never even wanted me. why are you even here.?"
"because im your mother."
"when has that ever mattered to you.? im damn near grown and now you wanna show me affection. where was that when i got my first cut, or went to school for the first time. i cant even remember a single time you even told me i love you or hell even smiled at me. you dont even want me to call you mom tanya."
"tiara im sorry. when i first got pregnant with you i was overjoyed. i thought richard and i would be together forever and we all would be a happy family. but then he admitted that he was in a relationship with trish and it broke my heart. yea he was there for you but he wanted nothing to do with me so i was angry and i took it out on you all these years. but when this young man called me and said you tried to kill yourself i knew all this anger and hatred that i had in me was too much. i couldnt bear the thought of losing you."
"well its too late for that because you already did. you need to leave."
"but tiara."
"NOW.!!! do you think i care about this bullshyt story you just fed me. there are plenty of women out here who wish they could have children and took me through hell because my dad didnt want you. fuxk you tanya.! i never wanna see you again in my entire life."
"you dont mean that."
"oh yes i do. how does it feel to be rejected.? now get out." without another word she was out the door and i immediately curled into maurice's arms and cried myself to sleep.

*Maurice's POV*
im so proud of how tiara stood up for herself to her mom. i know it hurts her for now but im sure in the future she will get over this and who knows maybe they can end up building a relationship with one another. as soon as i knew forsure tiara was asleep i went back out to the waiting room with the rest of her family.
"how is she maurice.? i seen tanya leave out crying whats going on.?" richard asked as i reached them by the window.
"she's great sir. she sleeping now."
"aye maurice right.?" trent spoke.
"yea." i responded dryly.
"can i holla at you.?"
"is it nesseccary.?"
"yea." i reluctantly followed him over to the other side of the room.
"what is is man.?" i asked.
"look i dont know what you think you have with tiara but this aint where you need to be."
"nigga what.? clearly you missed the part where tiara asked for me not you, yo momma, her momma, or even her daddy so i think im exactly where i need to be."
"look thats mines so keep your dirtiness away from her."
"you think since you raped her your intitled to her.?"
"naw we got love in this thang thats how i know she mine."
"your crazy." i said walking away trying with all my might to control my anger.
"you dont want these problems maurice. if you know whats good for you and that family of yours i suggest you back off." trent said back.
"nigga i wish you would come near anybody in my fam you will lose your life."
"then back off."
"make me." trent did nothing. "yea thats what i thought bytch." i walked away headed back towards richard ready to see what he had to say too.
"excuse me sir i have a question for you."
"ok i may have some answers."
"how does it feel to know you could have prevented this.?"
"what are you talking about."
"how can you not believe your own daughter when she comes to you and tells you she was raped."
"now hold on your out of line." richard said standing up.
"man look at where your at. tiara is in a hospital bed because your wife and stepson mistreat her and you do nothing."
"you dont know what your talking about."
"no your just an idiot who is too stupid to see the truth when its right in front of him. hell i been around this family for one day and i can see it."
"see what.?" trish asked.
"everytime we mention why tiara did what she did you and your son look at each other. why is that huh.?"
"because he was there and he should know."
"he does know. he raped her."
"tiara got you believing this rape shyt too.?" richard said shaking his head.
"you idiot the facts are there."
"what facts show me them."
"your a fuxking fool and until any of you are ready to admit the truth tiara aint coming back to that house."
"and who the fuxk are you to make that decision.?" trent asked.
"i didnt make it tiara did and legally you dont have any type of say so yall cant stop her." without another word i walked away back towards tiara's room and called my mom. and after telling some parts of the story she agreed o let tiara move in temporarily. its official, the saftey of tiara is in my hands and i have no problem with having this responsibility.

sorry it took me so long but here you go.!!!!

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plz leave some comments and dont just say 'run it' i wanna know who yall feel and if you can guess how this story may turn out cuz i might end it soon.!

She need to go ahead & let everything out they all need to know whats been going on.
Run it

That was a tease. Bt a good one. She cant do a rape kit if she washed the evidence away. Im ready to read this outcome. Run it

Run it

*Maurice's POV*
i looked over at tiara's mom waiting to see exactly what she was talking about.
"excuse you tanya.?" her dad said.
"yall heard me.! what did you let this bytch do to my child.?"
"i aint let her do shyt.! our daughter tried to commit suicide."
"yea right my child is not that stupid."
"how would you know.? you barely even speak to her. hell your so wrapped up in your own shyt that you shipped her off to me so you wouldnt have to deal with her."
"and now i see that was a mistake. im taking her mom with me today."
"good because i was getting tried of her anyway.!" his wife said.
"what.?" tiara's parents said in unison.
"richard that girl hasnt done anything but cause drama since she moved in our house."
"thats still my daughter trish and honestly i dont think she wants to go back to her mothers house which means she's staying with me." before anything else could be said the doctor came out to us.
"how is she doc.?" richard asked.
"she's stable. she's asking for a maurice." i was shocked for a minute. and as i looked around i felt kind of uncomfortable that of all people she asked for me.
"go ahead son its alright." richard said.
"thank you sir." i followed behind the doctor to the room and as i walked in and saw tiara hooked up to all those machines i just broke down. this is just crazy. i walked over and sat next to her and held her hand waking for her to wake up.
"hey tiara its me maurice. wake up baby."
"yes baby.?"
"save me."
"im hear baby girl."
"no get me out that house or he will do it again."
"what are you talking about.?"
"trent raped me."
"what.? when.?"
"when you dropped me off."
"is that why you did this.?" she nodded yes.
"imma kill him."
"wait dont leave me."
"tiara this is fuxked up"
"you you dont understand my daddy doesnt believe me."
"but your here and they can prove it."
"no please i cant."
"why not tiara. your mom and dad are out there right now we can get them in here and handle this now."
"how did my mom find out.?"
"i called her."
"and she came.?"
"yea she seems really worried about you."
"are you serious.?"
"yes. she's even talking about taking you back."
"oh no i cant go back there."
"tiara your not staying in that house."
"then let me move in with you. i can get a job and help out. whatever it takes."
"i dont think my momz would like that."
"we can at least ask."
"imma try baby girl."

just a little something...

Run it

Thats sad her own daddy dont believe her. Trent just rapeing as he please. Now she ready to kill herself. She should kill him.

Oh damn, it's about to go down. Hopefully she will be able to tell them all whys been going on. I'm so excited, run it :)

Awww s*** all hell bout to break loss its about to go down run it

*Maurice's POV*
i got back to the crib and noticed my mom's car in the driveway. i wonder why she home so early from from work. i walked in the house and she immediatey called me in her room.
"yes ma'am." i said walking in.
"sit down baby." i did so. "now normally i dont be in your business but honestly this has been bothering me since i left here."
"whats going on momma.?"
"that girl. who is she and why am i just seeing her.?"
"her name is tiara. she just moved in with her dad recently and levi's and them girlfriends know her and introduced us."
"so you basically just met her and had her all up in my house.?"
"its not like that momma. her and her dad got into it and she came over. she looked very upset so i told her she could stay the night with me."
"maurice, you barely know her."
"but mom i swear it doesnt feel like that. i feel like i've known her for a while. she's so different than any of the females around here and i think if you really get to know her you would like her too."
"we'll see maurice."
"mom you like my brothers' girlfriends i have no doubt in my mind that you will like tiara. ito top it off i think she's a virgin."
"whatever you say sweeite. well im bout ti head back to work. they only gave me an hour lunch so im bout to grab a sandwich and head out."
"ok mom see you tonight."
i walked with my mom out the door and my phone starting ringing and it was tiara.
"look my its like she knew we were talking about her." i said holding hte phone up showing my mom who was calling.
"you kids are silly. love you baby."
"love you too momma. hello." i said waving goodbye and answering the phone but nobody said anything.
"tiaaarraaaa." i sang but still got no reply just thing i heard cough as if she was choking on something. i hung up the phone and rushed over to her house. i parked out front and rushed to the door banging as hard as i could. about three minutes later a dude about her age answer the door.
"aye is tiara here.?"
"yea she talking a bath."
"are you sure.?"
"yea i been here and heard the water running."
"somethings wrong she just called me and was choking on the phone."
"so she a pig she was probably eating."
"dude move." i said pushing him out the way and running up the steps towards the sound of water. i tried to open the door but it was like and she wasn't answering when i called out her name so i kicked the door in and found her laying there passed out and pills all over the floor.
"tiara baby noooo." was all i could say. reached in my pocket and called 911 explaining what i found. then hung up and began doing CPR on her.
"tiara come on baby breathe." just then that dude came in the room.
"she's not your baby."
"man it aint hte time for all that so get out my face." i said as i pumped on her chest.
just then i heard the ambulance and scooped her up and carried her down the steps to them.
"whats going on.?" he asked while hooking her up to the machines.
"i found her in the bathroom with a large bottle of pills that i think were asprins. most of them were gone out the bottle." i explained.
"ok. we need to her her stomach pumped stat. im sorry kid but you cant ride in here with her immediate family only."
"im her stepbrother i'll go." that dude said running out and hoping in the back with them and they drove off. i didnt know what to do. i cant believe this is happening. she was just fine when she left my house now this.? whats going on.? i went back in her house to find her phone to call her dad and got in my car and headed to the hospital. after three rings he answered.
"are you ready to apologize to me.?' is what he said.
"sir my name is maurice im a friend of tiara's and i wanted to inform you she is being rushed to the ER."
"for what.?"
"she tried to commit suicide sir."
"aw hell naw ok who went with her.?"
"the guy here. he said he was her stepbrother."
"ok yea thats my boy trent. thank you for calling young man."
"hurry up there though sir because its not looking really good."
"thanks." we hung up and i called her mother.
"what the hell do you want.?"
"um it this tiara's mother.?"
"who wants to know.?"
"this is maurice and i wanted to inform you that tiara is on her way to he ER because she tried to commit suicide."
"your lying did she set you up to call me so i can see her because i really dont want to.?"
"no ma'am im driving a few cars behind the ambulance now."
"oh wow im on my way."
"great.!" i hung up and went on and focused on getting there to make sure she was ok.
by the time i got there i saw the kid there in the waiting room looking very sad.
"whats going on.?"
"this is not your concern."
"nigga what you mean.? if it wasnt for me she would be dead."
"stay out of our business. you dont belong here."
"i think i do. especially since i called her mom and dad and they are on they way as we speak."
"you did what.?"
"you heard me."
"FUUUXXXXXKKKK.!!!! you just fuxked up big time."
"how.?' before he could answer that and man and a white lady whom im assuming is her dad and stepmom walked up.
"whats going on.?'
"they cant tell me anything because im not her parent."
"yoir her older brother though so they should have said something. who are you." her dad said then looked at me asking.
"im maurice i called you." i said handing him her cellphone.
"thank you again for calling we really appreicate it." the lady spoke up saying.
"i just wanna know what caused her to do something like this. i mean when i brought her home this morning she was fine hell better than fine then outta no where this happens its crazy." i said but then out of the corner of my eye i notice trent give his mother a look and then they walk off to the side and talk.
"excuse me a moment im bout to see if they will tell me anything." her dad said as he walked to the nurse's station. i looked back over at trent and his mom and she looks pissed off at him for something he just told her. was he the reason tiara is in here.? i was about to go say something but her dad came back over with a slight smile on his face.
"ok they said they were able to get all the pills out of her stomach. they said they pumped enough asprin out of her that would last a person six months if they only took one pill a day. i just cant believe she how selfish she is becoming."
"what do you mean.?"
"its nothing just forget it."
i couldnt forget it and just then her mom walked in.
"what the fuxk did you do to my child.?" she yelled walking towards tiara's stepmom. what is going on ere.?

run it.!!!

how dare they her father and trent are disgusting smh i dont believe he called her a liar what type of father reacts that way to his daughter telling him something as severe as that!!!!

Trent you f***ing pig!!

she needs to put some hidden cameras in her room or something to show her dad and the police or something ..this nonsense has to stop

Run it 2x

I hope she don't kill herself. She need to move in with me like word. Her dad is a sorry bastard.
Run it

ugh really?! she should have gone in with her sister
dumba** dad of hers
i want her to leave that house she aint safe there
maurice is a sweetie :)
run it