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Fire && Ice

<em>"Yeo <a href="">Brim</a> pass that s*** already niggah damn puff puff give you f***ing up the rotation" <a href="">Bree</a> said while bobbing her head to B.I.G Spit Yo Game."Shut the f*** up and hold your horsey Smokey i only took one pull f***"Brim said with his eyes already looking low and glassy."ya'll always agruing over some s*** like what the f*** is good with ya'll just get married already"<a href="">Dany</a> said fanning away some of the smoke."chill the f*** out with all that marriage talk ya boy aint never getting tied down ya heard especially not to this jackal over here"Brim said pointing to Bree as he then handed her the blunt."Like anyone want to marry your scrawny ass in the first place boo bye"Bree said taking a pull.Bree and Brim continued to agruge until the door slammed and in walked <a href="">Ana</a> and <a href="">Tek</a> ."Yeoo what the hell every time niggahs come over here it be smelling like a weed farm up in here"Ana said covering her nose."well if you don't like it hoe don't bring ya ass over here"Bree said as she then blew out smoke."get ya girl Brim before i cut her"Ana said making her way towards the couch."for the last time this ain't my girl damn just cause i may cuff sometimes don't mean i claiming that"Brim said as Bree just rolled her eyes."yeah you say that now till you see some dude all up in her face then its a different story"Tek said snatching the blunt from Bree."what the f*** niggah wheres your manners you don't snatch"Bree exclaimed."yeah yeah yeah"Tek said waving her comment away as he took a pull."ya'll some damn pot heads"Dany said shaking her head."And?!?"said Brim,Tek,and Bree."damn shame"Ana said while laughing.<em>


<em>"omg i'm bored"<a href="">Nani</a> said hanging upside down off the love chair."Well what is there to do its too hot to be outside"<a href="">Soso</a> said fanning her self with a MW3 case."yeo" yelled <a href="">Grant</a> as he snatched the case out Soso's hand "be delicate with this"he said caressing the case."Oh god its not that serious the game isn't even in there"Soso said rolling her eyes."wheres my game"Grant yelled eyeballing his sister <a href="">Lexi</a>."niggah don't look at me you can check my system its not in there"she said with an attuide."yeah f***ing right"he said storming upstairs to her room."your brother need to take a chill pill for real"said Nani."no his ass need a damn girl friend"Lexi said rolling her eyes."whats on t.v"Soso said grabbing the remote."probably nothing i'm bout to call over <a href="">Hank</a> and <a href="">Sam</a> "Lexi said scrolling through her phone."yyyaayy i missed my boo"Nani said finally sitting up right."i don't see how ya'll tongue was down eachother's throat majority of the day"Soso said channel surfing."For real like i was ready to throw up that is NOT a pretty site"Lexi said putting her hand over her mouth pretending to gag."shut ya'll hating asses up ya'll wish ya'll was us"Nani said throwing a pillow at each of them."Look what i found"Grant exclaimed comming back down the stairs with the game in his hand."whoop di doo mother f***er you ain't find it in my room"Lexi said.Grant rolled his eyes and said "whatever next time ask before you touch my s***"."yeah yeah whatever"Lexi said getting up walking out the room with the phone to her ear."so what ya'll doing"Grant asked Soso and Nani."nothing lexi susppose to be calling the guys over"Soso said finally stoping on cartoon network."cool so ima just kick it with ya'll"Grant said plopping down on the couch."whatever floats your boat"Soso said with a shrug.<em>



author's note: i have no clue really where i'm going with this but bare with me i'm still having ideas on where to take this


Aw, we're all bestfriends now!
Oh okay, Soso got her boo back.
Not even gunna hate on the fact
they was swapping spit.
s***, if I hadn't seen my boo in
a long ass time, I would've done more
than sucked face ;)
We all looking cute and s***. Ready to
hit this club.
Brim gon regret everything he says when
another nigga is pushing up on Bree.
Oh okay, I see you Grant :).

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hmmm, it didn't seem rushed to me. I liked

brim gon' regret treating bree like that
when she cuff another nigga at the club
and yay my baebae Anthony came home; it
look like Grant got his eye on dany ;)
y'all don't be hating when me and Grant
swap spit cause y'all asses do that sht
all day when i was lonely so now
yall gotta deal with how we do lmao
now hopefully we can all go out out to
eat and club without any drama.

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<strong>After Dinner<strong>

<em>"omg i'm so full"Bree said laying in the middle of the living room floor."i'm with you on that one girl"Nani said laying on the couch rubbing her tummy."ya'll some fat asses"Brim said after letting out a loud burp."looks who's talking"Soso said screwing up her face."eeewwwww i can dead smell that s***"Lexi said fanning in front of her as everyone laughed."nah but we niggahs tryna do tomorrow"Tek asked."yeah what are we doing like isn't ya'll brother suppose to be coming home tomorrow"Ana said."yeah"Lexi and Grant said."i say we go clubbing i need to bag me a nigga or two"Bree said as Brim just rolled his eyes."i say we go out to eat then clubbing"Dany said with shrug.everyone nodded in agreement."well what we gonna do now"Sam asked."oohhh lets watch silent hill"Nani said popping up off the couch walking over to the dvds."nooo lets watch nightmare on elm street"Dany said."which one the new one or the old ones"Lexi asked with an eyebrow rasied."the old ones duhh"Dany said shaking her head laughing."word cause the new one is just ass"said Hank."so we're watching elm street"asked Nani."i want to watch the notebook"Soso said."uuugghh"all the boys said."lets watch crouching tiger hidden dragon"Brim said."ooohhh i have to agree on that one thats one of my favorite moives"Lexi said."eww you like movies like that"dany asked scrunching up her face."hell yeah"lexi said dapping all the boys."how bout we watch something thats a combination of horror romance and action"Nani said gettin frustrated."and what would that be"asked Grant."the godfather"Bree said jumping up snapping her fingers.everyone looked at each other and agreed.everyone paired up into couples as Nani popped the movie in."you know you guys might as well stay over"Lexi said laying her head on Sam's shoulder."we might as well but i dead dont got no clothes for tomorrow"Soso said."word"Ana sad."so how bout we pause the movie and everybody go get there s*** and come back"Grant said reaching from the dvd remote."i'm cool with it"Bree said getting up."wat ya'll gonna do in the meantime"Sam asked as he pecked Lexi's forehead."Scarface"Grant and Lexi said together.everyone except Lexi and Grant headed out to go get their clothes and came back.soon as everyone reached back they camped out in the living room and watched movies till 3 in the morning.<em>

<strong> 12 in the afternoon;next day<strong>

<em>"wat is that smell"Bree said waking up rubbing her eyes only to see Nani's feet up by her nose."wat the hell Nani"Bree said smacking her feet."oww hoe"Nani said stretching."your feet stink"Bree said screwing up her face."no they don't must be ya upper lip"Nani said now getting up."can ya'll shut the hell up"Brim said putting the pillow over his head."how bout you wake your ass up"Bree said kicking him in the back."oh nice to see most of you up"Lexi said coming down the stairs all ready <a href="">dressed</a>."why you all dressed up looking extra lovely ratchet today"Nani asked rubbing her eyes."same reason the rest of you girls need to get dressed we bout to go shopping"Lexi said."shopping?!? did some one say shopping"Dany said popping up out her sleep."damn shame"Bree said shaking her head."yeah so wake the rest up so we can go"Lexi said walking into the kitchen."you heard her get up you lazy skanks"Nani said nudging Soso and Ana with her foot."how bout you just wiggle those deadly things under their nose bet they get up then"Bree said getting out her <a href="">clothes</a>. Nani just flipped her off as she continued to try to get up Ana and Soso."wheres the shower"Bree asked."up the stairs to your left at the end of the hall"Nani said. Bree went upstairs as Soso and Ana finally got up."wat do you want disturbing my beauty sleep"Ana said with dried drool on the side of her face. Nani and Dany started laughing as Soso just shook her head with a smile on her face."you heifers finally up ...we going shopping"Lexi said coming back into the living room with a bowl of captain crunch."omg would ya'll hurry up and leave damn"Tek said turning over."the nerve"Dany said as she Nani Soso and Ana got their clothes together.about two hours later all the girls were ready to go."should we wake the boys"<a href="">Ana</a> asked."nope let they ass sleep they don't need to go shopping anyways"Bree said."while we're shopping can we stop at the hair salon i want to try out a new color"<a href="">Nani</a> said playing with her hair in the mirror."thats fine by me i was stopping there anyways"Lexi said."ayee me too i want to try something new"Bree said."so what are we suppose to do while ya'll getting your hair done"<a href="">Soso</a> asked."food court"<a href="">Dany</a> and Ana said together as then laughed."come on lets go"Lexi said as she opened the door to find <a href="">him</a> standing there with a big smile."omg"Lexi screamed as she jumped into his arms."wassup"he said hugging his little sister."Anthony"Nani yelled running to him giving him a hug"."hey Nani"he said with a smile hugging her back."Hey you"he said smiling widely at Soso."hey"she said smiling just as big as him."would ya'll just hug and kiss already"Lexi said with a smile shaking her head.Anthony put his arms out as Soso walked over and hugged him as they then shared a big nasty kiss."eewwwwwwwww"the rest of the girls said."i missed you"Soso said."i miss you too" he said pecking her forehead."well enough of the gushy stuff this is Bree Ana and Dany"Lexi said introducing them."hey"Anthony said giving them all a big hug."what is all the damn noise about"Grant said walking over to the door rubbing his eyes."sup bro"Anthony said with a smile."hey"Grant said smiling giving his brother a hug."wheres the rest of the guys"Anthony asked."follow me"Grant said as they both walked down towards the living room as the girls headed out.<em>

<strong>Later that day<strong>

<em>i swear these girls take a whole freaking year to get ready"Grant said shaking his head."where are we going anyways"Anthony asked."aw bro we going out to eat at Charlotte's then clubbing at The Hole"Brim said rolling a blunt."i see you still smoking that s***"Anthony said with a smirk."and you know this man"brim said imitating smokey from Friday as they all laughed."whats taking them so long though"Sam said looking at his watch."man you know how women are wanna take all day to do the simplest s***"Tek said shaking his head."well they need to hurry the hell up i'm hungry"Hank said rubbing his stomach."i don't know whats taking Bree so long no matter what she do she not gonna be able to cover that ugly"Brim said laughing at his own joke."why you be dogging her out like that you know that's your boo"Grant said."man we just friends i don't do that whole couple thing ya digg"Brim said."iight so remember that later when we at the club"Tek said with a smirk."yeah yeah yeah"Brim said waving him away.Finally the girls came down dressed."um where are your clothes young lady and what the hell did you do to your hair"Anthony asked <a href="">Lexi</a>."boy bye i'm grown and i got it dyed at the hair salon with Bree and Nani"she said walking over to Sam."you be letting her walk out the house like that"Anthony asked Grant."man she don't listen to me"Grant said rolling his eyes."what we're ya'll talking bout"<a href="">Nani</a> asked walking over to hank."i like your hair boo"Hank said."aww thank you"Nani said as she pecked his lips."to answer your question it was man stuff"Brim said."umm dont you have to be a man in order to talk about man stuff"<a href="">Bree</a> asked."don't start with me "brim said staring at her butt."omg lets go before these two get at eachother"<a href="">Ana</a> said walking towards the door."word cause once they start aint no stopping them"<a href="">Dany</a> said following her."you look nice by the way"Grant said to Dany"thank you"she said with a smile."so shall we go"<a href="">Soso</a> said."after you"Anthony said opening the door. Lexi makes gaging noises as they all follow out after Anthony and Soso.<em>
Author's Note:sorry if it seems rushed but ehhh i didn't even want to write it in the 1st place but i gotta get on track so deal with it :)

ima try to add tonight key word TRY

been super tired lately so we'll see if not tonight by the weekend there will b an add up for this & the other story

Run this s***

ooooh i get it . . .kinda . . i think . . .
. . . . look lets be honest i dnt reallyy get it
lol . . im slow im slow ik ik

but anyyhow DAAAAAMN Soso lil boo thang
kinda finee
*e-air fivee*

idk wht to sayy lol

how long theyy brother been gonee??
how long had Dany && them been with the boyys

Bree && Brim aree little lovee bugs
lovee hits . . .lovee bruises . . .alla tht


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Oh snap!
Look at us all getting along now.
I totally get the concept now!
I kinda didn't even see it that way.
Now that I think about it, they do argue a lot
and they are like fire and ice.
Soso got a boo and that nigga is a
sexy ass f***!
Just dont piss him off, he obviously
is trained to be a straight killer.
Just thought id let you know.

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awww soso he a cutie uhmm ok make me want to sign up for war lol
FIRE && ICE ok ok ok i see i see
lexi hot headed
grant cooly faced
i see makes it all come together now lol
they balance each other out with their unstable asses
brim and bree never gets old i can watch them fight all day
its like jerry springer but live lol


I agree with Sophiyah! I like the name and concept! Fire & Ice! I get it!!!! Lol but um yea. There Ma is cool as hell. I don't see how she put up with these a**holes! They are a mess and do way too much but theres love there! You just gotta find it... Ummm Soso got a boo?! He cute af! And that's Skank & Grant bro?! Can't wait to meet him! I jus gotta see how everything goes. And uhhh Brim Stfu! Don't nobody want you ho! Hitting me like I wont beat his ass.

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ohhhhhhhhh now that makes sense, fire and ice
i totally get it. nice i likes that. they mama
need to stop pinchin every damn body, babying
people and sht thta's annoying as fck lol. but
gahhh damn my boo fine as f***kkkkkk! lol
anthony need come home so I won't be lonely!
and i can't believe he in the marines. makes me
sad yo, why my dude had to be risking his life...

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<strong>After School<strong>

<em>"since we're getting along ya'll should come kick at my crib"Grant said."I'm with it"Brim said looking at Bree,Ana,and Dany to see if they were down."I guess i'm cool with it if you guys are"Ana said.Bree and Dany looked at eachother and nodded yes."Cool so just follow me"Grant said walking over to his <a href="">car</a>."wait is your mom gonna be there"Tek asked.Grant put on the straight face and said "don't let me whip your ass my dude" as Tek just laughed and walked away.Soon after Lexi,Soso,and Nani came walking up to the car."i invited them over"Grant said searching Lexi's face for some time of reaction."that's cool"She said looking directly at him before she hopped in her <a href="">car</a> followed by Soso and Nani."what is up with you and your sister"asked hank."i dunno we've just always been this way i don't know how to be any other way with her"grant said shrugging."ya'll to damn funny at times and others ya'll scare the s*** outta me"Sam said shaking his head.Grant chuckled and shook his head and said "that's all Lexi i've calm down"."yeah okay i'll believe it when i see it"Hank said as they all got into grant's car and pulled off followed by Lexi then Bree.They all pulled up to the <a href="">house</a> within 15 minutes and walked inside."MMMMAAAA!"Lexi screamed as she walked through the door."in the kitchen"<a href="">she</a> said."damn big mouth"Grant said covering his ears and rolling his eyes."Dont start with me before i chop you in your trachea"Lexi said as she walked to the kitchen."do they always fight like this"ana whispered to soso.soso just nodded and walked into the kitchen as well."hey girls" she said."hi momma brown"soso said sitting down in one of the chairs."ma what you cooking tonight"lexi asked looking in the fridge."i don't know yet why little girl"her mom asked."cause your bastard son invited Brim and Tek and their girlfriends over here so i thought you should know to make more than your use to"Lexi said shrugging while closing the fridge."Tek and Brim?!? mean Tyquan and Brandon"Her mom said."yes ma'am"lexi said."ooooo where are my boys"her mom replied rushing out the kitchen into the living room."babies"Ms.brown said hugging Brim and Tek."hey mama"they replied back."i've missed you guys how are ya'll mothers doing."fine"they said in unision."thats good you know we all should get together sometime"ms.brown said with a smile."that'll be good"Brim said."ass kissers"lexi said walking into the living room with a bowl of popcorn."shut up already your sucking all the oxgen out the room everytime you open your mouth to talk"grant said."obviously i'm not cause your still breathing"Lexi said throwing a piece of popcorn at his head.their mom just shook her head and said my <strong>"Fire & Ice"<strong>.<em>

<em>"whose fire and ice"dany asked looking around confused.everyone else laughed which just made dany feel as if she just had a slow moment."I'm talking about grant and lexi sugar cup"ms.brown said rubbing dany's cheek."i'm so called fire because apparently i have a short temper and i always gotta be a smartass which i dont mind being it means im smart and not just an ass"Lexi said sitting back kicking her feet up on Sam."and Grant is ice because hes the only one who can calm her ass down plus my baby is just cool his smooth with it but he can be just as cold and mean and ruthless as his sister"ms.brown said now stroking grant's head.Lexi just rolled her eyes."i'm not as bad now though right ma"grant said smiling."thats right baby"she said pecking his cheek as he stuck his tongue out at lexi."ohh and soso i forgot to tell you your husband will be back tomorrow"ms.brown said with a wink as she walked back into the kitchen."wait your married"bree asked.Soso laughed and said "no everyone just calls him my husband cause we so called at like a married couple"."what's his name"asked ana."<a href="">Anthony</a>"soso said playing with her fingers."ohh so where is he or better yet where did he go"asked dany."Marines"Soso and Lexi said together."oh"dany and ana said together."for a minute i thought you and grant were a couple"bree said outta nowhere."bree shut the hell up"brim said throwing a pillow at her head which smacked her dead in the face."Brandon Rasuel Mcshaw i'm not f***ing playing with you today don't start"bree said getting up holding the pillow."Oooohhhhhh she said your whole government like"Tek said while laughing."she must wanna get f***ed up"brim said grilling bree."try me you kebler elf reject"bree said throwing the pillow down and balling up her fist."ahhh true love"nani said as everyone except bree and brim laughed."but to address your statement bree no me & soso arent nor have we ever dated what i look lik tlkin to my brother's girl"grant said."wit you have a brother too"dany asked."yeah only reason you three"he said pointing to bree dany and ana "don't know about him is because he left a couple months before met you guys"."ooohhhhh"dany bree and ana said in unision."foods ready"ms.brown said causing all the guys to get up and run to the kitchen and sam toss lexi's feet off him too hard & fast making her fall onto the floor."well damn""lexi said sitting up."sorry babe"sam said as he pecked the top of her head and ran off to the kitchen."and you can't even help a b**** up"lexi yelled as she got up from the floor walking into the kitchen with the rest of the girls.<em>
run it
p.s i'll get back on track with everyone's story outline next post i just wanted to get all the characters so far at the way

Nani I think we just slow af because I'm just now getting it lol but um yeah they gon' stop with this Smokey bulls***. That ain't my gotdamn name lol. I can help I'm addicted and I need to stop fronting. If he blew that kiss at me and we was like this in real life, I would've caught it and put it on my ass cheek lol. Like kiss my ass nigga! I can totally see me being this way because there were boys I couldn't stand that I treated the same way. And Grant is sexy why he gotta be related to skank-monster Lexi? But I guess I'll play nice now since we civil....

Run it

Brim and Tek go hard. Haha
Smokey seriously needs to quit smoking.
Oh, so Grant is just cool with everyone huh?
Anywho, i'm glad we squashed this beef.
Now we can mob on everyone as a crew.
Our force just got stronger!!!
Lemme go get my cape real quick! *runs to my closet*

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bree stop yelling at my baby yell at ty not my baby lol
grant and dany...???:)
but im glad we killed the bull s*** now we can be one big happy
family lol hopefully


damn grant older than me
and i get the feelin he'll go for
dany :(
well at least the beef
is over, for

Run It

i still dnt get it

BUT i can sayy tht im glad we squashed allllla tht
bullsh*t bcus tht sh*t pointless
hopefully all of us will continue to get along


-------Bree asx need to stop smoking gah damn !

<strong>Lunch Period<strong>

<em>"Chill in the club in my b boy hoodie on and my gun in my pants ...i'm fresh to death i'm fresh to death"Tek and Brim rapped while banging on the lunch table."can ya'll chill the f*** out before you make my tray fall off the table"Bree said annoyed."I love you too boo"Brim said blowing a kiss at her."ewww"Bree said fanning it away."stop fronting bree you know you like that s***"Ana said nudging her."pssh yeah right"bree said rolling her eyes."hey look who i found"Tek said walking over with <a href="">him</a> following behind."awwww my boo boo where have you been"Dany said getting up giving him a hug."everywhere and nowhere mamaz"He said."mmhmmm"bree said sipping on her soda."i've missed you too bree"he said kissing her forehead."ewww niggah i don't know where your lips been"bree said wiping off her forehead making everyone laugh."yeo why home girl grilling you"Ana said screwing up her face."who"he said looking around."her"Ana said pointing over to the girl."ain't that the same girl and friends we got into it with this morning"Bree said getting hyped all over again."hell yeah"dany said rolling her eyes."wow ... so your those girls"he said chuckling."whats so funny"Tek asked."thats my sister Lexi"Grant said."your joking thats little ass Lexi"brim said looking back at her."yeah"grant said with a smile."wow she grew up fast it seems just like yesterday she was snot nose with pink tails trying to follow us everywhere"Tek said."i know now she a total a**hole"grant said rolling his eyes."yeah well sister or not she better not start no bull with me i'll cut her ass"bree said rolling her neck."calm down smokey"grant said patting her head."i wish you niggahs would stop calling me that"bree said pushing his hand away."i'll be back let me go see what's her problem"grant said getting up."please do"dany said looking back at her once again.<em>
<em>"why the hell you over there grinning all up in them b****es face"Lexi yelled soon as Grant reached the table."if you must know i went over there to talk to tek and brim originally i didn't even know that was the girls you was beefing with from earlier"Grant said sitting down."Tek and Brim?!?...i haven't heard those names in a minute"Lexi said calming down a bit."wait whoses Tek and Brim"Soso asked."their old friends i grew up with and bree and ana are their girlfriends i was just saying hi"Grant said rolling his eyes."oohh well tell them chicks as long as they dont cross me there will be no problems but the minute they do its on and popping"Nani said as she then popped her gum."yeah yeah yeah"Grant said taking one of Lexi's fries."what the hell who said you can be all up in my s***"Lexi said with a screw face."oh shut the f*** up"Grant said popping the fry in his mouth.all of sudden bree,dany,and ana walked over to the table."may i help you"Nani said with a fake smile."look we didn't come over here to start any trouble we only came to say being that you and grant are blood and grant our dude we're willing to put the bulls*** to the side if you are"Dany said."i guess"Lexi said with a shrug."okay"bree said as she then sat down "so to start fresh Hi my name is Bree"she said extending her hand."Hi i'm Lexi"Lexi said shaking bree's hand."this is my homies Dany and Ana"Bree said pointing to them."Hey and this are mines Nani and Soso"Lexi said introducing them."awwwww now we're one big happy family"Grant said hugging Bree and Lexi."ugh nigga get off me"Lexi said pulling away."see thats why i can't stand your ass now"Grant said throwing one of her fries at her."i can't stand your ass either"Lexi said sticking out her tongue."yeah ya'll related"Ana said laughing."i wish we wasn't"Lexi said cutting her eyes at grant."the feeling is mutal motha f***er"Grant said.<em>
P.S the next two post i'll get more into i'm still working on working it in lol

Smh, Bree, what am I gunna do with yo pot smoking ass? Like on some real s***, how you passing school? Lol. Hi five to Ana for being non smokers :) s***, got us smelling like weed and s***. Oh okay, I see I can handle myself. The real me would've handled that situation the same way. Bree and Lexi would be trying to fight. Soso, over here tryna be a peacemaker and s***. Please dont girl. I could whoop Nana's ass anyday! Nah im kidding. Ew forreal tho, they need to get a goddamn room. Aint nobody tryna see that s***. Nasty asses. Aww, look at Grant and Soso being lonely. I dont think they should get together tho. Just my opinion.

Run it

Posting in an hour

why everyone keep thinking grant && soso gonna get together thou lmaoo trust that aint it

i would explain wat im tryin to write but tht would give away the whole story so bare with me in about 2 or 3 posts you'll get it

damn muhs be ready to fight and shid lol
ugh my nice ass, such a hypocrite i can
fight when somebody push me but i dont
let my friends im bullshtting
lexi and nani slobberin asses, aughhhhh
thas cool tho...cause grant got my back


yooo tht always happens
the potheads be the ones tht be passing
BUT i found out whyy
bcus theyy dnt want the teacher looking in theyy facee
&& see theyy high so theyy keep theyy head dwn on theyy

ayyee ayyee
Makee Peacee Not War
Cant we all just get along maaan
me && Hank aint nastyy we just loveyy alright !?

soooo Soso use to be a wild onee
psssh she knw she miss tht bad girl sh*t
Awwwee her && Grant lonelyy asxes might as well
hopee theyy lonelyy asxes into a relationship lol

&& no Lexxii i still dnt get it lol

Runs anyhow though !

Ummm oh okay... so that's wtf happened. Um... Dany just bold af. She don't give three f***s what she got to say to a b**** and you gotta love it... I'm with Ana... That could've definitely been handled better, but aye that's the real world for you lol. Ummm that's crazy that I have to spray my f*cking self down because I WON'T stop smoking... It's quite pitiful actually. I just need to quit and they right... I didn't carry books when I was in school... I didn't need to. All I carried was a pen, binder or folder and that's it! All that unnecessary s*** was not called for. So um they lucky though because I see that I was gonna cut a b****! Hank and Nani equals YUCK! Just disgusting. Somebody need to spray their asses with a water hose because that's just outrageous that they can't stay away from each other long enough... ALWAYS sucking faces lol. Ummmm.... Soso was once wild too?! GOTDAMN! AT LEAST she calmed her ass down... Idk man... these heffas need to get it together but....

Run it

first off the hell is bree passing without doing s***... thats s*** cray
and look at little dany trying to be tough ook girl i see you
could that have been handled better of course but knowing yall wild hoes
that just wasnt the case lol
nani just so nasty making out in the halls with hank . get a room or janitors closet i hear they are more rommie than you think
and i feel bad for soso and grant the aint a couple so they look lonely
but wait he walking her to class are they about to be one
till next time



<strong>Next Day<strong>

<em>"I swear to god i better not be late"<a href="">Ana</a> yelled getting out the <a href="">car</a>."calm the f*** down sweetie we're actually early today we have plenty of time before 1st period"Bree said getting out spraying her <a href="">clothes</a> trying to get out the smell of weed."You know you wouldn't need to do that if you'd just quit"Dany said dusting off her <a href="">outfit</a> before she grabbed her back pack from out the car."why are you carrying around that goofy ass thing it don't even match your outfit"Bree said shaking her head."so i like it"Dany said looking around at everyone outside the school."Well come on lets go i need to put some of these books away before the bell rings"Ana said walking off towards the school."i don't know how ya'll carry around all them books"Bree said."and i don't know how you carry around none and still seem to be passing all your classes"Ana said as Dany laughed."cause i'm smart "Bree said snapping her fingers.They continued to walk into the school building soon as they got inside Dany gets bumped by some girl."excuse me"<a href="">she</a> exclaimes."no excuse you i know you seen me walking"Dany said back."is there a problem"one of her <a href="">friends</a> said."Nothing i can't handle"she said looking Dany up and down."shawty trust you don't want to go there"Bree said jumping into the arguement."was anybody talking to you"her friend said now getting in Bree's face."it don't matter i'm talking to you mother f***ers"Bree said getting in her face as well."come on ya'll its really not that serious we're going to be late"their other <a href="">friend</a> said pulling them back."you better listen to her"Dany said."ver su espalda puta"the girl said to dany before her and her friends walked away."oooohhh girl they lucky i was about to get to cutting"Bree said jumping up and down getting hype all over again."don't worry we'll see them again this defiantly ain't over"dany said looking in the direction they went.<em>


<em>"oh girl why you pulled me away i was ready to stomp old girl into the ground"<a href="">Lexi</a> said punching her locker."cause all that ain't worth getting suspended over"<a href="">Soso</a> said waving the whole confrontational away."psshh all i know homegirl better watch her self...stepping all over the shoes hank just got me"Nani said licking her finger then rubbing out the foot print on her <a href="">sneaker</a>.Soso just shook her head."i know you not tryna judge soso i remeber when homegirl knocked the food tray out your hand you went crazy and started beating shawty with the tray"Lexi said with a smirk."i was going through something at the time"Soso said."yeah okay"Nani replied not buying that excuse for one bit."hey baby"hank said comming up behind Nani."hey boo"Nani said as they began their make out session for the day."ya'll just disgust me"Lexi said screwing up her face."oh let them be sup solider"Sam said giving Lexi a hug."nothing almost had to shove my foot up some girl ass today"Lexi said."oh is that so"Sam said chuckling."yes it is so"Lexi said smacking his arm playfully."why you so quiet this morning"Grant asked Soso.Soso just shrugged."awwww somebody feeling lonely"Nani teased finally taking a break from sucking hank's face off."not really just nothing to say"Soso said."come on let me walk you to call"Grant said putting his arm around her walking off down the hall."AAAWWWWWW"Lexi,Nani,Hank,and Sam said as Grant and Soso flipped them the bird.<em>


hopefully you understand a little of whats going on.....
but RUN IT

Lord !
Sweet Baby Jesus !
Bree && all these unhealthy asx relationships
Her && Brim knw they want each other
dng all tht flexxing && junk lol

Dany &&,Ana
Ummm tf y'all asxes there for
if y'all aint trying to roll up
fckng up the high
Brim kinda stingyy with the blunt too

Umm tf Hank??
Ctfu !
I cannot takee tht sh*t seriously lmao
But anywho I AINT NASTY !
I was choking && he was trying to help me lol

Ayye ! Soso trying to get Lexii bro
Get it !

. . . . .at this time i would like to say one thing
I have no effing clue was gng on BUT i likee it

Runs ! Lol

I have no idea what tf is going on honestly lol. Why tf is Brim such an idiot? Like he just annoy me. That's why his name is Brim. What a f***-boy. And what's really good with these motherf***as tryna hog the damn blunt. No sir. You must passeth it in a circular motion. No hogging! And yeah he talking all that s*** but watch he change his damn mind when he see another nigga on me! Uhh Ana take yo damn ass on lol. You don't like us smoking? Take yo ass to the back or something! And what's up with Lexi and Grant ass? Arguing and being petty af. Eww to Nani and Hank tonguing each other down! Take y'all asses on somewhere with that unneeded PDA but what's gonna happen when the rest of the boys come over?

Run it

i would write some more buts its my bed time maybe i'll dream of something to add

i likes this a lot
especially the names
and the title, NICE

brim know he wanna cuff bree,
and bree hoggin ass needa stop
being stingy with that blunt

dany and ana need to roll if
they ain't tryna smoke,
bustin up the mood lol

lmao at hank! tf, J
with that name gonna have
me ctfu every time.
Nasti Nani need to calm
that freak-o-meter down
every notch!
and lexi and chris seem like
they always gettin smart w/
one another and fighting
lmao i can so picture that and Grant tho
ayeeee! that could work! esp.
if sam and hank comin over
for lexi and nani.

Run It

Brim and Bree stay arguing.
He talking allah that s*** now, but he
knows damn well that when the time
comes and some nigga holla's at her he's
gunna be all up in it, through it, around it
and everything.
Look at Tek and Ana :)
Gah, im a party pooper. Haha

Nana is nasty!!
Having your tongue down someone's
throat is not healthy.
Grant, is like a little boy in some odd way.
But you know exactly how men are with their games.
He really do need a girl.
Lexi is one mean ass sister, but hey thats how siblings are.

Run it