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You vs. Them

<em>Then the world may just stop spinning
It may just well be the ending
Talking all about existence
Who knows
But I cannot see tomorrow
If you're not in my tomorrow</em>

<a href="">I</a> stood in <a href="">GA. Howard</a> office thinking about the fate of the world, which just so happen to be in my hands. I looked into the eyes of the <a href="">man</a> I love so dearly.

"GEN. Johnson you have twenty minutes.."

<strong>How am I suppose to choose?</strong>


lol " we gonna fight!"
run it

I need to get my relationship right with Damion. My baby needs a father.

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Yosef is like a human! I keep forget the negro from another planet haha

<strong>Weeks Later ...</strong>

Arielle and Yosef were doing good as a couple and even betteron the field. No one at work knew about them except GA. Howard and they wanted it to stay that way.

Arielle had the day off so she took it upon herself to clean the hous, start reading fifty shades of grey, and cook dinner for them tonight.

At around 1 she was finally getting into the book when her cell rang.

"Hello Helllooooooo" Ari answered.

"Hey Boo!" The girls yelled. Ari giggled.

"Aren't y'all suppose to be working?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am. But we are on break ma'am." Dany said to her.

"Who gave y'all a damn break?" Arielle asked.

"I did.. Now what?" Yosef said to her over the phone.

"Ohhh I got something for you mister!!" Ari said jokingliy. The irls siced it with ohhh's.

Arielle laughed. "Bye y'all are interrupting my day off!! Goodbye and no you all can not come over after work."

"Love you too b****!" Nylah said full of attitude.

"Kill the tude!!" Ari said when her other line peeped.

"Okay bye forreal.. I have another call." Ari clicked over.

"What the f*** do you want Damion?"

"I f***ed up!!" He yelled into the phone crying. "I need to make it right."

"Do you really think she should talk to you? You didn't ecen want to hear her out.. I wouldn't want to talk to you." Ari said. damion turned angry hearong that.

"And she didn't want to hear me out either!! Talking about aborting and s***."

"But at the club, the same night, she told yo ass she wasn't and you STIL went home with some raggedy stripper after you dissed her." Ari stated as Damion cut her off.

"And I regret that now.. I didn't even f*** that b**** she just sucked my d*** and I told the b**** to sleep on the couch.." Damion said. Ari chuckled.

"Well you should have!! because she has cried in my bed all night..., I am surprised she is even still pregnant from how hard and long she was crying."

"And this is the first time you try to contact her.. Why? Dis she send you sonograms and the updates from her doctor's appointment that Yosef and I went to!? Huh!" Arielle screamed. " We been friends for too long and I always fix your problem... But this one I refuse to fix."

"Please Ari just get her to call me!" Damion said.

"Nope.." Ari hung up with that. "Stupid ass f***er!!"

Arielle went back to reading her book. She was hanging on to every word until her alarm went off for her to start preparing dinner at about four. She didn't really know what she wanted to fix but she wanted to throw something together.

She decided on stuffed peppers. For a little appetizier she startd fixing small chicken and cheese stuffed crossiants.

"I guess I have a stuffed theme tonight." She said outloud to no one as she washed her hands.She started preparing the crossiants and placed them in the oven. just as she did that Yosef came through the door.

"Baby I am home early.." He yelled as he took off his boots.

"I heard you open the door fool!" She said checking on the crossiants. He came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck.

"What's for dinner?" He said looking around at the kitchen.

"What I feed you!" She replied looking at him.

"Look smartass! Kill the tude." He said mocking her from eariler.

She laughed as she pushed him and he caught her hand pulled her in and kissed her softly.

"Now are you going to act right or do I need to spank you?" Arielle looked up at him.

"I might like that." She said releasing his embrace and continued cooking.

"Girl ... Girll... Imma take a shower, can't be playing with a nigga feelings like that." He smacked her ass and dashed out the kitchen.

"We are going to fight Yosef!!" Arielle yelled holding her butt.

Awww Damion shouldnt be like that if anything he should try and talk to her before he go get sloppy drunk. Drinking only makes it worse. I wonder what Yosef talking abt? Run It

... Okay

this just gets deeper and deeper...
run it

The guys pulled up to the best strip club/restaurant in Houston.

It was only 9:30 so the strippers weren't pulling out the big trick until the big spenders rolled in later that night. The guys went in looking for Damion.

"Is that Damion?" Romel asked pointing at a slumped guy in a strippers lap rambling about nothing.

"Ohh get your boy!!" Shad said hitting Brandon on the back.

"Why ain't he your boy?" Brandon asked.

"Because he look like a little b****. I mean this man is cradling a bottle of ace of spades." Shad said and they all looked him and busted out laughing.

"Man imma go get our boy.." Brandon said containing his laughter and going over to get him.

"Bran !" Damion said standing quickly but just fell into Brandon arms. "Bran meh myh wiffth xtashhy" he said slurred.

He nodded towards the girl.

"Who ever his lady is, is lucky." She smiled kissing Damion cheek and walked off.

They walked over and meet the guys at a little back table.

"Okayy brahh! What is going on?" Shad asked. Damion head just dropped.

"Talk to me, I havent seen you this drunk since ... s*** ever!!!!" Brandon said. Damion shook his head trying to fight back tears. Romel touched his shoulder.

"Son what is going on? You scaring us now? Nylah okay??" He said carrying a face full of worry.

"She just f***ing fine!" Damion said angrily wiping tears.

"Then what is the damn problem!" Shad asked.

"She is aborting my damn seed." Damion said.

"Are you serious nigga?" Kirk asked. Damion looked him with tears flowing.

"Don't I look f***ing serious!!" He semi-yelled. The guys all sat back in their chairs in disbelief.

"She wouldn't do that.. Her heart to big to do something like that." Shad said.

"Well believe it because she is..." Damion said taking a big gulp from his bottle.

"Man about to go buy a few bottles." Brandon said getting up from the table. When he got to the bar he called Candi.

She picked on the fourth ring.

"You have reached the Candi Shop, what kind of treat would you like today?" She answered and the girls yelled freak in the background and started laughing.

"Please tell me Nylah is not aborting that baby.." Brandon said.

"Uhhh hold out..." Candi said putting him on mute. About five minutes later she took him off.

"No she isn't.."

"You sure?" Brandon asked.

"Yes! Now goodbye I will see you soon." She said hanging up.

He placed the order and returned to the table.

The guys ordered some food as well since they knew it would be non-stop drinking once the girls arrived.

"Yosef why so quiet man?" Kirk asked. Yosef just took a bite of chicken wing and shrugged.

"Just taking in the scenery." He said watching a stripper walk by. The guys chuckled and continued inhaling their food.

But the truth was Yosef kept getting these uncomfortable vibes. As if something was going to go bad and what pissed him of more is that he can't tell when or if something will happen.

He doesn't want to tell Arielle but he may have to if it will compromise his and her lives. He is torn but will make the best of whatever is too come.

Can't be lying about gummy bears smh I hope Damion is alright and ain't too out of it

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Oooo Wow those ladies crazay!

The girls headed to Nylah's house to figure out what is going on.

About twenty minutes later they pulled up and all started getting out the car.

Dany knocked on the door lightly. Tash looked at her sideways and started banging on the door.

"b**** open up!! We got gummy bears!!"

They all giggled. "Do you have to be loud all the damn time?" Rissa asked.

"Well duhh! If not you wouldn't love me.." She said as Ny opening the door.

"f*** love y'all better have some damn bears!" She said with the door now fully opened.

"See the store was set up ... " Arielle started saying as everybody giggled.
Nylah shook her head, smirking.

"Just get in b****es..." She said stepping out of the way as the all walked in. "Why y'all here anyway? Y'all suppose to be at dinner.."

"Did you really think we was going to go have fun when we missing you?" Rissa asked. Nylah shrugged. They all sat in the living room.

"So I mean what is going on hun?" Arielle asked. Nylah looked down at her hands and then up at her friends who looked back at her concerned.

"I'm pregnant..." She said barely above a whisper. Tash eyes widened. As everybody looked at her in shock.

"Little lightskinned batch say whhhaaaaa!!??" She asked.

Nylah got angry and flipped out. "I AM PREGNANT!!! PREGNANT, PREGNANT, THREE MONTHS f***ING PREGNANT!!" She screamed. Arielle walked up to her.

"Calm down sweetie...We are happy for you 100% and I'm sure Damion is more than thrilled to be a dad." Arielle said trying to be as comforting as possible.

"I am..he is..well was.." Nylah said.

"What does that mean?" Dany asked.

"Well we kind of got into an argument about bringing a baby into this world when we may not have much of a world, I bought up abortion ... But I would never even though I thought about it, long and hard, then he left and yup." Nylah looking at the girls who were visibly upset with her.

"How could you even utter that damn word?" Rissa asked her with hurt in each word.

"I told you I wouldn't do it..." Nylah said getting choked up. "I am keeping this baby, they will be my pride and joy. I will fight in this war if that means losing my life so hers can prosper. That is just that. I don't know if Damion will be here for that or not." Nylah said defending herself as the tears flowed.

All the girls had wet eyes.

"Just get dressed so we can celebrate your pregnancy "mom"!!" Dany joked lightening the mood.

"Ohhh and your the designated driver!!" Tash said as she walked out the living. Nylah groaned.

"One of those nights ..."

"Yurrrrrrpppp!!" All the girls yelled. They laughed as Ny hurried up the steps to get ready. She didn't do to much but made sure she looked good.

"Okay skanks lets be out." She said grabbing her house keys out the dish by the door.

They all loaded up the truck and finally headed to the restaurant.

While the girls were at the restaurant, they guys meet up with a already pissy drunk Damion.....


The guy half tomorrow.

OH YEAH ... RUN IT!! <3

^-^ Welcome back, we have missed you!

f*** yeah!! You're back!! Lol, I've been waiting impatiently for them to get together.
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Yayyyy they're finally together. I'm sure her friends are happy for her since they were pushing her on Yosef.

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yay!!! bout time yo ass got back on here and added :)
ooo baby baby time :)
Run this!!

More tonight

More tonight

Arielle smirked at a shirtless Yosef who stood in her doorway .

"I ran you a hot bath." Yosef said.

Arielle looked down at the note. Arielle that she had to express her feelings to him, all or nothing.

"Have you showered yet?" She asked walking up to him.

" No I was watching Family Hustle." He said looking down at her awkwardly. She held him by the waist as Yosef body tensed up.

"Would like to join me?" She asked looking up at him. He just looked at her lost for words. She let him go wanting to back out because felt silly now being so forward.

When he no longer felt her arms he snapped out the trance. "I would love too. Now come on before the water gets cold." He said grabbing he leading the way to her bathroom. She undressed and slid in the tub followed by Yosef who slid in behind her.

The chilled in a comfortable silence as Yosef tried to find a respectable place his hands. Arielle placed his on his thighs.

"Question.." Yosef said.

"Answer.." Arielle replied.

"Why so comfortable now?" Yosef asked softly.

"I have been comfortable for awhile. Just in denial. We have been getting kind of close but there was a wall that i had up. Now i wanna take it down." Arielle said as her heart beat quickened afraid of what he might say.

"So what are you saying?" He asked smirking wanting to be sure of what he was hearing before he jumped for joy.

"I want to try a relationship.." She said turning around to look at him. He smirked and grabbed her face kissing her so passionately.

"Are you sure? I don't want anyone to think I am trying to take Toni's place in your heart. I just want to make a new space in there for me. I know I was coming pretty strong at the start of us meeting. Did I force these feelings on you?" Arielle smirked and shook her head.

"I know you don't want to replace Toni and that's one of the reasons I like you." She said smiling at him and he smirked back. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips that deepened. Ari pulled away lightly sucking on his bottom lip.

She looked at the clock on the wall. " shoot the girls will be here soon." She said hopping out the tub leaving Yosef in a trance from the kiss. She turned on her five head shower and did her thing.

Yosef finally snapped out of it and got out. He tidy up the bathroom. Then went to the hall bathroom and quickly showered. He was still out before Arielle and he shook his head as he dressed himself. As he was pulling out an outfit the doorbell rang.
He jetted down the steps and greeted the crew.

"Yall not ready yet!!!" Rissa asked.

"That's your friend who is still in the shower." Yosef said.

"Man hurry up! We tryna get to the spot!" Brandon said.

"Oh yeahh where are we going?" He asked.

"You will soon find out Yosef!!" Shad said overly excited.

"Baby can you bring me my robe!!" Arielle called out not knowing her friends had arrived. Yosef jetted off before they could ask questions.

"What the f*** was that?" Dany asked.

They all shrugged all thinking the same thing.

It was quiet for a minute as everybody was just thinking.

"Has anyone heard from Nylah and Damion?" Tash asked.

"He called about an hour ago saying he would meet us at the club." Brandon said.

"What is going on with them?" Candi asked.

"I don't know but we will be finding before dinner." Dany said.

Upstairs Arielle quickly readied herself as Yosef watched her.

"Your friends are here...They heard you call me baby." He told her. She went into a panic.

"Oh no no no !! What will they think?" She said paced the room. Yosef grabbed her up at her as he sat on the bed.

"Baby calm down.. Who cares what they think? It is all about what your heart feels." He said looking into her eyes as she nodded." Now you look amazing. Hurry and finish your make-up so we can face the music."

About ten minuets later the crew was growing impatient. "Hurry up !!! We got places to be" Candi yelled. Arielle chuckled.

"I am finishing up now!!" <a href="">Ari </a> yelled back grabbing her clutch and phone.

"Baby you look great." <a href="">Yosef</a> said as they walked out the room.

"I know!" She said flipping her hair and it smacked him in the face.

"c**ky we are." He said chuckling, following her down the steps. She giggled.

"Okay slores let's be out!" Ari yelled as she reached the bottom of the steps.

"Really now you are in hurry!" Tash said as they all walked towards the door.

"Basically!" She replied laughing. Everybody walked out the door and the girls and guys headed to there trucks.

Shad turned around "y'all still coming to the spot after dinner?"

"Hell Yeahh!! We tryna unwind too!!" Ari said starting up the car. Everybody but Yosef shook their head knowing Arielle was going to get loose tonight.

"Soo who going to be sober out of yall crew?" Brandon asked.

"We will figure out." Dany said getting in the truck and everybody loaded up speeding off in different directions.

Found it

Wow, RUN IT!

ok... re-reading the lil intro teaser thing has me scared of what's coming later in this story...

p.s Chris looks yummy in that pic...

anywho as i was saying... i'm scared for the future of this story

this is real good. i like it... different and definitely interesting

Look at Sef and Aei falling in love.
Now that Toni wants her to love,
she'll let him in. Cause lord knows
she needs some love. As for Candice and
Brandon, im glad they made up. They
needed to be back together. Awe, I feel bad
for Damon, he was really wanting this.

Run it

Im slacking on reading this.
Im catching up right now.

Run it! Pretty Please <3

!*peeks in and giggles*.Runnnies :)

wait is she saying "im going to do this.." like go through with the pregnancy or go through with the abortion.

I thought the letter made her change her mind

wait is she saying "im going to do this.." like go through with the pregnancy or go through with the abortion.

I thought the letter made her change her mind

I knew I was pregnant lol but damn, why now? this is so much. I gotta be a wife, and mommy while saving the world. but ya know I gotta do it for my family. I'm glad that I made the right decision. now come on home Damion!!

my life's dream being impregnated by Michael Ealy lol

Run it