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Night Fall

The sunsetting on a cool summer night. We were driving back home from the beach. <a href="">My mom and dad</a> were singing along to All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo, their wedding song. 

<em> All my life I prayed for someone like you. And I thank God that I finally found you. All my life I prayed for someone like you. And I hope that you feel that same way too. yes I pray that you do love me too. </em>

<a href="">I</a> joined in in the backseat.

My little brother <a href="">Elijah</a> was giggling like crazy next to me as I sang to him. 

"what you laughing at?" my mom said  turning around to tickle him. 

"Ariel can you get me the camera out the beach bag please" I leaned over Elijah and handed my mom her Nikon. 

She began snapping photos of the beautiful Miami sunset. Then her kids. Elijah and I began posing together and acting goofy in the backseat as she snapped away. 

"babe smile" she took a few of my dad.

He smiled goofily and she captured the moment.

"give me a kiss" he leaned over poking out his lips.

She pecked them and smiled.

A tractor trailer came speeding down the intersection and hit us. My dad tried to gain control of the car as we went spinning down the road. I held on to Elijah for dear life. He began to scream and cry out of fear. It looked like my dad was slowly gaining control but then the car flipped twice then stopped and fell to its side. I shut my eyes tight while holding on to Elijah. I opened them slowly and immediately got a pounding headache.

"Elijah?" I heard his quiet sobs "Elijah" I said softly 

"Mommy, Daddy" he whispered in between sobs.

I leaned over slowly and managed to open the battered car door. I got him out of his seat belt and eased our way out. 

I sat down on the curb with Elijah in between my legs as I stared at my parents lifeless bodies. Soon enough we heard ambulance and police sirens. . . . 


run it!

run it!!

Rrruunnn it!!! Their date was too adorable! and cute nickname lol

yay! im glad this story back on
i hope social services dont catch up on them
lil eli "all my life" that aint even chris brown! lol
so cute
run it

Aww, Eli is too cute!!! ”No you have boogers.” I abput doed. Skip!!! Somebody gettin a little turned on, and it wasn't Ariel. Lol at Cam,”How you named after a mermaid but can't swim?” Lol! That was the same thing I was thinking. Awwww!! Cam and Ariel are definitely gonna get together.
Run it!!

Run it

Cameron and Ariel are the cutest things!! They seem to really like each other. I'm glad Eli and Ari have so many people there for them. I hope Social Services don't catch up to them. They seem to be good on their own. I hope school goes well for them both.

Saturday came rolling around and Cameron thought it would be a good idea to take Eli to Six Flags as his last hurrah before school on Monday.

"Are we there yet?" Eli pressed his face against the car window

"Almost there little man" Cam said focusing on the road

"Elijah get your face off the window before you get your nasty boogers on it"

"I don't have boogers. You have boogers" Eli said pointing his little finger in my face

I licked my finger and reached over and gave him a wet willy. "Ewww" he whined out

"Did you just give your brother a wet willy?" Cam looked at Ariel amazed

"I sure did" Ariel turned around in her seat facing the road

"That's gross" Ariel licked another finger

"Keep talking and you're going to be next" Cam swatted her hand away just as they turned into the gate for six flags

Eli gasped "we're here!"

Cameron parked the car and they all walked to the entry gate and paid for their tickets. They went straight to the kiddie section and watched Eli as he got on all of the rides.

Two hours in the headed to the water park section and sat down to eat.

"I want chicken fingers" Eli said rubbing his belly

"Okay, what do you want Ariel"

Ariel tilted her sun glasses "the same is fine"

"Iight, I'll be back" Cam walked toward the concession stands

"Are you having fun?" Eli asked his sister

"Yeah, are you?"

"Yeah!! I'm ready to eat though and then I'm gonna swim next" Eli said folding his arms behind his head and resting back in his seat

"You can't even swim"

"Yuh huh, I can swim a little bit. But you're gonna help me" Eli assured himself

"Oh am I?"

"Yeah, you got on a bathing suit on don't you" just then Cam back with the food.

"What y'all talking about?" He asked sitting their food down in front of them

"Eli tryna tell me I'm going swimming"

"Well, why not? You got a bathing suit on don't ya"

"That's what I said" Eli said with his mouth full

"You're getting in the water. I don't care if I have to throw you over my shoulder"

That's just what he did.

"I wore a bathing suit to be cute not get wet" Ariel said

Eli laughed hysterically

"How you named after a mermaid but can't swim"

"I Can swim I just don't wanna get my hair wet" Ariel began smacking his butt

"Will you stop that" Cam said squirming a bit

"You better not drop me" she said just as they stopped in front of the wave pool

Cameron put her down and proceeded to take off his shirt. "Come on. You won't get your hair wet I promise"

She sighed and put her hair in a pony tail and then took off her shorts to reveal her <a href="">body</a>

Cam stared at Ariel in aww "got damn girl"

Ariel blushed and grabbed Eli's hand to get in the wave pool....

Eli's light snores filled the car as Cameron drove back to the apartment.

"Thank you, he had fun"

"I know, but did you?" Cam remained focused on the road ahead

"Yeah, I always have fun with you" Ariel smiled to herself

"Glad to hear that" Cam rested his hand on her knee


Run it!!

yes yes yes yes!!!! bring it back!! I miss this story.
Run It

I wanna bring this back but I'm not sure if I even have readers :/

run it????

Ass so big I told her look back at it! Look back at it Look back at it!!! Lol Eli is gonna get all the girls. Ariel better watch out!
Run it

Something slight. More by the end of the week :/

It's been about a month since we moved here and I got the job a the hospital. Everything has been well with Cameron. We're taking it slow and really trying to get to know each other. Elijah is starting school next week and we're about to go school shopping.

"I don't want to wear a uniform" he pouted

"I know, But you have too. You can still wear all your Jay's though" he perked up

"can I get some new shoes too?"

"you can get two pairs of new shoes. Which ones you want "

"I want the 4's and the 11's" he cheesed real hard "Ariel can you make my uniform look cool like kids on tv"

"yeah, I can swag out your uniform"

We parked in the mall parking lot then went inside and headed straight to the kids footlocker. I picked out Eli's shoes as well as a pair for me since I have small feet. We Picked out a few extra items to go along with his uniform then headed to the food court. We shared some orange chicken from panda express while laughing at the goofy looking people in the mall. 

"he looks like 2chainz" Eli said on the verge of tears from laughing so hard.

"more like no chainz" I laughed at how hard Eli was laughing 

"2 chainz but I got me a few on! Everything hot, skip lukewarm, tell shawty busy it open, uncle Luke on"

"I hope you don't go to school singing that"

"naw ima sing Chris brown to get all the girls... All my lifeeee" I help my finger to his lips

"that's not even Chris brown" I chuckled 

"oh well" he shrugged "I'm still gonna get all the girls"

"oh god, come on let's go" I cleared our trash and we walked out to the parking garage to head home 

cam seems cool (: & its nice that everyone is so nice to her & helpful . run it

Run it!! :)

Run it Run It...!

Run it Run It...!

Cam is sooo cute!! I really like him. run it!! I'm glad things are going well for Ariel and Eli for right now.

gonna try to add to this tonight or tomorrow

Awwww, her and Kam are the cutest.
Run it

-__- runs?

Aw now I wanna know more about it
like what made him start selling in the
first place...they are cute.!

Run it.!!!

truu iwana hear da back story on him sellin drugs. nd that was a nice date, real chill
Run it (happy now)

Tash and Charm came through with the job at the hospital. Ariel was on Orientation at the hospital with her new boss.

She finished showing Ariel around "so that's pretty much it. I don't expect you to know where everything is right away. I won't have you doing too much since you don't have a degree. Mainly just staying at the front desk, bringing meals to patients, paging doctors. Just basics. If you want to make it anywhere in this field you have to get a degree." she smiled

"thanks and I do plan on going to school I just have to work somethings out first"

"great. You seem like a bright young lady and I loved to see you go far" she shook Ariel's hand "you can start next week Monday and we can sit down and talk about your schedule then"

"okay, thanks again" Ariel smiled and shook her hand once more.

"no problem and my name is Rhonda. Nurse Rhonda"

Ariel left the hospital and hopped in her car calling Tash.

"How was it?" Tash asked immediately

"it's was great. I think I'll be good but I really need to go to school so I can actually be hands on"

"sounds like a plan. I'm proud of you momma. We should celebrate"

"okay but can we do it tomorrow? Cameron is coming over tonight for our second date."

"Oooooo" she cooed into the phone "okay, it's cool. I'll see you tomorrow" and they hung up

Just as Ariel ended the call her phone rang again and this time it was Cameron.


"wassup Mermaid"

"nothing much, I just finished my orientation at the hospital"

"that's great. I told you it would all work out"

"thanks, but instill need to go to school if I want to make it anywhere"

"you'll eventually figure it out"

"thanks" I smiled

"so what's for dinner?"

"I'm not telling you, you'll just have to wait and see" he chuckled

"okay, I'm looking forward to it. But I gotta go"

"okay, see you later"

Ariel put her phone away and drove the rest of the way home. She stopped in the rental office to get Eli from Andre.

"was he good?"

"yeah, he's a good kid. He ain't gonna give you any problems till he start getting girls heavy."

"let's not jinx it" She said as her and Eli turned to walk back to the apartment.

"what do you want for dinner?"

"chicken nuggets!" he yelled jumping on the couch

"uhh no. We're gonna have beef stir fry"

"blahh what's that"

"the stuff mommy use to make with steak, vegetables and noddles"

"oh okay, can I help?"

"yeah, come on" I smiled and pulled out a stool for him to sit on.

Ariel showed Elijah how to chop up the green bell peppers, and broccoli carefully while she cut up the onions and steak while the noddles were boiling.

"I'm done" Eli sat proudly 

"good job" Ariel high fived him just as there was a knock at the door."get the door. But make sure you ask who is it"

Eli climbed down from the stool and went to open the door then asked who was it.

"Cameron is here" Cameron said stepping inside

"Eli you're suppose to ask first then open the door"

"oh, my bad" he said as they chuckled 

"Mmmm something smells good"

"it's beef stir fry"

"but I asked for a steak"

"it is a steak just chopped into little pieces" I said putting steak into the Wok to cook 

"let me get a taste" Cameron opened his mouth wide 

"no, go turn on the tv"

"can we watch spongebob" 

"come on little man" Eli went and sat down next to Cameron on the couch 

Ariel continued cooking and about twenty minutes later was finished. She made the plates and sat them down in front of the guys and got them some drinks. She cleaned up around the kitchen then sat down to eat with them.

"this is bomb. Who taught you how to cook" Cam said with his mouth full

Ariel giggled "my mom and dad"

"my mommy and daddy are angels in heaven" Eli said with a mouth full of food

"word. They chillin with the big homie Jesus"

"yup" Eli swallowed his food

"want to know a secret?" Eli nodded "my dads an angel too" Cam whispered

After they all finished eating Ariel went to wash the dishes and then made little mini sundaes.

Eli jumped up "Icecream!" and started doing a little dance.

"when you finish you gotta get ready for bed"

"okay" Eli said diving into his ice cream

Ariel smiled at her brother "are you enjoying my brothers company?"

"yup, he's cool people's" Cam smiled while licking his spoon

A little while later Eli went to bed and Cam and Ariel were laid out in the living room talking.

"so what made you want to be a nurse?"

"my dad was a doctor. And when I was little people use to come to his office sick and leave looking brand new. I wanted to do the same thing"

"what did your mom do?"

"she was a photographer"

"oh that's pretty cool. Had that picture perfect family"

"not at all. We were just like any other family. We had our problems. But we always worked it out in the end"

"like now?" he said staring at the ceiling

"yeah. Enough about me. Tell me about you"

"there's not much to tell. I'm just a country ass nigga from Atlanta. I like to cook, my grandfather taught me. He was a chef in the navy." he reminisced "my mom moved back to virginia, that's where she's from. She moved back two years ago after my dad passed from a heart attack. To make it worse I had got into some trouble"

"what kind of trouble?"

He took a deep breath "selling drugs. I was suppose to be studying for a test but instead I went out on my corner and I got caught."

"I feel like there's more to the story but I'm not gonna butcher it out of you."

"you right. And thanks for respecting that. Some people just don't get that"

"yeah I feel like people are always trying to read into me when they see a young girl with a four year old"

"yeah" he looked at the time going on 10:30 "maybe I should get going"

"yeah, maybe you should" they got up and Ariel walked him to the door.

"I  had fun getting to know you" Cam kissed her cheek

"me too" Ariel hugged him "good night. Call me when you get in so I know you got there safely"

"will do. night mermaid." he said walking out of her apartment.

major hook up ok doin big

Poor lil Eli!!! I hope he's ok. He can only comprehend so much at 4 years old. I think when he gets older he'll understand more. Run it!!

adding to this today, sorry for wait.

run it!!!