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Night Fall

The sunsetting on a cool summer night. We were driving back home from the beach. <a href="">My mom and dad</a> were singing along to All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo, their wedding song. 

<em> All my life I prayed for someone like you. And I thank God that I finally found you. All my life I prayed for someone like you. And I hope that you feel that same way too. yes I pray that you do love me too. </em>

<a href="">I</a> joined in in the backseat.

My little brother <a href="">Elijah</a> was giggling like crazy next to me as I sang to him. 

"what you laughing at?" my mom said  turning around to tickle him. 

"Ariel can you get me the camera out the beach bag please" I leaned over Elijah and handed my mom her Nikon. 

She began snapping photos of the beautiful Miami sunset. Then her kids. Elijah and I began posing together and acting goofy in the backseat as she snapped away. 

"babe smile" she took a few of my dad.

He smiled goofily and she captured the moment.

"give me a kiss" he leaned over poking out his lips.

She pecked them and smiled.

A tractor trailer came speeding down the intersection and hit us. My dad tried to gain control of the car as we went spinning down the road. I held on to Elijah for dear life. He began to scream and cry out of fear. It looked like my dad was slowly gaining control but then the car flipped twice then stopped and fell to its side. I shut my eyes tight while holding on to Elijah. I opened them slowly and immediately got a pounding headache.

"Elijah?" I heard his quiet sobs "Elijah" I said softly 

"Mommy, Daddy" he whispered in between sobs.

I leaned over slowly and managed to open the battered car door. I got him out of his seat belt and eased our way out. 

I sat down on the curb with Elijah in between my legs as I stared at my parents lifeless bodies. Soon enough we heard ambulance and police sirens. . . . 


"Do you boo." Soon as she said that Kevin Hart came to my mind and I busted out laughing!
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Hellloooo ! Can she go to nursing school ? What the fudge ?

Baby drizzy face ass lol

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Tash gasped "my boyfriend had a bad dream" she rubbed Eli's curly hair as he napped in her lap

"yeah, I had to explain to him that our parents are with god now. After that he slept fine"

"you think he really understands now?" Renee asked

"yeah, in his own four year old way" I smiled a little

"soooooo... Tell us about the date" Charm shook me a little

"okay okay" I laughed "we had so much fun. We watched the lion king  in the park and had a picnic dinner"

They all awww'd "that's too cute" Charm beamed

"wait a minute. He cooked for you" Renee realized "that boy can throw down. Remember when he made that potato salad for that cook out"

"yeah. It was gone in like two minutes" Tash pouted "and izzy wasn't tryna share"

"so what are y'all doing for your next date?" Charm asked curiously 

"I guess he's coming over. We made a bet that if his food was good that I have to cook for the second date"

"when? And what are you gonna cook?"

"idk yet but he said he wants a steak"

"he does love his read meat" Tash laughed

"eww girl stop being nasty" Renee joined in laughing.

"Forget the date for a minute though. Y'all I need to find a job. I can't live off of my parents mad money for ever. I only got about $75,000 left"

"very true. What do you wanna do"

"I wanted to go to school to be a nurse but I'm gonna have to put that on hold for a while."

"no you don't. Tash and I work a hospital. We can put in a good word for you." Charm said

"no I can put in a good word for you. Charm you barely show up since you got your side hustle"

"Side hustle?" I said confused "what are you a dope girl" they chuckled 

"naw, I just dance on the side"

"oh you dance, dance like how? Like ballet and s***" I sang in my Drake voice 

"okay drake" they laughed "but yeah I strip  cus I like the money. But only on Friday and Saturday nights."

"wow does Dre know?"

"nope. He thinks I work night shifts at the hospital" Tash shook her head 

"you need to stop lying to that boy"

"it's not like i'm a street walker. And you use to do it too."

"yeah when I was in college. But I quite the moment I got a real job"

Charm brushed her off "look I'm not saying you got a strip or nothing but don't judge me for my side hustle"

"I'm not. Do you boo" I said  "but foreal though, y'all gonna talk to your supervisor for me" I bat my eyelashes

"yeah, we got you. Do you have any experience?" Tash got all professional

"yeah I worked in a hospital back in Florida my entire senior year"

"that's great, We got you. You just gotta prove yourself and follow through" 

"I will" I pulled them into a hug 

writing now!!

I haven't forgotten about you. I love this story and I have big plans for it. :)

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Jazzy wtf dont you go off neglecting this story nah.

aww poor lil eli
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Awww !!! poor lil eli .

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Now I awta grab u and just shake you.. Why wud u leave just that liitttlllleee ass bit.

Sad sooo sad.. =( LIL Eli Awwww...

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Cameron and I walked into the building knocking on Andre's door. Charm answered rubbing her eyes.

"sorry me and Andre fell asleep with Eli" she opened the door wider for us to come in

We followed her into Andre's room where they were both knocked out on the bed.

"aww that's cute" I reached over and grabbed Eli"

"mommy" he stirred a little

I sighed deeply and rubbed his back "hey, it's okay" Charm rubbed my back and walked us to the door."I'll see you tomorrow" She hugged me then closed the door.

I turned back to Cameron "thanks for everything. I had fun" I unlocked the door then waved goodbye as he walked away waving back at me.

I closed the door then walked straight to Eli's room to put him to bed. When I tried to lay him down he latched on to me for dear life.

"mommy don't go" he mumbled in his sleep.

I sighed deeply then walked into my room. I shimmied out of my skirt while still holding on to him . I layed him down in the queen sized bed. I threw off my shirt and wiped off my makeup quickly and got in the bed and laid next to him. I cuddled up next to him and fell asleep.

"Nooo mommy where are you going!? Come back!? Noooo!! Mommy!" Eli screamed in his sleep while tossing in turning.

I popped up in panic and looked at the clock that read 3:25am. I shook Eli until he woke up and then pulled him into my arms.

"where's mommy? I want mommy" he said in between sobs

"mommy's not here anymore" I said with tears beginning to form in my eyes 

"yes she is! I saw her" he cried angrily

"I'm sorry Elijah... But mommy isn't here..." I rubbed his back

"then where is she now?"

"she's in heaven with daddy and God" I said with tears pouring out of my eyes

"so she's an angel?" I nodded my head

"yeah, mommy and daddy are angels" I smiled a little at the thought

"Mommy said that angels watch over us. Are mommy and daddy watching us?"

"yes, they are watching us and always will be" I rubbed his back rocking him back to sleep

Awww I would love that date!!!! They are soo cute. It was so nice of Cam to take her on a special lil date like that. He is just so cute. I can tell Ariel likes him. I wonder if there's more. Run it!!

The opening song came on "ahhhhhh subwenyaaaaa adabeeeeeb seeeebabooooo" Cameron imitated

I was f***ing ctfu..! and @ jumbotron...! lmaooo

Run iitt! He's sucha sweetie

Ohhh I am being held at gunpoint to run this soooo

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About five minutes later there was a knock at the door. I peaked my head outside the bathroom door and saw Cam walking in. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and made sure my makeup wasn't messed up. I took a deep breath and walked out.

"hey" I waved shyly

"wassup" he walked over and gave me a hug

"okay Ariel we'll all be at Andre's watching Eli. Call if you need to" Tash said as she, Renee and Charm walked across the hall.

"you ready?" I nodded my head

"let me grab my clutch" I walked into my bedroom grabbing it then turned out the light "let's go" we walked out the door.

We walked outside to his car and he opened the door for me as I climbed in. He ran around the other side and climbed then pulled off driving to our unknown location.

We soon pulled up to a park where a lot of adults and families were also walking to.

"what is this?" I asked as he helped me out of the car.

"you'll see" he popped the trunk and pulled out a picnic basket and a blanket.

He grabbed my hand and we walked over to where the families and couples were. There was a huge jumbotron screen. We soon found a nice spot on the hill and laid the blanket down.  

I sat down on the blanket taking off my heels. "so what are we watching"

"I'm not tell you. But just know its a classic" he grinned 

"well can you tell me what's for dinner?" I pouted a little

"okay" he began pulling items out of the basket. "we are having caesar salad, chicken Alfredo, and strawberry short cake" he pulled out small containers for himself and I. 

"sounds good" I took one of the containers of salad and sprinkled some dressing on it and took a bite as did he.

Just then the screen lite up with the title 'The Lion King'. I gasped "I love this Movie"

He laughed at my expression "I do too. This is my favorite Disney movie" he admitted

The opening song came on "ahhhhhh subwenyaaaaa adabeeeeeb seeeebabooooo" Cameron imitated 

I pushed him playfully "shhh you're gonna scare the kids" 

"they be alright" he laughed and then handed me the chicken Alfredo.

"you cooked this?" he nodded his head "I'm not gonna die am I?"

"Ohhh you got jokes" he chuckled "if it's good then you have to cook for me on our second date" he grinned

"who said we were having a second date?" I asked smiling

"that smile" he pointed then took a bite of his food. "Mmm and it's still hot"

I took a bite slowly and it was damn good. Like melt in your mouth good. I closed my eyes and swallowed. "you know what would go good with this..."

"bread stick" he pulled them out with a stupid grin on his face. He was about to hand it to me then pulled back "so it's good" I rolled my eyes and nodded "how good?"

"really good" I snatched the bread stick from his hand.

We continued eating and watching the movie silently with the exception of quoting a few lines here and there.

"I killed Mufasa" Cam said in his best Scar voice

"murderer!" I said as we both laughed then continued eating out cake

"did you make this too?"

"naw, I got it from this bakery"

"it's good"

"I know it's my favorite"

The movie credits rolled up the screen and everyone in the park began to pack up. Cameron put the containers away while I folded the blanket.

"so did you enjoy yourself?" I nodded my head 

"I did, thank you" I said as we began to walk back to the car.

We opened the door for me and I climbed in. He shut the door and ran over to his side to get in. 

"so for our next date I was thinking you could make me a steak" he grinned flashing his pearly whites.

Damn....i thought it had been a month or so too. I'm gald she decided to go on the date still!!
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Thats so sad, but at least lil bro is being stron and glad shes going on a date. We all can keep Eli happy.

Awwwww !

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damn that add brought my mood dwn..but its gud she goinon da date buu im glad she aint forget about her folks. giv me more\
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"okay just one more" Charm plucked a stray hair from my eyebrow

"now let me gloss them lips" Renee came over with my new MAC gloss that she bought me at the mall

Tash squealed "you look so gorgeous" she stood back starring at <a href="">me</a>."now get dressed" she shooed me into my bedroom

I got dressed and looking in the mirror at myself. I'm actually going on a date. And it's only been a week since my parents death. I began to second guess on whether I should go or not. I should still be mourning and spending time with Elijah.

I walked out into the living room as they applauded at my finished look. "girl you look good" Charm snapped her fingers in a Z formation 

I gave a small smile but it didn't reach my eyes. "what's wrong?" Tash sat me down next to her

"I don't think I want to go anymore" I said with my head down 

"why not?" Renee said shocked

" parents died exactly last week. I should be mourning and spending time with Elijah" they all gasped and Tash pulled me into a hug

"they died last Saturday?" I nodded my head "honey it's okay to not be mourning still. You had mourn quickly so you could be strong for Eli. You had to get yourself together so you could raise him yourself. It's only been a week but you seem to be doing a good job because Eli doesn't look like a kid that lost both his parents just a week ago. You deserve just a little time off but of you truly don't want to go I'm sure Cam will understand" I carefully wiped my tears away not smudging my make up.

"you really think so?" I looked at all of them "that I'm doing a good job so far"
"yes girl" Renee rubbed my back "when you said your parents died I thought maybe a month or two ago. Eli doesn't look like a kid that lost his parents a week ago. He probably saw how strong you were being and decided to be the same way. He's happy and happy to have you. He's very protective of you already. It's a beautiful sight" Renee formed a few years in her eyes and hugged me 

"we just met you and all but you can call us for anything. We're gonna be here for you. I already see you as a little sister." Charm joined in the hug

"thank you and I'll go on the date. But first let me fix my face" I said laughing and then they all joined in

Beauty is Pain...!

Aint that the truth..!

Good add mamas , Glad everyone is so nice ans supportive.. But Ahh Eli aint playin no games.. lol

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Mystery location...??? Uh no, hell no!!! You ain't bout to leave that f***ing apartment, nope i won't allow it!! Ok fine since i like you Cam she can go, but bring her back remember!!
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ooooooohhhhh snap! Mystery location??!!! yeahhhhh he likes her! Cant wait!

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" guys don't be feeding my boyfriend a whole lot of junk. Be responsible or that's your ass" Tash lectured them before we left

"okay babe, we got this. The little homie is going to be okay" Izzy pecked her cheek

"okay ladies let's go" Tash jingled her keys in the air and Charm, Renee and myself followed her out

We got to the mall an they pushed me into a fitting room in the forever21 and started throwing outfits for the date in the room. 

"nothing looks good" I pouted

"it doesn't look good because you don't know where you're going. Location is the first step to picking out the perfect outfit" Charm said

"well call him" Renee put my phone on my hand 

I dialed his number and he picked up on the fourth ring "wassup mermaid" he smiled on the other end of the phone

"hey, where are we going tonight?"

"we're going to have dinner at a mystery location" I smiled at the thought of being surprised

"okay, I'll see you later" 

"bye" and we hung up

"he said out to dinner at a mystery location"

Tash huffed "Cameron always on games. He can never have a normal date"

"what do you mean?"

"when ever cam wants to seriously date someone he creates all types of dates. He don't like basic s*** unless it's for a basic chick" Renee answered


"now let's find you a cute dress for dinner" Charm started handing me dresses

After about another thirty minutes of trying on clothes we finally decided that <a href="">this</a> was the perfect look for tonight.

"mhmm that's it" Tash looked at me with her hands on her hips

"now let's go back to the house. I'm beat" Renee lounged on the dressing room couch

"you!?, I just tried on about 100 outfits" I complained as I went to pay for my purchase 

"beauty is pain" Charm flipped her hair as we walked out the store

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Awwwww how kewt is Eli...!

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He better bring her back! Aww Eli's starting kindergarten. I like Cam better then i like Dre, he seemed a little creepy.
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