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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

<a href=>Alikay Moss</a>

<a href=>Chris Brown</a>

<a href=>song</a>

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"Chris..." Alikay interupted "It's okay, I like you too." Alikay as she stood on her tippy toes and pecked Chris'causing her and Chris to smile at each other.

"Chris stopppp." Alikay whined as they walked hand in hand down the lit streets.

After Alikay kissed Chris she opened a whole new can of worms. Chris was joined at Alikay's hip. Every time Alikay turned around Chris was finding some way to touch her, kiss her and pick her hand about their future.

Chris and Alikay had seperated from the rest of the crew cause Chris needed this alone time to pick Alikay's head cause he still had his own concerns and thoughts.

"Chris put your hood back on. People keep staring tryna see who you are." Alikay said putting his hood on his head.

"Nigga stop, honestly I don't give a f***." Chris huffed

Alikay rolled her eyes at Chris and walked ahead of him. She knew how females were, especially with Shad being her brother. She wasn't about to get mobbed because of Chris.

Moments later Alikay felt arms wrapping around her waist.

"Don't be like that Kay." Chris said kissing her cheek.

Alikay smiled. She actually liked having someone want her for the right reasonand who knows what she wants and doesn't want.

"Do you really think this will work?" Chris asked seriously.

"That's up to you not me." Alikay responded.

"Why you say that?" Chris asked

"Cause a lot of factors are according to you. You are the one with the major career, you are the one who wants me to work for you. At the end of the day I'm just Alikay Moss, you are the famous Chris Brown." Alikay said

"I'm not tryna rush to call us an item but damn Kay, why the f*** would you act like you want me when you basically telling me this will never turn into anything?" Chris huffed

"Chris we NEVER talked about us getting together or no s*** my nigga. Please don't put words in my mouth." Alikay fussed

Chris dropped his hands from Alikay's waist and just looked at her. He wanted to smack the living s*** out of her. He couldn't understand how he blindly put all he had to give at that time into Alikay and she wrote him off with a couple of words.

"Whatever Kay." Chris said as he turned and walked away.

Alikay just let Chris walk away, she had to save herself at all times, even if that meant push the person she cared about the most in front of a bus.

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aww thats cute. finally! i think they'll be good together cuz chris understands her.

I caught up they are so Cute!
And Aww I'm engaged to Laith!
Love this story!
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The beginning of new beginnings just happened when she kissed him :D
I'm so glad she's gonna start liking guys again. I mean its Cris whats the worst he could do but love her :)
Congrats she's stepping up.
*Puts a check on my checklist for Kay* two down several more to go.
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So freaking cute!! I say they explore their feelings for each other....just take it slow....Alli still has a barrier up but it's definitely not as strong or tall as it was before she met him. That song....beautiful!

Awwww tht was too cute:)))) so are they gonna be cuffed up while walking around kc??? Hmmmm....... run it<3

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, that's adorable! I'm happy for them both. RUN IT!!

"Come Alikay stop playing." Chris groaned

"Well then get up!" Alikay stated firmly

"Its freaking 7 in the morning. My body says its basically 5. Gimme a break girl."

"Nobody is even up, its Christmas morning and there are actually presents under the tree." Alikay whined

"Well then just lay with me while everyone wakes up." Chris said half sleep

"Umm, no thanks, I'm good. I'll be downstairs." Alikay said as she walked outta the room

Alikay walked down stairs and walked into to the kitchen. She began fixing some tea. She turned on some light Christmas music and danced around the kitchen.

"Now that you woke me outta my damn sleep go get everyone else up!" Chris whined as he came rushing into the kitchen.

Alikay just looked at Chris, she wasn't about to listen to all this whining on Christmas.

"Boy everyone ain't ready so you can take your ass back to bed." Alikay said walking past Chris to sit in the living room.

"So why the hell would you wake me up then?"

Alikay shrugged and turned on the TV. She turned to the 25 days of Christmas and watched the TV intently. She loved Christmas and couldn't figure out why people grew out of it.

"So you just gonna ignore me tho?" Chris asked annoyed

"Nigga I dismissed your ass long time ago." Alikay said never taking her eyes off the TV.

Chris rolled his eyes and laid down on the couch with Alikay laying his head in her lap. Alikay didn't say a word. She just grabbed the blanket that was on the couch and gave it to Chris. Before she knew it Chris was knocked out.

"Yall niggas den got crazy comfortable with each other." Ircolee smirked coming down the stairs.

Alikay just smiled and kept her eyes on the TV.

"You like him don't you?" Ircolee said sitting on the arm of the couch

"Why everyone keep asking me do I like him, I think yall should be asking him does he like me?" Alikay said whispering

"Nigga we already know the answer to that. The nigga already told us. Well he told the niggas." Ircolee whispered back

"What did Shad say?" Alikay asked shocked

"Shad told him thats its better that way cause since we are here in KC, he don't need to be breathing down your neck since he wants to kill every nigga insight."

"I can't like Chris Brown. Sure my brother is Bow Wow but thats different."

"Why?" Ircolee asked frowning

"Cause lets say I take this job as Chris' manager, this whole "liking each other" thing goes out the window, business over pleasure."

"Nigga stop, I only met your brother cause he came to Crenshaw and needed a teacher to head his charity for the school. It was business and pleasure." Ircolee said laughing and flashing her engagement ring.

Alikay smiled and looked at Chris' sleeping body with his head resting peacefully on her lap.

"Cole, what I tell you about just getting outta bed like that girl?" Shad asked rubbing his eyes walking down the stairs.

"Nigga lets not do this again." Ircolee sighed

"What's wrong with yall?" Alikay asked

"Shad has this thing that ever since I called off the wedding he thinks when I get out the bed, I'm about to leave that ass." Ircolee stated plainly

"Its all fun and games until you think the same thing." Shad rolled his eyes "What the hell is this tho?" Shad said pointing to Chris laying in Alikay's lap

"Damn nigga can she spend some time with her nigga?" Ircolee said frowning

"I'm sorry, I didn't know they had titles now." Shad smirked

"We are NOT together. We haven't even discussed such things. Now shut up before you wake him up!"

Ircolee and Shad busted out laughing causing Chris to slightly open his eyes.

"This is the reason I hate black people." Chris groaned putting his hands over his face.

"Nigga its Christmas, get your yella ass up." Shad said smacking Chris

Chris tried to hop up and hit Shad back but he got twisted in the blanket and ended up falling flat on his face.

"Niggaaaa who you punk yourself like that?!" Ircolee exclaimed laughing hard

Shad, Ircolee and Alikay were stomach over in laughter while Chris sat on the ground mad he fell.

"What the f*** was that loud bang?!" Trey rushed downstairs with Tyga, Mijo and Drake coming down with him

Shad, Ircolee and Alikay couldn't even speak, they were to busy laughing. Chris looked at them in disgust. He wanted to uppercut all they asses, especially Shad egging on the move that made him look foolish in front of Alikay.

"Its not even that funny." Chris snarled

"Whats not funny?" Jazz asked with Tramicia, Bre'Na, and Zira right behind her.

"Th-this nigga Chris..." Alikay started but couldn't stop the laughter.

"I fell, but it wasn't as funny as they making it seem!" Chris exclaimed

Then in a swift move Chris got up and swung Alikay over his shoulder.

"Chris put me down!!" Alikay screamed still laughing

"Oh I'll put you down!" Chris said

"Don't drop me!"

"I thought you said put you down?" Chris smirked faking like he was going to drop her

"Chris you better not drop me!" Alikay yelled hitting Chris' back

"Now babygirl, hitting my back is just gonna make me drop you with a quickness." Chris smiled

"Shadddddddd, help!" Alikay whined as Chris walked around the living room with Alikay slung over his shoulder.

"That's yo nigga, yall work it out." Shad said still laughing with Ircolee sitting in his lap

"We are not together." Chris and Alikay said at the same time, flatly

Alikay and Chris both looked at each other. Hearing each other say that they weren't together and be so flat and blunt about it tugged at their hearts viciously.

"Yo babe what did you get me?" Tyga said shaking the presents under the <a href=>Christmas Tree</a>.

"Boy if you don't stop picking up them presents. You know I ain't get you s***." Tramicia clowned

"Yo call the rest of the crew down so we can get this s*** cracking..." Shad said


Alikay watched intensely at all the couples having couple time. Laith had just proposed to Bre'Na and now everyone is wrapped up and tied up in this lovey dovey s***. Alikay smiled at everyone and excused herself from everyone and walked upstairs to her <a href=>room</a>. She sat at her laptop on her desk and uploaded all the pictures from Christmas from her phone to her computer and sent them to her parents. Moments later she heard a slight knock at her door. Alikay pushed up her glasses and fixed her afro puff while she walked to open the door. Once she opened the door she seen Chris walking in the room holding a <a href=>large box</a>

"Chris what the hell?" Alikay stated shocked

"Oh Merry Christmas to you too." Chris said stale faced

"Sorry." Alikay smiled and sat back at her desk. "Who is that for?"

"You duh! Thought I just wasn't gonna get you anything?"

"Just wasn't expecting anything from anyone actually. I'm so new to the crew just didn't know I was gonna get the things I got today." Alikay confessed

"Well I got you something." Chris said handing Alikay the large box

Alikay looked at Chris and Chris smiled while he sat on her bed. Alikay untied the bow and cracked out the white box and this wonderful <a href=>painting</a> inside.

"You painted this?" Alikay asked in disbelief

"Yeah." Chris said shyly

"When did you that time?"

"I did that when I first met you. I just paint whats on the dome. All I heard about was Shad's mean sister from Kansas City." Chris said laughing "So I painted it from thoughts dedicated to you." Chris confessed

"I love it." Alikay said as she whipped her hand across the painting

"No problem ma." Chris smiled

Alikay hugged Chris. She couldn't help herself and she was past the fact that her and Chris only have known each other a week or so. She knew she cared but she just rather actions be louder than words at that point.

Alikay let go of the hug and kissed Chris on the cheek. It was Christmas and she figured she would go all out.

"Yo Chris, 2K Christmas Tournament happening now bro!" Drake yelled from the bottom of the stairs

"So, I'll see you later?" Chris asked shyly

Alikay smiled at Chris' shy boy tactics. For him to be "Chris Brown" he sure was a very shy person.

"Yeah I'll be down in a little bit." Alikay smiled

Chris gave Alikay another quick hug and jogged down the stairs.

"Lady... Don't cha know we love ya? Sweet lady, Dear mama, Place no one above ya, sweet lady, You are appreciated, Don't cha know we love ya?" Alikay's phone rang

"Hey momma! Merry Christmas!" Alikay answered her phone

"So you only call your mom now huh?" A voice boomed through the phone

"Hey <a href=>dad</a>, Merry Christmas!" Alikay said recognizing her dad's voice

"Oh I don't get the same excitement?" Alikay's dad said laughing through the phone

"Man dad, you know I luh you nigga." Alikay said smiling

"You better, but who are all these chicks in these photos you taking? The only one I reconigize is Ircolee..."

"They are Shad's friends girlfriend's. They really cool dad."

"Oh s*** does Alikay have some friends that she actually wants?" Alikay's dad said sarcastically

"Man they cool, cooler than anyone I know here."

"Here? What do you mean here? You are suppose to be in L.A."

"Oh yeah about that..."

"Alikay please don't tell me you and your brother had a fight and you are back in Kansas City by yourself." He sighed

"No dad, nothing like that. Shad and I are cool. Probably better than when we was little kids. We got chance to iron everything out. But everyone wanted to have Christmas away from the paparazzi so we took a road trip to back to Kansas City but I'm not here by myself. Shad and his friends are here, their girlfriends, and of course Ircolee." Alikay explained

"Why does that sound iffy as hell?"

"Ugh dad, for real? Mom already knows but lemme go find your son for you. Gimme a sec."

Alikay jogged out of her room and down the steps. The girls were in the kitchen talking and such and the guys were in the living room fussing over 2K13.

"Shad, your father wants to talk to you." Alikay said putting the phone to his ear

"What up dad?" Shad said concentrating on the game

"Where are yall?"

"At the house? Why?" Shad asked confused

"In Kansas City?" Their dad continued to question

"Yeah dad." Shad stated "Oh s*** nigga you cheating." Shad said yelling at Trey

"Alright little nigga." Mr Moss said "Put your sister back on the phone."

"Kay! Come take the phone dad wants you."

Alikay walked over to Shad and grabbed the phone from his ear and put it to her ear.

"Happy dad?" Alikay asked sarcastically

"Yes, I'm quite pleased. I just didn't want you by yourself on Christmas." Mr. Moss said laughing

"Kay you better stop being a loner on Christmas and come back downstairs when you are done." Bre'Na yelled to Alikay

"I will yall, just need to plug up my phone." Alikay yelled back

"Dad, don't forget to tell grandma I love her and show her the pictures." Alikay said talking back to her dad.

"I won't, your mom said she loves you."

"Tell her I love her too, I'll talk to you later."

"Wait Kay, one more thing..."

"Whats up?"

"Is that Chris Brown you are hugging on in one of your pictures?" Mr. Moss asked

"I'll talk to you later dad!" Alikay said laughing

"Yeah we gon talk sooner than later nigga." Mr. Moss said light hearted

"Later dad."

"Later Stone." Mr. Moss said hanging up

Alikay hung up her phone and laughed at the nickname her dad has been calling her since she started college. Stone was a name her dad gave her cause she thought he daughter was a hard rock to crack. She took to the nickname and the few people she does talk to in the city call her that.

Alikay plugged up her phone then she went to her bed and began to put the painting that Chris gave her back in the box. Once she fully opened the box she found a CD inside.

"Why didn't he tell me there was something else in here." Alikay said to herself.

She opened the CD and seen a sticky note attached to the CD that read:

"To my new best friend"

Alikay opened the CD sat at her desk as she put the CD into her laptop.

"So, yeah, I don't even know what to say, or where to even begin, but I'm sure as you know I write or "singgggg" (Chris sang then chuckled) everything in my heart or in my thoughts." Chris began on the CD as Alikay listened closely. "But this song is purely about you right now. Am I nervous? Hell yeah, this song is totally outta what people believe is "Chris Brown" and honestly it is, but I don't know maybe I should just stop talking and sing."

Chris stopped talking and Alikay was already was blow at everything Chris had said. She listened longer to the sudden piano intro then she heard Chris' <a href=>song</a> to her begin.

"This is not gonna last forever, It’s that time when you must hold on. And I won’t let you surrender, And I’ll heal you if you’re broken..." Chris sang

Alikay listened intensely to the song. She was beyond shocked. The song was totally out of what she heard Chris sing in his past albums and she was highly shocked that he would make a song about her. The gifts that Alikay received from Chris were beyond sentimental and that scared Alikay. She wasn't ready for this.

"Yo Ircolee come here real quick!" Alikay screamed at the top of the stairs waiting impatiently for her to come.

Moments later Alikay saw not only Ircolee walking up the stairs but the rest of the girls.

"b**** you thought you was gonna leave us out the loop doe?" Teek asked

"Sorry yall come here quick..." Alikay said

"Whatever tramp." Jazz said shaking her head

All the girls walked in Alikay's room and she closed and locked her door. They looked at Alikay strange as she was pancing around her room like a psycho.

"Nigga the f*** is up with you?" Shelly asked

"I think I like Chris Brown!" Alikay blurted out then covered her mouth

"Nigga you acting like we don't know that." Tramicia stated

"Yeah, so what's the real emergency?" Bre'Na asked

"Look guys, he may like me too!" Alikay stated in disbelief

"Okay and we knew that as well, so?" Zira said

"He got me this." Alikay said showing them the painting

"Oh yeah my nigga Chris can paint. You know Trey got tons of that niggas paintings in the house." Jazz said brushing off Alikay's panic

"Wait, I'm so lost. What's the problem Kay?" Ircolee spoke up

"He gave a CD too!" Alikay said trying to get the girls to understand why she was feeling the way she was.

"b**** we all got the F.A.M.E CD free of charge, but if that makes you feel special then Merry mutha f***in' Christmas..." Teek said flipping through one of Alikay's Shape magazines.

"Can yall hoes just listen?!" Alikay said getting frustrated

Alikay pressed play on the CD and let the girls listen to what she just listened to. Once it was over the room was completely slient.

"Well damn." Bre'Na said coughing

"That nigga laid it hard on yo simple ass nigga!" Ircolee said cracking up

"Yall Chris Brown can't like me." Alikay sighed

"And why the f*** not?" Zira asked bluntly "Ain't ugly or nothing and you got a f***ing good personality. You cool as f***, a little rough around the edges, but s*** that makes you, you." Zira shrugged

"I don't know yall." Alikay said shaking her head. "It's just to fast."

"That I can agree on you with." Ircolee stated

"Cole shut the hell up. You and Shad went on yall first date the same day yall met." Tramicia said rolling her eyes

"It was a business dinner!" Ircolee defended

"Yeah, must have been one hell of a business dinner when you came to my community meeting the NEXT DAY with all them hickies on your neck b****." Zira said laughing

"I hate yall, I was tryna be a good example." Ircolee smirked

"Well you ain't one with your lying ass. Who wants a lying tramp as an example?" Bre'Na said laughing

"Ummm can we get back to the problem at hand?" Alikay said folding her arms

"Ain't no damn problem Kay!" Shelly said "The nigga likes you and you like him, but yall can be friends. Yall niggas ain't never heard go with the damn flow. No one ain't telling your ass to marry Chris..."

"But someone told my ass to marry Laith!" Bre'Na interrupted flashy her new ring

All the girls just stared at Bre'Na blank faced.

"What?" Bre'Na asked

"Anywayyyyy, back to what I was saying..." Shelly started while she mugged Bre'Na "Just go with the flow. How can that hurt?"

"If it develops to love its bound to hurt." Alikay sighed quitely to herself


"So nigga you go her a painting?" Trey asked

"Yeah nigga..." Chris said never taking his eyes off the TV

"You bought a painting?" Laith asked

"No nigga, I painted her a picture." Chris said

"Could have been a little more original nigga, I mean I know all your paintings are custom and s*** but EVERYONE has one of your paintings." Omari fussed

"That nigga wrote her a song." Shad smirk

All the dudes busted out laughing. Chris had no idea anyone even knew about the song. He recorded that last night when he thought everyone was sleep.

"Of course your ol simple ass wrote her a song." Laith said shaking his head. "I'm sick of the gay s*** from yall niggas."

Omari paused the game and all the fellas looked at Laith

"What?" Laith asked

"Nigga was you not just the one who was down here crying cause you was "overwhelming with joy" that Bre'Na said yes you your dumb ass?" Mijo frowned

"Yeah and wasn't you the one more nervous than a b**** when I went with you to the jewelry store to get that ring and you didn't know what to get?" Shad frowned as well

"Shut up." Laith said

Everyone busted out in laughter.

"Besides the damn point this nigga tryna make, what made you write her a song? You know how personal a song is." Trey said

"Well what I see in Alikay is kinda personal." Chris said seriously

All the guys just nodded their head. Though they didn't have know how Chris felt exactly about Alikay they all respected his feelings toward her.


"Ay ladies we would like to go today." Mijo screamed up the stairs

"Nigga, you scream up these got damn steps again, I will go stomp the yard on your basic ass" Zira yelled back

"See how she treats me? I don't know why I'm with her ass." Mijo huffed

"WHAT DID YOU SAY NIGGA?" Zira screamed

"I said I love you baby!" Mijo screamed

The niggas laughed as Mijo quickly got checked. Christmas night had eventually rolled around and everyone decided that they should go downtown and see walk around the plaza and see the lights. At this point the guys didn't care if the fans wanted to take pictures or autographs and s***. They came to see Kansas City and that just what they were gonna do.

Chris and Alikay on the other hand avoided each other at all cost for the rest of the day. Chris was to nervous to see what Alikay thought about the song she wrote him, which was the reason he didn't even tell her about the CD in the first place. Alikay on the other hand couldn't believe that Chris had even liked her the way he expressed. Alikay didn't mind having Chris as a friend but she was so sure that Chris was tryna butter her up just so she can move to L.A. and be his manager but once Alikay heard that song she knew that wasn't so much the case anymore.

Moments later the girls came downstairs. Everyone was dressed in jeans, tims, hoodies and jackets ready to combat the cold weather.

"Kay you wanna drive and I'll follow you?" Shad asked.

"Sure lemme just throw on the alarm and lock up. Take the keys." <a href=>Alikay</a> said tossing them to Shad.

Alikay waited for everyone to walk out the house and then she set the alarm. Alikay walked out the house and locked the door. She turned around and there was <a href=>Chris</a> right behind her.

"Ahhh!! Chris you scared the literal s*** outta me." Alikay said holding her chest

"I'm sorry ma but I just gotta talk to you about that song. I know it came off as a bit..."

"Chris..." Alikay interrupted "It's okay, I like you too." Alikay as she stood on her tippy toes and pecked Chris'causing her and Chris to smile at each other.

This is a rly good story. Chris n ali needa stop frontin they would make a cute couple & shad is actually okay with it? run it!!

Ok jus gt back on n read wat mssed n liken it that was messed up wat happn to kay bt run it

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Good add..I'm likking them too together!! RUN IT!!

Loving Alikay and Chris at this moment! They seem to bring out the good in each other, but I hope neither of them get hurt

Awwwwwww, they're cute together! RUN IT!

Run it!!!

something tells me alikay and chris gon hit it off right! their feelings are beginning to take over and they cant hide it. run it

Run it?

Loooovvvvvveeeeeedddddd this add. Glad tht they're taking it slow. It shows how strong they are a how willing they are to be in a healthy realtionship. Shad cant even be mad tht his sis is falling for Chris lol. I really like how long this add was. Hope the next one is just as lengthy! Run it:)))

I'm so glad their getting along like this. I mean think she's changed a lot since she met Chris :). I know she enjoyed that dance they had too. Run it sis

Awww, they got it bad for each other....and it's so cute!

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