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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

<a href=>Alikay Moss</a>

<a href=>Chris Brown</a>

<a href=>song</a>

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"DAMNNNNNNNN." All the dudes said at once while the girls were running around cracking up

"That b**** got knocked the f***kkk out!" Zira said barely breathing cause she was laughing so hard

"That nigga straight uppercut her ass tho!" Mijo screamed

"Straight street fighter, Ryu, tiger uppercut the hoe." Tramicia screamed laughing

"Shoryuken!!" Bre'Na screamed while holding her stomach laughing

The crew had stopped at a rest stop in Denver. This was day 3 on the road and now they were only 600 miles from Kansas City. Fans had tweeted Shad the video of the "<a href=>Bus Driver Uppercut</a>". They had all watched the video countless times cause it was just that funny.

"You can't be messing with them niggas. Bus drivers get shot at, stabbed and everything just be driving stranger dumb ass b****es like her." Alikay said inbetween laughs in her <a href=>Kid Fury</a> voice

"Yo that s***, was funny as f***. Like who the f*** would think to uppercut a b**** tho?" Laith said laughing

"Yooooo we gonna be talking about that s*** for days. We need to do a reaction video once we get to Kc." Shad said shaking his head smiling

"How long we got to go anywayyyyyyyy?" Tramicia said whining holding Tyga's hand

"We in Denver guh. We close as f***. We will be there by tonight." Alikay said

"Didn't yall use to live in Denver too?" Trey asked Shad and Alikay

"Yup, Denver was cool as f***." Shad said

"How did yall breathe here?" Ircolee said taking a deep breathe

"Oh yeah, sorry babe. Here, drink some water. If you not use to the high altitude you will f*** around and die." Shad said handing her his bottle of water. "Me and Ally just use to it."

"Alikay, how much longer we got?" Trey asked

"Just 8 more hours. Then we will be in KC!!" Alikay said whinding her hips

"Man, I'll drive then. Alikay and Chris been pulling most of the leg. They swear they the super team or some s***." Tyga said

"Then I'm sitting up front with you babe." Tramicia said

Alikay froze in her tracks. Even though she was tired of driving and helping Chris stay awake while he drove she was avoiding sitting in the back with him like a plaque.

"Ummm, you sure Ty?" Alikay asked nervously

"Yeah, man I got this." Tyga responsed

"Yo Bre'Na, can you come to the bathroom with me real quick?" Alikay stated

"Girl, I just came..." Bre'Na started before Alikay grabbed her arm and lead her into the bathroom. "Girl whats going on??" Bre'Na said frowning

"I been avoiding to be with Chris in close corners girl."

"I knew it!" Bre'Na said chessing

"Knew what?" Alikay said frowning

"You like that nigga. And you know it."

"No I don't."

Bre'Na just gave Alikay an "Are you serious look"

"Look I don't know whats going on." Alikay sighed. "But I'm just not ready for this whole dude/feelings/him being famous thing. I just don't have that in my right now. I only have a heart for living purposes right now. Cause if I didn't need it I woulda had that s*** removed."

"Nigga, just go with the flow. Ain't no one pushing you to date the nigga. Just chill and go with the flow. Now lets go." Bre'Na shrugged

Alikay just sighed and walked out of the bathroom while looking at her black sweat pants, black and red Nike shirt, red hoodie and her red converse.

Everyone got in their perspective trucks and Alikay saw that Chris was sitting in the back talking on his phone. Alikay looked at Bre'Na and Bre'Na gave her a reassuring look. Alikay sighed and took a seat next to Chris. The luggage between everyone had each SUV packed. Alikay had to sit in the middle while Chris took the window seat.

Alikay was happy that Chris was on the phone. She didn't even bother to listen what he was talking about, she just slipped her headphones in her ears. She needed to hear some ratchet music. She finally settled on "Hard in da paint" by Waka Flocka. According to Alikay she needed to get back to ratchet state of mind as far as dudes were concerned. 2 minutes into the song she felt her headphones being taken out.

"Chris what are you doing?" She said slapping his hand away

"See Gucci thats my muthaf***in nigga..." Chris said rapping causing Alikay to roll her eyes. "Nah but guess what ma!"

"What nigga?" Alikay said getting annoyed

"Whats wrong with you?" Chris asked frowning

"Nigga nothing what do you want?!" Alikay said smacking her lips and obviously annoyed

"Nevermind nigga." Chris said going back to playing with his phone

Alikay had a soft spot for Chris. And she knew it. She wasn't ready to jump hoops for this nigga or even try to discuss them being together. But she knew she was intoxicated by his friendship.

"My bad, what's up?" Alikay said taking her earphones out.

Chris didn't say a word. In his mind, he wasn't gonna entertain the b****y part of Alikay.

"Seriously Chris?" Alikay said

"Dude, you flip out a nigga over nothing and you asking me am I serious?" Chris said frowning

Chris hated how emotional and in his feelings he was becoming every time Alikay and him chatted.

"I'm sorry. What's up?" Alikay said tryna give a slight smile to lighten the mood

"The label just called. Them niggas just apologized to me for all the s*** they putting me through for the last couple of months. Told me they ready for me to cut an album and ish, I mean not immediately but soon you know so I guess thank you is in order" Chris said smiling at Alikay

"It's cool, just proper management that all."

"I need you on Team Breezy ma." Chris said to Alikay in all seriousness

"Chris we have talked about these heavily for the past three days. My answer remains the same." Alikay sighed

"Yet you haven't given me any good reason why you won't. I already said I didn't mind if you wanted to finish school. I'm not worried about you having no experience with other artists cause you are that damn good."

"Chris thats not the problem."

"Then whats the real reason Alikay? Don't bulls*** me either Kay." Chris said firmly.

"I hate the industry Chris. It's cut throat and bad blood comes from it."

"Yet, you are cut throat as f***. You handle yours and you don't give a f*** how you do it. So once again, don't give me no bulls*** answer."

"Chris." Alikay sighed "Have you ever thought how my life would change being your manager? You keep asking me to do it cause it benefits you. I don't even think you are considering my feelings. I have just gotten out the habit of hating all people and you swear that we about to run out there and be best friends, and we probably will, until the next b**** comes along and I'm just the manager. Your damn puppet. Sure my career would take off but I ain't even got the time for all that." Alikay shrugged

"Nigga you serious tho?"

"I didn't studder."

"Alikay thats pure bulls***. If I asked you to be my got damn manager why the f*** would I throw you under the bus? And further more didn't I say that I was happy you wanted to move to L.A. cause even though I've known you less than a week you have already become more of a friend to me then rest of these half not niggas I know besides the crew?" Chris frowned

"Let's make a deal, we will talk about the details after Christmas when you get back to L.A. but for now we don't even discuss it." Alikay said

"I'll take you up on that deal, but promise me you will at least hear me out when we talk about it."


Alikay smiled to herself as Chris put his head on her shoulder.

"Boy what are you doing?"

"My head hurts ma. This the only position I feel alright in."

"Have you eaten anything today?"

"Nope the last thing I ate was when we all stopped at Taco Bell." Chris answered

"Nigga we went there yesterday afternoon! What the hell?!" Alikay expressed

"I know, I know. Just sometimes I'll sleep before I think about eating. Us being on the road makes me think about being on tour. So my mind tells me to sleep." Chris confessed

Alikay reached under the seat and tugged on a small cooler until it came out.

"Pick what type of sandwich you want." Alikay said pointing to the varies sandwich variety of Turkey, Chicken and Beef

"I don't wanna eat right now ma. I just wanna lay on your shoulder."

"You can lay on my lap and I'll rub your temples but only if you eat something." Alikay stated after hearing Chris sigh. "I know it sucks eating while you already have a headache but your stomach is dying right now. Plus your head wont feel any better unless you eat."

Chris groaned and Alikay smiled. Alikay place a pillow on her lap as Chris laid down. His face was facing her stomach and Alikay torn a piece of the turkey sandwich and fed it to Chris. After he ate half of the sandwich Alikay ate the other half and put the cooler back on the ground. As promised she begin to rub his temples. Chris drifted into a slight sleep and Alikay looked down and smiled at Chris. She felt her phone vibrate. Once she pulled out her phone she saw a text from Tramicia.

-I knew it!

-You don't know s***. Alikay responded back to the text

-I know you feeling that nigga CB.

-Gross! I'm not though

_Nigga quite lying... We all know it. Even your brother

-LOL! Ima need yall niggas to stop discussing my life

-Lmao, nigga stopppppppp

-Look, as I told Bre'Na I like this niggas friendship right now. Its nice to that friend. He just happened to be that.

-Girl you better act like I aint ya bff! -_-

-I didn't say that! LOL! But I just take things slow

-At least your not denying it! Get it shawty!

Alikay laughed at that text and put her phone on the seat. She watched Chris as he snored lightly and curled himself into a small ball. She sighed because as much as she wanted to fight it, she was feeling his vibes, and it was to fast for her liking.


"Oh my gosh Omari you better not!!!" Shelly screamed as Omari slammed her into the snow

"The niggas 30 trillion the girls -1." Shad said cracking up.

The crew had finally gotten to Alikay's <a href=>house</a> in Kansas around 8 ol clock that night. The Kansas City snow was serious and they all missed the snow tremendously so after they unpacked the vehicles they all threw on coats, gloves, boots, and scarves and proceeded outside to have a snow ball fight.

"I think yall cheated." Ircolee flatly stated mugging Shad. "Yall can't be picking us up and running us all over the yard then slamming us in the snow!"

"I'm saying. This nigga Mijo slung me over this shoulder like I was a f***ing rag doll." Zira said annoyed

"I love you too baby." Mijo said cracking up

"Damn yall we been out here for almost two hours." Laith said looking at his watch

"I'm about to go inside. I'm cold as s***. It gotta be like 14 degrees in this b****." Tyga said

"Its actually 6 degrees." Alikay said "Thats that KC winter for yall."

"I ain't gon lie when you said you live in Kansas City I expected Wizard of Oz, Dorthoy s***, it ain't L.A. or nothing but its nice. Not to much city yet not to much country."

"I'm going inside. My hands and feet feel are numb." Jazz stated

Everyone nodded in agreement except Alikay. She turned and proceeded out the front yard. She loved walking down the block in her neighborhood and with the snow it made it that more peaceful. Chris turned around and noticed Alikay walking down the street. Chris' immediate extinct was to go with her and lately he has been following that exact extinct when it pertains to Alikay.

"Yo ma where you going? You know its cold as s*** out here." Chris said catching up to Alikay

"I'm use to it." Alikay shrugged "You can go inside, I'll be there in a moment."

"I'll walk with you. Where are you going?" Chris said shoving his hands in his pocket

"Just walking around my block. I always do this. I haven't lived in Kansas City my whole life, but I will admit I'm the happiest when I'm here." Alikay said smiling

Chris and Alikay walked in silence. Chris felt himself just glancing at Alikay while she seemed to be in her peaceful world. This was the first time Chris had seen Alikay at true peace.

"You really love it here huh?" Chris asked breaking the silence

"Why do you ask that?"

"Cause I see you don't have that distressed look on your face anymore. You just look peaceful."

Alikay smiled at Chris. He was the only one who realized how much Alikay loved Kansas City. But there were reasons why she hated it as well.

"That's true. But I know my time is almost up here. I can't keep hiding here." Alikay shrugged

"What do you mean hiding?"

"Being in this place that brought me so much peace is just lessing the blow of being in the world. I'm still scared of taking risk and everything else just like everyone else. Kansas City has become my cushion."

"That's why you are nervous of moving to L.A.?"

"I guess you can say that."

"Kay, on a serious note, just know that even if everyone turns their back if you move to L.A. you always got the kid." Chris said smiling

"And I'll hold you to that." Alikay said smiling back

Just then in a swift movement Chris picked up Alikay and swung her around to his back.

"Chris what are you doing?!" Alikay said screaming

"Hush all that yelling girl! We going caroling and yes you are gonna come!" Chris said laughing

3 hours later Alikay and Chris came into the house laughing. Chris was holding Alikay's hand as they walked in, but they just didn't expect everyone to be sitting around in the living room staring intently at them. Alikay dropped Chris' hand as soon as she laid eyes on her brother who was raising his eyebrows at them.

"Where yall niggas been?" Tramicia said with a smirk

"Just walking around the block." Alikay shrugged

"For almost 3 hours?" Shad said looking at his watch

"We did some carolling. Kay showed me the neighborhood and s***. You know." Chris said shoving his hands in his pockets

Alikay and Chris had both turned bright red from embarrassment and on their light skin complexions it was obvious.

"Why yall niggas bright red?" Drake said cracking up

Alikay and Chris knew it was best just to stay quiet.

"Kay let's talk." Shad said to his sister

Alikay didn't say anything she just followed Shad. She wasn't even up for the attitude that she would give Shad on a regular day. They got into their fathers office and Shad closed the door. Alikay sat in the chair facing the desk and sunk into the seat. Shad sat in his fathers office chair and looked at Alikay. Shad began laughing at his younger sister causing Alikay to become extremely annoyed and confused

"What do you want Shad?" Alikay stated crossing her arms

"I should be asking you that question. What do you want?"

"What are you talking about?" Alikay asked

"We don't have to talk long I just wanna know do you like him?"

"Nigga why do the whole crew make a big deal about it? We are friends! Just like I'm sure you and Ircolee where friends, Omari and Shelly were friends, Bre'Na and Tyga were friends and so forth."

"So you like the nigga enough to be friends...FIRST!" Shad said smiling.

"Look Shad, lets not make a big deal about this. Chris and I are cool. We just met for goodness sake. Gimme a break."

"I just wanted to see where your head was at. Making sure you was on the right path." Shad said as he stood up. "No beef here. But yall would make a cute couple!" Shad said running out the door.

Alikay sighed to herself. She didn't want everyone making a big deal out of her and Chris' friendship. She just wasn't ready for feelings to make a comeback when she worked so hard to store them away in a secret place.


"Yo this is a nice little lounge." Tyga said nodding his head to Usher's "Bad Girl"

"s***, its almost better than some of the smut lounges we been to in L.A." Omari stated

It was two days before Christmas Eve and everyone decided to get out of the house and go to the Blue Room which was a more upscale lounges causing everyone to dressup a bit. When Shad and Alikay were teenagers, whenever Shad would come to visit he and Alikay would sneak into the Blue Room because their cousin was the bouncer. They never drunk but they danced many nights away.

"Babe this is my song, lets dance." Ircolee said dragging Shad to the dance floor as Jazmine Sullivan's "I Need You Bad" filled the room.

"Come on nigga, you owe me a dance." Bre'Na said as she grabbed Tyga's hand

Eventually the whole crew was out on the dance floor except Chris and Alikay. Alikay was sitting at the bar sipping on pinacolada and patron mix and Chris had went the bathroom.

"Excuse me shorty, can I buy you a drink?" A voice said.

Alikay turned around to see who was talking to her. She looked at him twice and wasn't interested in the least bit.

"Damn ma, its like that. I'm Evan by the way."

"You throwing ya name when I didn't even ask for it? Oh okay." Alikay stated annoyed

Chris walked out the bathroom and seen some man talking to Alikay. That didn't sit well with his heart in the least bit. This tug Alikay had on his heart already was vicious yet for the first time controlled and relaxed. Chris caught Shad's eye and Shad motioned for him to get Alikay away from whoever that nigga was.

"Hey babe everything alright?" Chris said walking up to Alikay putting his arm around her waist.

Alikay sighed relief as Chris came. She was to comfortable and even though it scared her, for tonight she was just gonna let her guard down.

"Yeah boo, lets go dance." Alikay said grapping Chris' hand tight leaving that other nigga at the bar looking dumb.

Alikay wrapped her arms around Chris' neck and Chris held her waist.

"Thanks, I hate when random niggas run up on me. Intentions be to sketchy." Alikay said

<a href=>Chris</a> couldn't even answer. He loved how his 6'2 frame towered over <a href=>Alikay's</a> 5'1 figure. Everything about this moment seemed great.

"Chris!" Alikay said for the fourth time before he responded

"Yeah whats up ma?"

"Did you hear me?"

"No my bad, its just kinda loud." Chris lied

Miguel's "<a href=>Adorn</a>" filled the room

"I love this song!" Alikay exclaimed

Chris smiled at Alikay and twirlled her around. The back of her head rested against this chest. Chris wrapped his arms around Alikay's peite body.

"These lips can't wait to taste your skin, baby, no, no, And these eyes, yeah, can't wait to see your grin, ooh ooh baby, Just let my love, Just let my love adorn you, Please baby, yeah..." Chris sung in Alikay's ear causing Alikay to blush.

Alikay thoroughly enjoyed sentimental moments with Chris, although she hated being sentimental with people. Alikay and Chris rocked with the song but Chris felt himself rising. But he got himself in check quick cause he knew Alikay would pull back if she felt anything sexual going down.

"Just let, Let my love adorn you baby, hey, Le-le-le-let it dress you down, You gotta know, baby, Oh, you gotta know, Know that I adorn you, Oh, love aint never looked so good on ya, Ooh, put it on baby, Let my love adorn you..." Chris continued to sing as the song ended.

Once the song ended Alikay turned around and looked Chris in the face, as Chris' hands stayed on her waist. And at that moment though no words were spoken they both could no longer deny this quick connection that was created out of pure loneliness.


"Chris you are making this process take longer than it should." <a href=>Alikay</a> fussed

"I just don't see why you wanna leave Santa cookies. You know he ain't eating them." <a href=>Chris</a> said as he flung some floor into Alikay's face.

Alikay just mugged Chris. It was Christmas Eve and the whole crew had spent the day shopping and decorating the house. Everyone had retired to their rooms expect Chris and Alikay. According to Alikay Christmas wasn't real unless there was cookies left for Santa.

"Aww you mad at me ma?" Chris smirked while grabbing Alikay's waist from behind.

"You're not helping Chris." Alikay whinned "I'm tired too! I been up since 6 this morning."

"I'm sorry ma, lets figure this out." Chris said grabbing the box of cookie mix but never moving from his spot of being directly behind Alikay.

"Chris move." Alikay said turning around pushing Chris

"Damn girl, I like it rough." Chris said laughing causing Alikay to smack her lips.

Alikay and Chris, well more so Alikay, finished the cookies and put them in the oven. Alikay hopped on the counter as Chris stood between her legs while they waited on the cookies. Alikay rested her chin on his head.

"Christmas time is hereeeeee, bringing you good cheerrrrr." Chris sung as Alikay enjoyed this stolen moment with Chris.

"This is turning out to be a good Christmas you know." Alikay spoke

"The best I ever had shorty." Chris smiled

Alikay nor Chris was ready to sit down and talk about these fast developing emotions and feelings they had for each other, but they decided acting on them was better for the both of them and saved them from mentally exploring things that once hurt them the most.

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i like where this is going. im glad shad sister finally got that off her chest

I caught up and!
Aww they just are so cute (Chris and Kay)
I'm happy everybody had fun singing snapback and tattoos!
I swear I love this story!
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So glad Kay is coming around and for the most part everyone is getting along!! RUN IT

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Rotfl at "the Alikay fever" they are too cute

They chillin ain't they lol they got a long ass way to go to get to KS. I'm glad they keepin eachother company.
Run it :)

Awwwwwwww, I love the fact that Kay is opening up to them! I hope the trip is safe and I can't believe that Shad knows the guys, RI-FREAKING-DICULOUS!
RUN IT!!!!!

Excited to see where there relationship goes....hmmmm. run it:)))

lol!! that sound like some s*** me and my friends would do! I'm so glad they're getting along!Lawd I just hope they don't kill these kids when they get to KC


"I ain't even trippin', I ain't even mad at ya! I ain't even trippin' I ain't even mad at ya, cuz me and you been over, which means that I been over, you, you, you, over you, you, you, over youuuuuuuuuuuuuu..." Alikay sung as she drove straight down I-70.

"I see why you do more talking than singing ma..." Chris said cracking up

Chris decided to keep Alikay company as she drove. Everyone had one sweat pants, basketball shorts, t-shirts, skullys, hoodies and socks and slides. Tramicia and Tyga, Bre'Na and Laith, and Omari and Shelly were in the truck but they were boo lovin' in the back enjoying the couple time as were Jazz and Trey, Mijo and Zira, Shad and Ircolee and Drake and Teek were in the other truck and Alikay nor Chris wanted to have any part in that in the least.

"Man I can sing. Everyone can sing, you just tryna hate cause I can't blow like you." Alikay said rolling her eyes

"I know something you can blow." Chris said with a smirk

Alikay unlocked the doors.

"Nigga do you know I will push yo high yella ass out the car, no huss?" Alikay said with a bewildered look on her face.

"What the f*** does "no huss" mean?" Chris said completely ignoring her threat

"It CLEARLY mean "no s***" or if someone say huss it means "for real?" or "you lying"." Alikay said explaining Kansas City terminology to Chris. "And I will push yo ratchet ass right out the car if you come at me sideways like that Christopher."

"Damn you calling me Christopher tho ma? Its like that? I'm hurt." Chris said pretending to me upset

Alikay rolled her eyes at Chris. They were forced to hang out. She didn't realized that until she got around all these couples how romantic Christmas really was and lowkey she wanted that but she knew she wasnt ready to fully receive any type of romance without feeling some type of hatred for herself and whoever she would receieve it from.

"I'm hungry." Chris stated interupting Alikay's thoughts

"Nigga its 2 ol clock in the morning. We ain't stopping. I packed OD food for the car for this reason."

"Yeah you packed all my food in MY crib, meaning Ima get back home and be starved!"

"Gosh you are so dramatic!" Alikay said laughing

Chris looked at Alikay and laughed at her. Lowkey Alikay was having a pull on him and for Chris it was to fast for him. He refused to act on it cause thats how his last relationships ended in termoil.

"So you really gonna be my manager though?"

"No..." Alikay said plainly

"Why notttttt?" Chris said whining. "You're good at this."

"I know I am, but I need to live my life. Not yours."

"Why the hell do you think you would be living my life?" Chris stated

"Cause managers go EVERYWHERE, and its obvious you need your manager everywhere. Tours, meetings, s*** L.A. in general. I could wanna go to London, Amsterdam, even Egypt but if I worked for you that wouldnt even happen or be logical." Alikay protested

"I thought you were moving to L.A. anyway. Thats what you told Shad."

"I mean, L.A. its not KC or nothing but its not something I ruled out."

"I'm just saying I wouldn't mind if you moved to L.A. after school. Even with your b****y attitude, you make for a great friend."

"What the absolute hell? I'm not b****y..."

"Anymore, but I see why you were b****y and won't hold that over your head or nothing."

"Alrightttttt new subject..." Alikay said looking at the road

"Alright, alright, ummmmm" Chris said rubbing his chin "what's your favorite color?"


"What in the s***? Why is it black?" Chris said looking at Alikay like she crazy

"It's dark, bold, frank...Pretty much sums me up in my opinion." Alikay shrugged her shoulders.

Chris looked at Alikay and laughed. He knew this girl was destranged.

"Okay, okay, on a serious note...Have you ever been in a successful relationship, without mentioning you know what. Like you ever been in love besides that?"

"Nope." Alikay plainly stated. "I grew up around Shad and all his friends. I had two female friends my whole life. And I only knew them cause they were Shad's friends sisters. I was a pure tomboy. Wore Shad's old clothes, played football in parking lot. Broke my arms climbing trees and acting like I was part of the Avengers. Cursed, spit, and beat a nigga ass just like a nigga. Hence the reason I have all these old bruises on me. I didn't say I won all those fights, but I held my own for the most part. I just didn't care about all that stuff. Tomboy s*** made me happy."

"So this b**** nigga was your first boyfriend?"

"Nah, I had one my sophomore year of high school. Buttttt my niggerish tendenices was the end of all relationships. Wish I kept that mentality when I met Kevin's stupid ass cause I swear I could have killed him."

Chris studied Alikay. Her "I don't give a f***" demonour made me happy. She definately wasn't like the rest. She didn't stop living and breathing just because he Chris Brown.

"You ever been in love besides Rihanna?" Alikay asked

"I mean never that deep of love. That s*** with her consumed me beyond my wildest dreams. Everything about that girl either got under my skin, made me fein for her and wasted my common sense beyond measure."

"So what made you supersayen that chick if you loved her that much?"

Alikay's frank attitude made Chris uneasy at that moment

"Well" Chris started as he cleared his throat. "Let's just say the relationship wasn't healthy. It was to deep it became dangerous, almost sinister. Brought out characteristics I had no idea I was capable of." Chris said looking out the window.

Alikay knew that Chris was beyond embarrassed about that whole situation even though it took place years ago.

Alikay kept silent. She wasn't ready to just be Chris' support system about old relationships like he had did for her. It just wasn't in her and that was something she just couldn't change right now.

"Pop That" by French Montana came up on Alikay's shuffle mix. She wanted to bother everyone cause the silence was boring and even though it was 2 something in the morning she was wide awake. She procceded to turn the music up loud and roll down everyone's windows. The road was open and she decided to act like a nigga for real.

"Yo what the f*** is doing Kay?" Tyga yelled over the music

Alikay just laughed and zoomed past Ircolee who was driving the other truck. It wasn't long before Shad was calling Chris.

"What up?!" Chris screamed on the phone

"Nigga the f*** is my sister doing?" Shad asked obviously annoyed

"She said she was bored and tired of the cakin' niggas are doing. She said she ain't speeding." Chris said looking at Alikay

"Tell her to chill the f*** out." Shad stated firmly.

Alikay turned down the music and rolled her eyes.

"For celebrities that be partying all the time, yall sure don't know how to have regular people fun. There is only regular people fun in Kansas City."

"Well s*** I'm wide awake now." Shelly said stretching

"Let's play have you ever!" Alikay said all exciting

"s*** that a drinking game." Bre'Na stated

"We can make it into a different type of game tho..." Alikay said

"If you did it you got take a puff." Laith said lighting up two blunts

"What about Alikay? She ain't about to be taking no pulls while she driving." Chris protested

"s*** I ain't never done anything so don't worry about me." Alikay rebuttled

"How about we don't do that to Trey's truck. Let's make a homemade music video." Tramicia suggested

"Dude I'm sooooo down." Bre'Na exclaimed

"What song? Niggas wish I knew all they damn songs." Shelly said

"What about Snapbacks and Tattoos??" Alikay asked

"Ayyyyeee I'm down, the cars got internet, lets call Ircolee so they can get in on this on Skype." Shelly said

They called Ircolee on Skype and Shad answer.

"What up?"

"Nigga wake everyone up!" Tramicia screamed

"Why?" Shad questioned

"We about to make a music video! Ya'll gonna do the same thing! Hurry up!" Bre'Na

"Nah man we good." Shad declined

"Shad why you act like everything we suggest is stupid? Get cho life nigga!" Alikay frowned

"We down!" Ircolee screamed "Yo yall wake up!!!!!!"

"I'll turn up my music loud enough yall just gotta keep up and record!!" Alikay said

"And Shad keep acting like an a**hole, I'll forreal call off the wedding, I've done it once, I swear I will do it again. You got f***ing attitude for no got damn reason." Ircolee fussed

Everyone in the car watched them argue on Skype and no one said a word.

"Well thats lowkey awkward." Bre'Na said blankly

"What the hell is going on with that nigga?" chris whispered

"I don't know, but hopefully he can drop these little b**** fits he been throwing cause its gay as f***." Laith expressed

"Ummm yall know we can hear yall." Shad said looking at everyone

Everyone in the car busted out laughing

"Nigga, we got you on the heart to heart later tho." Omari said cracking up

Everyone in the other truck laughed.

"Can we do the damn video doe, but Kay don't f*** up my damn truck?" Trey said coming in view of the camera.

"LEGGO!" Mijo screamed

Alikay rolled down the windows and Ircolee did the same.

Chris signaled and Shad was holding the camera in their car and Chris was holding the camera in his their truck. Alikay turned up the music and the fun started

"Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye..." Alikay started bouncing in her seat

"Snapbacks and tattoos, Snapbacks and tattoos, Nice whips, fly chicksAll that cause cash rules..." Ircolee sang twice dancing in her seat.

"Show off your hats, Show off your tatts, Show off your arms, legs, chest, show off your back, Snapbacks and tattoos, Snapbacks and tattoos, Nice whips, fly chicks, All that cause cash rules..." Bre'Na came in swirling her head cause everyone to laugh

"OK now snapbacks and tattoos, Rap phat I'm that dude, My backpack got cash that, I make an ass clap like tap shoes, I'm international, Y'all niggas vaginal, I pass through, fresh to death, You've now entered swag school..." Trey rapped

"Ladies holding kisses, Swag as cold as sickness, Team Mijo tatted on 'em cause they're ass is so ridiculous, In the 'Mazzi, paparazzi, Man they can't control the pictures, New M.O.B. tat, screaming money over b****es..." Mijo rapped adding his name to the song causing everyone to laugh

"My clothes and tatts they're all custom though, Something that you ain't accustom to, Don't collapse with the Huxtables, Hoes like hats they adjustable, This is for my ladies and my fellas getting gravy, But your body's marked up, like the train back in the 80s..." Laith came in

"I've been through the test, Now, I'm inking my chest, Trying to triple my chest, I spit through the rest, Buy you a Mitchell & Ness, Fly and It'll fit you the best, From NY to LA, North Cackalack to Baton Rouge, All across the latitude, Everybody rockin' them..." Chris rapped making funny faces in the camera

"Snapbacks and tattoos, Snapbacks and tattoos, Nice whips, fly chicks, All that cause cash rules..." Zira rapped tryna twerk on Mijo

"Snapbacks and tattoos, Snapbacks and tattoos, Nice whips, fly chicks, All that cause cash rules..." Shelly rapped taking over the chorus

"Show off your hats, Show off your tatts, Show off your arms, legs, chest, show off your back..." Alikay rapped again

"Snapbacks and tattoos, Snapbacks and tattoos, Nice whips, fly chicks, All that cause cash rules..." Jazz rapped

"In my hood they wear them snapbacks and tattoos, "Clack Clack" and snatch jewels, Pack tools, Crap shoot, And sell crack in glass tubes, Our chicks? Attitude, Hard enough to get at a dude, Tatted up, fattest butt, Suck it off, vacuum..." Tyga rapped pointing at Tramicia's butt while she laughed

"Trips to Miami Ink, After that, Lowrider,When I say we're balling trick, I don't mean no globetrotter, Drake is a monster, ain't a heir up in his safe, Since I murder raps, I should tatt a tear up on my face..." Drake rapped

"Can't you hear this flow? It's evil, Can't be near us close to lethal, Y'all are weird
Yo I'm just here to spit 'bout piercings, clothes, and needles, Grab some cheer-up for the people, Rappers fear cause most is legal, I don't have to smoke I rap the dope considered so illegal..." Omari rapped

"To all my Gs up, can I just get a witness, If you're inked up, from your feet up, Or you're stylin' in a Mitch-Ness, Ain't leaving out my females, I'm talking 'bout that ass too, Show 'em all, Roll Call, Let them b****es know we wear them..." Shad rapped as he took the last verse

"Snapbacks and tattoos, Snapbacks and tattoos, Nice whips, fly chicks, All that cause cash rules..." Teek rapped the chorus

"Snapbacks and tattoos, Snapbacks and tattoos, Nice whips, fly chicks, All that cause cash rules..." Jazz rapped

"Show off your hats, Show off your tatts, Show off your arms, legs, chest, show off your back..." Tramicia came in doing more dancing than rapping

"Snapbacks and tattoos,Snapbacks and tattoos, Nice whips, fly chicks, All that cause cash rules..." They are rapped at the end dancing and acting silly

"Yo send that s*** to me so I can edit it and put it on our websites." Drake said as Shad and Chris stopped recording

"s***, if that was regular people fun I can't wait to get to Kansas City!" Mijo exclaimed

"Yo niggas I gotta go to the bathroom!" Teek said

"There's a truck stop up there." Ircolee pointed out

"Yolo!" Zira screamed causing everyone to laugh

Alikay and Ircolee exited the highway and pulled into Flying J's.

"Yo babe be careful in there!" Shad screamed as Ircolee and the rest of the girls enter the truck stop.

"Aiight nigga you wanna tell us what the f*** this text was all about?!" Tyga exclaimed as all the dudes stood around in a circle outside

"Yeah nigga, the f*** you mean you know the niggas who raped Alikay?!" Chris said looking mad as hell

"When she spoke their names I couldn't think of them niggas. I thought they was niggas she met at school or some s***." Shad started as he took a pull from the blunt they lit up then passed it to Chris. "But nah, I use to ball with them niggas at Y when me and Kay was kids. I know them."

"So what you tryna do? Cause you know I'm down for whatever." Omari said as he passed the blunt to Laith

"I don't know niggas. Knowing I know them niggas that ganged raped my sister and her friend causing her friend to kill herself got me heated B." Shad said shacking his head

"Look, I'm not saying we let these niggas slide, but ya sister seems happy right now. I heard her and Chris talking and she seems alright. Right Chris?" Omari said passing the blunt to Drake

"Yeah I won't lie, she said this is the happiest she been in a long time. Said that she likes having friends and s***. Even said she happy that yall talking again." Chris said

"Whatever goes down, we can't even hint that we know something. We gotta let her have this Christmas. If we making moves they gotta be smart moves that won't f*** up careers, relationships and f***s up Alikay again." Laith stated

"Damn nigga, you get some weed in ya system and start speaking logic." Drake said to as they all laughed

"Chris, since you so attached to Kay now make sure s*** stay that way. I'm not saying be her body guard or no s*** like that but I know Kay be at home acting like she hard. Not saying my sister aint got them hands, but it was just to many niggas. She know to many mutha f***as in KC. She to chill at home, let her stay that way, but since you like her and we alllllll know you do, just make her feel comfortable, but not TO comfortable nigga." Shad stated with seriousness

"Thats fine and all but I never said I even like Alikay." Chris said

"Nigga, shut yo ass up!" Mijo said laughing "We all know what we know!"

Everyone started laughing and the girls came outside the truck stop laughing.

"I swear yall niggas are potheads..." Teek said handing Drake something to drink

"What yall out here discussing like yall in the mafia or some s***." Ircolee said grabbing Shad's hand.

"Man we just passing the blunt around." Trey said passing the blunt to Chris

"Can we get back on the road though?" Alikay said "KC is almost 2000 miles from L.A. and we only did about 200." Alikay finished as she yawned

"Damn girl for the first leg we did good." Ircolee said giving Alikay a high five

"You want me to take over ma?" Chris said talking to Alikay

"Yeah you can. I'm a little restless, but I'll stay up with you." Alikay said as she yawned again

"I'll take over to babe." Shad said talking to Ircolee

"Whatever nigga. But I won't make no promises to stay up with you."

"Niggas don't get engaged cause all that cute nice s*** goes out the window." Shad said laughing as Ircolee hit him. The whole crew laughed

Everyone walked to the car, and the guys studied Chris' demonour while he was with Alikay. He opened her door, helped her in and did the whole gentleman thing when he was with her. Mijo laughed and pulled out his phone and sent a group text to the all the dudes. They all pulled out they phones and laughed. Chris pulled out the phone and read the text: "That nigga got Alikay fever". Chris smirked and rolled his eyes at the niggas as he hopped inside. According to Chris, even if he had the "fever" he was gonna find a fever reducer quick. He wasn't ready for that sickness.


Sorry for the short add and misspellings... I got yall on the come up!

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I will update by tonight... I'm so frustrated with this story, well more so myself cause I'm very aware where I want this story to go like wayyyyy down the road. the problem which is not really a problem but i need to get to those points and i rarely think that out until im typing. sooooo yeah, its gonna get interesting! Run this thang!!

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