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'Nose Candy. (Repost FINISHED!!!)


DISCLAIMER: This is another story that I will attempt! I will not hesitate to drop this if it doesn't get the attention it deserves because this is a good story. I am not c**ky but confident in this story. This is the 2nd shot at this- some may have read something similar because 'Broken Mirrors was the start of this story. Me and Bree have collaborated outside of the broad but she choose to take it under her wing! it was unsuccessful and now Im giving it a try. Also with writing in 3rd person for the first time. So... here goes nothing!

He wasn’t the type of guy you’d high five while skipping down the street on a nice sunny Vegas day. Not everything was royalty as you may think. There was always the good parts of a city and the bad parts. Some may look as it as the “rich” and the “poor”; “high class” or “low class” whatever you prefer. Cannan (cayn-nan) Burose was a 23 year old man who was apart of the low class in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. You’d think that since he was in that million dollar state he’d have it made. Wrong, he had the opposite which was nothing. Cannan was a ruthless young man who didn’t care about anyone but himself. He despised close relationships with anyone or even having a social life. “Caine” which he preferred to be called wasn’t your favorite type of guy. Because caine went through a lot in his past it caused him to cut off a lot of people who were previously in his life. For an example, Caine at one point in his life had a great relationship with God, but that suddenly changed.

Caine nicely put on an act to impress his boss and greet the costumers that walked in and out of his exclusive Verizon Wireless job. He didn’t enjoy talking to people, standing on his feet, or the work that he had to do, but they provided him with more then he had such as money, more clothes, and a temporary phone. Caine walked to his station and finished ringing up a costumer that had just brought a new cell phone and couldn’t quite understand what he was doing. A near by employee sensed that because of caine’s length of time being employed that he might of needed some help. “this…is how you do it” the female employee said. Caine stared at her and finished with the costumers “your welcome” the female employee said before walking away. Caine didn’t really care about her name but he did want to put on an act just to stay employed so he went to her station and introduced himself properly. “im sorry ma’am im Cannan Burose and im new here as you can tell…thanks for helping me and you are?’ She smiled and nodded her head. “its cool im lauren and anything you need help with you can just ask don’t have to hesitate” She flashed caine a warm smile reassuring him.

Caine nodded his head not really interested in her help at all and walked back over to his station. He took out his new phone and played around with it. He was amazed by the electronic and couldn’t help but to figure it out. Its been a while since he’d have something so nice and to have an iphone4s was huge to him. More costumers came in and he looked at his manager that was on shift who gave him confirmination to assist the customers. By this time Caine was ready to leave work and attend to his regular duties which was doing absolutely nothing. Its not the fact that he didn’t want to do nothing its just the fact he didn’t have anyone to do anything thing with or no where to go. Caine had nothing to claim except his body, soul, and mind if that. Meanwhile, Lauren admired caine and his etiquette with the customers from a distance. It made her smile on the inside to have another great employee on their team. The cool thing at the job was that in their Bluetooth they got to talk to whoever they want or listen to music. Of course Caine couldn’t get away with that just yet. Lauren took her phone out and decided to brag about her new co-worker to her cousin Zoey or Zoe to some. “so…theres this lil cutie in here working J” - “whoopy tooy do! b****” Zoe replied. Lauren laughed at the message she received and proceeded with her conversation with her long lost cousin whom she just reunited with a few months ago. “girl if I didn’t want to seem stalker-ish I’d send you a picture of him lol” Lauren send. “smh that’s a damn shame!” Zoey replied instantly.

Lauren wanted to take a picture of caine really badly to show him off but like she told Zoey she didn’t want to seem like a freak. So instead she studied him and wondered her eyes around him trying to capture his features from a far. “well… he’s light skin, tall, a nice smile, look like he got freckles a lil, low ceaser cut no waves lol and umm… he looks mean when he not smiling but lets not forget fine as f***”. Zoey sat in her room shaking her head at the message she received. She knew that her cousin could be extra at times when the situation wasn’t that serious. Zoey read the message over and over and tried to create her own canvas painting in her head of whom this nigga may have been and it was one dude that came across her mind. “If my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me I’d think you were talking about Cannan Burose I had a crush on that nigga in high school” Zoey replied to their conversation via text message. Lauren prop her elbows on her desk in front of her computer looking at her phone when an incoming message came. She thought for a moment and then replied. “Cannon? that’s what the dude said he’s name was …Cannon Burose YUP! that’s him lol” She quickly replied.

Zoey was stunned because she hadn’t talked or seen this nigga in about 5 years. Zoey went to school but didn’t finish. She wasn’t really feeling school like she thought and don’t dare try to judge her. School wasn’t for everyone and that’s a popular quote that stuck with her. “wow…” she replied with a instant reply by lauren. “that’s all you got to say? You still like him?” This caused Zoey to laugh [center]because how could she possibly liked someone she hadn’t seen in forever. “look b**** I haven’t seen the nigga in forever just tell him who I am and give him my number okay?” , “oooo… I know what u trying to do but okay, what u doing later?”, “ thanks but nothing…”, “drinks?” Zoey rolled her eyes not really interested but thought why not she didn’t really have nothing else planned anyway. “ok…why not” , “okay! Call you at 10”. With that Zoey left her phone unattended and hopped into the shower to finish up her daily duties.

Caine sat in the break room and finished eating someone’s sandwich that they left in the microwave. He was starving and made sure that no one was watching until Lauren came in and caught him off guard causing him to jump. “sneaky aren’t we?” Lauren laughed which wasn’t at all amusing to Caine. “Cannon isn’t it?” Lauren chimed in before he could even answer her first statement. “Its not cannon its cannan” he corrected her. “cannon, cannan whats the difference?” Lauren stated confused. “the difference is that you will call me Caine and s*** else understood?” Caine blunted retorted. “woahh… okay then, anyway im Zoey’s cousin and she wanted me to give you her number…” Lauren got straight to the point. Caine screwed his face confusedly unsure who she was talking about. “she said you and her went to high school together and yall haven’t heard from each other in a while…but that she wanted you to have her number and If I were you I’d use it she’s a hottie” Lauren winked at the last comment. “uhh…. Zoey..zoeeyyyy” Caine tried to remind himself. He was definitely someone who forgot things quickly. I guess you can blame that on the weed and all the other things he liked. “she’s brown skin, pretty, look like a lil tom boy” Lauren tried to help. Caine actually chuckled and knew exactly who she was talking about at that moment. Lauren gave him zoey’s number and went about her business leaving Caine where she found him. Caine clocked out and walked out of the store happier then ever even though his facial expressions showed it. He walked the streets until he made it all the way to the place he called home which was outside of a shelter called “Hope” there they tried to encourage the homeless that there was always hope no matter what. Caine didn’t believe in that bulls*** and just used the place for a place to rest his head and with this new job as long as he got in line by 5pm everyday he was sure enough to get a room. If not, then outside he was, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t used to that either. This was who he was and he was fine with that.


Wait wth was Zoey smiling about? She act like she been snorting some of Caine's "Nose Candy" the way she be acting

this b**** Zoey aint serious...
Caine can die right now.
Yup I'm there cause she saved his life and he beat her ass?
Zoey gonna die and I can't save that hoe.
Zoey need to grow some and get a f***ing life.

Omg!! Just caught up...These mofos are crazy! I just dont understand Zoey, she just got her ass beat and she smiling.....something is wrong wit that! Why is she putting up wit this mess that Caine is giving...smh
I know Lauren doesnt mean any harm but she is an irk-box!!
They all need to get they stuff together!

I love this though so keep it coming!! =)

<cite>Chapter 8: Next Level</cite>

Zoey tried catching up to Caine as he continued to walk from her house. Somewhere deeply inside of Caine was hurt by what he just witnessed, but of course he didn’t want to admit it. Apart of Zoey wanted to continue to let him walk away , but her heart was screaming out “go get him”. “CAINE WAIT!” She screamed. “f*** YOU!” Caine retorted back without turning his back. Zoey’s tears started to fall uncontrollably down her face. “FINE YOU WANNA f***ING LEAVE THEN LEAVE f*** YOU COME BACK FOR ANYWAY?” Zoey roared through her tears. Caine turned around and approached Zoey. “WATCH YOUR MOUTH DUMB b****!” He warned her. Zoey pushed him as hard as she could as she could. Caine bit his lip trying his hardest to control himself. “NO f*** YOU! YOU BROKE UP WITH ME REMEMBER? AND WHY THE f*** YOU COMING TO SHOWER…GO BACK TO THAT b**** ALEXIS I KNOW YOU WAS WITH HER” Zoey cried more. Caine shook his head because deep down inside he was coming back for her. He didn’t know what it was about her, but he liked Zoey. Alexis was cool but she wasn’t what Caine wanted. “I DON’T WANT ALEXIS, I WANT YOU! DON’T TRY AND FLIP s*** WHEN YOU WERE JUST IN THERE WITH THAT MOTHAf***A, YOU f***ING HIM?” he blurted.

Zoey looked at him and folded her arms. “Does it matter Caine? You left me for your coke , ur other b****, and everything else. IM TRYING TO LOVE YOU!, YOU WON’T LET ME” Zoey eyes filled with tears again. “DID YALL f***?” Caine wanted answers. “DID YOU f*** ALEXIS?” Zoey questioned back. Caine laughed and shook his head and walked away. Zoey pulled him back. “STOP WALKING AWAY WHEN I f***ING TALK TO YOU, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” She said being petty while mocking him. “Zoey you have one more time and ill put your head in this ground” Caine warned her. “Since you worried about my pussy where was your d*** last night?” Zoey got in his face. “I didn’t f*** Alexis all she did was suck my d*** that’s it you happy?” Caine announced. “Not really but step your tongue game up” She sassed while walking off. That statement took Caine to a different level as he yanked her hair making her face him. “You let that nigga taste whats mine?” Caine sternly said. Zoey showed Caine how frightened she was through looking in his eyes. He clearly didn’t enjoy what she said and didn’t give a s*** if she was scared or not. “n-..nooo Caine” She lied. “b**** DON’T LIE TO ME!” He yelled in her face. Zoey cried again wishing to wake up from this nightmare and nodded her head. “Yes..he ate me out that’s it I swear Caine…I love you!” She finally confessed. Caine looked at her in her eyes trying to figure out what she just said. He let her go roughly and shook his head. “b**** you don’t love me. I come back to see some nigga, that SAME nigga that tried to f***ing take my pussy in your bed? And then you let him taste. f*** you Zoey you don’t f***ing love me NOBODY DOES!” Caine shouted at the end getting more and more fustrated then before.

“CAINE WAIT! OKAY? If you would just trust me and let me love you then maybe you will believe me” Zoey expressed. Caine sighed and then looked down. “ion know…I told you God hates me and that’s it” he stated. “Well he don’t like me either but he must be something because your back… I asked his dumb ass to bring you back and your standing in front of me” Zoey remarked. Caine sighed and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know how to love Zoey so I don’t know what the f*** you want from me… Im never gonna be the one you want so why keep trying?” He asked her. “because I have faith in you…and Im falling for you” She looked into his eyes. “how do you know that?” he questioned. “Caine I can start today and maybe end in a year I just want you to trust me and stay with me…can you do that?” She looked at him with hopeful eyes. “I guess….Can you teach me how to love?” he asked her. Zoey smiled and grabbed his head attempting to walk back to the house until he snatched it back. “Sorry I forget you don’t like stuff like that but yes… I will try my best to teach you” she told him. Caine nodded and then headed back to Zoey’s house. Zoey walked behind him and then locked her door. She heard the shower go off as she headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. She thought that maybe it was a new start for her and Caine and that there was still hope for them. She was surprised at the outcome of her running after him turned out to be. Caine showered for about 15 minutes and tried to wash away all the negative thoughs running through his brain as well. He left the shower naked and walked freely to Zoey’s room to dry himself off and put on a pair of clothes he had in his bag. He was thankful that Alexis had brought him some new clothes because they were coming in handy.

Zoey came back with breakfast for the both of them as she sat on the bed next to a fully dressed Caine. “I didn’t really expect you to take me back” Zoey admitted. “Me either” He confessed. Wow, Zoey thought…it was daggers to her heart the way he was so blunt and freely with his words. “that’s cool I guess… I respect your honesty…always did” she remarked. “good because Im not changing” Caine reminded her again. “I know Caine you don’t have to remind me again…” Zoey let him in. Zoey was intrigued by Caine and wanted to know more and more about him. She was crushed on him forever in high school and now that she finally got what she wanted she wanted to keep it. No she didn’t agree with a lot of things that Caine did, but he was right about not changing. Secretly Zoey didn’t want him too because she wouldn’t be falling for him so hard if he wasn’t Cannan. She just wanted him to tweak something in his personality towards her and then they’d be fine. Zoey had to learn the hard way from her previous relationship that she couldn’t change anyone from who they was and trying to make them become what you wanted them to. Zoey fell hard for the “potential” shad and what he could have been and how he could of treated her. She got some of it some days and other days she didn’t. She was afraid of falling in love with the potential Caine and what he could be just like she did shad. She knew now that she had to watch herself and just fall hard for the whole Caine and not someone that didn’t exist or could possibly come alive. “im just saying” Caine chimed in. “Baby I know that if you want to change then you will on your time not for me” Zoey expressed. “can you not call me that?” He asked. “yes sir” Zoey quickly responded. Atleast Shad was affectionate she thought in her head. But, she knew that everyone was different and couldn’t bring her past relationship into this one. Zoey just couldn’t help to think that they were both the same reliving it just with a different man.

Zoey didn’t have to work today so she just took that time to really focus on herself. She didn’t treat herself much as she would of like and decided t o give lauren one more time. As Caine left focused on making money her and lauren stepped into the Nail Salon. “hey…today its on me okay?” Lauren suggested. “I guess” Zoey insisted. Lauren smiled to herself trying to lighting the mood. She came with a positive attitude ready to just settle everything and start off with a clean slate. “how thoses sells doing?” Alexis walked over to Caine and looked at him. “im making stacks.” He told her. “Well your not doing something right because your suppose to be making racks” she corrected. Caine sucked his teeth and fanned her off. She was highly annoying to him and he only used her to make quick money. He saw that she tried to use him just in a different way then he was using her. Alexis wasn’t slick and Caine saw right through her. “where’s ya chick at?” she giggled. “why you worried?” Caine spat at her. “just making sure she don’t f*** with the money” She stated. “my money is my money so don’t worry about her” He retorted. “actually your money is our money playa” Alexis walked back to the corner and handled a customer. Caine held his train of thought as he dealed out a customer as well. Caine walked to wear Alexis was standing and looked at her. “what the f*** you mean my money is your money. The s*** you making im not taking, so how the f*** is that fair?” He strongly inquired. “1st off chill daddy because if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t even be making the lil chump change you are bring in okay? I get 5% which is s*** just be happy im not taking 10” Alexis boldly stated. Caine laughed sarcastically and then put the rest of his merchandise in his pocket and started to head to a different block. “where you going?” Alexis talked loudly as he walked away. “mind yo business bum b****” he replied while walking.

“Soo…” Lauren sighed. “sooo…” Zoey mocked. “okay we’ve been here for about 30 minutes now and the general conversation that were trying to have isn’t really getting it am I right?” She waited for an answer. “yea…uncomfortable….awkward as hell” Zoey added. “So im just going to cut to the chase…I appreciate you calling and inviting me to this day with you I know how hard it probably was. Now…about the whole situation at your house….I apologize for the way I came out you. I admit it was wrong, not classy, and just out of line. I should of called you at first or something to just ask if you did it. I also apologize for disrespecting Caine….I know you love him or whateva so im sorry. Zoey when I finally got back in touch with you I was really happy…and I wanted to build a relationship, but I feel like im not important to you” Lauren continued as she got teary eyed. “I really thought that the day we had drinks that we could hit it off, you would be a person that I could trust and everything…but I messed it up” She teared. Zoey felt an ounce of sympathy, but then her pride pull that ounce back quickly. “Lauren….your tears are not going to make me feel sorry for you BUT you were almost there more YouTube sessions and you got it girl, but seriously…if I didn’t have a caring heart I wouldn’t be sitting next to you. Yeah I whoop your ass because you needed it. You pushed me and when someone puts there hands on me I don’t care who you are ima hit you back. You asked for it and I gave it to you” Zoey preached. Lauren nodded her head and whipped her tears. “yes..I know I just want you to know that I know I was wrong and im really working on myself” She confided. Zoey sighed deeply and decided to spare her thoughts about the next thing she was going to say and just agreed.

Caine continued to handle business until dusk hit. Alexis rapped it up and then head to her house. Caine didn’t want to so instead he started walking to Zoey’s house. He turned the knob wishing it was open but he was wrong. He needed something to do as he waited on her so he decided to snort. Zoey walked out of the mall treating herself and decided to head home. She enjoyed the day she planned for herself and decided that maybe she should do it more often. She put her things into the car and then sped off. Minutes later Caine looked up to see Zoey pulling up in front of her house. He got up and moved to the side so that she could unlock the door. Zoey took her things out of the car and headed to the front door very surprised to see him. “whats up?” she asked unlocking the door. She walked in as Caine followed while locking the door behind him. “waiting on you” He retorted sitting on the couch. Zoey walked to the couch with her things wanting to show Caine. “look ba- caine” She caught herself and then started showing off her new things. Caine showed no interest into what she was showing him and turned on the tv while she talked. Zoey stopped and noticed that he wasn’t interested and gathered her things and went upstairs. She closed her door and locked it feeling sad. She felt like she would never be good enough for him no matter how hard she tried. She would cook, try to be nice, cuddle, and everything else. Nothing worked if it wasn’t Caine’s way and she was tired of that. She wanted her feelings to be considered as much as she considered his. She then thought about how he mentioned not changing and just buried her face into her pillow.
Weeks went by while Caine and Zoey kept the realtionship going although they argued very often over the little things. Zoey soon started to believe that the awesome sex life they had is what kept them alive which was sad to say. Caine had continued to overly abuse his Nose Candy while Zoey tried talking him into rehab. He would get really upset and start arguments defending that he didn’t feel the need for rehab. Caine knew he was beyond addicted to drugs it was his stubborn ways that didn’t want to accept the fact that he indeed needed help. Zoey ‘s relationship with Lauren haven’t progressed at all. In fact Zoey decided to cut all ties from her and stop talking to her. Lauren continued to be judgmental about everything after Zoey tried to open up more to her about her disbelief in God and about Caine. Therefore, Zoey decided to put a stop to it once and for all. Caine sat on the couch rocking back and forth. “what’s wrong?” Zoey asked concerned. “just leave me alone Zoey…” he stated. “No I wanna know what’s wrong with you” She wouldn’t give up. “the voices” he replied softly. Zoey screwed her face in confusion. “what voices Caine?” she searched his face. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed getting up and throwing things. Zoey jumped as she was frightened by his actions. “THEY WON’T SHUT UP! THESE VOICES IN MY HEAD…” Caine blurted.

Zoey remembered Caine sharing information about his past and that he’s family adopted a girl who became his sister. He also shared that one night she hovered over him trying to kill him and stated “come with us” over and over. Zoey didn’t know anything else about what she was informed with. She was more concerned now about him then she ever been. “Just calm down for a second an… le-” Caine cut Zoey off by covering his ears. He walked upstairs and ran water in the bath tub. Zoey paced back and forth in the living room not knowing how to take all of this in at once. Caine stopped the water and tried everything he could to get the voices out of his head. He then dumped his head in the water attempting to drown out the noise. Zoey shook her head. “thanks “it”” she laughed. “when are you actually going to do something huh? Show me why everyone believes in you because you haven’t proven s*** okay? NOTHING” She screamed at God. She was getting more and more frustrated with him. Caine couldn’t stand God either because no one ever loved him according to the way he felt. That was the only thing that they really shared in common. Zoey didn’t hear from Caine and decided to check on him. She walked to her room and didn’t see him then walked in the bathroom to see an unresponsive Caine over the tub. “CAINE!!” She panicked. Zoey grabbed his body and laid him on the floor making his face more wet with her tears. Zoey shook her head back and forth crying and begging for him to wake up. She took his nose and closed it with her fingers and performed CPR on him. “come on..come on…please please…you can’t die on me” she cried harder and performed some more. Moments later Caine coughed up water shocking Zoey that she succeeded. She turned his body to the side letting him get the water of his lungs and bent down in front of him. “Caine…why would you do that?” Zoey questioned. Caine closed his eyes trying to regain his breath while ignoring Zoey. He was only following instructions to end everything.

“God Caine I thought I f***ing lost you…then what?” Zoey back up into a wall and slid down bringing her knees to her chest. She cried softly because she was overwhelmed by the situation. She didn’t want to witness another person in her life dying. It then dawned on her that the reason why she wasn’t concerned about her mother’s well being and where she was, was because she was dead…probably next to Shad. Zoey couldn’t handle seeing someone else be taken from her eyes. Zoey was scared and emotionally bruised for life. Her step father beat her to death the same day he rape her when she was eight. Whenever she told her story which wasn’t often she left out that most important detail. Caine had no idea that Zoey’s mother was dead just like Shad and she didn’t plain on telling him because it wasn’t important. Nothing was important to Zoey but making sure Caine was okay and secure with her. Zoey only wanted to be happy but this thing called life was slowly stopping her from achieving that dream. Zoey quickly wiped her tears as she saw Caine getting up slowly. She knew that if he saw her crying then he’d probably try to kill her instead of himself. He hated to hear her cry and so she made sure that her tears stayed a secret. “Caine…” Zoey said softly looking at him. “yea..” he replied opening his eyes. “Are you okay?” She still felt concerned. “I just followed directions” He said. “What directions? From who?” Zoey remained confused. “I told you the voices in my head” Caine started to slightly get irritated. Zoey sensed that and sighed deeply and thought. She never in her right mind thought that she would come up with a solution, but it seemed as if this was the only one that she had left to do. “Caine…can we pray?” She waited for his approval. “I don’t want to it won’t help Im already living in hell, God’s prayer won’t pull me out” He retorted. Zoey nodded her head and got up. “ill make you some hot chocolate if you want” She offered before leaving. “I’d like that” Caine took it. Zoey smiled and nodded her head. She walked down to the kitchen smiling that he actually agreed. Caine got up and walked to the living room and sat on the couch where he was before. He decided not to sniff anymore tonight because of what just happened. He also didn’t feel like arguing tonight so his decision was made. Zoey brought Caine his hot chocolate and watched him drink it as the two of them watched tv. “We should go somewhere like LA… just to clear our heads what you think?” Zoey suggested. Caine shrugged. “I guess.” Zoey smiled and went upstairs to start preparing for there weekend. She looked up hotels to book and how much gas and everything that they needed to have a good time.

The weekend flew by and Caine and Zoey was out the door getting to hit the scene. Zoey was very excited about their trip to LA . She wanted fresh air and wanted to get out. She was more excited to be traveling with someone she loved. Zoey finished packing her bag in the car and closed the trunk as Caine got into the front seat. “you ready?” Caine asked. She smiled and nodded her head. “your so cute…” She giggled as he back up and realized what she said. Caine didn’t like compliments that he was given he just rather you spare that bulls*** in his eyes. “sorry…”Zoey stated while sighing and looking out the window. She wanted to have a good time so told herself she was just going to continue to keep quiet. Caine turned on the radio and heard him sing so low as If he was mumbling along to the music. She smiled to herself and looked at him. Caine caught her and asked. “what?”. She shrugged “ Can you sing a lil louder?” She asked. Caine shook his head “I don’t know how.” Zoey nodded her head looking out the window knowing he just lied. She even witnessed him sing in the shower. As he started to come around more that wasn’t her only time witnessing him sing. She didn’t know why he had to be ashamed of the amazing voice he carried. She loved it when she would catch him sing she felt like that was the most human she caught him at. Caine continued to drive to LA and listened to the music while him and Zoey didn’t really talk much on the way. Zoey took out her phone and began to play games while Caine tried to get his little bottle of coke out his pocket. Zoey noticed him digging for something. They both meet eyes then she went back to minding her business. Caine finally got his nose candy in his hand. He took his hands off the wheel to sniff and quickly put his hands back in place. Zoey noticed what he was doing and shook her head. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he was going to pull it out anyway. “I love dis s***” Caine spoke to himself. Zoey sighed while looking out the window as the sun went down.

“what you sighing for?” He asked her. “No reason Cannan..” Zoey said. She continuesly f***ed up and forgot certain things that she didn’t like but it was too late for her to correct herself. “Its Caine you know that I don’t like you calling me Cannan” Caine said sternly. Zoey rolled her eyes getting frustrated from holding her tongue. “Yea I know you don’t like it you didn’t even give me a damn chance to correct myself” She spat. The car swerved a lil as he pushed her head into the window. “DON’T TOUCH ME CAINE!” Zoey shouted. “b**** WHO YOU TALKING TO LIKE THAT? HUH? WHAT I TELL YOU ABOUT DISRESPECTING ME?” He roared looking at her and the road. “f*** RESPECTING YOU! UGH PULL THE f*** OVER IM SICK OF THIS s***!” Zoey grew the courage to say. Caine gripped the steering wheel tightly and continued to drive until he found the nearest exit. Caine drove to an area with no lights and stopped the car. “get the f*** out” he told her. “NO” Zoey remarked with her seat belt still fastened. Caine took off his and got out on his side. Zoey unfastened her seat belt when she noticed him coming over to her side. She tried crawling to his side to drive off but she forgot to lock the door. Caine opened it and grabbed Zoey by her hair and drug her out the car. “YOU GON STOP DISRESPTECTING ME YOU DUMB b****! YOU DON’T RUN s*** OVER HERE” He warned her and immediately started punching her in the face. Zoey’s face went numb instantly as she received blows to the face , lip, head, stomach and all of the above. She slid to the ground crying loudly. Caine told her to shut the f*** up countless times but she couldn’t control herself. Caine picked her up and banged her on the car. “SHUT THE f*** UP NOW! WIPE THEM f***ING TEARS. I HATE DAT s***” He wiped her tears roughly as she moved her face from him. Caine gripped her face forcing her to look at him as more tears developed. “you not s*** b****! Now get in the mothaf***ing car and go to sleep ion wanna hear no f***ing crying or ima a beat your ass worse you understand?” He made clear. Zoey nodded her head as he let go of her face. Caine walked to the drivers side and got in. Zoey got in the back of the car and laid down with her back facing Caine. “I meant what I said” Caine reminded her as he took off. Zoey wiped her final tears and smiled to herself with what she was informed with. Caine got on the opposite way of the interstate wanting to go home. He wasn’t in the mood for a trip to L.A. and with just beating Zoey’s ass he didn’t want to be around her. So, he decided to go home and keep her in closed doors even though he felt like jail would be more of a home if he got questioned. Zoey had her eyes closed during the car ride but could hear Caine continuing to sniff. She thought that maybe he didn’t mean what just happened. All she knew was to follow his rules and take her ass to sleep before she got it worse. She smiled to herself thinking more and more about Caine and then finally drifted off to sleep.

Smh I have no words for Zoey brah

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<cite>Chapter 7 : f*** it </cite>

Zoey spent the whole day at work dipping and dogging Ty because she didn’t want to deal with the drama. She was just blessed to even still have her job. “tell body builder thanks for the broke nose” Ty ran up on her. Zoey sighed because she was just about to hit the corner. “will do!” she responded while rolling her eyes. “you didn’t really have to get ol’ buddy on me, but because I f***ing love you I’ll take more then this just for you Zoey” Ty exclaimed. Zoey shot a glare at Ty and shook her head. She didn’t know if she heard wrong or he was just a plain ol dumbass for saying what he just said. “whateva ty” She said passing him. “Im serious, you shouldn’t be that type of nigga anyway! I know whats right for you!” He continued to follow her. “oh really? Say’s the one that tried to rape me get the f*** out my face ty” zoey warned him. “Wait just calm down… I just really really really adore you and it was a mistake on my behalf, im an idiot and an a**hole and deserved my ass whooped because you are so much more worth what I was after BUT im not all about that Zoey” Ty stressed. “TY! Please! Just be quiet okay? Im not interested in anything that you have to tell me so just leave me alone” Zoey begged. Ty got on his knees and started praising Zoey as if she was queen elizabeth or some s***. Zoey looked around the store and at this idiot who was on the floor. She was more then convinced that this nigga was on drugs as well. She didn’t understand why he would still be interested in someone like her even after her nigga whooped his ass. “Ty get your ass up” Zoe spoke sternly through her teeth trying her hardest not to create a scene. “not until you forgive me” He said now bowing at her feet. Zoey shook her head and attempted to walk away, but to only get so far with Ty hugging her feet like he was a 2 year old boy. “ima kick you in your f***ing face in you don’t let me go” Zoey warned him again. “my nose already broke so it doesn’t matter, anything for you Zoey” ty expressed again.

“alright got damnit I forgive you s*** now get off my damn foot” Zoey retorted. Ty smiled widely and got up. “damn you just made my day… maybe I need to buy you some flowers or something and try to take you out again?” He suggested. “Umm f*** no! get to work before I cut your day short by shorting your lizard looking ass” Zoey threatened by walking off. “Fiesty…I Like!” Ty said returning to his job. He wanted to be a tattoo artist and had designed everything that was inked on him. Ty wasn’t that much of a psycho d*** like he may seem. He had a great relationship with his family and took care of his mom and his family that lived with her. Ty was on his own and doing well with his apartment he was leasing. He didn’t smoke but drunk every now and then, but he got what he needed to get done. Whenever his mom needed her bills paid he would pay them without hesitation. Ty was a smart man that had saved up his money from his previous jobs because he knew that he’s mom wasn’t getting any younger, and with having younger sisters he knew that he had to step up. Ty’s dad was ghost mostly like everyone’s dad is today. He knew that he ever had a daughter that he would take care of her to the best of his ability. Ty’s goal was just to be successful and if anyone came along he wished nothing but someone who would ride with him through him becoming successful. He was on the pyscho side but very often misunderstood. He looked at Zoey as a beautiful young lady and knew he messed up when it came to the dinner. He didn’t know what it was going to take to get her attention again if he even had it at all. He was willing to do whatever it took because in his heart he felt like they deserved each other. Caine sat outside smoking the trees next to an old man that was a regular person waiting for rooms at the shelter. After slamming the door on Lauren he felt he needed to clear his head. “haven’t seen you in a while” he spoke to him. Caine blew smoke in his direction “Im here from time to time… trying to live” He responded. “yea…you mind passing that?” he asked caine. Caine looked at him and thought about and then passed it. “thanks man its so hard out here I need something” he stated. Caine laughed to himself and shook his head because he could really give a f***. He was living the hard life already and didn’t need to be reminded every f***ing day. “Alright enough of that pass my s*** back” caine bluntly stated. Caine retrieved his loud back and smoked it til there was nothing left. He got up and headed toward Alexis house.

“OPEN UP!” Caine banged on her door. Alexis opened the door and let him in. “boy don’t you do that s*** like you pay bills” she remarked. Caine fanned her away and sucked his teeth. Alexis walked over to her stash where she kept everything that she needed. “I need to make money” Caine blurted. “Im getting what we need high ass so calm the f*** down” Alexis reported. “No you calm the f*** down and learn yo place” Caine snapped back. Alexis rolled her eyes not entertaining Caine because of him being under the influence. “here…that’s what you need to sell, 2g of loud is $10 anything higher go $5 dollars more…ill tell you the rest in the car” Alexis informed him. Caine nodded his head and collected his merchandise while heading to her car. Alexis followed him and then soon took off to the side where business would be really flowing. Everyone knew who Alexis was around the streets. After high school she took over and everyone let her. She was demanding and knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t going to stop until she got it. Alexis was a hustler and grinder just like Caine was. She had to provide herself things and depend on herself so drug sealing it was. It was the quickest and easiest to make money. Alexis tried stripping and other things, but didn’t really feel the scene was for her. She felt the streets was her baby and she had already made her mark. She was going to make sure that Caine didn’t f*** up her name or she was going to drop him like a fly from being apart of her business.

Zoey walked into the house after work and sighed out of relief because of no caine. She was still replaying the fight that took place earlier between her and Lauren. She felt violated and highly disrespected that she would even come to her and assume she did such a cruel thing. To be honest Zoey didn’t even remember the b**** address when she went to her house for dinner. Zoey didn’t understand Lauren at all and after the fight she washed her hands completely with trying. Zoey wasn’t big on giving chances, but she tried to be opened minded about Lauren or she wouldn’t of gone to dinner with her. Yeah she wanted Caine with her that night, but the most important fact was that she went. Zoey also felt disrespect about Caine and the threat he gave her before she went to work. All of that s*** went down because he was an a**hole and wanted to send spiders to Lauren. For what? Was the question running through her head. She wondered when did she miss that they were beefing. Of course Lauren talked s*** about Caine all day to her ear , but as far as Caine she was completely surprised by his actions. Zoey secretly couldn’t wait until Caine got home because she was going to tell him a piece of her mind once and for all and let it be known that what he pulled today was unacceptable.

She put her purse on the living room couch and then took her shoes off. Zoey had to remind herself to check on the applications that she put in for other jobs because after today she knew for sure she was leaving. Zoey sighed and ploppled on the couch thinking about how crazy ty was, the furture conversation with her and caine, and wondering if Lauren was going to do something crazy about today’s altercation was all going through her mind. “ima gonna handle you later” Zoey repeated and laughed to herself. “I am …” Caine said walking through the door causing Zoey to jump up from laying down on the couch. She watched him as he walked to the kitchen and then came out. Zoey swallowed hard and all of her toughness quickly got frighten itself and vanished. Caine approached Zoey while she stared at him and every step that he took Zoey’s heart bumped louder. “what is it that you were saying? And who you was talking to?” Caine questioned her. “I was talking to myself” Zoey looked at the floor. “what were you saying when I walked in” he repeated. Zoey took her time to figure out If she wanted to ignore him one more time or answer either way she knew something bad was going to be the outcome. “I was mocking what you said earlier” Zoey continued to look at the floor. “uh huh… and so what was that s*** you said to me when I told you to get in the house?” Caine moved closer to Zoey. Zoey looked up and then quickly at the floor then got up. “I don’t even remember can we just drop it?” She asked. Caine grabbed her up and yanked her back. “what I tell you about walking away from me? b**** you don’t listen AND you better stop disrespecting me do you f***ing understand? Talk to me stop like you did this morning and watch whats gone happen” he threatened again. Zoey fought back her tears and nodded her head quickly as his voice was like thunder on a bad night to her ears. Caine slightly mushed her head while walking away. “better b****”. Zoey waited until Caine was fully out of her sight and broke down. She smelt the marijuana that smothered his clothing and shook her head. She knew that he wouldn’t come home normal and just wished that this day would be over already.

Zoey woke up to feeling wet circles being created on her neck. She sat up noticed that she had feel asleep on the couch. “hey…” Caine spoke up. Zoey looked at her and then eventually spoke. “hello” she responded. “you iight? You been sleep a long time” Caine confirmed. “have I?” Zoey remarked. Caine shook his head “I just told you duh” He snickered while walking in the kitchen. Zoey rolled her eyes because she now wished he would of left her alone to sleep. Anything other then hearing him b**** is what she wanted right now. Zoey didn’t grow up with a lot of family, so peace and quiet was what she was used to excluding the fact that shad was her ex. Caine sat next to Zoey on the couch pulling out the money he made today. He was uspet at the fact that Alexis thought she could tell him what to do when it came to the business, but he told himself that he would tolerate her only until he knew the ropes. The door bell rang and Caine looked at her and then got the door. Caine returned to the couch with a bouquet of roses in his hand. Zoey smiled widely thinking how sweet of him when she noticed him looking at them strangely. “who the f*** sending you flowers?” he snapped on her. Zoey’s smiled immediately faded feeling stupid how could she possibly think that they were from him? “I don’t know whose those are for” she snapped back. “its say’s to Zoey but no name” Caine raised his eyebrow at her. “let me see…” Zoey said. “let you see?” Caine smirked and then walked to the kitchen and threw the flowers in the garbage. Zoey followed behind him getting furious. “Caine I don‘t know who sent those okay? So I guess you were right for throwing them away” Zoey stated walking out the kitchen. “Why you just won’t go be with that nigga then” Caine suggested being petty. “so you wanna start today huh? Okay Caine lets start the f***ing argument that you wanna create! 1st what nigga? The only nigga im with is you hell even if that” She retorted bodly walking up the stairs. “Wait what the f*** that statement suppose to mean?” He walked behind her. “you heard what the f*** I said Caine. Your never here and hell we don’t have that much of an relationship. Wow you opened up to me about your past while you were under the influence, you treat me like s*** when you ARE here, and all you care about is your coke so go be with that s*** if that’s all you wanna be about” Zoey stressed.

Caine grew mad every second she spoke. “don’t f***ing talk to me like that and I don’t treat you like nothing so wh- “ EXACTLY YOU TREAT ME LIKE NOTHING WHEN IM SUPPOSE TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND CAINE NOT YOUR f***ING WELCOME HOME SIGN YOU DUST YOUR FEET ON!” Zoey yelled. “Man…whateva” Caine walked into the room and got his things. Zoey followed him as she shook her head at him. “yea whateva is all you can f***ing say because you know im right” Zoey exclaimed. “well you don’t have to worry about me treating you like s*** foreal cause dats all you are now…nothing” He spoke while getting his stuff together. “Wait… what the f*** you mean by that?” Zoey inquired “Meaning were done” Caine bluntly responded. “wow…so your breaking up with me because of some roses that were sent with no name?” Zoey questioned. “No were breaking up because its obvious that you don’t f***ing get that im not changing myself for you, you either like me for who I am or that’s it” he pointed out while putting his book bag over his shoulder. Zoey sighed and didn’t know what to do at this point. She didn’t want Caine to leave her, but she also wanted respect from him. “guess were….done then” Zoey sighed deeply. Caine looked at her for a minute before leaving. Zoey watched him leave and then sighed. She looked at the door and kept it unlock just for him wondering if he’d come crawling back. Caine walked the streets and then went to Alexis house to go smoke. He didn’t know how he felt anymore about Zoey. At first he thought that maybe he could like her the same way she did him, but he didn’t want to change who he was just please her needs. Caine liked a lot of things about Zoey but a lot also pissed him off. He wasn’t a people person so letting Zoey get as close as she did was new to him. Caine had never committed himself to anyone in his life before. Not even God and he wasn’t looking forward into it either. He sat in Alexis living room snorting Coke and watching tv. He was into the tv because he didn’t watch it much. He sat there laughing to family guy as Alexis ordered them both Chinese food to eat. Zoey sat up looking at the ceiling unable to fall asleep. The only thing on her mind was Caine. She wondered was he going to walk through the door any minute.

Lauren sat in her kitchen drinking her life away. She felt like today was the most horrible day she witnessed. Her intentions were to never fight Zoey, but she thought that she was the one who sent the spiders instead of Caine. Lauren lacked the missing piece in the puzzle to why he would do such a thing. She tried to be nice and invite him to dinner and thought that they were okay. She called and talked to her pastor for advice and admitted she was wrong for the way she approached Lauren about the situation, but knew that they would definitely never have anytime of relationship ever. Her preacher tried to encourage her to keep thinking positive and to not let the devil work. Lauren soaked in what he said and tried to remain positive, but she felt the devil overpowering her every second. She drunk and drunk until the whole bottle of champagne was gone. She wanted to leave for a while and hopefully when she came back everything would be fine. Caine sat on the middle of the floor completely gone. He was no longer on earth according to Alexis. She took his arms and struggled to get him up the stairs. Caine had snorted his coke and then decided to drink as well. Alexis tried to warn him, but he only got smart and stated the obvious that he was grown. She finally got him up the stairs and dragged him in her bed. Alexis then started removing some of his clothing so that he wouldn’t get hot at night. She was definitely reaching that point with each article she was removing.

Zoey rocked back in forth with her knees to her chest wishing she would of kept her mouth shut. “see “it” I knew you weren’t real” She shook her head laughing at herself. “You never step in on time like your believers believe you for” She rambled on. Zoey could go on and go on about how she felt, but sometimes words couldn’t even express how much hate she had towards him. “If your real then why won’t you bring him back…do that for a chance you piece of s***” She laughed loudly at herself then stop when she suddenly heard a noise. “I thought you were suppose to work in mysterious ways not make f***ing noise” She spoke right about a whisper to God and got up from her bed. Zoey walked down the stairs and heard a voice speak saying “Like the flowers?” Alexis parted lips from Caine as his laid on her bed naked. Alexis smiled to herself and laid next to him while resting her head on his chest. She listened and counted his heart beats and prayed that God will allow her to hear them every night. Caine slurred nursery rhymes to himself while cracking up. Alexis smirked to herself and enjoyed that he was gone because if he wasn’t this faded she’d probably be arguing with him right now. Zoey looked up to see Ty in her living room smiling from ear to ear. “What the f*** are you doing here?” Zoey sternly spoke through her teeth. Night had already fallen and the last thing she wanted to do was get complaints from neighbors being black (no offense , no shade)was hard already. “I wanna know if you enjoyed your flowers” He continued to smile. “f*** thoses flowers that are where they belong right now, what I wanna know is How the f*** did you get in here?” she grew impatient. “Calm down sweetie I don’t want you running your blood pressure and besides im a magician I appear at the right times” Ty joked. Zoey rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth “s*** you always show up at the wrong f***ing times f*** what you saying” Zoey declared.

Ty shook his head and approached her trying to get a hug. Zoey pushed him “touch me and ill call the police on your ass and they’ll take you to jail” she warned him. He laughed because he wasn’t worried at all nor was he scared of the police. “So you really put my flowers in the garbage?” He inquired. “No Caine did anything else?” She folded her arms being sassy. Ty laughed because by now he was used to Zoey’s attitude. He knew that he annoyed her, got under her skin, probably made her want to shoot him, and more. Nothing in Ty’s mind was going to stop him from trying to pursue Zoey. “Wow…1 point for muscle man but anyway I know I f***ed up and im trying to make up for dat now….” Ty expressed. “Ty I could really give a f*** just get out of my house” Zoey told him. “I wanted to wait but I guess I have to prove to you now” Ty picked Zoey up and put her on the stairs. “What the f*** LET ME GO! PUT ME DOWN DAMNIT!” Zoey roared. “warm up your lungs cause your going to need all of there strength” Ty joked again. He placed Zoey down and took her shorts and panties pulling them to the side. He had to act quick and make himself irresistible or it was over. He inserted two fingers inside of her and bounced his tongue on her clit taking Zoey by surprise. “Wai…what are u…mmmmm” She moaned. Bingo Ty recited inside his head. He knew now that Zoey wouldn’t turn away. He was a ladies’ man believe it or not and knew exactly what to do once it got to that intimate level. Ty took his fingers out and took off Zoey’s bedtime shorts and spread her legs widely. Zoey grabbed his head and decided to go ahead and take advantage of him and live a little. “mmmmm eat dat pussy” she ordered him. Ty slurped as if he was eating a popsicle in100 degree weather. “f***!” Zoey blurted. She really didn’t give a f*** about the neighbors at this point and there was no shutting her up with the way this nigga tongue game was. Ty continued to devour Zoey as if he was in Caine’s position. “mmmmm…s*** eat it” Zoey continued to push him over demanding and ordering him what to do. Ty danced his tongue around her clit hitting all the right places. “OOOOOh s***ttt ima f***ing bust all on your face b****!” Zoey screamed. Ty chuckled a lil bit and continued to suck on her clit until she was squirting in his mouth. Ty licked up and swallowed her . “prove anything?” Ty smiled. Zoey felt a lil better then earlier, but he still wasn’t off the hook in her book just because he gave her some head. “No…but come on im sleepy” Zoey got up and headed to her room as Ty followed behind her. “this is a one night thing alright? Your not off the hook buddy” Zoey informed him. He nodded agreeing with what he was told. Ty got in the bed next to Zoey wrapping his arms around her. She had to admit that in this moment she wish it was Caine instead of him, but she also enjoyed the company from Ty.

Caine woke up looking around wondering why he was in the bed naked. He quickly snatched his clothes and put them on. He walked out the room fully dressed and saw Alexis on the couch smoking a blunt. “What happened last night?” He looked confused. “What you mean?” She blew smoke in his direction. “b**** don’t play dumb with me why did I wake up naked?” He waited. “you were hot last night so…I to- “I swear if we did something and I got something ima f*** you up!” he walked out leaving. Alexis laughed and watched him walk out. Caine walked in the hot soon to Zoey’s house. The only thing one his mind was the shower. The hot son on this morning wasn’t making Caine feel any better. Once he approached her house he turned the knob to find the door unlocked. Zoey heard footsteps and jumped up quickly while looking at Ty still sound asleep. Caine walked into the bathroom and quickly turned on the shower. Zoey thought fast and wanted Ty to wake up so he could hurry and leave. Then it dawned on her how Caine never came home and went straight to the shower. “pst… wake your ass up and go” Zoey whispered while pushing ty. He groaned and mumbled loud enough that Zoey’s heart fell out of her body. Caine walked out he bathroom with his shirt off wondering if he left any underwear in Zoey’s room. Zoey hopped out of the bed as soon as Caine walked through the door and looked at Ty. “caine…” Zoey spoke quickly. Caine quickly turned around and went to the bathroom to turn the shower off and walked out the house. Zoey sucked her teeth and kicked Ty out. She then ran after Caine who was walking fast away from her house.

At least Lauren stood her grounds! That's right girl defend yourself cause your sorry a** cousin ain't got no kinda heart or brain letting that boy treat her like crap then allowing this fool to lay up in HER crib like they married or some ish...I would've got in my car ran Caine's a** over lol but Alexis wild though I have a feeling she's gon' have some words for lil Ms. Zoey

thanks guys

Omg that nigga is hella crazy!! Thought she grew some balls i was all excited (like i thought the flash back was gone trigger her beating caines ass... not tears)but then she fell back in smh. poor girl
Run it

I sick of every muthaf***a in this story! Alexis, Zoey, Caine, Lauren! All them stupid ppl. Lauren should have gotten a gun ran up on Caine and shot that nigga and wish he would. Someone please get a gun. s*** can zoey get one and threaten Caine damn! UGH so sick of his mean ass, he beating on Zoey like wtf he tie her up for. I wanna smack the damn s*** outta Zoey for lettin him. Alexis hoe ass. UGH. I'm mad at Lauren for letting herself get punked but that messy b****es caine and zoey. SOMEONE PLEASE GET A GUN AND HIDE YA KIDS AND HIDE YA WIFE CAUSE IMA SHOOT EVERYONE IN THIS MUTHAf***A! UGH!


I neeed to catch up! Give me a minute.. I'll. get. there. (:

<cite>Chapter 6 contd : What's Mine 2 </cite>

Days went by and Zoey haven’t saw or talked to Caine since he left. She didn’t feel like she had much of a relationship. She didn’t know if he was still mad or what. Zoey sat on the couch watching tv when she saw Caine walk through the door. He looked like he been sleeping outside for days and haven’t eaten. He walked passed her and went upstairs without saying a word. She shook her head and looked at the tv. Caine walked down the steps and went to the kitchen and started to look for something to eat. Zoey walked upstairs and went in her lil stash that she hid and took out some weed and rolled her a blunt. She finished and lit it up and started smoking. Zoey used to be addicted to drugs just like Caine is but she went to rehab. Smoking weed didn’t do anything but make Zoey calm and relaxed. Caine ate his cereal and smelled the weed from upstairs and came in the room and snatched the blunt from her hands. “what the f*** are you doing? Give that back” Zoey whined. Caine took the blunt and hit it while blowing the smoke in her face. “GIVE IT BACK” Zoey yelled. Caine looked at her and blew more smoke in her face. “why the f*** you trying to be like me huh? Huh? You don’t do this be your own f***ing person b****” He sternly stated. “Caine I been smoking you don’t know s*** so just give it back” Zoey replied. “NO!” He responded smoking it more. She shook her head and brushed past him and walked downstairs to the kitchen and opened a bottle of alcohol and started drinking. Caine rushed down the stairs behind Zoey and snatched the bottle out of her hand and dropped it making it break on the floor. “CAINE WHAT THE f***?” Zoey yelled. Caine grabbed Zoey and put her over his shoulder as she kicked and screamed from him to put her down. He continued to ignore her and took her to her room and dropped her on the bed roughly. She tried to get up but he made a gesture as if he was going to hit her which made Zoey sit back. Caine bind her to the bed with rope as Zoey tried her hardest to get him to stop. “Caine let me go what are you doing?” She asked him over and over.

“would you shut the f*** up?” He stated. Zoey stared at him as he walked out of the room. She tried once again to let loose. Her trying made her wrist hurt even more she just didn’t understand why he was doing this to her. Caine walked into the room and Zoey watched him as he walked over to her and ripped her shirt off. Zoey started to cry again once she saw him putting a line of cocaine on her stomach. “Caine pleaseeee… stopp!!” She cried. Caine stood over her. “b**** SHUT THE f*** UP” He got upset. Zoey flinched at his hard words and tried her hardest to stop crying. “Just please don’t hit me” she cried. “If yo stupid ass keep saying dat pull s*** then I might just hit yo ass, stop all that f***ing crying I HATE IT” Caine blurted. Zoey bit her lip trying to control her tears from falling. Caine put the coke on her stomach and line it up then sniffed it. Zoey closed her eyes because she didn’t want to witness him doing this. Caine finished snorting it off her stomach and grabbed her face wiping her tears roughly. “quit all that s*** you understand?” He demanded. Zoey nodded her head and watched him unbind her. Zoey sat up and went to go wipe her stomach off while he threw her shirt at her. Zoey rolled her eyes and finished up in the bathroom and then went downstairs to clean up the mess that Caine made in the kitchen. “dumbass” she mumbled and looked up to see Caine standing there watching her. Her heart dropped and then she quickly finished and hoped that he didn’t hear her. “you know you’re a b**** right?” he said standing there still. Zoey sighed and nodded “yes I know caine” she agreed and walked past him. He grabbed her and swung her back. Zoey closed her eyes tightly frightened that he was going to hit her. “don’t walk by while im talking to you, you respect me do you understand that?” Caine spoke sternly. Zoey opened her eyes and looked at Caine in his eyes.


<cite>“Zoey bring your ass in here right now!” Shad demanded. She walked into the living room and looked up at him. “yes?”. He looked at her crazy and got up and gripped her hair. “what did I tell you about that s***? I said call me yes sir!” he ordered. Zoey’s eyes filled with tears as some fell without question. “yes sir…” She responded. “Where the f*** my food you suppose to make me?” Shad asked her. “I was just about to get it ready you didn’t give me a chance to go wash my hands” Zoey exclaimed. “Well hurry the f*** up and where the hell you been? With that nigga huh?” He questioned looking in her eyes. Zoey shook her head crying more. “no shad!” she sighed and shook her head. “I know my food better be ready and get ready to go to my mom’s house to bring her a plate too” he said sitting on the couch. Zoey nodded her head and went straight to the kitchen and prepared the meal.</cite>


Zoey snapped out the daze hearing Caine yell in her face. She wondered why she always was intrigued and captured by these bum ass niggas that didn’t know anything about love. She didn’t know why she always fell for the ones that didn’t give two s***s about her. “b**** IM TALKING! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” Caine yelled more. Zoey nodded her head quickly as her heart raced. “Yes Caine… I understand, anything you want!” She pleaded. Caine shook his head and laughed “your bout the dumbest b**** on earth” he said walking up the stairs. Zoey dropped to her knees and sobbed in her hands. She hated when he was high now because he wasn’t sweet anymore. It was sad that earlier in there development of getting to know each other better that she wished he’d stay high so she could feel loved. She wanted to be reminded how beautiful she was every now and then but she was sure not to get that from Caine.

Lauren sat up in her bed and just got through praying to the Lord. She asked for forgiveness and also prayed for Zoey and Caine. She knew that her cousin was going to do what she wanted to regardless but she just wanted her to make the right decisions. She knew that she had to keep her opinions to herself when it came to Caine or Zoey would act a fool. She decided to take her phone out and text her.

Lauren: are you?

Zoey: im okay

Lauren: that’s good…how’s everything going?

Zoey: Good

Lauren: you don’t sound like your in a good mood

Zoey: im not really in one so yea… I guess you can say that

Lauren: what’s wrong?

Zoey: Lol lauren I rather tell a deaf person my problems before you!

Lauren: :/ im not that bad of a person Zoey you haven’t given me a chance

Zoey: spare the bulls*** Lauren because I did give a chance, we went for drinks that was the chance you blew right there

Lauren: really? So you don’t believe in second chances? Im sure you would if you and caine didn’t work out

Zoey: b**** I was just waiting on you to mention his name! But why the f*** did you text me in the first place to be nosey? Huh b**** you wanna know whats going on with me and Caine don’t you? Well b**** were together and he lives with me. Anything else?

Lauren: wow… moving so fast!

Zoey: well so what, we know what were doing and I knew that’s all you wanted to hear

Lauren: that’s not true I wanted to tell you how I went to counseling and talk to someone about my attitude

Zoey; well you must of went for free because I don’t see no chance!

Lauren: what does money have to do with anything?

Zoey: because if yo ass would of paid them , they would of did there job and fixed your ass lol obviously this “it” you believe in aint doing s***

Lauren: -__- zoey watch it

Zoey: what the f*** you want me to say? Lol ain’t s*** change! I love Caine so you can stop thinking that im going to leave him alone because im not.

Lauren: You love him already? Did you just get with him.

Zoey: b**** I’ve known him for a long time ago! And we’ve talked before this relationship

Lauren: well as long as your not IN love with him

Zoey: your getting on my f***ing nerves b****! So stop texting me!

Lauren: Zoey….

Lauren looked at her phone and sighed. She knew that her attempt to have a conversation with her was going to go all wrong. She also knew that she wasn’t going to respond after that. Ten minutes passed and she was correct because Zoey was yet to answer her text message. Lauren got up and went to the kitchen and started cooking herself a meal. As she cooked she heard her door bell ring. She stopped what she was doing and then went and opened the door. She looked around and saw no one standing there and looked down to see a package. She took it and brought it inside while closing the door. She looked at the label which didn’t have a name on it but an address of course. She opened the box and immediately stood back as a whole bunch of spiders came out. “AHHH” she screamed. Lauren went and grabbed a shoe from her bedroom and tried to kill as many as she sure. She began to cry because she didn’t know who would do something this cruel and then the address in her head dawned in her head and was going to be making a visit to someone soon.

Hours passed while Alexis and Caine laughed on the couch high as kites while he left Zoey at home. She cried more and more the later it got because she was sure that he wasn’t gonna come home anytime soon. “Caine.. Why are you with that girl?” Alexis looked into his eyes. Caine laughed and shook his head “because she’s my b****” he responded. “im your b**** 2 but your not my boyfriend!” she laughed. Caine joined her and shook his head. “what?” Alexis laughed harder. Caine shook his head “she was mad that you saved her… what a dumb b****” he laughed. Alexis got mad with what she was informed with and rolled her eyes “f*** her caine… you don’t need her then! You need someone better like me” she stated. Caine looked at alexis “well its too late… were together!” he announced. Alexis sighed and took another puff of the weed. Zoey curled up in her bed and continued to cry until she was sound asleep leaving the door unlocked for her special one. “Ima go ahead and go…” Caine said getting up. Alexis followed him to the door. “no… I don’t want you to go, why can’t you stay?” She asked. “because I got s*** to do, why the f*** you questioning me?” he looked back at her. “because you owe me!” She said unbuckling his pants. “WAIT WH-” Before caine could even finish Alexis stuck his soft d*** in her mouth determine to make it the exact opposite. She sucked as if her name was “super head” and instantly made Caine hard in her moutth. She slurped and continued while massaging his balls and deepthroating his s***. “f*** GIRL!” Caine groaned. Alexis made sure to give him eye contact to make him go crazy. Caine took her hair and wrapped it around his fist and moved her head up and down as she continued. Alexis chocked and slurped on his d*** until minutes passed and Caine was busting down her throat. “damn girl…” he said. Alexis got up and smiled and waved at him. Caine walked out of her crib and walked to Zoey’s house. He turned the knob and then walked through the door.

Caine walked upstairs and looked at Zoey that was fasted asleep. He snatched the covers back waking her up. She wiped her eyes and sat up “whats wrong now?” she asked him. “I need something to sleep with on the floor” he said. “why you can’t sleep I- okay Caine…” Zoey stopped herself before making him upset. She told herself that she would just look for some more covers for her to sleep with. “what?” Caine questioned. “Nothing caine… go ahead and take the covers! Ill be okay” Zoey said. “Good!” he stated walking out. Zoey shook her head watching him leave and went to the linen closet to get her another comforter. She sighed as she walked passed the steps to see Caine on the floor sleep. She didn’t know why she put up with him but she was definitely falling more and more for this guy every day. Zoey woke up to a singing Caine. She smiled to herself because she never heard such a voice before. She listened closely as he sung a melody in the shower. Wow, she thought to herself. She couldn’t stop her cheeks from hurting. She got out the bed and tip toed to the shower and put her ear to the door. Zoey continued to listen to Caine as he sung. Zoey soon heard the shower stop and she quickly ran down the stairs and went into the kitchen. She heard the bathroom door open and Caine walk down the stairs. He looked in her direction as he grabbed his book bag and went back upstairs. Zoey caught herself biting her lip at the way Caine’s body looked with the water on it. Zoey made him and her some breakfast and watched him come down the stairs mintues later. “I have to work in about an hour I made you some breakfast” She said searching his face. Caine nodded and opened the refrigerator and poured him something to drink. “well ima start getting ready so… I hope to see you here later” Zoey almost hugged Caine and stopped herself and patted him on the back. “I might be here…” he finally spoke. Zoey eyes fell to the floor and nodded. She walked up the stairs and got herself together for work hoping not to see ty.

Lauren got herself together and got in her car and drove to Zoey’s house. She had a lot that she wanted to say. Once she pulled up she got out and headed to the door and saw Zoey walking out. Caine sat on the couch eating his breakfast and watching tv. “What are you doing here?” Zoey questioned Lauren. “you know why the f*** im here!” Lauren retorted. Zoey raised her eyesbrows taken aback. “you sure are swearing to be a christian” she joked and laughed. “real funny b**** you wanna f*** with me don’t you?” Lauren got upset. “what are you talking about? I have to be at work in 30 minutes” Zoey exclaimed. “you brought f***ing spiders to my house in a package? It has YOUR ADDRESS ON IT!” she yelled shoving the box in her face. Zoey smack it down and looked at her crazy while Caine laughed while eating his breakfast. “I didn’t do that bulls***” Zoey snapped on Lauren. “YOU GET THAT MOTHERf***IN b**** OUT HERE RIGHT NOW” Lauren shouted. Caine went to the kitchen and threw the rest of his breakfast away and washed his hands. He laughed to himself at Lauren and sat on the couch watching tv again. “good for you hoe!” he said to himself. "You need to calm down lauren foreal and don't be disrespecting him like that" Zoey checked her. "f*** HIM AND YOU" Lauren stated. "watch your f***ing mouth now im tired of trying to be nice to your b**** ass" Zoey got in her face. Lauren pushed Zoey and she snapped back swinging in her face.

The Two of them rolled in the grass and fought each other while Caine watched from the living room window. He shook his head drinking some orange juice and laughed. "crazy ass females" he said aloud. Zoey pounded Lauren's head repeatedly on the ground and finally Caine decided to go out there and stop it. He grabbed Zoey while Lauren tried to swing on her. "b****"Lauren shouted while punching Caine in the jaw. He pushed her hard as f*** and looked at Zoey. "take your ass inside" he demanded. She screwed her face and fixed her clothes "don't tell me what the f*** to do im going to work" She boldly remarked while walking off. "ima deal with your ass later" Caine nodded while watching her get in her car. "Get the f*** off our property" he spat on Lauren's face and walked in the house slamming the door.

a/n: flashbacks are italicized

Rotfl I'm just saying he keep on disrespecting her and she's not doing anything about it...She told him don't come back, BUT we know she don't mean that if anything she's probably gonna be calling him to come back within a few days if not that day

lol damn @catersmommy

Zoey dumb af!

Run it girl!!!!!

lmao i laughed at that part 2
thank you so much for reading

Zoey is toooo nice to Caine and all he does is disrespect her. I'd like to see her stick to her guns and tell his ass off one good time... but then im scared that his bipolar ass might flip tf out (lol). Its crazy that they can relate on so many levels, i hope HE finds the strength of help his self so that he can be a man for her. And i was lmao at him saying he wanted rip ty as a tat (hahahaha)
Run It

Zoey is toooo nice to Caine and all he does is disrespect her. I'd like to see her stick to her guns and tell his ass off one good time... but then im scared that his bipolar ass might flip tf out (lol). Its crazy that they can relate on so many levels, i hope HE finds the strength of help his self so that he can be a man for her. And i was lmao at him saying he wanted rip ty as a tat (hahahaha)
Run It

lmaoo thanks tash

They don't even have a relationship. She let that b**** made nigga treat her like s***! WTF!!!! No nigga, you not gonna beat a nigga up for me and scream "Dont f*** with my b****" wtf!! I'm ya girl and his ass gonna say he was high and s*** and act like thats an excuse. The nigga aint truuuuu. Hell nah then this leaving coming and going as he pleases. f*** no! she better NOT allow him to treat her like that especially if she giving that nigga the cookie. b**** MADE NIGGA! UGH!

And I'm glad Lauren wants to make it right with Zoey cause its clear that Zoey needs a friend and vice versa, but Lauren better stop worrying about people judging her and move on and get her life right!

Run it ma!

<cite>Chapter 6 : Whats Mine... pt 1</cite>

Alexis grabbed Caine and got into her car. She buckled him up and herself as she took off. She sped to the area that Zoey told her before passing out. “why the f*** you driving so fast?” Caine stated. Alexis ignored him as she turned the corner sharply. “DAMN SLOW DOWN!” Caine yelled. “SHUT THE f*** UP IM DOING YOU A FAVOR” she shouted back at him. She continued to drive until she saw someone on the ground and stopped the car. She got out and looked and called Caine. He got out the car and laughed “what the f*** do you want?” he said. “is this your girl?” Caine’s eye’s widened “wai- what the f*** going on?” he questioned while picking her up. “put her in the car” Alexis told Caine. Once Zoey was in the backseat Alexis sped off to the emergency room and told the nurses how she found Zoey and don’t know what was wrong with her. Caine sat in the car high as a kite wondering what he wanted to eat. “Okay thanks” the nurse said. The nurses informed the doctor’s on what was informed to them by Alexis. Alexis walked back to the car and drove off with Caine sitting there quietly. Alexis knew she wasn’t a hero, but hoped that she did something tonight to help save Zoey. Zoey got rushed into a room and was examined immediately. The doctor noticed in her x ray that she was drugged with a type of pill and flushed it out of her.

Zoey looked up at the ceiling and then her surroundings. She didn’t remember anything from tonight and wondered how did she get in the hospital. “Ms. Davis?” The nurse entered. Zoey gave her eye contact as the nurse began to speak. “well you been drugged tonight and someone by the name of Alexis brought you here now can you tell me what you remember for our records?” she asked her. Zoey had a huge headache and shook her head. “no ma’am I don’t remember anything…”. “Do you have any idea as to who might of did this? Do you know if this person wants you dead?” the nurse asked again. Zoey again shook her head no. “okay well were going to let you stay overnight here and then in the morning I will see if you remember anything then okay? Other then that have a good night!” With that being said, the nurse walked out of the room shutting the door and lights. Zoey sighed to herself and shut her eyes to drift to sleep wondering where Caine was. The sun beamed on Caine’s face as he found himself leaning against the brick wall outside the shelter. He sighed as sweat began to form immediately on his forehead. Zoey woke up from nurse’s walking back and forth through the hallway and other movements. “ hey ms.davis how are you feeling?” the nurse from last night walked in. Zoey sat up in her bed and nodded her head. “yes ma’am Im doing fine…”. The nurse gave her a warm smile and wrote on her clip board. “okay do you think that you can remember what happened last night?” She asked. “well.. All I can remember is that I went home with my co-worker from work and we chilled…that’s it” Zoey truthfully stated. The nurse nodded her head. “okay Ms. Davis were going to release you this morning okay? You take it easy alright?” Zoey nodded her head as the nurse walked out. She looked at the time and still had enough time to make to work.

Zoey called a cab to get her and to bring her to her house. She walked in and didn’t see Caine and sighed. “what a relationship” she spoke to herself while shaking her head. She walked into her bathroom and turned the hot water on to prepare for her shower. After getting herself together she got into her car and headed to work. Caine walked around and thought bout last night. He called Alexis to get refreshed on why he felt something was wrong with Zoey. After getting off the phone with her he texted Zoey to confirm the information he just received.

Caine: hey
Zoey walked into her job and clocked him. She felt like today was going to be a long day. She thought about calling in but she knew how important it was to get money and grind. She knew that if she didn’t go to work then the bills wouldn’t be paid. She checked the time on her phone and looked at the message from Caine.

Zoey: Idk…

Caine: Can you try to remember?

Zoey sighed and tried to remember and then saw Ty walk by as she got a flashback of what happened and tried to fight tears. She bit down on her lip hard and started texting Caine again.

Zoey: I remember now…you were smoking with Alexis and I went to Ty’s house because he asked me to and…

Caine: and…

Zoey: the doctors told me I was drugged and tyga gave me a drink so im guessing he did it

Caine: where you at?

Zoey: at work why?

Caine: where yo job at?

Zoey: at this tattoo place

Caine: text me the address

Zoey: (did so) caine…

Caine: what else did that nigga do

Zoey: well I have a lil bruise under my eye so I guess he hit me too

Caine: ok

Zoey: caine

Caine: What?

Zoey: what are you doing?

Caine: nothing ima hit you up a lil later

Zoey: ok

Zoey sighed and went back to work. In thirty mintues she heard her name being yelled from the front of the store. She screwed her face and saw Caine. “what are you doing here?” she asked. “where dat nigga at?” he asked. “he’s back there” she responded. “iight you stay here” he instructed her. Caine went to the back and approached ty. “I want a tattoo bruh” Caine greeted Ty. He turned around and looked at Caine “iight what you looking at?” Ty spoke. Caine showed off his sleeve and then responded. “anywhere you can fit I want R.I.P Ty”. Ty laughed and then looked at Caine “bruh you don’t want that? Its kinda Gay don’t you think?” he questioned. Caine took Ty by his neck and banged him against the wall. “homie whats ur issue?”. “you tried to f*** my b****? HUH NIGGA?” he said punching him in the face. Ty tried to defend himself to the best of his ability but that didn’t go very far once Caine broke his nose leaving him on the floor crying. “Don’t f*** wit my b**** nigga, ill f***ING KILL YO ASS NEXT TIME” Caine threatened. “ Caine…OMG!” Zoey stated. The tattoo place call security and the ambulance to get Ty some immediate help. “im out this b****…you straight?” Caine looked at Zoey before leaving. “ fine” She said. “Ms. Davis you can take you and your boyfriend and go” My manager said. Zoey quickly apologized because she couldn’t afford to be fired. “Im so sorry I didn’t know that what happened was going to take place Im so sorry” she pleaded. The manager walked away and Zoey sighed while walking out the building. “So you mad?” Caine asked walking next to her. “ I just hope I have a job or you’ll be real happy” she remarked. “about what?” he confusedly inquired. “you’d be happy that im homeless like you” Zoey said. “according to you I live with you” Caine spat back. Zoey rolled her eyes and unlocked her car “well s*** I wouldn’t know because your never there but your always with alexis” She got in her car. Caine screwed his face and got in the passenger side. “wait! Hold the f*** up, what?” he closed his door. “you heard me!” Zoey snapped. Caine looked at Zoey crazy and responded sternly. “I just came and whooped a nigga ass for drugging you and you shouldn’t have no f***ing attitude!” Zoey rolled her eyes and sighed. “okay caine” she said. “no aint no “okay caine” you should be lucky alexis save your life cause I was high when you called” he confessed. Zoey looked at the road and drove in silence the rest of the way home.

Caine got out the car and got out and walked in after Zoey unlocked the door. Caine walked over to the couch and sat down while turning the tv on. Zoey fixed herself something to eat not even bothering to make anything for Caine knowing that he probably would eat it. After she was done she walked over to him and straddled him while looking into her his eyes. He stared back for a second before Zoey looked down. He picked her chin up. “why you staring at me?” He asked her. Zoey shrugged her shoulders even though she really knew the true answer. She got lost into his eyes every time she looked at Caine. She didn’t know what it was about him that made her go crazy. “I get lost in your eyes…” she spoke softly. Caine laughed for a change and then looked at the tv. Zoey bent down and kissed his neck and was surprised he let her. She continued to make wet circles around his neck and then bit his spot. “mmm” he moaned softly looking at her. Zoey looked into his eyes and kissed him with intensity as he did the same. They moaned in each other’s mouths and turned each other on by the second. Caine took her shirt off and looked in her eyes and kissed her again. Zoey closed her eyes as he licked up her neck and bit her chin. They stared at each other as he removed his shirt and tugged her shorts off. By this time Caine’s solider was saluting and there was no turning back.

Minutes later Caine was gripping Zoey’s hips as she bounced up and down on his d***. “ooooohh s*** girl this feels way better then the first time” he moaned. The light bulb blew out in Zoey’s head as she stopped. Caine opened his eyes and looked at her. “why you stop?” he spoke softly. “mmmm because I gotta go get protection… how can I be so stupid!” she hit herself on the forehead. Caine bit his lip and pumped from underneath her wanting her more and more. “mmmm shti caine…stop” Zoey got up. He grabbed her and pulled her back down while putting his d*** back in her wet pussy . “noo baby I like the way it feel” He seductively stated. “mmmmmm s***tt…just this once” She whispered and then bit his ear. He nodded while closing his eyes and gripped her hips. Zoey sat up and gripped her breast while biting hard on her lip trying to control her moans. “mmmmm f*** Caine” She moaned. “f***!” He groaned. Zoey bounced faster and faster making waterfalls on Caine’s d***. “ooooh this pussy good!” he confirmed. He picked Zoey up and then laid her on the couch as he got on top. He started pounding in and out as he got even more horny. It was something about this girl that always turned Caine on. He thought that it was cool that she was the one to take his virginity and now that he got the hang of everything he felt he was taking hers all over again. “OOOOOOOOOOOHH YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, f***KKKK MMMMM” she screamed. “yeaaa???” he questioned her in a moan. “OOOOHH f*** YES DADDY” she responded. Caine smirked because he loved every bit of her music she was making to his ears. He thought it was actually comical but he didn’t want to laugh and get himself out of the mood. But, another part of him though it was sexy which kept him wanting more. Zoey on the other hand was barely holding on. It had been a minute since she had sex and she thought she explained that to him when she took his virginity. Caine wasn’t the thickest, but his length made up for it. She was but he didn’t let her get that far. She was going to get comfortable and adjusted soon but as of right now he was accomplishing with breaking her back.

“MMMM f*** CAINE IM BOUT TO CU-MM…f***KKK” Zoey cried while squirting on his d***. “mmmmmmm come on this d*** girl” he demanded her. Even though Zoey made of felt like that was her tap out time Caine was far from finished. He grabbed her and took her to the stairs and slurped all of her juices up. “mmmm f***kkkk” zoey whined and grabbed his head pushing him deeper inside of her with his tongue. “mmmmmm” Caine enjoyed licking, sucking, nibbling, and biting on her sweet pussy. He didn’t mind because he knew that she’d enjoy it, all the girls that he tongue f***ed did. “mmmm… oh ok stop caine” Zoey pushed his head away. He smirked and looked at her biting his lip. “why?” he asked. Zoey tried to regain her breath and then whipped the sweat off of her face. “because…” she started to talk as Caine dove in again. “s***…PLEASEEEE CAINEEE!!” She whined louder. He put his fingers in her pussy and moved then in and out. “mmmmmm tell me why” he demanded again.“because I…f***k mmmm.. Can’t take it” Zoey managed to say. Caine licked his fingers and then put his d*** inside her pussy. After pumping and thrusting Caine pulled out in 30 more minutes and came on her stomach. They both were out of breath and stared at each other while now laying on the couch.

“Why do you feel like your not likable?” the counselor asked her. Lauren sighed and looked at her hands and shrugged. “I just… never really had a lot of friends growing up im just now getting reconnected with my one of my cousin’s and I just don’t know why I can’t ever say anything right without it being taken the wrong way” she sighed. The counselor continue to talk to Lauren about her attitude and how she should work on not being so judgmental. The crazy thing was that Lauren forgot to mention her slip up with that girl from the club the other night was because she didn’t want the counselor to do what she does to everyone else. JUDGE! Lauren walked out the building feeling like she learned something but not that much. She questioned if she wanted to go back and continue to talk to her. Maybe this wasn’t what God wanted her to do in the first place. She walked into her house and got on her knees. She knew that she needed to have a good conversation with God.

Caine and Zoey sat on the bed watching TV with each other. “Caine… can you see yourself with me for a long time?” Zoey asked looking at him. “I don’t know” He laughed and looked at the the tv. Zoey felt in her heart that she could see herself walking down the aisle with him. She knew it was early in their relationship to be asking questions like that but she just wanted to know. “im sorry for asking caine” Zoey spoke softly looking at her hands. “just watch tv damn before you get on my nerves with getting on damn sensitive and s*** for no reason” he snapped. Zoey sighed loudly and rolled her eyes while looking at the camera. “you got a f***ing problem?” Caine asked. Zoey ignored him and got up and went downstairs to watch tv. The last thing she wanted to do was make Caine mad. He walked downstairs and followed her and rolled his eyes at her. She didn’t even know what she did to piss him off but she remained quiet. “im out” Caine come back from the kitchen. “where you bout to go?” She questioned him. “if I wanted you to know I would of told you right?” He spoke with an attitude. “yea caine” Zoey responded dryly. “your such a dumb b****” he stated before walking out. “DON’T COME BACK” Zoey yelled at the door once she heard it slammed. She was slowly getting tired of his attitude. She didn’t do anything to make him upset nor did she deserve the disrespect. Zoey set in her mind that she was no longer going to tolerate it the next time

thanks tash lol and yea i agree not a fan of Alexis but at least she is going to pick Zoey up. Man...never accept a drink from a nigga who already offered your ass pill. i dont see why caine is mean to zoey but not mean to alexis. probably cause that girl is his drug pusher. smh people man. zoey tryna offer caine a nice life smh she shouldnt be getting mad at the girl for it! gosh! and Ty would def get killed. Hopefully caine dont kill him but put a beating on that nigga for hurting his "girlfriend". And that title as boyfriend/girlfriend gets no love! Like none at all! Caine think he still single. You aint gonna throw ish at me and we have all types of "rules" i gotta follow for you gonna leave. Nope it wouldnt be me! And I can't even entertain Lauren right now. Like what happened to her? Did she get drugged too?

Run it ma!