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'Nose Candy. (Repost FINISHED!!!)


DISCLAIMER: This is another story that I will attempt! I will not hesitate to drop this if it doesn't get the attention it deserves because this is a good story. I am not c**ky but confident in this story. This is the 2nd shot at this- some may have read something similar because 'Broken Mirrors was the start of this story. Me and Bree have collaborated outside of the broad but she choose to take it under her wing! it was unsuccessful and now Im giving it a try. Also with writing in 3rd person for the first time. So... here goes nothing!

He wasn’t the type of guy you’d high five while skipping down the street on a nice sunny Vegas day. Not everything was royalty as you may think. There was always the good parts of a city and the bad parts. Some may look as it as the “rich” and the “poor”; “high class” or “low class” whatever you prefer. Cannan (cayn-nan) Burose was a 23 year old man who was apart of the low class in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. You’d think that since he was in that million dollar state he’d have it made. Wrong, he had the opposite which was nothing. Cannan was a ruthless young man who didn’t care about anyone but himself. He despised close relationships with anyone or even having a social life. “Caine” which he preferred to be called wasn’t your favorite type of guy. Because caine went through a lot in his past it caused him to cut off a lot of people who were previously in his life. For an example, Caine at one point in his life had a great relationship with God, but that suddenly changed.

Caine nicely put on an act to impress his boss and greet the costumers that walked in and out of his exclusive Verizon Wireless job. He didn’t enjoy talking to people, standing on his feet, or the work that he had to do, but they provided him with more then he had such as money, more clothes, and a temporary phone. Caine walked to his station and finished ringing up a costumer that had just brought a new cell phone and couldn’t quite understand what he was doing. A near by employee sensed that because of caine’s length of time being employed that he might of needed some help. “this…is how you do it” the female employee said. Caine stared at her and finished with the costumers “your welcome” the female employee said before walking away. Caine didn’t really care about her name but he did want to put on an act just to stay employed so he went to her station and introduced himself properly. “im sorry ma’am im Cannan Burose and im new here as you can tell…thanks for helping me and you are?’ She smiled and nodded her head. “its cool im lauren and anything you need help with you can just ask don’t have to hesitate” She flashed caine a warm smile reassuring him.

Caine nodded his head not really interested in her help at all and walked back over to his station. He took out his new phone and played around with it. He was amazed by the electronic and couldn’t help but to figure it out. Its been a while since he’d have something so nice and to have an iphone4s was huge to him. More costumers came in and he looked at his manager that was on shift who gave him confirmination to assist the customers. By this time Caine was ready to leave work and attend to his regular duties which was doing absolutely nothing. Its not the fact that he didn’t want to do nothing its just the fact he didn’t have anyone to do anything thing with or no where to go. Caine had nothing to claim except his body, soul, and mind if that. Meanwhile, Lauren admired caine and his etiquette with the customers from a distance. It made her smile on the inside to have another great employee on their team. The cool thing at the job was that in their Bluetooth they got to talk to whoever they want or listen to music. Of course Caine couldn’t get away with that just yet. Lauren took her phone out and decided to brag about her new co-worker to her cousin Zoey or Zoe to some. “so…theres this lil cutie in here working J” - “whoopy tooy do! b****” Zoe replied. Lauren laughed at the message she received and proceeded with her conversation with her long lost cousin whom she just reunited with a few months ago. “girl if I didn’t want to seem stalker-ish I’d send you a picture of him lol” Lauren send. “smh that’s a damn shame!” Zoey replied instantly.

Lauren wanted to take a picture of caine really badly to show him off but like she told Zoey she didn’t want to seem like a freak. So instead she studied him and wondered her eyes around him trying to capture his features from a far. “well… he’s light skin, tall, a nice smile, look like he got freckles a lil, low ceaser cut no waves lol and umm… he looks mean when he not smiling but lets not forget fine as f***”. Zoey sat in her room shaking her head at the message she received. She knew that her cousin could be extra at times when the situation wasn’t that serious. Zoey read the message over and over and tried to create her own canvas painting in her head of whom this nigga may have been and it was one dude that came across her mind. “If my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me I’d think you were talking about Cannan Burose I had a crush on that nigga in high school” Zoey replied to their conversation via text message. Lauren prop her elbows on her desk in front of her computer looking at her phone when an incoming message came. She thought for a moment and then replied. “Cannon? that’s what the dude said he’s name was …Cannon Burose YUP! that’s him lol” She quickly replied.

Zoey was stunned because she hadn’t talked or seen this nigga in about 5 years. Zoey went to school but didn’t finish. She wasn’t really feeling school like she thought and don’t dare try to judge her. School wasn’t for everyone and that’s a popular quote that stuck with her. “wow…” she replied with a instant reply by lauren. “that’s all you got to say? You still like him?” This caused Zoey to laugh [center]because how could she possibly liked someone she hadn’t seen in forever. “look b**** I haven’t seen the nigga in forever just tell him who I am and give him my number okay?” , “oooo… I know what u trying to do but okay, what u doing later?”, “ thanks but nothing…”, “drinks?” Zoey rolled her eyes not really interested but thought why not she didn’t really have nothing else planned anyway. “ok…why not” , “okay! Call you at 10”. With that Zoey left her phone unattended and hopped into the shower to finish up her daily duties.

Caine sat in the break room and finished eating someone’s sandwich that they left in the microwave. He was starving and made sure that no one was watching until Lauren came in and caught him off guard causing him to jump. “sneaky aren’t we?” Lauren laughed which wasn’t at all amusing to Caine. “Cannon isn’t it?” Lauren chimed in before he could even answer her first statement. “Its not cannon its cannan” he corrected her. “cannon, cannan whats the difference?” Lauren stated confused. “the difference is that you will call me Caine and s*** else understood?” Caine blunted retorted. “woahh… okay then, anyway im Zoey’s cousin and she wanted me to give you her number…” Lauren got straight to the point. Caine screwed his face confusedly unsure who she was talking about. “she said you and her went to high school together and yall haven’t heard from each other in a while…but that she wanted you to have her number and If I were you I’d use it she’s a hottie” Lauren winked at the last comment. “uhh…. Zoey..zoeeyyyy” Caine tried to remind himself. He was definitely someone who forgot things quickly. I guess you can blame that on the weed and all the other things he liked. “she’s brown skin, pretty, look like a lil tom boy” Lauren tried to help. Caine actually chuckled and knew exactly who she was talking about at that moment. Lauren gave him zoey’s number and went about her business leaving Caine where she found him. Caine clocked out and walked out of the store happier then ever even though his facial expressions showed it. He walked the streets until he made it all the way to the place he called home which was outside of a shelter called “Hope” there they tried to encourage the homeless that there was always hope no matter what. Caine didn’t believe in that bulls*** and just used the place for a place to rest his head and with this new job as long as he got in line by 5pm everyday he was sure enough to get a room. If not, then outside he was, but it wasn’t like he wasn’t used to that either. This was who he was and he was fine with that.


<cite>Chapter 5: Where I Want You...</cite>

Zoey couldn’t help but continue to think about Caine. She caught herself wanting to know what he was doing every minute of the hour. Caine was ignoring Zoey’s text messages and she soon stopped figuring he didn’t want to be bothered. Caine walked passed his job and put his middle finger up. He knew then for sure that they’d be cutting his phone off soon. He didn’t talk to anyone anyway, so not having a phone wasn’t fazing him. Caine thought about his family and wondered what they were doing with there lives. The last time he was in touch with his family with on his graduation day. But, everyone didn’t show up for that special day. Caine looked up and saw he was on his street. He sighed and continued to walk down until he made it to his <a href=",r:3,s:0,i:150">old house</a>. After almost completing college, Caine dropped out of school because he ran out of scholarship money for basketball. None of his family members gave him information on where they moved or anything just to leave him with nothing. He swallowed hard as he approached his old home and picked up a spare key from under a pot. Caine positioned himself to open the door by putting the key in, but unfortunately the door was open already. He walked in and looked back to make sure nobody was watching even though he felt a million eyes on him. He looked around at the dusty webbed out place and instantly got hit with memories of growing up.

Zoey clocked out and got in her car and headed job hunting. Ty had harassed her all day and pretty much put the icing on the cake. She was annoyed and irritated with him. She was ready for a fresh new start with everything in life. She really didn’t have a choice or she’d be right with caine being homeless. Paying the bills was a struggle for a young black woman trying to make it on her own. Zoey was trying to do exactly that with no help. She sat in her car thinking about the dinner three days ago and decided to call Lauren. “hello?” she answered on the 4th ring. “hey Lauren I just wanted to apologize on caine’s behalf about the dinner…sorry” Zoey apologized. “why are you apologizing on his behalf? He’s not your responsibility Zoe he’s a grown man that knows exactly whats right from wrong, I don’t understand what your trying to establish here” Lauren retorted. “Look b**** I like him okay? So Im apologizing for him either you f***ing accept or you don’t” Zoey blunting spat back. Lauren sighed and thought for a while. “when are you going to wake up… does he even like you back I mean why are you wasting your time trying to get to know this man when he disrespected you yesterday to the highest level!!” Lauren said. Zoey looked at the phone and hung up. That was the last straw of attempting to be nice to Lauren in her book. She was completely over her judgmental ass at least Zoey was trying to give Cannan a chance to prove himself.

Caine sat on his old bed with his hairs all over his body sticking straight up. It was dark in the house and he felt that his “adopted” sister held all responsibility to why the house was that way. Maybe that’s why they moved he suspected. Caine heard his name being called as if children were there with him. He quickly covered his ears but the voices wouldn’t go away. Come with us… We welcome you! is only one of the things that were being said. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” Caine shouted particularly to his sister. He shut his eyes and wanted everything to stop but it continued. He got up from his bed and ran of the house landing on his face. He got up quickly and looked at the house and locked it. He held on to the key later to attempt to burn it. He never wanted to return to that evil house again. His sister was a devil in his eyes and now he knew that she would never give up with trying to capture his soul no matter where she was. Caine hit the other side of town with his speedy feet and headed to the shelter. He wiped the sweat off his forehead as the sun continued to beam on it. He was tired and thirsty hoping for the rain. Zoey stood over her stove stirring the rice that she was cooking and looked at her phone. She hesititated on calling Caine and inviting him over to eat with her or not. She hated for someone that she cared about to be hungry and not know when there next meal was going to be. Zoey couldn’t ignore her heart and picked up the phone. She listened as it rung as her heart beat faster. “what you want?” Caine answered. “can you come eat?” She asked him. Caine sighed on his end of the phone. “why?”, “because Caine I don’t want you to be hungry…please let me come and get you” Zoey begged. After him and her debated for 20 more minutes Zoey won him over and he agreed. She went to the mirror and checked herself before leaving the house and went downtown towards the shelter. She saw caine and signaled him to join her in the car. Caine got in the car and looked out the window. Zoey took off in silence all the way to her house. “do you wanna watch tv?” she asked him. “if I wanna watch tv I’ll turn it on” caine spoke. Zoey sighed and shook her head. She wanted to do everything in her power to not make this night a horror movie. “was that your girl friend?” Zoey asked randomly. “what?” caine laughed. This made Zoey smiled because she noticed his dimples. Caine saw Zoey smiled and his faded quickly and hers did as well. “they girl who dropped you off at Lauren’s….is she your girlfriend?” she questioned again. “No…she’s just a friend of mine, like the only friend I have really at the moment” Caine answered. “don’t feel bad I don’t have any friends really either…” Zoey cosigned. “don’t we have a lot in common” Caine replied. Zoey giggled and got up to check on the food. “I think so…”

“do you wanna be it?” Caine got up and followed her. “be what?” Zoey stated confusedly. “… girlfriend” Caine admitted. Zoey looked at caine in his eyes while her heart smiled. “sure…I’ll be your girlfriend Cannan” She responded. “don’t call me that, but cool” he walked off. “sorry..” Zoey said to herself. She was very happy on the inside but didn’t want to so how ecstatic she was in front of him. Staring in his eyes gave her butterflies. Those warm brown eyes did something to her. “dinner is ready” she announced. Caine walked to the table and sat down as Zoey brought the food over to him. “I hope you like it” She stated. “s*** I hope so too, don’t wanna use all of your toliet tissue after this” he laughed a lil. Zoey soon joined him as they ate and chatted a lil. Time wined down and the two sat on the couch watching tv. Caine’s eyes were clued to the screen because he didn’t get to watch that much. “caine…I know it may seem like im rushing into things but I really would like it if you would stay here” Zoey offered again. Caine looked at her and then nodded. Zoey was surprised and grew very happy. Everything that she’s been wanting was slowly falling into to place. She was so happy she almost thanked God instead of “it”. “im still sleeping on the floor” caine ruined the moment. “ok caine!”, “what? Be happy im even staying here.” Zoey nodded her head and looked down at the ground while caine laughed at the tv. She wondered if he had meant everything that he had said three days ago. She looked at him to make sure he wasn’t high at the moment because him asking to be his girlfriend still wasn’t clicking in her head. It was so random and out of the blue. She just hopped that he knew what he was doing, but kept her mouth closed.


Zoey woke up and decided to make her man some food. She wanted to be the best girlfriend he ever had. She walked over to Caine sleeping on the floor in the living room to wake him up. “caine…I made you breakfast….I hope you eat it this time” she mumbled the last part. Caine didn’t like getting interrupted during his sleep. He was grouchy and ruthless little did she know. Zoey stepped back and watched caine rise to his feet. “what the f*** you wake me up for?” he asked her. “I made you breakfast…eat” she responded. Caine snatched the plate out of her hand and Zoey walked to the kitchen to retrieve her plate. Caine stared down at the scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, and jelly toast that was waiting for him to grub. He took the plate and threw it at Zoey causing her to fall. “I don’t want that bulls***!!” Caine demanded and grabbed his book bag and left. Zoey sighed and looked at the broken plate on the floor. She shook her head, got up, and started cleaning up the mess he created. She noticed that he ruined her work clothes, so she went upstairs to change. Caine walked to alexis house pissed off. He was tired of Zoey already and questioned himself if he really liked her or not. He approached Alexis door and knocked on it. She finally opened as caine grew almost impatient enough to walk away. “bout damn time” He greeted her. She moved to the side to let him inside. “what the f***..didn’t I see you in that yesterday?” Alexis told. “b**** I don’t have no clothes iight?” Alexis rolled her eyes and put on some shorts. “lets go…” she told caine. “where the f*** we going?” He asked her. “to go get you some clothes nigga” she said. Caine wasn’t about to turn down the offer so he followed alexis out the door as they headed to the mall. Zoey went to work with a major headache from Caine throwing the plate at her head. She definitely didn’t get a chance to contact any of the employers that she had put in her application yet, so she was stuck dealing with ty’s mess again. “why you just won’t let me take you out to dinner?” Ty asked her. “Ty I have a man now! So you taking me out to eat is out of the question” She informed him. Ty sucked his teeth “ma?” he tried harder. “Im not your ma! Ty go do something constructive other then bothering me all the damn time.” Zoey snapped on him. Ty shook his head and decided to go his own way. Caine and Alexis continued to shop in the mall as the two of them were acting as if they were best friends. Caine was using her and as long as she continued to be this nice he didn’t seem why not. Zoey couldn’t take her mind off of Caine. Don’t act as if you don’t think about your boyfriend either. Zoey was just the type of girl to fall quickly whether she intended on doing so or not. The way she felt about anyone was beyond her control at times. Caine sat on the couch smoking a blunt when he receive a text from Zoey.

Zoey: Hey handsome what you doing?

Caine: Smoking wit alexis

Zoey: oh…. Are you coming home tonight?

Caine: you talking like that’s my house lol

Zoey: well your apart of me now so whateva is mine is yours…

Caine: smh yea… ill be dere later

Zoey: why you shaking your head?

Caine: is it a crime to do?

Zoey: no I was just asking…are you feeling better then earlier?

Caine: how’s your head? Lol I thought maybe you’d be texting to curse me out

Zoey: im ok..just a lil headache and no

Caine: yea because you know better

Zoey sighed and put her phone in her pocket. She watched the clock as she helped assist the manager by filing papers and reviewing applications. They were always interning people that wanted to be in business and had s*** to do with art. Caine continued to smoke with alexis until he was on his favorite cloud. He basically owned 10, 11, and 12 as much as he smoked. Time slipped away as lauren walked into the housing holding her hand. They both were giggling and laughing the night away. Lauren had enough of going to work and coming home. So she went out to a club and brought home a special gift. “eat it right” Lauren whispered in the girls ear. She winked at her while nodding her head. Lauren giggled loudly showing her drunkenness off while stepping out of her clothes. Caine got dropped off by alexis in front of Zoey’s house as she waited for him on the inside. Caine walked in with a grin on his face. “hey baby” Zoey ran up to him and hugged him. Caine dropped his bags and pushed her off of him. “quit! I don’t like all that hugging and cuddling s***” he warned her. Zoey looked at the floor and noticed his bags. Caine picked them up and brushed passed her. Zoey turned around and followed him to her room where he lied his stuff down. “You wanna see my clothes?” Caine smiled. Zoey fake smiled and nodded. Caine took out his new and improved wardrobe that alexis brought. He was glad that he didn’t have to continue to where work clothes from a job he no longer had or the same sweats he wore on the way back to get his phone from him and zoey’s first date. “there nice…” Zoey spoke up. “Alexis brought them for me” Caine smiled widely. Zoey frowned on the inside and pretended as if she cared. She didn’t accept the fact that some other b**** was buying him clothes and he wouldn’t even let her take him to eat. “im glad you like your clothes cannan” Caine glared at her and sternly said “don’t f***ing call me that damnit! I told yo ass that how many times do I need to remind your dumbass?” Zoey put up her hands as she surrendered. “Im sorry okay? I forget sometimes” Caine mumbled under his breath what sounded like stupid b**** . Zoey heard what he said and shook her head. She went and changed into her pj’s and tried to think positive about her new relationship. She climbed in the bed as she heard Caine watch tv downstairs. She closed her eyes hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Lauren woke up with panties on her head as the sun beamed on her eyes. She looked to the right to see a girl in her bed. She hopped up wondering what the hell she was doing there. Lauren tapped the girl until she woke up. “what the hell are you doing? Who are you?” she asked. The girl sat up and looked at Lauren with crust in her eyes. “im Bianca… you brought me to your house and we f***ed!” she stated. “WAIT WHAT? GET OUT!” Lauren shouted. Bianca grabbed her clothes and rolled her eyes at Lauren on her way out the door. Lauren buried her face in her hands not even understanding what just happened. She was confused on why the girl was in the bed and even the information she received about the sexual intercourse. If there was any truth there she knew that the Lord who be pissed at her. Zoey woke up and got herself ready for work. She walked down the stairs and saw Caine gone. She shook her head to herself and made herself breakfast. Caine sat outside the shelter smoking with some homeless people he was acquainted with. Zoey walked in her job hoping that this was her last day. “hey ma” ty smiled. “hey ty” Zoey said nicely. Ty was surprised by her response and was looking forward to getting cursed out. “can I cook for you tonight?” he asked her. Zoey sat and thought for a moment and just decided to agree. “yea.. Why not?” Zoey stated. Ty was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to give his hands on Zoey. Lauren finally got herself together after crying her eyes out all morning and headed to work.

“Lauren… you’re late!” her manager got on her. Lauren rested her hand on her forehead and nodded. “yes sir I know I tried calling you guys but no one answered” she said. “well if you want more hours I need you to be on time to your job do you understand?” He hounded. “yes sir” Lauren said. She sighed and dropped her head once her manager was out of site. It just hit her that she was late for work. Time slipped away from her and she knew she had to get it together or else. Caine went from the shelter to Alexis house to continue getting high like he always did. Zoey clocked out of work and went home. Ty had scheduled for them to get together around 6pm. Zoey was skeptical at first but then calm down and thought positive. She knew that Ty really really liked her so what could possibly go wrong? Caine and Alexis sat on their clouds laughing it up as Zoey got herself ready. She texted Ty her address as he soon came to get her. Caine hadn’t talked to Zoey all day and honestly wasn’t concerned about where she was at the moment. All he cared about was his coke and getting high. That’s all he was about if you haven’t noticed already. With a lifestyle like his you would probably do the same. Ty and Zoey sat in his living room watching a movie. “what made you change your mind baby?” ty smiled. “im not your baby and because I just got tired of your ass harassing me, ima get a restraining order on your ass if you keep it up” Zoey remarked. “I rather you punish me instead of the law” Ty flirted while trying to kiss her neck. “no nigga back up, I told you I had a man” Zoey rolled her eyes. “so! f***ed him what he got to do with me? You need to loosen up some… I got something for you” Ty stated while pulling out a pill. “take dat baby…you gone feel good” He stated. Zoey looked at him hesitant and thought smart. “no.. thanks lets just watch the movie okay?” Zoey retorted. Ty ignored her and got up and went to his kitchen. He took out two glasses and poured kool-aid in both of them while slipping the drug in Zoey’s cup. He held her’s in his left hand as he held his in his right. He approached her while sipping his drink and positioned her’s in front of her face. She looked up at him and took the cup and sipped it. “thanks” she stated. Ty smirked to himself and sat down next to her. “your more then welcome”

Moments later Zoey started feeling unusual and thought it might be a good idea that she started heading home. She felt dizzy and light headed and turned towarded ty. “hey… thanks for trying to be nice, sorry I couldn’t stay but I think ima go now” she stumbled while getting up. Ty got up and gripped her hips pressing his pelvis on her. “no… dinner is just now being served” He then attacked her neck. Zoey managed to push him with all of her strength as Ty came back punching her in the face. Zoey fell to the ground and turned to kick him in the balls. She struggled to get to the door and finally ran out. Ty laid on the floor swearing like a sailor in excruciating pain. Zoey ran as fast as she could as tears ran down her face she took out her phone and dialed Caine’s number by memory. “zoe..” he answered. “Caine…please come and get me” Zoey cried on the phone. “What?” Caine asked. Alexis heard from sitting next to caine that his girl might of needed help and took the phone. “this alexis where are you?” Zoey cried more because she didn’t want to speak to that b**** but if she was with Caine then she had no choice. She told her the address from where she could see and slowly passed out on the ground.

thanks mo! lol i brought this back for you and catersmommy lol
cause i know yall were reading it

Awe dam ats messed up what happend with Shad, and Zoey had to witness it. Caines a fcuking aszhole dude, with some serious issues. Zoey better woman up and put his ass in his place ol crazy jerk mofo. I feel like sice she couldt save Shad shes trying to save Caine.... You cant save em all Z. RUN IT!!!

flashbacks are in italics

<cite>Chapter 4: No more...</cite>

Zoey woke up the next morning and saw Caine on the floor sleep again. She repeated her routine and then made them some breakfast. Zoey walked into the living room with his plate in her hand hot and ready. She kneeled down and put it on the floor and slighty shook caine. “caine….wake up, I made you breakfast.” Caine slowly opened his eyes and looked as if he didn’t want to be bothered. Zoey got up as caine began to wake up. “Im about to be going to work soon, you can stay here in you want to…I made you breakfast too” she informed him. “I don’t want that” he bluntly said. Zoey swallowed hard and picked up the plate. She nodded and put the plate in the kitchen and decided to eat her food at the table. Caine turned on the tv and sat on the couch. Zoey dumped her food in the trash and walked passed the living room staring at Caine. She waved at him leaving out of the door. Caine continued to watch tv thinking about yesterday. He remember a lil but not all of it. One thing he was afraid to bring up was if they really had sex or not. Caine brushed his thoughts off and got himself together and left. He walked the streets and bumped into
<a href="">her</a> “sor-…alexis?”. She smiled and got up. Caine snatched the blunt out of her hand and blow some of the smoke into her mouth as she inhaled it. “what up b****? How you been…long time no see!!!” Caine continued to smoke and caught up with alexis. She was one of the first people he’d had a close relationship with in a while. He felt like he could tell her anything and she was there for him but that changed when she started getting on drugs. She was a different person and that’s what she was all about. Caine started experiencing his own problems and got on them too. “I know…I been trying to live.” Alexis smiled and took the blunt from his hands. “cool me where’s your spot at?” she asked him. “don’t have one!” he informed her. “awww poor dat!! We gotta get you somewhere daddy!!” she expressed while laughing. Caine rolled his eyes slightly away from her sight and kept walking. “where you headed?” she continued to make conversation. “ion know…just walking, I do that a lot” Caine told her. “come to my place, help me work…” she suggested. “fine..” he agreed. Caine and alexis turned around and started walking the opposite direction to get in her car. Caine got into the passenger seat and felt his phone vibrate.

Zoey: did you ever eat?

Caine: I told you before I didn’t want that s*** so why the f*** u ask me that

Zoey: I don’t want you being hungry that’s all caine

Caine: did we f***?

Zoey: …….yes

Caine: wow lol

Zoey: smh whateva!

Caine: did I like it?

Zoey: you seemed like you did

Caine: maybe I do like you…

Zoey: that’s shocking


Zoey: ok lol J

Alexis pulled up to her 2 bedroom house and parked into the driveway. “this is my house negro!!” she said. Caine got out and looked around. We were still on the poor side and wondered with a nice car that she had why was she living in such a house? “Cool…” he responded. Alexis escorted him inside and showed him around her place and then took him to where she kept her stash. “this is my money makers…” Caine admired how much drugs she had. “let me get some snow” he remarked. Alexis laughed and said “let me get some d***” Caine looked at her and shook his head while alexis laughed and gave him about 2 grams. “here!” Caine found the kitchen and grabbed a straw and sat his cocaine on the counter and started sniffing through the straw. “Good s*** right?” Alexis laughed. Caine nodded and continued to do what he knew best. Get High!! Alexis went and did the same joining him. The two of them laughed and joked around while Zoey sat at her job anxious to go home. She looked at her phone and wondered why Caine hadn’t texted her back but didn’t want to make him upset, so she decided to continue working. Lauren sat up watching tv as she enjoyed her day off. She wondered what Zoey was doing so she could hash things out with her. She remembered that their previous conversation didn’t go as planned. Lauren really desired a friendship with her cousin, but she doubt that would happen. She opened her computer to search for local counselors. Lauren thought that maybe talking to an outside source would help her better understanding of other people’s perspective. Zoey played games on her phone and continued to watch the clock every so often. She was more then ready to get off work and possibly hang with caine. That was her plan of course but knowing him who knows what he’d say. Every day it was something new.

<cite> <a href=",r:22,s:18,i:203">He</a> walked into the house with his niggas laughing it up after a good night at the club. He struggled to keep the beer bottles in his hands as he walked up the stairs. He walked into the room and drank some of the beer while looking at Zoey. “wake up! Its time to party baby!” He stated. Zoey rubbed her eyes annoyed by his drunk ass and looked up at him. “why don’t you come in the bed so I can hold you” she suggested. Shad walked over to her and sat on the bed. “some things are going to change…starting very soon! Got that?” he informed her. Zoey sat up in her bed and stared into his eyes. “wha..what u mean by that?” she asked him. “close your eyes and imagine yourself where ever you wanna be and don’t open them until I tell you to okay?” he instructed. Zoey nodded her head and did as she was asked and closed her eyes. Her mind took her to a beautiful beach with eagles soaring in the air and little kids building sand castles. Shad watched her closely and went into his draw and pulled out a load 22k and c**ked it. The sound made Zoey flinch and opened her eyes as they immediately widened. “sh-shad baby what are you doing? Pu-put that down…” She slowly tried getting up. He pointed the gun to his head nicely on his temple. “SIT BACK…and watch!” he demanded. Zoey’s eyes filled with tears as she swallowed hard. She didn’t know what to say or do at this point. Shad was someone who didn’t tolerate being controlled. He was a control freak and loved to be in charge of no matter what it was. His and her relationship was great at the beginning just like everything else always is. But, then things started to take a dramatic turn when he assumed that Zoey was cheating on him with someone. Zoey hated that she was attracted to the dope heads and bum niggas with no life. They always did something to her heart to capture and keep it. </cite>

<cite>“Shad lets talk about this baby please!!” Zoey started to shred tears getting on her knees in the bed. “why you f*** that nigga? Im not good enough for you?” Shad questioned. Zoey shook her head because this was like the 100th time she had to prove and explain that she never cheated on him. “Shad I love YOU! I never cheated on you, never hurt you in any way and I won’t ever hurt you. Please put the gun down!” She cried more. Shad laughed loudly and paced back and forth with the gun to his head. “I give Zoey this, Zoey that. My parents are always like “ohhhh Zoey is a fine young lady Shad keep her, make sure you don’t hurt her! She’s the wifey type” BULLs***” He yelled. Zoey flinched at the peak of his tone and grew scared of what he might do. “I treated you like a queen and how did you treat me??… im waiting” Shad spoke. “SHA- “DON’T SAY NOTHING! OKAY…EVERYTHING IS DONE! MY PAIN STOPS HERE… I loved you Zoey” He took a deep breath. “NOOOO!!!” Zoey screamed and hopped off the bed and BAM!!. Shad shot himself in the head landing on the floor. </cite>

Zoey ran into the bathroom and cried her eyes out. It had been a while since she thought about shad and the things their relationship took her through. She didn’t expect for her mind to wonder that far to the point she had to excuse herself from work over the past. She cried hysterically in the bathroom stall and tried to regain her breath. She thought over and over Why “it”? Why him? After hearing a few knocks on the door she finally managed to collect herself together. She wiped her tears and splashed water over her face. She sighed deeply running the paper towel over her face and finally walking out of the bathroom. One of her female co workers asked her was she okay and zoey responded with a nod. Her co-workers were always friendly and they liked to look out for each other but because of the constant harassment from Ty she was looking for another job. She felt no point in reporting it when she could just go somewhere else and get paid better at the same damn time. “aye they told me you were in there crying…you straight?” Ty came over. Zoey thought that the devil was definitely out to get her now that Ty came over to her. She sighed “thank you for being concerned I just had a lil moment im fine” Zoey claimed. “ooooook… you know I can always make you feel right” Ty winked his eye. Zoey rolled her eyes and looked at the clock. “thank you “it”. Lauren walked out of the grocery store after stalking this boy that she really like for about 10 minutes. She wanted to know everything about him but was too scared to approach him. She sighed as she loaded her car and decided to drive off. Before leaving she found someone in the area that was willing enough to charge her an affordable amount to sit down and chat. Lauren felt like this would be good for her and plus she knew that it was a sign from God that, that’s what she needed to do. She unloaded her car after pulling up to her house and thought about inviting Zoey and Caine over for dinner. She didn’t know if her invitation would be accepted off of either one of their behalf’s but hoped for the best. She pulled up her phone and decided to call and give it a try. “hello?” she heard the voice of Zoey. “hey… I just came from the grocery store and I picked up collard greens, macaroni and cheese and I have chicken here to fry would you and caine like to come and join me this evening?” Zoey pulled her ear from her phone looked at it and then answered. “uhhh… well let me see what caine says first okay? Ill call you or text you!”, “ok cool..bye” Lauren hung up. She sighed and hoped that she would attend.

Zoey didn’t know what the hell got into Lauren. The same girl that didn’t want Zoey to have anything to do with Caine. She shook her head and pulled out her phone and called caine. She listened to the phone ring three times until he finally answered. “yo zoe!” he answered. Zoey giggled and felt her day get better once she heard his voice. “I know your hungry..”, “how you figure?”. Zoey didn’t want to say anything inappropriate so she just offered. “would you like to come with me to Lauren’s house for dinner? She called me and invited me and wanted you to come as well” Zoey secretly prayed for him to say yes so she wouldn’t go alone. She also wouldn’t of been upset if he would say no because she’d just feed him herself. Caine thought for a while as his high wore off. “……yea I’ll go what time?” Zoey smiled “she didn’t say…but I’ll come and get you” she remarked. “no you straight! Just send me the address to her house when you ready and ill come through” he retorted. “caine I don’t want you walking” Zoey stated. “Zoey…. Stay in your lane, see you” he said. Zoey slightly rolled her eyes on her end and sighed. “okay…please be careful.” Caine hung up and told Alexis the game plan and she agreed to take him where he needed to be.

Time died down and Caine and Alexis continued to hang out at her house. She taught him over the hours about drugs and how to sell them and soon would be working with her. Caine was excited and couldn’t wait to see the fast green in his hand. He knew that he had to watch himself and not use all his products for himself. Zoey got her self together and sprayed on some perfume and grabbed her clutch and walked out of the door. Caine laughed and talked more with Alexis as he reminisced with his old friend when he felt his phone vibrate. He looked at the message and saw the address and informed Alexis. Zoey pulled up to Lauren’s house and sighed. She didn’t know if she wanted to wait on chris or go inside. Alexis pulled up outside of laurens house and got out. Caine got out of the car and looked at Zoe’s car in the driveway. Zoey got out once she sawcaine hugging some girl. Zoey sighed and walked to the door and rang the bell. Alexis drove off as Caine joined Zoe waiting for lauren to open the door. Lauren opened the door and greeted the both of them friendly and fake if you ask Caine. Zoey walked in first and Caine watched her ass as she lead the way. Lauren cleared her throat noticing what Caine was doing and he ignored her. The three of them sat down at a set dining room table with their plates already prepared. “wow… thanks Lauren” Zoey said. Lauren nodded and smiled “your welcome”. Caine sat quietly examined his food with the fork and thought about if he wanted to eat the food or not. In his mind he didn’t know if she was trying to kill him or not. “Caine…” Zoe called. He looked up “what?” he answered. Zoey was about to snap on him for because he did anything but because she was secretly still replaying the hug she saw him give that girl. She knew that he would never let her get that close to him even if she tried. Getting cursed out would be the first thing he’d do. “You hungry?” Lauren asked him. “not really…” he said pushing the plate back. “so how’s everything going with you?” Zoey tried to make conversation quick before the night turned bad. “its…its okay” Caine thought to himself and smiled. “can I taste some of your food baby?” he smirked at Zoey. Lauren looked at the both of them confused and waited for Zoey to answer. “uhhh…you have the same (looked at lauren then at him) thing caine” She giggled. “I know but all of your stuff taste good… ALL of it” he laughed while digging in her plate. Before Zoey can stab him with a food Caine ate a fork full of macaroni and placed it in his mouth laughing. Zoey tried to control herself because she didn’t play about her food. “So you guys are an….item?” Lauren asked. “N- “Yup!…she’s and I made it official when we f***ed in the rain” Caine aired out. “wow…” Zoey shot a glare at caine unaware of what he was trying to get accomplished at the moment.

“So how long exactly are we talking?” Before zoey could fix her lips Caine started talking again. “ion know you know Zoey is really easy with her pussy I mean any nigga that wants it could probably get it you know so we f***ed a couple of times in the rain so when exactly did we make it official babe?” caine looked at Zoey laughing. “This is a laughing manner?” Lauren asked. “oh yea.. Zoey is a hoe, you laugh at hoes! They don’t have any self respect anyway but she’s daddy’s hoe though” he looked over at Zoey. Zoey was on fire and wanted to strangle caine’s next. Every time she tried to get a word in caine got louder and cut her off. She was confused on why the f*** he was doing this to her. She thought that before the dinner they were all great. “I’ve definitely lost my appetite” Zoey said leaving the table. “well im just now ready for my appetizer spread that pussy”. “you can excuse yourself” Lauren said disgusted. “whateva b****” Caine mumbled and got up. Zoey walked out the house and started her car and Caine followed behind her getting prepared to walk. Zoey watched him walk past her car and couldn’t take it anymore. She got out her car and pushed him as hard as she could. Caine turned around. “what the f***?”, “your exactly right, what the f*** was that Caine? How all of a sudden did I become a hoe and easy?” she spoke right about a yell. “when you started throwing drinks on a nigga head that’s when” Caine retorted. Zoe screwed her face “nigga you still on that bulls*** after I f***ing apologized more then once? What you want me to do get you a f***ing teddy bear and some sour patch kids? That doesn’t mean you can tell lies and embarrass me in front of my cousin.” She stated. Caine laughed “Ohhh you were embarrassed huh?” he remarked sarcastically. “the last time I check you didn’t give two s***s about your cousin so just because I made your stupid ass look a fool tonight don’t front like you like her, none of the s*** shouldn’t of fazed you unless you feel guilty” He reported. Zoey shook her head “have a good night, I hope you got everything that you wanted achieved tonight” she got in her car looking sad. Caine realized that he might of hurt her feelings but was about to apologize to her. Zoey could of said a lot of other things to caine but she just decided to end the conversation short because it would have been pointless to argue with him. He only remembers what the f*** he wants anyway she thought. Caine started walking and Zoey watched him from her window. She wanted to offer him a ride despite everything he said tonight. She wanted to help him and be there for him but he was already gone. Plus, she doubted that he’d take her offer anyway. She sighed and hoped that where ever he was going he arrived there safely. She knew then that he walking away was the confirm nation of not taking her invitation to stay at her house.

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Where to begin... Umm I don't think zoey should be mad at lauren. She just been tryna help and damn I would be shocked to if my cousin said she hated God suddenly. Then caine is opening up but he got to get rid of that crack addiction. It's working him over. I'm glad zoey and caine getting along. Having sex in the rain randomly is intense. I'm so sad about both of their pasts. Caine being confused cause his sick bastard of a dad was raping him for literal years. Ugh and zoey being raped when she was a little girl. Both stories have me blown. No wonder they don't trust ppl, even tho I don't think zoey should be mad at lauren. I'm glad zoey opened up her house to caine but she better remember that nigga a crack head and her offering to be his "cocaine" might not cut it.

Run it shawty!

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Dam Laurens job on some petty ish, hows a girls suppose to live with them cutting her hours lke that. I call bulls*** on that.
Zoey tryna be captain save a hoe, Ms. Do right ass. If Caine say leave his ass alone he obvious has a reason why hes saying it. And Caines a f***ed up individual period. Drug addict and Rehab all by the age of 14 damn shame. RUN IT kERIA.

Gotta read later on but I just wanted to Run it!!!!

<emp>Chapter 3: A piece of WORK!!</emp>

Lauren went to work with a positive attitude everyday but wondered was that all that life had to offer. She wanted a better relationship with Zoey, but she didn’t know how after all the years they went without talking. All she did was go to work and then come home. Go to work, come home. She was 23 with a life and wanted to party with her friends but she felt like everyone was turning against her because of her strongly opinionated personality. She couldn’t help but express the way she felt at times and maybe didn’t realized sometimes she needed to shut up. She was a hopeless romantic and haven’t had a boyfriend since she was 18. She wanted to hurry and find that special to swift her off her feet but didn’t know what to do once a guy approached her. She would either be quick to judge his look or once he said something she didn’t like she was done with him. And she wondered why she was single. Her positive attitude soon changed at work once she saw that her hours got cut. That was depressing for not just her but anyone else who had goals and aspirations they wanted to fulfill. She walked into her manager’s office and knocked on the door. “yes?” he looked up. “Hi! Im sorry to bother you, I just had a few concerns about the schedule” Lauren confronted her manager. “okay..what’s the problem.” , “well the schedule showed that I only have half of the hours that I been receiving for a long time”. He glanced at lauren showing that he really didn’t care much about her issues with the schedule. “yea..your hours got cut because I been getting complaints for customers that you assisted so until you get your act together that’s when you can have your ours back until then that’s what your going to be getting.” he warned her. Lauren left he office mouthing the word wow. She didn’t understand because she always displayed great customer service. She went back to her work station shaking her head and discouraged.

Zoey did her normal routine and walked into the living room to see caine still sound asleep. She tip toed quietly trying not to wake him due to the warning she received last night. She didn’t want to witness what “dangerous” meant this early before getting her paper. She grabbed a jelly toast and walked out of the house. She thought about leaving a note and thought to just text him later when she figured he’d wake up. On zoey’s way to work Caine woke up and looked around his surroundings. He was confused and didn’t know where he was.

He admired the place and soon got up. He started to roam around and saw his book bag on the floor. He went through it to make sure that he still had at least a lil of what he owned still there. He took it and looked for the bathroom. He walked in and saw the shower still wet from someone previously using it. He decided to turn it on and hop in after getting naked. The water felt great to him on his body because he got to stay in as long as he want. It was always uncomfortable taking showers at the shelter so some days he went without them. He knew it was unhealthy but he didn’t want to stand another chance with getting f***ed in the ass. Once he got out of the shower he got himself together including brushing his teeth. He walked around the house and found the kitchen. He didn’t mind at all getting full because it wasn’t much he could do now without a job. Caine watched tv for a while as he ate and then decided to go looking around again. He walked into a room that look like it belonged to a girl. He went through the drawers and found a bra’s and panties and screwed his face. Just then his phone vibrated and it was Zoey.

Zoey: have a good night?

Caine: did you kidnap me?

Zoey: smh something told me you were gonna say that…no I didn’t

Caine: how did I get here if you didn’t kidnap me

Zoey: you were texting me about how bad you wanted to eat me out and you wanted me to come get you, you fingered me in the car and jacked yourself off while I went in the house and you wanted to continue to eat me but I wouldn’t let you…

Caine: I thank that mothaf***a above and ion even like his ass that you didn’t let me do that s*** lol…hairball’s and s***

Zoey: ahh! Nigga don’t play me lol I wax and remain looking good

Caine: if you say so

Zoey: just for dat don’t eat none of my damn food

Caine: its 2 late

Zoey: wow lol…. But you can eat all you want, you wanna go to dinner later?

Caine: smh no… I don’t have any money to go out to eat

Zoey: I got you so you don’t have to worry about that

Caine: No! I don’t want you paying for me, im the man!

Zoey: well how about we just go and eat then not pay we can go look at the stars

Caine: lol ok…

Zoey: J

Caine: you’re a lame!

Zoey: lol so….hey on a serious not though can I ask you something?

Caine: what?

Zoey: what did you mean yesterday?

Caine: what you talking about?

Zoey: you told me that I needed to leave before you woke up because you were dangerous…what do you mean?

At this point Caine had already left her house making sure to lock the door on his way out to hit the scene. He walked down the streets while texting. Zoey and wondered if he wanted to really define the definition she wanted to know. He put a blunt to his lips and blew smoke in the air. Weed really did calm his nerves and from his eyes that’s the only thing he loved and loved him. He debated and thought that since he wasn’t dead from spending the night at zoey’s house that he should explain a lil more to her about him.

Caine: Zoey… it’s a lot of things you don’t know and shouldn’t know and should just leave it at that

Zoey: caine… you can trust me, I don’t talk to anyone! I had to go threw a lot of s*** 2 with watching my ex die in front of me! I won’t judge you I promise!

Caine: I don’t like being expressive and you know it! How I know you won’t f*** me over like everyone else did in my life? Abandon me…my parents didn’t give a s*** about me when I was younger. That b**** they adopted is crazy and she tried to kill me! She kept choking me one night and said “come with us” and I never understood what the f*** that meant!

Zoey: why did your parents abandon you?

Caine: maybe because when I turned 13 I stopped letting my dad molested me and f*** me in the ass. He started doing it when I was 6 and I didn’t know what it was. It hurt for a long time until it felt good and growing up I really didn’t know whether to like girls or boys.

Zoey: wow.. Im sorry that you had to go through that! I hate my step dad for taking what I wanted to give to my ex but he took it from me! I hate him for that. He raped me when I was 8 and so dealing with that I did drugs when I was 12 and went to rehab at 14

Caine: smh! f*** them! He beat my ass because he found me playing with myself at one time and after that that’s when they brought that demonic b**** apart of the family.

Zoey: im sorry that you had to go through that caine

Caine: f*** THEM! IM GOOD!

Zoey didn’t want to pressure him any longer with his past and make him upset so she decided to not answer. She was surprised at the news she received. She continued to work and get harassed and hounded questions by tyga trying to teach her things about tattoos. She was just clearly and simply uninterested and wanted him to stop. She loved it when she got off of work to get away from him. Her goal was to find a better and more stable job that she could keep. She thought about how stupid she was for not finishing college because maybe then she would be somewhere better in life. Caine continued to inhale his weed and ran into an old man as he walked the streets. “sorry”, “watch it” the old man warned him. Caine laughed at the old man and continued to walk and watched as it started to get around the dusk time.

Zoey walked into her house after work slipping off her shoes not even a foot in the door. She was tired and didn’t want to do nothing but get in the bed. She looked at her phone and saw it was Lauren calling her. She sighed because she didn’t really wanna chit chat with her today. She didn’t want to make it seem like she was ignoring her so she decided to answer. “hello?”, “zoey did you know that caine got fired from Verizon?” she started bragging. “yea.. He told me” Zoey replied. “oh so you too been talking huh?” Lauren sounded sarcastic. Zoey hated sarcastic people it pissed her off. She understood the thin line from having a humor then from being a sarcastic a**hole that lauren was being. “yea he’s cool, I like him a lot” zoey told her. “wow.. Do you know not remember that you told that he doesn’t believe in God?” Lauren preached. Zoey sighed making her way to her room. “yes I remember you telling me that but what does it matter? I don’t like God either s***! What has he done for me in my life?” She laughed. Lauren shook her head on her end and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “are you serious Zoey?”, “YUP! ever since my depression and when shad died! Nothing right has been going right in my life I don’t know who “it” is” she laughed again. “oh my.. Im going to pray for you Zoey because I hate that you feel that way” Lauren remarked. Zoey rolled her eyes and got frustrated. “pray that you find a man b**** and get off my line” she hung up.

Zoey was pissed off at her judgemental having ass. She knew nothing about caine and how close they were getting whether he was above or under the influence. She was getting to know him better and better and she wanted to continue to have that connection with him regardless of how Lauren felt. Zoey wanted her to mind her business. She haven’t even been in her life that long for her to be trying to play the sister role. Zoey wanted lauren to stay in her lane and remain a cousin. Caine sat on the side of the shelter and snorted after finishing his blunt. He looked at his phone and played angry birds and became angry himself. Zoey hopped out the shower and put clothes on remembering that she offered caine to dinner. She looked at the clock that read 5:56pm and decided to text him.

Zoey: hey.. Still up for dinner?

Caine didn’t text back right away like he normally did and Zoey took that opportunity to do her hair over. Once she was done she looked at her phone and read the message from caine.

Caine: yea…

Zoey: okay where are you?

Caine: I don’t know…

Zoey: what are you talking about you don’t know?

Caine: I don’t…

Zoey: I need u to give me an address

Caine ended up telling her some of the surrounds that he was nearby. Zoey knew exactly where he was and told him to stay there. Caine continued to walk around while scratching his arms and nose. He waited patiently until he grew cold.

Caine: hurry up baby its cold out here…

Zoey looked at her phone and was surprised at him. She didn’t know where this was coming from and then shook her head. She then woke up and figured he was high again. The regular caine was never this s*** to her. She was almost wishing he was high every minute so that he could continue to treat her with respect and the way she wanted. She knew it was wrong to think that way but if that’s what it took for him to show a lil affection then why not?

Zoey: im almost there babe….

Caine: okay because im cold!!

Zoey tried to hurry up because she didn’t want to leave him out there standing or doing whateva he was doing. Atleast she knew that when he was with her he’d be safe. She arrived on the street that he describe and noticed herself on the poor side of vegas again. She wondered why he surrounded himself around this area. She took her phone out texting him to get in the car and he finally did after noticing the car. “hey…” she greeted him. “hey” he looked out the window. Zoey pulled off wondering where to go. The plan was to go to dinner eat all the wanted to and ditch the waitress at the end then count the stars together. “any place in particular you wanna eat at?”. Caine sighed and said “I told you I didn’t have any money”. Zoey looked at him and then at the road “Were gonna run out and go count the stars remember?” She reminded him. He chuckled and shook his head. “yea and go to jail… well hell, maybe we should go and do that so that I can be put in jail.. At least I’d have a home” He spoke softly. Zoey’s heart dropped when he heard him say that at least in jail he’d have a home. She didn’t want him to go through what he was going through and felt very bad. “We don’t have to do that… I’ll pay for you its no big deal” she offered. Caine sat there silent after a while until her told zoey to pull over. “why?’, “I got to pee” Caine lied. Zoey agreed and pulled over thinking he had to use the bathroom. Caine hopped out of the car and started running as fast as he could. Zoey screwed her face in confusion and turned off her car and hopped out. She ran after him while shouting his name. Caine ignored her and soon stopped to catch his breath. He slid on the side of this old abandon building and began crying. He was so tired of her trying to be nice to him. Who did she think she was? Zoey finally caught up with caine and shook her head. “whats wrong? Why did you run like that?” she asked him.

Caine continued to cry because he didn’t like people saying OR doing anything nice for him. He felt like it was all fake to trap him somehow. He couldn’t take the fact that she wanted pay for his food. It made him feel less as a man. Zoey kneeled down facing caine and lifted his face to meet hers. “we don’t have to eat okay? We can do whateva you want” Zoey told him. He shook his head repeatedly “I need some cocaine.” Zoey stared at him and started wiping his tears. “…..I’ll be your cocaine” she stated. Caine looked up at her and stared at her for a while. Zoey got lost looking into his beautiful brown eyes and could look into his eyes forever. “why are you so nice to me?” he asked her. “because I like you and I have faith in you.” Caine smirked a lil and nodded “I …I like you 2” Caine confessed. Zoey blushed a lil and jumped because of the thunder. The rain poured down on the two of them as if they were in the shower. Caine got up and opened his mouth receiving the rain in his mouth. Zoey laughed and bounced around as she got soaked. Caine took off his shirt and drenched it out. Zoey turned around and admired his body now noticing his tattoos. Caine caught her staring and she smiled. “you wanna do something wild?” Caine walked up to her and nodded his head. “you wanna make love...well like in the rain?” Zoey suggested. Caine’s facial expression showed fear and Zoey could hear loud and clear the beat to his heart racing. “we don’t have to..lets get out of here” Zoey quickly retorted. “no… I want to” Caine stated.

Zoey grabbed his face gently and pressed her lips against his. She felt butterflies confirming she really like him. Caine stared at her during the kiss while zoey closed hers. This was caine’s first time kissing a girl since high school. He never wanted to get that close to a girl because he knew that she would want to have sex. Zoey looked at him as the rain continued to fall and took off her shirt. Caine stared at her as she removed her clothing. He moved closer to her making her back up against the wall and took off her jeans. Caine looked Zoey in the eyes as he positioned himself on his knees putting her legs on his shoulders. He kissed her pussy slowly and gently as he began to seduce her. Zoey was loving every single moment of it and couldn’t control her moans. “mmmmm eat that pussy caine” she demanded. Caine took her advice and continued to eat her and he was indeed starving. Caine enjoyed her sweet liquids dripping down his throat as he continued to flick his tongue on her clit. “f***kkkkkk” Zoey cried. Caine smirked and bit her clit causing Zoey to moan louder. He took his fingers and inserted it in her hole and let his tongue dance on her clit as his fingers guided in and out of her. “oooooohhh you making me soo f***ing wet caine.”

Eating pussy was nothing new to caine. He never had sex with any of the girls that sucked his d*** in high school but he definitely knew how to return the favor. He felt as if his tongue was the only talent he had so he had to use it well. Caine continued to slurped the juices coming out of Zoey’s pussy as he pleasured her. “mmmmmmmm f***!” Zoey screamed. She started bouncing on his face as she was about to reach her peak. It has been a while since Zoey was sexually active, so she was about to experience an awesome climax. Caine closed his eyes and continued to pull, suck, lick and nibble on Zoey’s clit when she pushed his head back. “AHHH f***KKKK OOOOOHHH s***!!” she came. Caine licked up her juices and took off his jeans as he stood up. He reached for a condom in his wallet and gave it to Zoey.

Zoey opened the condom and slid it on his d*** and looked at him. “put it in…” she told him. “I want u to be in control” he expressed. “ok…sit down”. Caine took his wet t shirt and placed it on the ground before sitting. Zoey straddled his and positioned herself to slide down his d***. “oooooohhh yess daddy” she moaned. Caine’s mouth flew open wide even for California to fit in. Zoey began riding his d*** slowly and gripping her breast at the same time. Caine’s breathing quicken as zoey started to speed up. “mmmmm” he groaned. “yesss caine” zoey moaned. Zoey continued to ride him until caine positioned himself on top of her. She gripped his hips to guide him through the rhythm. Caine was enjoying this, it was by far one of the best feelings he could ever imagine. He thought to himself that this was way better then what his dad use to do. “like that?” caine asked while biting his lip. Zoey bit down on hers and nodded. “YES!! OOOOHHH”. Caine started to get the hang of pounding that pussy and sped up. He used her legs as support and spread them wider as he continued to dig his d*** deeply inside her tight pussy. “oooohhh yes! f*** me caine!”, “mmmmm…zoey… this feels good!” Caine admitted. “f*** yes daddy!” she agreed.

Caine picked up the speed and at this point was beating her pussy up. He started to grind and thrust harder and harder until zoey looked as if she was dying. “are you okay?” he asked. Zoey was trying to control herself from screaming and exploding at the same time. “f***KK CAINEEE!!!!” she screamed. “you like it?” he asked her while smirking. Zoey was turned on by everything he did. It was jus the little things that made her want to hurt him every second. Caine stared into zoey’s eyes with intensity as she did the same in return.

Caine slowed down and started to kiss her everywhere. “your beautiful…” he whispered. Zoey felt beautiful right then at that moment only because he said it. Other then that she was really insecure about the way she looked. She was always teased about looking like a boy and having no frame. “your beautiful 2 caine…” a slight tear escaped from her eyes. She bit her lip and ran her fingers down his back as the rain hit him making him look extra sexy. Caine bit her bottom lip and zoey had enough! She turned him over and caine closed his eyes. She placed her hands on his nicely shaped abs and grinded her hips making sure he felt her. Zoey then started to bounce on caine’s lengthy d*** fast as she moaned loudly. “f*** f*** f*** f***…OOOOHH s***TT CAINEEEE!!!”, “mmmm”, “mmmm”, “yeaaa?”, “ooohh f*** yea daddy” Zoey whined as caine pumped from underneath her. “im bou- to ahhhhhh….ahhhhh f***kk mmmmmm” she squirted on his d***. Caine turned her around and started pumping inside of her deep as she bit on his shoulder. “yessss f*** this pussy caine” she instructed. Caine continued until he felt himself about to finish. He buried his face in her neck and bit it roughly. Zoey crossed her legs letting him in even deeper. “f***KK MMMM” she moaned. “ahhhh…mmmmmm….mmmmm…” caine moaned deeply in her ear making zoey’s body shake vigorously again after cumming the first time. Caine sat up and took himself out and took the condom off . He tossed it on the ground not giving a f*** and blushed at zoey. She got up and looked for belongings as the rain suddenly stopped.

After they got there belongings Zoey invited Caine over to her house so that they could shower together. By then Caine’s high started to where off and zoey knew that more then likely everything earlier he wouldn’t remember. “Do you want me to make you something to eat?” she offered. “no…”, Zoey nodded and thought of something to do to make him as comfortable as possible. She sighed before she stated “caine… I know you may not trust me but I want to be there for you and help you in anyway possible and with that being said I don’t think that you should be living out there in that shelter or whatever…. You can stay here with me” she exclaimed. Caine laughed a lil “I don’t know yet.” Zoey nodded “well…atleast don’t go back there tonight.” Caine stared at her for a while and then nodded. “ill be on the floor” Zoey sighed and walked into the ktichen to make them something to eat. “…..fine”. She didn’t want to argue and drive him out the door. Wherever he wanted to sleep she had no choice but to accept it.

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Chapter 2: A New You!

Caine woke up with a headache from last night. He still couldn’t believe that Zoey threw her margaritas on his head. He wanted to literally go ballistic on her but he had to control himself. He looked at the ceiling and thought about being nice for a change and got up. He looked at the time and it read 7:45am. He quickly got out the bed and went to take a shower. It was very uncomfortable taking a shower in the shelter because they didn’t have curtains so anyone could pass by and see what he was blessed with. Caine hit his 3 important areas the most and hopped out and put his sweats that he had on last night along with the t-shirt. He grabbed his book bag that had his few clothes in and tooth brush etc. He walked out the shelter and walked down the street. He was happy that he didn’t have to work today but thought of what to do if there was anything. He passed a store with flowers displaying in the window and decided to go in and purchase some roses. He inhaled the beautiful yellow, white, and red roses he purchased for Zoey and smiled. He took out his phone and texted her to make sure she wasn’t gone from the hospital. “YO!!” he hit send. “…..hey” Zoey texted him back. “you in the hospital still?” He asked her. “yea…im bout to leave around 10 the nurses said”, “ok cool…” Zoey text back but he didn’t even attempt to look at it because he had a while to walk. Caine had power feet and being less fortunate he didn’t have a car like most to get him around town. So the only way he got around was his own 2 feet. He didn’t really mind walking because he became accustom to doing it. The only disadvantages that came with walking everywhere was not being able to soak his feet after receives countless blisters and sores on the ball and heel of his feet.

He continued to walk a long hour walk from the shelter to the hospital. Once he walked in the flowers seemed to be still in good condition. The hot Vegas sun actually helped them to stay alive while Caine felt like he was dying. “im here to visit Zoey Davis” He let the nurse know. “okay she’s in room 234 but first I need you to sign in and take this visitor pass” she informed him. Caine did as he was instructed and walked to the elevator. He waited patiently and felt his heart beating for some reason. He didn’t know if she would like the flowers or not but he was trying to do something different. The elevator door opened and caine stepped in and pressed the number 2. He watched the elevator numbers move and stepped out on his floor. He counted down the doors until he got to 234 which as open. Zoey looked at caine as her eyes widened. Caine wanted to smile at her expression but he didn’t want to show it. “you brought those…for me?” Zoey asked caine as he stepped further in the room. Caine nodded and handed them to her. Zoey took in their scent and sighed out of relief. “they’re beautiful caine thank you” She cheesed. Caine look at her and got mad all over again because of the alcohol. “you know you f***ed up my favorite outfit right?’ Zoey’s smiled faded as he reminded her of last night. “Caine I had an allergic reaction to the alcohol last night im sorry” she tried to be apologize. “Do you not know that alchohol BURNS why the f*** would you do that s***?” He questioned her. Zoey felt her heart drop because he went from being nice to being mean in seconds. “I never experienced that before like I told you I had a reaction to it….I don’t know what else to tell you other then that im sorry” She expressed. Caine chuckled at her and shook his head as if what she was saying was dishonest. “well enjoy your flowers” He told her attemptin to walk out. “where you going?” Zoey asked. “why does that matter?” He snapped. Zoey forgot that he didn’t like her being in his business and looked away. “thanks for the flowers again”, “whateva” caine quickly responded and walked out of the room.

Zoey was confused and didn’t even want the flowers anymore but accepted them anyway just because they were really beautiful. She tried to express and explain to him why she did what she did but he wasn’t buying any of it. At this point she wanted to give up on Caine because she secretly wanted to try and pursue him for more then a friend. It was just something about him that made her so interested. He was like a suspenseful movie that kept you on the edge of your seat eager and anxious for what’s next. Zoey felt that way about Caine. She wanted to make him interested in her like she was him but always wanted to remain herself. She refused to look desperate and go out of character to get his attention. That wasn’t her swag and the way she was brought up. Caine walked on the streets and headed back to the shelter. He sat on the ground and looked at his surroundings. He watched this old man that usually sold him what he need walk by and stopped him. They made an exchange and caine rewarded his nose. He sat outside snorting away and felt like he was in heaven. Yup that’s right! Cocaine was his Nose Candy and he loved every bit of it. He didn’t appreciate the comment that Zoey made at dinner calling him a crack head because that’s exactly what he was. He couldn’t help it but continued to do it because it made him feel good. It was a common excuse for any other crack head and caine stuck by that because he never went in depth with his past with anyone. He didn’t like people that much. Zoey to him was another person trying to bring him down and take him for granted some how in life. He didn’t want to get close to her at all or anyone else. He didn’t have people in his life for very long and he didn’t want to make Zoey a friend. Caine sat on his cloud laughing at everything for no apparent reason. His Nose Candy took him to another part of himself. Sometimes good…and sometimes bad. Oh and when he was bad…he was really bad. Caine couldn’t control the overly abuse that he used on drugs. It was his clutch for pain and he didn’t care as long as he had that he was good with life.

“Your all set” the nurse told zoey. She smiled and walked out of the hospital and called a cab to take her to the police station. The police made sure that they drove her car from the restaurant to the police station for safety purposes only . If she had people in her life that really cared about her then maybe she wouldn’t have to do this extra stuff like going to the police station and sorts. Once she got her keys she got into her car and drove herself home. She walked in and side at the vacant place. It was depressing coming here all she did was work and come home. Caine felt his phone go off and saw a text from Zoey. Surprising he smiled and answered her. “im good…how about you?”

Zoey: Im fine…just left the hospital

Caine: good J

Zoey: lol…ooohhh kay , thanks for the flowers again

Caine: its no biggie

Zoey was surprised at how nice Caine was being after storming out the way he did at the hospital. She didn’t know if he was really a good person putting up a front or what. She wanted to know why he was being so nice but she didn’t want to ruin the moment or his mood. Instead she left that question in her head.

Zoey: J ok…so what are you up to?

Caine: s***…

Zoey: so how is it working with Lauren?

Caine: who dat?

Zoey: my cousin the one who gave you my number

Caine: oh the crazy girl I mean… she iight I guess lol

Zoey: lol don’t talk about my cousin!

Caine: Im just saying she annoying

Zoey: Yeah she can be annoying sometimes Im just now talking to her again, Im not a really big family person. I been through a lot so I kinda separated myself from a lot of people.

Caine: Im NOT at all a big family person. God hates me lol

Zoey: Why would you say that?

Caine: because he never done s*** for me and I don’t see how hi believers believe in him. Lol quite funny if you as me. Nothing good ever happens for me.

At this point Zoey had to have him because the more he spoke the more she was drawn into him. She wondered why he felt the way he did about everything. Why was this guarded wall up? She wanted to be that person to knock it down, but she doubted that she’d even get close to doing that because Caine was a tough cookie. For some reason even though her and Caine haven’t gotten the chance to catch up really like she would of liked she felt comfortable with him. She wanted to open up more because caine made her feel a certain way that she couldn’t identify at the moment.

<cite>Zoey: well I guess I can say the same lol… I went through so much s*** within the past 4 years I felt like everything was done for me. Truth be told I just got over everything 2 years ago. Smh</cite>

<cite>Caine: Life is f***ed up</cite>

<cite>Zoey: No watching your ex boyfriend commit suicide right in front of you is f***ed up.</cite>

<cite>Caine: damn….</cite>

<cite>Zoey: I know but Im glad that im over my depression that was like one of the hardest times in my life</cite>

<cite>Caine: im sorry about that</cite>

<cite>Zoey: its cool! Im just glad its over and I can finally move on, but whats the reason why you say God don’t like you?</cite>

<cite>Caine: my parents never wanted me, they wanted a girl so they adopted one, they tried sending me to a foster home but I didn’t go…smh I don’t know why im telling you this!</cite>

<cite>Zoey: No!! please…tell me</cite>

<cite>Caine: smh no…I don’t like being expressive that s*** wack!</cite>

<cite>Zoey: I opened up to you caine but I understand…..</cite>

<cite>Caine: Im not smoking this s*** no more</cite>

<cite>Zoey: wow….</cite>

<cite>Caine: what?</cite>

<cite>Zoey: nothing!</cite>

<cite>Caine: yea whateva!!!</cite>

<cite>Zoey: your attitude really changes things…</cite>

<cite>Caine: and?</cite>

Zoey knew that making Caine open up would be a lil hard so she decided to change the subject before the whole conversation would go left and those were her last intentions.

<cite>Zoey: Do you remember when you made fun of me in front of our biology class?</cite>

<cite>Caine: lol no…</cite>

<cite>Zoey: yea well I don’t know why I was interested in you…s*** Im still trying to answer that question</cite>

<cite>Caine: im cute lol </cite>

<cite>Zoey: c**ky much? that’s a turn off and im surprised you don’t have a baby on the way or some s***</cite>

<cite>Caine: im a virgin</cite>

<cite>Zoey: lol wow…</cite>

<cite>Caine: what? I am girls just sucked my d*** in school, I’d lick they pussy but I’d get scared when it came to sex.</cite>

<cite>Zoey: oh….ok</cite>

<cite>Caine: you believe me?</cite>

<cite>Zoey: lol I guess…</cite>

<cite>Caine: I like you 2 though</cite>

Zoey was shocked at the things that Caine was saying from why God didn’t like him to him saying that he like her 2. The last time she checked he wanted to strangle her for dumping drinks on his head. She was confused and didn’t want to question anything else and just go with the flow. Caine blew smoke into the air and was beyond cloud 9. He was so high that he thought he saw the flood gates. He sat up against a brick wall outside of the shelter all day and watched as night fell. He didn’t make it in the line at 5pm and was turned down. He didn’t mind sleeping outside tonight sometimes he referred the ground then a bed that felt like he was on a mattress with no springs. Zoey woke smiling based off the information she received from Caine. She stayed up extra late bragging to Lauren about her conversation she had with him. Lauren wasn’t sure about Zoey and her interest in Caine. She didn’t feel like Caine was the type of person she needed to be interested in. Zoey didn’t want to hear anything that her cousin had to say because she felt that she had no say so. They were just becoming more comfortable like her and caine was so how can she judge him. She bounced her petite frame over to the shower and did her morning routine. Caine stood up on his feet and then reached in his book bag for his work clothes. He stripped in the open and put his work clothes on and started walking. He got a few stares from both men and women and didn’t mind. Caine was the type of person that wasn’t ashamed of anything and very outspoken.

Caine walked in late for work with a bad attitude. The manager tried to go over the principles and rules that he needed to follow but showed he was uninterested by his expressions. “your free to go and not come back” the manager said. Lauren watched as caine got fired from her work station. She tried to make it seem busy so that she wouldn’t be seen snooping. Zoey texted caine on her break bored as heck. The customers were extra annoying today but she had to remain professional to keep her lights on. “what you doing lil boy lol?” Caine sucked his teeth and cursed the manager out on his way out the door. Lauren shook her head ashamed of how she first perceived him. She was completely wrong and didn’t want Zoey to have anything to do with him. Caine wasn’t upset but more ecstatic that he didn’t ever have to go inside of that place again. He pulled out his phone that would soon be off due to his unemployment starting right at the moment. He saw an unread message and noticed it was from Zoey. “nothing what you want?” he rudely expressed. Zoey rolled her eyes now coming to her senses that her previous conversation last night was with a taken flight caine. She knew that he wasn’t going to remember anything from last night but decided to ask anyway. “do you remember anything from last night?”, “NO! look I just got fired from my damn job so I don’t know or care to know what the f*** we talked about earlier iight?” Zoey burst out laughing causing her other coworkers in the break room to look at her crazy. “LMAO!!!” She texted him. She thought it was hilarious and that he deserved it. “yea…laugh it up” caine texted back over the conversation. He continued to walk trying to relieve the stress that Zoey just put on his shoulders.

to be continued...


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I miss this story

I miss this story

<em>Chapter 1: We Meet Again...</em>

Zoey sat with her cousin Lauren at a near by bar laughing and catching up. Zoey didn’t really talk to much of her family, so Lauren was the first person she’d talk to in a while. She didn’t have the motherly best friend daughter relationship with her mom because she felt betrayed. She didn’t really care as to what she was doing with her life at the moment but will always love her of course. After Zoey and Lauren caught up zoey sluggishly drove home. She didn’t get as wasted as she would of liked because she had to drive. This is the time when she wished she had friends to look after her so she could have fun. Zoey never really fitted in at school so not having a big circle wasn’t a major priority of her’s. She was always made fun of how her petite frame resembled a boy. She wasn’t too blessed in the breast or butt area so kids took advantage of that including cannan. Zoey always thought of him as a class clown which was accurate because he indeed entertained the other classmates. Caine and her used to kick it sometimes only because unfortunately sometimes the teacher would pair them up for various projects in their biology class that they had. Zoey had to admit that she was intimidated by how smart caine was and had to ask him for help sometimes. It hurt her feelings to her the things he’d say about her knowledge and her physical looks. Zoey was smart and highly intelligent it was just something that Caine did when he was around.

He wasn’t perfect either but it seemed like everyone skipped his flaws and the spotlight shined on Zoey throughout their high school careers. But, throughout all of the bullying and trials Zoey had to adapt to as a kid she somewhat enjoyed it. Well… I guess you can say she only enjoyed Caine talking about her. She had the biggest crush on him but refused to tell him. Ever since graduation she never saw or heard from him again until earlier. She made her way home glancing at her phone knowing that he probably wouldn’t call or text her. She shrugged off the thoughts because it really didn’t matter to her whether he did or not. Well that’s how she really wanted to feel. She walked inside and plopped on the couch and turned on the tv as her phone vibrate loudly. She looked at her phone and saw a text from lauren expressing how much fun she had. Zoey was disappointed and wasn’t hoping to see a text from lauren, but kept her cool and waited patiently.

Caine looked up at the ceiling unable to sleep in because of the chaos in the shelter. People above him where making stumping and arguing. He sucked his teeth ready for curse words to blurt out but he held his tongue just so he can be inside instead of out. He looked at his phone that read 11:48pm and thought about texting Zoey. He decided to go with his first instinct and go for it. “Yo” he texted and hit send. Zoey looked at her phone vibrate again as an unknown number popped up. She screwed her face and giggled figuring it was him. “that’s how you greet people?” she sent so excited that she sat all the way up on the couch. Caine looked at the message and sighed because he was annoyed already but decided to be nice, but his nice was still a lil rude in other people’s eyes. “Yea, how long its been?” Caine asked out of curiosity. “4 years…how are you? The last time I knew you, you were Cannan Burose the class clown and an a**hole” Zoey wondered. “oh damn…and im cool! Im respectful now J” Caine sent back. His response caused zoey to laugh because she felt that him being respectful was hard to believe. “wow…well that’s hard to believe, but that’s a good thing”, “well believe it! You wanna see how I look now? Im grown”. Zoey’s heart raced for some reason she wondered if he had grown up, looked the same, or what. “uhhh… sure” she responded. Caine got up and turned the light on and took a picture of himself and sent it. Zoey jumped when she heard her phone go off and closed her eyes. She was nervous as if she was right in front of him and eventually opened the<a href=",r:7,s:0,i:87">a picture of Caine</a>. “wow…you have grown up” Zoey said being truthful. Caine cut off the light and got back on the bed and replied to her saying “I told you Im grown.”, “yea I see.. Lol” , “yea… that picture is old though”, “its cool its nice and a very sexy picture ” Caine didn’t really look at compliments as a good thing, he had his own way of thinking. “well if you thirsty drink water don’t come off as a hoe” Caine stated to her. Zoey was taken aback by his response and quickly apologized because those weren't her intentions. “umm…so would you like to go to dinner tomorrow?“. Caine looked at the message and thought real hard about her offer. “uhhh…sure but just know that I might not like you” Caine informed her. “lol…ok” Zoey said. She then stood up and went to the bathroom to prep for her picture she planned to send. She made sure her hair was looking right, lips, skin, and everything else a girl does for a guy believe it or not.
Caine felt his phone go off and saw that he had a multimedia picture message. He wasn’t really interested in how she looked but decided just to look anyway. He read the caption of the picture <a href="">This is how I look now.</a> He looked at the picture and saved it. “Still look like a boy” he informed her. “and you still look like a monkey”, “Next time ask before you be sending pictures I don’t know what could be coming my way” Zoey shook her head at Caine because he was still an a**hole. “still an a**hole I see you haven’t changed one bit”, “you still ugly I haven’t seen s*** change in you!” he bluntly retorted. Zoey couldn’t do anything but shake her head, but she loved how blunt he was it was intriguing to her but she wasn’t going to tell him that. “who the f*** are you talking to like that?” she questioned him. “you’re the only one im textin so apparently im talking to yo ass” Caine responded swiftly. “UGH! Respectful my ass, you are very disrespectful” Zoey made clear. “ok thanks for noticing blues clues! I don’t give a f***” Caine established. Zoey wanted to stop texting right then because of his mouth, but she wasn’t going to let him win and she was a competitor she wanted to get the last word. Right before she could tell him anything she saw a new picture message and wondered who it was by.

Zoey opened the the picture and rolled her eyes. “don’t send me no damn<a href=",r:6,s:72,i:347&tx=73&ty=-63&biw=1092&bih=533">picture</a> ” she snapped on caine. “I was just about to say that don’t save it because It wasn’t for you” he remarked. “yea sure but “im the only one you texting” get the f*** outta here” and aint nobody bout to save that bird chest ass picture” Zoey sarcastically reported. “b**** you WAS the only one at the moment you get the f*** outta here” Caine spat back. “my pleasure a**hole!” Zoey ended their conversation and so did Caine while he didn’t respond.


Caine walked the streets on this sunny morning after being kicked out of the shelter. The renters always had to evacuate at 8am in the morning. He thought briefly about his conversation with Zoey last night. He second guessed going to dinner with her tonight and decided not to say anything if she didn’t. He was sure that she had changed her mind anyway by the way she spoke through the messages. Zoey walked her sluggish body over to the shower to get ready to go to work. She was employed at a tattoo shop and didn’t really care too much about the environment but just grinded to keep her 3 bedroom house. The reason why it was so spacious with only her living there was because at one point she actually had a partner to share her life with. She didn’t like to reminisce about her nightmares and the terrors that took upon her past. She rather it stay there and never talk about it again. Caine was secretly the same way little did she know. Zoey walked out of the shower feeling refreshed and got ready for work. She wasn’t really in the mood for anyone’s attitude or opinion because of the way her night turned out. Even though caine pissed her off she still wanted to go out to eat with him.

“hi miss davis how you doing?” one of her co-workers greeted her with a smile. Zoey slightly smiled “hey ty she greeted back. “how you feeling on this lovely morning ma” Ty forced conversation on her. Zoe ignored him and continued proceeding with clocking in and getting situated. “ wanna learn a few tips today on tattooing?” ty offered. Zoey sighed and got irritated by his presence. “not really…well atleast not now you know this is just temporary” she told him. “what the job?” ty asked. Zoey nodded her head and took her phone out and started playing games. Caine walked into work not enthused by a long shot. It was just more annoying people, standing, and work he had to do that he wasn’t interested in. He started the day off by frowning because he didn’t really like to smile and going to his work station to clock in. “did you ever call my cousin?” Lauren greeted cannan. Caine wasn’t really a fan of lauren he could tell by her uppity personality and it was annoying to him. “nope! I didn’t really give a s*** about nothing you told me yesterday so I threw her number in the trash” he lied. “oh….ok well im sorry I’ll let you get back to your work” Lauren quickly disappeared. Caine was more then happy with her decision because he was 2 seconds from going off on her again. Lauren didn’t bother to ask Zoe herself if she’s talked to caine or not and just waited for her to speak up about it. Caine looked at his phone and saw that he had an unread message and went to the break room. Zoey sat in the break room eating her lunch thinking about dinner tonight as she texted caine. Caine looked at zoe’s offer again asking were they still on for dinner. He decided to agree and meet her at a place called Beso’s at 7.


Caine looked in the mirror and tried to think about whether to keep his work clothes on or what. He didn’t have much to chose from so he decided to just go ahead and change. He walked out of the shelter and called a cab to come pick him up. He looked at the time and waited patiently outside. He sighed as he thought about how badly he wanted to be on cloud 9 but he decided not to f*** with the loud at the moment. The cab pulled up and he got in. He looked down at his outfit trying to look at least worth something. It was one of his best & favorite outfit that he wore tonight. He pulled up to a restaurant called Beso’s and walked in. He had a lil pocket change to afford something just for tonight. He wondered in his head when the next meal was gonna come from, but for the moment he just wanted to escape from those thoughts. “how many?” the hostess asked. “2 but im meeting someone here…” Caine responded to her. “follow me” she instructed. Caine followed the hostess and was seated in a booth and collected the menu from her hands. “you will be waited shortly”. Caine ignored her and scanned through his menu wondering where the f*** the dollar menu was at. He sighed looking at the prices and suddenly didn’t even have an appetite. Time went on and it was 15 minutes over the time that he and zoey had set for the dinner. Caine grew more impatient by the minute and stood up as soon as he heard a voice. “leaving?”. He turned to see Zoey approaching the table.

Caine shook his head and sat down. “yea I was about to f***ing leave…s***” he mumbled toward the end. “gosh caine Im sorry, but im here now” Zoey sat down and grabbed her a menu and started looking over it. “you here now? The f*** you was doing trying to get cute? you look the same!…..A MESS” Caine bluntly stated. Zoey laughed loudly and shook her head. “and what you look like caine? You look like you snort dat s*** wit yo crack head looking ass” she stated. Caine smacked his lips and said “ looks like ima need a few drinks tonight dealing wit yo ass” he looked at the menu. Zoey laughed again because she thought he was very comical and plus laughter was her defense mechanism to hide her pain from daily issues. “may I take your drinks or any appetizers?” Zoey shook her head no to the appetizer offer and ordered some margaritas’ while Caine order a long island ice tea. “okay I’ll be right back with your drinks and just let me know whenever you guys are ready to order” the waitress walked off. “don’t even know your name hoe” Caine mumbled to himself. Zoey giggled again “you chose this place so…don’t complain”. Caine looked up at her disturbed by her comment “well s*** you act like you didn’t know a place to pick so I chose s***, be lucky I'm even on this lil “outing” with you iight?” Zoey sighed because he was slightly getting on her nerves now. The waitress soon came back with their drinks and neither Xaine or Zoey hesitated to drown their throats with their drinks. “Mmm…damn this is good!” Caine stated still sipping on his drink. “so…whats up?” Zoey asked Caine. “what?” he looked confused. “you don’t have no girl? Children? Nothing…whats up” Zoey wondered. Caine laughed and looked at her “what does it matter you aint my girl?” Caine blurted. Zoey rolled her eyes “don’t state the obvious jackass I know that, I only asked because you had a lot of flocks in high school so I wouldn’t be surprised if you know…” Zoey looked at the menu more. Caine took out his phone and looked through it while he spoke up “what you wanna know huh Zoe? I don’t know you or trust you, we just here to eat dinner so lets enjoy our damn dinner and other then that stay out my damn business” He demanded. Zoey stared at Caine for a moment and then nodded her head. She was so over his attitude at this point and decided to remain quiet and continue to get drinks, after drinks. They both eventually ordered the same thing and Caine made his way over to her plate attempting to cut her stake.

Zoey stared at caine and he moved his knife and fork from her plate trying to play off his actions. “I don’t mind stabbing you” Zoey spoke up after being a mouse. “continue to be quiet please… I like you that way”. Zoey started feeling under the weather and was getting tired of Cannan’s mouth. She felt herself about to explode any second. “Caine…. Shut the f*** up and eat im not in the mood for your mouth” zoey ordered. “well maybe you should slow down on the drinks, you shouldn‘t drink if you can‘t hold yo liquor ” Caine remarked. “I can hold my f***ing liquor what part of I don’t feel well don’t you get? “ Zoey asked. “and what part of I don’t give a f*** don’t you get?“ This set off the ticking bomb that Zoey tried to control thorough out the dinner. She stood up taking all 3 of her unfinished margaritas and dumping them on Caine’s head.

“Hold that b****” Zoey stated. Caine sat there for a second trying to collect his temper that was about to burst. He flipped the table over which caused chaos in the restaurant. Caine’s breathing quicken as Zoey stumbled her way to the front by the waitress. She cursed her out while walking and Caine heard every bit. He wasn’t only upset that she f***ed up his favorite and 1 of 3 outfits he had but the alcohol was starting to burn his eyes. “lets go” the security held on to Caine. “LET ME GO, GO GET THAT b**** BEFORE I KILL HER STUPID ASS” He shouted. “COME HIT ME ….PLEASE” Zoey screamed as well. A lot of people removed themselves from the restaurant because of the poor costumer service and chaos that took place. Caine walked out of the restaurant and started to walk home. He was beyond pissed off and never wanted to see her again. Zoey was escorted out of the restaurant when she started to feel light headed. She never felt this experience before and started to suddenly feel weak. She soon hit the ground passing out. Caine returned to his shelter and showered and tried to get as much alcohol out of his hair as possible. He kept replaying why the f*** she just flipped out on him like that. He was still angry as he washed his body and then came to the realization that he left his phone. Caine didn’t want to go back out and especially not run into Zoey but he needed his phone for work. He decided to walk back after drying off and getting dressed in some sweats and a shirt. Loud ambulance sirens filled the air and made Cannan covered his ears not that it helped. He moved through some people and noticed it was Zoey on the stretcher. He almost wanted to feel bad but went back into the restaurant to get his phone. He thought about riding to the hospital just to see if she was ok but the flashbacks of the drinks being thrown on him made him quickly change his mind.

lol thanks guys :)

I know Caine seem like that nigga that don't take no s***......mmmmmmm I'm hooked can I be his Candy Cane??? xD

Hella feeling this story! Can't wait to see where this goes. Ummm Lauren seems sneaky but Zoey seems cool AF! Caine, that nigga cool AF!

Run it!

Feeling this story ma!! Can't wait to see where you got with this! Lauren seems sneaky but Zoey seem cool AF! And Caine is that type of nigga you want on the team! lol

Run it!

Me too I feel sorta bad. But I'm sure he's gonna get up off his feet eventually. You gotta start from the ground up to become something later on in life, but meet forget where you come from. If you do that's bad business lol Lauren seems like the good girlfriend type maybe they'll hook up or something but Zoey if there are still flames burning in the furnace than...........................
Run it

I kinda feel bad for Caine. s***'s not good on his end but at least he has a job. Lauren seems to like this nigga Caine. 'Cannon Cannan, what's the difference?' Seems like a rude ass question to me. Like what if he said 'Lauren Hoe-Hoe, what's the difference?' I bet she wouldnt like that bulls***. Talkin bout some damn <em>'whats the difference?'</em> Anywhore, Update Soon