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It was the weekend and a few of my friends and I were gonna hit up a few parties in LA.

I was getting dressed when I got a knock at the door.

"U almost ready?" My best friend Draya asked when I let her in. We were roommates. "Yea almost. Who else is rolling with us tonight?" I asked as I applied mascara to my eyelashes. "Just my girl Karrueche." I shot her a look. "Chris brown's girlfriend???" She giggled. "Yea." I rolled my eyes. "I saw that....wats ur beef with Kae?" She asked. "I don't know her well enough to have a beef wit her but she just strikes me as...uppity." I said truthfully. Draya shook her head. "Na. Kae is real kool. Very down to earth. I promise you'll like her." She assured me. I shrugged. "Are we taking shots before we leave?" I asked slipping on my shoes. "Yea. We gotta go get Kae first. We can take shots at her place." "Kool. Lets Go."

We grabbed our things and left the house.

I was so ampd to go out tonight. I hadn't been out with any of my girls for a long time because I went wit Chris on his European tour. We'd just gotten back a few days ago and I needed a little free time before I started planning his big birthday bash for next weekend.

"Bae, Draya is pulling up the driveway." Chris said as I walked out of the bathroom. "Can u go open the door for her please. I'm still getting dressed." I said walking into the closet. I heard him leave out of our room.

The doorbell rang before I got to the bottom step. I opened the door.

"Hey Chris." Draya said hugging my neck. "Wasup." I said checking out the female that walked in behind her. She was about the same height as Kae. Same body type too. Petite and toned. Her hair tickled the top of her a**. Her lips were full and sexy. And her eyes....d*mn those eyes. I could get lost in those beautiful eyes. I was snapped outta my trance when Kae walked up.

"Kae I want u to meet Chantel. Chantel this is my friend Kae and her boyfriend Chris...I'm pretty sure u know who he is." Draya said. Chantel nodded and shook both of our hands. "Its nice to meet u." I said holding onto her hand a little longer. She flashed me a sexy smile. Was she flirting with me??? In front of Kae??? This girl is bold. I thought to myself as I watched all three of them walk over to the bar and start taking shots. I went and sat on the couch.

I peeped the way Chantel and Chris were flirting with each other. Kae didn't seem to mind tho.

We all started taking shots of vodka.

"Ima be too f*cked up to drive!" I exclaimed after taking my third shot. "Why don't y'all let Big Pat be y'all driver for tonight so y'all can enjoy y'all selves." Chris suggested. "Sounds good to me!" Kae said throwing back another shot. Chris got on his phone.

"So what are u mixed with? You look so tropical." Kae said running her fingers through Chantel's hair. I giggled to myself. Its starting already....Kae loved girls and I could tell she was feeling Chantel.
"I'm black and European." Chantel responded smiling. "Wow that's a nice mixture." Kae said smiling. I could see Chris watching the whole scene from afar. I smiled.

"Pat is on the way. Do you beautiful ladies need anything else?" He asked pouring himself a glass of vodka on the rocks. "No we're good." I stated. He nodded and sipped his drink. "I'll be upstairs if u need me." He said winking at Chantel. She blushed. Then he turned to leave.

By the time we got to the club I was a little tipsy.

"Can I take a body shot off u?" Kae asked me as she stood in front of me holding a shot glass and a lime. I smiled and nodded.

I put the shot glass between my breasts and the lime in my mouth. Draya stood by and watched.

Kae licked both of my breasts and then put the shot glass in her mouth and took it to the head. Then she took the lime out of my mouth with her teeth. She sucked on it a bit as she cringed.

"That was....nice." I said smiling.

Not too long after that we left and went back to Kae's house.

I was kicking it wit Mijo, Kid Red, Hood and Keeis. We were playing the game when I got a text from Pat saying they were on the way back. I smiled.

"Wat the f**k u cheesing for over there breezy." Keeis asked. "You'll see in about 15mins." I said smiling. "You got a b***h coming through or sum?" Hood asked. "Na man. Kae went out wit Draya and her friend and shawty is BAD! They on the way back. Ima try and get her number from Draya." They all nodded. They understood how me and Kae's relationship was. She was my main but I f*cked whoever and whenever. She knew and she didn't care. As long as her lifestyle was kept, she had no problems.

When we got back to Kae's the house was definitely more live than it was when we left.

"Ayy ladies!" Chris said as we walked into the den. We waved. "Wat y'all got going on down here?" Kae asked as she kissed Chris. "Just chilling. Its some wings in the kitchen if y'all are hungry." Chris announced.

After I was introduced to everyone Kae and I went upstairs to the kitchen. "Is it always like this at 4am?!" I asked her as she fixed us a plate. She rolled her eyes playfully. "Yes! But I'm usually sleep because I'm the only female around here." She said. I nodded understanding. "Where did Draya run off to?" I asked noticing she disappeared. "Prolly somewhere wit Mijo. They're crazy about each other." Kae informed. Then Chris walked in. "Bae can u go get my phone from upstairs please." He asked her. "Sure." She said dropping wat she was doing and running off.

Chris and I were the only two in the kitchen. It was quite awkward. I sat on a stool and started eating. "So how was the club?" Chris asked me. "It was straight." He nodded. I could tell he wanted to ask me something else but Kae walked back in handing him his phone. "Preciate that bae." He said before going back into the den. "You want a drink?" She asked me. I nodded. She sat a glass in front of me and made me a screwdriver. I gulped it down. "D**n girl lol. U don't play huh?" She said as she fixed me another drink before sitting down in front of her plate.

After we ate Draya came down the steps looking flushed. "Wasup?" I asked her. "You ready to go?" She asked. I nodded. We said our goodbyes and Kae and I exchanged numbers. Then we left.

Draya slid me Chantel's number before they left. I saved it in my phone and decided to text her before I went to sleep.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard my phone ringing. It was a text from a number I'd never seen before:
"Sweet dreams beautiful."
"Who is this?" I texted.
" my number in ur phone."

Wtf was Chris brown doing texting my phone?! How did he get my number and why would he want it? My brain was on overload so I just closed my eyes and went to sleep.



they're moving fast . sex the first or second night , saying i love you the third , a baby within the first month . kinda fast . the tabloids are gonna have a hay day with her . kae really doesn't need to ask about anyone or anything that doesn't concern her . just hope they work this out . & what is she gonna do about her modeling ? run it

Omg! I'm loving this story!!!
I hope everything goes well at the cookout and they she doesn't start with Chantel


My mom was having a BBQ for me at my place. She and Chantel were downstairs cooking and I was upstairs getting dressed.

Chantel walked into the closet where I was. "Guess wat...." I said. She raised an eyebrow. "My mom invited Kae." She shrugged. "Wat u telling me for? That's ur ex not mine." She said in a smart tone. "Just giving u a heads up. Keep yo kool." I warned. She rolled her eyes and started to undress. "I'm going to shower. Ur mom wants u downstairs." She said walking out of the closet.

I finished getting dressed and went to the kitchen.

"Ma'am?" I said. She dropped wat she was doing and turned her attention to me. She narrowed her eyes. "When were u gonna tell me I had another grandbaby on the way?" She asked. "Did Chantel tell u?" I asked grabbing a piece of chicken. She shook her head. "She didn't have to. She's glowing like a freaking Christmas tree Chris! Wat did I tell u about hiding stuff from me?" "Ma I wasn't hiding it we just wasn't ready to tell anybody yet and when we were u were gonna be the first soul we told. And u are the first person to know....kinda." I replied. She sighed. "She's a sweet girl though. I can see why u fell in love wit her." She said smiling. I kissed her on the cheek before leaving to go get the door.

I rang the doorbell and Chris opened the door. I smiled. "Hey Chris. I'm glad to see ur better." I said coming into the house. "Preciate that." He said closing the door back behind me. We just stood there in silence. "So where's Ms. Joyce?" I asked. "In the kitchen." He replied. I nodded and headed that way. Chris ran up the stairs.

When I got upstairs Chantel was slipping into a white sundress. She let her hair down and turned towards me. She looked breathtakingly beautiful. I just stared. She smiled like she was reading my mind. "Who was that at the door?" She asked going to the mirror to put on makeup. "Kae." She frowned. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind. "Be positive and you'll have a positive outcome." I whispered in her ear. She rolled her eyes. "I love u." I said to her. She didn't say it back. I knew she didn't like the idea of Kae being around but she had to realize I was in love with her not Kae so all that other sh×t shouldn't matter. I left the room. She followed.

My blood was boiling when I laid eyes on Kae. She smiled my way I just politely left the room.

"Wats wrong little mushroom." Mijo said jokingly. We were in the den. I sighed. "Nothing." I rolled my eyes. He chuckled. "I already know wats wrong wit u. Don't sweat it lil mama. I swear Chris is into u. He don't even see that b**** right now." We laughed. "Don't let her ruin ur night. Look at it like this, this is ur house now. She's on ur terms. And u know if she gets outta hand Chris will handle it. U just enjoy ur self Tel. U too pretty to be frowning boo." He said kissing my forehead. I smiled. I loved my brother.

I sat next to Chris' hospital bed, holding his hand. I'd made it out of the accident wit just a few stitches to the head while Chris on the other hand was in a coma.

"Aw my baby!" Ms. Joyce said rushing into his room. She stopped in her tracks. "Who are u?" She asked looking at me. "I'm Chantel. Chris' girlfriend. We spoke on the phone." I said. She smiled. "Well hello Miss Chantel." She said hugging me. I hugged her back. "I'll give u two a moment." I said getting up and leaving out of the room. I decided I'd go to the snack machine. I was starving.

As I sat in the lobby and ate a granola bar I rubbed my belly. I smiled to myself. Then I started to worry. I hope Chris pulls through. He has so much to live for. And not to mention I'd just found out I was pregnant. I sighed. All this was too much. I made my way back to Chris' room.

I could hear everything going on around me. It was just dark. I tried moving but I didn't succeed.

I could hear my mother's voice praying for me constantly. Where was Chantel. Was she alright? Was she alive?

"Chantel, how long have u two been dating?" I heard my mom ask. "A month." I heard Chantel's angelic voice. She sounded scared. I could tell something was wrong with her. "Well welcome to the family sweetheart." My mom said. "I have to make a phone call."

When Chris' mom left I sat next to him again. "Chris u have to wake up. I need u....our baby needs u." I whispered in his ear. Still nothing. I sighed as tears rolled down my cheeks.

This was bad. This was really bad.

I was laying in the hospital bed with Chris. Its been two whole weeks since the accident and Chris still hadn't made any progress. But I never left his side. I was starting to lose hope. I drifted off to sleep.

I felt someone rubbing my stomach so I opened my eyes. The hand on my stomach hand a skull tattoo on it.....just like Chris'. I figured I was just dreaming so I tried to wake myself up, only to find out that I was already up. I rubbed my eyes and sat up to see Chris wide awake and smiling up at me. "How is he doing?" He asked still rubbing my stomach. I almost lost it. "OMG Chris ur woke!" I exclaimed as I hugged and kissed him. "Ouch Chantel! I am still in pain." He whined. "I'm so sorry." I said as tears filled my eyes. "Where's my mom?" He asked. I looked at the time. "She should be on her way up here. Let me go get ur doctor." I said getting out of the bed.

I was finally home. My crew had just left from visiting me, now Chantel and I were lounging in the den watching a movie.

"How u feeling?" She asked. "Bae stop checking on me I'm good." I said kissing her forehead. She got quiet. "I thought I lost u." She whispered looking into my eyes. Her face was soaked with tears. "Chantel stop crying." I said sitting us up. She was now straddling me. "Im here now. And I'm not going anywhere. Ima be here wit u and our son until the end of time." She looked at me funny. "This is ur second time saying something about me having a boy....I haven't even had a doctor's appointment do u know?" She asked. "I just want a son. I'm hoping u have a boy." I said before kissing her lips. She kissed me deeper. I was officially turned on. I laid her on her back and began undressing her then myself. I laid between her legs and she attacked my lips. I missed her so much. She reached between us and stroked my d×ck before positioning it at her entrance. That was my que to go. I slid inside of her gently. The feeling was immense. Like our souls were connecting for the very first time. My moon met her sun. Our worlds collaborated and made sweet music. "I love u...." I whispered in between kisses. All she could do was moan and scream. Music to my ears....

what the f---!!! my eyes got real big super fast!!! tht ain't even cool!!!
Run It

Evdrything is moving so fast... I like the relationship but they need to slow.iy down.
Any way oh no Chris you should have just listened and stayed your ass at home. man i hopr everyyhing is okay and no one got hurt


—> A Few Weeks Later....
My relationship with Chantel was almost perfect. She was everything I've always wanted in a woman and most of all we were in love. We were so much in love that we were inseparable.

We'd spend all of our free time together and when we weren't together she was all I could think of. I never thought I'd be head over hills for a woman and especially this soon. Technically, we haven't even been going out a whole month yet.

Id just gotten home from the studio. I had to be about 4am. Chantel spent the night at my house because Draya was entertaining company.

I peeled off my clothes and crawled into bed with Chantel. She was fast asleep. I held her body close to mine as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up early the next morning. 6am to be exact. I had a photo shoot in a couple hours so I started getting dressed. I accidentally woke Chris up.

"Why are u up so early?" He asked. "I have a photo shoot in a little." He got up. "I'll drive u." "Chris u just got in not too long ago. Go back to sleep. I can drive myself. Plus its far out. I wouldn't ask u to drive that far knowing ur tired." He smacked his teeth. "Chantel I'm ur support system. I'm driving u to this photo shoot." He insisted. I shrugged.

It was pouring down raining on our way to Chantel's photo shoot. I always felt the need to support her in everything she did because she was my number 1 fan and I loved her for that.

The roads were messy because of the weather. I was truly tired and Chantel had dozed off. I was literally fighting my sleep behind the wheel of the car and for a split second I felt defeated.

The next time I opened my eyes we were going off the side of a bridge.

I rung Chris' doorbell a few times before Big Pat opened it. "Chris isn't home!" He yelled. "He's upstairs in his room." He whispered. I giggled. "Thank u Pat." I said standing on my tip toes and kissing his cheek. He let me in and I jogged up the steps.

When I walked into his room he was laid out across his bed watching TV. "Go away." He said not even looking at me. I sat down next to him. "Chris I'm not going anywhere. We need to talk." He finally looked at me. "Did u kill my seed?" He asked. I shook my head. "Why not?" He asked. "I realized wat u said was right. If its meant, then let it happen. And most of all I didn't wanna lose u. When u left outta that door I felt my heart break. Chris the bottom line is that I can't live without u and if I am pregnant, having ur baby would make me the happiest woman alive." He sat up and looked at me with a goofy smile on his face. "Those 30mins away from u was the hardest 30mins I've ever endured." He said truthfully. "Aww." I said kissing his lips.

"Reunited and it feels so good!" Mijo sang as Chris and I walked down the steps. "Shut up nigga u so gay!" Chris joked. Everybody laughed. "Where's Sam? I'm hungry." I said as I made my way to the kitchen.

I was sitting at the island in Chris' kitchen eating some French fries and ketchup when Mijo walked in taking pics of me. "Stop it fool I'm eating." I said smiling with a mouth full of fries. He laughed. "I'm posting this on instagram." He said. I just shook my head.

"Yo wtf Mijo?!" Chris said coming into the kitchen. We looked confused. "I just got a call from Kae asking me if Chantel was pregnant because of something she seen on ur instagram! Wat did u post man?!" He asked angrily. "I literally just posted it 15 seconds ago! It was a joke I swear." He showed us the pic of me eating and the caption read:

"My new sister in law feeding my lil nephew."

My mouth dropped. "I'll take it down. I'm sorry." He apologized. I just laughed. Chris looked furious. Mijo left.

"Bae. Its ok. Calm down. Just tell people its a joke." I said kissing his lips. He seemed to calm down a little. "I'm not mad at Mijo. I'm pissed at Kae. Where does she get off calling me and checking me like we're still together? I cussed her out and hung up in her face." He explained. "F×ck her...she doesn't mean anything to us." I said sitting on top of the counter. He slid between my legs and held my waist. "I really hope ur pregnant. Ur so beautiful and I know our kids would be twice as beautiful." I just smiled as he held me tight.

I laid in the bed that entire day. I felt so depressed. Chris kept trying to make me feel better. He even went to go get me flowers and candy.

"Chantel...cheer up. U don't even know if ur pregnant or not." Chris said for the hundredth time. I sighed. His phone rang.

"Wasup? Na man. Can we postpone it? I can't leave my girl right now. Aight. I'll hit u up and let u know. Yea." Then he hung up. "Chris u don't have to stay home with me. Go handle ur business. I'll be ok." I said. "Now u know I'm not about to leave u here alone in ur condition." He said kissing my lips. "I love u." I whispered. He smiled. "I love u too." He said kissing my stomach lightly. "I hope there is a little mini me in there cooking." He said smiling. I frowned. "No don't say stuff like that! Its way too soon Chris." I argued. He sighed. "You're right. I'm sorry." I rolled my eyes. "Stop apologizing. Its not ur fault. Lets just let it go for now." I said getting up to get dressed.

"Where u going?" Chris asked me when I stepped out of the closet dressed. "To the pharmacy." "For wat?" He asked. "To get the Plan B pill." I replied. His face immediately turned red. "No ur not!" He exclaimed. I looked at him in disbelief. "Yes I am!" I shot back. "If u leave and go to that pharmacy I'm leaving and I never wanna see ur face again." "Bye!" I shouted as I walked out the door. He followed me. "Chantel. Please don't do this! If ur meant to be pregnant it'll happen. Please don't kill wats supposed to be." He pleaded. I kept walking towards the front door. Then it swung open. Draya walked in. She seen the expression on my face. "Is everything ok?" She asked. "Yea. Chris was just leaving." I said. He looked at me in amazement. "Yea. I was." Then he brushed passed me and out the door. Draya looked at me. "Now tell me wats going on because u look like you've been crying." I sighed and sat down on the couch. She sat down next to me while I told her wat happened.

"D×mn...u want me to give u a ride?" She asked. I nodded. I grabbed my things and we left.

We pulled up to Chris' house 20mins later. "Thanks Dray. I'll call u later after we talk it out." I said opening the door. "For wat its worth, I think ur making the right decision." She said before I closed the door and thanked her again.

I'd decided against the Plan B pill. Chris was right. Wateva was supposed to happen, is gonna happen. I shouldn't stand in the way of fate and I didn't wanna lose Chris so I had to swallow my pride and go get my man back.

Chantel walked over to me in a pair of sexy thongs. She had the sexist body ever. I was nearly drooling by the time she'd gotten into the bed with me. "D×mn i feel overdressed." I said ripping off my clothes. "Slow down daddy we got all night." She said stopping me. I chuckled. She got on top of me and started kissing me. I swear I was so nervous. Like I was about to lose my virginity.

I flipped her over on her back and began planting passion marks all over her body. I stopped at her belly button and was about to remove her thongs but she stopped. "They're edible." She said seductively. I smiled and began to devour her center along with the sexy underwear. Her soft moans turned into screams as she neared her climax.

"Chantel...." I said softly. I'd just made her cum and I was on top of her, looking into her eyes. "Yes?" She answered. "I don't wanna have sex with u tonight." I continued. She looked at me strange. "I wanna make love to u." I finished. She smiled lovingly before kissing my lips.

That night, I made love for the very first time. And it was the best feeling. Words could never explain how I felt that night.

The next morning I woke up earlier than usual and I was in a very good mood.

Chris was still sleeping of course so I got up and did my hygiene thing. I was brushing my teeth when I noticed the box of condoms I bought yesterday.....and they were unopened. My heart fell to the pit of my stomach when I realized I didn't remember if Chris pulled out before he came. We were both hella tipsy and so caught up in the moment that we were irresponsible. All of a sudden I didn't feel so good.

"Morning love." Chris said stretching as he got out of the bed. "Chris we need to talk." I stated. "Wats wrong?" He asked with a worried expression on his face. I sat down. Still trying to remember how our love making session ended. "Did u pull out last night because I forgot to make u wear a condom." I said in one breath. He looked puzzled, like he was thinking. I could tell he couldnt remember. Tears started falling down my eyes without caution. He sighed. "Babe I'm sorry. I swear I dont remember. Please don't cry. Everything is gonna be ok." He said trying to console me. He held me in his arms tight. All I could do was cry.

and thank choco. I'm all about that fast life LOL....yolo LMFAO

yea I seen it but it was after I posted so I'm kool wit it. I hope she is ok with it. and thanks for the heads up

GIRL YES!!! Even tho i do feel like it moving pretty fast! i like it!!!

Hi Hun !
I just wanted to let you know that it's already another story currently being ran with the same title by Sofia (Soso is her usename). It was started before yours, if my memory serves me correctly. I don't know wether you care or not I just wanted to let you know that.


Should I keep going???? Gimme feedback PLEASE!!

Chris called and said he was on the way.

I got dressed in my sexy outfit and set up the table.

I rang the doorbell to Chantel's place. She answered wearing this short a×× sexy a×× dress. My heartbeat started racing. "Wow...u look so f×cking sexy!" I said kissing her lips. She smiled and let me in. "It smells good as f×ck bae. Wats for dinner?" I asked as I sat down at the table. "Steak. Baked potatoes and steamed asparagus." She said sitting a plate down in front of me. Everything looked so delicious. I rubbed my hands together ready to dig in. She sat across from me and poured us both a glass of wine. We said grace and started chowing down.

"Bae that was soooo good!" I exclaimed rubbing my full tummy. She smiled. "Thank u." "I'm glad I got a girl that can cook." She raised an eyebrow. "So I'm ur girl now?" She asked. "Yea. Of course. Why wouldn't u be? We've been spending everyday together for the last 3 days." I said. She shrugged. "We just never talked about it." I grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. "Wats understood doesn't have to be explained." I said. She smiled brightly and leaned over the table and kissed me passionately. At that moment in time I felt so in love with her. I've never felt this way about anybody...ever! I was truly in love.

"U want some more wine?" I asked grabbing the last bottle. He nodded. I poured us both another glass.

We were well over tipsy once we finished the second bottle. I figured it was time to go to the bedroom.

I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to my room. "D×mn u went all out for a nigga huh?" He asked when he seen the room decor. "Yes...I did all this for MY man." I said closing and locking the door. "I can get used to this." He said. I disappeared into the bathroom so I could change into some edible thongs and nothing else.

When I stepped out of the bathroom and Chris laid eyes on me his jaws almost hit the floor.

As soon as I got in the house I received a text from Chris:
"Wat u wearing?"
"Jeans and a shirt." I texted.
"I want u to get sexy for daddy."
"LOL ok. I got u daddy."
"Is Draya gonna be home?"
"Nope. We have the place to ourselves." I texted back
"Good. Because it might get loud tonight."
"Oh yeah....that reminds me. I bought condoms for u too." I texted
"....u think I got something??"
"No Chris! I just know neither one of us is ready for a baby right now."
"Ok...I understand. But I gotta go. See u in an hour."
"Yea...." I texted back.

I started cooking.

After I put the potatoes and steaks on I put the wine bottles on ice. Then I went to set the room up. Tonight was gonna be perfect.

I can't even lie. I hated using condoms and seeing that text really pissed me off. I wanted to feel close to Chantel. As close as I could get. A condom would only get in the way. I understood where she was coming from but I wouldn't mind having a couple little rugrats running around but I had to respect her in every way possible. I looked at the time on my phone.

"Chris I just need u to do the adlibs on the hook and u can go home to wifey. I see u staring at the time." Pusha said jokingly. I chuckled. "Man I'm not in no rush." I said getting up and going in the booth. "For somebody not to be in a rush u sure did get in that booth fast!" He said. Everybody laughed. I shot him the bird.

"Chris u keep yawning! Who kept u up last night?" Pusha T asked from the control board. I was inside the booth, trying to record. I just smiled. He laughed and shook his head before playing the track back.

I was in my bed sleeping when my phone started ringing. "Hello." I answered not even bothering to look at the caller id. "Don't tell me ur sleeping!" I heard Chris say through the phone. I smiled. "I'm getting up." I said stretching. "U better. But I got some bad news." He said. "Uh oh....wats wrong?" I asked sitting up in the bed. "I may be in the studio a little longer than I thought." "How much longer?" I asked. "All night." He said. "Well we can just hook up after u leave." I suggested. "Ok. I'll call u when I leave." He said. "Ok. Love u." "Love u more." I giggled. "Bye boy!" He laughed. "See u later." Then we hung up. I decided I'd finish my nap.

When I woke up it was well after 4pm.

I got up and showered before going to Draya's room.

"Hey boo." I said walking into her room. She was in the mirror, doing her makeup. "Where u headed?" I asked. "Out wit Drake." She said cheesing. "Ur such an industry h×e!" I exclaimed. We laughed. "I can't help myself Tel!" She said calling me by my nickname. I shook my head. "Where is he taking u?" I asked sitting down on her bed. I still had the towel wrapped around me from my shower. "Out to dinner then back to his place." She said smiling. "Kool. Be careful Dray." I said. "As always! Wat are u and breezy getting into today?" She asked. I sighed. "Idk. He's gonna be in the studio all night." I said, hanging my head low. "Aw. Cook him a nice candle lit dinner and get romantic and sh×t. Y'all will have the whole house to y'all selves because I wont be would be perfect." She suggested. I smiled. That did sound like a good idea. "I think I'll do that." I said helping her fix her dress in the back. "Thanks for the advice." I said leaving her room.

I was cooking up all kind of ideas in my head while I got dressed.

I texted Chris and asked him to call me as soon as he could.

I read Chantel's text as soon as I stepped out of the booth. She'd sent the message almost an hour ago. I called her. "Wats wrong?" I asked as soon as she answered. "Nothing lol calm down. I just wanted to let u know that I'm cooking a romantic dinner for us tonight." She said. I smiled. "Kool. I shouldn't be here much longer. When is dinner gonna be ready?" I asked. "I just left the grocery store so gimme like another hour or so." She said. "Ok. I'll see u then." "Alright." Then we hung up.

"Wat time is dinner Chris?" Hood asked. "N×gga my girl is fixing a romantic dinner for just me and her. Ur not invited!" I said sarcastically. Everybody laughed. "Since when does Kae cook??" Tyga asked. "Im not wit Kae anymore homie." I said. He looked shocked. "Yea. His new girl is a total upgrade! Im glad he ditched Kae for her." Hood said. "So when am I gone meet my new sister in law?" Tyga asked. "Soon...." I replied. "Aight Tyga. Ur turn to lay down ur track so we can get on up outta here." Pusha T said. I sat back on the couch and drunk some water while I texted Chantel.

I washed up and got dressed in my sexy outfit I'd gotten from the mall earlier.

When I stepped into the room I caught Chris' attention immediately. "D×mn." He said eyeing my body. I smiled. "You like?" I asked, spinning around giving him a full view. He groaned. "Yes! Come here." He said patting his lap. I straddled him. "Wats all this for?" He asked grabbing my ass. "I just wanted to put a smile on ur face. I know this day hasn't been the greatest but I want u to be are u happy?" I asked. "H×ll yea I'm happy!" He exclaimed before he kissed me deeply. "I love u." He whispered. "I love u too." I said back.

—>The Next Morning.....
I woke up in Chris' arms. I smiled to myself before wiggling out of his grasp and going to pee.

"Good morning." Chris greeted me when I walked back into the room. "Morning." He got up and stretched. I eyed his d×ck. We were both still naked from the night before. He went into the bathroom and I checked my phone. I had a missed call from Draya. I called her back.

"Wasup?" I asked when she answered. "Where are u? Wayne came over last night and he brought a friend. I ended up taking two d×cks because u weren't home." I laughed. "I assume u haven't talked to Kae...." I said. "Oh're at Chris'. So wasup wit y'all. Are y'all together now?" She asked. "We're not official or anything but I like him...alot Dray. I told him I loved him." I said. "Did he say it back?" She asked. "Yea he did." She screamed. "I can already see wat ur kids are gonna look like." I laughed. "Man I will be home in a little. We'll talk." I said watching Chris walk out of the bathroom. "Ok hun." Then we hung up. Chris walked over to me and kissed my lips. "Wat are we doing today?" He asked. "I gotta go home and change but after that I'm free...wats on ur agenda?" He shrugged. "I'm supposed to go do this track wit Pusha T in a lil. It shouldn't take all day. Maybe we can go do something together afterwards." He suggested. "Sounds good to me." I went into his closet and got a pair of sweats and a T shirt. I got dressed and Chris walked me to my car.

"Call me when u leave the studio." I said sitting in my car. "Alright." He leaned down and kissed my lips before I pulled off.

"Chris I'm whooping yo a×× in ur own house!" I exclaimed as I shot another 3 pointer. We were playing NBA 2K 12. "Man I'm letting u win." He said smacking his teeth. "Dont lie breezy. Ur getting beat! By a girl!" Hood said as everyone laughed. "Oh don't worry....ur next. As soon as I do this!" I said dunking the ball. Everybody went crazy. Chris threw down the controller. "Don't be a sore loser LOL I still love u." I said kissing him. He raised an eyebrow. "Really?" He asked. I smirked. He smiled wide.

"I like her for u. She's different. A lot more fun than Kae ever was. She's sexy as h×ll too. I like her Chris. She's a keeper." Kid Red said as we grabbed some cups out of the cabinet. We were about to pour up and smoke some gas. "I like her too man...alot. Ima lock her down after while." I said grabbing a bag of ice out of the freezer. "Don't wait too long....somebody might snatch her up." He said before leaving the kitchen.

—>Later that night.....
Chantel and I were hugged up in the living room. "I had fun today...despite everything that happened earlier." I said as she laid on my chest. "I'm glad u did....mission accomplished." She said looking up at me. "And I wanna thank u for being here for me." I added. "You know I got yo back breezy!" She exclaimed. I laughed. "U sound like Keeis!" We shared a laugh. "Are u gonna spend the night with me?" I asked. "Of course....just let me go get something outta my car." She said getting up.

When I got back in the house I found Chris upstairs changing. "Wats in the bag?" He asked. I smiled. "You'll see...." I said going into the bathroom and closing the door behind me.

I laid in the bed with Chris, holding him tightly from behind as he slept. Poor thing cried himself to sleep. I got up to pee. "Where u going?" He asked sitting up in the bed. "To the bathroom." I said.

I really appreciate Chantel being there for me when I needed her. I rarely cried in front of people but when I'm around Chantel I feel comfortable. I'm glad to know she's someone I can depend on and talk to about anything.

"How u feeling?" She asked when she came out of the bathroom. "Better. U smoke?" I asked. "Sometimes." She said with a devilish grin. I chuckled. "You know how to roll??" I asked. She nodded. I handed her the supplies.

"D×mn u roll better than me!" I exclaimed. She smiled that beautiful smile. I think I'm gonna marry this girl. I thought to myself.

We sat in my room and smoked.

My phone started vibrating. It was Keeis. "Wasup?" I answered. "Breezy wat u doing?" He asked sounding gay. "LOL n×gga u sound gay as f×ck. But I'm just chilling. Smoking one wit Chantel." I said. "Kool. We on the way over n×gga. Roll one up." He said. "Aight." Then we hung up. I looked over at Chantel who was into the TV. "My boys on the way over. U not gone feel uncomfortable are u?" I asked. She looked at me crazy. "Why would I be uncomfortable??" She asked. "Being around alot of dudes and u being the only female. Kae hated hanging with me and the crew. She said it used to make her feel left out." I explained. She shook her head. "Don't compare me to Kae. We're two totally different people. And I have 4 other siblings. All of them are boys. I'm pretty sure I can hang." She replied. I smiled. She just got more amazing, every second I spent with her.....

"Where have u been all my life?!" I said jokingly. She laughed. "Ur too much." She said kissing me.

By the time Chris came back downstairs I was on my second cup of ciroc and I was a little tipsy. He sat across from me and smiled. "Everything ok?" I asked. He nodded. "Sam can I get a vodka on the rocks with a splash of lemonade." He said to his chef. "Coming right up." Sam said leaving the kitchen. "I would love to live here!" I exclaimed. We laughed. "I love ur smile." He said. I blushed. "Kiss me..." I whispered leaning forward a little bit. He came the rest of the way and we shared a passionate kiss.

"Here." Kae said interrupting our kiss. She was handing Chris his black card. "Keep it." He told her. "U sure?" She asked. "Yea...Ive got two more. U can have that one." She shrugged and put it in her purse before leaving.

"Wat was that about?" I asked. "I broke up with her." He stated simply before he took a sip of his drink. "Wow....just like that?" I asked. He nodded. I was gonna ask why but I already knew the answer. I downed the rest of my drink. Sam fixed me another. I was feeling too good. "Wats on ur mind?" I asked Chris as I traced the tattoo on his right hand. "Just relief." He said. "She was that much of a burden??" I asked. "U don't even know the half. It was like carrying dead weight and the fact that she no longer had feelings for me hurt the worst." He explained almost tearing up. "But you've made the right decision to move on. She wasn't healthy for ur lifestyle and u will get over her. And ima be here to help." I said kissing his lips. He finally let a tear fall from his eye. This person in front of me was no longer Chris Brown. He was now Christopher. Stripped of his celebrity. Tears flowed down his face as he sobbed. I abandoned my seat and went to him. I pulled him close to my chest as he let his tears flow freely. "Its ok to cry sometimes Chris. Let it all out. I promise I won't judge u." I whispered as I felt my stomach getting soaked with his tears. "Just let it all out. Everything is gonna be ok." I said as I rubbed the back of his head. I understood how it felt to be in love with someone who was just using u to get to the top. Chris honestly had feelings for Kae but instead of loving him the way he loved her, she was a blood sucking leech.

I loooove this story, run it.!

Sh×t between Chris and I were on the rocks. I had to do something to make him happy and I had to act fast.

I walked into Victoria's Secret and started browsing around.

"Kae!" I heard someone call out. I turned around and my eyes met Chantel's. I smiled sweetly. "Hey Chantel." I greeted and then we hugged. "Didn't u go to Miami with Draya? How was it?" She asked as we shopped together. "It was a nightmare. Hurricane season." I replied. We continued to shop until she got a phone call and had to leave.

Chris called me while I was shopping with Kae. I told her it was an important call and paid for my stuff before leaving. I called Chris back when I got inside my car.

"I wanna see u again." He said as soon as he picked up the phone. I giggled. "Really??" I asked blushing. "Yea. I've been thinking about u all day." He admitted. "Sounds like somebody is sprung....already!!!" I joked as I drove in the direction of my house. "Na never that lol. I just like ur company. Ur kool people." He said. "Yea....right lol." I said. "Where are u now?" He asked. "Leaving the mall." I replied. "Stop by. My chef is almost done with lunch and I don't wanna eat alone." He said sounding like a baby. I giggled. "I'm on my way." We said our goodbyes and hung up.

I got off the highway at Chris' exit and drove in the direction of his house.

Once I got off the phone with Chantel I texted my chef, Sam, and let him know I was having a guest over so prepare an extra plate. He texted back ok.

Chantel arrived 15mins later.

"U look good in ur fitted cap." I complimented. She blushed. "Thank u." We were in the living room chilling. My chef texted me and said that the food was ready. Chantel and I went into the kitchen and sat at the island.

Halfway through our lunch, Kae walked into the kitchen and she observed the scene. She gave me a questionable look before speaking to Chantel. "Wat are u doing here?" Kae asked. "Having lunch." Chantel replied. Kae raised an eyebrow at me. "Kae ima be upstairs to talk to u in a min." I said before she stormed upstairs. I heard our bedroom door slam shut. I shook my head. "You want a drink?" I asked Chantel. She nodded and I told Sam to fix her whatever she wanted and I excused myself from lunch so I could go talk to Kae.

I walked upstairs to my room and found Kae sitting on the edge of the bed wit her arms folded across her chest. "Chris wat is she doing here? U never invite b×tches over." She said in a hushed tone. I sighed. "I think we need some time apart." I said softly. "W-wat? Why?" She asked on the brink of tears. "I'm interested in someone else and ur just getting in the way. I'll still accomodate u. I just don't wanna be in a relationship with u anymore." I stated simply. She didn't seem to care. As long as she was taken care of. She hopped off the bed and started packing her stuff. That was easy....I thought to myself as I left the room.

My night with Chris was amazing but I don't think I was gonna be calling him back any time soon. Not because I didn't like him but because I wanted him to miss me.

I got up and threw on some clothes and decided to go shopping.

When I got home Kae was furious. "Since when do we spend the night out at people's houses and sh×t Chris! We had an agreement. We always came home to each other." I listened to her fuss for another 5mins until I just tuned her completely out. I started thinking about Chantel. It seemed like I was always thinking about her. She definitely has me sprung. I ain't even gone flex.

Kae was yelling about something else when I tuned back in. "Man u can leave whenever u get ready. I'm not holding u back Kae." I said interrupting her. She shut up. I left the room. I thought she'd see it my way.

I was in the den painting. I was just freestyling. I had alot on my mind and this was my way of venting.

"Lets go shopping." Kae said coming into the den. I took out my wallet and handed her my black card. "Have fun." I said. She left without a word. She didn't want me to go with her anyways. She just wanted to use my $.

Kae and I were no longer in love. She was here because of the fame and fortune....I still haven't figured out why I was still with her. It d×mn sure wasn't because of the sex. Kae and I haven't had sex for months. That's why I came so quick with Chantel this morning. And it sure wasn't love that was keeping us together. I figured out a long time ago that love didn't live here anymore.

Chris and I were sleeping peacefully when Draya walked in. I'm not a heavy sleeper so my eyes shot open. She motioned for me to come here. I got up and followed her out of the room. "Wat are u doing back so early?" I asked her before I yawned. "Photo shoot got cancelled. Its raining cats and dogs in Miami." She said. Then a huge grin spread across her face. "Wasup with u and Chris?" She asked. My smile matched hers. "We're just kicking it." I responded. "Uh huh...let me find out." She said walking back to her room. I did the same. Chris was coming back from the bathroom when I walked in. I locked the door. "I was wondering where u went." He said laying back in my bed. "Oh Draya wanted to talk and I didn't wanna wake u so we stepped out." I said getting into bed with him. He was unlocking his phone. He had 28 missed calls and a ton of voicemails and texts. "Uh oh...looks like someone is in trouble." I said jokingly. He laughed. "Ima grown a×× man." He stated simply before turning his phone completely off and snuggling up next to me. I smiled as I felt his d×ck poking me. I wonder how it felt inside of me....I wouldn't have to wonder too much longer.

Before I knew it we'd both fallen asleep again.

When I woke up the next morning Chantel was sitting up watching TV. She smiled at me. "Good morning." She said. "Good morning." I replied getting up to piss.

My morning wood usually went away after I peed but not this morning...

I was in the bathroom trying to talk my morning wood down when Chantel walked in naked. She walked past me and turned on the shower. I watched her closely. It was like she was teasing me unconsciously. She looked over at me and her eyes dropped to my erection and within seconds her hands were glued to my d×ck. My boxers dropped to my ankles and I picked her up and sat her on the bathroom counter. She continued to stroke my d×ck as we made intense eye contact. "I want u...
" She whispered seductively. "I'm all yours." I said back. "Wat about Kae?" She asked. "F×ck her." I stated simply. She smiled as she directed my d×ck into her opening. I was fully aware that I didn't have on any protection. I didn't care. I just needed to be inside of her. I wanted to feel her raw. She tensed up and put her nails in my back as I tried to enter her.

"Are u ok? When's the last time u had sex?" I asked. "Almost 6 months ago." She replied. " u have any baby oil? It'll help." She nodded and reached into a drawer next to us. She opened the bottle and squirted some onto my d×ck. I slid right inside of her. She screamed as I stroked her body. D×mn she felt like a virgin and I was enjoying this way too much. She wrapped her legs around me tightly. I picked her up and sat down on the toilet. She was on top of me bouncing up and down. Then she turned around and rode me backwards. Her p×ssy fit like a glove around my d×ck. I felt myself nearing the end so I told her to get up and bend over the sink.

We were staring at each other through the mirror while I beat her p×ssy up from the back and pulled her hair towards me. I felt her walls tighten up around my d×ck. I knew she was about to climax. "Not yet....wait for me." I said slapping her a××. She moaned loud. I started going hard. All she could do was scream my name. How did she know that sh×t turned me on? Within seconds I was shooting c×m all over her a××.

"D×mn that felt like heaven." I said completely outta breath. She just giggled as she stepped into the shower. I followed her. We washed up and got out.

When we got out the shower I was truly tired. I threw on some thongs and got into bed. I watched Chris get dressed. "I gotta go to the crib real quick. U wanna do something later? Like go to lunch....maybe dinner?" He asked. "I'll call u." I said yawning. He came over on my side of the bed and we shared a long French kiss. "I swear I don't wanna leave...." He said pecking my lips again. "Lol then don't." I suggested. "I have some business to handle. But promise me we'll see each other later." He said softly. "I promise." I said getting up and throwing on a shirt so I could walk him to the door.

When we got to the door he held me close by my waist. "U better call me later." He said looking into my eyes. I smiled. "I am Chris." I said. "Ok. See u later then." He said before kissing my lips. "See u later." I said waving as he walked to his car. I watched him pull off then I closed the door.

"I heard y'all this morning!" Draya said as soon as I turned around. She was right in my face. I just smiled. She shook her head. "Damn freaks!" She exclaimed as I walked back upstairs to my room. I got in the bed and fell asleep.

I woke up the next day around 3. Draya was long gone. She caught a flight to Miami earlier. She wouldn't be back for a couple days.

I got up and brushed my teeth.

I rolled over in my bed and didn't feel Kae.5 I sat up and looked around the room for her when I remembered she left for Miami this morning.

I got up to take a piss.

After I brushed my teeth I went downstairs to see wat my chef cooked for breakfast.

I had a photo shoot at 5 so I was on my way out the door when I got a call from Chris. I smiled. "Hello." I answered. "Hey Chantel. Are u busy?" He asked. "Yea I'm headed to a photo shoot." "Well text me the address...I wanna see u." He said smoothly. "Ok. I'll do that." We said our goodbyes and ended the call. I texted him the address of my photo shoot and he sent me a text saying he couldn't wait to see me.

I had to admit all this was pretty weird and the fact that he had a girlfriend really let me know all he wanted from me was a good time.

Halfway through my photo shoot my agent let me know I had company and that I could take a 15min break.

I walked back to my dressing room in only a bikini and 6 inch heels.

When I opened the door Chris was sitting on a couch texting. His eyes met mine. "Hey." I greeted. "Hey." He said getting up to hug me. He smelled so good. I thought to myself as we broke the hug. "D*mn u look good...." He complimented. "Thank u." I said sitting down across from him.

"Lets be real Chris....wat u want from me?" I asked being straight up. I only had 15mins worth of break and I wasn't about to waste it playing mind games. He raised his eyebrows. "I just wanna get to know u a little more and possibly become close friends." He stated. I chuckled. "U wanna f*ck huh?" I asked. He shrugged. "I'm not gone lie. Ima man and I'm human....that thought did cross my mind....multiple times." I smiled. "So you've been thinking about me?" I asked. He grinned. "All night." I nodded. "We don't have much time here and I have to get changed. U wanna hook up later?" I asked standing up. He stood up and towered over me. "Wateva fits ur schedule..." He replied. "Kool. You can come by my spot later. I'll text u the address when I'm ready." I said. "Alright. See u later." He said hugging me. I hugged him back. We both broke the hug and then he left. I locked the door and got changed into my next outfit for the photo shoot.

Once I got home I straightened up and changed into something more comfortable before I texted Chris.

When he arrived he had flowers. "Don't ask me why I got em. Idk Wtf possessed me to buy a bouquet of flowers ya go." He said handing me the beautiful flowers. I laughed and thanked him before inviting him in.

"This a nice lil place u and Draya got. How'd u too meet anyway?" He asked. "I'm a swimsuit model....she makes women swimsuits lol." I stated as we sat down in the living room. "That does make sense." He said laughing. "So wat is it about me thats so intriguing thats got u so interested in me?" I asked. "Ur eyes...theyre so hypnotizing." He stated truthfully. I smiled. "U wanna watch TV?" I asked standing up. He nodded. We didn't have a TV in the living room because of the expensive furniture, so I led him back to my room.

"U seem nervous." I said jokingly as he stood by the door while I got comfortable under my sheets. He shook his head and smiled. "Na I'm just tryna respect u. That's all." He said genuinely. I looked at him crazy. "Boy take off ur shoes and jeans and get in this bed. I've had a late night and a long day at work. I wanna rest and watch family guy now come on....I.want u to join me." I said smiling. He laughed and stripped down to his boxers and wife beater and got into my California king sized bed.

"Does Kae know we're in bed together?" I asked, halfway joking. "Kae doesn't need to know my every move....and vice versa." He replied. "So y'all are in an open relationship?" I asked. He nodded. "Somewhat." I smiled. "I can't believe Chris brown is half naked in my bed!" I exclaimed jokingly. He laughed.

Chantel and I were having fun just talking and goofing around. It felt like we've known each other for years.

"So um why is there a pole in the middle of ur room?" I asked as she ran her fingertips over the tattoo behind my ear. She smiled a devious smile. "I think u know exactly why that's there...." She replied. "I knew u were a freak." I said laughing. "I wanna see u in action." I whispered into her ear. She smiled and got up.

I watched her climb up the pole and come down upside down. Then she fell into a split. "Damn." I mumbled as she bounced her a**. She walked over to me and started giving me a lap dance. She took off her shirt and revealed her black lace bra. She slightly brushed her perfect breasts in my face. I smiled. Her scent was intoxicating. Next she took off her shorts and bent over; giving me a full view of wat laid under her black lace panties. I couldn't fight my erection any longer. I rubbed my finger across her p*ssy. She moaned. D*mn I wanted her so badly. She sat on my lap facing me. "U are amazing." I said. She just smiled and pushed me back on her bed. We started making out. I palmed her ass firmly. She moaned through the kiss.

Things were heating up. I'd taken her bra off and I was left in my boxers. I laid her back on the bed and began placing wet kisses all over her body. Then I reached the rim of her panties. I took em off using only my teeth. Then I was face to face with the prettiest p*ssy I've ever seen. It was wet and glistening. I licked my lips before I dived in....

Chris had his head between my legs and he was eating away. I tried my best to hold my composure but it felt soooo good! I felt him suck on my cl*t and I grabbed the back of his head and almost screamed. I felt myself cumming already. Then his phone started ringing. He sighed and answered.

It was Big Pat calling me. "Wasup?" I asked. "Aye man where u at?" He asked. I watched Chantel as she crawled over to me and got between my legs. "I'm out....wasup? Wat u need I'm busy." I stated as Chantel pulled my boxers away from my body. She smiled up at me. "Kae just called and asked me to pick her up from the airport. When are u gone be home?" He asked. By now Chantel had my d*ck in her throat and I could barely form words. "D*mn...uh. Sh*t." Was all I could get out. "Chris! Man I don't wanna b in the middle of y'all BS. Just be here when we get back cuz I'm not covering for ur a** this time." He said before hanging up. I tossed my phone and redirected my attention back to Chantel. She was tryna suck the skin off my sh*t. I gripped her hair firmly as she bobbed her head up and down on my d*ck. "Suck that sh*t....F*CK!" I screamed as I came inside of her mouth. I'd never c*m that early. Idk wat was up wit me.

Chantel got up to go brush her teeth and threw on some more clothes. I put back on my boxers and we cuddled up with each other and soon fell asleep.