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First Impressions**A Short Tale

<strong>I'm dumping all my other stories and just going to try to focus on this one I have a better understanding of where i want this to go.Yes some of you are in this one well....the same people are in this one.<strong>

She sat on the bench with her headphones in her ear waiting on the bus. She'd be the new girl in school once again being that her mom was in the military and they moved around a lot. Finally the bus pulled and she walked on payed her fare and walked to the back of the bus. She sat there staring out the window as it took off wondering how everything will turn out this year. At her last school she wasn't all that popular in matter of fact she was labeled a nerd just because her grade point average was above a 4.0. Her thoughts were interrupted once he got on the bus."wassup <a href="">mike</a>" another guy said as they gave each other pound."nothing much"he responded as he took a seat next to him.Soon the bus pulled up the school and everyone basically bum rushed off the bus to meet their friends while she took her time surveying everyone and everything around her. Not to far off from the bus stood that guy mike and a bunch of guys with sportsman letter jackets on and a girl with pom poms from the looks of it seemed to be for cheerleaders. "mike your such a jerk" one girl exclaimed playfully punching him in the chest."hey it be like that sometimes <a href="">Nani</a>". Everyone around them laughed which soon stopped once he walked over with his letter jacket on with her carrying pom poms as well hanging onto his arm."about damn time took ya'll forever"<a href="">Nani</a> said."well we would've been here sooner but you know how <a href=
"">Chasity</a> is"he said rolling his eyes."<a href="">Chris</a> don't even lie we're late cause this nigga THOUGHT he was getting a quickie ...should've asked that hoe from last night"<a href="">she</a> said as she hooked her arm onto her friend and walked off leaving the guys clowning Chris. "well i won't be hanging with them"she thought as she continued to walk on until she bumped into a girl from by the looks of it wasn't to be messed with."watch where the f*** you going b****"she said getting into her face."I'm..I'm sorry"she said a little taken back by her hostility."chill <a href="">Bree</a>"a guy said coming up behind her laughing."nah b**** better watch where the hell she going next time"<a href="">she</a> said walking off with a screwed up face."hey sorry bout my friend my name is <a href="">Jermaine</a> nice to meet you got to go"he said speeding off before she could introduce her self. she shook her head a took a seat on one of the benches in the shade until the bell rang and continued to people watch. There was a group of girls standing around a bright yellow car."oh my god i can't wait for the season to start we're going to whip some ass" one girl said while holding onto a soccer ball."you know we are <a href="">Dany</a> these b****es not going to know what hit them"one girl said high fiving <a href="">her</a> laughing.In another group not to far off from where she was sitting seemed to be a church group of some sort or so she believed since they where all carrying bibles along with their school books."Gosh <a href="">Trey</a> would you just look at everyone just lost souls"she said as she shook her head "i feel sorry that they are going to hell" she said wiping a tear away."<a href="">Ana</a> you shouldn't say such things besides its our job to help as many souls find their way before our lord returns"he said rubbing her arm."that's true"<a href="">she</a> said revealing a pearly white smile. The bell finally rung and everyone started to make their way inside she felt it was best to wait until most people were inside already she didn't like feeling crowded. She spotted a small group with artistic type clothing. One girl had "<a href=">Soso</a>" spray painted on the back of <a href="">her</a> vest while one boy had "<a href="">Kirko</a>" spray painted on his jeans. She shrugged finally getting up making her way inside. The halls were a bright green and baby blue the colors almost made her eyes hurt. She found her locker and put all her books except 1st period's inside then made her way to class.Once she got inside she noticed everyone she had payed close attention to outside where all in her 1st period. She took a seat next the window in the front row and looked around her. She noticed one girl in the back of the class with two other girls dancing while one guy banged on his desk making a beat."yeah yeah that rotinue is tight <a href="">Lexi</a>"the guy said nodding his head."thanks <a href="">Shad</a>"<a href="">she</a> said playfully as she punched his arm.Soon the teacher walked in and everyone got quiet."good morning everyone welcome back to all of you"she said as she looked over a list "opps i mean all except one ...why don't you stand up and introduce your self dear"she said looking at her. She gulped and stood up slowly and said "Hi my name is <a href="">Desdemona Hallow</a>" <a href="">she</a> said.