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The Background Dancer


"aye CB you better get a sexy ass female dancer, these old ones looking type done" Keeis said walking into the gym where they were holding the audition to be Chris Browns background dancer.
"imma hire who ever is able to keep up with me, weather it's a man or a woman doesn't matter" chris responded.

They stood up and waited for Big Hood to let in the first person. It was a girl. She walked in wearing black vans, gray sweatpants and a black sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked her.
"Tash" she said holding her hand on her hips.
"okay tash, i want you to freestyle to one of my songs then imma teach you a quick routine and you'll do that, okay?" Chris asked.
"got it" she said.

Keeis pressed play on the stereo and Bassline began to play. Chris, Big hood, Keeis and 2 of his best female dancers watched as Tash began to dance.

"what you thinking CB?" hood asked as chris watched her closely.
"she got potential, i gotta see how she does on my routine" she answered.

Tash ended her dance and the guys clapped for her. She smiled as she caught her breath.

"you ready? you gotta keep up with me" chris spoke.
"i got it" she said as chris stood in front up her and began to show her the steps. After he finished showing her the steps the music was turned on once more and she performed the routine with ease.

"iight, step through the door on the right and i'll let you know in about an hour" chris said as tash smiled and walked away.

The other door opened again and in walked in another girl wearing Concords, black tights and a white sports bra.

"whats your name?" chris asked.
"Christina" she spoke with a smile.

Chris told Christina the same thing he told Tash and she agreed. Keeis turned on the radio but this time played Turn Up The Music. Christina began to dance and added a more hip hop feel to her dance.

"i like her" keeis said as chris nodded her head.
"yeah she's good" chris said."iight now follow me" chris spoke to Christina. He played on making his routine alot harder for Christina since she was a really good dancer.

"can you doo it first and i'll do it after" she said as chris looked at her like she was crazy.
"you sure?" he asked.
"yeah, i got this" she laughed a little.
"iight" he smiled as he stood in front of her and did his routine as Christina watched him.

"you got that?" he asked when he was done. without an answer she went straight into the dance routine performing it with ease.

"okay, step through that door to the right and i'll get back at you" chris said as christina nodded and walked out.

"what yall think?" chris asked his team.
"she's a keeper" hood said.

"she iight" one of the other background dancer said.
"why you hating Kayla?" keeis asked.
"i dance better then her" kayla spoke.
"you just being bitter" summer spoke.
"whatever" kayla said.

They went though the rest of the girls and guys who were lined up outside and came down to a decision. Everyone who danced for them were now standing in front of them in a line.

"keeis here is gonna tap you on your shoulder, if you get tapped step up" chris spoke as keeis tapped Tash and 3 other people on the shoulder.

"you guys are really good, ut you didn't make it, BUT i do want you guys to stick around as back up for the background dancers" chris spoke."NOW the person who will be filling thethats' shoes for Gui is..." he paused as he walked in front of the line of people like he was a drill Sargent."Chrisina" He said as she jumped up and down and screamed. She ran to tash and they hugged each other.

"i'm sorry" christina said laughing as she calmed herself down.
"yall know each other?" hood asked.
"this is my best friend" christina said.
"thats whats up" chris said."but listen rehearsals start tomorrow at 8am and the back up dancers will be learning it to so be here at EIGHT AM" he said.

(it WILL get interesting as we go along)


Awwwwww man! You hurt my feelings with that ending!! Hurry with the sequel!!!

this sequel will come tonight or tommarrow morning
look out for:

TBD:Lets Start Over

run it!!! start the sequel soon!!!! lol i wanna know what happened

I cant believe yu ended it like that :/

They done f***ed up and i really was liking Kae she seemed like a genuine friend. Smh I still love it tho. Lol Whats the sequal gonna be called??

Aww the boys are getting bigger, that was nice of mamma J to watch them while Chrstina went outta town to see Chris. Are you friggin' kidding me. What the hell was Chris and Kae thinking? Talking bout its not what it looks like explain them damn hickeys on both y'all and why y'all were all hugged up in another room from everybody. Poor Christina though. I cant wait to read the sequel this was left on a crazy ass cliff hanger.

im ready for part two
run it!


Really chris and kae??? there def needs to be a sequel bc this is some bulls***. i wouldve went to jail for f***in them both up!! smile in my face but stab me in my back??? it wouldve been waaay more dramatic had that been me lol.

ready 4 the sequel!

please start the sequel soon

ok, my mouth hit the floor... seriously? smh so ready for the sequel! RUN IT!!!

I'm ready for the sequel! RUN IT!

Oh Hell No!!!!!!


Wow chris really smh n kae b**** how could u smh she can do betta wit out him do u girl run it cnt wait till part 2

and kae..smh yall suppose to be betta than that..Christina forgot that she was still an EX no matter how close of a friend she had become to her..i hope nothing really happened..but this situation looks really bad..RUN IT cant wait for the sequel,

tf chris!!! so much for a surprise smh..



Last Chapter!!
**i know i didn't give you guys a heads up about this being the last chapter but i figured this would be a perfect time to end the story since i most likely will be coming back with a sequel, don't hate me :)**

-2 Months Later-

Micheal and Maurice were growing and were starting to get a little darker like the doctor told them they would. After a month and a half of chris being home and helping to take care of the babies he was up and out back in LA shooting a video for a new single.

"when are you coming back to LA??!? i miss you!" tash spoke.
"i don't know, i thinking VA would be a better place for Micheal and Maurice to grow up" chrisitna told her.
"so i'll never get to see you?" she asked in a baby voice.
"why don't you come visit me?" christina asked with a laugh.
"because your man keeps us busy as hell, especially around award season you know this" tash told her.
"true" christina spoke."i'll see what i can do" she added.

"yayyy!" tash said excitedly.
"don't get your hopes up, i said i'll see" christina said again.
"okay okay" tash said with excitment still in her voice as they both laughed.
"so can i know what yall performing at the BET Awards?" christina asked.
"nope thats classified information" tash spoke.
"what?" christina asked.
"you're gonna have to wait an see just like the rest of america who wants to know" tash spoke as christina sucked her teeth.

"you aint right" christina spoke.
"strict orders from the boss not to tell ANYBODY" she said.
"i hate you" christina joked.
"nah, you looooooove me" tash said as she started to talk to someone in the background."duty calls i gotta go boo" tash said.
"iight bye boo" christina said as they both hung up.

It was about 3 in the afternoon and christina wasn't expecting her boys who were napping in their swings to wake up for another hour. She laid across the couch next to them and took a little nap herself.

Christina woke up 3 hours later and sat up quickly looking at the time. She began to panic when she seen her son's swings empty but calmed down when she seen momma j walk into the living room with both micheal and maurice in her arms.

"oh my god i almost had a heart attack" christina said as joyce handed her micheal."where they awake when you came in?" she asked.
"no" she answered."but when they did wake up they were a little cranky so i wanted to take care of them and let you sleep" momma told her.
"thanks momma" christina spoke as she sat back on the couch and played with micheals hands and feet.
"you look like you need a vacation" momma j pointed out.

"i do" christina agreed."i was thinking about going to LA but i don't want to fly with boys until their older" christina told her.
"i can take care of them" joyce insisted.
"i don't want you to be bothered with kids that aren't yours" christina spoke.
"nonsense tina these are my grand babies i would be glad to take care of them, beside you and chris need some time alone" joyce spoke.

"you're right" christina said looking down at her son.
"make it a surprise, he'll be very happy to see you" momma j spoke.
"you think so?" christina asked.
"i know so" momma j spoke.

The next morning christina spent the day booking a last minute flight to LA and packing a few things. They got the boys ready to stay at momma j's house for a month or 2 and then took them over.

"thank you so much momma" christina spoke.
"anytime angel" christina said carrying the boys in their car seat into her living room."you just go have fun" she added.
"love you momma, bye" christina said hugging her and rushing out the door.

Christina got into a cab and rushed to the airport. She was 7 minutes away from missing the last flight to LA. When the driver pulled up to the airport and paid him and got out quickly, grabbing her things and practically running inside. She was excited to see chris and be back in LA.

"the last flight to Los Angeles, California is now boarding" she heard over the speaker as she bput her bags on the belt and got on the boarding line.

When she got on the plane she took out her phone to make 2 quick calls before the plane took off.

"tash are you near chris?" christina asked as soon as she picked up.
"no, why?" tash asked.
"i need you to pick me up at LAX at 11am LA time" christina told her.
"your coming to LA!!?" tash asked.
"yes but don't tell chris, it's a surprise" christina spoke.
"my lips are sealed" tash spoke with an excited voice.
"alright i gotta go, the plane is about to take off" chris spoke.
"okay, see you soon" tash said as they both said their good byes and hung up.

Christina then dial chris's number and waited a few rings before he picked up.

"hey baby, whats up?" he asked.
"nothing, just checking up on my boo" she said with a smile.
"well your boo is great" he spoke.
"thats good" she said laughing.
"whats with the laugh, what are you up to?" he said laughing as well.
"nothing i swear but i gotta go" she said seeing the seatbelt light blink.

"what? already?" he asked.
"yeah, micheal just made his i pooped face" she lied.
"oh alright, well call me back" he said.
"i will" she said.
"promise?" he asked.
"i promise i gotta go" she said.
"alright, bye" he said as they both hung up.


A few hours later Tash got ready to go pick up christina from the airport as dance rehearsal.

"where are you headed so quickly?" kayla asked.
"got some business to handle, i'll be back" tash told her.

As tash walked towards the door she seen Kae walking in. Hugging her quickly tash continued her way out the door. After about a 25 minute drive she pulled up to LAX where christina was already waiting outside.

"took you long enough" christina said as tash out out the car ro help her with her bags.
"uhh LA traffic remember?" tash spoke.
"your right, i forgot how crazy the traffic was out here" christina said as tash closed the trunk and they both got in the car.

"where are the babies?" tash asked as she pulled off.
"i didn't want them traveling just yet, their with momma j" christina told her.
"understandable" tash spoke."well we just finished rehearsing for the BET awards it's gonna be epic" she added.
"so you're really not gonna tell me what song yall performing?" christina asked.

"it's really not that hard to figure out it has to be a single and he only has 2 singles out" tash dropped hints.
"Fine China?" Christina asked as tash shook her head.
"Don't think they know?" Christina asked.
"ding ding ding we have a winner" tash shouted.
"shut up" christina said pinching her.

Christina and tash pulled up to chris's house and parked in the drive way next to his cars. They walked into the living room to see Kid Red, Keeis, Hood and TJ sitting in his living room play 2K13.

"where's chris?" tash asked as they all sat there with surprised faces.
"hello?" christina spoke.
"CH--" keeis was about to shout up tash stopped him as christina walked away.
"what the hell is going on, why yall look like yall seen a ghost?"tash asked.

"really? this is what you do when i'm not around" christina asked seeing chris and Kae <a href="!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/brown12f-1-web.jpg">cuddled</a> up on the couch.
"babe" chris said jumping up.
"save it" she said stopping him."clearing you don't know what being in a relationship means" she spoke.

"christina its not what it looks like" kae spoke as christina shot her a look.
"its's not what it looks like? you're really gonna hit me with that line?" she asked."you were supposed to be my friend but really your just a f***ing sneaky b****" Christina snapped.
"nothing happened" chris spoke.

"you're gonna continue to lie to me? when i can clearly see the hicky on her neck and yours" christina spotted."you really are a piece of s***" she added walking out the room and pass tasha and the boys who were ease dropping in the hall way.

Tash walked out after trying to calm christina down. They walked outside and christina screamed loudly. This was the angriest tash as ever seen christina get. Christina pasced back and forth as she tried to stop the tears from falling but she couldn't.

"please get me away from here" christina said as they both got in the car and tash started it and pulled off.

(i wanted to end with drama but don't worry because like i said i will have a sequel)

run it!

run it!!

Yes boo, Chris is home. Time to catch up on some type of loving lol. Mamma J and Christina get along so well too. LMAO at Christina getting embarrassed around mamma J when Chris was talking so freaky with her on the phone. and lol at mamma J knowing what they freak asses was thinking bout lol. Seeing Chris interact with his boys were so cute awww. RUN IT!!!

oooweee I know that must have been awkward to discuss sex with momma j lol..but im glad chris is back and he is really stepping up and being a great father..RUN IT!

run it!!

Awww run it

run it!!


Aww, RUN IT!

Run It!!!

I'm so glad chris is back

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glad you added. run it